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Found 20 results

  1. Hello guys, Last game I played, I had little "covert-ops" squad, we crawled our way to flank enemy FOB. When we got in we encountered vehicle behind sandbag cover, ATGM and some HMG emplacements. Since we were a small squad we couldnt take them on, so we tried diversion and to deconstruct some things. Short story, after all effort and crawling they heard us when we begun shoveling and killed us . So I was wondering if it could be possible to give Squad Leader or some other role "Thermite tactical grenade", which we use in insurgency, for situations when you can't be loud. Place it on HMG or ATGM to destroy it. Place it on logi truck to damage its engine, use it to destroy ammo crate, or at least reduce ammo points when placed on it, and things like that... But nerf it so you can't 1 shot FOB radio or maybe make it impossible to use on that, make it ineffective against HABs, Tanks, APCs etc... What do you think ?
  2. I would like to suggest a new Role. A Breacher or Specialist, just as in PR. Basically a Rifleman with one or two explosives to take down FOB Structures. The Idea came to me yesterday, after playing a round of Narva with my Clan mates. After trying to take down a FOB for 15 Minutes, build inside an apartment Building heavily fortified with Hescos and Sandbags at the doors. We had to give up. I like the building System in Squad and being able to close all entrances of all sort of Complex. But i would like more options the get inside those without wasting our precious AT witch we need against Vehicles. I believe the role of a Breacher would give more tactical flexibility, being able to make a entry into a FOB glitched inside those sort of buildings or super FOBs.
  3. Right now other that the Squad Leader role, the recon role also has binoculars, I generally don't see many people play this role but many people want to play Marksmen and the people that do, a lot of them play it in a long range recon form of a role. While having a scope on a long range rifle is good for spotting nme units or fortifications, having binoculars will make the Marksmen role a lot more versatile on top of this i feel that it would bring marksmen in a new light for squad leaders.
  4. The Alpha 9 update has been great, and the new kit icons are pretty sweet, but I think that the ACOG scoped rifleman should have a separate kit icon from the rifleman with no special scope.
  5. Currently Squad has three kit groups; Command and Support, Riflemen, and Fire Support. With the kits in-game right now, this system is fine. However, eventually we'll start seeing kits like heavy anti-tank, engineer, anti-air, machine gunner, possibly even sniper. These kits are very specialized, very powerful, and should be extremely limited... so how to implement that? Simple. Put these kits in a fourth kit group, "Specialized". A squad would be limited to only one Specialized kit, and for someone to use it, the SL would literally have to approve it for them: if no one else is using a Specialized kit in the squad and a player opens the spawn screen and clicks a Specialized kit, they would not receive it, as first a popup would appear for the SL, saying "Allow PlayerXYZ to use the [whatever Specialized kit the player clicked] kit?" The SL could then click yes or no. If yes, the player is able to select the kit the SL approved for him (and not any other Specialized kits). If no, the player keeps his current kit. With this system... Kits like HAT, AA, MG, etc are limited to one such kit per squad. Players literally cannot use such a kit without the SL's approval. Solves the "Sniper Problem".
  6. EoD class/role

    will there be a Eod Role because you know, ied's will be involve in the game?
  7. what is your favorite role?

    so what are your favorite roles? i haven't tried being an SL yet because i'm still new in the game. my favorite role is with medic though and machine gunner
  8. like the title says. are the devs gonna add some features that when a bleeding allies passed out, you can pull him to safe spot as a medic or any role just to add realism? happy to know if they are gonna add that , best of luck in the field mates!
  9. Hi Squaddies, What's your favorite Role in squad? ;) I know there are a LOT of you that only preffer a single role. I think my preffered role would be the grenadier. Now im curious about yours!
  10. like the title says. iprefer to be a medic or infantryman
  11. TL;DR: Introduction What I propose is simple, from my understanding the way that the game will prevent vehicle theft a/o abuse is to have the SL assign a specific squad member the ability to drive. Given that this will be in the game already, I suggest that there be another class that can be assigned by the squad leader to unload some of their duties so they can focus on the leadership and not on the superfob. Why? 1. To offload some of the duties of the SL I honestly can't tell how many times I've seen comments or discussions on this forum about veteran players not wanting to play as an SL because they play games to relax, not to be stressed by a whole shit-ton of stress in the forms of pressure to perform, responsibility for failure, and excessive dependency. Any duties that can be offloaded from the SL to a trustworthy and competent player will greatly increase the enjoy-ability of the game for leadership roles. 2. To reduce abuse If properly balanced this class would be locked until the squad reaches a certain number of players, this would mean that two jokers won't start their own squad to go and set up fobs in locations that will block the rest of the team. I can't say how many times poorly placed fobs have gimped our team and led to a loss because somebody just threw it down "wherever" just to get more bodies to the front. 3. Demands squad cohesion Spreading out the roles of necessity in the squad greatly increases the benefits to squads who cooperate and more fairly punishes those that do not. How would it work? 1. Limmited supplies Would only be able to build based on a limited supply count that would not regenerate in the same way as current FOBs 2. SL granted The role would only be accessable after being granted permission by the squad leader 3. Supplies Players will have to place down a supply bag which would give a very short range construction radius 4. Cover only Would only be able to construct certain defensive structures, I would suggest just light cover and razor-wire 5. Supply theft Will allow the player to replenish their supplies by dismantling both friendly and enemy fortifications 6. Demolitions Can dismantle fortifications faster, potentially through the use of plastic explosives 7. Pliers Could be equipped with pliers to destroy razor-wire even faster without gaining any supplies from them 8. Enemy bags Can steal supplies by capturing enemy supply bags 9. Ammo crates It would greatly benefit the team to have a player that can set up ammo crates besides the SL, this is especially true for those times when the SL has to leave but the player who received the role is nowhere near an ammo crate to change classes 10. Deployment times In order to balance the class there would be a short time necessary to deploy the supply bags and again to pick them back up 11. Stakes and "security deposit" in addition to this it would be great if the supplies were only used as the objects were constructed, with a form of an initial cost to set up the stakes and the rest of the supplies being used as the other players shovel the object to completion 12. Scaling Unlike the SL, I suggest that the combat engineers have scaled abilities based on what supply resource they are using, as in if they are using supplies from a supply truck or cache their options would be greater than what they could build from a supply bag, this applies especially to mounted weapons and hesco barriers Conclusion This is just a suggestion based on the many discussions I've seen on the forums arguing logistics and the grief in involved with being SL. I really hope some of you like my idea, but if you don't, please keep your criticism constructive and explain your reasoning. If you have something to add, please feel free to share it! For simplicity please quote for typos/critic and @mention for additions/suggestions!
  12. Accessing roles

