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  1. One need not look far to see many of us who are disappointed in where our favorite game has gone. Whether it be rallies, run speed, tankopters, or suppression, there has been a progression toward an alternate style of play that does not align with the current or original aim of the game. I often see us blaming new players for the deviation in game-play. That attitude only berates our fresh players, and is an error of attribution. It is not the new player’s fault that they roam about lone-wolf, dispersing throughout objectives shooting enemies, but it is the game itself for encouraging and rewarding that play-style with kills and relevant impact on the battlefield. To be clear, there are some things that need to be more hardcore, and there are some things that need to be easy and simplified. The key to making the game the best it can be is knowing what to complicate, and what to simplify. No easy task. There are some games that do a great job of this, but referencing and comparing them only seems to make members vulnerable to prejudice, splitting the community into opposing fields of thought. Will try to keep discussion in the context of Squad here. Also, this thread could be interpreted as being negative, as we’re only talking about the bad things concerning one of the best games ever made. To be sure, Squad has very many amazing, perfectly implemented features, such as the best VOIP I’ve ever experienced in a game and much more. Only constructive criticism here. PURPOSE - To provide an organized, updated list, and description of various changes to Squad game-play from the community that may be used to influence development of mods, but wishfully, the game. No overhauls or new content. Only discussion regarding game-play adjustments. DEFINITIONS - For clarity. ADS - Aim Down Sights mode aka right-click. Muzzle Sway - The movement of sight picture while ADS is engaged. Suppression - The disorienting effects felt when receiving fire. ISSUES - A list of mechanics that are holding Squad back. 1. Rally Spawning in the game favors a “throw your body at the objective” play-style. Squads may approach an objective, lay a rally that essentially acts as a FOB, and then proceed to assault. And then again. And again. You also get spawn-killed in this game. - A rally that lasts only a short time, which would be used to hmm “rally” a damaged Squad back together, and that is instantly disabled automatically by local enemy presence. I see this as cutting some frustration out of the game while attacking or defending (Wehmann). 2. FOB Spawning in the game is frustrating on attack. You must find and undig that radio, or all your squad’s efforts are pointless and the enemy team will spawn in greater force and seek you out. It is too difficult to disable a spawn and it is silly to surround a compound only to face waves of the same players respawning directly in front of you. - Increase range at which enemy presence disables spawn. 3. Suppression plays no role. It may darken the screen a tad, but it does nothing to dissuade return fire or impede the ease of doing so. There is no point in suppressing an enemy when you can easily pop him in the head. The purpose of suppression is to instill that “wtf I should keep my head down” effect that you would get IRL, but don’t otherwise get in game because, well, it’s a game. Current suppression does not do anything more than indicate that someone is doing a poor job of killing you. - There are many ways to implement meaningful suppression. Muzzle sway. Blur. Some gamers hate these things; some love them. One thing for sure: you’re not going to get meaningful suppression without them. 4. Small-arms are very easy to use. It is great that we do not have random bullet deviation. Game-play that the player has no control over is generally bad for games. What we do have is a great muzzle sway system that is capable of emulating the difficulty that is hitting a bullseye with your rifle without sacrificing skill or realism. So why is muzzle sway practically absent in Squad? If you hold shift, you get 0 muzzle sway in this game. This in combination with speedy stamina regeneration greatly buffs the lone-wolf. The lone-wolves, who are hard to detect and dispersed throughout the map, are too often able to locate organized squads and pop them all in the head before they know the direction of the shooter. I have done this time and time again in Squad, and the game encourages it. It is a good way to get many kills. - Increase the difficulty in aiming and shooting, whether by muzzle sway or other means. This and actual suppression prevents your average FPS player from effortlessly annihilating multiple unaware opponents because they were unpredictably roaming about the map solo. For the love of god. It is so easy. 5. Vehicles are annoying to control. It feels like gliding on ice. Maybe if they were reasonable in terms of game-play rather than realism(?), they wouldn’t have to be buffed so hard in health versus infantry equipment. Not very opinionated on this one. Will add what you guys think. - Simplify the lag-input/whatever it is to make vehicles less annoying to control? Followed by more reasonable damage? - Personally I feel that the driver for certain vehicles should get a “commander” view option in addition to his current view so it is not so terribly boring being the driver. Driving sucks! Not a fan of having to bring that 3rd person to help spot those lone HAT boys running around trying to kill you. Just another infantry man off the battlefield. I know some people feel strongly about this, so can remove this from the list upon further discussion. Ending Note - Of course, the best possible variation of game-play may be a combination of several different solutions, or may lack a solution entirely. Help me come up with solutions or issues, and I will add them to this list. I am an avid modder of games and am always interested in hearing people’s ideas on how to fix things. The mods Athena and/or Hardened by Battle could someday be the saving grace of this game, but it would be best if the base game was made good as is. A common response to these types of complaints is that the devs know exactly what they’re doing and it is their intention to guide the game toward a ca$ual player-base in hopes of selling more copies, and so it is useless to bring up these issues. Firstly, the Steam Store page for Squad specifically describes the original goal of the game, so no new purchasers are under the illusion that they are buying another battlefield game. The devs clearly aren’t marketing for that casual crowd. At least not intentionally. Secondly, if it is true that they are, this incomprehensive list, if not for the devs, is for modders like me to return to and read ideas concerning how things can be adjusted. Thanks for reading and discussing, fam.
