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    Hello , sorry for my low English Skills, but i hope someone can understand my point ! Suggestion for adding a ability for Squad Leaders to choice a formation (few basic formations are enought) - This can be done showing to every player in the squad a marker where he must be in realtime (moving with the SL) , somewhere in the ground like a circle or arrow down... and when the player is near to desapear compleatly! -This implementation will make a operate a team in engage or just move a bit more realistic and the people will know their location to move and not ask where - To be compleatly optional ... players can turn this ON or OFF , in case of OFF ... the squad leader formation selection not will shown in the player screen! and if its ON to be shown ! - Or when in firefights or someone from the squad fire a gun to dessapear (this will solve the problem in firefights to not confuse players where to move , if markers are on) - This to be only formations for movement (before combat) to move from point A to point B ! - If this is implemented will be more immersive and effective when we move and the SL will know each player role where is and can be react faster in every situation! In this video its explained and i use it as a exemple for the suggestion! PS: Fingers crossed to see formations in SQUAD game in future !
  2. What's up guys, First off just let me state that this game is great. At the time of posting I have about 180 hours in. This IMO is one of the best mil-sim type games I have played. The amount of "Realism" They have in the game makes it a good experience and an enjoyable way to pass the time. However, with all games, I find some improvements would benefit the game. Below are some of the improvements I believe the game can benefit from. Let me know if you guys agree or what your opinion is on them. - All factions weapons should have access to sights. It makes it a bit unbalanced and isn't very enjoyable to be forced to have no sights. If an individual wants to have no sight they should be allowed to choose that. However, forcing some classes or weapons to not have sights on certain factions seems quite foolish to me. If that individual is equipped enough to have a 203 launcher attached to their rifle, then they probably have a sight. It actually does not sound bad to have the ability to choose whatever sight for your weapon if it is typically used for that weapon. For example, A AR Kit could utilize Iron Sights, M68 Red dot, EO Tech, or an ACOG. I'm not sure if everyone agrees, but that doesn't sound bad. If not that, at least allow a sight OR iron sights if not the choice of the type of sight. - a "Party" option for friends added to the game so they can be brought into servers with you, and the ability to add a friend and/or send an invite to a player in a server who is not in the party prior. This enables people to make "Friends" in game and bring them along, sidestepping the whole searching for them on steam process. - Fire team leaders should be allowed to set emplacements like the squad leader. If not straight-up allowed themselves then at least be able to request permission to set emplacements from the Squad leader (Just like the vehicle mechanic) - Fire team leads should also be allowed to set Enemy / Fire mission markers - No 1-man locked squads. This should be changed to at least a 4 man requirement. This way that squad can at least run a 2 man armor(Vehicle) team. Anything below that doesn't make sense. - An option to make the mini-map smaller. If not universally at least for when you are driving. Not everyone has a reliable TC (Truck Commander). - Advertisement. As I've stated, this game is great IMO and one of the best if not the best mil-sim type shooter. However, the player base isn't very large. at the time of this review there is only a 5,823 peak player base. Not terrible, but not great. My concern with this is overtime the game will take the natural course of losing players and dwindle down to even smaller numbers. I'm not sure how exactly the game could or should be advertised, I just think that it should be. I think they should utilize advertising on social media platforms, and more specials on Steam. The specials could range from more free-to-play days with front page advertising of such on steam so people can see it, to more frequent discounted days. I understand it's easy for me to state that when I am not the one fronting the money to do such, but I believe this player base can grow even more and I don't want the game to lose any of the player base it has over time simply due to it not growing because people do not know of its existence. Let me know how you guys feel about some of these points!
  3. Hi. Im newbee, bought this game after free weekend. I played this game over 20 hours and want to make my 5 cents. Since the game is not optimized, and I am the owner AMD CPU, I have 30 fps with any graphics settings, so I play as SL most of the time. And here are some of the communication problems. First: needs to forbid renaming squads. They should be called Alpha, Bravo, Charli...and only. The problem is that inconvenient to communicate with other SL because they have their own names. You say each squad has a unique number, yes, but there 2 problem. and the second problem is communication with teammates from the squad. Each of them has own nickname. I should direct the cursor on teammate, opening the map, to see his name every time for navigate him. It would be much better, if every player has the callsign in squad. SL always has a callsign - 1 (First, he's leader) in squad, next 2, 3, .. , 9. Now we have - Squad Alpha, SL with callsing (fisrt), each teammate has own callsign in squad (second , third). Due to the fact that players now have callsigns - first, second, ..., squads should be called not 1,2,3, but Alpha, Brava, Charli... Now it very easy to communicate, example, I say, Charlie tell 3 to revive my 5, or Bravo tell your 4 to take on board my 2 and 9. Third, uninformative map.The main tool of the leader is tactical map. But opening it I can't see the names of my teammtes at once, don't see to which squad belong other players and their names. I should put the cursor on the player on the map to learn his name. Approximately so should look a handy map: A - SL of Alpha squad (has callsign in own squad- First), C - SL of Charli squad (has callsign in own squad - First) 2A - player with callsign Second form Alpha squad 3C - player with callsign Third from Charli squad red callsigns - medics And on marking of vehicles on the map should be shown the callsign of the driver Sorry for poor english
  4. Squad Leader 101

    SQUAD LEADER 101 is the complete manual to becoming an effective SL in SQUAD. It includes kit and role breakdown, leadership tips, infantry tactics, callouts, and much more. It's written to be the ultimate guide to Squad Leading and should help many aspiring SL's learn the ropes. If you like it, please upvote it and leave a comment on Steam. GUIDE CONTENTS i. Introduction ii. Earning the Stripes 1. Squad Leader Basics 2. The Squad Leader 3. R.O.P.E. 4. Rallies and Fobs 5. Infantry Tactics 6. Squad Roles 7. Vehicles 8. Leadership I 9. Leadership II 10. Callouts Link to the Steam Guide
  5. An analysis on what Squad should avoid getting from Post Scriptum. Post Scriptum's biggest difference from Squad----Decentralization: 1. SL no longer has any vital function for the operation of the squad, and squad itself has been reduced to a mean for players to get gears, as now you can spawn selectively spawn from a truck, which can easily move around avoiding detection. Back in Squad, often when a celebrated veteran SL creates a squad, it would be filled almost immediately due to everyone knowing the importance of SL. Not the case in PS at all, as whoever becomes the SL does not affect the other players. 2. You can be your one-man army. Because how accurate and deadly the basic rifle could be, and the general absence of optics across all but one roles, many special roles like machinegunner, sniper and grenadier are less critical for winning a fight. Also, the map design and weapon type dictate that you win by brute force of number, not by placing key soliders on key positions. Of course, one can still achieve great result if skillful, but unlike back in Squad when you can pin down an entire enemy squad with optic machineguns in a good overwatch position, and call up your team to finish them, here in PS it's all about having more people to attack/defend from more angles. Effects of decentralization: 1. Squad-level teamwork is basically gone, as now nothing requires the cooperation of squadmates. A sapper can just wonder around in the field alone, find an enemy spawn base or truck and just blow it up himself, which is almost impossible to be done alone back in Squad. This is dangerously making PS a direct competitor to Red Orc or Battlefield, which would make PS look bad considering that it is not a AAA title. Also, this game is unlikely to lead to any clan-heavy community like that in Squad, which is both a blessing and a curse, as unlike Squad this game would be much less likely to have games totally onesided due to veteran SLs going to the same faction. On the other hand, any idiot can drive around the truck and get wasted, and people may pick roles that only benefit them instead of ones that benefit his faction(like Squad SL can order his teammates to take up AT roles, I mean come on why would I even want to use the roles of Sapper or AT unless I'm a heavy teamplayer myself). 