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  1. To the developers of squad, I feel a valuable addition to the game would be to place Long range howitzers at the main base of each faction. My reason for this is that many times, in game, some squads are created whose only purpose is building a super FOB and using mortars which decreases the fighting capabilities of a team and gives the enemy a huge advantage to capturing points. By adding Long range artillery that reaches just short of the central capture point, it eliminates creating squads only for mortars (getting more soldiers back in the fight), saves time and the painful coordination it takes to build and call in support and prevents the enemy team from rushing and dominating the other team by slowing the pace of the game through suppression.
  2. List of Suggestions

    Hello, I feel like squad is moving in a great direction and have been with this game from the start. After being in the Infantry for almost 9 years, this game is a very decent representation for the feel of combat, and it's why I keep coming back to this game. I've compiled a list of ideas that could make the game a smidge better in my opinion. If any of these "ideas" have already been suggested, then I apologize. Hopefully at least one of the ideas will appeal to the community. SO here is the list. * Commander-(or Lt.) Each team should have one commander, and he can have a medic and 2 riflemen attached to him. This way the commander can constantly be looking at the map, and directing the SLs on where to move and what to hold, etc. Too many times I've been in game and the SLs don't know which squad should go where and sometimes you have a random squad just off in the hinterlands drinking margaritas or whatever they're doing. The Commander can also assign new SLs if the ones in play are unresponsive or toxic, etc. Obviously it shouldn't be one-sided, so if the majority of the SLs don't like the commander, they can vote to kick him/her. * Team Leaders. Each squad should have 2 team leaders so that a squad leader can delegate information and actually do battle drill 1A. It's hard to take contact, and then flank the enemy without having 2 teams for fire and maneuver. I suggest that the team leaders be outfitted with the m4 and acog. and then on their team they can have 3-4 people consisting of whatever weapon they choose. * Scout Squad. One squad on each side should be a scout squad. The scouts would consist of snipers and mortars. The SL would be in charge and one of the team leaders would command the snipers and the other the mortars. The other SLs can rely on the Scout SL for recon of areas, providing fire support, or even having over-watch when moving to an obj. The possibilities are endless. The reason this is ideal is because then you can have snipers and mortars at the range they need to be without splitting up personnel from the main squads. The Sniper Team should consist of 2 snipers, and the Team Leader choosing either an M4 or Saw and having a spotting scope to help identify and call out target to his guys. The Mortar team can consist of a team leader and 2 personnel. The squad leader and a medic can choose to follow either team or sit back and direct them from afar. * Role set-up and team room. When the match starts, and you have the 3 minutes of prep time, each squad should have their own team room with a locker or booth and a table in the middle. Ammo and etc can be all over, just making it look like a ready room. The idea of the room is to outfit your squad with the roles they need to fill before stepping off. So, your Commander will tell the SLs the intent of attack and what each squad will need to have. The SLs will then make sure their squads are outfitted appropriately. (This whole idea is more for looks and not much else I guess.) Link is to see what a team room looks kind of looks like. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjvhsCW4LTYAhUC2GMKHabQB5sQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fexplore%2Fmarsoc-marines%2F&psig=AOvVaw2gvm5ITdukizqssj3cTANj&ust=1514826900621869 * Vehicles Certain vehicles, (or all, idk) should carry some LATs. They should be accessible by going to the back of the vehicle and hitting a key to grab the LAT weapon from it. This way these vehicles can deal with armored vehicles without having to sit there and dump hundreds of rounds into a each other. Each vehicle could carry like 2 LATs. Gunners should also be able to free fire with their weapons if they choose too. For example, if an enemy is close to the MAT-V and you can't get your 50. on him, then you should be able to move to your SAW or M4, whatever, and fire at him. * More? I have plenty more ideas, but these are just a few. If any of these are worth looking into, please give feedback. If you want me to list off more ideas, let me know. If not, I understand. Thanks if you actually read all of this. I appreciate your time!
