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      Introduction   The Squad Team reserves the right to edit, update, add and remove rules at any time. Applicable rules extend to the PM system. Your PMs are private, but the Squad Team may be informed about unacceptable PM content by the receiving party.   Section I: Posting Rules   §1 Show Respect This community can only work if we all respect each other. To that end, it is imperative that any time you engage with another user, either directly or indirectly, you show them respect with the content of your post. In particular refrain from flaming, insulting, abusing, taunting, racism, and other similar types of actions towards other forum users.   §2 Attitude & Behavior Poor attitude and behavior are the most common ways a negative / unsafe environment is created and perpetuated. As such that kind of behavior will not be allowed on these forums. Please be mindful of this rule when posting personal positions and opinions regarding topics which could be considered contentious in nature. As a rule of thumb, keep your posts civil in nature, and refrain from making posts that are likely to incite arguments and create a negative environment. As a privately hosted web forum we reserve the right to maintain an environment that we are happy the majority of our players are comfortable with.   §3 Swearing While we will not strictly moderate every little swear that occurs, please try to avoid excessive bad language. The moderation reserves the right to remove rants and unsuitable content at any time.   §4 Illegal Topics
      Prohibited topics include, but are not limited to: Piracy, drugs (including cannabis), pornography, religion, racism, sexism, homo/trans -phobic content, videos and images showing violent death or serious injury, ‘spam threads’, hacking & griefing (endorsement thereof), religion, politics,  etc. Prohibition may be suspended for some threads if they are found to be suitable by the Moderation (such as scientific debate).
      If there is doubt, the Moderation Team can decide whether a topic is considered illegal.   §5 Attitude towards Squad and the Development Team
      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
      Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.   §7 Forum structure & Search
      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
      Please name your thread appropriately; the subject title should sum up / explain the content in the thread. If you fail to name your thread properly (such as ‘Hey!’ or ‘Check this out!’ or ‘Help!’), we will either rename or lock the topic. Repeated offense may lead to infractions. The practice of using CAPITALS only in your thread title is not allowed and will be edited or the thread will simply be deleted. Strange or abnormal Unicode characters should be excluded from thread titles for the sake of being distracting and unnecessary.
      §9 Thread Capitalization
      Please ensure that your post is not in all CAPITALS, as this is not allowed. Any threads posted in all caps will subsequently be removed from the forum. Repeated offenses may lead to infractions against your account. This practice is not approved or accepted here. 
        §10 Images in posts
      When posting images, mind the following restrictions:
      .gifs will be allowed and may be removed by Staff if deemed necessary.
      Maximum size for images is 1280x1024.
      Do not include more than ~1 large image per paragraph of text, unless in image collection / announcement threads. Link to further images.
      Consider posting thumbnails. You may post a few more images per post if they are reasonably small, the details are for the Moderation to judge.   §11 The use of BBCode
      It is allowed to use the BBCode in your posts. Over usage is not allowed. You may use the Bold in a reasonable manner but not for the whole text body. You may use the size feature but in a limited reasonable manner. You may not use any of the additional fonts at all. Color may be used to high light a point but again, not for the whole text body. Moderators will be watching for misuse and will edit when required without giving notice. Continued disregard for this rule will result in Moderator action in the form of warnings.   §12 Complaints of Server/Admin Abuse Reports of server/admin abuse will not be posted publicly. All reports concerning this type of behavior should be place in the appropriate sub-forum. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ All posts made outside of this area will be be removed.   Section II: Reporting & Moderation   §1 Reporting Posts
      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
      Do not ignore or argue against Admin, Moderator or Dev instructions on the forum. If you have a complaint, as per §2, please inform the Team in private. You are expected to follow orders given by the Moderation, Administration and Development Team, and it is necessary for smooth running of the forum to respect their decisions. Being stubborn or ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments - however, we do not tolerate Moderator / Admin abuse of power / privileges, so do not hesitate to inform other Team members if you feel treated unfairly.   §4 Bans and multiple accounts
      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
      You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason. If you share an internet connection with another user who has their own account, it might happen that this account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account - please get in touch with the Moderation or Administration to resolve such issues.

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  1. Hey squaddies! While we’re still hammering away on the next major release of Squad, we wanted to push out a hotfix to resolve some common issues popping up with Alpha 16. Here’s a list of the changes: ALPHA 16.1 NOTES Fools Road, Destruction v1: Fixed staging zone for defenders so they can move out immediately. Gorodok, RAAS v2: Fixed GB helipads not repairing. Logar Valley, AAS v2: Fixed CP naming. (3 CPs were named Compound.) Logar Valley, Skirmish v1: Reduce deployable lock zone on both INS and MIL main base protection zones so they can build deployables on their first CP. Mutaha: Fixed bulletproof bushes. Mutaha: Fixed no-leaning zones. Mutaha: Fixed half-invisible garage doors and collisions. Narva: Fixed several broken or invisible buildings. Narva, Destruction v1: Fixed staging zone for defenders so they can move out immediately. Yehorivka, RAAS v3: Fixed bugged vehicle spawns. Added exit points to the UH60 helicopter to reduce the chance of disembarking into the rotors during mass disembarks. Fixed radial damage immunity on several exposed gunner seats. (BMP1 ZU-23, Ural ZU-23, Bulldog, T62 Cupola, M1A2 Loader, Technical DshK/SPG) Fixed radial damage immunity for soldiers against M1A2 HEAT rounds. Stay safe out there, squaddies. OFFWORLD OUT.
  2. Alpha 16 Released

    Hey squaddies! It’s been a heck of a ride getting here and we certainly couldn’t have done it without the uncountable hours of testing you folks have put in to make sure we can get choppers off the ground! We’re finally ready to release the first iteration of choppers to the official Squad client! Helicopters represent one of our last milestones on the road to release and represent a big change to the flow of a match, so be sure to keep your feedback coming — there’s still work to be done. Of course, there’s more to the patch than a few game-changing airborne vehicles, so let’s dig in for the complete list of changes: ALPHA 16 CHANGELOG SYSTEMS Added Helicopters. Helicopters are an exciting new system of transport that (literally) brings about a new dimension to the battlefield. Each conventional faction will get access to medium-lift helicopters capable of transporting troops and supplies. Helicopters are piloted by special Pilot roles, similar to heavy vehicles requiring a dedicated Crewmen. Helicopters carry ammo as well as construction supplies. Additionally, all kit roles are available via choppers. (Just make sure someone’s got their wings before take-off!) Added Helicopter Tutorial. Instead of showing your teammates how fun it is to make craters, we’ve included a brand new Helicopter Tutorial, complete with rings! (This one’s for you, SNES fans.) Added a Soft-Boundary system for all map layers that feature helicopters. This new boundary system gives the player a warning to turn back to the battle area before they are killed by the system. Different tolerances are set depending on whether the player is on foot, in a ground vehicle, or in a helicopter. The goal is to make helicopter travel outside map boundaries less punishing. Fixed the limitation that caused servers to be able to only run three mods at a time. GAME MODES Territory Control: Added a HAB hex zone defense mechanic. When a team has an active HAB in a hex they control, that hex cannot be captured until the HAB is deactivated. Territory Control: Fixed Ticket Bleed not properly replicating. Territory Control: Fixed the “Cut off from Anchor Point” mechanic not working in many situations. Increased Skirmish ticket counts to 150 tickets (was 100 tickets) and increased staging phase timer to 3 minutes, previously 2 minutes. INFANTRY GAMEPLAY Decreased infantry ground friction from 5.0 to 3.0 to help reduce unnatural left/right zig-zag character movement. We’ll continue to evaluate these changes. Updated British L110A2 LMG mesh to use its own unique iron sight and Weaver rail. Updated British L129A1 DMR texture to a tan-colored finish. Updated M68 CCO texture. Updated TT33 Tokarev texture. Improved all Hand Held Smoke grenades to develop smoke quicker with increased smoke cloud volume and duration. Modified firing sounds for the M249, M9a1 pistol, and M110. Fixed weapon lowering not replicating correctly to other players when exiting a vehicle. Fixed player character offset when entering a vehicle while crouching or prone. Fixed ADS diagonal movement not having any footstep sounds. Fixed Recruit roles being able to change to Riflemen roles from deployables. Fixed US Army Squad Leader’s M4 Foregrip Optics having its zero misaligned. Fixed US Army Scoped Medic having a frag grenade; it has been removed. Fixed one of the Desert Russian Squad Leader roles not being able to rearm their pistol. VEHICLE GAMEPLAY Added the MI-8 “Hip” to the Russian Ground Forces. This is a medium-lift helicopter capable of carrying up to 9 passengers. (Not including the pilot, copilot and 2 door-gunners.) It is armed with 2 door mounted PKP machine guns for self-defense and can carry up to 1500 points of supplies. Added the UH-60M “Grouse” for the US Army and British Army Forces. This medium-lift helicopter can carry up to 9 passengers. (Not including pilot, copilot, and 2 door-gunners) It is armed with 2 window-mounted M240H machine guns suitable for some light degree of protection. It carries up to 1000 points of supplies. Removed ability for players to turn vehicle engines on during the staging/planning phase. Increased top speed on the Minsk to increase off-road effectiveness. Improved visibility and artwork for the DsHK Turret Shield. Improved visibility of vehicle health bar background being too hard to see. (Changed it from black to a shade of grey.) Adjusted FV432 APC kit requirements to no longer require a Crewman kit for the driver. Optimized effects on tank cannon shot and APC auto-cannon shot. Optimized tracer effects to improve performance. Fixed T72 autoload sound playing in other vehicles. Fixed BRDM-2 Spandrel being able to occasionally rapid-fire its missiles more quickly than intended. Fixed particles/vehicle glass shaders not blending properly with fog. Fixed being able to continue loading supplies onto a logistics truck after the FOB has run out of supplies. Fixed FV432 APC being stuck in 1st Gear all the time. Fixed BFV driver receiving splash damage while inside the vehicle. Fixed M1126 M240 destruction costing 10 tickets. Cost