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      If there is doubt, the Moderation Team can decide whether a topic is considered illegal.   §5 Attitude towards Squad and the Development Team
      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
      Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.   §7 Forum structure & Search
      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
      Please name your thread appropriately; the subject title should sum up / explain the content in the thread. If you fail to name your thread properly (such as ‘Hey!’ or ‘Check this out!’ or ‘Help!’), we will either rename or lock the topic. Repeated offense may lead to infractions. The practice of using CAPITALS only in your thread title is not allowed and will be edited or the thread will simply be deleted. Strange or abnormal Unicode characters should be excluded from thread titles for the sake of being distracting and unnecessary.
      §9 Thread Capitalization
      Please ensure that your post is not in all CAPITALS, as this is not allowed. Any threads posted in all caps will subsequently be removed from the forum. Repeated offenses may lead to infractions against your account. This practice is not approved or accepted here. 
        §10 Images in posts
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      .gifs will be allowed and may be removed by Staff if deemed necessary.
      Maximum size for images is 1280x1024.
      Do not include more than ~1 large image per paragraph of text, unless in image collection / announcement threads. Link to further images.
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
      Do not ignore or argue against Admin, Moderator or Dev instructions on the forum. If you have a complaint, as per §2, please inform the Team in private. You are expected to follow orders given by the Moderation, Administration and Development Team, and it is necessary for smooth running of the forum to respect their decisions. Being stubborn or ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments - however, we do not tolerate Moderator / Admin abuse of power / privileges, so do not hesitate to inform other Team members if you feel treated unfairly.   §4 Bans and multiple accounts
      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
      You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason. If you share an internet connection with another user who has their own account, it might happen that this account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account - please get in touch with the Moderation or Administration to resolve such issues.

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  1. 3rd Special Forces Group A SQUAD Unit We are more than a unit, We are a brotherhood.The 3rd SFG is a professional MilSim unit adapting Real life tactics for use in game, if you are tired of playing with public players who have no structure, and no sense of leadership. Then the 3rd Special Forces Group is exactly what you are looking for. We are not a realism unit. We are a Military Simulation Unit. Our training system is ran and taught by actual Combat Veterans that have served in the military at home and overseas.Our unit currently has 3 sections, however we are all part of 3rd SFG. Each performs a certain task that works in unison with the other sections. These Include: 75th Ranger's - Currently Recruiting Light Infantry: Our primary Infantry section. Offering the largest variety of roles from Infantry, Medical, Department Shops (S1 - S5) Once completing BCT(Basic Combat training) fixed to the mechanics, and in game use of tactics, basic marksmanship, and discipline installment. You will be placed into the 75th as PV2 with a front row seat on the battlefield. Where further training will be implemented through out your career. SFOD-A/B - Currently Closed Special Forces Detachment: The 3rd SFG's Pinnacle of training, and experience Special Operations team. Providing Asset and Strategic Demolition, Intelligence and Recon, and HVT Neutralization. Qualifying Rank of SGT E-5 or above may opt in for the process of becoming SF qualified and joining our Primer force, becoming one the follow MOS: WEAPONS SERGEANT (18B)ENGINEER SERGEANT (18C)MEDICAL SERGEANT (18D)COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT (18E) 160th SOAR - Currently Recruiting Looking for Pilots! Rotary Wing Assets used for transport of troops, equipment, and Close Air Support. 3rd Armored Division - Currently Recruiting Looking for Crewman for Driving and Gunner Positions Armored Assets used and responsible for APC (Armored Personnel Carriers) - Troop transport and Overwatch for objective's and enemy vehicles. A Few of Our Many Features: Quote: Veteran's Experience: As mentioned earlier, the 3rd Special Forces Group has many Veterans/Active Duty among the ranks, who contribute from their personal experience towards Trainings, Tactics, Discipline and other Attributes. This makes the unit the creditable MilSim unit that it is today. Delayed Entrance Program If you don't know if MilSim is for you, then consider our DEP(Delayed Entrance Program) Where you get membership for 2 weeks as a Recruit to follow us in game, and come to our training's to get a feel for how we do things in our unit as a MilSim. Code of conduct for 3rd Special Forces Group members: Quote: The following rules and regulations are in effect at all times. These rules are not flexible or negotiable in any way. 3rd members are required to abide by all rules and regulations at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dishonorable discharge from the unit. 1. Real life comes first. Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real life will always take precedence over gaming or unit business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that has to stop what they are doing to attend to real world matters. 2. Discipline and professionalism is required at all times. This is required on all 3rd SFG servers as well as in any other server, public or otherwise. 3. All members are required to maintain proper rank discipline at all times, in all forms of communication. This courtesy will also be extended to members of allied clans. 4. Insubordination and disrespect are not tolerated in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the situation. All members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined manner at all times, in all forms of communication. 5. While participating in a match in game, regardless of the situation, all members will maintain a professional and disciplined demeanor. It does not matter if an opposing player is cheating, hacking, or behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner. Our soldiers will not stoop to their level. 6. Dishonest game play is completely unacceptable, and will result in an immediate dishonorable discharge, as well as a ban from all 3rd SFG servers. Dishonest game play includes, but is not limited to hacking, ghosting, comms ghosting, glitching, or abuse of any other game mechanic for personal gain. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty from our members and on our servers. 7. While in game, all members will refrain from unprofessional communications of all varieties. If there is an issue, the highest ranking NCO or Officer present will handle that issue. Under no circumstances will a 3rd SFG member participate in an argument in game chat. If the situation can not be resolved peacefully by the OIC or NCOIC, all 3rd SFG members will exit the server in question in a quiet and professional manner. 8. We require a minimum age of 16 for membership in the 3rd Special Forces Group. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious preference, or any other criteria, and will not tolerate any type of discrimination from our members. This is a video from when we were originally the 10th SFG. Unfortunately I personally had to take a 9 month break due to real life situations and schedules, When I came back I found out the unit fell. So I am personally starting the unit back up under the name 3rd Special Forces Group The 3rd Special Forces Group Potential Applicants Requirements for Applicants are as follows: Age of 16+ Working headset/mic Discord How To Join Look for a recruiter on our Discord, https://discord.gg/kFddbQB or contact COL Smith.J MAJ Clayton.Q CPT Wick.J CPT Knave.N Find us in game, look for anyone wearing the [3SFG] tags