  3. Alright you blueberries, FeatherSton3 here. Today I'm going to waste probably 30 minutes of my time writing this because I can. If you read it, cool. Here we go (take some of this with a grain of salt. All of us have different preferences. These are just some of mine): Squad Leading. It definitely isn't one of those, "First time playing Squad, I got this" roles. It takes knowledge and (some) experience of the game. Personally, I didn't squad lead until about 40 hours into the game as I really just wanted to get a feel for each class (getting a feel for each class also allows you to be more effective in commanding as a squad lead as you know where to position each fireteam role in your squad. I.E. You don't ever have medics on the front lines) Maybe some of you have tried squad leading and didn't really like it. That's fine. I would however encourage you to try it again after I'm done writing this super long essay that nobody will read all the way through. In no particular order, I'm going to put down some pointers, tricks, and guides on how to be a "FeatherSton3" squad lead (that's me!).BEFORE THE GAME STARTS - Create a squad as soon as the round starts. If you really want to be an SL, don't wait to see if others are creating squads, just do it. This gives you more time to plan for the round. Adding on to the point above; do mic checks before game starts. Personally, 90% of the time someone doesn't have a mic, I kick them. I need communication, and quick. I don't have time to keep checking the squad chat every two seconds. I have enough stuff going on. Somewhere in here you may want to see if people are new to the squad. That way they don't take important roles. Tell everyone what role you want them to be. You got more than 7 people? 2 Medics please. I don't want marksmen. To me, they aren't useful. If I have someone that instantly goes marksman, I will ask them to change. If they don't? Kick. I usually prefer 2 LAT's and AR. During this time, you have hopefully been squad lead chatting with other SL's. Now it's time to tell your team what the plan is. If you are only taking Logi, don't have more than 4 people spawn. Tell them to hold spawns and you will get a rally down as soon as possible. Mark the vehicles you are taking from main with enemy icon markers so other squad leaders do not take your vehicles. EARLY GAME - This part is when you get a feel for the newcomers in your squad; to see how responsive they are. Ask them to do simple things: Come to you for a rally, do a logi run, hold this position, dig a HAB, build sandbags, etc. This is also the part where (mostly) you will find out really quick how useful your other squad leads are. They aren't communicating anymore? They didn't go to the position they said they were going to? You are probably going to lose. COMMUNICATION/TEAM WORK - This is a big one for me. Even more important than winning. If my team is effectively communicating and we lose, GREAT! Adding on to this, if you aren't communicating with your squad, you aren't an effective squad lead. Listening goes both ways. Yes, you are the squad lead, but you also have people in your squad (either because they love you and join your squad every time you create one, or because yours was the first open) to listen to as well. They are trying to tel you enemy positions. A simple, "copy, marking" will do. Acknowledge them. Take suggestions from them. They are just as important as you. This is going to be a little challenging if you are new to squad leading since you will have local chat, squad chat, and squad leader comms going all at the same time along with gun fire. First and foremost, communicate with YOUR squad first. Keep communicating with other squad leads. Make sure to wear down your number pad keys to talk to SL's individually if something doesn't pertain to all other leaders. Keep your squad in the loop on enemy positions. Update your "Green Eye" marker constantly. Need them to build? Update your "Green shovel" marker constantly. Don't have rogue squadmates (partly why I don't like marksmen). Keep using your map to check your squadmates positions. If they are too far out in front, tell them to come back. Give your squad encouragement. "Good job guys, good job squad" They should be noticed. (Don't use 'squad chat' for things that don't pertain to the whole squad. It unnecessarily clutters comms). SQUAD LEAD RANDOM TIPS/POINTERS - If possible, build the FOB (radio) as far from the HAB as possible. Not only will it take longer for the enemy to find the radio, but it will also prevent the spawn timer increasing at the HAB. Timer only goes up if enemies are near the FOB If you are on defensive, KEEP PLACING FOBS! If your attacking squads need to fall back, they need someone to spawn that isn't at main. Keep medics behind the lines. Everyone once and awhile I see Rambo medic, and that's not who I want being my medic. (Who are they going to revive if they are shot first?!) If you are a defending squad, place your Rally near your FOB, because rallies disappear if enemies are nearby, this will allow you to detect enemies near your FOB without actually having to have "eyes on" Constantly update your rally. If you are about to place a new one, but you hear enemy gunfire close by, fall back. Chances are your rally timer will reset because enemies are too close. If playing as non-conventional forces (Russia, US) do as many logi runs in the early part of the game as possible. The longer the game goes on, the more IEDS and mines the enemy will have layed down. Place multiple "Green FOB" markers to give your vehicle drivers a better sense of direction on where you want them to go. Sometimes, it's best not to engage the enemy. If you need to sneak around, tell your squad to hold their fire. Playing infantry only maps? Have two squad leaders, with one squad member each spawn and take logi while everyone else holds spawn. This allows the placement of two quick rallies to get multiple bodies into the action quickly. Playing on the same server constantly can help you become acquainted with other players/squad leads who also play on the server, making the squad leads and squad mates more predictable. You can build on top of peoples heads. Use this to your advantage. Be confident. Be vocal. *NON SQUAD LEAD TIPS/POINTERS - Placing IEDS on vehicles without blowing them up will allow you to keep constant track of the vehicle on the minimap. Spotted an enemy HAB? Undig the HAB until only the metal stakes are sticking out of the ground. Not removing the stakes ensures the structure is still there, meaning the enemy cannot place a second HAB without rebuilding the HAB, or destroying their FOB. Driving a Stryker? Turn off the engine. This baby can coast, silently for a long time. At the end of the day, you may read this and still not want to squad lead. That's cool. Some people just don't like squad leading. I know some of this information is probably old to most, but I wanted to give some insight and some of the things I like to do as a squad lead. Have fun with all the new Steam friend invites. Happy Squad Leading! Add Me On Steam