has been reduced to 5 tickets. Fixed wrong impact FX and sounds for tank shells being played. DEPLOYABLES GAMEPLAY Fixed bug where shoveling down friendly FOB Radio cost your team tickets. Fixed a bug that allowed infinite loading/unloading of supplies. Fixed FOB Radio low health not blocking spawning when damaged by anything except destruction by shovel. Fixed incorrect deployment requirements in the tooltips for FOB Radios for the Militia, Insurgents, and Russians. Fixed mortars not having extreme distance incoming sounds. Fixed DShk shielded deployable having floating ammo boxes. USER INTERFACE Removed Delta Fireteam and shifted colors up. (Bravo Fireteam is now dark blue and Charlie Fireteam is now cyan). Added an indicator for when a player is bleeding inside a vehicle. Added Show Full Servers and Sort by Ping functionality to the Server Browser. Adjusted Vehicle Supply Radial. If your vehicle cannot carry a certain supply type, that supply type will be greyed out. Updated Infantry Tutorial to include “Regional Training Center” on the Map Name. Fixed commander chat saying DIRECT when using ALL. Fixed scroll bar being too dark on the Command Map’s Vehicle List. Fixed player notifications when a player is kicked from a squad. It will no longer show the notification for the player both leaving squad AND getting kicked from squad. Fixed Call Medic button not being initially disabled on subsequent incapacitations. MAPS Added new map: Mutaha! Although this region seems idyllic and pastoral at first glance, it has become a contested area between Syria and Iraq due to its highway access and naturally irrigated farmland. The locals have long abandoned their houses and shops, but the war-town streets are anything but quiet as ground forces push to secure this crossroads in the desert. Mutaha map layers include AAS, Invasion, RAAS, Territory Control and Skirmish. (And maybe an old favorite building or two.) Added Helicopters to Gorodok, Kohat Toi, Tallil Outskirts, and Yehorivka map layers. Added Helipads at main bases that can repair and resupply helicopters on all map layers that have helicopters. Increased Skirmish ticket counts to 150 tickets (increased from 100 tickets), and increased staging phase timer to 3 minutes (previously 2 minutes). Adjusted Territory Control ticket values to 400/400 on Logar Valley, Chora, and Skorpo TC v2. Adjusted starting Hexes for Kokan TCv1: Insurgents start with 9, US Army starts with 6. Adjusted US Main for Al Basrah TC v2, moving it closer to the Territory Hexes for balancing. Updated minimaps for Gorodok, Belaya, and Yehorivka. Al Basrah: Added AAS v1, bringing back the classic CP layout with US vs Insurgents. Fools Road: Fixed RAAS v2 Hilltop Encampment flag having an incorrect collision. Fools Road: Fixed being able to prone underneath a landscape mesh near the northeastern map border on Fools Road. Kamdesh: Added TC v2, an alternate layer featuring a battle of unconventional forces: Insurgents vs Militia. Kokan: Fixed Logi Trucks that were Transport Trucks on AAS v1. Logar Valley: Added AAS v2, with an alternate route featuring US vs Insurgents. Narva: Added AAS v2, a new and improved Narva with classic layout. Narva: Optimized with new landscape materials, trees, grass, crops, and water. Narva: Optimized buildings in an initial optimization pass and gave more color variety. Skorpo: Improved and optimized rain weather effects. Tallil Outskirts: Fixed spawn point being outside the staging zone on Tallil Skirmish v1. Yehorivka: Additional optimizations. (See previous patches for more information.) Yehorivka: Improved detailing on “Overpass” POI and re-designed it for improved infantry gameplay. Fixed (Finally!) the landscape renderer bug on several maps that gave players strange discolored grass, foliage, rocks, and roads. Fixed some effects piercing through fog on certain maps. Fixed various foliage types that prevented leaning and construction. Fixed collision issues on various buildings and assets, including certain bridges on Yehorivka and Belaya that were uncrossable. Fixed staging zone pain volumes on Logar Valley and Sumari. Fixed distant snow effects turning on/off depending on your zoom resolution. Fixed some floating objects and minor visual bugs on several maps. KNOWN ISSUES Helicopter Tail Rotor component currently can only take damage from collisions with ground, statics and other vehicles. Projectile damage to tail rotors will come in a future update. Helicopters have various handling tweaks, damage values and small bugs that will be addressed in a future update. Localization for most language translations is currently out of date. Our plan is to push a full localization pass when we are much closer to full release and are locking down all the text that will need to be translated for the game. Clients frequently crash at the end of a round, upon map switch due to a (particle) bug. Actively investigating the cause for this crash. Occasional client crashes in various circumstances. Detailed crash reports help us fix things faster and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent crash reports. Players will occasionally spawn without full ammo on their first spawn on a server. This occurs if a player was in the match during map switch but did not spawn in during the staging phase. Actively investigating a fix for this bug. Occasionally a player will not spawn at a Rally Point, this often happens when numerous players are spawning in at the exact same time. Actively investigating a fix for this bug. Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization. Occasionally Self-bandaging fails. Actively investigating this issue. The CP Icon (Capture Point / Flag) will occasionally not show up on a client’s HUD. Investigating this issue. ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not the gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the true synced projectile. This is an inherent problem, and the solution will be in the long term. Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play. Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated. SPECIAL THANKS As mentioned in the introduction, we wanted to give a special mention to all the squaddies that have come together to beat the heck out of this patch in testing: A special thanks to all those that took the time to write-up Bug Reports and detailed feedback posts! You all played an important role in getting one of the major releases of Squad off the ground, literally. THANK YOU! And a request to keep it coming! Thank you so much for your passion and support, it really keeps us motivated to continue making this game come to life! SIGN OFF You heard ’em, squaddies: we want to hear what you think. Be sure to drop by Discord, the official forums, reddit, or just keep an eye out for the next feedback survey in-game! If you’re REALLY feeling it, head over to the Squad store and get some new duds — you’ve earned ’em! OFFWORLD OUT.
  3. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Hey squaddies! We’ve got some slightly-unusual patch notes for you today. But first, you can say goodbye to that annoying server filter bug! (The “show full servers” checkbox functionality was inverted. Whoops!) Additionally, we’re introducing some experimental changes to the “dead dead” mechanic, as well as the way “instadeath” works. Let’s dig in a little. PRE-ALPHA 13 Prior to Alpha 13, the mechanics worked like this: After dying and being revived, there was a 60-second time frame during which you were extra vulnerable. This meant that if you died again during these 60 seconds, you would become unrevivable (“dead dead”) and be instantly sent to the spawn screen. There was no UI indication of this vulnerability. Taking a large caliber headshot (such as 50cal) would instantly make you unrevivable (instadeath). This was a mechanic was originally added to convey some consequence of death, as well as a sense of tension and vulnerability to newly revived players. The goal was (hopefully) to encourage the vulnerable player to stick back with their squadmates. We had some questions on whether the role of this mechanic was too punishing and negatively impacting the teamwork aspect, especially for new players to an already challenging game. It could be difficult to understand why the “instadeath” black screen occurred and the 60-second timer was not well-exposed. ALPHA 13 With Alpha 13, when dying and being revived, there was no longer a period of extra “vulnerability,” allowing a player to be revived indefinitely. (Or until your medic ran out of bandages, anyway.) The caliber required to make you unrevivable was increased, meaning you could be revivable after a 50cal headshot, but not after a 30mm headshot. After 3 months of evaluation with these new changes, including lots of feedback from our community, we’re introducing a new iteration of these mechanics. As with the previous ones, the effects will be monitored and tweaked. Keep us updated with your feedback! ALPHA 15.4 As of this patch (Alpha 15.4), when you are incapacitated, you have a revive window (5 minutes by default). This revive window will be shortened based on the amount of damage you took as part of your death. For example, if you got downed by minimal damage from a pistol, your revive timer will be very close to 5 minutes. If you got downed by a rifle headshot, your revive timer will be slightly less than 2 and a half minutes. A 50 caliber headshot will give you a short 30-second revive window. Lastly, anything from a close proximity IED blast to a 30mm headshot and beyond will cause your revive window to be 5 seconds – too short to get revived in, so you’re effectively dead. On top of this mechanic, the revive window persists through revives until you have been healed by a medic. This means that if you get headshot by a rifle, revived without getting healed, and then headshot again, the remaining revive window will be too short for another revive. If not getting healed, this “persistent revive window” will automatically slowly increase back to the full 5 minutes as long as you remain alive. If you died, were revived, and managed to stay alive for a few minutes, you would be nearing the five-minute timer again. Anything that previously sent you instantly sent to spawn screen (“instadeath”) will now instead give you a 5-second revive timer, too short to be revived in. The hope is to give the player more feedback about what happened when he died, instead of instantly disappearing from the map and into the spawn screen. In the future, we hope to include a 1-2 second ragdoll moment before entering the incapacitated state to provide better feedback about what just occurred in a more intuitive and immersive way. Please note: there can and will be further tweaks and/or additions to this system. All in all, we hope it is a more flexible way to tune players’ revivability, as well as increase information available to the player. Our goal is to balance between the game being too forgiving and too unforgiving. In this version, revive trains should be harder to maintain and most catastrophic damage (e.g., headshots, IED explosions) should be more effective as well. However, players will still get a second chance in most cases. We will keep tracking revive statistics as well as your feedback. BUDDY RALLY Finally, we would like to give you some information on our intended gameplay ideas in the future concerning the Buddy Rally system. For the time being, lacking a system to reclaim or reset abandoned vehicles in the field, we will be keeping the buddy rally mechanic. In the future, we would like to see this replaced with a mechanic that deals with abandoned vehicles in the field, so that respawning at main is a more viable option. The buddy rally mechanic might still become a limited option available to the Commander, giving squads an extra option for situational redeployment. Another option is to make it available only to the Insurgents faction. Please keep your feedback coming on this as well. Enjoy the patch! Let us know what you think! OFFWORLD OUT.
