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Found 21 results

  1. Simple and small change, but would greatly increase the incentive of driving logi's back to main, since you can respawn without penalty after. I've also seen people accidently spawn on main, which wouldn't be a problem anymore either. Could be at a special location inside main where you have to press F, or just a button in the menu that pops up when in main. EDIT: As said on steam: "The only thing that would hurt here is the ammo system.... you could cycle through main without penalty to resupply ammo with this mechanic. It’s a good idea, just needs some tweaks to prevent abuse w/ ammo resupply." It shouldn't be too hard to think of a good gamerule for this. Maybe spawning with reduced/no ammo.
  2. Suggestion REDEPLOY button in Command Menu that lets players respawn without a ticket penalty Purpose get players back in the fight after becoming stranded, especially on large-scale maps eliminates players becoming victims of unrealistic metagaming Conditions Countdown to Spawn timer same as Respawn function Only available if there are... no enemy within X* metres (this should be a large enough number to reduce cheesing, 200 metres for example. The enemy check would be similar to the rally check. *X indicates a number to be determined.) no friendly HAB within X metres (this should also be high, whatever distance a 4-5 minute run is for example) Reasons for Consideration Players often become stranded after.... their vehicle is destroyed, or they are left behind Being left behind is unrealistic for obvious reasons, but lets look at point 1... E.G.: Destroyed Vehicle If one vehicle is destroyed by another, it is unrealistic for the victors to leave enemy assets in the AO. But this often happen in Squad after an enemy vehicle is destroyed. As a result, players are left stranded. Realistically, in either scenario, infantry stranded would be out of the engagement and would radio for exfill to safety. While we now have helicopters, they are extremely limited and getting an exfill is highly unlikely. Summary A REDEPLOY button is the virtualization of a vehicle extraction. It cannot be used if there are enemy or friendly HABs within a specific distance It removes the unrealistic action of fighting vehicles leaving enemy infantry in an AO It puts more infantry in actual engagement zones more frequently, increasing the intensity of the firefights each match It does not penalize multiple players for the choice made by one other player It reduces overall downtime for general infantry players between engagements