  4. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    Howdy everyone, I wanted to propose a new weapon for the U.S. Army faction. The Carls Gustav. The U.S. Army has utilized the Carls G in recent years and has made itself a favorite amongst the troops in current and recent conflicts. The Carls G IS a weapon system used by regular infantry. Benefits that the Carls G has over the LAW is that it's a reloadable weapon while the LAW as we all know is single use. It also has varying munitions that match the opposing faction's RPGs such as HEAT and frag munitions. I believe the Carls G would better represent a more modern anti-tank and anti-personnel recoilless rifle than the LAW does in game. However I'm not advocating the removal of the LAW, just the addition of the Carls G for those larger conflicts in game IE Russia GF vs U.S. Army. This next idea is for a completely different topic but I'll throw it in here as well... I can see the LAW being another secondary weapon for the U.S. Army grenadier. He only has ONE just like a standard infantry man would be realistically carrying, but it would give him anti-vehicular fire power alongside his standard grenade launcher. While the true anti-tank role would be reserved for the Carls G. I also know that the Carls G has modern air burst munitions that can be set to detonate at certain distances. I can see this as being OP but that's for everyone else to discuss and decide. I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this! Thanks! I can't add pics or URLs so youtube Carls Gustav and check it out on images as well!
  5. Alright everyone, I need your help. I have decided to make a squad cinematic trailer that I hope turns out to be truly emotional, beautiful, and EPIC! I am going to need to make a few of these types of threads down the road to share progress and everything, but I'm at the beginning, so I need to start with the basics: First: I need a title suggestion for the trailer (between 1 and 4 words). I already have the soundtrack that I plan to use as I have already imagined most of what it's going to look like in my brain. Second: I need tips. If you have made videos before (or none at all), I am open to advice and tips. \ Thirdly: I need clips. Any clips that you have that are no more than 10 seconds long. (If you have a long video that you would like me to look at to dissect certain parts from the video, go ahead and post it. Just don't post a 1 hour video, because I'm not going to get around to watching it.) Even if you have low pc specs, I can still use the clips for brainstorming and for possible re-creation of the same thing on a higher end pc (Mine isn't amazing, but it's pretty decent) I think that is about all I wanted to say for now. Hopefully this gets some attention because I could really use some advice and lots of clips. Oh, and a title. I need that too. FeatherSton3 Out.
  6. Hi all! Been playing this game for a couple of months now, and really enjoying it, so decided it was time to join the community, sign up on the forums and stick my two pence in The game is fantastic so far, so good that I often forget it's still in the alpha stage. And seeing the trajectory the game is taking, it's kind of hard to think of any meaningful suggestions. However, I wanted to share a couple of small things in the hope that they might get picked up. These are by no means big changes, but little things that I think might make general communication and usability easier from my personal experience. Compass Heading The compass is essential for communication in this game as we all know, for spotting enemies. My only suggestion is - can we make it so that your current heading is offset slightly above the rest of the compass bar? At the moment, the current heading is slightly larger than the rest of the bar, however in the heat of a firefight when trying to call out an enemy vector, I sometimes find it a little difficult to recall the current heading with only a quick glance. If the heading was raised up slightly, I think it would help draw the eye that little bit quicker. VOIP Indicator When someone says something over radio, or voice, then their name appears in the bottom left hand corner, so you know who's talking. The problem is, as soon as they stop transmitting, the indicator disappears. This isn't always a major concern, but a few times I have been in the situation where someone says something and by the time I've looked to see who was speaking, the indicator has disappeared from the screen. Obviously in real life, this isn't a problem, as you're likely to be able to identify your squad mates by their voice alone; but in a game where you are often playing with people you don't know, I think it would be handy to know who said something without having to ask them to repeat themselves. My suggestion is, rather than the indicator disappearing immediately, have it fade out slowly. It doesn't have to stay long - just a second or two after they've taken their finger off the transmit key, which gives you a fraction of time to flick your eyes down and check who spoke. In addition - I'd also suggest adding an indicator to the names above each player. Last night I was in a game where I was following 3 or 4 other players as we entered a compound. They were all in front of me, so when one spoke, I couldn't tell who it was without looking down. If there was also an indicator on their name, I'd be able to tell who was talking without taking my eyes off the centre of the screen. I know these might sound like trivial changes, but I often think it's the little details like this which really help with the immersion and make your interaction with the game feel a little more natural. First post, so be gentle. I go by this name in the game, so I guess I might see (or already have seen) some of you on UK servers
