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Found 20 results

  1. I don't know about you, but Squad revive system seems to be being footballed from realistic to arcade, to back being more realistic. However, I am quite baffled why the system cannot be made both "More realistic and Fun Oriented" by simply "Reverse" the current system being "Revive Timer" and not "Vulnerability - Dead dead Period after Revive Timer." This just doesn't make any sense that someone who had been hit by high military grade bullet, can be revived indefinitely and forever, even to somewhat semi useless/hopeless state. I humbly propose for Developers to try something else that is more realistic where "The Wolves will be fed and the Sheep Will Be Safe." - Simply make the type of caliber a player had been downed with, provide the revive window/timer. For example - someone hit in the torso with 12.7mm. should not have over 260 Seconds to be revived and be able to be revived indefinitely (or until bandages run out). Bullet of that size will easily cause some serious damage, even with grazing hits where someone might not ever wake up, let alone get up. Instead make .50 cal or .51 cal bullet incapacitations make about 10 seconds before someone bleeds out to death. Headshots should be instant kill, since in game headshots are already relatively challenging to make and should be fair mechanic. Make all 7.62 NATO, SKS and AK47 (series of weapons) variants cause perhaps one minute (to the body and lower) incapacitations around 45 to 60 seconds bleed period and perhaps 10 to 20 seconds headshots. 5.56 and 5.45 should have from 60 to 80 seconds (torso and lower) and 20 to 40 second headshots. 9mm should be left in its current state. With this whole system the "vulnerability period" should also be present to discourage Ramboing and seeking medical personnel. Perhaps also with headshot revive, give a small chance of not even being able to revive the player and instead cause the loss of ticket as null and void and provide with someone killed with Headshot with instant spawn at downed player's discretion, whatever place (maybe not with Rally) to be spawned at. I believe this type of Revive System Reform will both punish recklessness and push Squad more towards where the game meant to go. - Punish reckless Solo Wolf CoD Style of gameplay Run and Gun and towards Team play.
  2. Better late then never....from your longest standing fan and player. Also posted on Reddit as a respons. I sympathize with some in Opening Post. Sad to re... https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/cg251r/my_comment_on_from_a_veteran_casual/eug63oq?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I'm a founder with +3000 hours and for the first time experiencing a loss of appetite for game. I am a comp player in Mumblerines and an old PR player. Played both games from very first versions. Think I have a solid reference base to debate from. Buddy RP is my main gripe. That a fragmented team, at any given time, can come together as a full team from any individual fragments angle. That should be enough said really to convey how unsuitable this change is for gameplay. Yes it does puts players faster back in action, in general. But at what cost!? Both new game modes TC and Destruction are from my standpoint broken. You can't plan for nme movement in a logical way. A full team can appear anywhere, at any time really. We have outplayed many teams now just jumping RPs. That actually makes for less fighting those games. And the chees sensation is real. A clanmate described it best. "TC with BRP is kinda hard to maintain properly atm... cuz its so easy to change the flow, when you finally managed to make progress and push somewhere, and while you're capping just one HEX , full team appears out of no where (read BRP) and just throws you back and makes all your effort vain. Making big TC layers 1.5+ hours long" A light save in pubbing is that BRP is not exploited more. It's not intuitive so new SLs don't use them fully. Some refuse to use them out of morale reasons. Love that. However, it will catch on. Also worth mentioning: Who needs FOBs when we have buddy RP? - But you only get three mags and a bandage (as a minimum)! *Stopped no one ever from capping a flag or digging down a radio. THE objectives. For comp I predict it will be devastating. For my enjoyment if nothing else. It will be played, it will have action, but it will be dumb. Jumping flags with teams via BRP. It is truly unearned ground. Driving out with a logi and building is earned ground. And you can't abandon a FOB without the risk of losing tickets, as you can with a RP. It's a gamble, an investment with a FOB. DEVs have spent so much resources on creating buildable assets, and now we use them even less. Don't get it. That would have been my preference of approach towards fixing what BRP was intended for, and did fix to be fair. Promote FOB use with tricks and securing that there always is a transportation vehicle in main. Gained the same but not lost what we have done. Second gripe would be the visual aspect of sped up movement. I now get a Benny Hill sensation. Didn't like that show so the reminiscence is unwelcome hehe. Don't mind at all top speed traversing between flags. But take a few rested players close to each other moving around and you'll see what I mean. Shooting at zig zag nme with penguin syndrome (leaning left/right) at ranges coupled with the desynch and the hitreg issues makes for a bad experience in my view. Disclaimer, I only game. I know little to nothing about how this stuff affects each other from a programming standpoint. Hipfire. Now good even at ranges. I don't ADS nowhere even close to what I used to have to do. Not a fan but not the end of the world either. Concerning voices about deaddead headshots. I would not be in favour of deaddead headshots with current shooting mechanics. Not even sure I'd be in favour of it with any shooting mechanics that doesn't require mastering sway. Yes, DD HS was a thing in PR but that doesn't automatically translate for what is best for Squad. Infinitive revives. Not a fan as is. Dying should have consequences. Many ways to go about that. Have no set preferences, but have ideas. Can debate more on demand. On a personal note. Motherdears (iirc) big Reddit letter, with all DEVs standing behind it, and the declaration of intended gameplay, a year or so back. It is hard not to feel a little cheated with the above mentioned changes and this new path taken. With regards, your village elder Mel. *all respectful comments are welcome and appreciated.
  3. When a medic revives somebody, it should take a bandage from them if they have any in their inventory. In reality theyre going to use the wounded dudes med kit, then the medics bandage should be for situations when the wounded have none.