  2. My Personal Ideas and Adjustments for Game Play Mechanics by Doctor Hammer With the current iteration of Squad in the B17 phase I feel like it's a critical moment for game play mechanics before introducing Version 1.0. With this post I hope to create a healthy conversation concerning the game play mechanics and to highlight my own ideas that I strongly believe will be positives to the game. Lets begin! Spawn System Commander The Medic Class Those are all the ideas I have for the game right now that I think could be super beneficial and make the game more fun, some ideas more thought out than others, but that's okay, at the end of the day, I just wanted to put those thoughts out there and create a conversation about those possible changes. keep in mind these are ideas are just ideas, not absolute solutions. I am proposing some of these things in the hopes good adjustments to them would be made, and a conversation could be started. I think we all want the same for squad, a teamwork based game that supports communication and tactics. Thanks for Reading! Doc
  3. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad The purpose of this post is to clearly display the differences between the rally point system in Project Reality and Squad to foster discussion. I want to know what people like and dislike about both systems. I’ll post my own opinions in a comment. Project Reality · Squad Leader kit required · 2 squad members nearby · No enemies within 125m · Disappears after 60s unless within 300/600m of friendly FOB or APC o The range depends on the size of the map (2x2km/4x4km) · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 125m · Rearms every 60s o Overrun rally takes 5min to rearm · Players may spawn as soon as their timer runs out Squad · Does not require Squad Leader kit: o With SL kit only requires 1 squad member nearby o Without SL kit requires 3 squad members nearby · No enemies within 50m · Does not disappear automatically · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 30m · Rearms every 120s · Players must spawn in waves every 60s As you can see these systems are quite different despite sharing the same basic concepts. I’ve made some very crude graphics to help illustrate the differences in distance on both a 2x2km and a 4x4km map. Each point of origin is a common radio placement/objective area. I chose popular maps to help players visualize the distances. Fool's Road (2x2km) *Ignore 10m circle, squash radius is 30m* Tallil Outskirts (4x4km) If anything is unclear or you have questions please let me know! P.S. I realize that there may be issues with Squad that go a lot deeper than just the rally mechanics, and I'm ok with discussing those topics. However, I would ask that everyone try and keep this thread focused primarily on the rally system and what we want from it. Thank you!
  4. Hi I just want to ask our community what they think and hopefully gain attention to modders or even a devs abour Rallypoints, RP in short. So, me and my friends was thinking some time ago about possibility to give RP more meaning than just a simple spawn point, my proposition is to make RP more uniqe by adding an option to rearm from it. My vision is simple, Squad Leader's first RP will contain some ammo, like 200points and that ammo count will be drowing down untill SL will rearm at FOB. Also rearm at RP will be avaliable only by the team that owns that RP. I belive 200points of extra ammo for a full squad is just for basic needs like bandages and magazines, also it might be used for more crucial moves like rearming a LAT or a HAT. #edited Also im really sorry if someone posted something similar to my idea, there is 163 pages full of topics and i just can't read this all
  5. With the progressive improvement of assets and transport methods is it time to change the rally. So no longer just a bag from the butt of the SL , but change it to a deployable asset at main. Either say logi or transport truck, or light vehicles (carry the total of squad.). Of course keep it for small layout maps, but bigger maps maybe expediting from main would be better. Maybe even allow to spawn from that transport.