  4. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Hey squaddies, We’re rolling out a patch that has a variety of fixes for issues that cropped up in Alpha 15. There are some gameplay tweaks in there too, so be sure to read the entire patch notes below! ALPHA 15.1 CHANGELOG MAPS Belaya: Updated Minimap Belaya: Fixed wheat crop fixes so they aren’t red. Belaya: Fixed bridge on the western part of the map having collision issues. Fools Road: Fixed terrain to prevent players from hiding under the surrounding terrain Mestia: Fixed railroad duplicates and spacing. Skorpo: Fixed rain effects. Tallil: Fixed collisions on several buildings Yehorivka: Fixed bridge southwest of Lower Petrivka collision issues. Yehorivka: Fixed collision on new crops and smaller foliage that was preventing leaning. MAP LAYERS Al Basrah TC_v2: Removed 3 hexes that were unused in the river. Fool’s Road and Gorodok: Fixed deployable ghosts colored yellow instead of green. Kohat TC v1: Fixed Staging timer. Kohat RAAS v3: Fixed missing ammo crates in INS main. Logar Valley & Sumari: Fixed Staging Phase Pain Volume. (No comment on going to 11.) Narva TCv2: Fixed Reversed hexes and Anchor points. Skorpo Skirmish v1: Fixed Main Supply Zone for US. Skorpo AAS v1: Fixed map boundary around the US Main. Tallil TC_v1: Fixed HUD name. Tallil Skirmish v1: Fixed a Spawn point that was outside the staging zone. VEHICLES Fixed doubled overheating speed on 30mm HE weapons. Fixed bug that caused Spandrel to be able to launch multiple rockets in rapid succession (Salvo-fire). Increased damage for Konkurs ATGM (Spandrel & BMP-2) up to the level of other ATGM systems, up to 1800 from the initial 1200. Increased rearm cost for Spandrel to 400 ammo points per rocket, increased from 200. Increased rearm time for Spandrel to 30 secs per rocket, increased from instant rearm. Increased delay between consecutive shots for Spandrel to 7.5 seconds, increased from 5 seconds. USER INTERFACE Territory Control: Replaced Shield icons with Anchor-like icons. Territory Control: Fixed ticket bleed values not displaying for clients Fixed incorrect requirement for INS, MIL, and Radio Tooltips when deploying via Radial Menu. MISCELLANEOUS FIXES Fixed the glass material on vehicles showing through fog, especially at a distance. Optimized 25mm and 30mm HE impact VFX. KNOWN ISSUES Occasionally the landscape renderer will not load correctly resulting in black foliage on a map. A fix is being investigated. Client crash on map switch. Players will occasionally spawn without ammunition on their first spawn on a server. (This occurs if you were in the match during map travel but did not spawn during the staging phase.) Occasionally a player will not spawn at Rally Point when numerous players are spawning in at the same time. Occasionally client crashes in various circumstances: we’re still looking into the crash reports. Detailed crash reports help us fix this and we appreciate those that have filled out and sent crash reports. Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We’ll continue to work on performance and optimizations. Occasionally Self-bandaging fails. Actively investigating the cause. Mouse widgets (e.g. enter a vehicle, comm rose) can stop responding to clicks. A workaround is opening and closing the deploy screen. Capture Zone (Flag) Icon will not show on a client’s HUD sometimes. ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the true synced projectile. Certain effects do not blend correctly with fog on some layers. HAB Spawn is disabled if FOB Radio is unshovelled below 75%, currently other forms of damage to the FOB Radio (such as explosives) do not disable HAB Spawn. (Under active development.) De-shoveling a friendly FOB Radio costs 10 tickets. (Fix in progress.) Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play. Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated. Territory Control Bug: there is no UI indicator for showing cutoff enemy hexes (hexes that are not linked to the anchor point). Friendly cutoff hexes are showing correctly though. OFFWORLD OUT.
  5. Alpha 14.1 Released

    Hey squaddies! We’ve got a quick update to bring mods back to life! We’re throwing in some fixes too. ALPHA 14.1 CHANGELOG SYSTEMS Added the ability to download required modifications from Steam while joining a server. Added Mod details from Steam Workshop for the server-loaded mods USER INTERFACE Added Wrench icon for modded servers (grey for no mods, white for modded) Added Mod names on the server details panel on the right side of the server browser Added list of missing mods when trying to join a server Added button to Exit or Download the missing mod Added progress text for the download status Added loading status in case it fails or is successful Added button for canceling in-progress mod download Additional UI improvements for modding will be coming with Alpha 15. MAPS Fools Road TC_V1: Fixed RU Staging phase Gorodok RAAS_v4: Fixed washed out minimap Kohat Invasion_v1: Fixed INS resupply not giving supplies Skorpo AAS_v1: Added Protection zone for RU & US Skorpo Invasion_v1: Fixed Urals for Militia, fixed Map Camera Location Skorpo RAAS_v2: Fixed a bug which was causing the russian main to break Skorpo Skirmish_v1: Fixed leaning in Uskedalen Apartments cap Skorpo TC_v2: Fixed US main not giving supplies SIGN-OFF Mods! MODS! Get out there and start downloading, soldier! (P.S.: This doesn’t count as the monthly patch before you ask. ;)) OFFWORLD OUT.
  6. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Hey squaddies, Bet you didn’t expect to see Alpha 14 so soon! We’ve been working hard to get patches out more quickly and the results are paying off. Speaking off, let’s check out the latest bounty of changes: ALPHA 14 CHANGELOG SYSTEMS OVERHAULED THE PLAYER RAGDOLL SYSTEM The ragdoll system has been updated to improve the overall look when a soldier goes into the ragdoll state, such as when incapacitated or run over by a vehicle. Soldiers getting hit by vehicles should look more realistic, and there should be less twitching of corpses in most cases. However, as this is still a work in progress, there may still be an occasional visual glitch. UPGRADED UNREAL ENGINE VERSION TO 4.21.2 This upgrade introduces a variety of hotfixes implemented to the version implemented in Alpha 13. A full list of engine fixes can be found here. GAME MODES ADDED TERRITORY CONTROL GAME MODE This new game mode has two teams facing off to capture contiguous hex tiles across a map and will continue to evolve through the next few versions of Squad. Territory Control consists of a grid of hexagonal regions, which function like capture zones, anchored by a “key territory” hex for each team as the base of their grid. If a group of hexes is disconnected from this key territory, or the territory itself is contested, a team will need to recapture it before claiming any new territories. The status of a hex is hidden by the fog of war until a team controls an adjacent hex, cloaking enemy movements until conflict erupts. This new game mode is in the early stages of development and will be evolving through the next few versions. A few key rules for gameplay: A neutral hex requires one player to capture. A contested hex must be neutralized and captured by at least three players. An enemy hex takes 40 seconds to neutralized and a neutral hex takes 40 seconds to capture. Capturing a hex unlocks all adjacent (bordering) hex zones for capture. Bleed: For every two hex zones captured beyond owning 60% of all hexes, the enemy will start bleeding 1 ticket per minute with a maximum of 5 tickets per minute for 10+ hexes captured beyond 60%. When a team captures 95% of all hexes, that team instantly wins. Losing all tickets will cause a team to lose the round. INVASION MODE CHANGES Defenders will win with a time-out even if they have fewer tickets than the Attackers. For the Attackers to win, they will need to either completely drain the Defenders tickets or fully capture all flags in the map. Tweaked starting tickets: 150 for attackers and 600/700/800 for defenders on corresponding 4/5/6 flag layouts NEW INFANTRY WEAPONS ADDED M3 MAAWS CARL GUSTAF The M3 MAAWS (or Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) is the American adoption of the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle developed in Sweden shortly after World War 2. The M3 can fire a variety of different ammunition, making it a very diverse weapon system. The optic mounted on the weapon system can either be used to calculate drop in 100m increments or be directly zeroed to the desired range. The M3 can fire High Explosive Anti Tank, Heavy Tandem HEAT, and Smoke rounds. This has replaced the AT4 as the US Army Heavy Anti Tank weapon. ADDED AK74 BAYONET Russian Ground Forces will now receive the AK74 Bayonet, which replaces the older AKM bayonet model. INFANTRY GAMEPLAY Major overhaul of the M4 weapon series, updating it visually to modern art standards and details. Improving ladder sight mount on the M4 M203, making it easier to aim with the ladder sight and giving it more ranging options. Added a non-functioning cosmetic PEQ-15 laser module to all US Army primary weapons. Added deployable bipods to the US Army M110 marksman rifle and the British L129A1 sharpshooter rifle. Buffed British AT4 variant’s penetration capability to 600mm RHA, British are now using the ILAW High Penetration variant. Debuffed the US AT4’s penetration capability to 420mm RHA, assigned it as a secondary US Army LAT. Fixed zeroing text appearing incorrectly as 300m on the SA80 SUSATs (should be 100m) Tweaked the sight picture for the RPG29, making it easier to aim with. Fixed M72A7 LAW using incorrect ADS fire animation. Fixed some US Army Squad Leader roles not having tracers on their M4s. NEW VEHICLES FV4034 CHALLENGER 2 MAIN BATTLE TANK. The FV4034 Challenger 2 is the main battle tank of the British Army and holds a crew of 4 (Driver, Gunner, Commander, and Loader). This tank sports a stabilized 120mm rifled main gun capable of firing armor-piercing SABOT rounds, High Explosive, and Smoke rounds. In addition to its main cannon, the tank also has a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers for self-defense. The commander has access to a high-powered optical periscope featuring hunter-killer functionality with the gunner. The loader’s position has a Remote Weapon Station with a 7.62mm GPMG slewed to it, allowing for additional anti-personnel firepower should the need arise. BMP-1 INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE This Soviet-made IFV was developed in the 1960s and is now featured in Militia and Insurgent arsenals. This vehicle seats 3 crew (Driver, Gunner, and Commander) and can hold up to 8 passengers, plus 4 riding on top. Putting public transit to shame, this vehicle has a 73mm smoothbore cannon capable of firing projectiles similar to that of the SPG9 recoilless rifle. As such it has access to High Explosive Anti-Tank and Fragmentation rounds for its main gun, as well as a PKT coaxial machine gun. An additional Malyutka-P missile adds a slow, but devastating wire-guided option for enemy armor. VEHICLE GAMEPLAY Added Loaders Cupola station to the T62 tank. This is a manually operated DsHK mounted onto an anti-aircraft style mount which allows for 360 traverse and high angle engagements and gives the T62 tank additional firepower by adding another station for the crew to go into. Updated T72B3’s commander cupola station artwork. Adjusted M2 Bradley, FV432, FV510, MTLB, T62, T72B3, and M1A2 Abrams front and rear wheel suspension to make it less likely to get stuck. Fixed physics collision shapes on some vehicles that caused them to get easily stuck on terrain or objects. Tweaked default physmat friction values which were way too high and therefore causing vehicles to get stuck more easily. Fixed T62 tank’s engine throttle being a bit inconsistent. Fixed