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  1. Hear me out. I love SQUAD. The game types can be greatly improved. First off in Post-Scriptum, there are "logi squads", where the crew looks different and uses different assets. Insurgency mode~ Using this mechanic and USA an an example: A "Special Forces", "Delta", or " J-tac" squad can be there in the SQUAD selection list. This team has different gear (silenced SR-25, NVG, etc), but there are only 9 slots in that squad. Obviously everybody will try to join it at map start. Then there are 2 regular Army/Marine squads as per usual, and then an Afghan National Army left-over SQUADS with their sub-standard gear. So the Blufor team would have a massive mix of forces on the same map. It would really add alot to the depth of gameplay on the field. You'd have simulatenous SF Squad (looks delta as f*ck), US Ranger/army squads, and ANA Squads existing on same map and same team. On maps where the US has the SF team with NVG (low-light map only obviously), the player balance should be weighted so that USA team cap would be 18-24 players, and the insurgent team has +6 more players, like 24-30 player balance. The US has better gear, but the insurgents have more. I'm sure IR lasers and strobes will be implemented with flashlights etc in time.. I trust in the SQUAD development team. This same can be applied to the insurgent team. In an Insurgency type gamemode on an Al-Basrah type map, the Insurgents would have "Iraqi Royal Guard" or "Iranian/Turkish Defects" type squad with better gear (only 1 squad), Civilian squad (rocks, bandages, and drop intel when arrested much like Project Reality BF2), while the rest of the team uses the sub-standard insurgent gear. Obviously with the insurgent team it is a bit touchier with gear selection, but you get the point. Hearts & Minds gamemode: This is a bit of a stretch, but is the real simulation type of game-mode. Obviously AI is possible within SQUAD, and adding ambient civilians to the battle zone would be AWESOME. They can throw rocks, give intel when arrested or questioned etc... It would be much like Insurgency game mode, when hunting for the cache's, but can potentially be a much lower server size, with an equally LARGE map size. SQUAD is amazing, but imo it lacks the "Simulation" type of scenarios. It turns into a massive meat grinder battle. This would be a slower-paced, randomly unfolding mission generator. With a player balance of say 12 Blufor, and 2 or 3 insurgent actual players, with the rest insurgent AI and ambint civilian AI. Objectives 1: Help protect the ANA Outpost: Drive your Humvee over to help defend it. Objective 2: Locals revelaed IED locations - EOD squad goes to disarm a series of 3 or 4 IEDs, get caught up with firefights in the middle of it. Objective 3: Deliver the supplies to the villagers..... I know it sounds like a stretch but dude, so possible! Objective 4: Snatch and Grab: Delta flies in on an MH-6 to raid and capture the bad guys from a compound far off in the desert! It may sound like a stretch from what I'm saying, but the implementation if done properly would be incredible, and set SQUAD apart from any other Mil-Sim game. It would do what ArmA3 did, but so much better with the SQUAD mechanics. It would be incredible to have preset missions, where the Blufor has to disarm IED's at certain locations, build something, and help defend the Afghani National Army outpost or something. Randomly generated, has the smaller-team driving back and forth all over the huge desert scenario, with random AI events unfolding, with an even smaller Insurgent team of actual players. Player amount would be weighted like 12-20 Blufor players, with 2-3 Insurgent players. Obviously with larger amount of ambient AI and insurgent AI mixed in. I love SQUAD, and Mil-sim games, Simulations, and it would be incredible to join the development team. I would literally learn the tools required to be useful... Thank you -JDubz
  2. So with A12 coming along and the introduction of fireteams coming as well. As well as major assets such as MBTs, I think it should be time to discuss how vehicles should be fitting in to a team. Should we go full PR style and just have one squad that claims all vehicles through server rules (or possible ingame implementation)? Or should we have vehicles like IFVs and APCs be attached to squads to form mechanized units? Should there be an option in the squad creation to make a squad dedicated specifically to assets? Should assets be in their own little squads and linked to whatever vehicles it's attached to and is available? (I prefer this idea as it would allow people to play together in the same tank without one squadleader technically owning all the tanks and being a **** and kicking all the people he don't like). Should IFVs and APCs be able to attach themselves to infantry squads for proper coordination? (assuming a vehicle has its own little squad assigned to it as mentioned above).