  6. So since the wave-spawn-system doesnt help (imho) with Squadcoherence i would like to suggest another idea 300 sec respawntime wich starts as soon as you are downed (not waiting and giving up instandly wouldnt be to benefical) and now modified with some arbitrary numbers -30s if you go down within 50m of your Squadleader (downed or allive at the time you get downed) -10s if you go down within 100m of a Squadmates for each Squadmate (downed or allive) (max. -70 sec) (the whole squad should be covered even in a line formation if spaced out 10m each) -5s if you go down within 150m of any Blue with (downed or allive) (max -30 sec) -10s if you are near your own Flag (defendable and secure) for each 50m with a max. of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) or (whichever is higher) -10s if you are near aktiv attackable enemy Flag for each 50m with a max. of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) -10s if you die near your own FOB for each 50m with a max of 500m (-10 at 450-500m upto -100 at < 50m) +10s if you die within 30s after respawn (to prevent meatgrinder)(weares off after 2 minutes) Worstcase: So if you are deep behind enemy lines, lonewolfing you´ll have to wait 5 minutes (for casevac or to respawn) vs. Bestcase: But if you die while defending your FOB near your own Flag with the whole Squad nearby that would mean no spawntime at all It should give an incentive to stick with your squad, to defend your FOBs, flags and supplylines, and maybe work with some bluesquads near you. And it should give an incentive to wait at the rallypoint/FOB for your SL and to "rally" your Squad, because if you trickle in one by one everyone has a highter spawntime, as if you go in (and down) as a team. If you find yourself alone behind enemy lines your main focus should be to survive and regroup, and not to go rambo and take as much with you as you can. The point is not about the exact numbers but the general idea to give a spawntime relativ to your location (promoting squadcoherence and playing the objectiv)...numbers can always easily tweaked (are there still flaws?... yes maybe...what is about the Logi-driver driving to main on a flaglayout where it is not quite suitable to follow the Flags?...dunno, maybe the enemy is also discouraged to roame behind your line as well? so it doesnt happen that often?) And Now for Something Completely Different: just another rally-mechanism SL can put down a Rally point, if he has two Squadmates within 15m no enemy are within 100m (or maybe 150m) -If there is an enemy wihin 100m he can retry only after 30s (to not use it as a foe-radar) Rally becomes active after 5s (or 10s... or whatever ) Rally is inactive (red) if it is fired upon within 10m (suppresion range) (not spawning in Hot...but most likely enemy is within 100 or 150m anyway and Rally is overrun) Rally is inactive if there are less than two Squadmates within 15m of the rally point. Rally is active again after 10s (or maybe 5s) if suppresion stopes or there are two squatmates within 15m again. (just so that its not flashing from spawabe/unspawnable/spawnable...) Rally disapear if any enemy comes within 100m (overrun) Rally disapears if SL leaves radius of 15m of the Rallypoint or gets downed. but SL can place a new Rally after every 20s (or 30s..or[...]) (so you can somewhat rally while the Squad is on the move (with little breaks but not during full charges)) Imho the Rallypoint sould not just be another Squad-exclusiv Spawnpoint but a tool for the SL to rally his Squad fast and quicker as long as it is off combat. No more Squads dribbling into the meatgrinder one by one (or two). And an incentiv to break contact regroup and retry. Again, this are just some arbitrary numbers, which could be tweaked. TL&DR: Spawntime depending of your actions and a faster but nonpermanent Rallypoint
  7. There's a fundamental flaw with wave respawns: they end up separating a squad way more than they bring it together. What formerly could be a span of a few seconds usually becomes a minimum of 60 between the first player back on their feet and the last. An example: As an SL, my squad got into a bad firefight, and was wiped out. Six gave up immediately because they didn't want to risk missing the spawn wave, completely wasting the possibility of revivals. I died and decided to check the map out for a few seconds, and marked the enemy infantry that was mowing us down. That delay of a handful of seconds before giving up made me miss the spawn wave. The remaining two players had done the right thing and waited for a revive until it was obviously hopeless. They also missed the spawn wave, and then realized they could immediately respawn at the distant fob, instead of waiting 60 more seconds. So six of my squad members landed at the rally, without a leader. They spread out and pursued their own objectives. Two of them dropped almost halfway across the map, leaving the squad without LAT support. But the time I spawn in a whole minute later, squad cohesion had been lost completely. So yes, the wave spawns allow a handful of troops to spawn together. However, that's really only important in a tiny fraction of scenarios. Far more often, it leaves my squad cut in half. Worse, it's unpredictable unless someone keeps a constant eye on the wave timer. I do not have time as an SL to micromanage when my troops hit the respawn button, and I shouldn't be punished with full minute delays and extra ticket losses for failing to do that. Potential fixes: Put the rally timer somewhere prominent in the SL HUD. It's super tacky, but it would eliminate a lot of guesswork. Better yet, allow the SL to block rally respawns until they're ready to deploy the new troops. That would allow the SL to control casualties, and increase cohesion as the squad deploys at a precise moment, after the SL has time to instruct the troops on their next set of maneuvers. Alternately, we could revert to the old rally system. It had its own set of flaws, but it was comparatively simple to deal with. Plus rallies were agile, and were perfect for throwing down for an unexpected flanking maneuver. Players weren't punished for waiting for a new rally to be placed or waiting to be revived. And honestly, the new rallies have left such a bad taste in my mouth I'd be okay with just removing them entirely at this point. They're basically inferior FOBs that are more complicated, and not much would be lost.