  7. So when you make a squad that squad gets a number like squad 3. So when you comunicate with other squad leaders it is easier too say? "squad 2 what's up?" Than to say "Butt ****ers what's up? So when you are in the middle of combat it is somtimes hard to find out what some people are called if you are trying to get ther attention. So the system goes like this: if you are in squad 2 you have the two in front, and the next number is the order you joined the squad (Or you'r role) besides you name in game and on the spawn screen. Squad leads are always number one in that squad so Squad leader 2. Looks like this: 2-1 (Much like they do in Generation Kill) The rest of the squad is set up similarly: 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4.... This will make it easier to give orders to individual and not think of how to pronounce "[DK]FlatulenBullofGod" when you are trying to get the atteintion of your AT. Like this: https://i.imgur.com/ReEI54t.jpg https://i.imgur.com/PrSt403.jpg
  8. With the FOBs could we get 2 models for it one with a deactivated state. Antennas, down laptop close. The other with an open laptop with antennas up , and lit screen for active. Maybe even flashing lights on the Radio . So easy to see which stage the fob is at. Also Ammo box how about making that destructible with grenade, like weapon cache. Not just an undig.
  9. Civilian AI

    Something I would love to see implemented into this game would be the addition of civvi AI which would have an impact on the game. The way I envision it would work would be that civvi's populate built up areas as well as a few wandering around the rest of the map. Civvi's would respond to gun fire by moving away from it and then return to their original positions/ activities once the fighting has moved on. The whole purpose of having civvi's populate the map is that they would respond to the actions of each team. As an example if your team were to kill a couple of civvis the other team would then be giving an intel package - give away a squads position for 2 minutes or maybe the position of a FOB/RP maybe. Also this could work well if you say occupied someone's house that would also incur a penalty. I think this system would add an extra layer to the game and force squaddies to think about dropping FOB's etc. What do people think? PS. I don't know if someone has raise this idea already, sorry if they have. Also I acknowledge that this would probably put way to much strain on servers and people's rigs.
  10. Hey guys, I haven't been on the forums as much as I should, but with around 300 hrs of game play I wanted to ask for your opinions. There has been too many times I have played in a server where there has been Squad Leaders either A.F.K., they don't have a mic, don't speak the same language, etc... When there are no admins in the server, it makes enjoying the game extremely difficult because it takes the communications between all squads to truly get the full Squad experience. It also limits how many and where the F.O.B.s are placed. So I suggest a push to kick squad leader vote between just other squad leaders, it wouldn't work whenever there are only 2 squads, but when a 3rd person joins squad lead role it would be a popular vote out of 3. Of course, the more squads formed the more votes are required. Again just a suggestion. I especially hated the occasional "troll" that would drop in spamming icons. Hope to see you in a Squad soon! -Wingnut766
  11. Hi OWI Devs and fellow Squad players. I like the scout class and the SKS. It improves teamwork and it somewhat makes sense, that if you have an 10 rnds rifle you get the binoculars as well in order to guide and provide assistance to your squad. I thought about how to improve the kit - in a tactical "pro-teamplay" way - by increasing its value to other players (not its combat efficiency based on the primary weapon). In the Updates tab related to the update on A7, it is written: " Added Scout kit for Insurgents and Militia. The kit contains SKS as the primary weapon and also has a set of binoculars. This kit is perfect for scouting and directing fire. Kit will get more toys in the future " My hopes, dreams and expectations or such "Toys": - Possible IED ?`Nothing much to say here I guess... - Soviet flare for tactical signals, or as battlefield illumination. Example from Chechnya: - Anti-personell Landmine or tripwire-mine. (Nasty, but with the AAS system this would make sense). - Wire Cutter for instant/Fast removal of barbed wire Regarding the armament of the scout, I would not mind if he had access to the AKSU. The SKS is probably the superior choice for medium to long distance - yet the (less accurate and weaker) aksu might work better in urban environments. [if you considder answering to this topic and you´re a non-DEV, please take your time for a proper response ]
  12. US Acog

    Not sure if I saw a post on this, didn't see anything specific when I searched so figure I would post something. I would like to talk about the ACOG kit, primarily the US forces ACOG class. For me that ACOG has terrible recoil currently, the reset takes way too long to be a usable gun. I find myself most the time trying to go for a head shot (which isn't as effective as a body shot) because the recoil reset is so bad if I miss the second kill shot, the enemy will have already moved on and taken cover. I understand the advantage with the ACOG so having a bit more of recoil makes sense but the current recoil is over the top. If something like the Militia ACOG kit could be implemented which is really good maybe even too good but if something like that could be done on all ACOG classes I think that would make the class extremely effective again and can effect the matches/gameplay in a positive way.
