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      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
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  1. Welcome to Desmo's Playground We feature one 80 player server located in New York. New York We are a community centered around the streamer DesmoLocke. We offer a friendly environment for both grizzled veterans and hapless newbs. Our #1 priority is fun public teamwork. We welcome clans and other groups on the server. We only ask that you don't stack all clans to one team. Thank you. We hope you enjoy our playgrounds as much as we do. Please refer to our subreddit for a complete listing of our rules and expectations and any questions concerning the administration of our servers. For immediate help feel free to join us on Discord. Community Founder: DesmoLocke New York server owner/operator: TR00P3R 20+ admins active across several timezones These are the rules of our server, not following them will first result in a warning and/or kick (depending on the circumstance), followed by a ban. Any racism whatsoever is NOT tolerated. Join squads, the game is about teamwork do NOT Lone Wolf. SL's require a microphone, those who do not will be kicked. SL's MUST communicate over the command channel. Focus on and support the objectives. This should be your thought process in everything you do. If Your superFOB in the corner of the map cannot support an objective either in defense or attack then you are not helping. (This is at the discretion of the admin team). Apologize when you teamkill and never retaliate if team-killed! The admin team has the right to remove you from the server for any reason deemed detrimental to the community. SLs must use the squad leader kit. The role is effectively useless without it and continued use will be considered trolling. (We are not idiots, we understand sometime you can become SL without warning, just change your kit ASAP if you are going to keep the job). Do not use swear words in your user name. Immature user names must be changed. Refusal to do so will result in a ban. Do not abuse the suicide command. It is there to relieve players hindered by bugs and glitches. Respect your fellow players. Do not troll. (It saddens me to add this in writing but people are that obtuse). Overall use common sense and have fun! NEW RULE! Effective April 13th, 2017. Do not rush first and second caps. Do not rush past the middle flag until those flags have been captured. This is a temporary rule that will be reevaluated on April 24th and most likely expire.
  2. Hi thanks for reading! For the entire duration in which I have owned squad (currently clocked 272 hours in game) I have had issues connecting to servers. The 'SERVER BROWSER' is practically useless as I am lucky to see even servers with zero players in it. The 'CUSTOM SERVERS' option is slightly more useful and I can typically find a populated server after about 5 to 10 minutes which isn't too big of a deal. However, recently I have sat down refreshing 'CUSTOM SERVERS' for upwards of 45 minutes with no success. I have redownloaded the game on three different occasions. I have recent my modem twice, my router countless times, and removed and reinstalled anti-cheat many times as well. I have ALL firewalls turned off and I still can not find a server. HELP. S.O.S. Merrik
  3. Attention! Parade rest! At ease! Soldiers! BlueFangSolutions.com is proud to be one of the official server providers for Squad. We are a younger company that started back in early 2012 and have since made our mark on this industry. We feel as though we have set a new standard for customer service and support and we are always excited when we can bring our expertise to a new title such as Squad. We have been working closely with the developers of Squad to make sure the service we offer can be the most enjoyable experience possible. If you would like to setup your own Squad server we are offering server rentals on a monthly and quarterly basis. RENT YOUR OWN SQUAD SERVER HERE Need some communications? We are an Authorized TeamSpeak 3 Hosting Provider too! RENT YOUR OWN TEAMSPEAK 3 SERVER HERE Have some questions about our service or would you like to inquiry about anything regarding a Squad server before you buy? Send us a contact form. We are here 24/7/365 to answer any and all of your questions about our services and provide assistance when it is needed. You can submit a ticket, email us, or hop on our TeamSpeak 3 server to get some help. We are here for you. Fall out!
  4. Had this semi foolish idea hanging around in my head for a while and decided to share it here Mostly when im browsing the server lists nowdays it seems like more servers have 72/80 people with 8 reserve slots however hypothetically speaking if there are 4 or 3 people that belong to the whitelist playing on a 72/80 server it means that theres 4-3 extra slots that normal players couldn't join now i get that whitelist spots are for certain members to join in groups when the server is full but maybe people belonging to the whitelist should occupy their own slot so that games could get to higher numbers of people so make it so that its like 68/72 (4/8) so that whitelist people take up their own slot? that way you can get up to 72/72 (4/8) instead of just 68/72 (4/8) like in the current system so yes this would mean the reserve slots would get filled up more quickly and admins would have to be careful who they give the reserve slots too and every server should have a admin slot for admin cam only in case the server is full AND all the servers are filled up
  5. Hello i bought squad i started the game but couldn't find any servers i tried turning off my firewall and reinstalled the game my steam max pings/minute is set on 500 i really need help
  6. sorry for my bad english. i am in 80 players server and 2 btr and 2 truck in base but all players moving cant use vehicles because squad leaders not know how to use leader class.and this is vehicle system useless. if nobody use vehicles why vehicles have in game ? i can understant btr have claim need 3 guys.but why hunwee need 3 guys ? and logic truck ? i am in game i always see humwess and in humwess 2 guy(one gunner , one driver) and logic truck using for trasport not logic to fobs. i love this is game but we have vehicles and still we must run to objective and in big maps we must go too long distances and thats boring.after we reached objective one bullet kills.we must run again to objective. System all players must be play training and in this is training teach basics.if hi complete basic trainig gets. basic training medal.if he completed all trainings squad medal or something. and servers can request squad medal or basic training medal basic training medal : only play jensen and training or not request rank servers , and cant use cars vehicle training medal : can drive vehicles and be a gunner squad training medal : all class unlocked i think this is system can imporve i only write proposal.