    I don´t know about you, but I feel that somethings are being exploited in a very gamey way. It´s not very often, but still it happens to me or a squad member now and then. I´m talking about typing respawn or killing yourself with a nade or killing a teammate so you can respawn at a spot where you are more necessary. Recently I was part of a team that was doing quite well, and the match was even. We had a fob ready to attack the following flag, and once we cleared all the enemies and had almost captured the flag, the SL ordered us all to type respawn so we could attack the following flag, which was FAR away to move on foot. I understand there is a Price to pay, not only in tickets but in respawn timer being increased. Still, it made sense from a competitive point of view. It indeed worked like a charm, in a minute and a half we were spawning on the attacking fob just 30 seconds after it had become cappable. And it wasn´t just us, there was another squad with us. We caught the enemy off guard I must admit I felt "dirty". And I lost immersion in the game. I mostly play at the weekends and it´s been happening often to me. So after it happened again last night, I decided to post this. I understand there needs to be a respawn function for glitches and getting stuck and stuff. NO problem with that. But when that function is used more often as an exploitable tactic than as a way of fixing a game problem, then it feels odd. So if you feel the way I do, I suggest a couple of possibilities: 1- Respawn function allows you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN BASE. 2- Killing yourself with a NADE should allow you to respawn ONLY AT MAIN. 3- Killing a friendly increases your respawn timer to a DRASTIC TIME....say TIMES 3 or 4 (after the friendly gives up)* *I understand this doesn´t prevent people from spawning at a more useful place, but it´s a way to punish a squad that does that.
  4. just like on the firing range, there should be an admin command that would remove the necessity to wait (for being killed or suicide) for the spawn timer to reach 0 came across this idea now that I am testing something and needed to kill myself So I am using the adminslomo right now to make the time go faster, and I have to undo this action every time, so an AdminInstaSpawn command is appreciated
  5. So since the wave-spawn-system doesnt help (imho) with Squadcoherence i would like to suggest another idea 300 sec respawntime wich starts as soon as you are downed (not waiting and giving up instandly wouldnt be to benefical) and now modified with some arbitrary numbers -30s if you go down within 50m of your Squadleader (downed or allive at the time you get downed) -10s if you go down within 100m of a Squadmates for each Squadmate (downed or allive) (max. -70 sec) (the whole squad should be covered even in a line formation if spaced out 10m each) -5s if you go down within 150m of any Blue with (downed or allive) (max -30 sec) -10s if you are near your own Flag (defendable and secure) for each 50m with a max. of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) or (whichever is higher) -10s if you are near aktiv attackable enemy Flag for each 50m with a max. of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) -10s if you die near your own FOB for each 50m with a max of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) +10s if you die within 30s after respawn (to prevent meatgrinder)(weares off after 2 minutes) Worstcase: So if you are deep behind enemy lines, lonewolfing you´ll have to wait 5 minutes (for casevac or to respawn) vs. Bestcase: But if you die while defending your FOB near your own Flag with the whole Squad nearby that would mean no spawntime at all It should give an incentive to stick with your squad, to defend your FOBs, flags and supplylines, and maybe work with some bluesquads near you. And it should give an incentive to wait at the rallypoint/FOB for your SL and to "rally" your Squad, because if you trickle in one by one everyone has a highter spawntime, as if you go in (and down) as a team. If you find yourself alone behind enemy lines your main focus should be to survive and regroup, and not to go rambo and take as much with you as you can. The point is not about the exact numbers but the general idea to give a spawntime relativ to your location (promoting squadcoherence and playing the objectiv)...numbers can always easily tweaked (are there still flaws?... yes maybe...what is about the Logi-driver driving to main on a flaglayout where it is not quite suitable to follow the Flags?...dunno, maybe the enemy is also discouraged to roame behind your line as well? so it doesnt happen that often?) And Now for Something Completely Different: just another rally-mechanism SL can put down a Rally point, if he has two Squadmates within 15m no enemy are within 100m (or maybe 150m) -If there is an enemy wihin 100m he can retry only after 30s (to not use it as a foe-radar) Rally becomes active after 5s (or 10s... or whatever ) Rally is inactive (red) if it is fired upon within 10m (suppresion range) (not spawning in Hot...but most likely enemy is within 100 or 150m anyway and Rally is overrun) Rally is inactive if there are less than two Squadmates within 15m of the rally point. Rally is active again after 10s (or maybe 5s) if suppresion stopes or there are two squatmates within 15m again. (just so that its not flashing from spawabe/unspawnable/spawnable...) Rally disapear if any enemy comes within 100m (overrun) Rally disapears if SL leaves radius of 15m of the Rallypoint or gets downed. but SL can place a new Rally after every 20s (or 30s..or[...]) (so you can somewhat rally while the Squad is on the move (with little breaks but not during full charges)) Imho the Rallypoint sould not just be another Squad-exclusiv Spawnpoint but a tool for the SL to rally his Squad fast and quicker as long as it is off combat. No more Squads dribbling into the meatgrinder one by one (or two). And an incentiv to break contact regroup and retry. Again, this are just some arbitrary numbers, which could be tweaked. TL&DR: Spawntime depending of your actions and a faster but nonpermanent Rallypoint
  6. We will be redesigning all the map pages on the Squad Wiki and also make them database-driven using Cargo and Lua scripts. We want to know from you if, and why, the "respawn yes/no" for vehicle assets is important or not. You can also look at one example map: Belaya If you want to help us with the layout and design of the new pages, go to the Wiki Map design contest.