  3. So recently, I've been hung up on squad. I can't seem to will myself to play the game often anymore, because 8 times out of 10 I'll just be in a squad of people who don't care to communicate or ask questions. I feel like I HAVE to squad lead for an enjoyable experience anymore, and that takes a lot of patience and energy if you're doing it right IMO. Every time I feel like I wanna take a break and let someone else take the reigns, its just a shitshow. I do get good squadleads, and it makes the game exponentially more enjoyable. Just not in comparison to the amount of SLs ive had that just dont communicate and act like they've been huffing lacquer. My question is this, how do you overcome the human element and have fun no matter what you're doing in game? At least for me, it seems like my enjoyment is based on the giant dice roll that is squads and squad leaders. Even when I find ways to be useful and help my team, its always disheartening to not have any backup from my squad. I absolutely love the teamwork and cooperation aspect of Squad, and I feel like I'm just seeing less of it. It makes sense with kickstarters not being the only ones playing anymore, but what can we do to make Squad an excellent community? And/Or am I an arsehole and am just not understanding something?
  4. In light of issues 4:3 users face with the squad interface (as detailed here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/24303-gui-partially-unusable-in-43/ ) I'd like to suggest a possibly easier alternative to implement that would not only provide a stopgap for 4:3 users, but also provide a potentially useful functionality for everyone: console commands that can be used for managing the squad, doing things like changing the squad name, kicking users and promoting other players. A list of suggested commands would be: SquadChangeName SquadListPlayers (for an easier time kicking/promoting people) SquadKick SquadPromote
  5. We all know that an army isn't made up of nothing but riflemen. The developers have done an amazing job at diversifying squads and teams but there does seem to be one detail lacking: squad specialties. While most "fire teams" and "squads" carry fairly standardized gear, it's also important to know that squads themselves can have specialties just like individual soldiers do. While the idea of introducing mortars as a deployable makes sense, why go through the pain of limiting the number of mortars within, say, 400 meters? Instead, let's make mortars a specialty to one squad (the combat support - mortar squad). The squad "specialties" would be broken up as follows: Direct Action and Combat Support Direct Action - Heavy Weapons Squad ^ Add 2x Auto-riflemen kits (with either M249s or M240s) Direct Action - Assault Squad ^ Add 2x Grenadier kits [please add hand grenades(with an s!)] Direct Action - CQB Squad ^ Remove Marksmen Rifles ^ Add "Breacher" kit (Shotgun, Pistol, Frag. Grenade, Bandage, E-Tool) Direct Action - AT Squad ^ Add (Better) AT kit (I.e. Javelin) ^ Add SOFLAM-style or laser designator to SQL kit Combat Support Combat Support - Marksmen Squad (Likely everyone's favorite) ^ Add scoped assault rifles (two) ^ Add 2x Sniper kits (M24, SVD, SVD, SVD) Combat Support - Mortar Squad ^ Add 3x Mortar Kits (Mortars must be placed at least 100 or 200 m away from FOB and built within 50 meters of a Mortar Radio) Combat Support - Engineer Squad ^ (For later use) Add 2x Engineer kits Extra ideas: -Allow E-Tool to dig trenches without FOB radio or make dirt cover. -Multiple grenades for standard kits (M4A1+Red Dot, M4A1, AK74M, etc) -Quick-callout-radial for those without microphones ("Contact!", "Incoming!"(please use audio from FOB radio XD), etc.) -Squad text chat -Local text chat -Please balance teams! Perhaps make Insurgents use less stamina and run faster (no body armor), etc Thank you for reading/considering!
  6. Has anybody experienced a game where an entire squad finds an extremely distant area on the map, builds a completely useless FOB, then fortifies it to the point where nobody can enter or exit? It has happened to me a total of 3 times and it totally ruins the game for everybody else. I asked an admin that happened to be moderating the server 1/3 of these instances and they said that there was nothing he could do about it.... So is there anything we can do about these guys? Maybe make it a rule to play the actual game? To test it? Idk, you guys tell me. I'm still mad over here, successful trolls.
  7. Alright so who can solve this problem I am running on acompletely updated windows 7 program with a gtx 750 ti superclocked and when I join into a game, which I CAN do without problems when I get into the spawn screen it is like it knocks out my signal because when I hit the join squad button it turns yellow like something should happen even though nothing does no matter how many times I hit and I even wait five minutes to see if there was a delayed effect and that I would join but it doesn't work. However, this doesn't occur everytime, sometimes I am able to actually join even though every game I join into is between 20-70 ping and doesn't lag at all when I play but as soon as I die in the games I can join the same effect as the JOIN button occurs with the give up button it just changes colors and nothing happens it doesn't give up and I cannot respawn no matter how long I wait every thing still is going on like I see the map and all the squad members moving as well as their chat but it's like my signal is blocked and I can't join. Idk what to do pleaz help for I cannot stand this at all I want to enjoy the beauty of this game b/c the little I have played I have loved. Already tried uninstall-reinstall, verifying caches, and updating windows. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Specs Good Enough?

