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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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Found 9 results

  1. I was thinking after squad leading the other day that a nice optional function would be when keying the mic to talk to other squad leaders would be to have the volume drop for the environment and the other radio channels while cross talking to other squad leaders. I often have this battle of having to try and shut out all other sounds that sometime completely trample over the coms of the other SLs. I've messed with sound level options for each of the channels but i never really get a great balance when it comes to using the command channel. I often have this battle in my head trying to figure out what should be more important, local voice loudest, squad set loudest, or have the command channel up the highest. I was thinking you could have a fourth slider under sound to adjust a percentage in volume reduction for voice communication rather than the whole environment to further the idea. A reduction in volume would really help boost communication with a bonus to gameplay especially when having to jump language barriers. As a bonus I think this idea would fit really nice with the new animations when talking with other SLs and the hand raising to the ear while using the command channel. I don't think this would detract to much from realism but would instead boost game play by allowing a clear communication across squads. What do you think?
  2. Movement Lines On Map

    Now I know there have been a lot of threads posted about waypoints or more marker options for squad leaders or even for them to be available to the rest of the squad members but what I have in mind is a bit different what I want is for squad leaders to be able to draw lines on the map. Now, this would mostly be for the purpose of better coordination and organisation especially in the opening few minutes of the match to ensure everyone is on the right page as to where they are going as quite often the first few moments are the most crucial. However, I know the standard objections that this would be abused and who would see what exactly would it be all squads or just your own, I would have it that only the squad leader can draw it for their own squad (I mean they are trusted to act responsibly for other important core gameplay aspects such as spawning so why not this) and maybe a secondary feature in the same way you have squad chat and squad leader chat to be able to set different lines that all squad leaders could see and maybe have an option to change the colour of the lines so you know which line people are talking about. But honestly I would happy with just it being limited to a squad only feature as opposed to being squad and squad leaders, however, of course, it is up to the developers. And again, in the same way, offensive symbols drawn with these lines could be punished in the same way that other players can report others for toxic behaviour in the in-game chats, for example, using offensive language. Overall, I think this will be worth the time as it will greatly expand a squad leaders ability to communicate and organise with his squad members (and I don't know much if anything about game developing) and as these are just lines on the map that already include placable markers I would not think that this would require too much effort to implement this into the game, but I just hope that the idea is at the very least considered. Thank You For a brilliant game
  3. Top50

    Well to start of im Nemesis, EX Admin on Project Reality Number 1 Server Kokan&Hookers 2008-2014 (estimated Guess) and I have been introduced to a system that calculates the number of wins and losses including deaths and kills and assist kills, this system was invited by one of my fellow brothers and I was wondering after Overheating my CPU and down my Motherboard last month and counting about 1150 Hours in squad since 2015. My question is there going to be a leader board counting the number of wins ,loss , Kills and Deaths? are there any fellow squad leaders who want to know what there status on the best leadership or assist that we can know about? This question is a real deal to me because I have been recording only hours and I honestly am happy but I can bet a Taqueria de Anda Mexican Burrito that this System is a required status in the game, I believe it can add stability and increase in the number of Squad Leaders that are around. what are you Ideas or Que Ladies and Gents do you believe that a system like this can work or Accept the Truth that we are putting in hard hours for Respect or ride till the ship sinks with it captain and accept Respect without recognition. American Sniper did it , Finish Sniper white death , lets not forget the soviet unions Legend Sniper Vasily Zaystev . Please take the time to vote if you care or don't care about this system cause this System has been ignored for a while and I can Honestly say this "The Worst case of being the being the best is being remembered by your Peers and Family not by staying awake 24/7 and kicking ass everyday I clock in eating Durrito Puffs to earn a stripe"
  4. So recently, I've been hung up on squad. I can't seem to will myself to play the game often anymore, because 8 times out of 10 I'll just be in a squad of people who don't care to communicate or ask questions. I feel like I HAVE to squad lead for an enjoyable experience anymore, and that takes a lot of patience and energy if you're doing it right IMO. Every time I feel like I wanna take a break and let someone else take the reigns, its just a shitshow. I do get good squadleads, and it makes the game exponentially more enjoyable. Just not in comparison to the amount of SLs ive had that just dont communicate and act like they've been huffing lacquer. My question is this, how do you overcome the human element and have fun no matter what you're doing in game? At least for me, it seems like my enjoyment is based on the giant dice roll that is squads and squad leaders. Even when I find ways to be useful and help my team, its always disheartening to not have any backup from my squad. I absolutely love the teamwork and cooperation aspect of Squad, and I feel like I'm just seeing less of it. It makes sense with kickstarters not being the only ones playing anymore, but what can we do to make Squad an excellent community? And/Or am I an arsehole and am just not understanding something?
  5. sick of new squad leaders

