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Found 78 results

  1. Hi Comrades Reading the potential medic changes for the next patch I’m a little skeptical that this will change the role in such a good way that people would want to snap up the medic role. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with Alpha 11.2 and not to be confused with Alpha 11.3. Now isn’t really the time to suggest a different approach being so close to patch release but I can’t resist throwing a suggestion into the works. Why is the medic so boring to some to begin with? I’ll give you my opinion and I’d like to hear yours too. I undoubtably don’t need to spell this out for many but you spend a lot of time looking at the ground with your miracle hand out praying to the gods to give your friend one last chance! A committed medic spends a very large portion of the game looking at the ground whilst leaving yourself vulnerable, not fun. Also, you’re often vulnerable when healing your new reborn friend with your pants down, not fun! Medics take the largest risk than any other role to keep the team going. To achieve this, they must be vulnerable to tea bagging which can get very frustrating at times when all you want to do is a good job; there is way too much injustice for our fellow medics. Medics need to admire the game world just as much as the next guy gets too by looking up and smelling the roses like everyone else. I’d like to fix this by having them look up more whilst the revive and healing process is commencing. Whilst it commences they also have their gun out ready to defend themselves and their fallen comrades especially in the revive process. My suggestion is to improve a medics overall performance, quality of life and have a positive effect on the pacing of the game and squad momentum. So here is my suggestion below. Medic Bag: Field Dressings are now kept within the Medic Bag essentially removing the Field Dressing for the Medic class which will leave a open inventory slot for a new piece of kit called the Revive Kit, which I’ll talk about in a second. The Medic Kit now can stop bleeds and heal. Left click heals or stops bleeding to comrades and right click does the same to yourself. Field Dressings are still available to others and their intended use in the next patch. However adding the revive kit might make the devs reconsider allowing everyone to revive. But who knows they might want to keep it to further pacing! They'll make the right choice. Pros: Can heal and stop bleeds for yourself and everyone else with one kit. No switching between Medic Bag and Field dressing to fix bleeds and heals and switching back to field dressing again to stop a bleed and so on. A cooler upgraded piece of kit Not complicated Cons : I’m struggling to think of any. Anyone can think of any? The Revive Kit: (defibrillator) will fill the inventory slot replacing what was the Field Dressing for the Medic. Instead of kneeling down and applying the Revive Kit, you can place it by an incapacitated teammate. This will then begin to charge up with an audio indication. You can pull your gun out, move around or heal others or stem bleeds with your Medic Bag whilst this is happening. Once fully charged it zaps the incapacitated teammate and revives them. You will then be able to pick up the Revive Kit after a successful revive and continue to revive others or to do other medical duties. Your teammate will automatically regain health after being revived unless injured again which will interrupt the automatic healing process. Your recently revived teammate is still in bad shape at 1% health after being zapped and is likely to only move into cover, to recover health. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with the current revive and heal to full health times in Alpha 11.2. Pros: Can heal others or Stem bleeds whilst resuscitation is taking place Revive and heal process still takes just as long for the individual who is incapacitated Can protect yourself and others whilst reviving increasing squad survivability, momentum of game and quality of life. Medic's time can now be used else where in other medic duties Not complicated for new and old players Reduces prolong time staring at the ground (or restricted view in free look) Overall a very unique cool little piece of kit Can activate your Revive Kit for teammate, carry on running with your squad so to not be left behind and request a ammo drop to receive Revive Kit to increase teamwork, momentum and your squad's survivability. Cons: Please suggest any below. Let me know what you all think! Any constructive input might make for a even better idea. Please take me seriously as I have a beard.
  2. How about anyone in a vehicle purely as a passenger can hold use and pick "bandage self" or something like that? Takes the same amount of time as doing it normally so no cheating. Why not, right? Also maybe medics could slowly heal players in vehicles with them? Wasn't that a thing in PR? Am I allowed to compare Squad to PR like that? Can you guys add wenches to the bumpers on logistics trucks? Jumping on the wheels is a thing, but sometimes you get stuck in other ways too. Or need to pull you truck out of a ditch. It could work like this, you hit "use" on the tuck and select "wench" and then you have it in your hand(if the truck has a driver, they have to hit accept), move to a tree or another vehicle and attach it. (If the other vehicle is occupied the driver has to accept the tow). Then you get back into the truck and select "wench" just as you would "ammo/construction" and M1 for "pull" M2 for "slack". Can't be that hard to implement, right? And while were at it add a "horn" option for fun?
