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  1. Hi Squad Devs, I love seeing the progression of this game, it really does get better & better with more and more depth. Almost one of the greatest attributes Project Reality had in the past, we we're all there for the ride. Luckily this engine & game should last a bit longer than the old bf2 engine. Guys, I have no clue where the hell I'm getting shot from. I'm not sure exactly what you changed with the suppression system, but holy shit you changed something that could of complimented the current new system. This may be a sound issue, I'm not really sure, but I do like the new sounds FYI. I'm not sure what that item is, but this isn't real life where you have directional awareness. I can't tell where the bullets are coming from in this version... like at all. It's very important to have some level of directional awareness from where your getting blasted. I can't complain about anything else really. I just want to know where these bullets are coming from, and it's not glitched where I can't see the enemy as some have stated. (I also always use a headset aswell) Regards, Christopher Chance
  2. So with the coming addition of GPMGs and Devs saying there will be an overhaul of the suppression system, I thought now would be a perfect time to throw in my own two cents on the subject. The suppression effect should in my opinion rely mostly on a flinch instead of weapon sway or blur effects. Giving people weapon sway when being shot at makes little sense and replacing it with a flinch effect similar to that of Red Orchestra should give the player a more direct and immediate sense of danger and also incentivize them to take cover or fall back. I know very little on game development, but from what I've seen of the new animation system I think it's possible to make different types of flinch effects. First you have the standard 'character flinch' where the point of direction the player is facing flinch to one side. I know many people do not like this idea. Then you have the 'head flinch' where only your characters point of view flinches and not the weapon. I think this is possible because of the free look system. Thirdly you have the 'weapon flinch' where only your characters weapon flinches and not the point of view. I think this is possible because if you look at the footage from the new animation system you can see the weapon recoil acts independently from the screen similar to the system in Insurgency, but only for recoil. There should be a 'suppression bar' that needs to be filled up. The way it would work is that each bullet that flies in proximity of a player adds 'suppression points' to that players 'suppression bar'. Caliber size and weapon type should give varying amounts of points. So the higher the caliber, the more suppression points, explosives even more. Also, the heavier the weapon is, the stronger the effect. A 7.62 bullet would give a greater flinch than a 5.56 bullet, .50 Cal even more so. Explosives should have additional effects such as a short blur effect and muffled sound (not affecting voice chat). This would mean that starting an assault with explosives like grenades and RPGs would give a small advantage since it would put the enemy in a short state of confusion due to the lack of audio and visual information. Bonus points should be added depending on how close the bullets are to the player. The more accurate your fire is, the better your suppression is. This would reward players with good aim, informative communication and discourage random spray n' pray. The 'suppression bar' would delete the 'suppression points' at a fixed rate, so it would constantly go down over time. If everyone in the squad that is laying down suppressive fire is reloading their weapons at the same time, it will give the enemy a small window of opportunity to return effective fire, essentially turning the tide of the firefight. The suppression effect would depend on how filled the 'suppression bar' is. For example: No effect under 25%. From 25% to 50% there would be a visual effect (similar to what we have now). From 50% to 75% there would be a 'weapon flinch'. From 75% to 100% there would be a 'head flinch'. The intention of the 'suppression bar' is to firstly make sure that the sudden eruption of a firefight do not instantly turn into a spasm party on both sides. It will also make sure that effective suppression requires team effort, good coordination and communication. Also, superior firepower would get a whole new meaning. I do not know what's in the window of possibility, but seeing the amazing work the devs at OWI are doing, I'll assume they can do most of it
