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Found 73 results

  1. So I bought squad and when I first booted it up it wasn't responding so I looked up how to fix it i deleted squad in the USER/Appdata fix and that did nothing and then i deleted and reinstalled I restarted steam and verified the game cache and I booted it in windowed mode and it still doesn't work
  2. When I try to resume the Downloading it doesn't work, I tried what it told me to do about it nothing was working, So I came here to ask anyone If they have suggestions,.
  3. Hey Guys, So I recently purchased this game two days ago, I got on and everything worked fine and I got a couple of hours of gameplay in the day I bought it. However, I got on today and decided to play it some and when I hit play on steam the launcher comes up and loads but then once it goes away nothing happens, no error, no crash report, nothing. On steam it goes from "Running..." to "Syncing" and then to nothing, as if the game ran and quit naturally. I have some experience with games acting up so I ran both the launcher and game .exe as admin, I tried verifying integrity of game cache, reinstalling the game, restating my computer, and disabling firewall as some have suggested. I have yet to find an answer that works for me. I have read that it might have something to do with the EasyAntiCheat or something but reinstalling that has no promise either. I really need some help getting this going as I am in love with the game and I am about 2 hours past the allocated gameplay time before you cant refund anymore. (EDIT): Also thought I should let you guys know, that if I just run the game .exe then the game starts up fine but says that it wasnt run from the launcher and EAC wont work so online is a no go. Thanks you guys -ELMO
  4. Good evening all, Sometime around 9 or 10 tonight after playing a few hours today I hopped off for a break. When I went to get back in the action I got the 'server closed connection message'. On every server. I have tried deleting the local app and binaries, verifying the game cache, my 'veteran skins' or whatever have never been turned on and I've never had a single problem with the game. Tried connecting via steam servers, all my drivers are up to date, literally nothing has changed that I'm consiously aware of. I have about 350 hours of great times and great fps with 0 problems now I'm broken :/. Anything else I can do? Never set up a VPN before and I don't get why I should have to all of a sudden? ---------------------------------------- Update: Tried reinstalling easy cheat and shutting down antivirus to no avail. I guess I'm just broken until they release some kind of fix
  5. I got my Steam Key, installed the game, and played on the training map for about 2 minutes. Then I exited out of the game for a quick second but when I tried to play it again, I got a message reading: " Couldn't start: "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64\Squad.exe" CreateProcess0 renturned 2e4. " (I can't tell if it's "CreateProcess0" or "CreateProcess()" )
  6. linux