MTLB Insurgent variant track collision location being in the wrong place. Added a range card to the Rocket Artillery Technical gunner HUD. Added bullet drop compensator to the reticle for the BTR80/BRDM2’s KPVT machine gun and MTLB 6MB/BTR82A’s 30mm 2A72 cannon. Fixed players that got shot off from gunner seat of the ZU23 AA Truck not being able to be revived. DEPLOYABLES GAMEPLAY All emplacement weapons now retain their rotations when the player has exited them. This includes mortars as well. USER INTERFACE Added a short introduction animation with voice-over upon joining a team. Added an end of round card showing team ticket scores that includes music and voice-over to smooth the transition going from the end of the game to the scoreboard. Added the first iteration of a voice command radial menu that allows players to give simple voice-over call-outs. At the moment, only American English is available but more voices will be added in later. Added a “Medic” voice command call button for when you’re incapacitated on the ground. Added a progress bar for when you are building deployables and repairing vehicles. Added a key help list for players in a vehicle to show the available keys and features that are in that particular vehicle seat. Added Game Mode help cards upon joining a server. NEW MAP SKORPO Nestled in between the massive fjords of Western Norway, the tranquil village of Uskedalen and the island of Skorpo are seen as a key strategic battleground to gain control of the North Sea passages. Narrow, windy roads and dark tunnels follow the coastline and are treacherous bottlenecks for any mechanized force. Keeping your supply lines open is also difficult given there not being much room to maneuver. Utilizing the varying elevation of the landscape and hidden forest roads will yield many advantages, but be aware that the enemy might also have the same idea. Skorpo will feature AAS, RAAS, Invasion, Skirmish, and the brand new Territory Control game modes. MAP UPDATES Chora: gameplay improvements for vehicles, including widening the driving lanes and bridges, widening holes in walls, removing some frustrating obstacles, adding rock cover in open areas, and smoothing some of the roughest bumps in the terrain. Kokan: Updated foliage. Fixed collisions on several map objects and rocks to prevent exploits. Re-attached power lines on numerous maps. Fixed some buildings on Narva that changed color at distance; a few more still to fix. Fixed interiors on Sumari so objects have correct materials displayed. Fixed Logar Insurgency v1 wrong location of INS main base flag. Fixed Logar Insurgency v1 Night having the wrong team for INS protection zone. Fixed Belaya AAS and Invasion layers RU vehicles at RU main to spawn flipped or upside down. Fixed Tallil Invasion v2 having East/West Khidir named incorrectly. Fixed Gorodok having a couple of floating metal beams on the train. Fixed some shipping containers on Logar switching colors as you moved nearer or further away from them. Adjusted Belaya AASv1 tickets to 300/300 (from 250/250). Kamdesh Invasion v3 set defenders to 700 tickets. Kokan AAS_v1, AAS_v2 and RAAS_v1 updated tickets to 250/250. Logar AAS_v1 and RAAS_v1 updated tickets to 250/250. Mestia AAS_v1, AAS_v2 and RAAS_v1 set tickets to 250/250. Sumari AAS_v2, AAS_v3 and RAAS_v1 increased tickets 250/250. Tallil Outskirts RAAS_v3 set to 250/250 tickets. Added BMP1 to the following layers: AlBasrah_Invasion_v1 AlBasrah_Invasion_v2 AlBasrah_RAAS_v1 Belaya_AAS_v3 FoolsRoad_AAS_v4 FoolsRoad_AAS_v5 FoolsRoad_RAAS_v1 Gorodok_Invasion_v2 Jensens_Range_v1 Jensens_Range_v2 Jensens_Range_v3 Mestia_RAAS_v1 Kamdesh_Insurgency_v2 Kamdesh_Invasion_v2 Kohat_Insurgency_v1 Kohat_Invasion_v1 Kohat_Invasion_v2 Skorpo_Invasion_v1 Sumari_Insurgency_v1 Tallil_Outskirts_AAS_v3 Tallil_Outskirts_Invasion_v2 Yehorivka_Invasion_v1 Added FV4032 (Challenger) to the following layers: AlBasrah_Invasion_v2 Belaya_AAS_v3 Belaya_Invasion_v3 FoolsRoad_AAS_v5 Gorodok_AAS_v3 Gorodok_RAAS_v2 Jensens_Range_v1 Kamdesh_Invasion_v2 Kamdesh_RAAS_v2 Narva_Invasion_v2 Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v4 Yehorivka_AAS_v3 Yehorivka_Invasion_v3 Yehorivka_RAAS_v3 BUG FIXES AND MISCELLANEOUS Fixed mortar, UGL grenades and rocket projectiles not dealing damage if the shooter was killed after launching the projectile. Optimized certain aspects of the vehicle code dealing with closed turrets. Optimized the way HUD UI is drawn and updated. Fixed Insurgent/Militia Vehicle Repair station mesh having an overlapped US/GB repair station mesh on it Fixed ambient smoke columns stopping emission of smoke randomly. Fixed C4 explosions not displaying when detonated on asphalt and gravel. Fixed a client crash when launching the Shooting Range. KNOWN ISSUES Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on a local server running Jensen’s Range. OFFWORLD OUT.
  7. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Hey soldiers! We’ve got a small update to address some of the more pernicious issues in Alpha 13. Check out the changes: ALPHA 13.1 CHANGELOG Fixed stabilization for vehicles. Fixed a regression in the engine causing vehicles to flip more easily. Fixed a client and server crash on destruction of the 30mm MTLB variant via TOW or HAT. Fixed an engine crash that happened if required files to play the introduction movie were missing. Fixed RCON on Linux servers. OFFWORLD OUT.
  8. Alpha 12.2

    Hey soldiers, Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend! Patch Notes Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations Fixed gearbox shifting into reverse at high forward speeds when braking Fixed US IFV turret smoke launcher optic Set flag names on the map to have higher contrast Fixed capture point names on Kamdesh skirmish and Mestia Removed large M4 and calibration cube on Sumari Fixed several floating assets on Yehorivka Updated Yehorivka minimap Fixed issue with vehicle wheel fx shooting random dust forward while speeding Offworld Out.
  9. Alpha 12.1

    Hey soldiers, We've been working on getting the most heinous issues beaten in Alpha 12 and we're happy to present the patch notes for the hotfix! This update addresses a number of issues, but first and foremost would be the slow/no load issues that popped up with Alpha 12. That's not all, though: there's plenty of tweaks and fixes for everyone. Let's check 'em out: Patch Notes Systems Large number of optimisations to foliage and UI texture sizes and streaming in of textures. Optimised audio assets and sound cue variations in order to have a much lower memory profile. Reduced individual .PAK file sizes by breaking the large content .PAK files apart into smaller chunks, which speeds up loading into the game as well as installing updates from Steam. As the file structure has been changed, this patch will be quite large. Performance optimisations to the Squad Leader order widget. Performance optimisations to the main menu map. Removed player collision interaction on infantry ammo bags. Tweaked the first person offset to closer match where the head and eyes are in third person when leaning left and right. Unified the sub role drop-down interaction style across all role selection modes. Increased Steam connection timeout from 60 sec. to 120 sec. Updated layering of icons on the map. (Top to bottom: Spawn Points, Infantry, Vehicles, View cone, FOB Radio, Capture zone flag, Deployables, HABs, other Map Markers) Vehicle Gameplay Turret damage has been implemented to all closed turrets. Should a turret take damage, the damage will be passed on to its parent vehicle. In addition, if a turret is below 50% health the turret will begin to suffer a penalty in its maximum turn speed. The more damage taken, the more severe the penalty. Stabilised turrets also suffer by having its stabilisation disabled below 50% health. A cracked screen will appear when turret health is below 50%. Repair tools will be able to repair its health up to 25%, requiring vehicle crews to take their vehicles back to a repair station to restore full turret functionality. Open turrets like MAT-V .50cal turrets or Technical DSHK are not affected by this change. WSAD keyboard controls now can control traverse and pitch of all vehicle turrets with the exception of the KPVT, NSV-T, PKT turrets, and open turrets. Fixed an issue in the physics code gear mapping preventing the 6th forward gear on vehicles to work correctly and made sure RPM thresholds for shifting out of neutral gear are being respected, making driving up slopes in first gear much more manageable. AT-4 HEAT projectile set to use Heavy Anti-Tank type damage. Increased AT-4 HEAT armor penetration capability from 350mm to 500mm. This is a temporary placeholder change to the AT-4 to give the US and GB factions an infantry HAT weapon system. When the actual GB and US HAT weapons are implemented, the AT-4 projectile specs will return to their original "light/medium" AT role. Damage tweaks to guided missiles and rockets: Trucks: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning MATV/BRDM-2: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning BTR, MTLB: 1 TOW to burning, 1 HAT + 1 LAT to burning IFVs: 1 TOW to burning Slightly decreased .50cal's armor penetration capability at medium (100-800m) ranges. Made unarmored vehicles slightly more resistant to 25mm/30mm Autocannon High Explosive ammunition. Increased Heavy Anti-Tank rocket armor penetration capability from 630mm to 900mm RHA penetration. Light Anti-Tank standardised to 320mm RHA penetration. Simplified armor distribution on the BRDM-2. Tweaked camouflage netting on the M1A2 Abrams woodland cannon to not be as visually obtrusive from the gunners point of view. Reduced armor thickness on the M1126 Stryker. Increased carrying capacity of Logistics Technical to 1400 points. Simplified the collision mesh and distribution of armor on the T72-B3 hull slightly. Increased coverage of heavy front turret armor on the T72-B3, but added a weak spot where the base of the gun attaches to the turret. Tweaked BTR82A's 30mm turret armor, introducing a weak spot where the gun connects to the turret, but buffing its overall frontal armor. Removed physics kickback on all 25mm/30mm autocannons and the KPVT when firing. Decreased overheat penalty on BTR/MTLB 30mm and ZU-23. Infantry Gameplay Narrowed L85A2/L22A2 and M4 series ironsight front post for better target visibility. Lowered ammo point cost of LAT weapons (M72A7, RPG7 HEAT, RPG7-V2 HEAT and RPG-26) from 50 to 40. US and British HAT roles have been set to 2 per team, one frag grenade added to their inventories. Reduced deviation on the RPG-29. Unique Identity: Continued from the A12.0 release, weapon behaviour and handling has been tweaked in several ways to improve response and give each weapon family a more unique identity, as well as improving the effects of attachments like foregrips and UGLs. Unique Identity: All weapons have received a pass based on their caliber and barrel lengths. E.g., the AK-74 and L85A2 families now have less recoil than the M4 family. Focus Sway (ADS, focused) has been reduced. Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused) has been reduced. Foregrips now decrease vertical recoil but increase horizontal recoil. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers now decrease vertical recoil but increase Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused). Light Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns have received a recoil and sway pass similar to Rifles in A12.0. Fixed some issues related to bipod deployment. Removed suppression ability from knives and pistols. Reduced all types of Sway on Binoculars - they should be more accurate and easier to use now. Map Tweaks & Fixes RAAS/AAS ticket gain/loss for flag changed: When a flag is capture, capturing team gains +30 tickets and losing team loses -30 tickets (was +20 and -40). This change is in combination with the reduction of overall ticket counts, so overall rounds will be slightly shorter, but rounds that have a lot of movement along flags wont end as suddenly. Reduced Counts on all AAS/RAAS map layers: Tallil, Yehorivka - 350 Tickets. Basrah, Belaya, Chora, Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Narva - 300 Tickets. Fools Road, Kokan - 200 Tickets. Logar, Mestia, Sumari - 150 Tickets. Reduced ticket count for Skirmish map layers to 100 Tickets (from 150). Reduced ticket count for Invasion map layers to 150 Tickets for Attackers/600 Tickets for Defenders. Fixed various Maps having incorrect map descriptions on team select screen. Fixed Main Base flipped vehicles for: Kohat AAS v1, Basrah Invasion v2, Fools Road RAAS v1, Mestia AAS v1, Mestia AAS v2, Mestia RAAS v1. Fools Road RAAS_v1 moved Fortress flag to OP. Fixed RU Main Base resource pool on Gorodok Invasion_v2. Fixed crashing on Jensen's Range Skirmish v1. Fixed incorrect flag setup Kokan Invasion v1. Fixed some map layers having incorrect faction descriptions and faction insignia. Added Vehicle depots further down the valley on Kohat RAAS v1 for faster logistics for both teams. Fixed incorrect CP names (Mohd Zai & Bahadur incorrectly labeled) on Kohat AAS v2. Fixed odd ammo caches on Logar INS v1. Fixed floating road segments in the north-west part of Mestia. Fixed lighting on Mestia AAS v2. Fixed Staging Zone boundary issues on Mestia Invasion v1 and Invasion v2. Fixed ambient visual effects on Tallil Skirmish v1 and v2. Fixed ambient wind audio not playing on Tallil Skirmish v1. Fixed map naming on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed US Main Base resource pool on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed Insurgents DShK Technical not being accessible on Al Basrah RAAS v1. Fixed missing materials for several assets on Chora. Fixed floating house forcing players to vault to get to the staircase on Kamdesh. Fixed Aircraft Bunkers culling too early on Tallil. Fixed incorrect collision setting in Protection Zone preventing players from leaning in Main Bases after the Staging Phase ends on all Tallil layers. Fixed trees and other foliage on roads, smoothed out areas with jagged terrain and tall lumps on Gorodok. Fixed collision and scaling issues by removing offending assets on Yehorivka Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when a Squad Leader attempts to invite a player who has disconnected. Fixed damage issues on several vehicles (including both tanks) caused by bugs in turret setup, mesh collisions and decoration configuration Fixed being unable to move the camera in the FV510 commander seat. Fixed missing turret turning sounds on a majority of vehicle based turrets. Fixed T72-B3 fragmentation rounds dealing no damage to infantry on non-direct hits. Fixed low-health/bleeding post-processing screen effects not playing during ADS. Fixed UB-32 Rocket Technical's ammunition being treated as if it was an emplacement. Fixed dead players not showing as dead in the Squad list UI. Added a check for 'foliage.LODDistanceScale', to force exit the game if players modify this value to hide the foliage similar to the other .INI checks. Fixed extra apostrophe in the deployment confirmation message when spawning on rallies. Fixed mines not playing an explosion effect or sound when a vehicle drives over them. Fixed some team based mismatch issues relating to Roles and force revert of your role to default when it becomes unavailable. Fix emplaced weapons not usable by other team when a player is shot out of it. Fix emplaced weapons having incorrect bounds leading to weapon models disappearing occasionally. Fixed main menu music not looping. Fixed zeroing on the 300m and 400m settings for the RPG-29. Fixed zeroing on the M4 series Red dot sight and M150 Optic. Fixed Neutral Technical DShK spawned near Village on Al Basrah RAAS v1 cannot be entered by either team. Fixed a number of statics either having missing collisions or missing textures. Fixed stationary SPG-9 doing slightly more damage than technical-mounted variant. Fixed some vehicle explosions showing broken explosion animation effect. Fixed vehicle wreck collisions being desynced from their visual wreck model. Fixed the FV510 Desert variant having a non-charred wreck model. Fixed snow on Belaya not producing snow related interaction sounds. Fixed Vehicle Driver UI RPM indicator showing incorrect values. Fixed an issue where a selected but now locked role inside a drop-down list forces an unusable UI state. Fixed Map & Team info mismatches in team select. Fixed first person view being offset after leaving emplacement when entering an emplacement while freelooking. Fixed Insurgent Radio ammo limit, now increased to 20,000. Mmm, those gearbox fixes speak to the logiboi in all of us. Get patching! We'll see you in-game! Offworld Out. Edit: This post has been updated.
  10. Hi Squaddies! The shelling hasn't stopped since we opened the Squad - Public Testing app, but thanks to you fine folks, we're going live! It's been a long road getting here (paved with new physmats, at least!) to get here and we can't thank you enough for all the support, time spent in the queue, and your dedicated feedback! With our esteemed thanks, we're proud to announce that Squad Alpha 12 is now available on Steam! With Alpha 12 being a large patch, we wanted to remind you about the full changelog from the latest Recap. Here are a few of the highlights to whet your appetite: TANKS! The Abrams and the T-72, armored beasts both, have taken the field! New map: Tallil Outskirts: A war-torn desert map featuring brutal tank combat. New weapons! Ranging from the fan-favorite FAL to the RPG-29, Alpha 12 packs some big punches! New mode: Randomized AAS! An upgrade to AAS gameplay now features randomized points to keep things fresh. New assets! We've updated many maps, overhauled the shooting range, added new Crewman characters, and more! Free Weekend Squad Leaders? We're counting on you -- form up your fireteams, double check your magazines, and strap on that brand new Crewman helmet: we're going to have some new recruits inbound. There will be a free weekend beginning on Friday, November 9th, at 10 AM PDT to celebrate the launch of Alpha 12 and Veterans Day! Let's show these recruits, new and old alike, what Squad is all about! Be sure to join us in the Squad Community Discord to stay up to date on the latest releases, chat with developers, and get to know your fellow squaddies! You can also find technical support, just in case the common resolutions didn't fix any hiccups. Offworld Out.
  11. Alpha 11.2

    Hey Soldiers, We've released an update containing a variety of fixes, including one for everyone's most-hated bandage bug. In addition to that, some values have changed, some crashes should be gone, and some fences behave more like fences. Dig in! Patch Notes Fixed bandaging failing due to desync between client and server. Now there is a point in the animation after which it can't be canceled anymore to ensure the bandaging gets complete. Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed. Fixed a crash when trying to equip a role from the wrong team. Fixed a crash on updating the role availability. Fixed a crash on staging zone end. Fixed AntiAliasing being forced disabled when 'low' graphics preset is selected Fixed several vehicles seat configurations for driver and gunners on appropriate vehicles Removed turn limits on the Dshk tripod and Technical Dshk Fixed incorrect zeroing numbers on the Russian RPG7 Tandem Increased Invasion ticket flag gain from 50 to 60 Updated starting tickets on the AAS layers of Belaya, Gorodok, Kohat and Yehorivka Op Fight Light AAS - changed MIL to RU, tweaked flag zone sizes Fixed South Basrah flag on Basrah Invasion v2 Fixed flag names on Narva Invasion v2 Sumari INF v1 - fixed MIL Mainbase naming Fixed transparent fences on Yehorivka Increase HAB cost from 400 to 500 Decrease Militia Hideout cost from 300 to 250 Decrease INS Hideout cost from 250 to 100 Increase Vehicle Repair Station cost (except insurgent) from 300 to 500 Increase Mortar cost (except insurgent) from 250 to 300 Be sure to let us know how the changes feel! We'd love to have them just right for the upcoming free weekend starting on Thursday, June 21!
  12. I know that the devs are actually working on optimization but did somebody know about a release date ? The game is actually really hard to play for me. 40-50 fps average, it's an insult for my 1080 GTX. And it's weird because Devs said that the new animation system will increase performance but in fact, it is the total opposite ! They also said that after V10 new content will be more frequent ! The last content release was V10, 2 months ago !!! What is happening to SQUAD ? Can someone answer this simple question ?
  13. Alpha 11.1

    Hey Soldiers, It has been three weeks since Alpha 11 entered public testing. While Alpha 11 was in a relatively stable state, we released it without fixing many of the bugs you reported right away. Alpha 11.1 is a minor patch to incorporate those fixes. Some of the changes are intended to help with the balance of the game after closely observing gameplay these past weeks. Patch Notes Reworked bandage / medic bag code for better responsiveness. Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed. Fixed vehicles desyncing between client and server. Increased speed of nametags fading in. Fixed a vehicle seat state that exposed soldiers. Fixed emplacement scope overlays not disappearing when the emplacement gets destroyed. Fixed scopes on heavy weapons automatically unzooming and other bugs with these scopes. Fixed being able to freelook while ADSing on scoped emplaced weapons. Improved INS player models. Updated AG 36 texture. Fixed LOD meshes on the M240 and M249. Several improvements on weapon animations. Fixed wheel dirt effects on US truck. Fixed a rare server crash that happened when a soldier was hit directly by a mortar smoke round. Fixed squad-members not being able to force others out of vehicle their squad owned by entering the vehicle from the outside. Fixed driving collisions on BTRs and the British truck. Fixed desert BTRs having green woodland periscope meshes. Fixed mines sometimes not triggering for some trucks. Updated Insurgent deployable razor wire to be double stack. Fixed collisions on a bush. Updated localization. Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons. Changed INS HAT to SKS as primary weapon. Adjusted cost of several deployables. TOWs are now 600 construction points. TOW rearm cost increased to 500 points. Changed ticket cost of vehicles: IFVs (FV510, M2) - 25 Heavy APCs (30mm RUS APCs) - 20 Medium APCs (M1126, 14.5mm RUS APCs) - 15 Light APCs, MRAPs, AA vehicles, SPG Techi - 10 Trucks, Technicals - 5 Motorbikes - 1 Changed Kamdesh AAS v1 to Invasion v3 and added a new AAS v1 layer On Chora Conquest v1 - replaced the INS faction with the Russian faction for balance Added Kamdesh INS v2, Narva Invasion v2 Added Firing Range v2 with US/RU factions Fixes on the following map layers: Albasrah Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2 Belaya AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1 Chora AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, CQ v1 Fool's Road AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Skirmish Gorodok AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Invasion V1, v2 Kamdesh AAS v1, Inf, INS v1, Invasion v1, v2, v3 Kohat AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1 Kokan AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1 Logar AAS v1, PAAS v1 Mestia AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1 Narva AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2 OPFL AAS v1 Sumari AAS v1, v2, v3, Inf Yehorivka AAS v3, Invasion v1, v2 Thank you so much for your feedback! Your dedication keeps us going. Offworld Out.