    There is a huge problem that's ruining multiplayer: newbie squad leaders. Over and over again, on most servers, at the beginning of each game, squads form with SLs that don't even know how to put down FOBs. Perhaps only people with 500+ hours of experience should be able to be SLs? Or there needs to be an SL training course that unlocks the ability to be an SL. I don't even think squads should have access to fire support roles until SLs put down fobs. Squad devs, PLEASE fix this, it is ruining the game!
  6. A lot has been spoke about the co ordination and planning that squad leaders less has been said about the basic math that a SL should be aware of. I am talking about the cost of attack , and defence. Its generally easy to get a neutral flag but holding it is a different kettle of fish. Example 1 you capture the neutral flag no ticket gain no loss. But then in the coming attack defence you lose Btr, FOB and squad wipe your looking at an impressive 59 throw in the loss of the flag, say 20 your topping 79! in a crashed moment of thinking of glory the SL throws down an FOB with no hope of either spawning on it for the next 5mins or being able to defend it your now at 99! wow. So in the first 15 mins of a match nearly 1/5 of the total starting points have gone. Example 2 Desa captured neutral flag SL place FOB and repair. Even though flag not in play. SL drive logistic truck up river road to be destroyed by technical. So 8 for the truck and 3 for the men thrown to the wind. Then tries to defend a non capturable location that really shouldn't be there so after losing squad twice the SL has spent 29 tickets trying to defend something he doesn't need to be at. Add to the possible loss of 20 more when the FOB going down because you can see the repair station from the middle of no where, its a hefty 50 for nothing. (Ok I did end up leaving his squad at this point and dig up the FOB, to move them forward only so much you can take.) The reason these annoy me is that wasting tickets. Defending a flag all good and well, last ticket on the bleed flag, throw the kitchen sink. 1 logistic truck is 1 squad wipe, 3 wipes for a BTR. Holding the flag for the rest of the team to give time for capture sure. Throwing down a FOB for the team to launch an attack at last flag, and your going to be defending it. All good but Can your team afford it, please remember the math Lose FOB 20!! Btr 30 Hmmv 16 logistic truck 8 tec log 4 armed tech 8 Squad wipe 9 Rally 2 (not sure is still applies) It's very easy to get carried away but think can the team take the cost of throwing to much at the enemy for nothing. As a Squad leader your a linch pin in your team, figure out the cost. Not saying don't have fun, but look at the risk to cost to reward.
  7. Kind of had a few small(ish) ideas about base-building. I think that trenches would be an awesome addition to a squad leaders base-building menu (pretty much says it all), squad should also include some other base-building options like watch towers (snipers nests), platforms, bunkers, etc. They should organise the base-building menu a bit better and have sub-menus or categories (like the map icon menu that squad leaders have), with names such as sandbags, defensive (emplacements), towers, etc. In those names (categories) you would find more assets. Just an idea.
  8. Improve team-play