  3. I've stopped playing Squad some time ago because of optics dominating the game and for a long time I've been asking for a tiny sway-jump suppression system that would affect your aim when bullets are flying by. I had given up trying after being told that the devs are working on it and most likely will add it to the game as it's still in alpha. So I saw an announcement for the Alpha v10 and when I clicked a youtube video about the v10 Preview The first comment straight away it says: "And machineguns won't even be at their best with V10 since there is no major suppression overhaul. They are going to be even more insane with future updates. " And it had 12 likes and now it's got 20. When we had a voting poll on the forum to have more suppression, the majority also voted for yes. So on one hand you've got majority of people that agree that optics are too OP such as it clearly shows here in this video that player is completely unaffected by the incoming bullets and thus MGs are useless at laying any fire. And yet then there's these people that completely ignore the fact that there's a huge difference between real life and a game where they basically say that laying suppressive fire should merely be a fear factor of being hit like in the response to that comment on YT. And in a computer game it completely doesn't work, in theory yes, but in practice such as in game the players won't fear of being hit and thus will continue to return fire such as shown in the video above. Here's an example of Darkest Hour 44-45 mod suppression-sway system for each bullets passing by, and as you can see it does not affect the ironsights as much, and the firefights are then more intense and dynamic rather than quick pop-pop-bam-dead, and it does affect the optics much more, making it way more difficult to aim using the optic while under fire. And this is what really bothers me, and really makes Squad unplayable for me for what it is. I saw in the steam announcement that instead they are adding more permanent zoom increase when aiming down the sights of the ironsights... When in fact this will give little to no result in the way ironsights have a chance against the optics. At best it'll increase only by 5% of chance of ironsights countering the optics. Whereas adding even just a tiny bit of sway-jump for bullets passing by would improve the chances of iron-sights of probably at least 50% to 80% more against the optics. And even still the optics would still have a huge upper-hand against the iron-sights (whenever they are unnoticed and are firing from a good position, and this is how it should be). And the optics will continue to be OP and machine guns do very little in terms of suppression unless you mean some "fear of being hit" which is bogus really, the MG gunner without suppression they will drop dead within a few seconds of firing, I've never fired an MG in Squad for longer than a few seconds, cause the optics will vritually pick anything off, even while being under heavy fire they will still pick out any MG easily... This is my only post. I'm not going to respond like all these responses on YT and the posts I've had in my other threads about suppression where they just can't stop saying "Do you have sway in real life if you get shot at?????????????" Which totally does not corresponds with the fact that it's a game, and that because of the lack of suppression mechanics, there's an unrealistic behaviour coming from it which results in an extremely laser-precision like arcadey gunplay that is in Squad. However I would appreciate a response from a dev.
  4. In my opinion, currently semi fire mode is way more powerful compared to auto fire mode except for indoor distance, thus making suppression fire useless. Here I will make an illustration using the basic red dot M4. 1. Current status: Semi: When crunching, due to the auto-recovery from recoil, rapid semi firing will yield consistant hits on man-sized target 200ms+ like laser, therefore you can reliably dispatch multiple stationary enemies at that range. Auto: Due to increased recoil both vertically and horizontally and the absence of auto-recovery, even a three round burst could yield missed shots on target 20ms away. Trying to "suppress" someone with automatic firing is completely out of the question. Result: It is literally as simple to kill a 10ms target as to kill a 200ms target, providing that it stands still. Guns like red dot M249 is useless engaging someone behind cover due to the lack of accurate semi mode. 2. Proposed changes: Semi: Slow down the auto-recovery from recoil, add horizontal displacement (currently there is vertical displacement for basic red dot M4) of the center to encourage minor aiming adjustment for long range engagement and increase random spread over long range (currently the red dot sight is way too precise, IRL it will be inherently inaccurate over 100ms due to its design, changing it will make optic M4er equally desirable compared to anti-tank soldier and grenadier) so that it takes longer to kill a distant target. Auto: Reduce the recoil of regular M4 to that of M203/Grip M4, and add auto-recovery so that burst shots can be effective at 50ms, especially against target in cover. This will in addition make suppression firing and the guns specilized in it more uesful. Result: Improved gun play experience, now against target in cover, auto mode is actually deadly and semi mode kill speed is toned down, so that better positioning yourself to flank the enemies would be more tactically advantagous than just keeping tapping left mouse button.