  8. TL;DR These ideas of mine are ambitions and push the envelope in what is possible and ultimately I think could really make this game great and separate it from other games out there even further. I dislike the idea of adding too much game play that is focused around explosions and or gun fire (although that is inevitable and will come) I was thinking of new ways to incorporate game play that does not have gun fire and explosions at the center of it's game play. So I came up with the new class: THE INFILTRATOR. The new class the infiltrator provides a very interesting game play style that uses the communication system in this game as part of the game play adding something special and unique to squad ultimately allowing the player to hack enemy communications for intel or disruption via FOB radios, rally points, and abandoned vehicles. Along with that the infiltrator will also be able to capture enemy players with a sneak attack from behind, allowing for interrogation, communication hack and if friendlies are close by to assist in detaining the enemy for capture, and an escort mission will be allowed back to friendly base to capture enemy player as a prisoner for interrogation and other purposes. Important to note that the infiltrator will have only a silenced pistol as his main weapon and no shovel. Squad leader has ability to build new building: THE PRISON CELL where prisoners are kept for interrogation and further dealings. All of this provides a really unique and real element to squad that is similar to how it is on the battlefield and also incorporating that element of non fire and explosive game play. I love this game and was compelled to share my 2 cents on how to make this game great. If you have any questions, ideas, or improvements to my ideas or want to be part of the discussion feel free to post but please read my entire post if you plan to post something thank you! Brief introductions, I usually tend to Play as Squad Leader and I have over 300 hours on this game, not like any of that matters, but hopefully it gives you a good perspective and shows that I genuinely want to help make the game better with these suggestions. I am mainly looking to strike a discussion with other passionate squad players and hopefully some devs about my ideas to ultimately make this game great! Let's get right into it NEW CLASS: THE INFILTRATOR Concept: Spy This class will be designed to INFILTRATE enemy FOB positions, rally points, and abandoned vehicles for hacking into the enemies communications systems and also to sneak behind and capture enemy soldiers for communication hacking, interrogation and prisoner capture. Only 2 infiltrators are allowed per team, the first infiltrator slot will become available at a team size of 25 players, and the second slot becoming available at 30 players. I will go into further detail in the mechanics, meta, and balance of this class below. The Infiltrators kit will consist of a silenced pistol as a primary weapon, ,3 smoke grenades, 2 bandages, a communications hacking system of some sort, and binoculars. They will have a unique perk that allows their foot steps to be less loud. This hacking system would be the Infiltrators main ability - If an infiltrator is next to an enemy fob radio position, the infiltrator can hack into enemy communication systems and hear the communication channels of squad leader chat (potentially other enemy channels as well). If dev team allowed to hear all enemy channels, it would sound like a clutter mess and would create balance of power, as the infiltrator would have to deceiver a message from the chaos of listening to the entire enemy team at once and would then have to form an intelligent message to inform his team about his findings from the hacking. But hearing all the channels could be annoying as well, I'm sure a balance could be found here. Hacking communications systems from a fob radio would allow for interesting Intel, game play, and strategy. Example of possible game play strategy: Friendly squad members should be quiet while infiltrator is hacking communications so he can accurately decode a message. Naturally when an infiltrator is within 5 meters of a enemy fob radio, all spawns on that fob will increase by 30 seconds for all enemy players. (these number could be played with for balance purposes I think 25-30 seconds give the infiltrator enough time to deceiver a message and then move positions if need be, maybe more time is needed who knows.) Further speculation on this idea could allow the infiltrator to actually communicate to the other enemy squad leaders, POSING as one of the squad leaders giving them bad intel or confusing them or even bringing down certain communication channels for awhile! But be careful- if they are on to you, your location could be compromised and they will know you are on their radio! NOTE* The infiltrator will NOT have a shovel as part of their tool kit, balancing this class so that they will only be able to HACK enemy fobs not destroy them. Plus only armed with his silenced pistol, his role is about being sneaky and not engaging directly with the enemy, only engaging in close quarters