    * A brutal way of respawning would be to implement a body pool. You place a medical-tent or use armored ambulances and try to recover as much of the fallen possible, because that will determine if there body's left in the body pool to spawn from. There's the possibility to spawn whenever but at the cost of more tickets. Implementing this ambulance body recovering system would add a new dynamic to the battle theater. * Adding an engineer class with ability to build bridges, haul damaged vehicles from the batllefield, dig trenches...
  5. So if the game is going on the path of "everyone can revive" a downed man. Can we at least make the bandaging (I'm aware the dev's made it longer) even longer? I guess 15 seconds for non medics would be enough? And 8 to 10 seconds for field medics. My purpose is not actually for realism (apart of it is), but this is about to balance the pace of gun fights from the last patch. Before the patch, it is a huge struggle when you die. You have to wait for medics to get you up and rally point re-spawns are limited to 9, unlike the wave respawn in v12. So what I like about the system before is, it changes how gun fights work. Players are much needed to be more careful in the field, and firefights don't last too long in non-FOB areas. So im not really against to the "anyone can revive" I actually like it. Just make the revive timer longer so it balances out how firefights work from the previous build. Because right now, revive systems are too easy and overpowered.
  6. I guess there are other threads about this particular bug, but I couldn't find any. It's one of the most widespread bugs I've see in this version: downed players find themselves in a different room when revived, sometimes on the roof or even IN the roof. Revived players can sometimes get glitched into the roof or a wall, where they can turn around and sometimes even shoot. I'm sure this is a known issue, but is there any feedback as to when we can expect it to be patched?
  7. New Revive ability

    I don't really get the point of the changes to the revive system announced today. Enabling any player to revive fallen mates means flattening the gameplay and removing part of the tactical situation Squad is currently giving to the players. While we all agree that fun > real life, it looks utterly not realistic that anyone can simply approach someone and revive him. The Medic class reflects the specific need of deploying trained, qualified personnel on the battlefield who are able to treat wounds and help teammates. The current iteration of having anyone being able to stop the bleeding is probably the best compromise indeed, promoting teamplay (the medic doesn't have an indefinite number of bandages) and mutual help. What is the added value of a medic from now on? Maxing the health or the stamina of other people? There is little to no point in keeping playing medic; the fighting equipment is often of lower value than a generic rifleman and I expect a mass migration of specialized medics to other classes. As of today, a medic is a real asset in the team, just like all the other specialized classes (from the AT to the grenadier, to the marksman and so on). Reviving people under fire requires skills and experience; just like any other kit, it can be played by anyone but mastering it requires specialization and a bit of dedication. Having good medics can make the difference in battle, just like the fact that the tactical options changes dramatically knowing you have or don't have medics close when you are launching an assault or are waiting to be revived. On top of this, playing medic is sometimes the choice for players which are not that good in the firefighting but that can provide a consistent and priceless support to the team with their altruist attitude. They are rewarded by the fundamental support provided to the team, rather than the shooting skills. We are picking probably what is the most teamplaying kit in the game and trashing it into the bin. Is this the way we want Squad to proceed? What is next, promoting the K:D ratio over the team/faction result? Not counting that, on this basis, there is no point in restricting the AT use to the AT class only, the grenadier to grenadiers, driving heavy vehicles to crewman only...
  8. I'll wait...

