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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, forum This is my first post, I tried to search for topics like this one but did not really find anything, so I went ahead and made a thread. First off i really like the role of binoculars in the game, as I mostly play medic, it gives me a role out of combat. -Is it an "alpha-issue" that binocular vision is just a "zoomed" view? I would like to see through a hole or an oval, as it looks in real life, with bad periphial vision - it shouldnt be too hard to implement either. - I would like a distance recorder / laser on the binoculars! (maybe just the SL's, or if a Sniper-team role is ever implemented, for the spotter to have good binoculars, with distance measurement.) -Will there be zooming on snipers? I have only tried the SVD, but I think it's a pretty weak zoom... personally I have an 2-8x scope just for playing hardball, so it should be possible to zoom more, and hopefully also change the zoom. also a fun mechanic for snipers to have to do a little tweaking when putting people to rest. -The grenade launchers, or even sniper scopes should be able to be changed - to fire on different ranges (by rolling your mouse 3) to correct for bullet/grenade drop. I haven't felt any ballistics too much in the game(if at all), and honestly I don't know how much they effect real life shooting, but I think it would add to the fun, and its not like one wouldn't have the time to change the sights before enganging an FOB fx. This would also give the laser/distance viewer a nice role in-game, and enforce communication further. thanks for reading :)
  2. The Canadian forces update lets us play with the weaponry of their military, which involves a whole lot of C79 optics (cousin to the Elcan series I think). The sight picture is a very thick vertical post with a point ranged at 100 m. The problem is that it is a very thick post ranged at 100 m that is nonadjustable. In real life (like the Elcan) the optic has a dial that you rotate that angles the entire body of the optic up/down to change your elevation setting. As such I know these optics are field adjustable just like AK irons are field adjustable (not zeroing, just quick elevation stuffs). In game this is not the case, which is a major issue for gameplay. Multiple times in game I have attempted to engage targets at distances greater than 100m with the C79 optics and have had to wildly guess almost all my shots. With the ACOG series this is not an issue as there are bullet drop markers that do not obstruct your vision and thus you can reference where your shots hit and correct for the next ones or range the target and hold up for the corresponding distance. Due to the nature of the C79's reticule being a uniform thick black post it is not possible to easily see or reference your shots. Long story short, please enable elevation adjustment for the C79 series of optics for all of the Canadian weapons... Please... Thank you, Sincerely, a guy who REALLY likes your game
  3. Hey everyone. Right off the bat, I'm probably going to be a minority here, but still - I'd like to ask what I'm about to ask. The new (since the V10, not really new as of now) AK-series iron sights became just a godawful blurry mess with a too thin and a too high front post and super-wide V-notch on a rear sight. Needless to say - to some (mostly the people from BF/COD communities i suppose) folk it kinda helped and they liked the changes. Maybe. But as a person who switched to Squad from Operation Flashpoint (the original one, not the joke of a game from Codemasters) and Arma series in search of a hardcore and realistic, yet a bit faster-pasted gameplay - it really ruined the AK experience for me. It became extremely hard to aim with "new" AK's iron sights and, personally, I prefer them over any red dots. But since V10- I just can't use my beloved Iron sights. Putting aside the fact, that those sights drifted waaaay too far from a realistic depiction of an actual AK iron sights, the new sights are really hard to use. You have to aim to the tip of that ridiculously high and thin front post, which in most cases is barely visible. Now, as a reference I'm going to attach an example of what an actual AK sight looks like and an example of how AK sights look currently in Squad. Bet you're gonna notice an extreme difference: IRL sights < clickable (don't worry, it's a mockup AK-105, I'm not putting anyone in danger because of aiming outside my window) Squad sights < clickable Now. I understand that, most people don't care about realistic depiction of sights in video games (unfortunately), but, perhaps, you can add an option of switching between pre-V10 and post-V10 AK iron sights. Or just make AK sights more realistic. Please. Thank you in advance! PS: I've added the pole, just to see how many players support my thoughts.
  4. IRL sights go black when tanks fire. This is to keep the gunner from going blind from the extremely intense brightness of the flame of the gun which is basically as big as the tank itself for an instant. It takes maybe a second or so until you can see through the sights again. Also there is no shaking going on as you fire. It takes more than a little gunpowder to rock sixty tonnes of armour.
  5. I'm guessing there are balancing issues against it, but couldn't roles that come with optics have the option to remove/affix them on the fly using a keybinding, with realistic timings? I'm not sure if removing/affixing optics is something practiced by soldiers in the field during squad ops but I figure it's something I'd do if the situation demanded.
  6. m203 sights are completely useless

    The sights on the m203 are completely unusable. The scope is in the way so you can't see anything and even if you could you can't tilt the gun so whats the point. Can we get rid of the scope on the rifle with the m203 or something? I wish there could be a better way to actually use the sights but I don't really have any good suggestion to something quick and easy.
  7. Sight picture, quality of life