2. PS is strategically shallow due to the flat/free/open map design and spawn mechanism. No longer does it matter for veteran SLs to rush building HAB in critical spots for map control, or for the opposting team to prioritize countering such moves, cause you don't run out of tickets in this game. 3. PS is tactically shallow, because, as far as all the existing maps are considered, the types and patterns of terrain layouts are all the same, that it it basically the same experience fighting in different towns on different maps. 4. Vocal communication is useless. As players from the same squad no longer have to move together, which means that no one on the other team can assess enemy strength and plan strategically where he and his squad should be going. This means that team communication that provides intel is not as important now, that in PS you can have a great game without even talking or listening to chat. A funny bug: PS sometimes has difficulty registering hits, like there was a time when I got shot by a machinegunner and shot back, but both of us lived. He literally emptyed his entire drum on me that I can see bullets hitting all over me, but to no effect. It was only after both of us reloaded the guns that I was able to put him down due to faster reload.
  6. How To Not Suck at Squad - Finished version for V11 Last repost I promise!
  7. "Last built" for SL

    So you are an SL and want to build a nice FOB/Firebase somewhere. You have to build a long chain of barbed wire or sand bags... aaaand it's AUGHHRRHGH annoying to go 400 times through 2-3 radial menus just to build the same thing over and over again. ... end of story. I believe you can all relate to that scenario. It would be really nice to have a rehaul of the whole SL radial menu to be honest, it's quite clunky. But for this thread, what i have in mind is simpler and smaller change - add some way to quickly access your "last built" selection. I see two simple options: Add a hotkey for "last built" Change the radial menu so that pressing T and selecting the build option, without going deeper than that (so just T - Mouse over "Build" - Release T) would act as a "last built" command
  8. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread! Totally stole this idea from the Project Reality forum. No shame. The purpose of this thread is to share with the community if you had an effective squad leader and enjoyed being in his or her squad. It will serve as a place to share your great experiences and give the squad leader some feedback. Please, only positive feedback in this thread! We've all been there. We've played under the command of or with good and bad squad leaders. It's a crucial part of the game to have individuals willing to step up and be dedicated to that role. Let's help get the good ones recognized! A good SL is essential to a great round of Squad. Whether they employ solid strategies, or knowing where to go, or helping newbies learn the game; all of these traits are worth highlighting as it makes your game experience better! It improves the game for the entire community really. Let's try to keep it to this format for easy recommendation submissions. Player name:Player nationality (optional):Date & time of round:Map and side:Act of heroism or good conduct: (your text here; like an after action report)List of Recommended Squad Leaders +++++ 005_Joe_Mama AMG System-Zero Blackhawk BLITZA Cheesy_LeScrub Chronic DesmoLocke Griff Gunther Hellfire IrOnTaXi IRONXBAY Japseye jteverett Kurtd MrChaggy Nutella the Hun Protector PRwars Clay2 Rossy Raider RussUK SandSukka Socrates Sparcany [siN]Rekdek Unfrail USMC Vicious Last updated: 19 Dec 2015 at 16:45 EST
  9. Few suggestions

    1. SL - it might be better off to have some restiction to become SL... While it is so great to see new comers to step up as SL, it comes with the greater risk. There are some people who seems to have no idea what they are doing. It's understandable to suck at being SL. Everyone needs to start from SOMEWHERE!. However, since the squad is highly aimed for being a "team-oriented" game. It hurts to see SLs pooping bricks eventhough they are experienced.. Also it brings concerns of following categories : AWOL, Lone Wolf, Locked squad 2. From my experience, those SL's who actually listens to their squad mates and know the stragedy tends to give advise to other squad leaders. However it's most likely they go AWOL, Silent for 9/10 times. Don't even mention what i went through this weekend. gosh! Those AWOL SLs going for the next objective while in double neutral cause their squad mates to leave, create another 4 squads of 2 players each and the nightmare continue..... Here comes third point... 3,4 Locked squad and blueberries(Lone wolf)- I do not have a problem clans to have a locked squad but what is up with the locked squad of 2 players unless they are the "BTR Squad"? This only causes more lone wolves as I can see.. 5. Wall glitch - Hope the devs are looking into this matter In the current version of squad, you can shoot glitched body/revive/heal/dig through the wall. ^ This needs to be implemented. While I get the joy of reviving teammates or undig ememy's radio through the wall, this is better off patched. That's all Cheers * Content contributed toward #1 When i joined a squad in mid-game. I spawned as a medic on rally just south of enemy FOB. A single BTR came and whoop our asses, i wasn't able to revive anyone due to heavy fire. Rally went down. All re-spawned in a FOB about 700m west of my location. Here comes my Squad leader "Yo, Medic. Can you grab our lodge and just book it toward us?". I checked the map. A lodge is casually parked infront of main entrance of enemy FOB. I replied "Not if i know i can get shot before getting into the vehicle". SL goes "Oh. Here you are starting with the f***ing attitude. I am a squad leader, you answer to me only as Yessir or nosir". I don't really use f word to our teammates but that guy was plain hilarious so I said ''F. you. Don't act like a veteran when you have no exp. in military what-so-ever" and left squad. This kind of exp. is too toxic for the players Just FYI
  10. At many times people seem to think SL just means shouting at players, but theres so much more. Here's some of my thoughts on how I would categorise Squadleading. . It's not just are you going to be the SL its more what SL are you going to be playing as. What levels of SL you think I missed out. It's not that you have only one level of sl you could have multiple levels to your Squad leading. Newbie Join the game just looking to get some frags. Take assets and just want to get frags NO mic. Creates squad then leaves. Combatant Par taking in a coordinating squad to keep people upto date on progress. Working to capture the attack flag. Defending the flag. Supply fobs so to increase defence, motars. Working with comms. Squad Member Create communications with your squad. Defending a flag to give time for others to attack. Co-ordinate other squads, to attempt at team strenght. Multi tasking with squadmates, and blueberries. Operarator Working out if your manpower can take the flag. Create avenues of attack other than straight at the flag. Look for tactical chance to improve spawning positions. Detailed planning of battle. Bob the Builder Create FOB with HAB Extensive building of defences to create Super fob status Defender Creation of FSB(firebase), HAB and Mortars Maximise logistic resupply with constant mortar Use of 50 cals to provide cover and area denial. Shock Create fob on Flag for denial of capture. Thinking of competitive play, level of opposition. Deep insertion withing enemy territory. Armoured assault Strategist Promote flanking and non linear lines of attack. Try to establish intelligence , FOB/HAB positions prior to attack. Calculate, ticket loss while attempting to juggle losses. Establish enemy numbers with your squads. Understanding the cost of Assest Promote infrastructure. Commander Work with various squads. Create multiple attacks with mutiple squads. Promote inter squad communications. Do Admin and SL at same time. Real time tactical analysis of friendly/enemy forces. Reservist Casters, they are a class unto themselves. Seeders ADMIN.(afk) Just something to chew over.
