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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm not sure but I noticed that the Stamina now also regenerates when walking in crouch position which wasn't possible before as also noted by the WIKI: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Movement#Stamina In case this isn't a bug you can close this topic or remove it entirely. Thanks and bye, Mauti
  2. The suggested features list (in order of importance); 1 - Reverse prone (ie, lay on your back) 2- Prone rolling (belly down to belly up) 3 - Weapon resting 4 - Emergency reloads 5 - Staged reloads 6 - Sprint dive and/or sliding The explanation: 1 - Reverse Prone (lay on your back) Being able to lay on one's back side is tactically advantageous in certain situations. It's a good way to get out of the way of bullets or team members in a jiffy, or get low while putting a bullet in that tango that just ran around the corner into your face. Being able to roll from belly down to a belly up position means you can check your six and stay low to the ground. 2 - Prone rolling Obviously in full combat gear with a pack, rolling around like Solid Snake isn't feasible. However, being able to roll halfway or 3/4 means a soldier has room to look between his feet (6 o' clock) or to the side (3/9 o' clock) without having to reorient his entire body in an awkward shuffle or magical rotation. Even when wearing a pack, one could still roll onto their bum faster than getting up into a crouch. 3 - Weapon resting We all understand that running a kilometer and steady aim do not go together. That's why rifles have had such long forends or "handguards"; A soldier rests his rifle. This is why shooting in the prone is so stable. If you see a boulder, window sill, tree or other stable surface then you rest your weapon in order to get a good shot. Muscles alone aren't that great at holding a bead on a 200 meter speck. 4 - Emergency reloads If you're in trouble and out of ammo, it might save your butt to just drop that empty mag on the ground and focus on getting more bullets on target. Any ammo left in that mag is left behind, but thirty rounds is ten times more than three (and you might need that extra ammo to survive this encounter). 5 - Staged reloads Remember that time you had to cancel a reload animation (right at the last moment) to knife some fool, only to return to a replay of that reload you just nearly completed? If you drop your rifle mag then need to quickly draw your secondary, your rifle shouldn't have a magazine still in it when you return to your reload. One step of the reloading process was already complete, but the single animation sequence has to complete in order for the reload to complete. I propose a much more convoluted, complicated, sophisticated, technically complex system of staged reload animations for small arms in Squad. Not just for "realism", but tactical depth and quality of life. 6 - Sprint diving and/or sliding Being able to slide or dive into cover is a great way to get low and get to cover quickly. It's also fun and really cool. Thanks for reading! Hope we see some of these features in the future.
  3. Movement in bushes should come at a cost, if technically feasible. This suggestion might be more applicable to games with a lot of bush, like Post Scriptum. It seems a bit mental that I can rush a position, by running length ways through a hedgerow. That said, this could be quite annoying if implimented... but... I shouldn't be able to rush through a hedge for 100M...hmmm extra stamina drain might be the least annoying fix... just want to ensure realistic movement around the battlefield, unless soldiers typically sprint through hedges and bushes... perhaps pressing the spacebar is required to penetrate said bush/hedge, to get to the other side... hmmm
  4. One source of frustration I've heard in the more "competitive" scene is folks using the lean to minimize their hitbox. I know some also do it to be less visible while passing through fields. (I also do it while walking around with the SAW, because you can't see sh@# around the scope, but that will presumably change with the animation overhaul.) Perhaps an easy way to counter-balance this somewhat chintzy move would be to simply add a stamina penalty while leaning. I actually found, IRL (though not with any gear or anything on), that it didn't take too much stamina to lean while remaining stationary, but definitely while on the go. So, perhaps a small hit while stationary and, if not too difficult to add on top, a multiplier when leaning while moving.
  5. After v8.2 notes. Since you did some toggle work. Any chance of forcing an "unlean" after sprinting or jumping? IMO it's just goofy as all get out. Nip the sprint crouch leaners in the bud and solve a little human error frustrations Dream world would have an option that turns lean-left into a lean-upright while you are currently leaning right -- if you're leaning right it would take two lean lefts to get to actually leaning left. And any hope of letting stamina regenerate when crouch walking? or some visual cue that we're crouched, other than what appears to be a 6" drop? Maybe not UI solution but... uh the gun being raised a little more, holding it more tightly, a bit of shoulder showing IDK
  6. Could we expect stamina difference of machinegunner and marksman (probably recon-unit)? Mobility — it is very important in real conflict. But from the PR-time we haven't this privelege. Is this discussable?