or when he has a more favorable/opportune scenario. Rally Point Infiltration - If the infiltrator is next to an enemy rally point, he will be allowed to hack the communications systems of that enemy squad, listening, or potentially bringing down their coms for a certain/short period of time if certain requirements are met. *REQUIREMENT EXAMPLE TO BRING DOWN ENEMY SQUAD COMs: Infiltrator is on enemy rally point, in order to bring down enemy coms for 2 min your squad leader has to be within 5 meters of you. NOTE* rally point will not disappear so long as the infiltrator is within 5 meters of the enemy rally. More importantly the enemy rally point will have its spawn timer increased for all enemy squad members but will still be spawnable just with an increased timer. Enemy vehicle infiltration - If the infiltrator is next to an enemy vehicle that is abandoned, he is able to hack their communications and listen to enemy squad leader chat which ever squad owned that vehicle. If a friendly squad leader is on the infiltrator's position, the infiltrator is allowed to bring down enemy squad leader chat from 2 min. If the infiltrator hacks an abandoned logi truck with supplies in it, he can destroy the supplies without destroying the truck. SPECIAL NOTE: People have already tried to find issues with this idea, some are suggesting that everyone would just use discord or something, Not likely on public servers, For a more competitive and organized situation I could see this happening, but for the most part people are genuine in this game and you can have server rules that require you to not use external voice chat programs and if the rules weren't followed you could ban them. Further more you could develop this idea so that if a successful communication infiltration has happened you would take 3 tickets away from the enemy and even potentially reviling enemy positions on the map for a brief period. As you can see there are many alternatives and ways to get around this problem and I have only just named a few. NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES: CHOKE HOLD/INTERROGATE/CAPTURE PRISONER The infiltrator will also be able to sneak up behind enemies and perform a CHOKE HOLD that renders the enemy player useless for 30 seconds. During this time period the infiltrator's movement speed is reduced significantly *SO BECAREFUL WHERE YOU CATCH SOMEONE* In this small time window the infiltrator can speak with the enemy player by using proximity chat, listen to that soldier's squad chat, and speak for him if desired to potentially confuse the squad. After which, the enemy player will be released, waking up on the floor disoriented with low stamina and reduced movement speed to 50% for 5 seconds, and their communication to squad members will be offline for 30 seconds. Careful to not alert the enemy squad that you have hacked one of their squad members if you decide to talk with them. Imagine if you caught the enemy squad leader, tried to mimic his voice and told his squad to move into a compromised position, but just being able to listen to what the squad is saying is powerful in of itself. Game play example: If the infiltrator is sly, he can get the enemy squad members to reveal their position, especially if they are already under fire and confused from battle. This is also very realistic as during your choke hold you could be grabbing the solders radio in real life mimicking his voice. Now people who use the voicechat cleverly are rewarded. *KEEP IN MIND that these abilities could eventually be given to all the classes, manly the choke hold, but I think it could be over used, since there are only 2 infiltrators per team in this scenario it wouldn't happen that much keeping it balanced but fair enough that smart infiltrators could capture enemies who were venerable from low stamina, or are wandering alone…. Oooooo HOW SPOOKY! and then…. The next phase of prisoner capture begins stay tuned…. If a friendly player is within 5 meters during the 30 second CHOKE HOLD, the infiltrator will be able to DETAIN an enemy soldier indefinitely. If a successful detainment has been made, that captured solders friendly arrow would disappear off the map. The only notification your squad would have if one of your friendly has been captured is that they would not be responding to radio communication. The enemy soldier will only be released if the infiltrator is killed OR *If the friendly player then moves outside a 10 meter radius from the infiltrator, he can no longer help escort the enemy soldier, and movement speed of the infiltrator with the detained soldier will be 50% slower... If enough time elapses without a friendly nearby the enemy solder would eventually struggle free and be released… SIDE NOTE* There is an option to use hand cuffs, so even if the solder got free his hands would be tide. He could still run and would have to get to a friendly ammo crate to get a gun again. This provides a balanced way allowing the solder to escape but not fully effective unless he makes it back to a ammo box! NEW BUILD-ABLE STRUCTURE: PRISON CELL The squad leader will now be able to place a prison cell at the cost