    Whenever i am in the Steam client, i am able to install squad on linux, but it is not actualy squad. Unless the devs found a way to magically compress the game a ton, i don't think 28MB of squad is actual squad IMAGE ->
  7. Is anyone else having problems connecting to Steam?
  8. Love the new Items in the steam inventory. Very niccccee. Feels like lots of fuffy :), nice finish.
  9. when you dont have enought money to buy those games! lmaaoo
  10. Hi guys! is there any upcoming sale this December? Thanks!
  11. I missed the autumn sale T.T because my card had an issue with steam. When would be the next sale? I really want to play the game T.T
  12. Hi! I havent been playing so much Squad lately, (waiting for it to get better and better) and now I noticed I dont have my skins anymore as Squad Leader founder. I know I had it before and when I looked on the forums I dont have a founder tag aswell. Read something about a key(?) that ive either missed or never recived... EDIT *(And yes, I have checked my ingame settings and inventory at steam)* Anyhow, I want my skins + tag ingame as I paid for it Thanks for the help! Out Slangen
  13. Hi guys and girls Just wanted to ask if we could dig deep in our friends community's and people we meet to help push and leave some honest positive feedback on the steam forums, The team have obviously been working hard to get the game where it is today and if like many of us you have seen where the game has come from you know the potential of where it has to go, The people who have come on for 0.2 hours on a free weekend leaving negative feedback are not the kind of people i think we want in this community anyway but the review they leave do have an affect no matter how much we want to deny it. We have seen some real good feedback so far over this weekend and weather you have supported squad via media, Your help on the field, you money, Something we can all do is allow other people to see the hours we have put in and give it an honest review, Please do take the time to pass this message out and lets help squad get to where we all want it to be. Thanks for reading fellow squad members Best Regards Don Meehan
  14. Witam, Postanowiłem dziś założyć naszą polską społeczność na forum SQUAD, niech będzie to miejsce gdzie możemy wspólnie we własnym języku wymieniać się informacją. No i pomoże nam się zebrać jako społeczność w jednym miejscu. Welcome, I decided to wear today our Polish community forum SQUAD, let it be a place where we can speak in their own language to exchange information. And help us to gather as a community in one place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Czym jest SQUAD? Squad jest taktyczną strzelaniną sieciową, kładącą szczególny nacisk na tryb kooperacji i współpracę w drużynie. Za powstanie gry odpowiadają twórcy jednej z najpopularniejszych modyfikacji do gry Battlefield 2, znanej jako Project Reality. Tytuł miał stanowić pierwotnie komercyjną kontynuację moda, lecz w wyniku rozłamu większa część ekipy postanowiła poświęcić się stworzeniu osobnej, ambitniejszej produkcji.Kiedy będę mógł grać Squad ? Obecnie nasza gra jest w fazie zamknięty pre-alpha (CPA) okres rozwojowy , a ludzie , którzy wsparli Squad na Kickstarter wybierając jedną z trzech możliwości: Ranger , Commander i Airborne mają teraz okazję zagrać w każdy weekend . Ogłoszenia o tym kiedy serwery są dostępne oraz zmian dla buildu gry są podawane w połowie tygodnia na głównej stronie bądź w zakładce UPDATE .​Jaki jest związek Squad z modyfikacją Project Reality do BF2? Oficjalnie nie mam formalnego związku. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc jednak, niemal wszyscy z naszych programistów i członków ekipy są na emeryturze Project Reality:BF2. Zespół programistów stara się, aby Squad był duchowym następcą do Project Reality. Jeśli chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej o Project Reality, zachęcamy do odwiedzenia strony internetowej na to www.realitymod.comJak mogę wspomóc Squad? Rozpowszechniać wieść wśród przyjaciół i / lub klanu, którzy mogą być zainteresowani.Zarejestruj się, rozmawiaj i dzielić się swoimi pomysłami na naszym forum.Możesz zakupić przed-premierowo grę i wesprzeć jej rozwój (Gra dostępna już na platformie STEAM - Early Access).Polskie społeczności SQUAD SteamPolskie Forum Społecznościowe SQUADPolski serwer SQUADUżyteczne linki PDF GuideYT Official Guide
  15. I was just wondering if anybody had any insight into this. Downloaded 6.7Gb, for a 3.9Gb patch. Task manager has steam using all my bandwidth @ 5Mb/s, steam downloads at a pitifully slow 600Kb/s.
  16. Hey guys! I've tried to play the game now for 2 days but couldnt because the game needed to update. So then i tried to update it but got error message "Disk Write Error" PrintScr: http://forumbilder.se/FBCGU/namnlsds I have plenty of space on the computer. I have verified the gamecache. Uninstalled Squad and tried to install it over again (Did not work, still got error message "Disk Write Error") I've re-installed steam and dont know what to do next. Has anybody experienced this? So goddamn frustrating!
  17. Hello, So i wanna bought this game in late 2016. Is there gonna be discount on steam christmas sale? or halloween? Thank's
  18. My pc was wiped after installing the squad pre alpha (not related) so i lost everything. was looking to get back into squad and cant seem to get a link. im looking on forum and people are saying redeem code on steam but my SL Key isnt working and i dont know what else to try as i cant find any other codes. some help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  19. Hello guys, finally I am looking forward to get the ingame Skins for the founders/Squad leader edition to work. I have redeemed the codes for Music and the SL Perks on steam and theyre listed on my Squad. In my Steam inventory i have 7 Items from squad. Founder Badge, Squad Leader Badge, 3 M4A1 Skins and 2 AK74 Skins. On another thread somebody wrote to delete all game files from steam and delete the Squad folder in %appdatalocal% (not sure if it was exactly this link, but anyway, i deleted the folder in the correct path) and re-downloaded all gamefiles and installed Squad again. I went into the came to settings and game options, but there was still nothing to select... What am I doing wrong? As you can see, my steam account is linked to this forum aswell. But I am not sure if i linked it before i redeemed the squad leader perks... I wanna hear from you, Michael
  20. So I was thinking lets have a bit of fun give the squad devs something to go on, this is not a debate over whether you like achievements or not, the format should be achievement title, reason for getting achievement and of course if you can provide one an image. I'll get the ball rolling. Achievement Title: Yeah! and we trained actors M*therF*cker. Achievement: Fire 500 bullets without hitting another person.
  21. Hey folks! As we drive forward to Steam, we would like to add some Steam Achievements to our game. We've got some ideas for some good ones, but you never know what the community comes up with. So, Got some achievement ideas? Lets hear them! EDIT: A small update, Thing we can easily track. Don't constrain yourself to this list, but this stuff is easy: Damage Done Kills, Deaths, Teamkills, Revives, Woundings, Bandaging and Healing Shots Fired Enemies Supressed Places on the body hit Everything related to deployables (Built, repaired, destroyed, etc) Flags Captured, Contributed to (being in the capture radius), Neutralized. Caches Defended, Destroyed Rounds Won, Lost, Tied Maps and modes played
  22. Hi fellow Squad players, I want to present you my configuration to play Squad with the Steam Controller. I know it sounds a bit crazy but works surprisingly. So if there are some of you who enjoy playing Squad on the couch on your big TV, feel free to try it out. I based the configuration on ExistentialEgg's amazing Squad Config (Video) but heavily modified it to suit my needs. Anyway, give this man some credit as well! Features Gyroscope for Aiming, Lean controller for ingame lean Left trigger zoom (and also sprint), right trigger shoot Supports infantry and recently added vehicles Paddels used for different voice channels Touch menu for weapon selection Touch menu for text communication (bring up keyboard to type) Keys labeled with '&' have a second usage on a long press and much more (check out the pictures below) Pictures Overview Touch menu for weapon selection (right touchpad activated by LB) Touch menu communication (left touchpad activated by LB) I hope you like it and you can find my configuration in the Community Configuration section in the Controller Settings. If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to post them. I hope you have some fun! Best BloodyDeed
  23. I am an original backer from when the game was being developed. I had the game on my computer but recently I had to wipe everything and start over. I lost the game and was unable to install it to steam. How can I get my product code again so I can play the game?
  24. Hey... hello, i try to enlace my steam profile whit the forum to put my name in credits and i can't... offcurse i try days after and before the limit 07/15/16 but i can't anyways the page give me an Invalid Auth Error... =( try to solve please... thx Cap.Abbott
  25. freeze

    Hallo everbody today I re-installed Squad after Ive had a break for a couple months. Well to cut this short: At some server the game freezes during the loading screen at other servers the game freeze in the very first minutes (where I am trying to find a squad and a role). Which makes it unpossible for me to play Squad. I dont get any crash messages or sth else it just freezes and I have to close it via Windows Task Manager. Btw all drivers are up2date. I have played the months before my break it just apears now. Any ideas? Greetings Requirements of my system: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium RAM: 12 GB Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i3 CPU 3,2 GHZ (64bit) graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 5670