    3 x 0-1
  9. Hi guys, My idea is allowing Taliban, insurgents, and other factions considered terrorist groups to "finish off" BLUFOR soldiers so they cannot be revived. This could help balance out the factions and let Insurgents ect. do more unique things that Convential Factions cannot as Geneva does not restrict them of it.
  10. "Give Up" Timer

    I think all of us who have ever played on medic have hated those people who "give up" on you after you wasted a bandage on them, or squadmates who continue to give up as soon as they are down just because they don't want to wait for a medic (then the game comes to an end and you lose by 15 tickets, which means you would have won had your teammates just waited for a medic revive). I think it would be a great idea to have a "give up" timer for those that constantly give up as soon as they go down. This way, it encourages more teamplay/strategy and allows medics to do their job more efficiently. This in no way has a negative effect on those who wait for medics. Since this timer would only effect those who constantly give up after going down. Suggesting that (not counting your first "give up"), that if you give up too quickly (lets say, within 15 seconds of going down), you will not have the option to press "GIVE UP" on the screen for 15 seconds. If players continue to give up early, the timer will continue to increase by 15 second increments, up to a minute. This is just a basic idea, I'm not saying 15 seconds is fair, but you get the idea. For those that already wait, they will not be punished for giving up and would not have to wait. What do you guys think?
  11. Yo guys. Am I the only one that this is happening to? When I get revived I (most of the time) I teleport through a wall or even off the map.... http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/505902374505645885/1883486AA3A8241E121B6779DD4C52CCAB555CB7/ a Screeshot I took
  12. hi guys since today i can not sprint after i get revived by a medic??? do u guys have the same issues?? happened not once but always when i get revived... its very bad for a good gameplay experience tbh
  13. Revive bug

    Had the problem many times after the new patch. After I'm getting revived I can't move - I'm stuck in position before death. Sometimes esc button helps but even then I can't move in all directions (one is always disabled). I don't have to mention that it's very frustrating and in most of the cases ends with my total death.
  14. I am not certain this has been discussed, and Ive spent some time searching.. so I hope this could be answered. If not, it is a suggestion. When a player is downed and needing a revival, is there, or could there, be a function where an opposing force can continue to inflict damage on an incapacitated player in order to progress their status from incapacitated to KIA (dead-dead)? I've been in positions where I storm into a building and clear it, whith enemy friendlies still in proximity and remain "alive", awaiting revival. I would like to see a feature that would allow me to continue to fire upon their bodies to push them into a state of death beyond revival... any thoughts?
  15. Hi, i think it would be really great if there was some kind of UI indication when a player is being revived, just like we get when we are being healed by a med pack. This would stop people from giving up while a medic is trying to apply the bandage, right now it's really hard to tell if we are going to be revived or not. Thanks for the great game! :wub:
  16. Value of Life?

    Hi all, I'm posting from my phone so please forgive the lack of any in-depth explanations and spelling issues. I'd like to know how much value the Devs plan to put on player's lives in-game, and what mechanics will they introduce to ensure that players value their lives and don't treat death as an "oh well, fresh start" or clone? I ask this because PR's flagship gamemode, AAS is won and lost on tickets, and it infuriates me to see many games lost simply because of the low value people place on their own lives. Squads throw themselves at heavily fortified objectives recreating scenes akin to the Normandy Beach Landings, getting slaughtered, giving up, and repeating the same, or players who almost instantly go for the 'Give Up' button mid-firefight, when if they wait 2 mins for it to die down, their medic will pick them up. I have a rule in squads that I lead, that there are only 2 times people may give up: 1. I tell them to. 2. EVERYONE in the squad has been downed (not necessarily 'dead dead'), and there are no nearby players who can come and pick up the medic kit(s) to revive people. I think about the bigger picture. I'm a team player, and if waiting 4 minutes for the APC that slaughtered us to get bored and move on, so that our sole-surviving player can grab the medic kit and revive the entire squad is what it takes to save our team 7 tickets, then so be it. Every death is a ticket loss, and I think people forget this too easily. Like voting, people think 'I don't matter'. If 3 squads of 8 people think that twice in a round, that's 48 tickets out of 300 of 'matter'. Every death matters. If it weren't for the obvious boredom that would follow death in a one-life-only gamemode, I would love it. PR introduces spawn delays and the loss of your kit as incentives to not give up, but I don't think it works well enough, and can penalise situations where its not your fault that you have to give up (sitation 2 as above, or ran over by your transport vehicle). Please discuss! EDIT: Just to add, ticket loss isn't the only reason I have those rules. My tactics often depend on doing what the rest of my team ISN'T. I.e. Defending the flag we just captured, or more often than not, getting ahead of the game and inserting ourselves in the next capping position when it's soon to come in into play. These manoeuvres require time, effort, and stealth. By giving up in those situations, we lose our position on the map and would be back at base thumbing for a lift.
  17. Stand after revive bug