of 300 supplies, where the captured enemy soldiers will be held for further communication hacking and interrogation, assuming you have made it all the way back to your friendly fob position with a captured solder! NOTE:The prison cell could have a requirement of having to be placed on a friendly controlled objective as an alternative to a fob radio location. Once you are a prisoner, you are stripped of all your gear and cannot communicate with your squad. If there are 2 or more prisoners in the cell, they will have the ability to escape from the prison cell by performing a set of actions to create their escape, this escape should take some time, maybe 1-2min to achieve maybe longer…, and could be anything from creating a makeshift key, to digging a hole, or what ever the devs feel is most realistic. MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to portray the idea that the prisoners can escape somehow because it should be important to allow the prisoners some sort of gameplay and or goal / hope for escape or rescue.. Naturally, this would create the need for a guard to be on duty watching the prisoners for any suspicious behavior. The only form of communication the prisoner has is proximity chat with the enemy team. Players who are Prisoners will have their sprint speed and stamina increased due to having their gear removed, the only way to rearm if you escape is at a ammo crate. As I develop the idea for capturing enemy solders and taking prisoners, I am trying to keep in mind ways to allow the captured player to still have a way to escape or have control of their character. If a enemy solder is successfully captured it provides another objective on the battlefield, your squad will have incentive to rescue them especially if there're multiple prisoners and they all have their coms hacked so the enemy knows exactly what your plans are. Imagine if you captured a squad leader… no rally points… enemy squad would have to form new squad and all spawn fob. This could be a great way to turn the tide of battle in a unique way. Also providing incentive for rescue missions because every person in the prison cell will reduce their team's ticket count by 3 for every minute that goes by. Example: If there are 2 prisoners in the cell, their team's ticket count would go down by 6 every minute! Personally I cannot dream of all the ideas that could be had from this. I have elaborated on just a few game play ideas this could come from this. But the possibilities are endless. Imagine rescue missions with helicopters to the enemy prison cell to rescue a captured squad leader. Just a side note here that I wrote most of this while listening to the squad music on the main screen. I really like this game and the music! I think this idea or something like it would bring squad to a whole new level in a multitude of ways. SQUAD LEADER RANKING/ ALL PLAYER LEVELING SYSTEM I think for some time now, squad has needed a way to show case your skill in the game. I also think there could be a cool system where all the squad members could RATE their squad leader and that rating stayed with him. Also along with this Implement a leveling or ranking system for all players with the objective to showcase your experience level within the game. SILENCERS And lastly, allow squad leader, one rifleman class, and maybe a select few other classes to have access or the option to equip a silencer to their weapon! As you can see the main themes of my ideas are SNEAK, GRAB, DETAIN, CAPTURE, INFILTRATE, COMMUNICATION, PRISONER, I think going forward squad should evaluate types of game play that new ideas bring into the game. These ideas presented are very much centered away from shooting and explosions and reward the players for being sneaky, patient, cleaver, and perceptive. We have plenty of options for shooting and exploding things, now's a time for something new and unique. Having options to sneak, capture, infiltrate communications, work together, which is what squad is all about. The infiltrator will require friendly's nearby in order to fully be effective at his game play. These elements that the infiltrator bring aren't as deadly or as immediate as a gun or exploitation but in the long run provide a very realistic advantage to your team and threat to your enemy's team! I love this game and I hope you enjoyed reading this post if you made it this far! See you on the battlefield, Gnarleus out
  9. rally idea

    The idea was to transform the rally into a cumulative item by 3 members of the group. Basically the SL can put a radio on the ground, and two other members of the squads have to drop backpacks and it makes you a rally. It will make it necessary to resuply to give a rally after having used one, and that would avoid to use too much as teleporter of booster. Therefore, it will be necessary to place it more cautiously and far from the fight, especially in defense. It will destroy it with a knife/shovel, not just passing by and it will emit a little radio noise, but much less than the FOB. I think that at the moment the rally is too permissive, but having to hit the times of respawn to extend it is really too rough.