    * A brutal way of respawning would be to implement a body pool. You place a medical-tent or use armored ambulances and try to recover as much of the fallen possible, because that will determine if there body's left in the body pool to spawn from. There's the possibility to spawn whenever but at the cost of more tickets. Implementing this ambulance body recovering system would add a new dynamic to the battle theater. * Adding an engineer class with ability to build bridges, haul damaged vehicles from the batllefield, dig trenches...
  8. Hey, so tu summarize my problem, yesterday I was playing, I decide to change server, and when I do that, I can't join any squad, can't write in chat, can't select a kit and can't even spawn. So I close the game and go to sleep. Today I've played for like 2 hours and an half, and I got kicked from the server I was playing on for no apparent reason, but it told me it was for "connection timed out". So I try to reconnect, and I have this bug again. I've tried to close and relaunch the game, to change server, but I still can't play. I just bought the game yesterday and I don't really know what to do now. Thanks for your answers.
  9. respawn

    are all game modes respawn??
  10. Hello, I´ve noticed this bug occour x amount of times & I can recreate the bug when I get revived by medic x amount of times. 1. Get shot 2. Get patched up by medic 2.1 get shot 3. Get patched up by medic a second time 4. Die again = see the bug "eventhough I´m dead the compass is still visible" makeing it impossible to spawn since the game thinks i´m alive eventough I´m dead. See attachment Bug Anyone else has been affected by this bug? This still occurs 24/9 -18. Any plan of getting it patched?
  11. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    With the eventual overhaul of a more in depth medic game play and the dragging mechanic, the following proposal could not only compliment the changes but add a simple and further emphasis on rewarding teamwork and SL decisions in the heat of a skirmish. I will break them down below! How it works: Players will be categorized into two sections, only a medic can see the state of a player (or player model). These two states are as follows A. Incapacitated (current "downed" system with live player waiting for a medic) B. Critical (player is no longer live, but player model is a valuable target [read full article to see why and how]) Section 1: Systems defining the state of a player A: Causes for incapacitated state Low caliber hits & frag rounds to the body & or multiple hits to the limbs B: Causes for Critical state High caliber hits to the body & low caliber hits to the head (high caliber hits to the head = deceased as per current system) Section 2: Rules for each player state A. Incapacitated Player screen: Incapacitated players go through the same process as they do now, dimmed screen waiting for a revive. Players who press Respawn cause their player model to go into Critical (Their RESPAWN timer is NOT affected) Bleedout to deceased state as per current system B. Critical Players placed in Critical go to respawn screen. Respawn timer +20 from current system Medics who bandage the Critical player model cut down that player Respawn timer in half! Medics who bandage the Critical player model put it into a Stabilized state Stabilized player models have the current bleedout timer increased (for survival gameplay purposes; more on this later) Once the bleedout timer expires, the Critical player models changes over to deceased Section 3: Special Buildings required for game play in further sections A special building is required at a FOB for the two types of systems to be in play. They are the following: 1. A medic station 2. An intel radio (must be manned by a live player) More on this later Section 4: Friendly Critical players gameplay Friendly Critical player models are important and require a medic (and possibly other dedicated players for super efficient transportation) Rules for mechanics to be in effect: A special building (medic station) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) Critical player models may be brought back to MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to MAIN BASE 1 ticket is refunded (rewarded) Section 5: Enemy Critical players gameplay While some squads may make it a priority to rescue critical player models, the enemy may too. These will be broken down into two sections (C & E) Note: X means up to the devs/community for balance reasons Rules for C: Reduce enemy tickets A special building (intel radio) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) special building does NOT HAVE TO BE MANNED by a live player ENEMY Critical player models may be brought back to your MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to your MAIN BASE; enemy team has 1 ticket lost Rules for D: intel on the enemy a special building (intel radio) must be manned for this mechanic to be in play (for reasons below) For every X Critical ENEMY player model brought back to your MAIN BASE; the following situation happens The live player manning the special building receives the general location (the SAME current system used for CACHES in Insurgency mode) in YELLOW on their map and their map only The live player will then use these general locations to relay to their SQUAD LEADER and/or local VOIP (was placed for balance but removed due to a good point) If the special building is not manned or is removed; the map locators are wiped If the special building is rebuilt, it is a blank slate and the number and revealings of critical bodies continues (see below) The number and revealings of Critical bodies brought to your main are as follows: 1. 5(or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL 2. 10 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL rally point 3. 15 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy vehicle in use 4. 20 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy HAB /FOB Radio 5. After 20 (or final X) Critical brought to main = rolls over and resets back to step 1. Section 6: Rules for vehicles Vehicles may pick up Critical player models Vehicles may only carry 1/2 of their normal live player seats Empty vehicles with Critical player models can have them removed (or rescued) by a player using the "use button" (to place the player model into a dragging state or just next to the vehicle The proposed system would not only place emphasis on the medic class but also add an additional layer of gameplay for both sides. If played correctly by one side through coordiated teamwork, they can receive a great advantage over the enemy. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions, I will happily update if this discussion evolves! Best, Gz
  12. FOB/HAB/Respawn Suggestion