  3. I am over all very impressed with everything in this game, from the intensely detailed graphics to the accurate look, sound and feel of all equipment in the game. The reload animations for small arms have a serious, nagging problem though. He always checks the goddamn chamber. WHY? You do that shit for RANGE SAFETY! You will never ever see someone do a crisp safety check on their weapon after reloading down range. At a qual range, absolutely. They're required to. But this is just silly. I know it doesn't slow down the reload process all that much, but it still does, and it's totally out of place. PLEASE please please scrap that shit, my butt hole tenses up with annoyance every time I see it.
  4. Squad Vehicle Radio

    I think a nice addition to Squad would be vehicle radios. So the driver of any vehicle can control music that is played. The music can be Local Area. I think this would be f****** awesome if this was added. Just imagine this, you are driving into a highly contested area and there's some "inspirational" music playing while you ride into war. Devs, please consider (I do understand the main complication for this is the rights to using certain music/songs)
  5. Couldn't help but notice that the damage radius on frag grenades and mortars is incredibly close. After trying to kill myself with mortars and grenades, it seemed like I was within 30 meters without taking any damage what so ever.
  6. Game Mode Suggestion

    I posted this on Reddit and didn't really get much attention from it so I thought I would post it over here. So i know a lot of people are looking forward to more game modes being added and I had my own twist on a game mode that might help with current frustrations that AAS and Invasion brings. The game mode would work like something as follows: - Both teams start at main base with no vehicles. - After the first cap point is captured, only transports and Mrap's/ techies spawn. - After the second point is captured, logis spawn. - After third point is captured, APCs spawn. Since in my idea the bigger vehicles cannot spawn until the third capture point, something like this would only work on bigger maps, and it would be made so that you would only see the enemy's first capture point after you captured your first capture point. Now, I know from a developer/ programming aspect this would probably be a little difficult to do, but I had thought about something like this for awhile that would stop everyone from rushing middle cap and would similar to randomized AAS. Thoughts?
  7. Hello Squad Community, I thought about a snapping tool for building. Yesterday I played with my Squad and we build a Superfob. One of my friends build all the sandbags... he wasn't very precise because we need to hurry up. When he began to place the upper sandbags the thing started getting worse. We build small gaps for walking in and out and if the enemy rush the fob we can easy defend. These small gaps worked with the lower sandbags but when he placed the upper ones nobody was able to get through. We had to destroy all upper sandbags and replace them very precise which cost a lot of time we doesn't had. I think if there were something like a snapping tool which you can enable and disable for personal preferences. With this tool you can Safe a lot of time. Please give me feedback if you think it's a good Idea.
  8. Falling Damage nerf?

    Good Day Squaddies. Im am just curios on the damage you get for dropping of a wall thats 1 meter high and almost dying from it... I just feel thats a bit unrealistic if I must say. Have a Great Day!
  9. Why have we not had anti-personnel mines in game? it's quite easy to create this asset, but that would change the gameplay for the better. For example, letting for a raider class have 2 such mines, this would not lead to a meat grinder, but would help protect the FOBs. Is there ethical reason as with VBIED trucks or what?
