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  1. The British Army needs helicopter support... me thinks the Puma HC2 would be most suitable ^^ Puma HC2: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircraft/puma-hc2/
  2. So the idea is that when a squad leader makes a squad, he chooses one of a few type squad compositions. You can only have one per team of the specialized squads, and can have up to 3 normal mismatch squads (current style). The advantage for the specialized squads is that they can pick extras of a few different roles. Examples: Assault: Can have: Standard SL kit. 1-2 Medics 2-4 Riflemen 1-3 Grenadiers 1 Light AT 1-3 Automatic Riflemen Fire Support: Standard SL Kit. 1 Medic 1-2 Riflemen 1 Marksmen 1-3 Machine Gunner 1-2 Light AT OR Heavy AT 1-2 Combat Engineer OR Sapper That's the basic idea. These squads would be more focused on specific things, and be unable to fully switch gears to deal with different scenarios, IE the assault squad wouldn't be able to deal very well with armor, but they end up being better at assaulting a point with all the smoke from the grenadiers. These are all still just barely thrown together scraps of ideas, and I have others as well but this covers my point. (Edit: also another point, it would mean less games would have people randomly take crewman vehicles and do nothing with them, since if squads had these they wouldn't be able to pick crewman at all)
  3. I was thinking, why don't we have Multi Faction Layers now that we have them in the game. For example British and American Verse Irregular and Russian Forces on Layers that would usually be Russian and American normally. From a balance/gameplay perspective, it adds a larger variety of weapons available to both sides which can be a very positive thing, When talking emplacements and vehicles It should really be limited to one type per side, ie American British forces only use American Emplacements, defences, Habs, vehicles and same for Russia Irregular using only Russian equipment. People with note that newer players will have trouble with uniforms and Target identification, but I argue that having 2 different opposing forces to identify it will make it easier in the long run, instead of playing one game and getting used to one enemy then switching enemies the next game and getting used to them, as a new player, it would be easier to get used to both of them being the enemy at the same time, in the end I would argue the uniform identification question would be a NET neutral in terms of good verse bad. From a realistic perspective it would add on it immensely, for example, American forces weren't the only ones in the middle east, it was a coalition of different military forces, British, Canadian etc. It was a NATO thing not an American thing, although it was largely American for a while there. Russia also backed Militia forces and Militia Forces worked with Terrorist Forces in the middle east pretty frequently, sometimes even training one another. Almost everything in the game is ready to support something like this being implemented, Factions, Maps, Equipment. Everything is ready for this to happen. It could be as easy as when someone creates a squad, they tick an American flag or British Flag and the same for the other team I'd love to see something like this implemented officially even if it was in some limited fashion. IE Insurgent verse NATO layers.
  4. Suggestion: 1) Reduce "fire support " role limit to 2 per squad. 2) Give "direct combat" RPK-74/RPK roles an ammo bag. 1) With the separation of fire support and specialist role limits, squads have access to more non-medic/rifleman roles, which often results in there being only one rifleman. Convincing people in pub games that you need riflemen for their versatility/ammo is a chore, but it also makes other roles less special, limiting how powerful they can be, and the choice of what to bring less interesting. It also reduces the value of the limited direct combat roles (non-scope AR, L86LSW) since you can just take the FS version instead (or an actual second rifleman). While ammo bags are currently not as important as they probably should be (different topic), they're one of the few mechanics that require squad members to work together on their own. Making 1LAT the default and 2LAT a bigger commitment would also allow slight buffs, that could result in vehicles having an easier time by default, while giving infantry a stronger fallback when vehicles on their team have failed (and making an individual LAT feel more impactful). 2) The RPK(-74) has always been weaker than the M249 and that's kind of okay, but with the NATO HATs and the US AT4 the infantry balance between the two groups has become a bit disappointing. Giving the average RUS squad an additional ammo bag would be a nice asymmetrical compensation for their weaker AT and make that role more rewarding to play.
