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      Introduction   The Squad Team reserves the right to edit, update, add and remove rules at any time. Applicable rules extend to the PM system. Your PMs are private, but the Squad Team may be informed about unacceptable PM content by the receiving party.   Section I: Posting Rules   §1 Show Respect This community can only work if we all respect each other. To that end, it is imperative that any time you engage with another user, either directly or indirectly, you show them respect with the content of your post. In particular refrain from flaming, insulting, abusing, taunting, racism, and other similar types of actions towards other forum users.   §2 Attitude & Behavior Poor attitude and behavior are the most common ways a negative / unsafe environment is created and perpetuated. As such that kind of behavior will not be allowed on these forums. Please be mindful of this rule when posting personal positions and opinions regarding topics which could be considered contentious in nature. As a rule of thumb, keep your posts civil in nature, and refrain from making posts that are likely to incite arguments and create a negative environment. As a privately hosted web forum we reserve the right to maintain an environment that we are happy the majority of our players are comfortable with.   §3 Swearing While we will not strictly moderate every little swear that occurs, please try to avoid excessive bad language. The moderation reserves the right to remove rants and unsuitable content at any time.   §4 Illegal Topics
      Prohibited topics include, but are not limited to: Piracy, drugs (including cannabis), pornography, religion, racism, sexism, homo/trans -phobic content, videos and images showing violent death or serious injury, ‘spam threads’, hacking & griefing (endorsement thereof), religion, politics,  etc. Prohibition may be suspended for some threads if they are found to be suitable by the Moderation (such as scientific debate).
      If there is doubt, the Moderation Team can decide whether a topic is considered illegal.   §5 Attitude towards Squad and the Development Team
      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
      Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.   §7 Forum structure & Search
      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
      Please name your thread appropriately; the subject title should sum up / explain the content in the thread. If you fail to name your thread properly (such as ‘Hey!’ or ‘Check this out!’ or ‘Help!’), we will either rename or lock the topic. Repeated offense may lead to infractions. The practice of using CAPITALS only in your thread title is not allowed and will be edited or the thread will simply be deleted. Strange or abnormal Unicode characters should be excluded from thread titles for the sake of being distracting and unnecessary.
      §9 Thread Capitalization
      Please ensure that your post is not in all CAPITALS, as this is not allowed. Any threads posted in all caps will subsequently be removed from the forum. Repeated offenses may lead to infractions against your account. This practice is not approved or accepted here. 
        §10 Images in posts
      When posting images, mind the following restrictions:
      .gifs will be allowed and may be removed by Staff if deemed necessary.
      Maximum size for images is 1280x1024.
      Do not include more than ~1 large image per paragraph of text, unless in image collection / announcement threads. Link to further images.
      Consider posting thumbnails. You may post a few more images per post if they are reasonably small, the details are for the Moderation to judge.   §11 The use of BBCode
      It is allowed to use the BBCode in your posts. Over usage is not allowed. You may use the Bold in a reasonable manner but not for the whole text body. You may use the size feature but in a limited reasonable manner. You may not use any of the additional fonts at all. Color may be used to high light a point but again, not for the whole text body. Moderators will be watching for misuse and will edit when required without giving notice. Continued disregard for this rule will result in Moderator action in the form of warnings.   §12 Complaints of Server/Admin Abuse Reports of server/admin abuse will not be posted publicly. All reports concerning this type of behavior should be place in the appropriate sub-forum. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ All posts made outside of this area will be be removed.   Section II: Reporting & Moderation   §1 Reporting Posts
      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
      Do not ignore or argue against Admin, Moderator or Dev instructions on the forum. If you have a complaint, as per §2, please inform the Team in private. You are expected to follow orders given by the Moderation, Administration and Development Team, and it is necessary for smooth running of the forum to respect their decisions. Being stubborn or ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments - however, we do not tolerate Moderator / Admin abuse of power / privileges, so do not hesitate to inform other Team members if you feel treated unfairly.   §4 Bans and multiple accounts
      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
      You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason. If you share an internet connection with another user who has their own account, it might happen that this account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account - please get in touch with the Moderation or Administration to resolve such issues.