  2. Hallo an alle! Unser Clan [DSK] Deutsche Squad Kompanie | GER/CH bietet regelmäßig verschiedene Kurse für SQUAD an. Unser Kursprogramm beinhaltet sowohl exklusive Kurse für DSK, AASF und andere Partnerclans , als auch öffentlich zugängliche Kurse. Unsere Kurse finden auf einem dedizierten [DSK] Event/Trainingsserver mit 80 Slots statt (im Serverbrowser unter Custom Server zu finden). Sie wurden durch Veteranen und aktiv dienende der Bundeswehr und Schweizer Armee für SQUAD erarbeitet. Der Fokus liegt bei den öffentlichen Kursen auf der Vermittlung von anwendbaren Taktiken in SQUAD, sowohl für Einzelschützen, für 2-Mann Trupps (Fireteams), Gruppen (Squads) und Kampfgruppen (3 - 4 Squads im Verband). Neben infanteristischen Grundlagen, wird auch das Zusammenspiel von Fahrzeugen und Infanterie vermittelt. Voraussetzungen: Teilnehmer müssen weder viel Erfahrung im Spiel, noch in irgendeinem Militär haben. Es reicht Wissbegierde, anständiges Benehmen und das Absolvieren des SQUAD eigenen Trainingskurses aus! Die Kurse sind Kostenfrei und dienen dazu, das Spielniveau in der Deutschen Community zu heben bzw. ein wirklichkeitsnäheres Spielen zu ermöglichen, ohne gleich 100% "Milsim" sein zu müssen. Die Teilnahme wird in einem Kursregister dokumentiert. Sie wirkt sich positiv auf die Anmeldung für Events bei DSK und Partnerclans aus. Zu jedem Kurs gibt es ein Handout als PDF! Anmeldung für alle Kurse: Bitte im channel #dsk-kurse im DSK Discord (clickt einfach auf die Icons unter den Kursen - grüner Haken ist eine verbindliche Zusage, und das Fragezeichen zeigt an, dass ihr es noch nicht genau wisst): https://discord.gg/7erVaVm Termine: Nachfolgend die Termine für den Oktober / November 2019 K1 Einführungskurs Die Teilnehmer lernen die allgemeinen Grundlagen des infanteristischen Kampfes. Neben grundlegenden Begriffen werden wesentliche Taktiken und Formationen vermittelt. Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 8 Geschätzte Dauer: ca. 2 h zzgl. optionale Fahrzeugkunde (ca. 0,5h) Datum: Folgt im DSK Discord (findet öfter und auf Nachfrage statt!) K2 Vertiefungskurs / Module 1 - 3: Geländekunde, Bau von, Verteidigung und Angriff auf Feldfestungen (SuperFOB) im offenen Gelände Die Teilnehmer lernen die Grundlagen des infanteristischen Kampfes im natürlichen Gelände und den Einsatz der wesentlichen Werkzeuge von SQUAD (FOB Emplacements). Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 8 Geschätzte Dauer: ca. 2 h zzgl. optionale Fahrzeugkunde (ca. 0,5h) Datum: Folgt im DSK Discord (evtl. im Dezember wieder!) K2 Vertiefungskurs / Modul 4: Angriff und Verteidigung im urbanen Gelände Die Teilnehmer lernen die Grundlagen des Stadtkampfes. Inhalt wird neben der Koordinierung des Angriffs in der Stadt, der Aufbau von geschützten Stellungen in Gebäuden und die Verteidigung in der Tiefe des Raumes sein. Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 8 Geschätzte Dauer: ca. 2 h Datum: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 6:30 PM CET K2 Vertiefungskurs / Module 5 & 6 Die Teilnehmer lernen die Grundlagen des Auf- und Abgesessenen Kampfes im urbanen Raum. Im Weiteren werden wesentliche Kampfgruppentaktiken für den Kampf im großen Verband kennengelernt. Mindestteilnehmerzahl: ca. 22 (6 Fahrzeuge müssen bemannt werden und es braucht Infanterie die entsprechend agiert). Geschätzte Dauer: ca. 2 h Datum: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 6:30 PM CET K3 Spezialisierungskurs / Module 1 - 4 Die Teilnehmer haben die Möglichkeit Waffensysteme und erweiterte Trupptaktiken für die WS kennen zu lernen. Jeweils 2 Kurse werden zeitgleich ausgebildet. M1: Sanitäter (ca. 0,5h) M2: Grenadier (ca. 0,5h) M3: MG-Trupp (ca. 1h) M4: Panzerfaust-Trupp (ca. 1h) Gesamtdauer (inkl. Pause und Verlegung zur nächsten Übungsstation): ca. 2h Teilnahmebedingung: K1 Einführungskurs Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 8 Datum: Sun Nov 17th, 2019 @ 6:30 PM CET Hinweis: Die K3 Module können einzeln absolviert werden! K3 Spezialisierungskurs / Module 5 - 8 Die Teilnehmer haben die Möglichkeit Waffensysteme und erweiterte Trupptaktiken für die WS kennen zu lernen. Jeweils 2 Kurse werden zeitgleich ausgebildet. M5: Aufklärer- / SAD-Trupp (ca. 1h) M6: Pioniertrupp (ca. 1h) M7: Panzertrupp Grundlagen (ca. 2h) M8: Mörsertrupp (ca. 1h) Gesamtdauer (inkl. Pause und Verlegung zur nächsten Übungsstation): ca. 3h Teilnahmebedingung: K1 Einführungskurs Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 10 Datum: Sun Nov 24th, 2019 @ 6:00 PM CET Hinweis: Die K3 Module können einzeln absolviert werden!
  3. Kazzas Video Plume

    Hey squadies I've been working on some videos for your viewing enjoyment take a look.
  4. Melee. Squad NEEDS MELEE!

    This game needs melee. Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm 1, Rising Storm Vietnam, Day of Infamy: all these games are realistic to some degree and they all have melee. Don't tell me that if you need to use melee you are not playing the game right. Is this or is this not a game that claims to aim to emulate real-life and to be realistic? In real life if I am clearing a building and while in the middle of destroying targets I am totally out of ammo are you telling me that I would not start slamming the buttstock of my rifle into the skulls of my enemy rather than just stand there and accept that I am out of ammo and just hope that the enemy has a change of heart about trying to penetrate my body with projectiles? Maybe some people out there don't like the idea of melee or want it, well there should at least be an option to enable it for servers in a settings menu. Melee must be added.
  5. It is inevitable, now that the game has just been released as Early Access on Steam and the increase in advertising and media coverage via YouTubers, that new and young gamers join the field with little to no tactical and strategic gaming experience. This can quickly become irritating to the more mature members (roughly 17+) who wish to play the game as intended - incorporating communication and teamwork, instead of individuals playing a 'Call of Duty' styled run-and-gun. On top of this, (without being offensive) younger players very often ruin games and their immersion with typically high-pitched voices and immature behaviour. This thread is asking how maturer players can handle this and as communication and teamwork is of extreme importance in Squad, how the developers and community are planning to adapt and handle this. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, I've been squad leading for a good three months now and I thought I'd write a little guide as to my train of thought on numerous aspects of the role. I enjoy playing SL, because there is currently no other role in the game that has such an active force in determining the outcome. The SLs decide if you get stomped, or if you stomp. They are crucially important to the flow of battle and overall success. For the purposes of this first guide, I'll assume we're playing AAS mode. Background: I played PR for 8 years or so as an SL, AR and crewman. I've played Squad since closed Alpha - predominantly as an SL. General Qualities: These are mandatory requirements for an SL. If you cannot do this, do not play as an SL: Have a working mic.Understand the game mode mechanics (Insurgency, AAS etc.), including order of cap.Know how to communicate with your other SLs (G key).Know how to communicate locally (V key).Have a communicable plan.Be calm under pressure.Be kind and affirming.Be firm and authoritative.Be direct and unambiguous.Have the Officer kit.Know how to place an RP (and understand mitigating circumstances and how they work).Know how to place a FOB (and understand mitigating circumstances and how they work).Have a general understanding of each role and how it works (ie. so you don't ask your medic to do suicidal things, or get your GL to waste all his ammo suppressing an empty target).If you don't have these qualities or knowledge, play the game and vary roles over your first 25 games. You will pick up all of these things. It is not unusual to be jittery in your first 20 engagements. In no time at all you'll find your feet, be able to work out exactly how scary the situation is, and end up killing people one moment and writing little symbols on your map the next. Beginning the Game: On joining the game, I always tend to pick whichever side is under strength, as I enjoy playing as an underdog. I'll make a Squad and either use a default name, or make a custom name describing the squad (teamwork). Eventually, I'll name it after the armour class or if it's a supply Squad. I will choose the Officer kit NOW, so that I don't have to respawn later. I'll wait as people join the Squad, and greet them. I only ask that the two medic roles are occupied. If nobody is choosing Medic, I'll ask Riflemen to take it (as the roles are pretty much identical). I'll let them know I'm going to chat to the other SLs to determine the best strategy. I usually check to see if I know other SLs. I'll then hit G and offer a strategy. For example, as playing as US on Chora: Squad 1 (us) will move straight to River Bend and set up a FOB if Squad 2 (9/9 Squad) want to go straight to Lilac and do the same. Squad 3 (4/8 - making sure they have enough men to cap, but are also under strength), is it possible for you to cap the two first points? Note that most people are happy to follow a plan that is easily presented. I always choose the understrength Squad (and will volunteer my own if that's the case) to cap first, as it gives them time to come to full strength and lets the full Squads occupy the front line. If all Squads are agreed on this strategy, I'll