    Squad are a fantastic game. Use to play Arma 3 and RO2. But this is far better. But there is one problem - lack of team playing. I have a suggestion. When starting a new game there should be two option, 1. Ordinarily play (as today) and 2. tactical play. Alternative 2 should be a invitation only to them how want to be squad leaders. When all squad leaders are in place they vote for a map. After that a tactical planning phase for both teams on the map. Squad leades can discuss the way they want to win and use the map well for planning. When planning phase are finish they open up for soldiers. Every solider in each team can on the map see the plan there squad leaders have agree on. This alternative I think will improve team playing. Is this a bad or good improvement? Best regards Christer
  9. Hello everybody. This reading is for fun, for rest from a daily work, for get other thoughts and for squad leaders :) So we had first 24 hours behind and well Iam personally impressed how great its going. Great congratulations to dev team. During day There was flood of comments. Technical problem or issues. Just sitting in job and be there at forum was fun. I read how newcomers are great. And they are really they are. At night after some rounds with RedCoats I went to different server and check on my own eyes whats happening outside. It was fun and great. Newcomers really follow. They cooperate. They work fine. With just one condition. They need to have leader. No kidding even worst leader from PR or Squad is better right now then nothing. Even if you one is not regular leader just take lead and lead them. Each game has 3 phases. Init, fight, end. For each Squad leaders Second phase is key phase. You keep your squad together or they run out. I was witness of very interesting game. I lead guys in to the fight and they follow, hell they follow really well. They talked and cooperate. And regroup everything like that. And they was newbies. Its clear like day. During first phase others squad leaders tried keep talking and cooperate. Second phase end of story. After a while I recognise that other team doesnt have even one squad leader. They worked yes a little bit. Placed some FOB . But problem of their team was that they lost their second phase. Team broker after while after first contact. So I kept my guys together. We didn't hit any resistance at all ! We met with some yes but it was small groups like 2 - 3 guys. Most time separated. When I detailed instruct guys how suppress fire how flank how advance we won EACH firefight in few seconds. There was no intense firefight at all. All over the map. At the end we lost like a team by 4 tickets. But it doesn't matter at all. So after this i fall in bed and thought about it. Newcomers at this moment has no clue whats going on. They enjoy it ou yes really much. But they didn't see glorious of this game until they have proper leader who glue them together. So if there is no squad leader at server game is super boring for experienced player. I can again see building FOB at flags. Old good tactic :) I can see group of people direct walk from flag to flag and just few brave guys try decent flank. Its just beginning its sure. But we are in key point. If we want hold hight attitude we have to show it to them. If they got instructions and lead they do that perfectly. Better then vets players. But why ? Because they have no idea its obvious and clear to see. Well I math a little bit. During high populate spikes at PR we had 3 - 6 full servers. It means 4 full infantry squads at each side. Rest is armoury, air, support, artillery. It means 4 + 4 Squad Leaders at one server = 8 * 6 servers = 48 Squad leaders at all during session. Ussually best was at popular servers (HOG, CIA, PRTA ). that means 24 So math: (4 + 4) * 3 = 24 Squad leaders Right now. At squad.rock I see 17 full servers ! We are at this moment just infantry based. So math: (4 + 4) * 17 = 136 ! Thats enormous number. Iam optimistic Squad community has at this moment 30 squad leaders. Most of them are right now in job feeding their families :) We can be just happy that we don't have armoury and other toys in game. That we cant split squad to fire teams. If we just split to fire teams we will get 272 ! If we get in memory before month we was happy to fill One server. From these days some famous names came. At this moment we need at least 10x more :) But guys thats fun fun fun. No game all over the world can't give you this what Squad give. It will take a time but its pay for rising :) So keep in mind that new guys really need describe area. They need figure out how walk in group. Teach them not just game mechanism like right button shovel enemy fob. But even how take cover, how walk through corridors, how cover each other, where to look, give them sector for observations, give them other small objectives like area recon for couple, talk to them like never before. Vets expect automatically that if SL say we are going get this compound that 2 - 3 guys will stay outside and watch flanks or give support fire. But new guys don't know this. Vets know how to walk in different areas when sprint, when walk, when sneak. Keep in mind that most of new guys don't know that at this moment. Thy know sprint or camp. So lead theme really even with this and yeah even vets like this kind of leading :D So have a fun heads up stay strong enjoy a game and see you at field guys.