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Found 8 results

  1. Hey squaddies! You ready for another SquadChat? On Friday, October 25th at 1:00 PM Pacific Time at https://twitch.tv/JoinSquad, we hosted a chat with Emil “Nordic” Gustafsson! We chatted about everything from server licensing, how 2 git gud, finding organized play, and right on into the Offworld Industries Squad Championship! A veritable expert in all aspects of Squad, having clocked about 5000 in-game, he helps Offworld keep the ship afloat. Bring your questions about competitive Squad, organizing communities, managing servers, and maybe even talk a little strategy. Couldn’t make it? No problem! We have archived the chat here, and the rest of the SquadChats on our Youtube channel.
  2. Hey squaddies! The time for another SquadChat (was) upon us! On Friday, July 19th, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (2000 UTC) at https://twitch.tv/JoinSquad, we chatted with our guests Tom “Fuzzhead” Fancsy, game designer, and Dylan Fraser, programmer. We discussed recent changes to Squad, what these two fine gentlemen do on Squad, answered your questions, and learned some stuff together! OFFWORLD OUT.
  3. Hey Squaddies! Another SquadChat in the bag! This time around, we invited our game designer Tom "Fuzzhead" Fancsy back to chat about the state of Squad, game design, the most recent recap, and more. The SquadChat took place on Friday, March 8th, at 10 AM Pacific Time (1800 UTC) at http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad We recommend following JoinSquad on Twitch so you'll get the notification when we go live. =) The chat has been archived here:
  4. Hey gang! I had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Douglas recently; he has one of the artists behind Squad since the beginning and you'd recognize his recent work in the form of the Bradley. But wait, there's more! He's also a squad leader! You can watch our chat here:
  5. Hey all! We're going to be doing another SquadChat tomorrow at 10 am Pacific Time. (about 22 hours from now.) Joining me will be Irontaxi, the very reason Offworld Industries exist. We'd love for you to join us to chat with Taxi and get your questions answered. You'll find the stream at http://twitch.tv/joinsquad, and we'll be sure to archive it on Youtube on the SquadChat playlist. See you tomorrow!
  6. To be suppressed or not to be suppressed, that is the question. But is it a question or is it an answer? Watched the SquadChat 1 video/podcast and one of the ideas that actually really appealed to me was when SgtRoss talked about suppression and the state a professional gets into when getting shot at - and the incetivizing of certain player behaviour. Although he didn't spell it out, he did say that all the possible systems of suppression were thought of, so I thought it can't hurt to formulate it and share it - regardless of whether or not OWI has already discussed anything similar. Basically just a free-floating idea like any other post I make. Though I will make an argument. What I kinda understood from that part - how you might become more focused/efficient, while under fire, in real life, and how that is something OWI can't put into the game - that being "bounced around" or "blinded" by suppressive fire isn't a thing in real life and isn't fun in a game - you can't force the fear of death - vape nation The idea: Getting suppressed VS getting suppressed A.K.A Effects of suppression on the player VS Player behaviour alias 1 and 0 The effects of suppressing/shooting at an enemy Shooting drains Stamina Low Stamina increases Sway and decreases Sprint speed The effects of getting suppressed (bullets whizzing PAST you) Stamina debt - your stamina decreases for every bullet ^ and every action(sprinting, firing), but you don't receive any negative effects from it(sway nor speed), while suppressed. Current visual effect/abberation When do you stop being suppressed, ie when does the stamina debt kick in If you receive damage enough to make you bleed If you go into -1 Stamina; assuming full Stamina is 1, no Stamina is 0 - that way you can't sprint forever just because someone is shooting at you. If you reach the Stamina value you had at the moment when you started getting suppressed. What happens when you recover from suppression? Unless you recover by regaining your original Stamina value, you receive the penalty of the Stamina debt. If that puts your Stamina into a negative value you are unable to raise your weapon and can only walk or lie still prone - recharging Stamina mode - until your Stamina is at 0 again. (You can't self deplete your Stamina below 0 by running etc) When are you (not) getting suppressed? You are only being put into a suppressed state, if bullets fly or land next to your "spine", "Z axis". Bullets hitting cover in front of you? Not. Bullets flying "a head" over your head? Not. Bullets landing at your feet? Yes. Etc etc Suppose having a sort of Michelin man aura/hitbox around you... Additionally the faster you move the larger the Michelin man gets The bigger the gun the more Stamina debt each "near hit" imparts The Balance The idea is to give a player a simple choice when being engaged - by accurate fire A) Get into cover and wait it out, not taking any negative effects B) Engage back and risk losing Stamina if you're overwhelmed - making you a dead man unless you can A) right after Returning to the original statement: You can't make people sitting in front of computer screens in their homes be afraid of risking their digital life in a videogame, BUT you can reward the risk. It quickly becomes a twofold dilemma. Option A increases immediate risk, gives you an edge in the fight and presents you with the intermediate risk of being indebted to that bonus, if you make a mistake. In which case an ever more threatening risk of quick death comes soon after. Or in a good case scenario likely leaves you in a state where you're even less likely to succeed, if you have to repeat the process not long after surviving it. Option B lets the player minimize the immediate risk, but it also ups the intermediate risk of indirect fire. This then leaves the player with a new set of choices. Take option A and try to get rid of the antagonizer or fall back, decreasing the risk of both the intermediate risk of indirect fire aswell as the long term risk of encirclement, while introducing a new immediate risk of being stranded in the open with only option A while moving from cover to cover. I think this wouldn't be an altogether bad system. For one, it doesn't take any control from the individual player, but it puts all the power over to teamwork, just as well as an aimpunch system would, whether it's overwhelming suppression making a "rambo" option A player more than likely to get hit - brutally negating the bonus - or covering fire from your own squad, while taking the safest possible option of falling back and avoiding getting suppressed and being put into the situation above. It also has the benefit, in contrast to an aimpunch system, where a balanced amount of firepower between two or more squads trying to wipe each other out isn't subject to the "who shoots first" domino effect, where once suppressed the player is less and less able to suppress the enemy back. The crucial part being that shooting itself depletes stamina - making one player being able to continually suppress multiple players impossible if they manage to increase distance or being a decent distance away from the enemy to begin with. There's also no possibility of cheesing the system by shooting at an enemy behind cover and sending another person over to shoot him, while he is helplessly being bounced around or blinded by the bullets. Just my 2 cents
  7. Hey Squaddies! We're going to be doing another livestream on Twitch tomorrow, Friday, 4/20 at 7 AM Pacific, 1400 UTC. We'll have ChanceBrahh on to discuss mapping, including some of his work that you may have seen in the most recent recaps. Our channel is http://twitch.tv/joinsquad If you can't make it, we'll be archiving the chat for later viewing. If you can make it, come ask Chance some questions!
  8. In-game chat not working

    So I usually play with a couple friends and we talk to each other on a mumble server which is how I realized this problem was occurring. Whenever I press the default keys for voice chat (or any other assigned keys after the fact) the green or blue chat icon will display showing that my mic is actively transmitting. HOWEVER, whenever I speak, none of my teammates can here me. It's not a mic issue because mumble is working fine with my friends, it's only the in game chat.. I can hear everyone else, and no one can hear me. I'm trying to source out possible issues and resolutions because I can't play this game if I can't communicate with my squad. Thanks for any help received.