say thanks and relay all of this information to my Squad. I'll drop an arrow marker on the map near to where I want us to move to, and I'll let them know to go to that particular arrow marker. As we walk, I will always drop an RP 300-400m from main, to allow any slow loaders to spawn. This will allow me enough time to refresh it later before we attack/defend. If I start to have issues with other SLs this early (or they don't communicate and I can't work out what they're doing), I'll simply break my Squad into a team of 4 (addressing each by name and splitting the two medics up) and 5. I'll send the team of 4 to the first cap, and I'll go with the other to the second. The reason I go to the second is so that I can be close to the front line to set up an FOB (at which the whole Squad will then form up and move out). Roles: As said above, I'm keen to always have 2 medics in a 9 man Squad. I also recognise that some guys I regularly play with are exceptional at killing, surviving or at calling targets. I keep that in mind when knowing what my particular Squad can handle. If someone in the Squad is fantastic with a certain kit (like the GL or AR), I'll ask the occupying player if he wants that particular role. Often, people are happy to swap to another, equally desired role. FOBs: The very, very first thing a competent SL should do is ask "what happens in the worst case scenario?" The answer to that is always a FOB. As such, it is always the first key objective before doing any fighting in the field. The FOB is the MOST important thing an SL should do, and it is very easy to do badly. I am staunchly against superFOBs, as I have never had a good experience with them, and find them particularly easy to overcome and destroy - losing tickets for the FOB and for those dying on it. I use FOBs for 2 key reasons: It is a place for us to spawn should we lose our RP or are wiped. It is a way to channel the rest of the team to the front line, the new cap, or one we need to fall back to. As such, I always make sure to place a FOB at almost EVERY cap as we progress to the front line. On a map like Fools Road, this allows us to quickly present strength if we have to fall back. To this degree, I have a pre-set list of locations for each map and each team that work with the 400m rule, and with the rules I'm going to establish in the next section. FOB Placement: Note that the BIGGEST mistake to make is to place the FOB within 50-100-200m of the cap. Doing so basically allows the enemy the tickets for the FOB, as well as removes the spawn point entirely. Not only that, but it allows them to camp your FOB and kill people spawning there. You are essentially removing all work from them in having to find it. To place a FOB well requires knowing the map well. I always follow these criterion: Only ever drop a radio, as it is almost impossible to see. By building ANY other objects near it you more than double it's chance of being spotted. I always laugh when I spot a random sandbag in the middle of the desert/forest, as I would never have normally seen the radio otherwise. Dropping only a radio also vastly quickens your speed into combat and gets you as far from the FOB as possible. Place the radio in a small, heavily wooded depression. On a hilltop lets it standout and makes you target for grenades and rockets. In a small depression also serves to disguise the player spawn. Place the radio ATLEAST 100-150m away from the capture RADIUS EDGE. By doing so, the enemy will 95% of the time assume there is no FOB. Always place the radio on the OPPOSITE side of the enemy approach. Think: "if I was the enemy, where would I not bother searching?" Place the FOB within 500m or about 1-2m walking distance. Remember, the FOB is only for use in dire situations. Your Squad will be spawning off RPs for 95% of the game.After placing a FOB, I tell my Squad that we will ALWAYS be spawning off the RP from now on. This ensures that the enemy will have very few clues as to where our FOB is, and it will keep our fight very close to the front line. NOTE: Often we will move off the FOB and in the next 10 minutes encounter the enemy and fight. More often than not, we will win, but my squaddies will need ammo. I always make sure that after the fight we move to the very, very edge of the FOB build marker and drop an ammo crate (normally in a bush). This allows us to re-arm, but does not compromise our FOB location. Rally Points: You should be spawning on RPs 95% of the time. A common mistake in Squad is SLs with either build a superFOB and then not drop RPs at all, or they will drop RPs as a throwaway spawn point only if they need to (ie. in a building they're surrounded in). The CORRECT way to use RPs is to think of them as mini-FOBs. After we've dropped our Radio, we will then begin to move to the capture point, however, I will always make sure we're approaching the cap from a direction dissimilar to that of our FOB. Usually, the FOB will be off-center, and our RP will be behind them entirely. We will then attack from the direction of the RP. I always drop my RP in a bush and make sure it is 100-150m from the capture point. The reason for this is: It keeps the RP safe from being taken down by common fighting. If the RP goes down, it acts as a warning that we're being flanked. It offers a safe, reliable spawn point for downed squaddies. It allows distance for Squad members to potentially kill enemies between the RP and the capture point - stopping us from being encircled. It is close enough that we can reinforce quickly, but far enough that the enemy confuse it with our FOB.Something to note is you should always be actively updating the RP as an SL. You should build 2-3 DIFFERENT FOBs the ENTIRE GAME. You should be dropping upwards of 15 RPs every game. By constantly moving your RP (I drop mine to orbit the cap point), you: Consistently baffle the enemy as to the direction of your approach. Consistently allow your squad members the element of surprise.Attacking: As you've probably gathered, the best way to attack is always from a direction the enemy is not expecting. To do this most effectively, you need your Squad to be wary of showing themselves. As an SL, you should think of your Squad as a drop of liquid. You want to move your guys into position in the smallest and most unnoticeable way possible, so that when the drop "lands" it immediately disperses to cover the location. 99% of success in your fighting as an SL will be allowing your Squad to completely wipe an unsuspecting enemy. Many, many, many times I have enabled my Squad to intersect an enemy or ambush them in a way that wiped all 9 enemy players while we sustained zero casualties. You would be very, very surprised how many times I'm able to accurately predict exactly which way the enemy is going to come. Not because I'm particularly bright, but because many players work very predictably every game. By playing enough, you'll be able to work out with relative accuracy what is about to happen, and you'll be able to pre-empt it to great effect. Another important thing to remember is that you really want to be fighting for about 30 seconds - 120 seconds at most. My general experience has found that if you're firing for more than 30 seconds, the longer you continue without wiping a Squad, an FOB or an RP, the higher the chance you'll be killed by rogue enemy players around you. I know from my own experience, that if I hear enemy fire, I quickly move to a place where I can attack them. A static Squad looking all in a single direction is an incredibly vulnerable one. It is possible to wipe a whole Squad as one man if you come across such a blinded Squad. As such, position your Squad to attack in a way that will allow them to completely overwhelm the enemy very quickly. If you feel you're getting bogged down, ask them to pull back, reset the RP with another member, and then keep pushing them to flank or move. Always remind them to look behind them. Don't tunnel vision. Oftentimes, if I'm playing with really good players (killers), they'll flank and move During an attack or fight, I also make sure to open my map and drop sword markers on suspected enemy locations. You and the squad will be calling bearings, but putting sword markers or a FOB marker down will focus your Squad onto a single objective. It also helps to wordlessly communicate to the team what your Squad is encountering or doing (if for whatever reason you're unable to communicate via Squad chat). NOTE: When my Squad begins or completes any significant action, I'll quickly let the other Squads know. This should give them a good idea of major shifts in the battlefield. i.e. "Just attacked Mine Entrance, wiped a whole squad and took down their FOB. I'll let you know when we've almost capped and then you can begin to move up." "We just engaged another Squad. We think there's an FOB. I'll let you know what happens." Other good SLs will be able to take this info and use it in their future plans or work out: "well, if Squad 2 is engaging a whole Squad, and Squad 1 is engaging