  5. So I've already begun to notice a lot of suggestions that overlap or are duplicates of earlier threads here on the forums and decided to make this post based off a similar post on the old Project Reality Suggestion forum to give first-timers and veterans alike a guide on the thought process you should be using when making a suggestion here on the Squad Forums. Try asking yourself these questions before you post. I. Has your suggestion already been made? The game is young yet, but there have already been many suggestions including at least 4 separate threads on A.I. Sicilians and character/weapon customization! Use the Search Function to check whether or not your suggestion has been covered in the Discussion or Suggestion Forums. Here's an easy link for you: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?app=core&module=search II. Is your suggestion worth the effort to make it a reality? The developers are working full time to make this a great game and in some cases it would be cool to have a certain feature, but that feature may not really add that much to the game on the whole. Try to really think your suggestion through, get over the "cool factor" and ask yourself whether it is really worth the time and money of the developers to add this feature in. III. Is your suggestion already in-game or confirmed to be added to the game in future? Your suggestion might pass the first two questions and be a great idea for the game. So great, in fact, that the developers have already instituted it as a feature. The developers have listened to lots of great community feedback over the years as well as brainstorming for their own unique ideas. Keep an eye on the news updates on the front page for development updates and articles on the latest progress. When in doubt, use the Search Function linked above! IV. Does your suggestion fit with the goals that Squad is trying to achieve? Remember that squad is a unique game seeking to fill a unique genre, bridging the gap between games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Insurgency with more mil-sim games like the Arma series, landing somewhere near the Project Reality mod that inspired it. At the forefront, this means that Squad is looking to promote teamwork and communication on a large, combined-arms scale with a basis of realism and without room for the run n' gun tactics so prevalent in many modern shooters. Squad is also not based on Special Forces units but instead on the infantry and armoured units commonly seen on the frontlines. Keep this in mind when making your suggestion! If your suggestion has passed all four of these stages then you're likely good to go, suggest away! If you can, try and make your post well-reasoned, well-explained and with a title that makes it clear what you're suggesting. A one-sentence or poorly-titled post might not get your full point across and undeservedly affect how popular your suggestion is. You should also try to keep the tone of your post suggestive and not demanding, it'll go a long way to getting your voice heard. Please also note that this section is not for bug reports, unless specified. Thank you for reading this guide and spending the time trying to make a worthy contribution to Squad's development. Quick Links: Search Function: http://forums.joinsquad.com/index.php?app=core&module=search Suggesting a faction? Post here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/123-factions-you-would-like-to-play-as-or-against/ Suggesting a weapon? Post here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1661-the-weapons-thread/
  6. TLDR: When pressing movement keys while crouched, the character gets a litle bit higher to walk. I sugest that when both left and right is held, the character gets a little bit higher and stays in place. FURTHER ELABORATION: Most of the covers in Squad are optimized to fit the different stances. While crouched looking from a window of an apartment building, I could comfortably see the horizon, however if I wanted to see what's going on closer to the building, I had to use left and right movement to peek up. I thought of pressing both keys and was disappointed when the character ducked back as soon as he stopped. I propose a very simple stance adjustment from crouch into a high-crouch, since that is what I would find most useful and the game probably already has the capability of achieving that without much work. The sugested crouch into high-crouch does not bloat controls neither it creates an oportunity for unwanted peeking, since whenever you press any movement key in crouch, the character gets higher to move, so whether or not the character actually moves at that point is of no essence. The only thing that might need adjusting is that either crouhed weapon sway model or a completely new one would have to be used when in high-crouch. Other than that, leaning would work, because the game already supports leaning while walking (weapon sway model could pose issues), aiming down sights would also work and high-crouch movement would not be a problem, since it's already the default mode of crouch movement. The present 1st person and 3rd person animations should also suffice (minus the weapon sway, I don't actually know how much that is a part of the animations - I sincerely hope it's its own thing). EXPANDED METHOD: The idea can be expanded upon to use forward+backward for higher stance and left+right for lower stance, however this would create possible unwanted peeking, would require new sets of animations for low stances and high stances and would most definitely unnecessarily complicate just about everything about the game. (edit) LESS EXPANDED METHOD: Left and right held simultaneously while crouched puts you into high-crouch and when standing up, it puts you into low-stand. This would give us enough stances to fix the below mentioned issue. Unlike the suggested high-crouch, the low-stand would however require a new set of animations, and movement in low-stand would not be easily possible (probably the way to move when in low-stand, without peeking up, would be to crouch and then move). OK let me hear your thoughts.