    Squaddies and Devs, Currently, a FOB needs a HAB for fellow team members to spawn. As a FOB is being attacked, the HAB timer increases. Would it be a good idea for a well-supplied FOB to have a low or 0 second respawn timer? So that if a team keeps regular Logistics runs to a FOB, it can be rewarded by faster Respawn and similar team benefits? Thanks for your time!
  13. When sitting in the gunnery seat of the US Stryker and when you press enter, the "Select a Spawn Point" text will show and remain on screen until you switch seats or get out and then back in to the Stryker.
  14. Hello fellow Squadies, I want to give you a short feedback on the FOB mechanics. First of all, I really enjoy the FOB building system. I think it is much better than in PR and i can't wait for more Assets to be added to it. Hopefully soon we will get some Mortars and maybe a TOW Launcher ;-) Now a thing where I think needs a bit of rework. Make the FOB so, that you can over run them with a certain amount of Soldiers and so make them unspawnable for the enemy Team until these are killed or go away. This would put a End to the ridiculous Spawn Camping inside the HAB. The HAB itself was a attempt to reduce Spawn Camping but didn't solve the Problem completely. Also, often attacking a FOB is somehow impossible, when it is entrench in a Compound with all Exits blocked by Sandbags, the Enemy being able to spam Nades due infinite resupply at the Ammo Box and being able to Respawn on it, the whole time when it is under attack. Making a FOB unusable by over running it would solve these Problems.
  15. Headshots kill quicker

    Basically when you get shot in the head and you are wounded waiting for a medic, it takes less time for you to die, maybe 1/3 or half or 2/3 of the default time. Maybe the medics can see that the friendly unit that has been downed was shot in the head and has less time to be revived whit a dead. And maybe after you are already downed but you havent been hit to the head, enemy players could shot your head to lower your time? this is just an afterthougth, because this would make so almost every person has less time to be revived, because most people will certanly shot you many times specially if they are using full auto, and if the last hit that got you wasnt on the head the other shots would certanly hit it.
  16. Not sure about you guys but It gets tiring when SLs insist on perpetuating "gamey" tactics like this just to meet the ends of a round. Scenario: My squad goes to defend cap, everyone dies except me, other squad moves in and successfully takes cap back with me while my squad respawns and prepares to back cap. (400 meters from new offensive flag, Chora) SL: "You do know we need you on the frontline, are you new to this game or something?" Me: "Yeah sorry but I survived at the defend flag, i'm working my way over" SL: "You do realize that the optics rifleman is a key part of any squad?" Me "YEAH, I'm moving to cap, I just don't believe in wasting tickets and killing myself to get there faster" *Kicked from squad* (Not sure it would have been faster anyways as I got to cap a minute or two after I got kicked :P) SLs need to understand that this tactic should not be viable not on a server to server basis but through game mechanics (i.e. respawn at main base or increased suicide respawn time from status quo) IMO. When I hop on to play a round or two on the new update I don't want to be hounded for refusing to abuse/exploit the game. I get that this isn't a simulator (and I appreciate that) but I don't think that suicide should be a viable tactic in all but the most dire situations or for resolving unworkable issues (stuck in objects, weapon missing etc.)
  17. Medic Whole team gunned down Hold out in a house Enemy squad camps - Since bodies didn't disappear - players didn't respawn - wait for the medic With the simple wounded player model and audio, the enemy is in possession of vital information: - Player is waiting for a medic - Player values ticket over respawn - Squad FOB is not a threat This may have been addressed in another thread, however this simple wounded model significantly alters the fog of war. In the sense that from a tactical standpoint, an enemy knows if a wounded player is a threat or not (model disappears) That's way too much information leaked. Suggestion: The enemy shouldn't know if a wounded animation has a player behind to be revived or not (either 100% of the time or a randomized probability to trigger the agonizing animation) In my case scenario, two squads camped my pos out while a friendlies captured another position. When I asked team mates to respawn, enemy squad just left. It's an exploitable mechanic (info on respawn vs revive) with a critical tactical aspect which can tip the balance of a game What do you think? Let bodies stay on the floor (have 12GB of video memory), more realism with blood and gore.
  18. Value of Life?