  11. How about air drops for SLs to provide ammunition for the troops. Say have 1 signal flare for regular forces. And say a phone for non regular to to locate local ammo store, for resupply. This wouldn't have any construction points but might curtail some of the fob abuses. Plus make them usable by any to spice things up a bit. (still find it hard to believe you can get ammo from enemy. https://embed.theguardian.com/embed/video/world/video/2014/oct/22/pentagon-video-isis-us-weapons
  12. Hi all, I've been squad leading for a good three months now and I thought I'd write a little guide as to my train of thought on numerous aspects of the role. I enjoy playing SL, because there is currently no other role in the game that has such an active force in determining the outcome. The SLs decide if you get stomped, or if you stomp. They are crucially important to the flow of battle and overall success. For the purposes of this first guide, I'll assume we're playing AAS mode. Background: I played PR for 8 years or so as an SL, AR and crewman. I've played Squad since closed Alpha - predominantly as an SL. General Qualities: These are mandatory requirements for an SL. If you cannot do this, do not play as an SL: Have a working mic.Understand the game mode mechanics (Insurgency, AAS etc.), including order of cap.Know how to communicate with your other SLs (G key).Know how to communicate locally (V key).Have a communicable plan.Be calm under pressure.Be kind and affirming.Be firm and authoritative.Be direct and unambiguous.Have the Officer kit.Know how to place an RP (and understand mitigating circumstances and how they work).Know how to place a FOB (and understand mitigating circumstances and how they work).Have a general understanding of each role and how it works (ie. so you don't ask your medic to do suicidal things, or get your GL to waste all his ammo suppressing an empty target).If you don't have these qualities or knowledge, play the game and vary roles over your first 25 games. You will pick up all of these things. It is not unusual to be jittery in your first 20 engagements. In no time at all you'll find your feet, be able to work out exactly how scary the situation is, and end up killing people one moment and writing little symbols on your map the next. Beginning the Game: On joining the game, I always tend to pick whichever side is under strength, as I enjoy playing as an underdog. I'll make a Squad and either use a default name, or make a custom name describing the squad (teamwork). Eventually, I'll name it after the armour class or if it's a supply Squad. I will choose the Officer kit NOW, so that I don't have to respawn later. I'll wait as people join the Squad, and greet them. I only ask that the two medic roles are occupied. If nobody is choosing Medic, I'll ask Riflemen to take it (as the roles are pretty much identical). I'll let them know I'm going to chat to the other SLs to determine the best strategy. I usually check to see if I know other SLs. I'll then hit G and offer a strategy. For example, as playing as US on Chora: Squad 1 (us) will move straight to River Bend and set up a FOB if Squad 2 (9/9 Squad) want to go straight to Lilac and do the same. Squad 3 (4/8 - making sure they have enough men to cap, but are also under strength), is it possible for you to cap the two first points? Note that most people are happy to follow a plan that is easily presented. I always choose the understrength Squad (and will volunteer my own if that's the case) to cap first, as it gives them time to come to full strength and lets the full Squads occupy the front line. If all Squads are agreed on this strategy, I'll say thanks and relay all of this information to my Squad. I'll drop an arrow marker on the map near to where I want us to move to, and I'll let them know to go to that particular arrow marker. As we walk, I will always drop an RP 300-400m from main, to allow any slow loaders to spawn. This will allow me enough time to refresh it later before we attack/defend. If I start to have issues with other SLs this early (or they don't communicate and I can't work out what they're doing), I'll simply break my Squad into a team of 4 (addressing each by name and splitting the two medics up) and 5. I'll send the team of 4 to the first cap, and I'll go with the other to the second. The reason I go to the second is so that I can be close to the front line to set up an FOB (at which the whole Squad will then form up and move out). Roles: As said above, I'm keen to always have 2 medics in a 9 man Squad. I also recognise that some guys I regularly play with are exceptional at killing, surviving or at calling targets. I keep that in mind when knowing what my particular Squad can handle. If someone in the Squad is fantastic with a certain kit (like the GL or AR), I'll ask the occupying player if he wants that particular role. Often, people are happy to swap to another, equally desired role. FOBs: The very, very first thing a competent SL should do is ask "what happens in the worst case scenario?" The answer to that is always a FOB. As such, it is always the first key objective before doing any fighting in the field. The FOB is the MOST important thing an SL should do, and it is very easy to do badly. I am staunchly against superFOBs, as I have never had a good experience with them, and find them particularly easy to overcome and destroy - losing tickets for the FOB and for those dying on it. I use FOBs for 2 key reasons: It is a place for us to spawn should we lose our RP or are wiped. It is a way to channel the rest of the team to the front line, the new cap, or one we need to fall back to. As such, I always make sure to place a FOB at almost EVERY cap as we progress to the front line. On a map like Fools Road, this allows us to quickly present strength if we have to fall back. To this degree, I have a pre-set list of locations for each map and each team that work with the 400m rule, and with the rules I'm going to establish in the next section. FOB Placement: Note that the BIGGEST mistake to make is to place the FOB within 50-100-200m of the cap. Doing so basically allows the enemy the tickets for the FOB, as well as removes the spawn point entirely. Not only that, but it allows them to camp your FOB and kill people spawning there. You are essentially removing all work from them in having to find it. To place a FOB well requires knowing the map well. I always follow these criterion: Only ever drop a radio, as it is almost impossible to see. By building ANY other objects near it you more than double it's chance of being spotted. I always laugh when I spot a random sandbag in the middle of the desert/forest, as I would never have normally seen the radio otherwise. Dropping only a radio also vastly quickens your speed into combat and gets you as far from the FOB as possible. Place the radio in a small, heavily wooded depression. On a hilltop lets it standout and makes you target for grenades and rockets. In a small depression also serves to disguise the player spawn. Place the radio ATLEAST 100-150m away from the capture RADIUS EDGE. By doing so, the enemy will 95% of the time assume there is no FOB. Always place the radio on the OPPOSITE side of the enemy approach. Think: "if I was the enemy, where would I not bother searching?" Place the FOB within 500m or about 1-2m walking distance. Remember, the FOB is only for use in dire situations. Your Squad will be spawning off RPs for 95% of the game.After placing a FOB, I tell my Squad that we will ALWAYS be spawning off the RP from now on. This ensures that the enemy will have very few clues as to where our FOB is, and it will keep our fight very close to the front line. NOTE: Often we