  13. Here's my list of suggestions! It's a long one so I'll just get to the point. Please do comment your thoughts! General Gameplay -Ability to pick up guns fallen on the ground -Ability to pick up fallen comrades that haven't given up -Stamina zoom occuring after crouching for a little bit (It's annoying to press shift and ctrl while using your weapon at the same time) -Ability to pick up grenades and throw them back before they blow up -Ability to cover grenades so your team doesn't receive the blast Squad Gameplay -Mortar/air support radio guy -Ability to build mortars -Being able to use build points to customize your weapon in that one life (it being super expensive like 500 points per addition, and having a limit) Game Emphasis (The game making it more efficient to do a certain task) -Emphasis on base building and maintaining for defenders (Maybe by being near FOBs gives you more build points for possible weapon customizations ^) -Emphasis on stealth (Maybe like shooting gives your position away on the map for a few seconds.) -Emphasis on not giving up (Every time you give up the game tells you how many tickets you lost and makes you feel bad?) Miscellaneous -Flashbangs -Choice of primary weapon for a role -Night vision (Night map?) -Thermal Vision -SMGs (IDK, sometimes I use em.) -Divisions (Like Navy SEALS, elite task force uniforms for the squad that has the most points total in a team.) Game Realism -I think that insurgents should be made a lot weaker than the coalition side, which would be realistic. This would make the insurgent forces fight harder, being that they don't have all this tech. They will have to use superior tactics. -Day and night cycle (If games take a while, which they sometimes do. Night would definitely add opportunities for both sides.) They do everything they do, correct. This is just some more creative add-ons. Most of them probably aren't that good. But a few could totally add something special.
  14. The current #1 priority I've heard from OWI is getting the player count up to 100 players. None of the following will help OWI achieve that goal so these are not being given with the mindset that they need to be accomplished immediately. If you know of another thread that would be of value to link please go ahead and do so. Here are some suggestions I have to improve the quality of life of players. Most of my in-game experience is as a Medic so most of my suggestions will relate to that class. Medic Specific: 1. When the injury overlay pops up on a player showing how hurt they are their name should be included in that overlay in large easy to read print. Currently medics have to chase after players as they run away trying to read some absurd mix of letters while yelling out the person approximations of that person's name in local chat. I've gotten myself killed many many times because of this. This solution isn't "realistic" but neither is the idea of someone shot in the chest and bleeding out continuing to run up a hill toward the enemy who just shot him. 2. Incapacitated players should have a different color on the map for medics only. The red dots for nearby injured players are not enough. Yes I know "Communicate, Coordinate, Conquer" and I'm absolutely 100% behind this and against almost anything that messes with this formula. However the reality is that most medics are not currently playing the role of Medic when they choose this class. When I'm the only guy doing it for two or more squads it is just an exercise is frustration. It is (seemingly) currently too complicated and dangerous for the average player to play that role which is not true for any of the other roles. It takes a a few minutes of practice to get good with the Grenadier but it is obvious how to do it. All the other roles are easy to pick up and just play. Being a SL is the only thing more complicated than being a Medic. I'm happy, for myself, for it to be complicated and challenging because that is what I find rewarding. BUT currently most Medics aren't stepping up and I think it is because it is just too much of a pain. For example yesterday I was playing with a nice guy as the second medic. The only time I saw him using his medical kit was when he was trying to heal the same person I was. I went 5&12 but had a huge score. He went very positive in his KDR. KDR doesn't matter to me but I know the shit storm we were fighting in and how many dead bodies were on the ground all around me all the time. So our KDRs show fairly objectively that one of us wasn't playing the class. This guy seemed like a great guy! He was not being a dick it was just easier for him to be effective for the squad (personally) in his mind to shoot people instead of revive and heal people. We suffered because of this but I can definitely see it from his point of view. 3. This may not be Medic specific but it is medical. The animation for bandaging currently has to play all the way through and then restart in order for the bandage to work. I keep getting fooled by this even though I know I have to keep holding through the beginning of the next animation. It'd be nice if they synced up. 4. Add a ticket or score penalty for those who give up after having been bandaged. This happens fairly often. I use a valuable bandage on someone on the ground and they give up before I can finish healing them. There are already visual cues, and I always tell the person what I'm doing in Local Chat but it still happens often. Perhaps if it cost people (and the team) something it would happen less often. General Suggestions 5. User selectable map for the local game function. I sent my first nasty (Sorry! I am actually sorry.) feedback about Squad to OWI after spawning into the firing range map and being TK'd 4 times in a row while I was trying to use the range. The range is only worth using if it can be used. If it is set decoration for a tiny fighting map then what is the point? Lots of us have been waiting for a range so that we can practice with the various weapons. Now that it is here let us use it in peace if we want to. 6. Audio Ducking for higher priority communications. Let the user set a priority for communications and have the others duck (get much lower in volume) when a higher priority communication comes on. ie Command Chat might have the highest priority so that when you receive Command communications from other Squads you don't have to ask them to repeat it over and over because your own Squad is yelling Squad Chat, or the people around you yelling in Local Chat about how cool their new monitor is. Noise cancelling headphones explain how you can lower local chat. Audio Ducking is a feature for communications and audio production everywhere. We have it on the 50 year old CH124 Sea King so I'm pretty sure we could have it for soldiers' radios. :) It would be best if I could select which were priority, and maybe even mute individual players. So that different situations could be take advantage of or mitigated against. 7. Have one key that ALWAYS gets you back to your player's view no matter how you got to the map or the Squad menus. It can be a pain to figure out how to get back sometimes. 8. Have the map cursor always available. Hitting M or Enter should do the same thing. That's all for now.