  7. Could Offworld confirm, or make sure, that players that are wearing the unarmed/surrender kit/uniform not affect/contribute flags/capture-points. This to ensure that captives can be held anywhere on the map without any negatives for the captors, and etc... Will there be a way of dropping/lose weapons in the field so you can surrender without needing to change at an ammo box? Even though I never really played on Altis life servers... there's a market...: Could consider a timer on being able to use the 'respawn' command, and for the give-up command... or atleast allow servers to edit respawn/give-up/suicide rules... or introduce a new game mode^^ Not single life... possibly cost more tickets lost for suicide/giving-up, as a server option... ... ... etc etc P.s. I do read the updates, but don't recall seeing the above covered anywhere... woopsie if a I missed...
  8. In here https://joinsquad.com/alpha-13-test-gameplay-changes/ There's this part- Any of you played Arma 3 with ACE mod? If not, then they already solved your problem. Make the ping area based. Like you're pointing out something to someone on a physical map. Make it so only poeople in 2 (or 3, or whatever) meter radius from you can see what you're pointing at on the map. And now there's no guys pinging stuff from 2 clicks, but you also don't need to give someone full grids when standing right next to them. Problem? Solution. Also, if You're interested, They also have a simmiliar system with in game pointing. According to ACE Team- Its better to simply show it. (WARNING, LOUD in 0:37. I couldn't find a better video) If you dont want giant floating circles in your UI, there's an even simpler idea. Make an animation that points a finger in the dirrection of your invisible crosshair and make it a hold action (so you dont have to constantly repeat it) And thats it. Of course, you can do the same by just saying "its where i'm aiming at" "or direction 230", sure. But its a neat little immersion thing for guiding fire and creating memes.
  9. Body Armor

    They need to add body armor and helmets for the armies in this game, i personally own both of these things as a freaking civilian, and i payed about 1k usd. to put that into perspective, the cost of a single tank shell in this game is the same or greater than that. no modern military would EVER send troops into a region without at least an IOTV rig and an ACH. it really ruins the balance of the game and the immersion of bleeding out from a guy shooting you in the chest with a pistol actually completely turns me away from this game(i have 425 hours too...) this is something i have been saying since i started playing the game and i have never once heard devs talk about it, which really bothers me
  10. Couldn't help but notice that the damage radius on frag grenades and mortars is incredibly close. After trying to kill myself with mortars and grenades, it seemed like I was within 30 meters without taking any damage what so ever.
  11. Too many suggestions and some feedback for the two MBTs currently implemented as of Squad v12.2: T-72B3 1) The time between reloading rounds from a loaded chamber in game is identical to that of reloading the gun from an empty chamber. This should not be the case. Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to unload shells from a T-72, though the process of doing this should add considerable time to the entire reloading process. (This assumes one does it the proper way in game, not using an exploit to mitigate any time between changing shells.) Here is the real life process: the commander must cycle the auto loader to an empty munition cassette and manually eject the propellant from from the chamber via the breach operating handle. The T-72's ammunition comes in two separate parts, propellant and shell, and so the shell is still in the chamber; this must be removed from the open breach by hand and placed back into the cassette. (Just a note. While it is possible to switch between rounds, I do not believe this is a common practice. Such a system is in place for clearing malfunctioning rounds from breach; it would be much more simple to fire the loaded round down range and then load normally.) 2) The arming distance of the 9M119M guided missile appears to be around 150-200m in game (as measured with the in game LRF). The effective range of the missile should start at 100m. 3) The PKT co-axial machine gun is fed via 250 round belts via 8 boxes in total, not a continuous 2000 round belt. 4) The way the commander utilises the NSVT heavy machine gun is incorrectly modelled, and it appears that the commander's cupola resembles no T-72 design. The commander must turn out to use the machine gun. (Perhaps a placeholder, balance, something else?) The NSVT should be fed from 60 round belts, of which there are 5 boxes in total. 5) Traversing from a standstill by setting the vehicle in first gear (just hold 'W' until you're in first and then release), and putting all power to either track (to traverse left or right) causes the transmission to rapidly switch between the first and neutral gear. (Which can be sort of solved just by holding 'SHIFT' to hold the current gear, but the jittering of gears sometimes accidentally makes me hold the neutral gear.) M1A2 1) Same problem as number one from the above section, with less explanation. Should be longer, as extracting a shell from breach, stowing it into the rack, and placing a new one in takes much more time than reloading from an empty chamber. 2) The GPS (gunner's primary sight), a periscopic sight mounted above the turret, known as the 'dog house' is the preferred sight to use rather than the GAS (gunner's auxiliary sight), a telescopic sight, and which is the only sight used and implemented. (The GAS has a fixed zoom of x8, while the GPS has multiple zoom levels of x3 and x15. There are other zoom levels, though those can only be used with thermals ON, which has yet to be implemented.) 3) Neutral steering is a bit finicky, and is actually done from the first gear. ______________ Thanks for reading through the entire span of this overtly verbose and lengthy post.