will move off the FOB and in the next 10 minutes encounter the enemy and fight. More often than not, we will win, but my squaddies will need ammo. I always make sure that after the fight we move to the very, very edge of the FOB build marker and drop an ammo crate (normally in a bush). This allows us to re-arm, but does not compromise our FOB location. Rally Points: You should be spawning on RPs 95% of the time. A common mistake in Squad is SLs with either build a superFOB and then not drop RPs at all, or they will drop RPs as a throwaway spawn point only if they need to (ie. in a building they're surrounded in). The CORRECT way to use RPs is to think of them as mini-FOBs. After we've dropped our Radio, we will then begin to move to the capture point, however, I will always make sure we're approaching the cap from a direction dissimilar to that of our FOB. Usually, the FOB will be off-center, and our RP will be behind them entirely. We will then attack from the direction of the RP. I always drop my RP in a bush and make sure it is 100-150m from the capture point. The reason for this is: It keeps the RP safe from being taken down by common fighting. If the RP goes down, it acts as a warning that we're being flanked. It offers a safe, reliable spawn point for downed squaddies. It allows distance for Squad members to potentially kill enemies between the RP and the capture point - stopping us from being encircled. It is close enough that we can reinforce quickly, but far enough that the enemy confuse it with our FOB.Something to note is you should always be actively updating the RP as an SL. You should build 2-3 DIFFERENT FOBs the ENTIRE GAME. You should be dropping upwards of 15 RPs every game. By constantly moving your RP (I drop mine to orbit the cap point), you: Consistently baffle the enemy as to the direction of your approach. Consistently allow your squad members the element of surprise.Attacking: As you've probably gathered, the best way to attack is always from a direction the enemy is not expecting. To do this most effectively, you need your Squad to be wary of showing themselves. As an SL, you should think of your Squad as a drop of liquid. You want to move your guys into position in the smallest and most unnoticeable way possible, so that when the drop "lands" it immediately disperses to cover the location. 99% of success in your fighting as an SL will be allowing your Squad to completely wipe an unsuspecting enemy. Many, many, many times I have enabled my Squad to intersect an enemy or ambush them in a way that wiped all 9 enemy players while we sustained zero casualties. You would be very, very surprised how many times I'm able to accurately predict exactly which way the enemy is going to come. Not because I'm particularly bright, but because many players work very predictably every game. By playing enough, you'll be able to work out with relative accuracy what is about to happen, and you'll be able to pre-empt it to great effect. Another important thing to remember is that you really want to be fighting for about 30 seconds - 120 seconds at most. My general experience has found that if you're firing for more than 30 seconds, the longer you continue without wiping a Squad, an FOB or an RP, the higher the chance you'll be killed by rogue enemy players around you. I know from my own experience, that if I hear enemy fire, I quickly move to a place where I can attack them. A static Squad looking all in a single direction is an incredibly vulnerable one. It is possible to wipe a whole Squad as one man if you come across such a blinded Squad. As such, position your Squad to attack in a way that will allow them to completely overwhelm the enemy very quickly. If you feel you're getting bogged down, ask them to pull back, reset the RP with another member, and then keep pushing them to flank or move. Always remind them to look behind them. Don't tunnel vision. Oftentimes, if I'm playing with really good players (killers), they'll flank and move During an attack or fight, I also make sure to open my map and drop sword markers on suspected enemy locations. You and the squad will be calling bearings, but putting sword markers or a FOB marker down will focus your Squad onto a single objective. It also helps to wordlessly communicate to the team what your Squad is encountering or doing (if for whatever reason you're unable to communicate via Squad chat). NOTE: When my Squad begins or completes any significant action, I'll quickly let the other Squads know. This should give them a good idea of major shifts in the battlefield. i.e. "Just attacked Mine Entrance, wiped a whole squad and took down their FOB. I'll let you know when we've almost capped and then you can begin to move up." "We just engaged another Squad. We think there's an FOB. I'll let you know what happens." Other good SLs will be able to take this info and use it in their future plans or work out: "well, if Squad 2 is engaging a whole Squad, and Squad 1 is engaging another, then really we don't face any opposition here". Defending: Like the old adage, the best form of defence is attack. What I mean by this, is that when defending an area you should always post you squad AROUND the cap, not directly in it. By being directly in it, you can immediately and predictably be located. By being around it, one man will be engaged (or spot the enemy), allowing nearby Squad members to engage from the enemies flanks. When the engagement begins, I always drop sword markers on the map where the enemy is located, in order to allow my Squad a solid understanding of their location. As SL, I have begun to do one other thing. Often, I will move to where the enemy is and drop coloured smoke on them. It acts as a brilliant marker for the enemy, and can often focus necessary attention to a location. Note, that to use the smoke tactic, you need to be playing with good players who are able to maintain wide situational awareness and not all tunnel vision on the smoke. When under attack, try to give numbers. Know that rarely will a full Squad all attack from one bearing. ie. "Four on the sword marker, possibly more, keep looking around guys." 99% of defence is successful based on immediately tying the enemy down with casualties. Know that if you are able to take down a couple of their guys, they will most likely "dig in". That basically means their attack has dissipated. At this stage, I always encourage players to begin to counterattack. To do so, I place shield markers on the map at the flanks of enemy locations. Often times, a pinned enemy is easy pickings for a GL or a good shooter. It is really important that during a defence, your main priority is in clearly communicating enemy locations, and predicting their movements. By blunting the initial blow (the first minute or so of fighting) you have a hugely high chance of winning. Meta Strategy: While there is no Commander role in the game, SLs have a very heavy burden on having to watch the meta game. There are two large rules for succeeding in the meta game: Always have as much strength on an active flag as possible. Always provide a way for players to reinforce via FOBs. This means keeping an eye on FOBs, and making sure they don't go down. For example, when moving to cap Mine on Fools Road as Militia, always make sure to have a Squad defending Hill 30. It's very, very easy to be screwed via that back cap. It's not rocket science, but so often this stuff gets overlooked and it costs games. In terms of your own involvement, try not to get your Squad bogged down in between-cap fighting - unless it is specifically to kill an enemy FOB. Fighting for the sake of kills between flags is denying your strategic front line 9 fighting men. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Many, many games are lost due to whole Squads being "pinned down" by 3 guys in the middle of nowhere. Losing an Engagement: Hopefully with the above tips you won't frequently lose engagements, but in the event that you do it is important that you make sure your Squad is communicating both their status, and letting them know what to do when they respawn. A hugely difficult thing to do as an SL is to determine if a battle is winnable, or whether it is a better idea to regroup and either attack again in force, or to continue a sustained respawn. Sometimes, the best decisions I've made are to withdraw and attack in force from a different angle. When being attacked (and having lost the initiative) between flags, it is often much more important to withdraw and accept 1-2 losses than it is to let the whole Squad fight for the next 20 minutes. A whole, calm and clear Squad is a much stronger fighting force than one torn apart. Additional Tips: I'll add some strategy plans and FOB/RP layouts for maps like Chora and Fools in the next hour or so. Killers: Often I play with competent players who are not only good communicators, but are also good killers. By this, I often ask that 2-3 players designate themselves as flankers. These guys always have one MO when the shit hits the fan - flank the enemy Squad and shoot them in the back/side. Normally, the moment we begin an attack or defence, these players will move out and attempt to get on a flank of the enemy squad. These guys usually use the AR or GL kit, and much of the time they'll be the ones who kill 90% of our opponents. By dropping sword markers on the enemy squad, you allow the flankers to get a confident sense of the enemy location and to get within killing/grenade range. Often, these guys will kill 4-9 of the enemy players. They will also often go down. They should be coached to know that if they go down you'll come and revive them in the mop up you do with the rest of the Squad. Moving Off Point: Rarely I'll find myself in a situation where I can't afford to split my Squad and that we need to cap the next point (normally in the cancerous AAS Parallel cap mode), or move off a defence point to take down an aggressive enemy FOB. In these rare situations, I always place the Rally within the cap of the defence point. This does two things: Allows us to always check the status of the defence cap when we respawn. Updates me that the enemy have moved into cap should the RP disappear. EXAMPLE: Fools Road Opening Play by Militia: The Yellow arrows indicate the movement of the Squad before the begin the first engagement at Mine.The Red circle indicate the rough area where the FOB should be placed - opposite side to enemy attack direction, outside of the 400m radius. Notice no FOBs are placed on the right side of the map, as this does not assist in the mine or hill objectives. Often, placing the FOB on the right not only gets it discovered very quickly, it also pulls men away from the objectives. In all cases, you never want to place a FOB on the enemy's way to an objective.The Blue circles indicate where I drop my RPs.The White circles indicate where I drop my ammo crates.The Purple lines indicate general enemy direction of attack. Notice in the above example that in every case, the Russian team must push past the cap to locate our FOB. Not only that, but pushing in the direction of our FOB will put them in a vulnerable position to our RP placement. For them to take down our FOB, it will require a concerted effort of a Squad to scour the area for our radio (which they won't really be aware of as we won't be spawning in that direction).Notice that all spawn locations are hidden by trees. The RP placed before the assault on Mine allows the Squad to move into Mine in tree cover, when 99% of the time they're expecting you on the cliff (shooting gallery) to the N/NE. By moving in trees, this makes good use of the Militia iron sights and completely surprises the enemy, making it very hard for them to get overwatch.Notice that the ammo crates are close to the cap (but not too close) and are very far from the effective "yellow bar" of the FOB itself, meaning that if the enemy do find the ammo, they will have to search in many directions to actually locate the FOB.Notice that if we get pushed back to the First FOB at Hill 30, we will be able to approach the cap in tree cover, and not have to cross the sweeping, open plains that generally encircle the cap. EXAMPLE: Fools Road Opening Play by Russians: The Yellow arrows indicate your Squad's movement.The Red circle indicate the rough area where the FOB should be placed.The Blue circles indicate where I drop my RPs.The White circles indicate where I drop my ammo crates.The Purple lines indicate general enemy direction of attack. Notice that the first FOB at Mine is placed on the opposite side to enemy attack (slightly to the SW) and offers the most cover when crossing the road. While I don't like crossing roads ever, I've found it is better to keep it south of the road as putting it to the east or west is not only easily found by the enemy, it also allows your team to be distracted and fight from the FOB.Notice that the RP is kept on the flanks to allow you to determine enemy angle of approach. They will always come from N, NE, E or NW. They arrive roughly 3/4 through the cap of Mine (if a Militia squad moves straight there from spawn).Notice that at Mine the position of strength is always in the S/SW. It allows you lots of cover, high ground (to the W) and a closed way into the cap. On capping Mine, you want to immediately move into the West hills and watch the N/NE/E. Very often a Militia squad will appear as easy targets in the cover-less NE ridge. They make for very easy AR and GL targets.Notice that the FOB location for Hill 30 allows a tree-covered approach, as well as forces the Militia to completely bypass the hill to find your FOB. Notice that the RP placement at both Mine and Hill is tree covered and on the flank. Re-spawning will consistently put you on the enemy flank or behind them. It's disappearance will also warn you of a flanking move by the enemy.NOTE: You may choose to place a third FOB in the i4 area as a buffer. This allows you to watch to the north and north east and kill the enemy as they move to Hill (and have to cross open ground). However, this FOB also becomes a high value target to the enemy, can encourage base raping and can also distract your team - allowing the enemy to back cap Hill 30 (especially if they place a FOB to the north of it).When we push the enemy back into their base, I never, ever defend the hill from the top plateau. My Squad is posted to ring at least half the circumference of the Hill and call targets in the open as they appear. By doing this, you play to your strengths of being able to fire down on them (particularly brutal with a good GL). If you sit on the Plateau, you allow the enemy the cover of the lip of the terrain and it becomes very hard to see where they're attacking from. It's also easy to get caught in crossfire and wiped. If you are pushed back to Dylym (I have never experienced this), I would quickly try and get a FOB up in the i9 or j9 area. This allows you to spawn in tree cover and not have to cross the river/bridge (instant death). It will also allow you to pour your team into the space between the enemy FOB and Dylym (unless they've set up wisely to the north of Dylym). This is a pretty dire situation for any team and basically requires you to have very good killers on your team for this to work (which usually isn't the case anyway if you've been pushed back this far!). Conclusion: In order, as an SL you should worry about: Are the