    Hi all, I'm posting from my phone so please forgive the lack of any in-depth explanations and spelling issues. I'd like to know how much value the Devs plan to put on player's lives in-game, and what mechanics will they introduce to ensure that players value their lives and don't treat death as an "oh well, fresh start" or clone? I ask this because PR's flagship gamemode, AAS is won and lost on tickets, and it infuriates me to see many games lost simply because of the low value people place on their own lives. Squads throw themselves at heavily fortified objectives recreating scenes akin to the Normandy Beach Landings, getting slaughtered, giving up, and repeating the same, or players who almost instantly go for the 'Give Up' button mid-firefight, when if they wait 2 mins for it to die down, their medic will pick them up. I have a rule in squads that I lead, that there are only 2 times people may give up: 1. I tell them to. 2. EVERYONE in the squad has been downed (not necessarily 'dead dead'), and there are no nearby players who can come and pick up the medic kit(s) to revive people. I think about the bigger picture. I'm a team player, and if waiting 4 minutes for the APC that slaughtered us to get bored and move on, so that our sole-surviving player can grab the medic kit and revive the entire squad is what it takes to save our team 7 tickets, then so be it. Every death is a ticket loss, and I think people forget this too easily. Like voting, people think 'I don't matter'. If 3 squads of 8 people think that twice in a round, that's 48 tickets out of 300 of 'matter'. Every death matters. If it weren't for the obvious boredom that would follow death in a one-life-only gamemode, I would love it. PR introduces spawn delays and the loss of your kit as incentives to not give up, but I don't think it works well enough, and can penalise situations where its not your fault that you have to give up (sitation 2 as above, or ran over by your transport vehicle). Please discuss! EDIT: Just to add, ticket loss isn't the only reason I have those rules. My tactics often depend on doing what the rest of my team ISN'T. I.e. Defending the flag we just captured, or more often than not, getting ahead of the game and inserting ourselves in the next capping position when it's soon to come in into play. These manoeuvres require time, effort, and stealth. By giving up in those situations, we lose our position on the map and would be back at base thumbing for a lift.
  19. Other than randomly respawning in one area grouped with everyone, why not respawn in a moving armored truck with your squad? Or dropped off by a helicopter as "reinforcement"?
  20. Respawn Suggestion

    Hi, I have an idea that will keep the transport and helicopter crews busy ... A spawn system that when someone is killed in action they can only spawn at the main base medic centre, they will then have to get transport back to their squad. Alternatively a medic tent can be placed at the FOB by the SL and the dead can respawn there before being reunited with their squad. This is more realistic, and will make players value their lives and those of their team mates. Let me know what you all think?
  21. Spawn Waves

    At the Start of the Match every Player will spawn in a Transport vehicle (Aircraft, Helicopters, Trucks, Armoured personnel carriers... etc) which are driving to the location of the Battle. That will happen every 10 minutes. If the player dies he needs to wait 'till the next spawn wave then he can respawn. Good idea or bad idea? -TheTrueLPG