another, then really we don't face any opposition here". Defending: Like the old adage, the best form of defence is attack. What I mean by this, is that when defending an area you should always post you squad AROUND the cap, not directly in it. By being directly in it, you can immediately and predictably be located. By being around it, one man will be engaged (or spot the enemy), allowing nearby Squad members to engage from the enemies flanks. When the engagement begins, I always drop sword markers on the map where the enemy is located, in order to allow my Squad a solid understanding of their location. As SL, I have begun to do one other thing. Often, I will move to where the enemy is and drop coloured smoke on them. It acts as a brilliant marker for the enemy, and can often focus necessary attention to a location. Note, that to use the smoke tactic, you need to be playing with good players who are able to maintain wide situational awareness and not all tunnel vision on the smoke. When under attack, try to give numbers. Know that rarely will a full Squad all attack from one bearing. ie. "Four on the sword marker, possibly more, keep looking around guys." 99% of defence is successful based on immediately tying the enemy down with casualties. Know that if you are able to take down a couple of their guys, they will most likely "dig in". That basically means their attack has dissipated. At this stage, I always encourage players to begin to counterattack. To do so, I place shield markers on the map at the flanks of enemy locations. Often times, a pinned enemy is easy pickings for a GL or a good shooter. It is really important that during a defence, your main priority is in clearly communicating enemy locations, and predicting their movements. By blunting the initial blow (the first minute or so of fighting) you have a hugely high chance of winning. Meta Strategy: While there is no Commander role in the game, SLs have a very heavy burden on having to watch the meta game. There are two large rules for succeeding in the meta game: Always have as much strength on an active flag as possible. Always provide a way for players to reinforce via FOBs. This means keeping an eye on FOBs, and making sure they don't go down. For example, when moving to cap Mine on Fools Road as Militia, always make sure to have a Squad defending Hill 30. It's very, very easy to be screwed via that back cap. It's not rocket science, but so often this stuff gets overlooked and it costs games. In terms of your own involvement, try not to get your Squad bogged down in between-cap fighting - unless it is specifically to kill an enemy FOB. Fighting for the sake of kills between flags is denying your strategic front line 9 fighting men. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Many, many games are lost due to whole Squads being "pinned down" by 3 guys in the middle of nowhere. Losing an Engagement: Hopefully with the above tips you won't frequently lose engagements, but in the event that you do it is important that you make sure your Squad is communicating both their status, and letting them know what to do when they respawn. A hugely difficult thing to do as an SL is to determine if a battle is winnable, or whether it is a better idea to regroup and either attack again in force, or to continue a sustained respawn. Sometimes, the best decisions I've made are to withdraw and attack in force from a different angle. When being attacked (and having lost the initiative) between flags, it is often much more important to withdraw and accept 1-2 losses than it is to let the whole Squad fight for the next 20 minutes. A whole, calm and clear Squad is a much stronger fighting force than one torn apart. Additional Tips: I'll add some strategy plans and FOB/RP layouts for maps like Chora and Fools in the next hour or so. Killers: Often I play with competent players who are not only good communicators, but are also good killers. By this, I often ask that 2-3 players designate themselves as flankers. These guys always have one MO when the shit hits the fan - flank the enemy Squad and shoot them in the back/side. Normally, the moment we begin an attack or defence, these players will move out and attempt to get on a flank of the enemy squad. These guys usually use the AR or GL kit, and much of the time they'll be the ones who kill 90% of our opponents. By dropping sword markers on the enemy squad, you allow the flankers to get a confident sense of the enemy location and to get within killing/grenade range. Often, these guys will kill 4-9 of the enemy players. They will also often go down. They should be coached to know that if they go down you'll come and revive them in the mop up you do with the rest of the Squad. Moving Off Point: Rarely I'll find myself in a situation where I can't afford to split my Squad and that we need to cap the next point (normally in the cancerous AAS Parallel cap mode), or move off a defence point to take down an aggressive enemy FOB. In these rare situations, I always place the Rally within the cap of the defence point. This does two things: Allows us to always check the status of the defence cap when we respawn. Updates me that the enemy have moved into cap should the RP disappear. EXAMPLE: Fools Road Opening Play by Militia: The Yellow arrows indicate the movement of the Squad before the begin the first engagement at Mine.The Red circle indicate the rough area where the FOB should be placed - opposite side to enemy attack direction, outside of the 400m radius. Notice no FOBs are placed on the right side of the map, as this does not assist in the mine or hill objectives. Often, placing the FOB on the right not only gets it discovered very quickly, it also pulls men away from the objectives. In all cases, you never want to place a FOB on the enemy's way to an objective.The Blue circles indicate where I drop my RPs.The White circles indicate where I drop my ammo crates.The Purple lines indicate general enemy direction of attack. Notice in the above example that in every case, the Russian team must push past the cap to locate our FOB. Not only that, but pushing in the direction of our FOB will put them in a vulnerable position to our RP placement. For them to take down our FOB, it will require a concerted effort of a Squad to scour the area for our radio (which they won't really be aware of as we won't be spawning in that direction).Notice that all spawn locations are hidden by trees. The RP placed before the assault on Mine allows the Squad to move into Mine in tree cover, when 99% of the time they're expecting you on the cliff (shooting gallery) to the N/NE. By moving in trees, this makes good use of the Militia iron sights and completely surprises the enemy, making it very hard for them to get overwatch.Notice that the ammo crates are close to the cap (but not too close) and are very far from the effective "yellow bar" of the FOB itself, meaning that if the enemy do find the ammo, they will have to search in many directions to actually locate the FOB.Notice that if we get pushed back to the First FOB at Hill 30, we will be able to approach the cap in tree cover, and not have to cross the sweeping, open plains that generally encircle the cap. EXAMPLE: Fools Road Opening Play by Russians: The Yellow arrows indicate your Squad's movement.The Red circle indicate the rough area where the FOB should be placed.The Blue circles indicate where I drop my RPs.The White circles indicate where I drop my ammo crates.The Purple lines indicate general enemy direction of attack. Notice that the first FOB at Mine is placed on the opposite side to enemy attack (slightly to the SW) and offers the most cover when crossing the road. While I don't like crossing roads ever, I've found it is better to keep it south of the road as putting it to the east or west is not only easily found by the enemy, it also allows your team to be distracted and fight from the FOB.Notice that the RP is kept on the flanks to allow you to determine enemy angle of approach. They will always come from N, NE, E or NW. They arrive roughly 3/4 through the cap of Mine (if a Militia squad moves straight there from spawn).Notice that at Mine the position of strength is always in the S/SW. It allows you lots of cover, high ground (to the W) and a closed way into the cap. On capping Mine, you want to immediately move into the West hills and watch the N/NE/E. Very often a Militia squad will appear as easy targets in the cover-less NE ridge. They make for very easy AR and GL targets.Notice that the FOB location for Hill 30 allows a tree-covered approach, as well as forces the Militia to completely bypass the hill to find your FOB. Notice that the RP placement at both Mine and Hill is tree covered and on the flank. Re-spawning will consistently put you on the enemy flank or behind them. It's disappearance will also warn you of a flanking move by the enemy.NOTE: You may choose to place a third FOB in the i4 area as a buffer. This allows you to watch to the north and north east and kill the enemy as they move