    Three suggestions on how I'd like to see the accessing of roles implemented in Squad, breaking away from the fundamental PR system. 1. You cannot "pick up" kits. In PR/Squad a kit is treated as something you have and something you use, not something you are. It's treated no different than a baseball bat, or a shoe. Why? If you're a DM, you're a DM. You don't lug around a DMR and trained marksmanship skills as though they're an entity, passing them to the next person at will. Where's the realism in being a helicopter pilot one moment, and being an LAT the next? IMO, when you spawn with a kit, you are that kit. If you want to change your kit, wait until you are no longer among the living. You don't spawn as a shoe, only to drop it for something else. You are the shoe. 2. Coinciding with my first point, all kits would be selected via the spawn menu. No more taking special kits from supply crates. 3. Limit SLs to the squad leader kit. Let's assume, for a moment, that being an "AT Gunner" is a position in the sense that being an SL is a position. Where's the logic in allowing AT Gunners to be DMs, or grenadiers, or riflemen, and not limiting them to HATs/LATs? The same goes for SLs and the SL kit. Unfortunately, people don't like big changes, especially when those changes deal with fundamental features of PR. I imagine many people will look at this with a PR mentality and think "Meh". As a result, I doubt many will give these suggestions a second thought, but I'd like to see them, so no point in not throwing them out there.
  13. New Role - Combat Engineer

    So I was thinking maybe their should be one guy on a squad that can handle explosives to clear barricades with a C4 charge and can setup more advanced defensive capabilities than your regular rifleman. He can also plant anti personal or armor mines, claymore, Ied etc. What do you think dumb or a helpful class?
  14. Hi There, Since you can only choose certain roles depening on the size of the squad it can be confusing when you try to select a different role on a ammobox. I think players would be helped a lot if the roles are highlighted that can be selected and that there would be a text suggestion if you hover over kits you can't take (see image below). This idea can also be implemented for the rallypoint/vob/building materials. Like this post if you think this would be verry helpfull :)
  15. Will there be a pilot role?

    Will we have a team pilot role or roles, with only those players able to pilot the team's aircraft? Or will it be similar to Battlefield games where anyone can fly? If we will have a pilot role or roles for the team, what about roles for armor or other heavy assets?
  16. Grappling Hook