  12. SOF Mod suggestion thing

    Hey there Squaddies. For the first post on the forums (intro coming next but I already had this typed out so) I wanted to throw in a suggestion for any modders that like the idea and feel up to the task. I'm not sure how plausible this would be, but it would be awesome if it's possible. My idea was for a sort of Insurgency (or even AAS) gamemode in any of the already present Middle East maps, but with a twist. ANA (or any other such local armed force) + SOF VS. Insurgents. The way I had envisioned this was for the SOF part to work sort of how armor or APC squads work, a couple specific roles you can spawn in or pick up which have a different model, gear, and weapons. They could be modeled after any SOF force, either local (for example ANA Commandos) or US based (Army SF, Rangers, etc.). The Local Armed Force part could work much the same as all the other factions, but having some lower quality gear than the US Army, the UK or Russia would provide a familiar yet distinct flavour to the game. Any of the two parts of this suggestion could work seperatly, SOF could be put in any other conventional/regular faction, and the Local Army could be included seperatly in its own faction, fighting either Insurgents, or even the other factions like the US in an alternate history type deal. I think this is an interesting idea because of how it sort of breaks up the Squad gameplay just enough to feel fresh while not losing it's identity, being a good fit for a mod. Maybe this is a dumb idea and all this sounds like the ramblings of a mad man, but I'd like to hear the community's opinions on this.
  13. Why have we not had anti-personnel mines in game? it's quite easy to create this asset, but that would change the gameplay for the better. For example, letting for a raider class have 2 such mines, this would not lead to a meat grinder, but would help protect the FOBs. Is there ethical reason as with VBIED trucks or what?
  14. Partial credit to mr. AllezVites from Reddit for coming up with the 6 man squad idea. I just reworked it a bit and am shamelessly stealing parts of his post. Here's the orginal. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/aiy51k/insurgents_new_specialist_squad/ im transfering it here in hope that someone will consider this, or at least it will make him think. Here's what Allez Vites wrote We've all discussed faction balance in terms of vehicles, emplacements, and fortifications. This comes up when discussing Insurgents as well, but, when it comes to them, I think we're better off addressing team structure and squad roles. Cap squads to 6 players: Capping squads to 6 players increases the total number of squads. Currently, a faction is capped at 4 full squads and 1 auxiliary squad. If this cap is introduced, the total number of full squads is increased to 6 + 1 auxiliary squad. With 6 squads, you now have more rallies that can be placed which leads to more agile movement strategies - I think this should keep traditional factions on their toes - leveraging asymmetrical combat and guerrilla tactics... Im snipping the rest in which he talks about specialist squads becouse i believe it would require too much meddling in the game and too much complication to a very little gain and as such, would make the whole concept unappealing and would sink it.Here's My own idea of additional changes to insurgents to improve His idea. reduce the number of specialist slots from 3 to 2(Or not, this one can be forgotten to buff insurgents up a bit) do a max number of all specialist slots (Not counting leadership and crewpeople) per side like with HATs and MG's . Example (might be higher for any particular one, might be lower) 4 LATs, 4 ARs, 4 GLs, etc. Thats there to counter every squad just getting AT and AR while completely neglecting other slots which would result in over saturation of the battlefield with few particular kits. That way you get some more variety/you simulate the lesser logistics and having to fight with what you have while still having those things on the team level in a similar number that you would have while operating in 9 man squads. Nerf max medics per squad to 1. Why? to simulate worse medical support and personal protection (Helmets, Vests and stuff). To simply put it- rebels are more likely to die when being fired at than soldiers. This is reduced a bit by the fact of having more squads and and everyone with a bandage being able to revive. Having the ability to field 2 medics in a single squad and thus higher survivability in a firefight would be one of the regular military's perks. So far all im doing is taking things away from insurgents that will screw the balance too