    After some time in the firing range as well as live multiplayer combat I have come to find using certain projectile weapons, especially those with heavy projectile trajectory arcs (and relatively lower velocities), to be difficult to utilize effectively and consistently at range. I have seen many threads about weapon zeroing and can tell that a lot (if not all) of the small arms in this game are zeroed to a reasonable distance. However for anti-tank roles there seems to be no built-in zeroing, which greatly limits the ability of the operator to obtain a clear sight picture before firing at longer distances. I haven't been following developer comments about real-time zeroing for players in-game, but I would like to suggest a hard-coded rocket propelled grenade launcher zeroing of at least 100 meters (preferably 150 to 200) in order to improve operator quality of life. I am aware Squad is not aiming to be as close to realism/simulation as the Arma series, but I believe it would be reasonable to ask for the ability to see your target before pulling the trigger when engaging within the weapon's real-world effective range.
  8. Will we ever have optic's in game that look realistic instead of just zooming in the entire screen? I tried my hand at Photoshop to demonstrate what I mean. Another good example would be from Red Orchestra 2 I think it would make the game that much more immersive and add that extra bit of realism to the game.
  9. Kobra Sights for RU

    hey guys, is it possible that RU get Kobra Sights for Riflemen or at least for some Kits? What do you think?
  10. Ever since yall got rid of the 80 fov option, it's been a real b--- to use the m16 and some of the Kalashnikov sights. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a huge fan of running around at 80 fov, but you could see down the sights reasonably well, now at 90 not only does it give the americans a huge advantage with their aimpoints, but it also is very hard to aim at range on a smaller monitor. I would love to play all the time on a large TV, but unfortunetly I can't, and when I switch to my 23" monitor, it's very difficult to sight up at range on the ironsights, expecialy the M4 and M16 irons, which have the peep sight ring. Don't get me wrong, it's actually kinda cool that you don't zoom in automaticly when you bring up your weapons sights, expecialy in a game where you often need to move with them raised (also cool), but in real life, well, sh-- is a lot bigger, and like I said, I just can't play all the time on my TV. I can't be the only one out there that still has a standard computer monitor for gaming, and even at a larger size than 23", it would still be a b--- to use the ring sights or the ak's, at the 90 slider, expecialy with all the alising that the game has at this stage (even with AA maxed out). If we could get a seperate slider to compensate for this, something that allows a minor adjustment to the FOV when the weaponsights are brought up, I think that would not only make the game much less frustraiting but it would even out the playing field in a lot of ways, till the other teams get aimpoints as well (you know you want to do that... common... we all want it...). Nothing major, just a bump that brings the fov to say 80 when your sighted up, and of course, leaving it as a seperate slider* would cover those who do play on their big ass TV's. *Plus, sliders are cool, just one more reason... infact, the only thing cooler than a slider is a dolly, you should make it a dolly, nevermind the slider, FOV dolly.
  11. So I went forum hunting for "iron sights", "backup sights" and "backup iron sights" but I didn't get what I was looking for. I did go through the 4 pages so I am bound to have missed something. Will we have backup iron sights for scoped classes? I'm not talking about those rail-mounted sights that you use after removing your scope, or aiming above the RCO, but the iron sights you see on scopes and RU weapons, since they have sidemounted scopes. So for instance, will we get to use the sights on the SVD when things get messy? I suppose it could give a bit of defence, and the 10-round magazine would stop people from using it like a close quarter battle rifle. And when the British make their entrance, would we get the choice to use the sights atop the SUSAT or the RMR atop the ACOG? I've seen them in PR (I don't play it, I can't find a server with ping less than 400) so if they could implement it no issue, I suppose the same for SQUAD? Or is it planned and I am just beating a dead horse? ._.
  12. Not in this game, at least. I'm a former Marine (pog) and a firearm lover. I'm proud of my marksmanship. This is why I'm sad to see bad iron sights in a game about realism. What do I mean? I'll show you. Here are two rounds I fired: the first from 1 meter and the second from 20 meters. I have a tight shot group, right? The problem is that I aimed exactly dead center, yet I could only hit the red ring. That is a failing of the iron sights. *THIS* is what should happen when you aim correctly at a target. But! I propose a solution. Two solutions, in fact. #1 Simply correct it so the round travels to where it should -- where the player aims their sights. (But what about bulletdrop for long distance shots?) I'm glad you asked. #2 Make it so we can *adjust* our sights, like in real life. At the beginning of a match, players can do a quick tweaking to make sure their sights are accurate at 10-20 meters (where most fighting takes place) and simply adjust them as needed for those long range engagements. Solution 1 is probably easiest and most player-friendly, but solution 2 is more awesome in my opinion. Considering much of us use the iron sights, I beg you devs, fix the sights! Thanks for reading. *edited to please the marksmanship snobs. just give us weapons that fire where they are aimed*
  13. A discussion on Sights

    So, after playing a fair bit over the weekend I thought it might be worth bringing this up and see what peoples thoughts are. Put simply, the weapon sights (namely aimpoint and acog) irk me somewhat - this is not a dig at Squad specifically, this is more an observation of how many FPS games lately have tackled 3D sights, and how they could possibly be portrayed. I am no veteran, never used a sight in real life, so bare with me here. This is the aimpoint in Squad currently. Looks beautiful (well, ok this screenshot is bad but you get the picture). I wonder though, is this how we should be seeing it? Our eyes tend not to see everything in focus, particularly when looking at things in the distance with stuff in the foreground, in this instance, our target and the sight we are looking through. Is having such an 'in focus' sight a good or bad thing? Could it possibly be part of the problem with 'FOV' when it comes to ADS - I mean, technically, one would be looking through this with one eye, the other open, from much closer up, correct? If this is the case, should not the sight be out of focus? possibly even partially transparent in places (only obstructing one eye)? Would love some people who have used this equipment to have a quick honest think about this and chime in - I had a little look around myself to try to find examples that demonstrate this - see below: And here is some photoshop mockups - working with layers here so just for demo purposes only. Before: After: And the ACOG Before: After Jimi's 2c - Sights out of focus (depth of field) (reticle in focus) - Keep awesome lens elipsing effect - but lessen depth (wider viewport) ...and now I can sleep knowing I have got this off my chest. Thoughts? Am I crazy? I dunno, its a dilly of a pickle and I don't know the answer, but, personally, I feel as though the current sights are more of a hindrance than a benefit, and surely that can't be right! Right??? EDIT - fixed missing links