    a GTX 745 video card is kinda meh, but you should be able to play it still on low or medium. (but when the devs finish optimization I assume you will be able to run it alot better)
  9. MINI HIGHLIGHT REEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf34luinVHQ
  10. Concept: No global squad radio for players who are "alive". If the player DIES (not merely incapacitated), he gets a direct channel to the SL to ask about where to spawn, etc. but only the squad leader will hear him. --- I've been playing a bit of the Alpha. (Fine job so far, btw.) First thing that I noticed was that inside squads themselves, there isn't much cohesion. The thing that ties you together is pretty much the map. Eh...yeah. Second: No-one has the time to check the map for locations in the middle of fire-fights, and IMHO, they have no business doing so (Cue "Enemy at my position!" rant.). It's instinctive, coming from FPS history, but pretty wrong. No-one does that IRL. Third: The "Enemy at my position", "Spotted 256!", "Contact!!!" rant issue stems from global squad radio. Of all the millions of places the enemy chose to be at, it's at some voice over squad radio's location, usually unidentified, and void of details. Forth: Squad cohesion is pretty much, "Go there!". Again, for a soldier, the map is your master. Where is said point? Where am I relative to the rest of the squad? Who's fighting, and where? Map. Map. Map. --- Solutions: No global squad radio for alive players. If the player cannot be revived, he can ask the squad leader where to spawn, etc. and only the squad leader will hear him. Squad members will be forced to have tighter cohesion if they can't use the crutches of map/global squad radio. With enforced local radio only, if a squad member goes off on his own, he'll get lost and must learn to stick with the pack. Defenses make much more sense. Hot spots are easily identified over local. The squad leader can run over and sort it out if he needs to know what's going on. It's his job anyways. Plans and directions make more sense and take more "stick to the plan" than "I'll just wing it and respawn.". Case in point: "You, you, and you go to that building and wait. When you hear gunfire, push through the center and clean out their rear defenders. We'll meet at the middle. Medics pick up casualties after the firefight." For instance: Dead SM: "SL! Where should I spawn?"SL: "Spawn at CP Tango and meet us on the South side of the village!"
  11. Groups or Squads

    Hi folks, One feature I think would go hand in hand with the game would be an actual squad feature on the forums, kind of similar to Arma 3's XML, whereby your clan tags are displayed in game next to your name. And if you were to link it all into the website people could view squads (clans/groups) and their personnel/statistics. You could further define this by having two distinct group types of casual and competitive, casual being unlimited in group size and more informational, and competitive being limited to either 4 or 8 people and being more statistical in nature. Overall this will allow for not only better competitiveness between groups but also allow for better organisation regarding group on group combat/scrims.
  12. How are squads organized?

    I understand a squad will have nine members. Somewhere I read that someone heard from a dev there will be fire teams also. Will these be actual game features, so that when you join a sq you also choose which fire team to join? Will there then be a fire team leader/assistant squad leader, where the two leader roles have one fire team each? Will this assistant SL be able to put markers out for the fire team? Or will the sq have two fire teams and the SL outside of these, running between them, so as to get more time to think and plan ahead?
  13. I'm about to clock out for the night, but before I do, here is an idea that I had that is relevant to the "10-Squads" thread here, but is perhaps too much of a tangent. This is an idea for how a Commander might manage assets, and could solve as well as create a lot of problems. The idea is that all assets are done by assignment. There could be "bidding" on assets in a pre-round operation, or Squad Leaders could handle the assessment of their squad's capabilities, and then communicate those to the commander. The idea here is that the Commander has a visual pallete of options that he can use to organize assets. He can drag and drop assets into squads, and from there the Squad Leader dictates roles in a similar manner. Squads would/could likely be renamed to clarify the intended "operation" and assist in organization. This would essentially solve a lot of the "stealing the Logi" problems, because being in a "Logi" role would flag your character and allow you to drive a logi that is parked at base. (I think out in the field they should be unlocked etc). I'll leave that locked unlocked thing for another discussion, but the point is, this could be a system that solves a lot of asset, role, and organizational problems in an intuitive manner.