Flags safe and occupied? Is the FOB up and safe? Is the RP up and positioned correctly? Where do you think your enemy is? What will you do if you get attacked? What will you do when you attack? What to do if you win your attack/defence? Taking down the attackers FOB. Organising a Squad to move to the next cap. Prioritizing the Enemy FOB: In the future, when the maps are larger and engagements are more decisive, the meta will become much clearer with regard to how important FOBs are. You can already see this on Kohat and Fools Road, and to a lesser extent on Chora. On these maps, taking down an enemy FOB guts the team and more often than not decisively ends action in a large area of the map. You will always need to toss up whether or not it is worth it, but often, if another SL or one of your Squad members finds the enemy FOB (which is reinforcing a hot flag) within 500m or so, it is worth prioritizing it's destruction. You always need to play this by ear, but if you're consistently under attack on a flag you're defending, you know two things: They're most likely spawning at a FOB (you'll know this after you wipe an attacking squad a couple of times and it still doesn't end the fight). The FOB is in active range.If the situation meets these two criteria, it's often beneficial to make taking down the FOB the direct objective OVER defending the flag (which will inevitably fall if you don't deal with the FOB). To do so, ask your Squad members to try to find it. The SECOND they do (and they most likely will within 2 minutes of you asking), mark it's location on the map to direct all your attention there. Unless you're opposing two Squads, you can safely move off cap and attack their FOB, knowing that the enemy will attempt to defend it (and won't have the manpower to back cap you). If you get back capped while attacking it, make sure you take the FOB down before pushing back onto the new enemy, as you can be confident that once you've wiped them from the flag they won't be able to respawn anywhere other than an RP. To take down an enemy FOB, do this: Players are disparate and attempting to find the enemy FOB. A player accurately locates the FOB (yellow bar and sees Radio). You drop marker on FOB and tell team via G. You FORM YOUR SQUAD UP to a whole fighting unit (no more disparate fighting). You flank and attack it exactly as described in the section on attacking above. You want to land 3+ guys onto it (which often means ignoring targets as you approach) and decisively take it out. A Word About Maps: It's probably worth noting that I judge the quality of Squad's map on a certain criteria: "Can a Squad of organised rookies win a game through tactics over killing power?" To me, this is the test of a good map - one that showcases strategy and tactics and discipline over wrecking the tickets of the enemy team. Generally, my favourite maps for this are Chora, Kohat and Fools Road. Logar is not bad, but I find FOB location and paths of attack very limiting (in that it forces you to be good at killing to survive the centre of the map). For me, Operation First Light is a very fun map, but the size and lack of rocks/fallen tree trunks and cover combined with relatively crowded cap points makes this map very much like knife fighting in a bath tub. It's hard to keep a Squad together and cohesive if said Squad is not good at killing the enemy, or on the US (ACOG) side. Lastly, Sumari is by and large the worst map for me currently. Squadleading on it is almost useless beyond suggestions to flank. RPs and FOBs are outstripped by instant base spawn and run-back. The fighting is crowded and somehow manages to be boring. This map either needs to be expanded to be 75% desert or rural and 25% town, or have the number of cap points in the town drastically reduced. I am able to kill loads of enemy players, but it feels very much like a solo affair and not the cohesive team experience that the other maps offer.
  13. Scout & Marksman

    Hi - I recently picked up the game and have spent a few hours playing and something has tickled my curiosity. Why can Scout's and Marksmen not mark the map declaring enemy positions? At first I thought it might be redundant as the job is picked up by the SL, but the SL already has the largest and most involved task without also being the only person capable of marking enemy positions. The marksman role is essentially rifleman with decent optics and the scout role is rifleman with explosives + bino's. Both of these roles seem to lend well to marking enemy positions without taking away from the importance of the Squad Leader. I've searched the forum, wiki and dev blogs for an answer to why this is only something the SL does but couldn't find an answer. Has there been one? Is this temporary or is it part of the final design that only a SL can mark enemies on the map?
  14. Free week suggestion

    I'll keep it short and simple. Next time you do a free weekend can you disable freebies playing as squad leaders? It's an incentive to buy the game and it doesn't mess up all the games for a week. Way, way too many noobies (literally 5 minutes in the game) play as SL and do stuff like don't even put a rally the entire game.
  15. what is your favorite role?

    so what are your favorite roles? i haven't tried being an SL yet because i'm still new in the game. my favorite role is with medic though and machine gunner
  16. What i would like to add in the game is a new window for the "create squad" button. Also the new squad will only show to others after SL accept his squad setup. (This would also delete the problem with typos in the name/accidentally creating squad Many times SL says to his squadmate that he needs to change to other kit what SL needs more than the current one, often it works but there are people who completely ignore what the SL wants and SL is often forced to kick him out of the squad and nobody likes that. Or the players have no idea what is the plan. This could be avoided in the first place by creating new window for the SL when making new squad. In this window the SL could choose what kits he wants and doesn't want his squadmates to use (maybe a tickbox system) and maybe write some rules/tasks what his/her squad will try to accomplish (this would also show to others when viewing the squad before joining. It would help players to understand better what the SL of that squad want's before even joining his squad. here are few setup examples of my idea that SL has chosen. 1. 2 AT's, a medic and a grenadier, the rest are normal rifleman (w/wo optics) 2. everyone is a crewman 3. 2 medics, 2 lmg's, a scout, and the rest are rifleman (w/wo optics) an example of rules/tasks section: (could include SL placed markers on your map to clarify thing, these would be on/off layout on top of your map). - FIN/ENG voip only - Main objective: Capture objectives x and x. Secondary obj: Place FOB nearby and setup defensive perimeter to area x - Never go alone and report enemy movements to others. When the setup is ready, SL will accept/confirm his setup and his squad will now show to others in squad list. Would this help gameplay or would it make it too complicated? I would like to hear your thoughts.
  17. tracerrounds for SL

    I think it would be nice for the SL to have tracer rounds loaded into his primary weapon (for conventional forces at least) so he can act as a base of fire and direct where the squad is aiming. I know i danish military the sergeant is loaded with tracers... I would think it is pretty common. It would make it a little easier being a good squadleader... and when you know you're firing tracers you wont engage as much without your squad, which is a problem for a lot of squadleads. Wadduya think?