    I don't like that I will automatically stand after a revive. Basically I get shot again immediately. I would consider this a bug. I would rather be always prone after revive.
  18. I think this will make it easier for medics to find the players who need revived. Right now it is hectic trying to find the downed players.
  19. So I have noticed some debate about these gameplay mechanics that are in squad right now, in the community: 1. Hold Breath for Zoom Eyes (HB4ZE for short) Holding your breath gives your eyes temporary extra zoom, regardless of your scope/sight type. Holding your breath too long cancels the zoom and causes weapon sway. HB4ZE is similar to the insurgency or red orchestra(?) system. It is implemented for CQB, so you won't find yourself disoriented in close encounters because there's no PiP partial screen zoom scopes that you can easily look over the top of. In PR, the issue was solved by backup close range sights. 2. Decreased performance after being revived, until you return to a spawn point Getting revived gives you a persistent stamina, total health, and weapons sway penalty, simulating a hurt solider. This only disappears when you re-spawn or return to a spawn point, simulating your soldier being replaced by a fresh soldier. This is done (presumably) so a unit with no fob shouldn't be able to hold out forever, and also for added realism and expanded gameplay. An alternative would be to increase the risk of perma-death (dead dead) for each revive, and guaranteeing dead-dead state if you're shot shortly after being revived (the latter being the PR system), in order to avoid walking back and forth too much. 3. 'Semi-free' look while sprinting If I've understood things right, while sprinting, moving your mouse doesn't change your running direction, but you'll slowly and gradually turn towards where your screen is pointed, mimicking momentum with a "partial free look". An alternative would be a fully free look button (like in ArmA) that allows your soldier to look around only using his head. So, what do you guys think about these mechanics? Do you like them? Edit: Added a 4th option for poll question 3 realizing it might be 'biased' results-wise to force people to choose only between semi-free-look-sprint and no free look button, or free look button but no semi-free-look-sprint, when you could implement both semi-free-look-sprint AND a free look button Edit #2: Removed 'it is more realistic' for non-HB4ZE option ('cause it isn't, see the sea of other threads). Added fourth option for HB4ZE; HB4ZE but not timed or based on breath.
  20. This is my first topic post here, guys! I've used the search function and didn't find anything directly related to what I'm about the suggest. They're pretty minor things anyways. Injured Debuffs - I think it'd be nice to have some hefty injury effects on player movement, aiming and visibility. Where the player was hit and how badly should be the main focus, methinks. For example, if you are hit in the leg, your character might move with a limp, and therefore aiming while moving will be harder, as well as the loss of the ability to sprint fast. Getting hit in the arms would affect aiming (even when standing still, or prone without a bipod) and getting hit in the head or having a grenade explode near you would affect visibility (flashing red vignette, blurriness, other psychedelic effects). Basic torso injuries should cause shaking and lesser versions of the debuffs mentioned above. I think that this will be an addition to the realism that Squad is aiming for. As for death screens - I think it'd be interesting to shy away from the classic "time until REALLY dead" countdown style, and do something a bit more interesting and intense. I was thinking along the lines of a heartbeat which starts to slow down over time and varies depending on how badly you are injured. It could even speed up when a defibrillator shocks you (if those are added at all, I wouldn't be rattled if they weren't). Another small thing is that I'd like sound to be muffled when dead or unconscious, instead of pristine or gone entirely. Same goes for grenade hits and basic injuries. The latter paragraph was pretty much entirely assuming that a revive style system is going to be added, or at least unconsciousness. If that isn't going to be added, the only part to be acknowledged is the part about audio muffling. Hell, these things might already be basic planned for features (or already in the game for all I know) but I thought it was worth suggesting. I'm all for the little details in these kinds of games.