much, right? right. But to counter that i propose to give them this one major advantage 4.Raise the number of rallies per squad from 1 to 2. That paired with having more smaller squads means that they can basically come from anywhere all the time. Hunting down one rally basically just closes off one venue of attack for 6 men instead of pushing 9 people all the way to main base/some fob few clicks away. It means sustained pressure and the need for regular army to do proper sweeps and maintaining perimeter if they want to secure an area for good. It comes at a price though- play too aggressively and you'll burn through your tickets like HMMWV burns through fuel. If you feel its too OP you might increase the overrun radius to go along with the "more agile but more fragile" theme. Do all of that and voila- more squishable, lesser equiped but more agile and hard to completely get rid off like cockroaches faction versus a robust modern military. Going in hard but encumbered by its might. You get asymmetrical warfare for the lowest work to gain ratio possible. Main idea behind those changes- insurgents/militia are not regular army. Right now they're structured like one with having worse equipment (and some toys like IEDs) It just makes them a worse regular army. What im proposing is an entirely different way of fighting that makes it its own unique faction with their own set of advantages and disadgantages. What im proposing is playing guerilla like guerilla- outmaneuver, strike where it hurts and **** off before the entire might of western civilization blows you to kingdom come.
  15. British tank?

    The British Army could do with a tank. Challenger 2 would be correct, but would that be OP?
  16. I feel it should take longer to deconstruct a structure than to construct one. This would add greater value to contruction and also enhance the realism of in-game item placement, imo. It currently seems to easy to deconstruct placed items...
  17. The suggested features list (in order of importance); 1 - Reverse prone (ie, lay on your back) 2- Prone rolling (belly down to belly up) 3 - Weapon resting 4 - Emergency reloads 5 - Staged reloads 6 - Sprint dive and/or sliding The explanation: 1 - Reverse Prone (lay on your back) Being able to lay on one's back side is tactically advantageous in certain situations. It's a good way to get out of the way of bullets or team members in a jiffy, or get low while putting a bullet in that tango that just ran around the corner into your face. Being able to roll from belly down to a belly up position means you can check your six and stay low to the ground. 2 - Prone rolling Obviously in full combat gear with a pack, rolling around like Solid Snake isn't feasible. However, being able to roll halfway or 3/4 means a soldier has room to look between his feet (6 o' clock) or to the side (3/9 o' clock) without having to reorient his entire body in an awkward shuffle or magical rotation. Even when wearing a pack, one could still roll onto their bum faster than getting up into a crouch. 3 - Weapon resting We all understand that running a kilometer and steady aim do not go together. That's why rifles have had such long forends or "handguards"; A soldier rests his rifle. This is why shooting in the prone is so stable. If you see a boulder, window sill, tree or other stable surface then you rest your weapon in order to get a good shot. Muscles alone aren't that great at holding a bead on a 200 meter speck. 4 - Emergency reloads If you're in trouble and out of ammo, it might save your butt to just drop that empty mag on the ground and focus on getting more bullets on target. Any ammo left in that mag is left behind, but thirty rounds is ten times more than three (and you might need that extra ammo to survive this encounter). 5 - Staged reloads Remember that time you had to cancel a reload animation (right at the last moment) to knife some fool, only to return to a replay of that reload you just nearly completed? If you drop your rifle mag then need to quickly draw your secondary, your rifle shouldn't have a magazine still in it when you return to your reload. One step of the reloading process was already complete, but the single animation sequence has to complete in order for the reload to complete. I propose a much more convoluted, complicated, sophisticated, technically complex system of staged reload animations for small arms in Squad. Not just for "realism", but tactical depth and quality of life. 6 - Sprint diving and/or sliding Being able to slide or dive into cover is a great way to get low and get to cover quickly. It's also fun and really cool. Thanks for reading! Hope we see some of these features in the future.