  10. The FOB/Rally system is being exploited by players. Too many times to count, I see clans joining a server and leaving ONE clan member on the enemy team - this guy is giving them precise directions to rallies and FOBs so that his clan member on the opposite team can camp the rallies and FOBs or destroy them. It completely ruins the game and it's FAR too easy to exploit. Even 1 person who decides they want to switch to the other team (for any reason) may easily create a squad and mark the enemy FOB / rally locations - completely destroying any fairness of the game in every way. The FOB/Rally system should be COMPLETELY RE-WORKED. I know this is a lot of coding but it's clearly too easy to exploit as it stands now. Sometimes it's just 2 friends who happen to be on opposite teams when they join a server, but they are coordinating easily over teamspeak/discord/mumble or other voip to farm kills at one of the FOBs, and then they even have the nerve to brag about their 50+ kills at the end of the game. ALSO: - The grass is too ****ing tall, IRL in the prone you can see over grass. - Which basic training did these soldiers go to? Every basic training environment IN THE WORLD teaches you how to climb over walls much taller than yourself yet squad members in this game can't even step over a few bricks. The inability to scale obstacles on certain maps makes navigating a ****ing nightmare.. yet somehow these soldiers can sprint on top of walls and jump from roof to roof without issue. - Since when do sandbags stop RPGs? LAT special ammunitions should destroy fortifications like sandbags AND soldiers behind them in 1 hit. - After throwing a grenade or performing other actions (but especially after throwing a grenade) we SHOULD be capable of sprinting immediately after, but instead the soldier is unable to sprint because he is retrieving his weapon, etc. The transition between weapons, or medkit, or otherwise should be sped up dramatically if not instant. It takes far too much time to swap weapons etc, and SPRINTING should automatically CANCEL whatever animation or action was being performed and allow you to sprint. You should never be unable to sprint just because you have just thrown a grenade and you are stuck in a "readying the weapon" animation.
  11. I'd like to see some kind of mechanic that will disable spawning if someone was killed within X number of seconds and/or Y number of feet from the spawn. Obviously it's not a viable location if someone is able to camp it, so why not disable it instead of allowing summer kiddies to rack up as many kills as they can, completely ignoring the tactical aspects of the game?
  12. Hello, This is a follow up to a previous post some time back on a similar topic. I am an active squad leader who plays on the German and less so, the UK servers. My squad is always named NEWBROS WELCOME(EN). If you need help, seek me out. This is a bit wordy, most of it brainstormed during fraternization class today. I would appreciate developer or active SL's (who care about the role) feedback on these points. These are my opinions and observations playing the game since closed alpha. Server Selection: -Please add server filters Spawn/Rally/FOB: -I dislike that I am punished for attempting to put down a rally that just so happens to be close to an enemy. I feel that this is unfair, most of the time. I understand the idea of rally radar and all but man, if try to put one down before hitting a flag, 200-300m out and there happens to be a dude out there, I gain a significant penalty. I dont see a clean way of doing this and keep everyone happy though, at least not yet with infantry only fights. -FOBs... I love em. I love to sneak em in the woods or behind points in the defense. I hate building them on flags. I hate when I am defending fortress and an enemy SL and two dudes can sneak past, get into the bunker and build a FOB to spawn the whole team in on then sit there building... that is also unfair and "unrealistic"... SURE we failed to cover all the approaches but why do they not get the same penalty as a SL attempting to put a rally down? Perhaps FOBs should have a "enemy presence check" before placement... something like 200-300 M? Kind of how you cant place one 400M from another friendly FOB? It was utterly disgusting that so many enemy players spawned in while we still held most of the battlements. The rest of the enemy team was stuck on train station until this magic fob appeared. -Being able to sneak a FOB behind enemy lines is awesome and currently a valid tactic (rallies too). I hope this changes. IMO we should not be able to "spawn" 3 squads across the map if they did not sneak/infiltrate or earn their way there through maneuvering through enemy contact. The current system adds a layer of unpredictability...its OK if it stays just seems like whack a mole to me. You cant keep two squads on rear area security to prevent enemy fob placement the whole game, you know? MAP: -When using the map key, not the spawn menu key(enter) I would LOVE to see a list of my squad with their associated kit. Just like PR but smaller. I use the map key ALOT as I am always checking what is going on and dropping intel. -Please add a more incremental zoom to the map. Time and time again I am zooming in to get just the right frame set but the current increments appear to start small then go way too far in too abruptly. Can we do it via 10% or 15% increases? -On some maps I still find the position that the map claims I am in does NOT correspond to my avatars actual location. I will have to grab a screenshot as