    One of the best parts about Battlefield 2 was the ability to Grappel anywhere, however I foresee that it will be a lot harder to do if a certain level of quality is wanted all around. As BF2 did, it sort of shrunk the player model and all kinds of clipping would occur (personally as long as the feature is there I don't mind) but I'm interested to know if a plan is already in place for the system or whether or not it is to be cancelled?
  17. Auto Squad Names For SPECIFIC Roles/Assets or Standardised Squad Names The idea is basically about improving the organisation and understanding of the team layout and the job of each people in each squad. The practical game-design aspect may involve restricting kits, vehicles to an automatic or standardised squad name. Practical benefits of doing this: No arguing over asset allocation in automatic or standardised systemNo admin troubles related to the above issueCommander will know which squad has which asset (difference between Support or Logistics - current PR non automatic/non standardised system or the difference between tank and armour squad - as per current confusing free for all non sensical player named PR non automatic/non standardised system)Squad leaders will also be able to identify who to contact for whatever is required due to Auto squad name/asset system or standardised squad name systemPlayers will have a much better idea of the purpose of each SQUAD before joining itThere may be other benefits I haven't thought of I haven't thought deeply about the negative aspects of this system so forgive me if the idea sounds really stupid. So I would to give a few examples of how an Auto name system or standardised name system could work. Mil. advisors would probably be able to produce better organisation than my list below: SUPPORT - Logistics truck, (or at least 1 logistics truck for logistic/eng squad and not assault squad who also happen to take the logistic truck) Mortars, Transport Heli, Infantry Carrier (or at least 1 infantry carrier for infantry carrying squad and not assault squad who also happen to take the infantry carrier), Intelligence Role (if there is one EG ICOM - listening to selected or random enemy channel if implemented),Ammo carrier (or at least 1 ammo carrier ......) ARMOUR - Main Battle Tanks, Anti Air Vehicles, Anti Tank Vehicles (my bad categorisation at work here) RECON - Recon vehicles (BRDM, Scimitar) Sniper (or at least 1 sniper.......), UAV Controller, Recon Helis if implemented (usually the small helis or lightly armed ones) CAS - Helicopter 'gunships' Apache/Hind, Little Bird, ALL JETS (all jets are potentially CAS due to cannon) MECH INF - BMP/BRADLEY/BTR/WARRIORJust an example here and I did hitn my categorisation would be bad. However, as you can see and try to organise it is something difficult to organise and that's why I suggested this because it would be much more helpful if Squad developed a standardised or automatic name system. Not every vehicle would have to be associated with an auto squad name due to multi purpose or use of some vehicles or the commonality of them or variants.
  18. Engineer Role/new Defenses

    As a new engine brings new possibilites has there been any ideas so far that can be discussed about what they can do? Be it all new defenses like tank traps which can only be done by engineers with wielding gear, etc.? It was a shame in PR:BF2 how the engineer did not really do anything (I don't think I ever really touched the class) which I can guess was due to engine restrictions.
  19. After playing PR:BF2 recently I remembered an idea I had for Project Reality 2 if it was to ever come to fruition. As many people know, when leading a Squad it is often frustrating to get everyone into a role the leader wants rather than people just choosing so the idea I had in mind would involve having a screen that comes up when you join a squad, in that screen: - STAGE ONE = It shows the Squad Leader (at the top or something) and then the number of slots below (for how ever many are in the squad). With the help of something like a dropdown box the Squad Leader would select the roles that MUST to be filled before any other, e.g. a HAT team actually having the Rocketeer, an Assistant Rocketeer and a Medic. These HAD to be filled before any other role is able to be chose. - STAGE TWO = Once those are chosen (however many the leader wants, he should even be able to completely design all the roles in the squad if wanted) he then opens how ever many other slots to like an = optional phase where the player in that slot has 3 or so CHOICES of role, e.g. AR, AAR or Rifleman. - STAGE THREE = After the final stage of having the optional roles if wanted, then there are the free roles slot wherein the player in the slot CHOOSES the role he wants (if available to the team/squad) which then is sent to the Squad Leader for CONFIRMATION. Personally, I think this system is the best way to handle the role selecting process rather than the old PR:BF2 days wherein you would have to ask people who might then not do it and just waste extra time. This entire screen could be done in the pre-game warmup time in which roles originally were selected and players could even save the templates to ensue that this is done instantly (which would be a great benefit to clan groups). Also having it update in real time with the limited classes for a team being shown (or even being able to request the kit from the commander if it were to be lost).
  20. alright, the title says it all, but the idea here is to create some sort of real-life mechanism of skill for dealing with in-game proximity based explosives and IEDs over the normal dice-roll or sit and wait defusal systems. -"What bombs??" I dont know, but I am assuming since this is an insurgent/counterinsurgent contemporary simulation, I expect there might be some IEDs and trip-mines and claymores etc.---What am I getting to?I think the best ranking system is the rank that comes from an acquired skill. Whether thats mastering bullet arc and windage or advanced helicopter maneuvers, these are the things that make the games fun, and they are the defacto "Roles" that we adopt.So what if being an EOD tech required skill? Not just luck or some random puzzle, but an interactive means of getting good at something. Can we give them a niche? Imagine that a to defuse a bomb you had to solve find the determinant of a 3x3 matrix while your remaining squadmates secured the perimiter whilst you were ducking the incoming fire. There would be a certain subset of people that would be intrigued by this challenge and then they would assert themselves to either finding the best tablet-based Matrix Solver or they would get really good at quickly solving matrices. The awesome thing about this is that people would quickly become assets. "That guy is the best EOD tech in North America" etc. -"Not math PLEASE not MATH!!?!" Sure, it can be pictures or whatever. Ever play Alien Swarm? Remember that little keypad that you gotta line up the circuits to open the door? That'd be cooler than nothing, and I guess there would at some point be a group of people that got good at it. Another example of skill based mini-games would be the lockpicking mechanism in Skyrim. Something simple that requires a quick gearshift in mental operations, that makes people need to think under pressure. Thats all I really want to see. I think a game that has something like occupational niches makes the impetus for teamwork that much greater, and the stories told while playing that much more epic.