to Hill (and have to cross open ground). However, this FOB also becomes a high value target to the enemy, can encourage base raping and can also distract your team - allowing the enemy to back cap Hill 30 (especially if they place a FOB to the north of it).When we push the enemy back into their base, I never, ever defend the hill from the top plateau. My Squad is posted to ring at least half the circumference of the Hill and call targets in the open as they appear. By doing this, you play to your strengths of being able to fire down on them (particularly brutal with a good GL). If you sit on the Plateau, you allow the enemy the cover of the lip of the terrain and it becomes very hard to see where they're attacking from. It's also easy to get caught in crossfire and wiped. If you are pushed back to Dylym (I have never experienced this), I would quickly try and get a FOB up in the i9 or j9 area. This allows you to spawn in tree cover and not have to cross the river/bridge (instant death). It will also allow you to pour your team into the space between the enemy FOB and Dylym (unless they've set up wisely to the north of Dylym). This is a pretty dire situation for any team and basically requires you to have very good killers on your team for this to work (which usually isn't the case anyway if you've been pushed back this far!). Conclusion: In order, as an SL you should worry about: Are the Flags safe and occupied? Is the FOB up and safe? Is the RP up and positioned correctly? Where do you think your enemy is? What will you do if you get attacked? What will you do when you attack? What to do if you win your attack/defence? Taking down the attackers FOB. Organising a Squad to move to the next cap. Prioritizing the Enemy FOB: In the future, when the maps are larger and engagements are more decisive, the meta will become much clearer with regard to how important FOBs are. You can already see this on Kohat and Fools Road, and to a lesser extent on Chora. On these maps, taking down an enemy FOB guts the team and more often than not decisively ends action in a large area of the map. You will always need to toss up whether or not it is worth it, but often, if another SL or one of your Squad members finds the enemy FOB (which is reinforcing a hot flag) within 500m or so, it is worth prioritizing it's destruction. You always need to play this by ear, but if you're consistently under attack on a flag you're defending, you know two things: They're most likely spawning at a FOB (you'll know this after you wipe an attacking squad a couple of times and it still doesn't end the fight). The FOB is in active range.If the situation meets these two criteria, it's often beneficial to make taking down the FOB the direct objective OVER defending the flag (which will inevitably fall if you don't deal with the FOB). To do so, ask your Squad members to try to find it. The SECOND they do (and they most likely will within 2 minutes of you asking), mark it's location on the map to direct all your attention there. Unless you're opposing two Squads, you can safely move off cap and attack their FOB, knowing that the enemy will attempt to defend it (and won't have the manpower to back cap you). If you get back capped while attacking it, make sure you take the FOB down before pushing back onto the new enemy, as you can be confident that once you've wiped them from the flag they won't be able to respawn anywhere other than an RP. To take down an enemy FOB, do this: Players are disparate and attempting to find the enemy FOB. A player accurately locates the FOB (yellow bar and sees Radio). You drop marker on FOB and tell team via G. You FORM YOUR SQUAD UP to a whole fighting unit (no more disparate fighting). You flank and attack it exactly as described in the section on attacking above. You want to land 3+ guys onto it (which often means ignoring targets as you approach) and decisively take it out. A Word About Maps: It's probably worth noting that I judge the quality of Squad's map on a certain criteria: "Can a Squad of organised rookies win a game through tactics over killing power?" To me, this is the test of a good map - one that showcases strategy and tactics and discipline over wrecking the tickets of the enemy team. Generally, my favourite maps for this are Chora, Kohat and Fools Road. Logar is not bad, but I find FOB location and paths of attack very limiting (in that it forces you to be good at killing to survive the centre of the map). For me, Operation First Light is a very fun map, but the size and lack of rocks/fallen tree trunks and cover combined with relatively crowded cap points makes this map very much like knife fighting in a bath tub. It's hard to keep a Squad together and cohesive if said Squad is not good at killing the enemy, or on the US (ACOG) side. Lastly, Sumari is by and large the worst map for me currently. Squadleading on it is almost useless beyond suggestions to flank. RPs and FOBs are outstripped by instant base spawn and run-back. The fighting is crowded and somehow manages to be boring. This map either needs to be expanded to be 75% desert or rural and 25% town, or have the number of cap points in the town drastically reduced. I am able to kill loads of enemy players, but it feels very much like a solo affair and not the cohesive team experience that the other maps offer.
  7. Hey all, I'm a serving soldier and decided to do a video explaining the 6 phase battle drills used by British Infantry. They have been tailored to suit the game squad. Looking back I should have scripted the voice over rather than improvising. However was wondering if there's any 'yanks' out there who serve and if your drills are the same or if you follow a different neumonic. This method has guided out infantry for the last 70 odd years and is being taught all over the world. Please give me comments if required on the video. Thanks all.
  8. Hey folks, I've been around for a while, but mostly just ghosting around, checking the forums but not participating. I've looked for some squad lead guides and found some incredible ones. They all range from super basic, to wonderfully complex. I wanted to create my own that's long and definitive, but also bite-sized and easy to digest. Here goes! https://medium.com/@SpinCrash/100-lessons-learned-as-a-squad-leader-474d7966e993 Please feel free to comment your own lessons learned here, and I'll be sure to add them! Thanks! -Spin
  9. Basic Tactical Situations

    I would like to initiate a discussion of specific infantry and combined arms tactics. There are so many different topics to discuss, and I don't really know where to start, so I'm just gonna dive right in (I am fairly new, I am looking for your insights). I would love to see a full treatment of most tactical situations in order to better the knowledge base of all players, so I'm just gonna list some. After each situation, the question I am asking is essentially what do you do? 1. Your squad has moved into a small village with sparse forest and hills surrounding it. You start taking light fire from the treeline and hills. There isn't much danger of a full wipe, but people will get hit. 2. Your squad is moving through a sparse forest/hills area and starts taking light fire from an unknown source. Once again, not much danger of a full wipe, but people will get hit. 3. The last two situations, however this time it is heavy fire. There is serious danger of a full wipe. 4. Your squad has successfully made it to a village/compound where you believe enemies are inside. No contact has been made yet. 5. Number 4 but light contact has been made. 6. Number 4 but heavy contact. 7. You are holding a village/compound with no contact. 8. 7 but with light contact. 9. 7 but with heavy contact. There's many more I can think of but I'm getting tired of typing.
  10. Hi fellas, this is my first post on the forums so just want to say hello! And ask this question. We all know how crucial the beginning of the round is and how it tends to set the pace for the rest of the game. In my personal opinion I believe that a tactical game like our beloved squad would really benefit from some form of 'ready' system (when a certain percentage of players and or squad leaders have selected a "squad ready option" then the time commences) Time and time again we see squads not being made because either people don't want to lead, or because of slow HDDs, whilst the other side is set up, plan of action formulated and is raring to Go. Often leading to a steam roll of the objectives. Games like even battlefield have a system and we all know how little to no planning goes into their rounds. I believe this would be a fairly simple fix and would be quite easy to implement possibly? (No dev experience aha) and would lead to much more intense and fun games with more cohesive tactics from both sides - something a game like squad is for. Rather than a rush to cram squads in and whoever can formulate a plan in the first 100 seconds.. What are your guys thoughts? And thanks for any input you guys give back. Cheers!