proof. -Please add a MAP SCALE to each map. What is a grid square or key pad in meters. Make this a standard legend on the map. Both the map key and the spawn menu map. -Can we add some type of SIMPLE topographical layer to the map? I would LOVE to make a maneuver plan based on terrain and line of sight analysis. -Can we please get an option to DELETE our own SL markers on the map? ( I think this was a confirmed feature "soon") -I have difficulty placing icons on the map when my cursor is near other icons or players, even when zoomed in. I find the spot where the enemy is on the map, I right click and find the marker I want however during this time a friendly player comes near where my cursor is... it cancels the action and I cant override it. I am forced to zoom all the way in and try again.Please fix this. My ability to interact with the map should not be hindered in any way by a player running about. Try it yourself. -It gets hella confusing when the numerous map markers start getting used. SLs either out of ignorance or griefing spam the map with useless crap. Only a few SLs actually place the RED OPFOR intel markers on the map. I have to spend a lot of time on squad radio telling my guys which green swoard marker is mine. Can we get the GREEN move, observe, attack, and defend markers numbered to the SL who placed them? Perhaps ONLY have those icons visible to that SL, his squad, and OTHER SLs BUT KEEP RED intel markers visible to all? -Besides SL to SL coaching, how can we get other SLs to understand and use the right click system in the map? Every game I find myself on SL chat trying to encourage guys to drop markers on enemy intel. I dont mind, its just hard to fight ignorance. Squad/SL functions/Other: -Squad radio, when combined with a busy SL to SL radio net, gets confusing. Can we get something like a priority speaker OR priority receive option... as in I can select I want SL to SL net to cancel out Squad radio and vice versa? -I notice when traversing the spawn menu and regular map screen that my ability to transmit on any radio net is cut off and does not start up again. I find when giving orders or intel when using the map at times...whole sets of orders lost to the void of my computer room. Nothing should break my ability to transmit besides hitting escape. -Can we get a squad welcome message ability? I try to run a efficient squad, I have some basic rules. I would prefer to NOT have to repeat them every time via squad radio or squad type chat when I have new arrivals -Can we get a ground truth image on the loading screen or the kit selection AND in the firing range on what EVERY weapons' ZERO is at? Especially because we cant tweak sights on the AT systems or the UBGLs yet. Same thing for optics, while in the firing range it would be cool to have a help tip pop up explaining the optic and how to use it at what distance. Learning to engage targets with the ACOG correctly on my M4 was the most fun I had so far in the Army on a range. This will negate A LOT of misinformation. -Lone wolfs...sore subject I know but I had to contain my anger with one guy who openly refused to join a squad despite there being open slots and in his language...he mocked me and others encouraging him to join. He spent the rest of the match abusing team chat trying to order squads around. The only useful thing he did was occasionally give a key pad location of enemy. I know this is mostly a server/admin side thing but damn, he is taking a slot in the server that could have been filled with a non mouth breather who goes against the grain of what this game is about! I end with this, SLs and potential SLs: Dont waste your rally, don't be afraid to fight on the flanks of flags, we dont need 4 squads sprinting to the shiny object (flag), dont be afraid to take the path less traveled to the next objective area, try not to put FOBs on flags all the time, please provide intel updates on the map(use the right icon) and via SL to SL chat (G key!), put the primary language of your squad somewhere in its name. Play nice and have fun.
  13. Wiping out a US Rally Point

    Happened today! Wiped out a US rally point with the trusty ol' AK74. 6 or 7 Kills in all, pretty damn proud of myself! Sorry for the disgusting coughs, I'm still getting over a nasty cold
  14. Every so often in PR your FOB is overrun (enemies get close to it) and you don´t even realize you cant spawn on the FOB anymore. My suggestion is that since FOBs have Radios, they would be randomly transmitting chatter and as soon as an enemy got close enough to disable the fob the radio would start transmitting static noise . This could happen progressively like, enemy between 125-150m of the fob, theres 20% static, 75m-100, 40% static and so on. Also having your rally disappear right in front of you could be tweaked, maybe in the same way or something similar? Many times in PR I have my squad members telling me "Our fob is no longer spawnable", while im right next to it. The only way I would know that is if I kept checking my map constantly. I see this as another way to reduce the necessity to keep opening the map like i´ve read in other threads. Thoughts? Edit: Im putting this here with big letters to make it easier to read. By the time you hear the static, the FOB is already unspawnable.
  15. Rally points system?

    How are you implementing the Rally system? .75, .98 or 1.0/1.2? My preference would be for the .98 system - Rally points should be for quickly reinforcing under-strength squads and nothing more, not acting as an "auxiliary FOB" as in 1.#. I suggest a poll in any case.