  14. Alpha 10.1

    Hey Squaddies, Lest another three weeks slip by unremarked, we've got a patch for you! Some of the good stuff in this one includes performance tweaking, stamina changes, bug fixing, and some localization fixes. We're still in alpha, so let us know if anything looks out of sorts. And, as always, if you run into any issues with the update, try clearing your cache. Let's roll: Stamina Vaulting, climbing and jumping now consume stamina in addition to sprinting and prone movement, which already did so previously The separate "jumping stamina" has been removed Low stamina will not prevent you from vaulting, climbing, jumping or sprinting Stamina below half will gradually decrease your movement speed until your sprint at 0 stamina is barely faster than normal movement at full stamina. This affects crouched and prone movement too. Weapon sway is still affected by stamina Localization The Squad Community has done great work translating Squad into many different languages. The initial import of the localization files into Alpha 10 failed, however. We also discovered some issues with our use of different fonts in the game and the way we set some text assets. We are currently fixing all those issues and unifying our font use. In Alpha 10.1, all supported languages work but a few text strings will not be translated yet. We'll continue working with our awesome localization community to have the game fully localized for Alpha 11. Qapla'*! (*Sorry, Klingon support not included.) Performance A focus of our work in these past three weeks has been the performance of the game. Particular problem areas identified were server performance and client performance on specific maps. With that in mind, our mapping department is currently working on addressing the most problematic maps, as noted in the recent Recap, and will continue to improve maps one after another. Map optimization is a lot of manual work and no major changes have been done in this short time frame, but they're not the only team working on a better Squad experience. For server performance, we've done some changes to make player state related replication operations quicker. However, the public test on Monday indicated that the server performance is still not on the same level as the later A9 versions. This is a problem because longer frame times on the server can lead to perceived issues with hit detection on the clients and poor kill feedback. The best approach to improving performance is not trying to make existing systems quicker, but to rewrite the systems to be smarter and only do necessary and relevant operations, especially in regards to replication. We started this process last year on our road to 100 players. Even though we didn't achieve our performance goals for the Alpha 10 release, it would be wrong to spend more time trying to optimize systems that are being rewritten at the same time. As we continue our development work towards 100 players, the optimizations that come with it will find their way into the next releases. Bug Fixes and Improvements Updated EAC SDK Complete rewrite of freelook to fix it not replicating on deployables and improve performance Fixed vehicles sometimes taking reduced damage from rockets Fixed occasional invisible gun on revive Fixed one hand getting detached in the 1p animation doing funny things Increased rotation acceleration and maximum rotation speed on 3p soldier animations Fixed bandaging not detecting other soldiers reliably Fixed bandaging animation not cancelling when moving away from the soldier that's being bandaged Set Medic's field dressings to be 25% faster to apply compared to any other role Fixed crouch-sprinting not having correct stamina cost Guns no longer get forced-lowered when very close to an enemy Fixed an issue with reloads having to be done multiple times Fixed rocket backblasts being too wide Fixed nametags disapperaing on prone lean Made nametags more transparant when aiming directly at them. The enemy won't be able to hide behind a nametag anymore Fixed an issue where enemy players could cap a neutral flag for your team Fixed inconsistent behavior when right clicking in the Squad-Leader's Fire Support sub-menu and enemy markers sub-menu Fixed invite list not being scroll-able so it could not be collapsed when a lot of players were unassigned Fixed an exploit that allowed squad members to take more limited role kits than allowed Fixed part of the player's body showing above him on incapacitation Fixed MAT-V open top turret not blocking projectiles Removed one BTR-82A from Narva AAS v1,v2 and v3 Removed two Strykers and replaced one BTR-82A with one BTR-80 on Kohat AAS v2 Fixed a RUS transport on Gorodok Invasion v1 spawning half way into the map Fixed Narva AASv2 Old Barracks flag capture zone preventing leaning Blocked windows of a wip building on Narva that players could glitch into since climbing was introduced Fixed Mestia Tunnels dynamic shadow-casting light sources causing performance issues on AMD GPUs Removed attack markers on Invasion ruleset Fixed a bug that prevented un-muting a muted player Fixed logistics technical showing 2000 as ammo/construction point capacity Toggle lean status now gets cancelled on sprint so the player doesn't start leaning again by himself when stopping the sprint Fixed a rare bug where a player would be able to move at very high speeds after using a bipod Fixed a rare bug where players would launch into space after using bipods Fixed a bounds issue on the SPG-9 deployable making it invisible in 1p Fixed BTR's special blurred camo ability when ADS Minor tweaks on dozens of movement related animations Not too big, not too small, but... by the nature of Early Access, not *just* right yet either. That's what the next patch is for! Stay tuned for more updates from the Squad team. Offworld Out.
  15. Alpha 10

    Hi Squaddies, New animation system? Check. Bipods? Check. Climbing and vaulting? Check. ALPHA TEN IS FINALLY HERE FOR GOOD? A BIG OLD CHECK! It's time! It's here! The wait is over and we're exceedingly proud to announce the release of Squad Alpha 10 -- and ready to get back on the machineguns. Catch up on the notes while you download! Version 10 will be available at 1800 UTC via Steam. Please reset your appdata in the game settings if you run into trouble with the new build! Full Changelog Gameplay Vaulting and Climbing (Default: Spacebar) have been added as a new feature to the game. Vaulting will allow you to more quickly jump over small walls. Climbing will allow you to get over higher walls than was previously possible as infantry. This changes the playing field, as a simple rifleman's sandbag may be enough to scale a wall previously only accessible with a ladder. Another trick would be to use a vehicle or even another player as a booster which would allow you to climb over higher obstacles. "Free-Look" (Default: LEFT-ALT) has been added to all infantry weapons and equipment; as well as emplacements and open-top turret based weapons. This allows for the player to decouple their camera view from their weapon and look around without moving the entire player's body. There are options to configure this feature, including Hold/Toggle to activate; and whether to recenter the camera on to weapon or vice-versa upon exiting Free-Look. Crouch Sprinting is added to the game, meaning that you will be able to traverse distances with a lower profile, albeit at a slower pace than you would if you were standing up fully exposed. Transitions to and from prone have been lengthened to much more realistic levels. This is intended to make going to prone not the ideal movement option for engaging the enemy at extreme close range. You can now lean while in prone. This kind of lean involves moving your entire upper body to the side, so naturally you would lean out further. When deploying a FOB Radio it now starts with 0 construction points and 0 ammo points. The cap for ammo points has been increased to 2000 (was previously 1000). Logistics trucks works slightly differently and comes with some new functionality. The driver of the truck can now decide what he wants to carry, and how much (up to the vehicle's capacity). A conventional army logistics truck can carry a combined 2000 resources and a logistics technical can carry a total of 1000 resources. This means that a traditional logistics truck can carry 2000 construction points and 0 ammo points if it wanted to. You could just as easily carry 1500 ammo points and 500 construction points, it really depends on what the situation calls for. To drop off supplies, use (Default: LEFT MOUSE BUTTON); and to pick up supplies use (Default: RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON). Furthermore, logistics trucks now has the flexibility to load up supplies from a FOB and redistribute it elsewhere, making it possible to salvage some resources from an obsolete FOB or run strategies where you create a supply hub FOB that other logi trucks pick up from. Rest assured that there will be more development on this feature in the future. Due to the above changes, a number of deployable assets has received a reduction in construction costs such as HABs, Emplaced HMGs and Ammo Resupply Crates, as they relied heavily on assistance from those initial resources to get a FOB going. Changes to AAS flag capture mechanics, where non-capturable flags will no longer be blockable by the enemy. For example: if one soldier is in the capture zone of their team's first flag and nine enemies are in that cap zone as well trying to block it, the flag will still be captured. Once they find him and kill him, the flag will (obviously) stop capping. This should severely reduce the "Rush Flags" meta, and shift the focus more towards the linear progression of moving from flag area to flag area, as well as having a proper supply train with FOBs and logistics. Blocking a flag is technically still possible if you eliminate the entire attacking force, but it will require more resources to do and is more likely to fail. A new 3-minute "Staging Period" has been added before matches. During this time, you can spawn in at your team's Main Base or forward spawns, organize your squads, roles, get to your vehicles and prepare to move out. However, you are unable to leave the Main Base and spawn area until the timer has fully elapsed. To prevent griefing issues, you cannot fire your weapons during the staging period. Kits and Weapons All animations for weapons and equipment in both first and third person have been remade from scratch for this new version. Weapons handling in general has been completely overhauled, including the way recoil, sway and weapons movement is done. We recommend spending some time on the Shooting Range to get used to the new feeling behind each weapon. Inventory changes allow for you to cancel the equipping/reloading of a weapon and to select another weapon extremely quickly. This gives players much more freedom and responsiveness when using their inventory. The length of your weapon also now plays a factor in how you maneuver through tight spaces and fire from cover. When you are too close to an obstacle or a surface, your weapon will be forcibly lowered and you will be prevented from firing and aiming down the sights. This naturally depends on the weapon in question, so bringing a long marksman rifle into small spaces is ill advised, whereas pistols will have a natural advantage in these tight spaces. The ADS (Aim-Down-Sights) zoom mechanic for ironsights has changed slightly in that you get half of the "Zoom" for when you ADS, and the rest of the zoom and sway stabilization when you hold "Focus" (Default: LEFT-SHIFT). The Focus should also feel more responsive with the transition into full focus being much shorter. Certain weapons now have the ability to transition seamlessly between one another. This includes switching ammunition types for Underbarrel Grenade Launchers and the RPG7, and transitioning between rifles and UGLs. Scopes have been redone to improve the visuals and fidelity of looking through an optic. This includes adding a pseudo-tunnel effect when looking around. All scope reticles' bullet drop compensators are now functional, we recommend doing some practice shooting on the Shooting Range to get acquainted. A vast majority of weapons now have the ability to adjust their sights to shoot at different ranges. (Default: X + Scroll Wheel) This includes grenade launchers, rocket launchers and rifles. Certain optics as well have the ability to be adjusted, like the M110 SASS' scope, and the SVD's PSO-1 scope. Deployable Bipods have been added to all Light Machine Guns (LMGs) and General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs) (Default: C). Bipods will allow machine gunners to set up on positions and put down a large volume of fire with terrifying accuracy. Bipod can be deployed on virtually any surface, including other players! (so as long as they dont move) Added TT-33 pistol to Insurgents and Militia Squad Leader, Medic and Marksman roles, replacing the Makarov. Added the RPG-26 to the first Russian Light Anti-tank role that unlocks. Russia's Light Anti-tank roles are now split into two. The first kit still unlocks at 4 squad members and