  11. I'll argue that the best place for a radio is in the open, against a wall. Being a player from the Free Weekend, my naivety affords me something else -- some fresh perspective. I think that the thinking regarding radio placement hasn't evolved from the times when the radio was still a spawn point. Because of this, we see radios in places that don't make sense. Before, there was a reason to put the radio in a defensible spot and a place that wasn't easily accessible. But now, after the radio is placed the next things to interact with it will be an enemy shovel. SLs put them in rooms out of habit, and it's time to change that. Hopefully you can start to see what I'm getting at: if you're building a FOB you actually want to make the radio as attackable as possible, because if the enemy has shovels on the radio then you will be the one attacking it. Having the radio placed in a location without cover ensures that you don't have to be the one entering chokepoints to get to the radio. The reason that you want to put a radio against a wall is twofold. Firstly, a lone digger could potentially hide behind the radio, meaning that you have to move positions to find the shot. If the radio is against the wall, a digger must expose themselves. Secondly, grenades. To ensure that an RPG/underbarrel/good ole easter egg lands right where it should, having the radio against a wall is the perfect solution. If you overthrow then the grenade will hit the wall and drop onto the radio, or it will roll into the wall. These are the two key parts of my thinking regarding radio placement: Put the radio in a place with minimal cover/maximum viewing angle Put the radio against a wall Let me use an example: Police Station on Sumari. It's common to set up a FOB there with a HAB on the roof and the radio in one of the rooms in that building. But consider the two situations in which a radio can be dug up. There's the "hot dig", where you've having to fight your way out of the HAB and to the radio to try and stop the enemy from digging. There's the "cold dig", where you realise the enemy's digging the radio but no one else is there, so you have to send the next spawning/nearby person there. In the hot dig, it's pretty much game over if you're stuck on the roof. Going downstairs can be walking into a firing range. In the cold dig, even reaching the radio in time can be difficult enough. If there's even a few enemies keeping watch, then you can forget about saving the radio. But if we place the radio in the north side of the southern part of Police Station aka the south side of those closed double doors that separate the two parts of Police Station, then we can resolve these issues. In the hot dig, you can underhand throw a grenade onto the radio, or you can shoot at it from the roof. For a cold dig, you can do the same thing. What's more interesting about the cold dig is this scenario: imagine that you learn the radio is being dug but you're already near Police Station. You can throw a grenade from outside of Police Station onto the radio. Considering the radio is against a wall, your chances of landing the perfect grenade is pretty high. If the radio is in a room, then you simply can't pull off a cheese nade. This is what we should be thinking about when placing a radio: how do we make it as easily attackable as possible for ourselves? I think a similar type of thinking can be applied to sneaky FOBs. You want to prevent the enemy from seeing it from a long distance, but hiding it in a room will actually be detrimental. If the enemy going through the compound then they're going to hear it anyway, so hiding it in a room won't stop them. Instead, courtyards are the right places. TL;DR: Place radios in places that are easiest to throw a grenade onto, because the only people who touch radios are enemies.
  12. So playing last night on Kokan and had a couple of queries ( command chat ) why I was withdrawing my squad from a flag (District Center) who's state was Insurgent to neutral. Explaination When neutral flag is starting to be recapped by the opposition its an indicator that the enemy has more troops in the cap zone than yourselves. And considering we had our full squad in the flag, I believed it must have been a squad and a half considering the speed of the change on the indicator. Normally I would be happy to fight to try and gain control over the flag, but our Rally went down and we got caught with enemy within 50m so we where fubar, when it came to any respawn. So I ordered withdrawal; half the squad to take out a FOB at Ruins and the others to fall back to place a FOB and get a rally back up. After which we regrouped and assaulted once again. from the north. ( Latter, to deploy a HAB ) Meanwhile there seemed to be a lot of consternation from other SL's that you shouldn't leave a flag no matter what. No it's not a dirty word to withdraw from a flag area if you feel you can't take it. Just have a plan. Throwing tickets at a flag isn't the only way to win it, numbers tend too. You might have to fight your way back in, but better than having to start from half way down the map. Keep considering your respawn and where the team can assault from multiple angles it devastates. This isn't a thread about me trying to justify myself, more to get people to think there are more options than just feeding a grinding machine. Any other tactics that people think don't get used very often? comment by squad member " What, we not going to rush in like headless COD players, lol " Happy Gaming.
  13. Squad Wars is a community driven Squad based group that has tournament styled gameplay with 2 factions, Coalition Forces (US) and Opposition Forces (RU). This competitive gameplay will be driven at a Division level from both factions with joinable companies inside of each. Make your way from Recruit to Division Leadership. All it takes is dedication and showing up to events with good leadership and good gameplay. We currently have: 2x Squad Servers 1x TeamSpeak Veteran Based Command TeamSpeak IP: thevoid.ts.nfoservers.com
  14. Good morning Squadmates, It's time for me to present to you the Cheesy Tactical Guide for SQUAD - 2nd Edition. If you're unfamiliar with the Cheesy Tactical Guide, you can check this link for the first version The Cheesy Tactical Guide is my approach to SQUAD. It is an exposition of the procedures, techniques, strategies, and tactics that I employ to make my experience of SQUAD the best that it can be--for myself and for my team. And, as if I am quoting the past to myself, this Guide only includes approximately a third of the content that I initially set out to cover. Literally. This is Chapter One of what I intend to be a three-part series. Those of you familiar with the first edition of the Guide will note that the Chapters on Basic Leadership and the Formula for Success (the infamous ***-Section) are absent. Indeed. I haven't completed them yet. They should have been completed a few months ago. But, rest assured, they are on the way. The Guide, as I mentioned last time, is absolutely a labour of love. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the whisky required for creating it! Happy reading and happy hunting. See you on the field! @YoMma @Usgu @unfrail @Nightstalker21 Cheers, Cheese.
  15. key to a successful game

    For me i the key is a failSafe you know what a fail safe is. even lacking with coordination you can still win. by being the support squad. or making the last point like a fallback zone. ireally hate getting backcapped and mostly none of the other squad is putting attention to that point. i really that scenario. but atleast 3 man squad can do the job as the support team.
  16. Transferable ammo

    Would be really good for commanders to be able to re-balance Squad ammo. It's a frequent problem that a couple of members of a squad would run out of ammunition before the others making it inconvenient to return to the nearest FOB ammo point for the entire squad and often forcing a split callsign which goes against the teamplay ethic of the game. A big problem I've frequently found is riflemen running out of grenades quickly in an urban scenario with the only solution being to change the order of units repeatedly. IRL a supply of grenades would be pushed forward from the QM's group and other section members. I would suggest a few different solutions bearing in mind the aim is gameplay over realism: An Arma - style kit system whereby people can drop magazines and equipment on the ground or place it into another character's backpack. Further mods to Arma allowed magazines to be refilled from loose and boxed ammo as well as from other magazines based on a timer system. The pros of this are obvious, the cons would be that it could become overly-milsimmy and complicated. An America's Army (2.0 back when it was good!) style system whereby players could drop a grenade or rifle magazine which could be picked up by other players. This would be time consuming to do at any large scale but probably the simplest. A Far Cry 3 style "search the dead" system allowing players to recoup the remaining full magazines and grenades up to starting capacity from a fallen friendly unit. A system where the squad leader could perform an automated "Ammo balance" on squad-mate's within a certain radius if not under immediate threat. IRL - the 2IC and Pl Sgt's group would carry additional ammo which would be redistributed according to requirement during the regroup(section)/reorg(platoon/company) phase of an attack.
  17. Solid Game of Squad.

    Just had an awesome game. Other Squad leaders were awesome. Comms were awesome. The team I was in was awesome. Solid. I'll let the rest of the numbers speak for themselves: See our scores here. Other images: Cheers to you all who played. Loved it! Best one yet, by far.