  15. While there are several immersion/gunplay suggestions I could make, I'm not sure if this game is so focused on it yet. I'm really enjoying playing so far, but some of the core mechanics are making it feel a bit too arcadey and not tactical enough yet. A Few suggestions I have 1. Planning phase One of my favorite features of the old game Rouge Spear was the planning phase, I never see it in games anymore. You have 300 seconds of just sitting, waiting for the match to start and then 10 minutes of players capturing empty flags. Divvy up the empty flags and just let Squads begin fortifying or pushing. For that first 300 seconds Give the SLs the tools to make a full plan on the map (including planned fortifications). This includes drawing movement paths. And then improvise when it goes to hell. 2. Harder Respawn Punishments While this will probably be ultimately up to the servers, I'm seeing too much arcade like Kamikaze style gameplay already. Imagine how different the dynamics of the game would be if it was a 50v50 game and you only got one life per round? While I wouldn't suggest something so extreme, the current system of low respawn times and putting rally points/FOBs near capture areas promotes careless game play, and turns fights into attrition, not tactics. One Idea would be modifying the insurgency respawn system. Instead of a timer the SL could call a wave of reinforcements (respawning all dead squad members) but it would have a more extreme cooldown than the current respawn rate. 3. Fix the Rally Point System. As mentioned before. The current Rally Point System is so forgiving it is broken and promotes exploiting it to overcome enemies through attrition. Rally points shouldn't be allowed within 400m of an enemy flag or FOB. The cooldown time for placing Rally points should be longer 3. Commander Role Squad leaders need a commander to lead them. Like the commander role in BF2, This wound is a specialized position that would primarily remain at the base or FOB with the map open. Winning teams would have a good commander with squads that listen. This might be a pipe dream for this level of cooperation to happen on pub servers. It would be great to incentify following orders somehow. 4. Enemy can hear nearby "talking" This has been talked about in other threads, but it's worth bringing up again. Ambushing requires stealth and silence. When the SL says aloud "Go check the other side of the wall" if there is a guy on the other side of the wall he should hear them. The obvious objection is that it would fragment the community by promoting the use of 3rd party VOIP. In Insurgency/Arma it's always the SERVERS promoting using 3rd party voIP. If the servers don't encourage it, I think most players will use the in-game audio system. Those who don't we have to pretend are psychic. 5.Muzzle Flash/Gun Smoke/Overheat Guns flash, Sustained fire produces visible smoke. Seem like something that could be implemented that gives you another thing to worry about. Overheating would be another cool feature that promotes more tactical gameplay as well. 6. Hardcore Options I'm probably the only one, but I love the amount of accidental team killing that happens in this game. I think it adds a whole other level to the need to communication and teamwork. While servers need to protect from griefers, this can be monitored by making sure a player isn't killing too many teammates at a certain rate (aka you should kick a player who has killed 7 teammates in a row with a rifle, but not the one who just accidently killed 8 with a misthrown grenade). It would be awesome if servers could turn off the floating name options, making players really check their maps and their shots. I would also suggest a separate server option to turn off the "you TKed X" warning, putting more pressure on the SL to mind their Squad.