contains 2 RPG-26's. These are comparable to the M72. The second LAT kit still unlocks at 8 squad members and has the RPG-7, but it now has 2 fragmentation rockets. The US Army Squad Leader role now feature the M17 MHS pistol instead of the M9A1 Beretta. All other US Army role that has a pistol still uses the M9A1. All US Army kits, with a few exceptions, now use the M4 rather than the M4A1. This replaces the fully automatic capability with a 3 round burst. This change is made to reflect the fact that not all units currently have the A1 as well as give them a distinct faction identity where they want to keep the fights at range for the most part. US Army SL with front grip and Red Dot, Rifleman with Red Dot and Rifleman with Ironsight and front grip retains the M4A1, making them ideal for close quarters engagements in your squad load out. A kit should always be a choice depending on the needs of the mission. All factions now has access to a Machine Gunner kit that is a Fire Support role and unlocks at 5 Squad Members. It is limited to a total of 4 per team and unlocks one kit per 10 team members. Machine gunner kits costs 50 ammo points to rearm at a FOB. Machine Gunner kits are best suited as a support weapon in a static position. The kit has about 500 rounds of ammo appropriate for the weapon, as well as the standard sidearm for the faction, 1 white smoke grenade, 2 field dressings and a shovel. Combining the machine gunner kit with a riflemans sandbags to deploy your bipods on and a Squad leader or Marksman to direct fire is a good setup, flavor your fire support squad with whatever other weapons systems you would want to provide overwatch with. Added binoculars to all Marksman kits. All binoculars now have a proper reticle with a stadiametric rangefinder which shows how tall a player is at those respective ranges in meters, aiding in judging distances. The Insurgents have had their Automatic Rifleman kits reorganized. The RPK-74 has been replaced with the RPK in its classic configuration using 40 round mags. Additionally the 40 round version now unlocks before the 75 round drum mag version does. The US Army now has a new Automatic Rifleman kit with the M249 using a M145 3.4x scope. All factions now have their first unlocking Automatic Rifleman kit moved to the "Squad Roles" section. This should allow us to see more LMGs on the field without compromising what your squad role is supposed to be. The more powerful Automatic Rifleman kits of each faction is still a Fire Support Role that you will have to compromise other kits in favor of. Replaced the AKS-74U with the AKS-74 as the Militia Light Anti-Tank kit's primary weapon to bring it in line with the other factions loadouts. Makarov and TT-33 pistols now have double the amount of magazines as they normally would to bring them to roughly the same amount of rounds as the double stack pistols. Note that the Scout kit no longer gets extra mags for his pistol beyond what other Makarov kits get. Decreased the killing radius on the 40mm high explosive grenades significantly. You will have to be accurate with it to give you a kill. It is still just as potent for dislodging entrenched enemies. In addition to this change we feel like we can up the ammo carried from 6 to 10 40MM HE/HEDP rounds for all grenadier kits. Militia Grenadier kit now uses an AK-74 with GP-25 (was previously using AKM with GP25). Insurgents get a Grenadier kit. This kit uses the AKM with GP25. This kit is limited to 3 per team, with one unlocking every 10 players on the team. The limit is there to symbolize the rarity of the usage. The faction as a whole should still be heavily RPG reliant. US Grenadier kit has iron sights instead of red dot. This is a temporary 'downgrade' because of the sight adjustment obstructions on the M203. The M110 SASS has had its 4x scope replaced with the appropriate optic. It is currently set at a fixed magnification of 6x for the time being. The Insurgent Raider kit now features 2 additional 71 round drum mags that you can equip instead of your usual stick mags for those last stand or breaching moments. All infantry rifles with up to 30 round magazines has had an additional magazine added to the loadouts. US Army M68 Red Dot sight has been rescaled to accurate proportions, and changed its sight alignment to full co-witness with the front ironsight. All non-scoped Rifleman now carry a deployable length of razor wire, in addition to their sandbag walls. All belt-fed weapons (machine guns, emplacements included) visually have a properly disintegrating belt now as you run out of ammunition. Vehicles Entering or exiting vehicles and switching seats inside vehicles is no longer instant. The duration depends on the vehicle and the type of seat. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of soloing vehicles when a vehicle is flanked or ambushed. Either it will not be able to drive away or it won't be able to return fire instantly. BTR-80, BTR-82A, MT-LBM 6MB, MT-LBM 6MA, BRDM-2 now has a coaxial PKT machine gun to better deal with infantry threats and general suppression of suspected enemy positions. Coaxial machine guns are available on the '2/3' inventory slots on applicable vehicles. MT-LBM 6MB and BTR-82A now also has access to high explosive rounds for their main guns, these are very effective at dealing with infantry behind cover and in buildings. HE is still effective vs most of the vehicles currently in game but if you are fighting an armored vehicle especially IFVs it is still most effective to use AP rounds. For the time being, the ammo capacity for each round type has been lowered to 100 rounds of AP and 100 rounds of HE to limit its staying power on the field. This will go back up when more assets are in game. BTR-80, BTR-82A, MT-LBM 6MB, MT-LBM 6MA, BRDM-2 and Strykers now have smoke launchers. A vehicle with smoke launchers carries 2 launches worth of smoke. It can be rearmed at the cost of 75 ammo points per charge to keep spamming down and to keep it a significant defensive ability. All MTLB variants now has the same damage model as the BTR-80. This is a temporary change for v10 only. Ticket cost has increased to reflect the buff - PKT:7, NSV: 11, KPVT: 16, 30mm: 21. All 14.5mm KPVT turrets found on (BTR, BRDM and MTLB variants) now has an elevation range from -5 degrees to +60 degrees. This drastically changes its ability to engage from sloped surfaces. (Was previously -3 to +35) BTR-80 and 82A variants now have a "Commander Periscope" (and thus an extra seat) like the BRDM-2 has. The goal is to one day roll this into the driver position, however for now there is an extra asset for the vehicle. Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical has had its wounding radius increased slightly. Furthermore its rearmament cost has been cut in half. Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical's respawn timer has been reduced from 15 to 4 minutes. SPG-9 technicals has had their respawn timers reduced from 8 to 6 minutes. Insurgents has a Ural 375D logistics variant in civilian colors on certain maps. Insurgents and Militia now has a MTLB variant that features a ZU-23 mounted on the back. The vehicle also has the smaller PKT turret up front, making it a fun 3 man vehicle to fully operate. The ZU-23 like its deployable version comes with high explosive fragmentation rounds for this release and will be able to deal with hill campers and light vehicles in equal and swift fashion. The vehicle costs 18 tickets upon destruction and has a respawn timer of 6 minutes. Insurgents has a Ural 375D that features a ZU-23 on the back of it. A slow glass cannon of a vehicle, best used at long range and ambushes. This gun also shoots high explosive fragmentation rounds for this patch. This vehicle costs 12 tickets upon destruction and has a respawn timer of 6 minutes. Deployables Added the ZU-23 twin barreled 23mm Anti Aircraft emplacement as a deployable for both Insurgents and Militia. For this release it features High Explosive rounds. It is limited to 1 per FOB and costs 400 construction points to build. It costs 100 ammo points to reload. Both the SPG-9 Emplacement and Mounted Technical variants have the option to choose between high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) and fragmentation rockets. Fragmentation rockets are suited for clearing groups of infantry and for shooting into confined spaces. All Mortars have access to Smokescreen mortar ammunition in addition to their normal complement of high explosive mortar rounds. These rounds provide a large smokescreen that lasts between 45 seconds to a minute, and are perfect for long-range suppression allowing for a large attack force to move on a position. Added a new wooden trench wall section to the Militia deployables. It costs 150 construction points and is limited to 10 per FOB. Mapping New Map: Belaya A new Eastern European themed map has been added to the game. This map also is set in a more frigid part of the continent, with light to medium snowfall happening on some map layers. A large tunnel complex part of an underground train line is located in the west of the map, creating some very intense CQB firefights in order to capture this facility. This map features a new weather system that is currently only on the snowfall layers of Belaya. Playable Layers include: 1 AAS layer, 1 Parallel AAS layer and 2 different Invasion layers Narva Map has been greatly expanded, almost doubling the playable area and adding 7 new flag zones. Opened up Russian side of river and created new main bases for US and Russia. Redesigned existing and created new gameplay layers. Replaced or removed specific buildings in the city to improve gameplay. Fixed numerous building collision bugs. Optimized a lot of the existing areas. Added more micro-level detail to existing areas. Logar Valley The main town in Logar Valley has been updated by replacing about 40% of the buildings with more two story and larger internal space structures. Many more damaged and ruined buildings were added throughout the map Added a few new bisecting roads to give more options to vehicles. Shooting Range Changed the factions to feature US Army and Militia on this map so there is a larger pool of weapons to get familiar with. Overhauled the CQB Arena and added a lot of props and shoot-able metal drop targets, turning it into a Kill-House style zone. Added a grenade target structure to help players practice their grenade throwing into structures. Metal drop targets have been retextured to use the Squad brand yellow colour. Added a small 10m range behind the US Army spawn, with paper targets. Added the ZU-23 AA gun to the range. Gameplay Tips signage has been updated. Sumari Bala Fixed a water transparency issue. Fixed building collision issues at Palace flag. Minor bug fixes. User Interface The Main Menu has been completely redesigned from scratch. Server Queueing is now much less intrusive, allowing you to look around and work in the Main Menu while you are queueing for a server. Music player has been added to the Main Menu, featuring the entire Squad Original Soundtrack. Installed Mods are now viewable while in the Main Menu. A new UI Widget has been created for approving and declining Vehicle Claim requests. Doing it now should be a lot easier with a simple Yes/No hotkey. As a Squad Leader, you can now invite unassigned players into your squad. Added "Request Pick Up" to the SL hex menu. Added "Mine Spotted" to the SL hex menu. All weapon and equipment selection icons have been updated in visual style. Currently selected weapon and equipment names have been added above the reserve ammunition widget, telling you what you have selected at all times. Menu tooltips for kit roles have been changed. Launch movie has been dramatically shortened. Audio New weapon fire sounds have been added, most notably for the M4 New weapon foley sounds Increased radius of Local VOIP attenuation Added empty shell impact sounds for all munitions Added more variations to the close-up explosion sounds Added sounds to new character animations, notably transitions between different stances, climbing and vaulting. Added landing sounds for characters landing on different surfaces Added entry/exit and change seat sounds to vehicles that have a vehicle enter/exit timer. Added weapon switch sounds for vehicles with multiple weapons (ie. switching between AP and HE rounds) Bug Fixes Fixed US Logistics Truck windows being fully bulletproof. Fixed destroying certain vehicles crashing the server. Fixed Ammunition indicators and Inventory being invisible while in a vehicle turret. Fixed the "Ballerina Pose" bug that was occurring usually when a player dies or exits a vehicle. Optimised the burn effects for vehicles and destroyed vehicles. Fixed incorrect bullet casings being used on all AK74 and AKM series rifles. Misc Discord Rich Presence is now active with Alpha 10. This means Squad has some integration including seeing your squad's population, team population, the current server name you are on and the map layer being played. Hot damn, that was a long one. Fortunately for you, knowledge is power, and your big ol' brain is ready for some playtime. Get out there and kick some ass, squaddie! Offworld Out.
