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Found 17 results

  1. I would suggest that, like a squad leader, use the key for the commander, another key for his squad, and another key for the local ... the same keys should be automatically resurfaced, when the SL designate an FTL their keys comunications will reassigned automatically to: the communication key with commander in the FTL is reallocated to communicate with his SL and other FTLs of their own squad. the communication with the members of his FTL would be through the squad key ... and local key remains the same ... It is a minimum coding variation, which is added when selecting the FTL, which reallocates the keys to the FTL within a squad. advantage : - lower saturation of communications between SL and commander, FTL´s and soldiers, vehicles .. - This allows, to have separated the communications in a vehicle of a squad of the rest members and SL of own squad, when having assigned the members of the vehicle to an FTL. - That the conversations of the members of the FTL do not saturate the SL. - The SL would keep the keys as they have key for commander, key for all members of the squad, and local key. this part "soldiers" would be to decide: versions 1) the soldiers assigned to an FTL are reassigned the keys: the squad key to communicate with their FTL and the other members of the FTL, and not with the rest of the squad. and keep the local key. they could not communicate with the rest of their squad except through their FTL. In this case you ensure that the soldiers do not saturate communications in any way to the SL except those of the ALFA section. 2) Soldiers assigned to FTL, commander key is reallocated as communication with their entire squad, squad key is reallocated as communication with their FTL and FTL members, and maintains local key. In this case, you leave the possibility that in exceptional cases, any member of the squad communicates with all the members of his squad. I think it would be a simple solution to nest communications without adding channels or more keys. allowing to reduce the saturation of communications. especially to SL. and to be able to separate the communications within the vehicles without having to add more keys. what do you think ??
  2. I kind of enjoy being a medic, but I know most people don't. Since I don't think getting rid of the role would be a good idea (other threads have already discussed it), what if we implemented some kind of diagnostics system, like in the ACE3 mod for Arma3? A medic would need to identify the problem/injury first, then apply the correct treatment. This would actually make the medic role more challenging, and all in all, more fun. EDIT: And maybe add some way to Drag/Carry fallen friendlies? What do you guys think?
  3. So as you all know the sound system WILL get overhauled in the hopefully-not-so-far future. I made this thread so we can maybe somehow "help" the devs and give them suggestions on the sounds and such. First off, here is a video, although with blanks instead of real rounds (Real rounds are quite louder than a blank) showing off how gunshots should sound in an urban environment: Loud and echo-ey: Now, on the other hand, we have INCOMING fire. SONIC CRACKS. These are missing from the game. This is not as great of an example but I could not find any better. Very loud pops and cracks, like a whip cracking inches from your ears. We also have distant sounds. I feel as if they are too quiet. An explosion 100-150 meters already sounds relatively quiet and distant, when in real life, a distant explosion would be approx 400 meters. Here's a good example of distant sounds: Keep in mind that ALL of the examples I gave are in URBAN environments, so this would be fitting for Basrah and Narva, but not for maps such as Logar Valley. I know the sound designers know much more than all of us combined, and are striving to make sounds as realistic as possible, but I hope we can also contribute with a few examples.
  4. Hello I am a console gamer and I have recently noticed that consoles don't have ANY realistic war games. And I am looking to buy a computer solely to play Squad. Now, Me being the noob I am I know nothing about gaming computers and laptops and I'm looking for advice on whether or not there is a laptop/desktop that has and or exceeds Squads system requirements that is READY TO GO without having to buy a certain graphics card or something along those lines. Ill reiterate once more I'm a noob and I don't know jack shit about building a PC. If the Squad community can help me so I can get into the battle ASAP that would be awesome. Thanks! PS Please email me at: Brandon_lindsay1@hotmail.com Lindsaybrandon03@gmail.com
  5. sorry for my bad english. i am in 80 players server and 2 btr and 2 truck in base but all players moving cant use vehicles because squad leaders not know how to use leader class.and this is vehicle system useless. if nobody use vehicles why vehicles have in game ? i can understant btr have claim need 3 guys.but why hunwee need 3 guys ? and logic truck ? i am in game i always see humwess and in humwess 2 guy(one gunner , one driver) and logic truck using for trasport not logic to fobs. i love this is game but we have vehicles and still we must run to objective and in big maps we must go too long distances and thats boring.after we reached objective one bullet kills.we must run again to objective. System all players must be play training and in this is training teach basics.if hi complete basic trainig gets. basic training medal.if he completed all trainings squad medal or something. and servers can request squad medal or basic training medal basic training medal : only play jensen and training or not request rank servers , and cant use cars vehicle training medal : can drive vehicles and be a gunner squad training medal : all class unlocked i think this is system can imporve i only write proposal.