  7. I have just started playing this game (10 hours on it) and the game is great, EXCEPT... for the amount of time it takes for me to find a server with people that speak english. Now I don't know if this count as suggestions but I would suggest more U.S servers, or at the least servers that are English, Because when I look in the server list I see Chinese, Russian,French and everything but only like 2 -3 ENG servers. P.S. The english servers are always full
  8. Is there a server command to kick afk/unassigned player. Player a game today 10 afk/unassigned on our side so 30 vs 40 which spikes the balance. Also could we get team balance of unassigned. Or ar these settings planned
  9. I know the game just made a year on steam but, for a game in early alpha i think 40$ is a bit much. The game so far in early alpha is good for what it is. The updates make the game even better as time passes. The only issues i have are the servers and the pop (population) for the game. I feel that people don't want to really spend 40$ on a game that isn't even done and the company isn't well known by a lot of people so, they don't know if they should trust spending 40$ on it. That's why i took long on buying the game when i found it 6 months ago. After the free weekend when the game was at 11k people for two days i decided to buy the game and a lot of people like the game and gave it good reviews so, I assumed after that weekend a lot of people would buy it as well. I was wrong. The numbers just fell back down after those two days. Now i wasn't expecting 11k people to start buying the game at least a few thousand or so but, it was really a couple of people like a few hundred i'd say. I just think people don't want to spend money on a game so close to retail price (20$ away) when its only in Alpha. You also have to rent a server as well. Speaking of servers there aren't as many servers that are full or even have people in them(that are NA) then i thought there would be. Today i had the issue of finding an English server close to its server cap that wasn't already full. I don't mind playing with EU players but its hard when you can't understand them. My point is maybe if the game was a bit cheaper for it being in alpha the community would grow more and we will see more servers or even people in the servers that are just empty and deserted. Just my opinion still love the game and can't wait to see where it goes in the future.
  10. Noticed this video when looking up 1000 player servers. Can this be used in Squad to get 1000 player server? Interesting stuff they doing, what you think?
  11. So i just picked up squad today, and because i'm still a newbie, i got into the training course thingy. I tested out some stuff and i understand the game, so i went for an online server. I live in Indonesia and the squad servers that were available had 100 ping at it's lowest. I connected to one, and it went to the loading screen. First attempt to connect to server, i got to choose spawn point menu, then i clicked enter but after a few seconds itt went back to loading screen. I didn't know what to do and had waited too long, so i forced restart my computer. Second try i did it and this time it just stayed in the loading screen, didn't even get to the spawn point menu. Then i tried it for 5 times over and over and restarted my computer 5 times too but nothing worked Anyone have a solution?
  12. OWI Official Multiplay.com [Sydney AUS] #1 As some of you may of seen OWI & Mulitplay have kindly provided an Official Sydney, Australian server which is run by myself and afew other members well known throughout the squad online community. It has been running the past month with many well received comments about server performance and admins dealing with any issues quickly to allow members to enjoy their time unhindered. Please join the Squad - Australia / New Zealand steam group to keep up to date with events, announcements and everything else. You can also get into contact with the admins through the steam group or more quickly through our discord https://discord.gg/4XFv68y -- This server is not run by any members of clans or gaming communities to allow for even, unbiased decisions.