  7. Greatings community, Here are some ideas that I was discussing with some friends while playing the game regarding the current state that its in. I know everything is subject to change and that the devs are adding more and more functions in the game while we move on. I'd love to see some feedback and perhaps some discussions regarding this topic. The main points are: adding an adrenaline like dimension in the game for vaulting, stamina, rushing/sprinting, drawing weapons for quicker, more realistic immersion ! Vaulting: We all know that there is no vaulting in the game right now and i've read some topics that this will most likely be implemented as the game development moves on.To jump over a 50cm wall we have to press jump and duck to cross like back in cs1.6. This usually fails because your stamina is depleted or on a low point due to crossing a field. Imagine a situation where you get shot at in real life, and you have to make it over a wall or ledge or w.e. You'd jump over that mofo and even risk breaking something to prevent getting killed. Closing in on my point now; the devs should add some sorcery in to make sure once you get shot at, you gain some kind of adrenaline and the stamina isnt affected while you jump/duck over a object for cover. Ideas:vaulting does not affect staminavaulting affects stamina, but lower the penalty from 33% or 25%, whatever its at right now to something more acceptable like 5%or vaulting affects stamina while not suppresed/being shot at but it does not affect stamina once you are being shot at. In this version, suppression adds adrenaline and your soldier will make sure to get to safety like in real life. This option would be the most realistic imho. You could go even further in to immersion and add a legs damage penalty by shot wounds or falling from height wich slows the vaulting animation by 50%. But we are getting to deep now, suppresion and adrenaline would be a nice implementation in further gamesthe last option could be an option if vaulting is not added in the game, here you would gain the adrenaline mode once you are being shot at and stamina is not affected by jumping. This would however break the game once you snipe / engage from a distance and opfor could just get unlimited jumping. Making it to hard to hit the enemy.All in all, vaulting and adrenaline would be nice.Running/sprinting for life: Drop the current run / sprint mode as it is right now and add the folowing:normal 'run' (movement by arrow keys)running (movement by arrow keys + shift*) *=default keybindingsI'd love to see the some extra rush mode during a run where you could gain an extra 10/15% sprint speed. I honestly think this would add another dimension in chasing/closing in on objectives to make sure you arrive where your headed towards alive, not dead or wounded. Mix classes up a little and modify the run/sprint speed for every role. An rpg eqquiped with 4 rockets would definitely add loads of weight and should prolly run slower then a normal soldier. Im not sure if this is already ingame. I have not seen any differences in running with classes. Changing weapons: This one should be a dead give-away and probably is suggested many times since the weapon change animations are ruining the whole game. Other games implement a fast animation to secondaries but why not set a new standard, and let other industries follow our example. Instead of having a four second animation from RPGs to your m4/ak/any other weapon. Add the folowing; yes, adrenaline, once again, since this would improve the flow and immersion alot. Once being shot at, your switching/animation greatly increases by as much as something like 50%. Set a difference between switching from RPGs to rifle, this should take longer since an RPG is big as f#ck. However switching from your rifle to pistol could be faster!my second idea would be totally awesome. See to it that theres an option to drop a weapon by pressing some button like 2 times while you are in an animation. When switching from your rpg to pistol in a firefight, you'd drop that fkin bazooka and get to your makarov as QUICK as possible.Third idea is that drawing pistols should be increased if spec ops roles are introduced in the future. Trained special forces could have the ability since they are trained to do something fast. Thats about it for now guys. Im sorry if i mentioned some ideas which might be posted before me, if so, please copy the link and ill delete the idea from my post in an edit. Feedback and support (if you like it). Disclaimer: Sorry for bad Engiesh, it are my the second language!
  8. Stamina suggestion.

    Hello, I saw in one of the videos on steam that sprinting was added but the devs were looking into Stamina Mechanics. This is a topic I have been thinking about for years as no game really innovates here and it is a very important mechanic for squad cohesion. That said, I thought I would leave my thoughts here and to start a discussion on the topic. There are three components I see to a modern stamina system for a tactical shooter. 1. Stamina is limited. Simply put, unlimited stamina, which has become common in today’s shooters, speeds up the game to a non-tactical speed and allows you to use speed as an alternative to strategy. If stamina is limited it is reserved to moving from cover to cover and quickly responding to situations, not jetting around the map. 2. Stamina should be shared between squad mates. (Squad Motivation Mechanic) A major issue with limited stamina is maintaining squad cohesion. Often, squad mates will run out of stamina at different times stretching the group out as people fall behind at different rates. If the game drew a radius around players, and any squad mate in that radius would then sync up stamina. This could either be and average, or taking the person with the greatest or lowest amount of stamina. This way when a squad runs out of stamina they maintain the same pace as everyone else. 3. Sprinting pace is automatically adjusted to let squad mates catch up. (A nice to have). To further increase squad cohesion, a mechanic that allowed team member in front to slow down a bit and team member in back to speed up would allow squads to stay tight even if someone has fallen behind a little. While this would be a crutch to compensate for poor communication and team work, it would allow squads that are playing in a much more casual way to say together and function as a unit. I am not the best at putting my ideas into words so sometime today I will try and come up with a diagram to lay out the mechanics of what I was thinking. I would also like to know what everyone else thinks on the subject as I find it very interesting and under addressed.