  6. Happened again, single shotted insurgent twice in upper back with m4... but no hit reaction or stamina effect at all.. so what does he do? Instantly spin dive on the ground to full auto me. But with the broken hit system, I somehow still didn't die after getting hit multiple times. And a teammate killed him. 1) he shouldn't have been able to spin dive after taking damage (maybe new animation system can fix that) 2) two shots to back should have dropped him 3) when he shot me, I should have died. There are many times I have been hit and seen pink mist and still haven't taken damage. -I hope the new animation system can address this. But the monthly recap didn't mention it.
  7. Squad System Requirments

    I know there are system requirements on the steam version, but most of them on games are some what inaccurate. I have an Intel Core i5 4590 3.3Ghz. I was wondering if that CPU will be enough to run this game at decent at least 60fps and at least on medium settings. My GPU is more than enough to run it at high, but i'm not sure about my CPU. Hopefully i'm posting this in the right forum section lol. Thanks all.
  8. Dale here, please read further.
  9. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    You may think by me making this post that i actually want a rank up system. Well you would be very mistaken as i don't want a ranking system in SQUAD as even though it gives more of a 'pull' (to come back and play) its just not what i'm looking for in this game. I could go into detail as to why im sick of most games now having a rank up system but this post is directed to the community to see your thoughts and opinions on the matter to help out the dev team. Please reply with thoughts below - Thank you Daruth "see you in battle!"
  10. After seeing all these posts about kit and loadout systems and resource based spawning etc. I came up with an idea to combine alot of these suggestions together into one large working system. Of course ths idea is still fresh and would need some help from you guys to polish it out but let me just sum up the things i thought of. Btw pardon my english if i make any mistakes. First when a map is voted for there will no longer be the old kind of layout like in pr where it says "inf" or "alt" etc. Instead it tells us a number of "command points" which i'll cover later on. For example: "fools road 300CP" or something like that. After that the map will start to load and before we enter the spawn screen we enter a new screen which i call the "command screen". In this screen a commander can be chosen for example by voting or perhaps by server admins etc. If no commander is chosen then this is fine but i will first talk about the next thing. In this "command screen" the points i talked about earlier (CP) can now be spend on different kinds of troops from a list of units with all kinds of different stats, specialisations and equipment which could then form the layout and construction of that team. For example: - 60CP spent to unlock units from the 30th aerial service support. (which unlocks blackhawk choppers for transport and has some more logistical bonusses perhaps) -80CP spent to unlock the 11th raiding squadron. (which unlocks assault squads to be deployed. -60CP spent to unlock the 15th reconaissance platoon. (Which unlocks sniper teams and light scout infantry) -80CP spent on the 3rd tracked support company (which unlocks certain apc's ) Now a team has spent 280 CP from the 300 CP they had. This spending can be done by voting for certain units in the command screen and when a CO has been selected he will have a higher voting influence then the rest of the players. The same could be done with squad leaders but they then have to be selected in this command screen as well. You can however vote on multiple units for example a maximum of four units per team member. Then after a timer ends the average of all the votes will be automatically calculated and set up your team layout for the following match. The units that can be voted on and the limits they have can be decided by the server admins or game developers to make sure a team is balanced and not only consisting of CAS squads. Then when the round starts only these pre determent squads can be selected when creating a squad from a dropdown menu. And in the pre deployment phase a SL can drag and drop his squadmembers to his desired role in the squad menu Now this makes it possible for squads and teams to be totally different since it is now possible to have for example different kinds of infantry squads like a recon squad which for example has a max of 5 soldiers are faster in movement, more concealed, silenced weapons, more binoculars etc etc but may also be limited to only a few kits like 1 medic, rifleman, 2 marksman, 1 officer, 1 breacher. While on the other hand if an assault squad is unlocked it has a max of 9 soldiers with different pros and cons like more armour, more assault rifleman a lat kit etc. Etc. Multiple types of squads can be unlocked in the command screen as well as later in the game to have a more dynamic game, remember those 20CP we had left? Well they can be used for new unlockings later in the game when this team earns a certain amount of points by performing certain tasks like taking out enemies or capturing bases. Now the CP might also be used to "upgrade" the existing squads or buying support elements into the game like: uav's or jdams. Now the individual assets can be bought with "manpower" (MP). MP will be gained over time automatically as well as CP, MP can also be increased by performing certain tasks within a squad. However CP will have an overall value in the team and can be used by voting in the command screen later on in the game, while MP will be gained per squad and can be used by those squads to buy certain assets depending on what role the squad has. Now this system can be developed even further together with this suggestion http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/137-integrated-squad-and-kit-loadout-and-restriction-system/which makes it possible for you to customize your squads in a limited way as a squad leader to your likings without changing the core of the squad like: an assault squad SL may choose between having 1 lat and 1 ar, or 2 ar's for example. This is as far as i've come right now with this suggestion. I could go on about this for hours but i think i've put alot of ideas on the table. Let me know what you guys think and if any of this could be possible in a fun and balanced way.