  13. After one week working with them and running our dedicated machine there - they have implemented Squad into their Server Portfolio and i can recommend them: very fast and skilled support - almost immediate answers on my tickets (Although Web-Portal is in German only as i see) www.gamerzhost.de Hosters Server-Farm is also Frankfurt/Germany which gives the best Pings available, from what i've seen so far. Features Squad Servers for 50ct / slot (5% Discound if Hoster in Servername) Squad servers from 10 to 70 slots (by now, later up to 100) Dedicated Root Gaming Server also available Acelerated Premium Serverfarm Class 3 (TÜV / ICE/ISO 27001 and ISO 9001) Monthly contract, can be canceled 3 Weeks before each period Payment by PayPal, PaySafe, SEPA Transfer Easy Admin Interface 15 Cents for a TS Slot Informations: Rent your Squad Server Need TS3/Mumble as well? See here If you have any questions you can ask me, or contact their support here
  14. I dont know if they are even on here figured they would be. Was curious if you could unban my friend you banned 2 nights ago? He threw a grenade it had a bad bounce on a window and flew back and hit a squad running by first fratricide hes ever done, but because it was like 8 guys it was a auto ban. You guys are the best server in our area seriously.....like 28 ping next closest is over 100. atleast talk to me and tell me what he can do ha i dont think its a perma ban but it was past 24hrs and he still couldnt join. I mean even everyone he killed said it was obviously an accident and just a bad bounce. lol plus he had revived all of them like 4 or 5 times by this point so i guess they had no reason to complain. Just wanted to get some insight on what i could do or he could do to get him unbanned thank you or anyone else who comments on this much appreciated.
  15. Hey all, I've been playing squad for a little over two months now and I absolutely love it, but I've only been able to play once since the vehicle update. My fears were realized in that people would flock to the game once vehicles were added and servers would be all filled up. Now all of the servers near me are either empty or completely full. That leaves me to join servers with crazy high ping and different languages than my own. And I'm not going to join a server/clan because I've heard too much negativity about them and I don't wish to pay to be in one. So my question is, will Squad add their own servers and a lot more of them and that?
  16. When viewing servers, the player count is very inaccurate. It's impossible to know if a server is full, as it will report 1-5 spots open regardless. Unless there are 10-15+ spots open, it's pretty safe to assume the server is full, refreshing the browser doesn't update the count to reflect it's full either. Is there a major roadblock preventing this? If it's a typical master/slave network couldn't they ping the master (I imagine there's a heartbeat) when the players join? Just seems odd when every other game has no problem with this. If it's just a hardware/software issue (some stated NICs are the culprit for some errors) what can I do to reduce the count error.
  17. While in server browser I am unable to see US servers and only UK AUS and NZ servers. Anyone else have this problem/ know how to fix it?
  18. Dear Squad Community, Squad-servers.com is a web server list and tracker for the game Squad. It is more than just a simple server list. It has lots of features: - Browse servers by: rank, countries, uptime, version .... - Complete search features: Find the best server for you using, our search engine with multi-criteria - Favorite system: Build your own list with your favorites servers - Comment system: Leave comments on servers and discuss directly with their owners - Achievement and leaderboard - User profile - Server status check: All servers are checked every 5 minutes, to guarantee you an up to date list - Server statistics: Get detailed charts for your server: players connected, votes, rank and uptime - Server notifications: Received notifications when your server goes offline - Vote system: Vote every day for your favorite server - Dynamic status banners: Show your server status on your website/forum with our nice dynamic banners - API : Build your own reward plugin or program with our API. More features to come in the future. Best regards,
  19. I just read one of these "I got banned from server X" thread. It were a happy ending story this time between the parties involved. What I did read between the lines it got solved because of someone from the party of the server owners did see the post. Well there is this old basic ruling, that the appeals and sorting involved these kind of things belongs to player and server owner, now again this thread I took as an example someone posted the owner communitys internet address . I have been wondering why on earth. Why I would go to some 3rd-party forum and create an account there (if even possible) [mind you I'm member of the server community forums of my example case, if someone is connecting lines, so I don't need a education]. Could Squad be a reasonable game community and game that requires that every server have subsection on here at official forums which is the no1 route of all these sort of communications, not 3rd party (sometimes really fishy "clan sites"). Majority of the servers already have their own thread in servers section of the forums, but it is more of act of good will than official requirement. Should it be official requirement for server owners? ... communication between players and server owners / maintainers is 1st through the official game forums. Not 3rd party at times fishy clan pages.
  20. Right now there are mostly 72 player servers where I get FPS from 28 to 45 which is frustrating as hell and really hard to play and aim. I was playing in a server which had 25 vs 25 and my fps was around 60-80 and the game felt completely different, I could actually control my recoil and control the SAW rounds. We need more servers that don't allow more than 50 players! The game feels so much better then, right now the animation system is SO BAD that my i7 4770k fries when we have 72 players in the server. Just consider guys. This game is not ready for 72 players, not even close.