  9. I assume that being able to sprint while prone is possibly the high crawl as compared to the low crawl, should it consume stamina? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlAd5FxXOIk
  10. I just saw the dev diary 2 and as always i am stunned how fast you guys deliver new content! One thing i would suggest is that if you are in the "green" or did not use any stamina at all the bar would dissapear or rather would only appear if you use some stamina. Another idea i had is that shoveling would use up your stamina cause if you shovel in real life you know how much stamina it drains even if you dont have all the stuff on your back like in squad. This would also be good for the need of securing your shoveling mates because if there would be some enemys fireing at you, the guys that did shovel would not be as effitive because of low stamina. And maybe if your stamina is low you would shovel slower.
  11. Kudos for the great stuff in Progress Update #6 and can't wait for some Fallujah Eye Candy! Now, in some recent threads I was stalking over convos on the HUD interface. And I think minimalism is the perfect fit for squad. So my suggestion is keep it down to 0, there's no need for a ShacTac compass (2) nor even a stamina bar (1). Just improvise with cardio fatigue (preferably ear candy respiration) [2] and leave it to the squad mate's common sense. And for ammo you could even yell out how many mags you have left. I think audio immersion beats HUD eye candy and it's proven in the suppressive bullet snaps. So here's to a busy summer for Anders! WHOOO ANDERS 2K15!!!
  12. Read the article here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14653-Design-FPS-Stances-Breathing Since SC's First Person Shooter module is also aiming for true first person character realistic gameplay I think it would be cool to discuss some of the mechanics they decided to implement. Module itself should be playable for all the backers next month so it could be cool testing ground for those systems. Personally I like the 3 stances approach, it seams to be similiar to ARMA 3 "c" button, we will see if it's contextual or just tied to a button press, but it would eliminate that weird feel when people can walk for an hour with heavy weapons like M249 in ready stance and their arms not falling off The stamina systems itself resemblance the PR system with numerous actions depleting stamina bar with that difference that it has effect on all around soldier performance like; running, aiming, breathing etc. and not only "you cant sprint for now" also something I would really like to see in Squad. The last somehow controversial system is the breathing where your character is doing full breathing cycle(not just random weapons sway) with those perfect to shoot moments when you are the top or the bottom of a breath with the cycle speed itself tied to a stamina level. It definitely sound like a interesting system that no game has done before and I am really looking forward to test it myself! Though i think it could be "too much" for a Squad
  13. Extra Stamina

    This suggestion takes in account the fact that Squad's stamina system works the same way than PR one. About the Extra Stamina : It can be reached in only one way (or two) : your stamina went from 50% (or higher) to 0% in one shot, and you keep pressing the sprint key until the stamina is between 0 and -5%. Then you can have access to the Extra Stamina. The ES allows your stamina to go from 0% to -100% (so you get 200% of stamina in total). However, even if you reached that level, you're still able to avoid the ES in case you want so : if the sprint key is released while the stamina is between 0% and -5%, and it recoveres to 0%, it'll act as usual : you can't sprint anymore until the stamina goes back to 50%. But if the sprint key is released between 0 and -5%, and then pressed again (while it's still below 0%), the ES applies. And if the sprint key is pressed from 50% or higher to -5% or lower, the ES applies as well. Here are the ES restrictions : - The recovery time of half of your stamina goes 50% slower. In other words, it's 50% slower from -100% to 50%. - Any dynamic inaccuracy parameter (deviation/sway) sticks to its highest number while you're below 50%. - The player sounds gets deafened from -5% (barely deafened) to -85% (totally deafened), and starts to produce some larsen effect from -50% (low level) to -100% (high level). - The players view gets darker from 50% to 100% -> check IL2 Sturmovik effect when the pilot is missing oxygen (just as an inspiration, I don't mean to reproduce the exact same effect as the conditions are really lighter than in a plane). Note : The fact stated in italic above isn't applied while you're inside the ES. This means, once you entered the ES, you can sprint whenever you want. But remember : any stamina you lose will recover 50% slower than usual. You're out of the ES once your stamina went back to 50%. PS : the sprint is the only action which can have access to the ES. Updates I admit few points could be arranged though : - the recovery speed could go from 5% slower to 50% slower depending on how far the ES goes. - the way the ES is applied could go simplier : the sprint is automatically released when reaching 0% of stamina, and the stamina bar holds for 3 secs on 0%. Then if the player doesnt press the sprint key during those 3 secs, the stamina acts as usual, but if the player presses the sprint key back, he enters the ES (then the ES starts from 0% and not -5%).