  18. Welcome to the -LOST- team recruitment page. The first important detail is that -LOST- is a team, not a clan. We are all equals on this team, though we do have trainers and admins with special functions who take charge when it's required. The Team Leader is whoever is leading the squad in-game at the time. With 6.3 bringing new players to Squad, we are actively looking to recruit new TEAM members to add to the awesome people we have now. We are a relaxed mil-sim group. We train and use real life squad tactics, particularly US Marine's infantry tactics. Our head trainer, a US Marine and former trainer of new Marines as well as Iraqi security forces, has brought much to the table. And we use every bit of what we learned to become who we are as a team. We move, talk, act, look, and fight like a real life squad does in the real world. Many of our members have served in the armed services and enjoy vicariously maintaining that feeling. Don't let this scare you. Military service, while a plus, is not a requirement. Those who have not served still enjoy the teamwork, tactics and comradery that is found on the -LOST- team. Currently we are focused on Squad, as it is tailored to our training and style of combat. The more realistic a game, the less we need to adapt our skills in order to fit the game's unique dynamics. You can find all the information you need and apply on our home page at l-o-s-t-.enjin.com/home (copy and past link, thanks obama) Also check out our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH6bSpexzne5CUMbiDy2eRA
  19. Hey guys, if you are interested in Squad gameplays and tactics focused on individual- and team performance, feel free to check out my Youtube channel. No theories. No basics. No bullshit. I will just show how to play and set up the game in it's most effective way: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ENDGAME4K I'm currently working on 4K videos regarding: effective settings guideline (which will be re-done with every sq. version update) advanced tactics to improve your individual gameplay advanced tactics to improve your teams gameplay as squad leader I will also constantly upload POV's of full public and competitive rounds. Best, ENDGAME
  20. A few times while I was a SL I have had one squad mate who is afraid to assault an area because he may die :(. The most recent occurrence was we were trying to get to the next objective and there were three routes: 1. Along a ridge line that had an enemy squad encamped 2. Cross open terrain where the enemy had full fire coverage 3. Detour for the next 10 minutes to avoid everything I chose option 1 and put a FOB down before pushing. It took about 5 minutes and probably 8-12 tickets (Our medics were on point), but we cleared the ridge and made it to the cap point. The entire time, however, I had one guy (not naming any names) who every 40 seconds whined about how it was a bad idea. My point is that if that Balless Wonder was in charge of the invasion of Iwo Jima, the Marines would have spent 7 seconds on the beaches, got back in their landing craft, and went to Australia to let someone else fight the war. Losses are part of the game, so grow a pair and move forward!
  21. Every once in a while, you run into active, engaged squad leaders, who then proceed to employ "extremely poor" tactics. You may be part of a squad that does it, or you may see other squads doing it. The worst of them are stubborn, and will not deviate from their tactic even if the team isn't going to win with them doing that. Ran into one instance of this last night. Since I was a bit tired, I joined another squad instead of leading one of my own that round. I joined an active, communicative squad leader on Fool's Road (3-base layout). Plan: going straight to Fortress. Sounds good! He keeps the squad tight while we approach, while explaining 'the plan'... "This is what we're gonna do. Always works, 10/10. We're going to build a FOB inside of Fortress. Then we're going to defend the objective from the inside for as long as it's needed, which will be the end of the game, because we'll have won by then." One or two guys chuckled, but the general response was "it'd better work!". I was very, very sceptical to say the least; but at the same time, I was curious about how he though this was going to work. I just went along with it. We capped the point before they did, and placed the FOB upstairs inside the bunker. Soon after placing the FOB, we were attacked. We defended upstairs while they shot through the outside bunker gaps, and slowly started pushing from within. We fought them off and held our ground, until we noticed the cap progress was slowly moving towards neutral. Shortly after that, the FOB started going down. We tried to fall back to the FOB, but with 2 or 3 people of our squad dead, the FOB went down through sheer numbers being in range of it. Still, we were alive and defending the upstairs area, the enemy slowly capping the objective. Our squad leader commanded two people to move to him at the other side of the small hallway we were defending. There, he built a second FOB. It didn't take more than two minutes for this FOB to go down, too - again by sheer numbers from players either underneath or outside/on top of it. I complained that those things do actually cost us tickets. The "10/10" remark became a running gag within the squad. But since we needed a spawn location and because we were getting killed left and right, the SL moved back to the previous spot in a corner, and built a third FOB. This one stayed up surprisingly long as we killed a couple of enemies at this point; it may have very well lived for 4 minutes, until it was inevitably destroyed as well in the exact same manner. By now, the control point was neutral and already being capped by the enemy. So he built a fourth FOB. This FOB started going down the second he placed it, and 10 seconds later, it was gone as well. The squad leader, previously vocal, gradually fell silent and started typing in team chat (?) that he needed backup. Our squad slowly wiped, and with no medics alive to revive, we respawned at the FOB at a safe distance away east of Hilltop. As we moved up, I was passed squad leader, and squadleader left the match a few seconds after. The rest of the squad joked around a bit and tried to defend Hilltop, but it too was soon lost as the enemy found our distant FOB. The match was over soon. Naturally, we lost that game. Perhaps I should follow my intuition a bit more... :) Other instances of bad stubborn SL's are those that place superFOBs on top of objectives that are too far back to want to have to defend (such as the first objective of Fool's Road's 3-CP layer); and squad leaders that are attacking an attack point while the enemy backcaps our defence point, and even though he didn't manage to neutralize it, refuses to fall back to assist the defence - instead vocally complaining about how useless we are for not recapping that point as time goes on (even though we are outnumbered). If you have experienced any funny or annoying situations with stubborn squad leaders employing poor tactics, feel free to share them. No naming and shaming please, though. :) Or if you have any practical advice on how to deal with situations like this, that'd be very helpful as well. I know that "leave the squad" is an option, but in my situation, that'd have left Fortress with even less people there.
  22. ADVANCE AND SECURE Advance and Secure or AAS for short is old game-mode that first did see light over ten years ago in the massive multiplayer military fps game. It do share some similarities at the first look with the better known Conquer game-mode mainly seen on the Battlefield franchise, but soon you start to play it, it will be clear that it is a completely different animal. It does also share similarities in the game-modes seen on the Planet Side 1 and Unreal Tournament 2004, but because Conquest is generally (assumption) better known than those I use Conquer as a comparison. The main similarity is the main base, Capture Points and the fact you can cap the CPs in the map, but after that there is not too much common in bigger perspective. In Conquer which you probably know, you can cap the CPs in any given order you want in any given time, in the AAS (regardless of implementation or historical version) you can capture the CPs [sQD / PR] ( also called bases [JOps / PlanetSide?] / flags [uT?]) only in some predefined order. This will make AAS to play differently and will require different approach than Conquer. You might wonder why the order is predefined? One strong reason is that the game-mode were seen in 2004 in a mil-fps game that had up to aprox. 55+ km² maps and 128 players in one PVP map, this size factor (which even today is Big with capital letter b ) required something to draw the player in certain areas of the map to get player really fight against each other. The predefined capturing order in AAS does that and more importantly it prevents the typical constant back-cap cycle in the Conquest game-mode. Where one of the best strategies is just to run as fast as you can between the Capture Points, while in some BF maps this is tried to encounter with pipe maps ( return to war-zone in 5 secs, soldier! ) or totally open fields so you can not flank around certain points without notice, even then the outcome is typically the back-cap cyclone. This major weakness of Conquer mode even were noticed in Squads Closed-Alpha state when some servers did run Conquer like game mode in Kohat-map, while teamwork (and defending of the objects) were few notches better than seen in typical BF settings the game-mode proved to be extremely boring and introducing again this back-cap cyclone effect, which weren’t surprise since it have been proved again and again in the time span of an over a decade in different titles. AAS on the other hand have proved to play without such major drawbacks if the map designer didn’t do major mistakes in his or her design, creating a clear front line to the map that needs to be preached and secured before the team can advance. Someone might argue that Conquest does play good with good commander, which might be true, but it is too rare to see that actually happen outside of closed communities. The predefined capturing order of the AAS on the other hand is best seen as a command of the general of the army (the map designer). One more point need to be said. AAS does have