  11. Will Squad be available on mac?

    So I play all my computer games on a mac, Blasphemy I know, but I have been looking into Squad quite a lot and really do want the game. But nowhere have any of the devs mentioned that it can be played on a mac. If any of those who may know or any of the devs stop by please let me know cause i will buy this game in a heartbeat if it is on mac. So please some tell me?
  12. I had this idea several years ago for Arma 2 ACE and figured I would also share it here. I have always had an issue with the way reloads are handled in FPS' in that they provide the user with no choice in the way they want to reload and are pretty unrealistic, usually you are stuck with a slow animation in the middle of taking contact... it sucks. With this system the player will be able to make the choice in what reload they want to use in any given situation, giving thought and depth to reloading. Have 4 different types of reload and animations.1. (By Pressing R Once - Magazine Not Empty - Long Reload) Soldier pulls out magazine from vest and does a tactical reload and replaces magazine in vest(Can be refilled with loose ammunition, magazine is in inventory for later use {Also +1 Round})2. (By pressing R twice {or more} - Magazine Not Empty - Fast Reload) Soldier drops magazine from weapon on to the ground and inserts new one (Used magazine does not go back into inventory {Also +1 Round} - In game object, can be picked up)3. (By Pressing R Once - Magazine Empty - Long Reload) Soldier pulls out magazine from pouch and does a tac reload and replaces magazine in dump pouch - Uses bolt catch or racks bolt{Dependent on weapon} (Can be refilled with loose ammunition, empty magazine is in inventory for later use)4. (By pressing R twice {or more} - Magazine Empty - Fast Reload) Soldier drops magazine from weapon to the ground and inserts new one - Uses bolt catch or racks bolt {Dependent on weapon} (Used magazine does not go back into inventory/dump pouch - In game object, can be picked up) Anywho, can't wait for this game!
  13. Note: Obviously the nomenclature should be adapted to properly describe their appropriate situations. I personally don't know what people call a good SL, or a bad pilot, so please excuse any silly names listed below. The scoring method is what is important here. Most people can't seem to make up their minds on the value of scores. They are important, incredible, bad, distracting, elitist, etc.. What I have here is an idea that is possibly creates more of the same issues, but can absorb a little of the impact. Yes, it can be elitist, and you are elitist to think so. It grants people the ability to not only see what and how the player did, but also the way they played, to a limited degree. To those who go and look it up, they can find true information on what the name meant. To the rest, it's a vague indication. The number of kills through an OP vehicle like a tank or apc, or even a kit like autorifle, etc. are generally going to be higher than the rest. That's nice, but their performance is the real question at the end of the game. The numbers themselves can go into the numbers catalog somewhere where you and others can bask in the specifics of your glory. During the match, however, maybe you only get see your grades when you die. After the match, everyone gets to see each other's full grades. The grades could easily be A, B, C or what have you. The system here captures the grades into something with enough information that people can tell what you did without all the "gory" details. A good example of this is the teamwork score in PR. The numbers can easily go into the thousands, but what was it that you were doing? That's why I chopped the most important parts into "titles" that are assigned to players at the end of their stints. --- 1. "Traditional" score is never available to the player. It's just a pile of numbers and is merely a means to evaluate the player's actions in-game. 2. The partial score is seen to the player, when he dies, as a name title (as devs infer). The median score is shown as a name title to everybody at the end of the match. It is the analysis of all the player's partial scores, only showing the values that are most predominant. If the player was mostly medic, but ended up playing as SL at the end, the player would be titled as a medic. 3. This is what the score looks like: MuffriDer: Iron "Hunter" Tactician John Doe: Furious Warlord --- How it works: There are three components to the score. Three names. 1. The first name is an adjective. It is divided into categories: Commander, officer, grunt, griefer. For every category, an adjective is created describing each of these charateristics: Offense, defense, support, recon. CommanderFurious (aggresive) Iron (defensive) Generous (logistics and support) Watchful (recon) 2. The last name is a noun. It is divided into as many categories as there are kits and assets in the game. For every category, a noun is created describing 5 levels of excellence. OfficerWarlord Strategist Tactician Sheepdog Horse-GroomRiflemanWolf Point-man Trooper Drone GrasshopperMedicSavior Healer Lifeline Band-Aid QuackSniperAssassin Culling Threat-Multiplier Potshot OpossumHATTitan Predator Rocketeer Tourist Soft-Target 3. The middle name, or "callsign" is a word describing his teamates' view of him. A teammate can click on the player's name and choose only one vote from one category. It can be positive or negative. The votes cover teamwork, communication, discipline, kit/asset skill, etc. Whichever category garners the most votes, is displayed as his "callsign". If the player hasn't received any votes, no "callsign" is displayed. Each category has five levels of excellence and works as shown above. --- MuffriDer: Iron "Hunter" Tactician = A commander who was mostly defensive, a "Hunter" callsign (haven't gone that far), and that the commander was mediocre. John Doe: Furious Warlord = An aggressive commander who was a superior officer. He hadn't received any callsign (public opinion).