  16. A few broad questions and comments (not necessarily directed to just the developers) with regards to the game design, which many games suffer from, particularly multiplayer games, and perhaps it is time for a studio to step in and address them - (Disclaimer: the tone is critical and supposed to drive conversation, it's not meant to be offensive.) (Question 1) Firstly, why aren't there logistics in the game? Where assets are brought in from off the map (paradrops, truck convoys, and so on), and soldiers don't just materialise from nothing, so there are convoys that you have an incentive to protect, etc, supply lines becoming an important aspect to the game. Sick of things 'pinging' into existence, it really undermines the realistic theme. At least have the game obey basic laws of physics, even if the premise of fighting in the bizarre Battle Royale arena style scenario is peculiar, and really that should also be baked into the concept of the game anyway. (Question 2) And at the same time, why are the objectives so contrived? They should be set by the players based on a loose mission brief, these absurd 'capture points' where you need to sit in a location, which no leader in their right mind would want to defend, for an arbitrary amount of time is getting old. It removes legitimate strategy, and the element of restriction of information, and particularly the role uncertainty plays in building tension and suspense, not knowing what your opponent is going to do. And subsequently players should fear death more, probably by the additions such as pain (screaming, panic, not being quite dead, etc.), gore, and a accompanying medic requirements, such as evacuation (body dragging), medic tents and so on (again supporting the need for logistics, but not necessarily needing immensely sophisticated damage systems, although localised wounds effecting the abilities of the soldier would be a massive improvement). (Question 3) Why are the gamemodes so unimaginative? It would be incredible if one of the supply methods for the logistics to be airdrop from a low orbiting starship for example, that wouldn't be completely outside of the realms the suspense of disbelief considering the game's theme. Consider how surreal it would be. Okay, maybe that's not completely serious suggestion, but frankly it would be badass to cross science fiction with modern military, that would be a strange and wonderful combination. Really though, more grounded than that but still extreme, outlandish maps and gamemode could be added, keep the theme but place it in an alternate universe in some outrageous war. Things such as a D-Day like assault on a fortress, charging in on Blackhawks evading flak fire, landing, taking out the flak to enable paradrops, overrun the fortress and win, it could be sensational. These mind numbing, boring, tired gamemodes that demean the building of dread need to end, and imagination brought back. Everyone jumping out of trucks at the staging area and piling into Blackhawks while sirens wail as the rotors spin up, flying for a couple of minutes in the relative calm, then suddenly the flak begins and all hell breaks loose. That's terrifying, and of course can be applied to a less crazy scenario. Nothing stopping these things from becoming a reality, especially considering the studio has complete creative freedom over the game. Emphasis though should be on the consistency aspect, particularly logistics. The materialising of assets really demeans combat in general. What do you think?
  17. Key Binding fix for wasd

    Hey All, Just a suggestion for an future update. The key bindings for the forward-W, back-s, left-a, and right-d can't be changed. I prefer to use a different key binding config and I was wondering if anything could be done about this in the future. SFSS-TheWildBean-Msgt
  18. New map Icons/Symbols

    First off, I just wanted to say that this new build is very awesome. Love the new UI and health system even though it is a work in progress. I think the map Icons/Symbols should look less cartoonish. Maybe they are placeholders but they need some work. Players on the map look like a bunch of colorful dots. Just one mans opinion let me know what ya think. -QRF-Snipes BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS
  19. Karez Systems

    Just got done binge watching a military documentary called "Battleground Afghanistan" http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/battleground-afghanistan/ . Its on Netflix (for those who have it) and i thought it was really well made. One thing i noticed from the documentary was the soldiers talked about Karez Systems in Afghanistan. They mentioned that when they came across one, they would either send grenades down or cameras to check and make sure there were no combatants hiding or using them to store ammunition. http://northshorejournal.org/taliban-using-ancient-well-and-tunnel-system It would be interesting to see if the developers could create some type of replication in the game. Maybe the tunnels connect to different parts of a mountainside, or maybe they only go 10 feet and stop. Either way it would add another variable to the game, and help slow down gameplay. With this implemented squads could either choose to slow down and check it out, or just pass and risk being caught from behind. What do you think?
  20. Hey everyone! This is my first post on here. I thought of a few things.. I know the general focus of the game is widespread military units and gear. Will certain special forces units be added in the future as a level you can rank up to eventually. Is this in the works? Or can it not be confirmed? The second item is in regards to snipers or dmr's. I think it would be nice to see weapon resting, prone, bipods, and the ability to actually sight in your weapon in a certain distances and then either figure out your hold overs or your mil/moa adjustments for certain distances. This would then stay with your particular profile and would stick to the particular rifle when you join a server. This would require range finders, kestrel wind licator, a spotter, and other factors in order to make an accurate shot at distance. This would eliminate the "OPness" of snipers like in other non realistic fps games. Also I'm assuming real weapon balistics are or will be incorporated?