  10. FOBs in V12+

    Going off of the community roundtable here's a suggestion. Especially the part where someone in the discussion pointed out that 2 people can disable a FOB, hide and then the enemy team can't make a new FOB, without the enemies destroying the old one, so if they don't have a defence on the FOB it cuts them off from using, basically, an 800x800 area of the map to place a new FOB. Yadda yadda yadda. Here's a couple ideas I had while listening to this part of the discussion. 1 - Increase the size of the HAB model. This will do two things. First it'll be possible to make the HAB more protective against incoming fire for those that are spawning in. By enlarging the footprint of the HAB it'll be more likely that people will place it in open spaces, which lowers the possibility of two enemy players hiding it out in a nearby building etc, though not dramatically. Also if you make it triangular instead of rectangular you could plant the HAB, when deploying it, inside a hill for example, as long as two of the three entrances aren't blocked by the terrain. 2 - FOB/HAB/Build distances. Right now there's a 400m zone around each FOB which is assigned to that FOB and no other FOB can be placed there. You can build a HAB or anything else within 150m, from the FOB in all directions. Coming back to the first, if enemies(2+) lock down a HAB then that's 400m in all directions where you can't set up a new HAB - possibly for the rest of the game, I mean there is a chance. Instead, what could be done is to have a distance for FOBs, a distance for HABs and a distance for building. e.g. FOBs: (atleast) 100m from any other FOB, 150m from any HAB HABs: 300m from any other HAB Building zone: 100m from a HAB in any direction, 100m from the FOB in any direction(except HAB, 150m limit) supplies for both building zones would be in a single pool So it'd look something like this(not exact distances its quickly cobbled together and there might be a few pixels error) Blue - FOB Green - HAB White - build zone, wh. line - HAB belongs to FOB(100m) Purple - HAB build distance limit from FOBs(150m) Yellow - HAB minimum build distance from another HAB(300m) This has two effects. The first, simpler one, is that if you put FOBs too close to each other then their HABs become directional(bottom FOB line: One HAB in Village, second HAB in a fallback position). The second effect has to do with disabling the HAB. When the HAB is online then there can be no other HAB within 300m. - - - - - (In the current version, there can be no FOB within 400m of another FOB, so if a HAB gets disabled, that's 400m) - - - - - If the HAB gets disabled, it also disables the 300m limit. The HAB ceases to be a HAB it falls apart, it becomes dilapidated, deserted. This is option A and C. A = 2+ enemies get within proximity of the HAB, the HAB gets disabled, both visually and functionally + it loses the 300m limit, because it's not longer a HAB. C = The HAB gets destroyed by a mortar for example. Same as above ^ ^ ^ mock-up of a triangle HAB with a larger footprint in comparison with current HAB(no rl reference, I might've gone a little too wild with it) The B option would be when there are 2+ enemies, but there is also atleast 1 friendly on the HAB(within 100m) In this case the HAB becomes disabled, but that's it. It stays visually the same and the 300m limit is still in place. This way a HAB defence can go one of three ways. The defenders kill all the enemy within the area = the HAB becomes spawnable again. The defenders fail(all die or the HAB gets otherwise disabled; explosives)- they come in from a rally point and clear the HAB = now they have to build the HAB back up for it to become spawnable they completely fail and the attackers leave the disabled HAB and FOB standing = they can now build another HAB within a 150m of the disabled FOB on a preexisting FOB 100m+ away OR they can take down a HAB from a preexisting FOB 100m+ away from the disabled one and rebuild it 150m+ from it, etc etc One thing to keep in mind is that disabling a HAB and keeping the enemy FOB up would not deprive the enemy of a large area, for FOB building like now, but it would deprive a slightly smaller area + the angle at which the HAB will be built in relation to the FOB and so the angles of HAB + FOB + FLAG. In other words, disabling the HAB and leaving the FOB would still retain the tactical advantage(quote from roundtable: "aboooze"), but it's not an absolute distance/speed impediment from new HAB-to-capzone, only if you want to attack from the same angle as the disabled HAB let you do, ie going to the disabled HAB from the new HAB and then going to the flag from there.
  11. One sound for digging down, and another for digging up. Losing placed FOB's due to new bro's right clicking instead of left clicking to build, especially an issue during free weekends. If the two actions had unique sounds fellow more experienced placers may be able to intervene and avoid unintentional disruptions/disasters/salt. Also, I'm guessing the sounds of construction(creation) would naturally sound different to the sounds of deconstruction(destruction). They wouldn't have to be wildly different, just enough for a squad leader, or experienced squadies, to intervene and save new bro's from...
  12. If I've pulled the pin of a grenade but get shot before I throw it, will it still explode? Correct me if I'm wrong but currently it's as if they don't, yet I'd like the grenade to still explode, with or without an additional time delay as I'm guessing this is something would happen for reals.
  13. The ability to set a waypoint, even just a single one, would be a blessing for squad leaders and add a beneficial degree of depth to the game. The ability to place a rally, then a move marker for troops to go to, and then from the move marker to an action point/marker(attack/dig/defend/etc...) is something I'd really like. Just one waypoint would make a world of difference as currently players, of all levels, often move to action points/markers directly from where they spawned which leads to the spawn having a rather limited life by making them kind of easy to find, so it seems. Having the ability to place a single waypoint imho could bring a whole new level of game play and enhance everyone's in-game experience. Please could we test such a feature in the next update. I guess you could use the 'Shift' key + click to place the waypoint and then the usual for the action point/marker.... grovel grovel... grovel... P.s. I searched and found but thought this really needs bringing back to life... people's vectors are too much of a clue... #make-Squad-rich-...-in-depth...-for-enhanced-funzies-...-people-will-like-it-...-o7 P.p.s. This would especially useful for squad leaders that become seperated from their squad, for whatever reason... "Do such and such via such and such waypoint-move-marker..."