  18. Now that we're getting a massive new map set in Norway I thought it may be interesting with a new Norwegian faction. Weapons: Hk-416 (Rifleman, SL, Medic ect.) P80 (sidearm) Hk-417 (Marksman) MINIMI (Automatic Rifleman) MG3 (Machine Gunner) MP-7 (Crewman) M72/LAW (Light Anti-Tank) Carl Gustaf (Heavy Anti-Tank) Vehicles: Light Vehicles - IVECO LMV & Dingo 2 (Slightly heavier) APC? - No. IFV - CV90 MBT - Leopard 2 A4NO Helicopter - Bell 412 SP in case of boats - Combat Boat 90N
  19. Hi Comrades Reading the potential medic changes for the next patch I’m a little skeptical that this will change the role in such a good way that people would want to snap up the medic role. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with Alpha 11.2 and not to be confused with Alpha 11.3. Now isn’t really the time to suggest a different approach being so close to patch release but I can’t resist throwing a suggestion into the works. Why is the medic so boring to some to begin with? I’ll give you my opinion and I’d like to hear yours too. I undoubtably don’t need to spell this out for many but you spend a lot of time looking at the ground with your miracle hand out praying to the gods to give your friend one last chance! A committed medic spends a very large portion of the game looking at the ground whilst leaving yourself vulnerable, not fun. Also, you’re often vulnerable when healing your new reborn friend with your pants down, not fun! Medics take the largest risk than any other role to keep the team going. To achieve this, they must be vulnerable to tea bagging which can get very frustrating at times when all you want to do is a good job; there is way too much injustice for our fellow medics. Medics need to admire the game world just as much as the next guy gets too by looking up and smelling the roses like everyone else. I’d like to fix this by having them look up more whilst the revive and healing process is commencing. Whilst it commences they also have their gun out ready to defend themselves and their fallen comrades especially in the revive process. My suggestion is to improve a medics overall performance, quality of life and have a positive effect on the pacing of the game and squad momentum. So here is my suggestion below. Medic Bag: Field Dressings are now kept within the Medic Bag essentially removing the Field Dressing for the Medic class which will leave a open inventory slot for a new piece of kit called the Revive Kit, which I’ll talk about in a second. The Medic Kit now can stop bleeds and heal. Left click heals or stops bleeding to comrades and right click does the same to yourself. Field Dressings are still available to others and their intended use in the next patch. However adding the revive kit might make the devs reconsider allowing everyone to revive. But who knows they might want to keep it to further pacing! They'll make the right choice. Pros: Can heal and stop bleeds for yourself and everyone else with one kit. No switching between Medic Bag and Field dressing to fix bleeds and heals and switching back to field dressing again to stop a bleed and so on. A cooler upgraded piece of kit Not complicated Cons : I’m struggling to think of any. Anyone can think of any? The Revive Kit: (defibrillator) will fill the inventory slot replacing what was the Field Dressing for the Medic. Instead of kneeling down and applying the Revive Kit, you can place it by an incapacitated teammate. This will then begin to charge up with an audio indication. You can pull your gun out, move around or heal others or stem bleeds with your Medic Bag whilst this is happening. Once fully charged it zaps the incapacitated teammate and revives them. You will then be able to pick up the Revive Kit after a successful revive and continue to revive others or to do other medical duties. Your teammate will automatically regain health after being revived unless injured again which will interrupt the automatic healing process. Your recently revived teammate is still in bad shape at 1% health after being zapped and is likely to only move into cover, to recover health. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with the current revive and heal to full health times in Alpha 11.2. Pros: Can heal others or Stem bleeds whilst resuscitation is taking place Revive and heal process still takes just as long for the individual who is incapacitated Can protect yourself and others whilst reviving increasing squad survivability, momentum of game and quality of life. Medic's time can now be used else where in other medic duties Not complicated for new and old players Reduces prolong time staring at the ground (or restricted view in free look) Overall a very unique cool little piece of kit Can activate your Revive Kit for teammate, carry on running with your squad so to not be left behind and request a ammo drop to receive Revive Kit to increase teamwork, momentum and your squad's survivability. Cons: Please suggest any below. Let me know what you all think! Any constructive input might make for a even better idea. Please take me seriously as I have a beard.