  16. you are all hyped for V10, and so am I. I played a bit this Beta and it's "great". I bought the game back in early 2016 when we were still walking everywhere and there has been some great updates since then. vehicles, emplacements and now the animation system. Back then the game was set to release 2017. Now it basically says "maybe by the end of 2018" on steam. Now i think i've (and all of us really) have been patient, and gone along with the "it's ready when it's ready" which ofcourse is true, as with any alpha or pre-launch access... BUT frankly i would like for OWI to make some more solid statements as to what we're actually to expect from the development progress and timeframe for 1.0 launch with all the teased features and so on. 1. The coming features that have been confirmed or teased by OWI seem to be of much greater complexity than those features they have implemented so far (last 2 years of my playtime) - i'm talking Javelins that work, helicopters, better physics, tanks, electronics like thermals and so on, dragging teammates, inventory system and of course better performance. I mean i have some friends who still can't launch the game even though they have the specs for it. With this said i'm aware they are working on different stuff at the same time, but in my experience with the development so far and the monthly recaps, I find it quite unlikely that OWI will be done in 2018. Since I haven't seen OWI take any kind of responsibility towards actually explaining the overall delay of the roadmap. the "please understand we won't work during christmas" post and so on is only explaining why a small beta is not up for longer, and it's been a long time since i've heard them talk about development on a grand scale. I feel and fear we are going into eternal alpha, or at least at much longer alpha-state than we were told it would be. The monthly recaps are basically worthless only showcasing half-done maps and maybe 1 or 2 weapon models... that's not progress toward the goal of release, it's just stalling. So please OWI, take responsibility for the delay. I knew this could happen when i bought the alpha. I paid full retail price 36.99 euro for a game that was no where near worth that kind of money and still isn't. And that's okay. If you will actually be frank with the players who are supporting you by telling us the truth about the current state of development: what is done, what is not, what will be done, what is scrapped and so on. what kind of problems are you dealing with that makes it so hard to stay on schedule? You have had much bigger success than what you thought initially and the team has grown much, shouldn't that have made everything go faster? or did you also up your own expectations and standards for the end result? I still have high hopes for the game, but i feel that I and the rest of the players have been let down by OWI, and I apologize for the tone, but please let the radio silence die. now.
  17. Alpha 9.17

    Hey Squaddies, We released an update over the weekend, tweaking some of the performance issues on Mestia. We believe the appropriate barns have been burnt. Fixed Mestia performance issues. Fixed some performance issues on other maps while we were at it. Wondering what happened to Alpha 9.16? It was a fix for the custom server browser showing licensed servers that didn't quite make it into 9.15 as it should have. Offworld Out.
  18. Alpha 9.15

    Hey Squaddies, Alpha 9.15 is here and we're sneaking the first iteration of modding support out with it. Presenting the Squad Workshop. Please make sure to check out the notes for more information! Fixed Custom Servers browser showing licensed servers. Changed Yeho Invasion 2 Final Stand flag minimum enemies to capture the flag to 3 like all other flags. Fixed a weapons cache spawning in a closed building on Logar Night Insurgency. Mestia: Fixed issues with vehicle claiming and vehicle respawns. Mestia: Did more adjustments to the lighting. Mestia: Regarding a performance issue some users have reported - we are able to reproduce it on one of our systems now. Unfortunately, it's not an easy fix. The affected GPUs need for a certain operation more than twenty times as long as otherwise comparable GPUs. We are still working on a solution. The only way to reduce this issue for now is lowering the in-game resolution. Added initial gameside support for modding and steam workshop integration. Custom servers are now allowed to run modded maps. Players trying to join a modded server will be directed to the steam workshop if they aren't subscribed to the required mods. Read more about modding in the upcoming Modding Recap article. Instructions to get started on modding can be found in the modding section of the wiki: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Modding. Changed game files to packaged format to allow mod packs to be loaded. This causes an increased update size and update install time. We're very, very excited to finally have this in your hands. Hit us with your feedback!
  19. Alpha 9.14

    Hey Squaddies, Hope you're enjoying the free weekend! This hotfix includes various fixes for some issues discovered during wider play of Mestia. We'll keep an eye on things and roll it back if there are any major issues. Mestia bug fixes. Correctly named Yehorivka Invasion v2. Don't forget to join us tomorrow, as we hit Twitch for Stack-Up for Veterans Day. Offworld Out.
  20. Release - Alpha 9.12

    Hey Squaddies, We've got some fresh layers for you, with no small thanks to community members Bill Nye and Nordic for their offerings direct from the Squad SDK. Read on for the rest of the fixes and changes. Added Yehorivka AAS INF v2, Yehorivka PAAS v1 and Narva AAS v3 by Bill Nye the Science Guy. Added Gorodok Vehicle Skirmish v1 by Nordic. Added Al Basrah PAAS v2. All invasion layers no longer allow flags being recapped by the defending team. Optimized performance on Yehorivka, Kohat, Chora, Fool's Road and OP First Light. Added new grass system on Fool's Road. Vehicle claims can now be approved by SLs even when they are incapacitated. Vehicle claiming is now a server config parameter "VehicleClaimingDisabled=false/true" and can be disabled on licensed servers too. Fixed admin access levels: all are working now independent (without kick rights). Tweaked prone player movement collision. Applied a fix to Nvidia PhysX fixing a client crash. Applied a fix to Nvidia PhyxX fixing freezes on Linux servers. Fixed certain sounds of nearby players not getting played. Updated the EAC plugin. Fixed a client crash on a possible timing issue on loading into a server that is changing maps. Fixed a rare client crash related to the compass. Fixed a crash preventing the recording of netprofiles. Fixed Kokan INS main base repair stations not working Removed all M1151 variants due to licensing issues and replaced them with MAT-V variants. Offworld Out.
  21. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Hey Squaddies, Just a little drop for you before the free weekend. Enjoy! Added Mestia with two AAS layers, two Invasion layers and one PAAS layer. Fixed Chora map border Added Yehorivka Invasion v2. This layer is experimental. The Militia main base is the last flag and can only be attacked once all connecting flags are captured. At that moment, the main base protection zone disappears and the main base spawn timer for Militia increases to two minutes. Most of the vehicles have a delayed spawn so that heavier weapons become available later. Offworld Out.
  22. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Hey Squaddies, We've got a few crash fixes for you. In related news, we're also trying to keep your head above ground, where squaddies belong. Fixed a crash related to loading into a match. Fixed a crash when using the +connect launch parameter. Fixed spawning below ground after revive/ragdoll. Offworld Out.
  23. Alpha 9.9

    Hey Squaddies, Everybody loves a little bump in the quality of life and we're happy to provide that for you fine folks. Alpha 9.9 brings fixes for some nagging issues, and some performance improvements too. Be sure to let us know how they feel! Implemented several performance improvements on player updates, movement, animation and inventory. Fixed Narva Invasion V1 Militia having Russian Logi trucks. Fixed the invisible player bug. Fixed player offset after revive. Fixed the "Press enter to open spawn menu" issue on the Stryker and BRDM. Fixed damage effects getting reapplied on players when the player who caused the damage reentered replication distance. Offworld Out.
  24. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Hey Squaddies, With the weekend ahead, we wanted to make sure you could get your range drills in. These hot, hot fixes can be found on a Steam client near you today! Fixed a crash in the Engine. Set soldier movement speed when playing in local to normal levels. Fixed the ingame server browser showing an incomplete list. (If you still don't see all the servers, reduce pings/min in steam settings->ingame settings). Changed ingame server browser to order by ping by default Fixed ghost gunshots being heard at maproot. Fixed placing SL markers on minimap stopping all inputs. Fixed default admins.cfg listing deprecated permission level. Offworld Out.