two (or three to be precise) variations. First is the linear capturing order and second is a parallel capturing order. The first is pretty self-explanatory as the capturing order of CPs is one chain, where is always just two CPs open for direct actions (1 attack & 1 defence), but the parallel might need a few more words. The parallel order (not seen in PR?) does mean that there is two or more CPs that need to be captured before your team can advance and gain control closer to the opponents mainbase. In these parallel CPs the order of capture is open and plays more or less like Conquer, but since the bases are typically in smaller area (simulating more like a control of certain area) the back-cap cyclone effect doesn’t form as easily. After one of the teams control this set of parallel CPs new set of CPs open for a attack and capture. While the lastly captured set of CPs change as a defence objectives (if enemy captures one of them before you take all CPs in the new set, the state of CPs return to previous state). The third one is the mixed serial and parallel mode, which is the most typical with the plain serial one. In this third one some CPs are linked serial manner and some are linked or grouped as a parallel manner. Now after that long winded ramble, it might be time to start to thing the strategies? These are general rule of thumb ways to play and not the only right way, since the player population, average skill level of the teams, the map and everything else makes a big different what will work in which way at certain time. That of course is something that experience will sort out eventually and I will not to try to write a complete quite for different situations, since that would be a hundreds if not thousands of pages worth of examples. Instead I try to provide solid food for thoughts. Reader should also note that most if not all of these are in the end pretty basic ideas and not by no means impossible to to find out just by playing, but simplest things are sometimes the hardest ones to notice. The near future of the game can many times be predicted, by just opening the map and listening what it have to say. I start by some basic advises about timing, resources, information, distraction. Timing is many times the key between failure and success, you need to be at right time at the right place. It wouldn’t be wise to attack enemy CP when there is enemy tank battalion passing it by. Resources, may it be headcount, bullets in the magazine, trees in the forest, friendly vehicles, ticket count or communication channels, use them wisely, since all of these matters. Adapt and overcome. Information? You get it constantly by looking around, if I would ask you what you should look-up, while you are out in the battlefields you might answer “enemies". If so, you are doing it wrong, while enemies are of course good to keep eye on, you should scout trees, doors, shadows, abandoned vehicles, noises etc. they are valuable resources to use when you eventually see the enemy, not to mention what those resources - which are actually information - (or are the information actually resource?) can sing to you. Even then the information you can gather is really limited, for counter that you need to use communication. Sharing is caring is one internet slogan, in this context sharing means that useful information you gathered. You should share the information inside of the squad and with nearby friendly units, since two pairs of eyes see more than one and between squads to give information of your plans and the information you gathered (mainly status of the enemy troops and resources) for that you should get information back from other units to form knowledge of the state of the battlefield. Information forms knowledge through communication and knowledge is power and power brings responsibility (...and no that is not from Spiderman movie). Be a fisherman. You know sport-fishing, it is relaxing hobby. There you are at the river bank casting a lure to the stream to get a fish. Ok, ok we were speaking about strategy in PC-game, not a sport-fishing. I assume you have heard advice “don’t shoot everything that moves”. Yes, yes that is said thousand times already, but there is solid wisdom behind that phrase. Main argument is usually that you should not shoot everything that moves since it gives away your spot (through visual, sound and enemy communication), this is certainly one of the base reasons. But how this relates to sport-fishing and why I’m talking it again. Well it relates to the lure as you distract the fish to eat it to get it off from the water. Same way distraction is useful tool in game. Advance and Secure is nice game-mode, but unfortunately too rarely I have seen truely good game play on the servers. It is at its best when there is competent teams for both sides. In hopes of better rounds in the future I wrote this article, hopefully it is helpful to those who aren’t too familiar with the AAS and maybe partly at least interesting those already familiar of this game-mode. I’m writing this from the experience I have accumulated while playing some thousand hours the classic AAS implementation on and off from 2006 to these days, while it is not 1:1 to AAS implementation found in Squad, it is plenty of similar. At the beginning of the round in current SQD implementation all the CPs are neutral, this is similar feature to Conquest. These needs to be taken also in order while troops head to deeper on the map, how ever whole team shouldn’t stop in the first CP instead team should be taking care that there is people already in the next CP when previous is taken up to control (if possible), remember the timing. So it might be the best that ie. the first squad actually jumps over the first one, while the 2nd squad ready to move caps the first flag and then moves to 3rd while squad in 2nd CP is taking that down. At the beginning of the round every squad should have at least a rough idea where to go and what to do. One or two can take (depending of the CP layout etc.) the neutral CPs while heading toward the the enemy grounds. One or two can go flanking to support or distract the enemy at the CP both try to get. One or two can start to build FOB at the suitable place to support the troops when enemy troops are met and front line forms. Someone also needs to handle the logistics at the point that feature is implemented to the game. Every role is important for the whole teams success. While in classic AAS the CPs did also serve as rigid ammo grate and spawn point, in SQD these are separated to player deploy-able objects. This means that it is extremely important to take care that the team have at least one defence FOB somewhere closer to the main-base. You might wonder why, but that is because of the long distance between the main-base (resource depot) and the front-line that forms easily in this , if this happens and there is no single defensive FOB (resource buffer) build then if the team loose the upper-hand in the front-line and enemy get the control, it usually means that enemy get the SteamRoll. That means that the enemy steamrolls to deep to your territory capping most of your CPs along the way, until you can reform a counter attack from the main-base, it is obviously called steamroll because it is extremely hard to stop if you do not have resources readily in the area. This separation of resources from the CPs and some ruleset coding bugs have also reduced the meaning of the CPs significantly in the early version of the Squad, but this will change in the near future (actually is already happened in the latest version). Team can and ( at least currently ) should also consider building temporary FOB for advancing purposes relatively near of the front-line. This should be also secured, even if it is only one of those hidden radios in the bushes. Your team should be taking eye of it and defend it if enemy is getting near to it, since if you loose it your team is punished with high ticket penalty. It also should be build in the mentality that it is lifted up and moved (or even evacuated to the better place when need arises, so no one should get too insulted if someone else in the team dis-samples it. FOBs have 400 meters clearance radius from each other so it is many times needed to dis-sample it to place a new FOB for more suitable to changed situation. FOBs will not last forever, if enemy knows its spot it will be highly lost at some-point if it falls under constant attacks. Know when to give that spot up and secure the tickets by lifting the radio up. If you end up building so called super FOB (which looks like a fortress) keep in mind that such monstrous base need to be in relevant spot or else it is just waste of resources. As the rigid nature of it it easily ends up to the enemy constant attacks or even deep to the enemy territory if breach of the front-line occurs. Also one of its drawbacks is that while easily drawn enemy attack it easily turn also a deathtraps without safe way to get out when enemy is circling around it like a predators. ...and time.. to be continued.
  23. Tactics on the map

    Drawings on the map should be allowed with squad member specific instructions as well as switch between modes to see who should be doing what akin to voice channels. As well as blunt mini map for those purposes without anything other than terain and drawings.
  24. Just out of curiosity, what is the general consensus on breaking a squad of 9 into two fire teams? I have had a couple SLs do that and each time it ended with everyone in my fire team dead and wasting tickets. I just don't see the advantage of it (communication is set at a squad level, not fire team level; strength in numbers). Maybe I am not seeing something, so please throw knowledge and wisdom my way.
  25. damage model/damage chart

    Hi from Aus, I'm looking for the specific values for each bullet speed in the game and the rate of fire for each weapon and their corresponding bullet damage model for each portion of the body aswell as there bullet spread would be good, the reason being for the want of this info is that i want to get real tacticool/better if i ever get into the competitive side of squad, and if in the process helps someone out that would be fantastic. if you have something like the values and charts on symthic.com for battlefield and the other games on there that would be amazing and would be everything i'm looking for. cheers and thanks in advance