  14. Hi guys and possibly girls. I thought about something.... How about that enemies can hear your radio and local voice chat, that would be realistic, and you will need to be more careful what are you talking if you are in sneaky action, or if you are in buildings. Sorry if this post was already somewhere.
  15. Could we add a second FOB design/option that doesn't feature a roof, nor such a deep foundation? This would make placement of FOBs in rooms of multi-floor buildings better as could help avoid FOB roofs poking up through ceilings to make new 'floors', and equally down through floors to form new 'ceilings'. An additional shorter total height FOB design could overcome this issue, and avoid the creation of unintended vulnerabilities. Being able to dig down a FOB from the floor above or the floor below a FOB seems wrong, I think.
  16. Implementing a feature that focuses the map on a squadmate when you click their name in the squad menu. This would be useful for Squad Leaders aswell as easier, faster squad communication. Great game though, keep it up!
  17. I don't about y'all but I had to share this, I believe it could be a good addition in the future for insurgent forces when MBTs and large caliber canons are implemented. Terrorist and insurgent factions lack most conventional weaponry such as a fleet of tanks or other armored vehicles. I feel that this could add game play and balance if need be for the future of Squad, when trying to match up less advanced insurgent and terrorist factions against big strong and well equipped factions which naturally have the advantage. Outside of actually giving terrorist and insurgents tanks, which would kind of contradict their natural capabilities seen in the world. This example shows that terrorist and insurgent factions resort to innovative means of leveling the battlefield when they are denied access to the same technology and infrastructure of their adversaries. It is not expected that militants, terrorists and insurgents who lack any industrial infastructure be able to posses and maintain something like a IFV, or MBT. As an alternative I present you with these photos. I hope this post inspires the developers and if they did not know about this technology existing think about it for themselves, and how it could tie into the combined forces aspect of Squad, keeping true to the factions real life nature and allowing these smaller less equipped factions to match heavily armed adversaries in the theater of conventional warfare in future 50x50 game modes on larger playing fields. Also in the wild there are most likely many more adaptations of weapon systems to pickup trucks and other common civilian vehicles across conflict regions today which may also have a place in Squad's future. Thank you for reading, have a great day. Source: http://www.americanmilitaryforum.com/forums/threads/3rd-world-modified-military-vehicles.1572/page-7
  18. New idea for a slower game mode.

    So I had this idea that a really cool game mode would be that when you cap a point you need minimum supplies for that point to fully secure it. So let's say American capped a point from Russians but to be able to cap the next point they will first need supplies to be able to cap the next point (if you want to give a reason for it say something in the ways of to rebuild or defend the cap you need those supplies.) If you do the game this way this will give the opposite team a better way to plan their attack and/or start building defences on their defence cap in this way you really stop the steamrolling that happens now quite often and gives people a bit more time to think about their next move. I hope you will think about a game mode like this I think it will increase the tactical gameplay a lot. Thanks in advance BleakMaker.
  19. Hello, I searched the forums for any similar suggestions to this and there was one back in 2017 but it is not quite what I am suggesting. I am suggesting a public lobby chat that anybody who owns squad has access to as soon as they turn the game on. It doesnt have to be any more complex than a simple forum for people to talk into, for the purpose of being able to talk to other people who are waiting to join games. This will have many great effects, the KEY one being: no more 20/78 slots filled on servers when there are 4+ other servers with 78/78(+15). I am looking at an instance right now, everyone could join the server called "Ninjutsu Foundation" which has a lower ping than many of the populated servers, but since that server only has 20/78 slots filled, everyone is more willing to wait in line on the server that already had 15 people waiting to join. People will be able to point out in chat that "hey, this server can be filled up if all of us waiting just join it". Among other things that t his would give to the community, this would greatly enhance being able to come home from work, fire up Squad and jump right in. Rather than waiting for that 15 player queue to tick down to 1... Thanks for reading. -Junkie
  20. Hello my fellow squaddies and maybe devs, Like stated in the title, I have kind of a silly idea about the TOW-Missile. I see it quite often used against infantry (at least atm) which would in real life just never happen(mostly because it is just to expensive). Any other game would just reduce the splash radius but i think that would be super stupid. I would rather suggest giving the TOW missle 3-5 Tickets. This would have two benefits: First of all the TOW is currently quite strong against vics, what is good but also an very easy kill. So the "less" skill/teamwork based kill would give you less of an ticket advantage over the vic-vic combat or the AT infantry. Secondly it would really make you think on what to shoot it at -> shooting at infantry would definitly be no choice anymore, also depending on the tickets the lower tier vehicles. That is just an idea and I know there will be some people who are totally against it. But atm without thinking to much about it it seems like a really cool thing for me... Feel free to discuss it. I mean I am very open to critism and to the flaws of this.