  21. Hi, I'm DarrickS, one of the admin of the # [FR] CPC/MB - TACTICAL AND TEAMWORK // IP: ##FRENCH VERSION## Ce serveur vise principalement ceux d'entre vous qui cherchent une expérience de jeu forte sans l'inconvénient de devoir rejoindre une team parce qu'ils ne peuvent par exemple, que jouer ponctuellement. L'idée est que nous formons et fidélisons de bons SL afin que même des escouades de pick-ups puissent facilement être performante et prendre du plaisir à jouer sans avoir besoin d'un entrainement régulier, d'une fidélité quelconque. Bref, quelque soit votre niveau, si vous suivez votre SL, vous êtes les bienvenues! Nos admins sont assez strictes et très nombreux, afin d'appliquer certaines règles qui selon nous permettent d'écarter les gens qui nuisent au gameplay de SQUAD : -Pas de lonewolfing : Les SL sont invités à nous signaler les joueurs qui prennent un kit et se barre faire leur vie loin de leur squad. -Les SL sont invités à parler en anglais sur le vocal des leadeurs : bien qu'étant une communauté Française, nous ne sommes pas contre la présence d'autres nationalités, au contraire. -Mettre un tag de nationalité dans le nom des squads : afin de permettre de tous s'y retrouver. -Pas de castle building : on est moyennement tolérant avec les squads complètes qui se barrent sur un coin de map construire une FOB qui ne sert à rien juste pour se divertir. Cependant nous n'avons rien contre les FOBs défensives, qui visent à couper des lignes de spawn ennemis, ou à tenir des points hauts donnant des points de vues sur des vallées clés. -Et autant que possible,on joue les objectifs et on coopère entre escouades! -Les classiques : racismes, tk, cheat, insultes, rageux, bashing d'une nationalité quelconque... Si vous souhaitez recevoir une formation basique pour devenir SL, sans que ça implique une présence chez nous, me contacter sur STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976539450 Un manuel basique du Squad lead sur steam : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618969792 Je twitch un peu les soirées du serveur, c'est sans prétention, y a pas de mise en scène particulière, c'est plus pour mes potes en mission qui ne peuvent pas jouer : http://www.twitch.tv/darrick_siobban Merci de m'avoir lu, en espérant vous retrouver bientôt sur notre serveur! Un deuxième est en cours de préparation! ##ENGLISH VERSION## This server mainly aim to the french squad community which longs to play without the inconvenients of joining a team. We have several good Squad Leaders who play regulary on our servers, but sadely for now they are mostely french and not very often lead english speaking squad. This doesnt mean we are close to over nationality squad. Here you will find the main rules of the server : -No lonewolfing : We doenst admit ppl joining a squad and just leaving it for getting their kit and playing alone -We ask squad leaders to talk in english in squad leader channel for allowing all nationality to play and coordinate together -Put a nationality tag in your squad name for helping ppl finding their native langage squad, only squad leaders must speak in english -No castle building, we dont accept team going in a corner of the map making a big castle for enjoying a minecraft time, we allow defensive FOB for taking pics over looking importants valleys, cutting spawn ennemy lines or defending flags -Squad must try their best for playing the objective, we dont ask you to be pro always on the front line, but not to be afk 85% of the game chasing some gosth -Basic like in all servers : no racism, tk, cheat, bashing of any nationality... Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon
  22. I don't know whether or not this has been said yet, or if I am posting this feedback correctly but I didn't feel like taking the time to scroll through every topic in the forum, so here it is. I decided to say what the hell and bought Squad yesterday on Steam, I was a little hesitant because of the huge price tag for an early access alpha. I gotta say I do not feel that it was worth the money at this time since it is currently almost unplayable, I feel a little cheated. After downloading the game I went through all the first time set up crap via Steam and all seemed well, I get into the game and the menu comes up I go to the server browser, and there is NO filter, no recent history, no favorites, every server is a European server with 500+ ping. After constant refreshing and the server list changing like its having an identity crisis I find a US server with a good ping and space in the game, once I got into a game and actually started playing I loved it, game play is fun, communication system is awesome and the community is great. End round and I'm waiting for the next one to start and black screen followed by a crash, start up the game again, and steam still thinks its a first time set up every time I start the game, so it takes a good 3 min to actually start up. No servers once again, try to join one and the game crashes. After 15 minutes of updating the server list I find the US server I was on again, I join and 5 minutes later the round ends, game crashes. I spent $40 and out of my 3 hours on record I only have about an hour of game time, the rest is restarting the game, and fighting the server browser. I have no problem paying money for a good thing, but right now it is not good, and I just hope these issues are addressed very soon because right now I am warning my friends not to buy it when I would much rather recommend it, hopefully I am not the only one having these issues and they are recognized. Please fix the server browser.
  23. Just wondering Is the voip run as part of squad with the program or is it separate process? Ask for there seems to be lot of breaking up of Voip at different times, maps and servers. Could be better separated as previously done with PR mumble?
  24. Every server with players is at like 200 ping for me. Are there just no NA server?
  25. We applied for a server before Christmas, but have yet to here a response as to whether our application was successfull. Could you please respond or send me a pm to confirm the current status of our application.