  18. sick of new squad leaders

    There is a huge problem that's ruining multiplayer: newbie squad leaders. Over and over again, on most servers, at the beginning of each game, squads form with SLs that don't even know how to put down FOBs. Perhaps only people with 500+ hours of experience should be able to be SLs? Or there needs to be an SL training course that unlocks the ability to be an SL. I don't even think squads should have access to fire support roles until SLs put down fobs. Squad devs, PLEASE fix this, it is ruining the game!
  19. SQUAD at its core is a game about leadership while under pressure. Everyone handles this differently, and the community encompasses a variety of different ideas of what leadership is and how you display it. In the aftermath of a previous discussion about this I thought there could be some merit to having a place where we, the community, are able to share our thoughts (if you're using examples please de-identify anything, this isn't about the personal) and chart the acceptable bounds of leadership behaviour in SQUAD and establish even more of a solid grounding around how we as a community play with one another. Given the recent growth of the community, and it's forseeable expansion, it feels like this is a good time to talk this out and establish some good community standards. I'm a reluctant leader at best in SQUAD (I'll straight up admit it, I generally only go SL when I have to create a squad) so maybe I'm the last person some think should start a discussion about leadership, but here goes (please excuse the wall of text and poor structure). What is your preferred style of leadership in game, how do you embody it, how do you act as a leader? If you're not leading, what sort of leadership do you enjoy following in game? What helps you fight better and what helps you feel like you're playing a better game? What turns you off, or makes you want to leave a squad? I tend to be a pretty relaxed gamer, so I enjoy a more relaxed sort of command style (but as long as you're not barking orders at me like some SS Ratenfuhrer I'll cope), I will offer suggestions to an SL if I feel like its warranted and feel like that shouldn't generally be discouraged and will generally follow any order without being too fussed if it leads to my death as long as it makes some sense. I've occasionally had to query one or two SLs early on in the piece when they've requested attack on an uncappable point (due to game rules, not ingame circumstance), but that's about it, generally I'm fairly happy to go where I'm told if the person seems ok. I personally find it really difficult to play in a negative team environment where people are either attacking other squads or other people in the squad for being 'useless', or not following orders, or whatever. I tend to feel like that sort of stuff doesn't really help encourage anyone to cooperate much and just leads to a crap game. I really, really draw the line on personally abusive behaviour within a SQUAD (unless obviously a joke between two people who know one another). If I end up in this kind of squad I tend to bail fairly quickly. On the occasions I end up as SL, I try not to micromanage my squad members (I generally figure they know what to do in an immediate tactical sense) and just tend to ask people if they wouldn't mind following me to one point or another, I call for volunteers if I have to send people to do something rather than picking names off the list when I don't know people. I'll also generally happily take suggestions if people have them. So that's what I generally tend to consider what my acceptable bounds of behaviour are for squad leading and leadership ingame, personally. So how do you prefer to lead and be led in SQUAD?
  20. Hello fellas. In my experience, I have try to optimise work with people in my squad. I give them some tag and manage squad by these tags. It's like blue team or black team or any specific tag like assault team. It works for me and my friends, even for newbies it works. But I have a problem — people forget sometimes their tag, or team has been changed. This is confuse us. Not always, but it happens. What do I suggest? Make SL able to: 1) change name of his squad; 2) make 3-4 teams on squad with names; 3) lock squad. It could be ALPHA squad and 1,2,3 teams — ALPHA 1, ALPHA 2 and ALPHA 3. This system works and gives newbies more understanding what happens on the battlefield. Thanks.
  21. I wanted to fiddle with the functions of a squad leader in the firing range but there is literally nothing SL related I can peform there, not even set icons on the map. The firing range is probably at the bottom of your priorities vs making the game work in MP, I realize, just wondering if there is a plan to add SL practice functions to the Firing Range simliar to what Arma 3 did? Thanks.
  22. Most people know that as Squad Leader you should have a microphone but still, it happens a lot that a squad or two has squad leaders without a microphone.
  23. I have a bit of experience with the SL role. Here are a few tips that could help those who struggle or are new to the game. THE SQUAD LEADER ROLE: Above all your job as SL is not to get kills, it is not to dominate as the top scoring player, It is to run the squad and stay alive. The better you get at the game the more risks you can take, but play tactically and use your men to do the dirty work. Keep a medic nearby as you will want them to keep you alive so you can be the spawn creator for your squad. FUNDAMENTAL SL REQUIREMENTS 1. Have a Microphone and speak the language of the server/squad. (commonly English) If you speak another language write that as the group name like (French ONLY) (Russian ONLY) etc. If you speak a little English, but not well enough to communicate DO NOT go SL as an English speaking squad. It just irritates people and wastes time.2. Don't play SL at least until you have played through roughly 10 hours of the game if not more. You don't want to be fumbling with settings, controls, and UI as the Squad Leader when you have 8 people waiting on you. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your squad. 3. Remember that this is a GAME and you are here for FUN, but as the Squad Leader your job is now to help 8 others have FUN! Never curse out or yell at your squad members for screwing up or making a mistake. This is just terrible behavior and it happens all the time. (No one likes you if you do this)Treat the other SL's in squad chat with respect and if it isn't returned just ignore that SL. Often some SL's are just out to troll the team. Try and give positive "Good Work" and "Awesome job team" comments when you can as it helps build morale of your squad mates. Running a Squad: Round start 101 At the start of the match select the "create new squad" name and name your squad something appropriate. Recon, FOB Hunters, Defense, Offense, etc. Open up the com channel and say hello early when the first few members join your squad. This helps make the early joiners feel like they are crucial members of the team. When your squad begins to fill make sure your squad has 2 medics and a sniper/scope class before heading away from the ammo crate. Never order your squad mates to do something. Ask them. This isn't a real military unit and unless you are in a Millism clan it is just rude and annoying. Ask politely if people have mics and find out who doesn't. Some players just don't and that is ok as long as they work with the group.Give your squad a simple task not a dozen. "We are going to this grid, when we get there we are doing this..."Moving out into the Map Pick a location that is required. Map points that can be captured are typically the best places to go. You want to hold these at all costs as they keep your tickets from running out. When you see a Neutral flag (white flag) it means the flag is being flipped or hasn't yet been captured. A flag with a yellow arrow means it can be taken. A flag with a purple shield means it needs to be defended from the enemy. Never run out into the middle of nowhere unless it is strategic for your team. Moving 8 troops away from capture points means fewer units to defend and assault. Stay in a single file with about maximum 5 meters or 15' between each member of your team. A minimum space of 2 meters is recommended as well so you don't all die from a rocket or grenade and the future ied. Rally up as often as you can. This is done by pressing the "T" button and placing a marker where your squad should spawn. Make sure you let your squad know that a RALLY isn't a