  5. Hi, my first post was about Insurgent side improvement with 11 item but not cared, I hope this will. In Project Reality and Squad both of them represents suppression effect by bluring the view only. Even suppressed player can take aim and shot accurate fires to enemy. You dont need to see your sight(because of blur) if your target is in the middle of your screen you can hit them or your fire give them suppression effect. I think this ruins the suppression system. There must be some levels of suppression for player, In first level just small blur will be fine and players can still use their weapons' sights In second level medium blur and players can still use their weapons' sights but with lowered accuracy In third level high blur and players can not use their weapons's sights only hip fire and players gain buff to their run speed a little if they have their stamina filled more than %75(Because anyone can run faster than normal when they face death, adrenalin rush), so they can run to safer spot quickly. I think, with this system suppression effects will give more realism to the game and players will rely on suppressing enemy(while some others flanking them) and use their ammos rather than preserving their ammo and trying to find a kill shot (so mobility under suppression will be essential). When the developpers give mgs and heavy mgs more suppression potential an mg can pin down a squad which what is happening in real life(or with multiple assault rifles instead of mgs). I have forgot to add Game ending suggestion sorry . In PR game will warn you with a statement "Round is Ending" so it did not end directly. Similar statement will be good for Squad too.
  6. This isn't just another post about going insta-prone, although that is part of the picture. What do you do when you take fire while tabbing (jogging) to a new area? There are 3 basic choices: 1) Drop to the deck prone and hope 2) Take a knee and return fire. (aka RTR in the British army -- Return fire hastily, Take cover, then Return appropriate fire) 3) Keep running The situation determines what is best more often than not -- No cover and unknown shooter loc? Prone. 3 steps from a nearby compound? Keep running. Suggestion: Balance the systems already in the game to make these less "game-y" choices to make. We all know the horrors of insta-prone and its lack of penalty to accuracy. Going prone ought to be a self-preservation move, not a cheap tactic. This has been talked about at length and I am confident that it will be resolved, probably with new animations. New idea: On the flipside, tabbing to a new area may leave people with low stamina at the start of contact. What may also help the fluidity of combat is if the "stamina-floor" for breaking into a sprint was lifted when the player becomes supressed. This is entirely realistic: solders often talk about finding those "extra reserves of energy" when bullets start flying. I can personally attest to this. Moreover, from a balance perspective it opens up the option to keep moving, thus making it less likely still that people will want to just go prone and return fire. It looks/feels/plays better when ambushing an enemy squad if some, depending on their terrain, will take a knee and return fire while others will immediately break into a sprint to take more appropriate cover. Some scatter to safety, some must remain. Currently, the whole squad (unless very lucky or very disciplined to always stay above the stamina floor) can only react very sluggishly, thus making it the current meta to just go prone and return fire. I like the current stamina system. Its good and encourages thoughtful planning and discipline on the use of speed when out of combat. Briefly dropping the stamina floor, however, would give people the ability to use their last reserves instantly and improve the immediate reaction to contact. Other, more rested squads will still have the long term edge in agility and manoeuvrability. Furthermore this effect would only last a couple of seconds, and thus when you have effectively sprinted to your new cover you will no longer be able to dip into stamina reserves (as you are no longer suppressed). Nerfing prone is one only side of the coin: opening up another course of action is equally as important. Adrenaline is a powerful thing.
  7. Shock

    Rocket artillery isn't nearly as effective as it should be, and with IEDs and mortars coming in the not-too-distant future, I think the devs need to look into a better way of representing the psychological effect of high explosives by making IEDs, mortars, rockets, etc have a deeper suppression system... shock. Shock would be more disorientating and longer lasting than normal suppression. I think this would benefit gameplay, for example allowing high explosives to be employed against enemy units right before friendly units attack not only to kill, but to lower the effectiveness of enemy units as they might in real life.
  8. A Guide to Suppression

    Hope this video helps you guys in understanding what suppression is and what it does beyond the screen effect.