  21. If you were on a military base. And you were ordered with defending the base. Do you think it would be a good idea to set up a few fake dummy targets? A bunch of assholes want to kill you and might start taking shots at you and your friends. If they do, you might be able to locate their position and return fire without having any of your teammates be in any danger. Targets should be able to be destroyed or damaged after extensive incoming fire. Possibility of being fixed? Should cost resources, how many? That's modular.
  22. Hey guys, I finally just made an account to post on the forums, though I have over 700 hours in the game and care about it greatly. I am really stoked for V10 since the public beta and love the fact that drop shooting is going the way of the dino. With that said I want to make a suggestion to improve it a little bit; The suggestion: When you hit "z" to prone and your character initiates the animation, allow the player to hit '"z" again mid animation to drop to the ground even quicker but suffer a massive penalty to accuracy and a 3-5 second time gap to align while ADS after hitting the ground. The reason for this suggestion: The new animation to go prone is excellent but is way too slow/casual for trying to hit the ground when you suddenly start taking fire. I fully understand that with all the gear a soldier carries one doesn't simply drop onto his stomach. However if its a matter of life or death you should have the option to hit the dirt faster than the V10 beta animation allowed BUT at an induced penalty that prevents immediate instant return of fire. What do you guys think? Regards, Luko
  23. My suggestion is to add a engineer role that can build structures OUTSIDE of a FOB. -would spawn with build points. 300-500 points maybe. Just enough to put up some basic defenses or a single HMG bunker. -could replenish build points by going near a FOB. -would be equipped with a shovel so he could build his own defenses while the rest of the squad can provide cover or help, their choice. Cons of this role- -pointless, In alot of situations outside of a FOB you are moving too much to stop and build. - Wasted spot. As in the squad could use a grenadier or AT soldier but someone is using engineer instead. A fix to this is that the ENG role could be like the medic, not a support role. What do you guys think? (Picture not related just some eye candy)
  24. Fall damage

    I noticed falling still makes you bleed, if you fall from a high enough place. Instead falling could inflict damage for a certain amount of time after falling, that would be triggered by walking. E.g. You fall. Take initial damage. A timer starts. If you walk before the timer runs out you receive damage for every step. You receive more damage, if you run. Maybe have it tied to the jump bar aswell. Firstly it'd give the player feedback that it's happening, when the bar is red. Secondly you wouldn't be able to just keep jumping over stuff after falling and bruising your ankle or whatever. Either way, having to waste a field dressing because you landed funny feels gamey and is unneccessarily punishing.
  25. Have a few suggestions here for the structures,assets that Squad Leaders can build: 1) Make the Green outline of item you are about to place a little more transparent/darker. In some areas, it is hard for me to distinguish where the Green "blueprint" of an item ends due to lighting, etc. 2) Allow structures to be stacked easier. A few updates ago (can't remember) it was easier to place structures on top of each other (machine gun placed on top of a pile or two piles of sandbags). It can still be done, but sometimes, the system doesn't like to work and so sometimes build stacking is not possible. 3) More "build" stages. I.E. every two times you complete the left click shovel "construct" animation, a single layer of sandbags is built. So, 8 shovels = full built sandbag (I think there's four layers?!). I.E. HAB: Third shovel animation completes stakes, fifth completes concrete, etc, etc. 4) Be able to rotate items (since this might be hard to free-rotate, maybe have the option to rotate at 45 degree increments) This is useful in tight spaces. I.E. You are trying to build a M.G. gun in a small room. It is red, so you cannot construct it. However, rotating the base would allow it to turn green. I have had this issue. I end up having to crawl along the four corners of the room until i find the right spot. 5) Allow for building on certain walls. Certain walls cannot have sandbags or assets placed on them due to things like bugs or the curvature of the wall (if the wall isn't completely straight, you might not be able to build on it). If this is the case, you need to waste 50 points building a sandbag on the ground below your feet, then build another on top of that, to equal the same height you were attempting to reach with building on top of the wall.