respawn point, but a failsafe incase they are dead. Use your medics when you can. Your squad mates will often complain they don't have a rally or a spawn point. This probably means you are pushing too hard and need to fall back, let them know it will take a moment and they should spawn on another predetermined location temporarily or wait for you to set a new point up.Working with Squad Leaders in Squad Chat (g key chat): Ask in Squad chat where your team is needed. If there is no response give it some time and ask again in 30 seconds. If no response again just state what you will do. Sometimes other squads might speak another language or just not understand the game. Tell them where you are going and hopefully they will listen. Coordinate with the other SL's so you are evenly spread out on the map. Try not to talk too much in squad chat as other squads are also talking. You might be layering chatter and confusing other squad leaders. Keep it simple and short.The most strategic way to SL coordinate is to have 1 defense squad, 1 offense squad, and 1 floater squad that can go in between defense and capture to support the newly taken locations while the defense squad pushes up to meet you. Any additional squads should work flanks and build defenses. FOB (Forward operation base) BUILDING: For building fobs you should hardly ever place one on top of an objective. This is very risky as losing a fob and a flag point can cost a lot of tickets and backfire on you big time. Only areas where you can REALLY DIG IN should ever get a fob placement. These are spots where most of your team can easily get to and you plan on staying there the whole game. Place fobs outside of danger areas where you can strategically counter objectives and get lots of your team into the battle quickly. Always discuss with other SL's about fob placements because you need to place them 400 meters from one another and placing a fob down when your team needs one nearby is a bad move. FOB construction requires you to think about 2 things. Does this fob need defenses? If i build here will it attract the enemy? Always build an ammo box on a fob as it helps people switch out kits quickly and resupply. WHAT TO SAY TO YOUR SQUAD? Above all be nice to your squadmates as it is a game and the goal is to have fun. If you lose it happens, but just make sure you are being positive about the win or loss. Be simple and supportive. If chatter is distracting from gameplay ask the squad "Hey squad let's keep the coms quiet we have enemies around." Remind your squad mates to use the numerical compass to call out enemies. This helps the group work together. Keep the group together by calmly asking them "let's tighten it up group" or "fan out in 10' spacing and stick together" or "fall back to the SL marker". Don't rush in without the majority of your squad nearby. Give a direct goal instead of just running and dieingSome other phrases I use often. "Form up on me and get to this wall ! Once there we will move into the buildings together.""Protect the medics as they get the rest of the squad up, we need them to stay alive.""Make sure to call back enemy locations.""Don't fire until you are fired upon, we want to catch them by surprise.""Good work we took the objective now we have to hold it.""Anyone have any requests?""What do you guys want to do? This is your squad!" I hope for a starter guide this is helpful. I know a lot of new SL's have been showing up in the recent weeks and there have been some requests from some of my usual squad mates to share some info with the new folks. Good luck and stay positive.
  24. Micromanagement?

    I have read from several places that on the forum that a good Squad Leader should avoid micromanagement. While I can certainly imagine why and when it would be bad to attempt to micromanage your troops, you are still expected to manage them. It is entirely possible that one persons idea of "management" may be another person's "micromanagement". The goal of this thread is to put forward and discuss this elusive concept. To start off, here are some sample questions and my tentative answers to them: What is your definition "micromanagement"? What is the difference from "management"? (58: No idea. But a guess would be that "micromanagement"="too much management", whatever 'too much' would be.) What are the possible advantages of detailed management? Could micromanagement be a good choice sometimes? (58: That I can split my squad into two groups, create perimeters and instruct on simple tactics - when the situation calls for it. But does this really fall under "micro"-management?) Any disadvantages? Why is micromanagement bad? (58: Loads of disadvantages. Squad members can feel patronized and it takes up a lot of time to communicate detailed orders.) Where would you draw the line for when a leader is bordering on "too much management"? If micromanagement=bad and management=good, where does "management" end and "micromanagement" start? (58: Once again, I have no idea. I have my own preferences but I need to check what people expect and would like when it comes to this topic.)Hodor.
  25. Update 2016-02-09: Sorry for letting this thread rot like a corpse in the sun for two weeks. Judging from the replies I have gotten so far, it seems like I have not conveyed my thoughts properly. (A notable exception would be Karm. I think that he understood what I was aiming at. ;]) So I will get back to the drawing board until further notice. As for the thread, you can all let it die. I do not mind if a stray moderator locks it, but in my opinion it's not important enough to bother them about it. A lot of excellent resources have been posted on what properties make up a good Squad Leader. As stated in the thread Leadership behaviour in SQUAD - your thoughts needed!, "SQUAD at its core is a game about leadership while under pressure.". But what practical things can you actually do in order to gain to gain this elusive leadership ability? And what can you do to condition yourself to keep your head cool when the stress is rising? This thread is meant to explore just that: 1. What can you do, inside and outside the game, to attain one of the qualities that marks a good Squad Leader? 2. Which good Squad Leader qualities should you try to attain first? In order to explore this efficiently, I recommend posters to bring up only a few qualities (that a good SL should have) per post, and then focus on suggesting ways you can practise in order to approach these qualities. And let's get the most obvious one out of the way first - "just play a lot as an SL". While that is a fine suggestion, we can't stop there if it doesn't work for some combination of SL qualities and people. ;] Example subject: 58 (me, the opening poster) 58 tries his hardest to become a SL for ulterior, personal reasons. He has a medium-to-high amount knowledge about infantry tactics but is having trouble converting them to practise. In particular, 58 has troubles with being short and to the point in his communications in spite of being aware of the problem. He is also feeling overwhelmed a lot while being SL, so he also needs to improve his mental endurance, or initiative and squad morale will suffer. Example post that could help 58: Brevity (conveying a lot of info in few words) in communications is a good SL quality. If you talk a lot in-game, people can become frustrated and important information may not be relayed in time. You can practise brevity in-game by saying your out loud to yourself a few times, before hitting the push-to-talk buttons and repeating it in-game. This way you can polish what you say so it becomes shorter and shorter before letting someone hear it. A downside is that this slows down your communication. On the positive side, it should help the brain to learn quickly since practise is done in close proximity to live usage. You can look up procedure words for radio communications to expand your vocabulary. You can note down words or phrases you like in a text file on your PC. Try to be simple in your communication to help new players. Military acronyms, while precise, may be unnecessarily complex for other players and your brain. Which is easier; "RPG", "LAT", "LAW", "rocket" or "rocket launcher"?Endurance.. blah blah ladie-dah... herp derp Rob Schneider Reference material: What makes a good Squad leader?Battle's 'Tips for New Players'The Squad User ManualLeadership behaviour in SQUAD - your thoughts needed!Squad Leader Tips & GuidesSQUAD - the Cheesy Tactical Guide (contains further links in its reference section)