  20. How about anyone in a vehicle purely as a passenger can hold use and pick "bandage self" or something like that? Takes the same amount of time as doing it normally so no cheating. Why not, right? Also maybe medics could slowly heal players in vehicles with them? Wasn't that a thing in PR? Am I allowed to compare Squad to PR like that? Can you guys add wenches to the bumpers on logistics trucks? Jumping on the wheels is a thing, but sometimes you get stuck in other ways too. Or need to pull you truck out of a ditch. It could work like this, you hit "use" on the tuck and select "wench" and then you have it in your hand(if the truck has a driver, they have to hit accept), move to a tree or another vehicle and attach it. (If the other vehicle is occupied the driver has to accept the tow). Then you get back into the truck and select "wench" just as you would "ammo/construction" and M1 for "pull" M2 for "slack". Can't be that hard to implement, right? And while were at it add a "horn" option for fun?
  21. I am over all very impressed with everything in this game, from the intensely detailed graphics to the accurate look, sound and feel of all equipment in the game. The reload animations for small arms have a serious, nagging problem though. He always checks the goddamn chamber. WHY? You do that shit for RANGE SAFETY! You will never ever see someone do a crisp safety check on their weapon after reloading down range. At a qual range, absolutely. They're required to. But this is just silly. I know it doesn't slow down the reload process all that much, but it still does, and it's totally out of place. PLEASE please please scrap that shit, my butt hole tenses up with annoyance every time I see it.
  22. Squad Vehicle Radio

    I think a nice addition to Squad would be vehicle radios. So the driver of any vehicle can control music that is played. The music can be Local Area. I think this would be f****** awesome if this was added. Just imagine this, you are driving into a highly contested area and there's some "inspirational" music playing while you ride into war. Devs, please consider (I do understand the main complication for this is the rights to using certain music/songs)
  23. Game Mode Suggestion

    I posted this on Reddit and didn't really get much attention from it so I thought I would post it over here. So i know a lot of people are looking forward to more game modes being added and I had my own twist on a game mode that might help with current frustrations that AAS and Invasion brings. The game mode would work like something as follows: - Both teams start at main base with no vehicles. - After the first cap point is captured, only transports and Mrap's/ techies spawn. - After the second point is captured, logis spawn. - After third point is captured, APCs spawn. Since in my idea the bigger vehicles cannot spawn until the third capture point, something like this would only work on bigger maps, and it would be made so that you would only see the enemy's first capture point after you captured your first capture point. Now, I know from a developer/ programming aspect this would probably be a little difficult to do, but I had thought about something like this for awhile that would stop everyone from rushing middle cap and would similar to randomized AAS. Thoughts?
  24. Hello Squad Community, I thought about a snapping tool for building. Yesterday I played with my Squad and we build a Superfob. One of my friends build all the sandbags... he wasn't very precise because we need to hurry up. When he began to place the upper sandbags the thing started getting worse. We build small gaps for walking in and out and if the enemy rush the fob we can easy defend. These small gaps worked with the lower sandbags but when he placed the upper ones nobody was able to get through. We had to destroy all upper sandbags and replace them very precise which cost a lot of time we doesn't had. I think if there were something like a snapping tool which you can enable and disable for personal preferences. With this tool you can Safe a lot of time. Please give me feedback if you think it's a good Idea.
  25. Falling Damage nerf?

    Good Day Squaddies. Im am just curios on the damage you get for dropping of a wall thats 1 meter high and almost dying from it... I just feel thats a bit unrealistic if I must say. Have a Great Day!