  21. My suggestions

    Hello guys, here my opinion after watch some gameplays on youtube. 1. Shooting position (When player hold the crounch button, (less recoil)) 2. Weapon Jam (press "F" key and the character pull the charging handle(-1 bullet in the clip)) 3. Remove red when you get shot (Put some hard black vignette, i think it's a better effect) 4. Ammo count (When player hold "R" key, the character remove the clip and show in the screen how many bullets have in the clip) 5. Wall climb assist (When player hold "Jump" key (climb taller walls and go in to the roofs)) i think this is all (: C&C are welcome! Off-Topic: I can help with 3D modeling :P
  22. Gamemode idea: Conflict Hi, I was thinking of a gamemode for more dynamic/war style gameplay. One solution I came up with was this idea I like to call Conflict. General: The base idea is that there is a conflict between 2 factions. They try to fight over land and (slowly) destroy their enemy. The area they fight over changes depending on where the conflict starts. Gameplay: Both factions start with one plot of land. They move on turns and capture land. For example: US moves onto a plot of land and captures it since there is no hostiles in the area. Each plot should have their own advantages, one plot could have a tank factory or a light vehicle factory which would start producing your team tanks/light vehicles. Also I thought so that it would be a little more hectic then a chess game I suggest the developers would add something to move troops to somewhere farther then a plot away. Let's continue. US has the plot of land captured, now US can start using the plot of land as an benefit to the team. Construct better weapons or such. If the enemy gets on the plot of land starts a fight. If the attacker wins, they earn the plot of land for their team, if the attacker loses they lose a little of their equipment or such and won't get the plot of land. The "match" ends when one of the factions earn all of the plots of land or destroy the enemy's main base/starting plot. This could be turned into a really complex gamemode, you could add in so many mechanics and things. It would be hard to balance though I believe. If the devs think this is a worthwhile project they can do it. What do you think? (also sorry for mistakes, english is my secondary language )
  23. My suggestions/opinions

    Note: These are my personal opinions. Feel free to IGNORE, IMPLEMENT them or use them as INSPIRATION. Thanks. I want Squad to be the new and improved Project Reality: BF2. Basics: many different factions (add Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL?)many different maps [around the world]many different vehicles (tanks, apcs, etc. driver + gunner)many different classes/kitsat least AAS and Insurgency gamemodesMumble or some other communication software: squad radio, proximity team voice chat, etc.buildable FOBs, wire fence, etc.IEDs, trip mines, etc. standard PR stuffsquads (of course)Other stuff: steam workshop - custom maps (don't know how would people make them though)steam workshop - custom mods (Vietnam, WW2, etc.; (don't know how would people make them though)gun recoilsuppression effectgun sway (prone - no sway; crouch - almost no sway; standing - little sway; prone crawling - well you can't fire so n/a; crouch walking - some sway; standing walking - most sway; running - well you can't fire so n/a)damage indicators (from which side)bullet dropbullet Coriolis effect - very long range (sniper)muzzle flashrealistic sound travel speed - first you see an explosion, then you hear itdestructible walls, houses, bunkers, etc. [of course not everything though]new free-for-all gamemode Battle Royale (http://battleroyalegames.com/ for more info)random loot spawn system around map; pickup ammo, guns, etc. [if Battle Royale gets implemented]actual night-vision goggles for night mapsmap weather (snow, rain, sandstorm, snowstorm, etc.)flashbangs [if there'll be special forces/hostage scenarios/etc.]another proximity voice chat type in order to be able to talk to enemies (similar to proximity team voice chat)hostage situations (or even a hostage rescue gamemode - US Navy SEALs and stuff...)/other interesting scenarios [if global proximity voice chat is implemented]silencers for weapons [if hostage situations get implemented]have the ability to pick up enemy guns, but NOT their whole kits (nice for Insurgency)pulling out a pistol should be faster than reloading your main gun (for those kits that have a pistol)zipties shouldn't kill insurgents, instead arrest them and put them somewhere [or have them transported somewhere, etc.] (they can still be rescued by other fellow insurgents) Also, I won't be donating, but I will buy Squad as soon as it is available on Steam! Good luck devs!
  24. Would it be possible to have two forms of reloading in game? In essence if you hold down the reload key it causes you to do a slow reload in which you retain the magazine. While if you just tap the reload button it performs a fast or tactical reload, in which the magazine isn't retained but the reload speed is faster. I tried suggesting this with PR but the BF2 engine just wouldn't allow it. Here are some video examples for a clearer illustration: Without magazine retention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGKvpabCCJ4With magazine retention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyTIwnCHOi0