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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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    I don´t know about you, but I feel that somethings are being exploited in a very gamey way. It´s not very often, but still it happens to me or a squad member now and then. I´m talking about typing respawn or killing yourself with a nade or killing a teammate so you can respawn at a spot where you are more necessary. Recently I was part of a team that was doing quite well, and the match was even. We had a fob ready to attack the following flag, and once we cleared all the enemies and had almost captured the flag, the SL ordered us all to type respawn so we could attack the following flag, which was FAR away to move on foot. I understand there is a Price to pay, not only in tickets but in respawn timer being increased. Still, it made sense from a competitive point of view. It indeed worked like a charm, in a minute and a half we were spawning on the attacking fob just 30 seconds after it had become cappable. And it wasn´t just us, there was another squad with us. We caught the enemy off guard I must admit I felt "dirty". And I lost immersion in the game. I mostly play at the weekends and it´s been happening often to me. So after it happened again last night, I decided to post this. I understand there needs to be a respawn function for glitches and getting stuck and stuff. NO problem with that. But when that function is used more often as an exploitable tactic than as a way of fixing a game problem, then it feels odd. So if you feel the way I do, I suggest a couple of possibilities: 1- Respawn function allows you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN BASE. 2- Killing yourself with a NADE should allow you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN. 3- Killing a friendly increases your respawn timer to a DRASTIC TIME....say TIMES 3 or 4 (after the friendly gives up)* *I understand this doesn´t prevent people from spawning at a more useful place, but it´s a way to punish a squad that does that.
  2. Is it possible to update the game logic and how it attributes TEAMKILLS for mines? Currently, if a player runs over a friendly mine the teamkill(s) get counted towards the scout that placed the mine. This is an unwarranted penalty to the scout. Especially, when/where the mines are marked on the map for friendly players. I've even seen cases where people intentionally run over the mines. Sometimes, causing scout to be automatically kicked from server. This is broken logic. Here's the suggestion: Change the code logic to attribute the death as a suicide (to the player that runs over the mine) If there are passengers in the vehicle, the additional deaths are then team kills (attributed to the driver, not the scout). Benefits of change: Encourage vehicle drivers to check map for friendly mines. Assigns additional passenger deaths to driver accordingly, as the responsible party for passenger live(s). Prevents abuse by penalizing the abuser, not the person playing the role as expected. Thanks,
  3. I've noticed there is a problem in the game and it was also a problem in the original Project Reality. The difference was in Project Reality. You could commit suicide because it was a feature from the battlefield 2 game. Sometimes you want to commit suicide to return to the spawn screen. This is because it would save you time from travelling back to a location. For example, if you are a logistics' driver and your squad no longer needs the logi anymore. You drive the logi back to base and leave it there, now you want to rejoin your squad. The only options for you are to wait for a another vehicle to return back to the main base and hitch a ride, or the faster method, killing yourself and just respawning on your squad's rally point. Sometimes people don't want to return the logi back to base where it is safe, they will just abandon the logi after they construct a FOB. This is because driving back to the base and finding a means back to their squad is time consuming as I pointed out. And often, the logi ends up being destroyed or worst, captured by the enemy team. If the enemy is smart, they will realize that they can just camp your logi and kill anyone who tries to retrieve it, this will prevent your team from being able to build anymore FOBs. And often times, this forces the team who has no logi to lose the game. The de-spawning feature should only exist in main bases, if it was allowed anywhere else, it could be abused. The de-spawn feature could be a object that the player goes towards and presses the action key, much like pressing the action key at a ammo crate. The object could be a model of a large battle map or like the commander tent in Project Reality. When a player presses the action key, he disappears and returns back to the spawning screen. He can then spawn immediately. The reason why this should only be allowed at main bases is because if this feature was for example at FOBs. Players would de-spawn themselves and respawn in a gameplay abuse when under attack. Main bases should not be having engagements with the enemy. Players should be allowed to de-spawn themselves, there are already lots of experienced players committing suicide after returning a logi or APC as they did in Project Reality. This should be included because sometimes your squad changes their mind and decides they don't need the vehicle anymore they took from the main base. Players who are returning a vehicle asset back to the main base should not be punished with the long delay of getting back to the action or killing themselves.
  4. We Cant Kill Each Other so we have to kill ourselves? [The concept of getting the other team to kill themselves more seems strange and almost a little sick compared to killing downed players.] As someone who wants players to die for good more often if I cannot kill them for good myself i find this hypocritical. "Giving Up" is less ethical than killing a downed player. Either way i know this has been said before on the forums about not being able to kill incapacitated players because its unethical and its not what they want for the game. The give up buttons should go. I thought I would just point that out.... but more to the point of why I believe downed players should be killed (I know it will not happen) I feel the current respawn system, if not changed, will increase the longevity of a squad beyond what it should realistically handle once aerial vehicles are implemented. Being able to kill downed players would be a solution I think but there may be other options. Squads Will Last Unrealistically Long in Engagements Purely from The Air I agree and think that is fine, not being able to kill downed players but something should change later. Hopefully bombs and plane bullets kill people dead. I don't know if they plan on implementing anything but currently you can not kill any enemies really at all?! And Leaves me questioning what good an airstrike will ever do unless it is to support a friendly infantry advancement to the enemy's "previous" position. (Its not previous until you actually send people there to kill their rally for good or they may be able to stay their indefinitely unless the bomber "incapacitates" the medics and the SL at the same time along with their rally point, start praying its not indoors or the air vehicles will start having to worry about the enemy shooting them down one 9mm round at a time). That is ridiculous. I hope that this will change soon so I do not have to kill myself as much anymore. (sarcasm here) I would love it if the aircraft could make more of a difference without the need for friendly ground units to make sure the enemy doesn't raise from the dead on the same position over and over again. Some Options: 1)Remove Rallies once transport choppers are implemented, they are needed for advancement now, i feel, but with air insertion they will just be a way for the enemy squad to stay on a location for unrealistic amount of engagement unless the other team moves into their position. Rally points are too quick to slap down and stay there. FOBs take time and they are a structure you can see and not able to hide it in a single bush. 2) Guns on the Aerial Support Vehicles send bullets to the earth's core and back 3)Downed players can get dead by other means than suicide [i know its not happening] 4)Players don't get downed as often, just more dead Does anyone else agree?
  5. Not sure about you guys but It gets tiring when SLs insist on perpetuating "gamey" tactics like this just to meet the ends of a round. Scenario: My squad goes to defend cap, everyone dies except me, other squad moves in and successfully takes cap back with me while my squad respawns and prepares to back cap. (400 meters from new offensive flag, Chora) SL: "You do know we need you on the frontline, are you new to this game or something?" Me: "Yeah sorry but I survived at the defend flag, i'm working my way over" SL: "You do realize that the optics rifleman is a key part of any squad?" Me "YEAH, I'm moving to cap, I just don't believe in wasting tickets and killing myself to get there faster" *Kicked from squad* (Not sure it would have been faster anyways as I got to cap a minute or two after I got kicked :P) SLs need to understand that this tactic should not be viable not on a server to server basis but through game mechanics (i.e. respawn at main base or increased suicide respawn time from status quo) IMO. When I hop on to play a round or two on the new update I don't want to be hounded for refusing to abuse/exploit the game. I get that this isn't a simulator (and I appreciate that) but I don't think that suicide should be a viable tactic in all but the most dire situations or for resolving unworkable issues (stuck in objects, weapon missing etc.)
  6. Playing a large amount of games that have a typical C4 (Or other explosive like satchel device) I have noticed that they share the same limitation. Usually there is a detonator in one hand and the other hand is empty. Along with this, the player must throw the C4, wait a required allotted time to detonate the C4 (which is usually a millisecond, but still long enough to notice). Due to this required time to "prime" the C4, players are often tasked with spamming the throw c4 button, and spamming the detonator button at the same time in emergencies. What if we threw out that old game play mechanic, and attempted to animate the detonator in one hand, and the C4 block in the other. Remove the "allotted" amount of time to prime the C4. What you are left with is an explosive device that can be donated instantly from the soldiers hand, Or possibly before the C4 even leaves the soldiers hand... Now there has been discussions about suicide vests, and how they are not adding them due to PR, and other obstacles. This change would not only remove this old style of the "prime" time for the c4, but it would also give the developers the ability to surpass a typical "suicide" vest, with a similar feature, that some of the community is asking for. Also, dont tell me you Arn't adding C4, because God Dangit I'm a spec ops 4 lyfe Comment if you would like to see this reach the ears of developer team.
  7. Suicide.....

    So I had a thought while watching an Insurgency round today. Granted, once vehicles come into play, then this should be less of an issue, but for maps where access to logistics/vehicles is not granted, here goes my thought..... Mostly in Insurgency matches, you see people typing suicide in order to avoid walking across the map from cache to cache. While hte there is a penalty for the action, it doesn't penalize the team sufficiently in my opinion. My recommendation is to do three things: 1) A suicide spawns you at your team's main; 2) Any specialty kit you were assigned is now lost; and, 3) Suicides cost your team 10-25 tickets per person the perform the suicide.