  14. So I'm well aware that the game is in pre-pre alpha. And many things still need to be worked out before polishing out or optimization even begins to come into place. However, this concerns me a bit as a backer who has proudly dished in $100. Are there any general minimum system requirements that you guys believe or know could run SQUAD? Nothing specific, just broad overview. I know UE4 fares well with a broad range of machines but I need some reassurance. It would suck if I back it, yet I struggle to play/test it. Here are my specs: Before I put it down. I currently run a laptop as I'm on the move often. Please refrain from derailing the topic into flame wars about what's better or not. Believe me, when I settle down, it's all self built desktop rig from there. OS: Windows 8.1 HDD: 1 TB + 24GB SSD (Hybrid Drive) RAM: 16GB DDR3-L 1600 MHz Kingston CPU: Intel Core i5-4200H 2.8GHz (Turbo 3.4GHz) GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5 (mobile equivalent of the desktop GTX 750Ti; almost par to par the same)
  15. Something i always found missing in PR was a better way to maintain formations within infantry squads. since from my experience this is something infantry uses heavily on basically every organised army i thought that squad could provide an easy way of doing this. some of my ideas: - a menu in the game (something like squad management) that let's you set up and customize your own infantry or vehicle squads and formations. Just a simple screen that lets you click and drag the different soldiers and/or vehicles and roles onto a template which shows their position, their arcs and what role they have and lets you name this formation (like: File, Staggered file, Extended line, Arrowhead, circle etc.). So as a squad leader you would be able to select this formation (the same way construction is in the game right now) and then will show all of your squad members the formation you have selected in their hud and will show every squad member a little marker in the hud that floats around the landscape which is a bit faded (like in arma) that you will only see when you are within formation range of the squad leader (a range also the squad leader can select) which shows you what your position should be and what arcs you should have. - also within this menu i thought it would have to be possible to set up templates for a complete squad (or maybe even a platoon) in which you would be able to customize the sizes of your squad limited to what the devs ofcourse find balanced for a team. i think this customisation should be possible since different countries and use different set-ups for squads which they prefer (some use 8-10 man infantry squads and some use around 14) cause recon squads mostly only have a few men inside it with lighter gear and assault squads have the heavier gear and more men so more firepower. i think this idea would really boost and improve teamwork and boost the whole ''Squad'' principle since it is really hard to maintain and hold formations and organize squads when you don't have a 180 degrees field of view, i personally don't like a too crowded hud since it most of the times takes away a part of realism but just a little marker will boost the way squads will start operating and that will boost the realism in the way squads work and operate on every spot. attacking with your squad and all sprinting in the same direction in some weird blob formation and not knowing where your marksman or your machine gunner is heading? or attacking with your squad and moving in a almost perfect extended line perfectly organised for the best superiority in a firefight? please let me know what you guys think of this and if this would be able to be done inside squad and let me know if there would be ways to improve this.
  16. Deployables

    Sup' lads, With the new modular building system coming up, I just wanted to make sure we've got everything in that we want. I'm pretty sure the devs have thought this through rather well, if so i'd hope to see confirmation of these being added. Distance - I hope that we will be able to change the distance between the object preview and our character. Rotating - Speaks for itself, pretty sure this will be in though. Height - This option depends, ArmA has issues with objects floating 50% above the ground, and being able to change the height rotation etc really helps with putting down structures.in a realistic way. Snapping - Snab an object to another object, the way i'd see it is that every object for exame the simple hesco is a cube, a cube has 6 sides, so maybe put a snap point on the left,front,right,back, and top. Objects like roadblocks will only have an option to snap objects left and right etc. Objects groups - For example the hesco's, putting them down one by can become a little annoying when you're building something big, so maybe have the hesco menu option extend another option that lets you put 3 down in a row at once etc. I have to take a quik break, feel free to add anything that i've missed and let me know what you think.
  17. Logistics System?

    What kind of logistics system do you guys aim for in Squad? Will it be more like the one in BF2:PR with crates, or a completely new one? Thanks for the great effort, Micro