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  1. I'd like to start off with saying how happy I am to see a successor to PR come around. I had played PR from v0.4 to 1.0, and closely followed development. With the particular names I see moving over to this project, and an already existing proof of concept in UE4, I have extremely high hopes for Squad's future. In my opinion, I think that there should be a strong focus on creating a solid infantry game first and foremost. Based on the goals the development team has mentioned, it seems like they are already on this path. I think we have a huge opportunity here to make the infantry game more detailed and rewarding. I see a few scattered topics about gameplay in the suggestion forum, so I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a mega-thread that attempts to create the "big picture" for what the community would like to see out of Squad's infantry gameplay, and really refine what people would like to see. Since Squad is the spiritual successor of PR, I'll be approaching this from the angle of building off of the base gameplay from PR. I'll separate these into a few key headlines, and suggest both overarching goals and individual methods of accomplishing them. I'll be focusing solely on the gameplay as an individual infantry, avoiding higher level topics like squad organization, communication, etc. Body Articulation Finer control over your character's body and stance is becoming more commonplace in tactical shooters and adds a fair bit of depth to how one can approach certain combat situations, especially CQC. Leaning is an obvious one that's basically par for the course of being a tactical shooter these days but I think we can definitely accomplish more. I will point to Arma 3 for this topic, as I believe it is currently the reference to beat. If you're not already aware, Arma 3 has an array of options regarding your stance. Of course, it has the standard Stand/Crouch/Prone stances, and torso leaning with Q and E, but it also has a stance adjustment system, utilized by holding control and pressing your movement keys; pressing W/S will cause your character to raise/lower their stance, and A/D will cause your character to step out to the left/right, as a step lean. As with many things Arma, it can be a bit clunky at times, but most of the time it's a very welcome addition that allows for more effective use of cover, and frees us from the need to have chest high walls everywhere. Squad may not need quite the full array of options, either. Cutting some of the less useful stances (like low prone, side prone, and sitting) could save animation time without losing too much from the system. Streamlining the controls and making it a bit more fluid would also be a welcome change. There are also a variety of options for movement in Arma 3, including sprinting, jogging, and walking paces, as well as a "tactical pace" between walking and jogging with weapon shouldered, meant for CQC. Depending on the movement values the devs adopt we may be fine with the standard/sprint paces we have, but in case they have a tough time finding a happy medium they might want to consider a tactical pace, which would give the benefit of more stable weapon handling. I'd also like to make quick mention of the ability to turn your head. Being able to scan while on the run or check your surroundings while keeping your aim trained on an area—It makes a big difference in being able to keep up your situational awareness, in my opinion. Weapon Simulation It's a great feeling to know we have finally gotten away from the restrictions of the outdated BF2 engine, and with that it's high time we graduated from the deviation system. I think the natural progression to this is implementing weapon sway, but I think it's important we set some goals of how it should function to ensure that it benefits rather than hampers gameplay. It's imperative that we allow the weapon to no longer be glued to the center of the screen; the movement and recoil should be able to cause the sights to shift without being tied to our view. I also think it's important that we approach sway with a very light touch. Constant idle sway leaves players feeling like their character is drunk, and we should be considerate of how weapon stability can be deteriorated cumulatively based on different factors. When at rest, sway should be very minimal, such that engagements under 100m are almost unaffected by sway. Ideally, I believe that sway should not ever be allowed to get to a point where it would significantly hinder one's ability to engage in CQB fighting. Recoil can both shift the sights and increase sway, such that taking slow deliberate shots allows for more accuracy over fast firing. Movement and low stamina can of course affect sway as well. It may also be important to have the ability to brace your weapon on the sides or top of obstacles, which would allow a player to overcome sway for precision shots at range. It'd probably be beneficial if this was automatic rather than requiring it's own button to engage. There is also the possibility for a "steady aim" function that can temporarily give increased stability under stress. Deviation can still be used with a sway system where needed to balance weapons and keep them from performing outside of their class. Sniper rifles can have a significant sway penalty for being fired from unsupported positions but have very low deviation allowing them to be extremely precise when braced, while rifles can have a balance of both allowing them to be effective at medium ranges but unable to be precise for extreme ranges. This allows for a braced weapon to have no sway, but still not be pinpoint accurate at ranges beyond their capabilities. On to ballistics. I figure this is already been thought about, but definitely would be nice to see some more appropriate bullet trajectory work being done, especially making sure the scopes and sights reflect these trajectories more closely. I won't harp on that too much, and will instead turn my focus here to bullet penetration. A consistent and intuitive penetration system can improve tactical options and create a better distinction between cover and concealment. Not being able to dispatch enemies hiding behind thin wooden pallets can be extremely frustrating, as is doing no damage to an enemy because your bullet clipped the very edge of the wall he was peeking out from. Having a consistent penetration system allows for more flexibility in firefights, allowing you to dispatch or flush out enemies that choose weaker cover, and keeping pressure on enemies you are suppressing. It also offers new balancing options for weapons, with larger calibres being able to do more damage through cover. Backup sights were an awesome addition to PR. It would be nice for weapons that didn't have a real CQB sight to be "sighted in" this way, like using the top of the scope as a fuzzy aiming point; it gives the benefit of a walking movement speed and gives a better feeling of your virtual weapon's pointing in lieu of being able to feel where it's roughly pointed. Bonus points will be awarded for scopes not magnifying the outside of the screen. Some advanced reload options might be nice, such as a dry vs tactical reload. Being able to check how many rounds remain in your magazine would be nice as well; it could either show a full number or give a more vague indicator, like the magazine feels light or heavy. Combat Wounds and Aid It would be nice to have a bit more immersive effects to being wounded in game. Passing out into incapacitation states could disable or reduce the ability to talk, cause their vision to become darkened and blurred, and their hearing to become muffled. Making it nearly impossible for dead men to give away intel on their killers would be a great improvement to gameplay. Being able to have separate wounds on your body could improve immersion as well; Being wounded in the torso could make it more difficult to aim, being wounded in the legs could hamper your movement. The medic can heal wounds and remove these effects, but being wounded in a firefight could make you much less effective until you can reach safety. Having a UI element to show where you're wounded could give a bit of meaningful feedback on your current state. Field dressings can actually stop bleeding now, so you can't spam field dressings and be fully healed. Being able to drag wounded teammates out of danger to heal them would be an absolutely huge feature. Nothing was weirder than walking about blind as a bat and playing marco polo with a medic to get to safety. Equipment There are already a lot of suggestions regarding load-out customization, and it's a pretty great idea. However, I would like to instill the Squad team with the idea of an inventory. It would allow players to carry supplies for others, like being able to carry extra rockets for your LAT, or more belts for your LMG. Players could change their load-out based on the situation at hand if they had a supply crate available. There could be a maximum weight limit, though it wouldn't necessarily have to affect player's stamina. There can still be loadout templates so that new players don't have to figure out what to grab, but those looking for more flexibility can trade out items and customize to their heart's content. Conclusion Thanks for reading. Let me know your take, and let's try to really refine these ideas and create a big picture for what we hope for to see out of the infantry gameplay in Squad. I truly hope we can make Squad have even more depth and immersion than we could previously achieve with PR.
  2. Hey guys, I finally just made an account to post on the forums, though I have over 700 hours in the game and care about it greatly. I am really stoked for V10 since the public beta and love the fact that drop shooting is going the way of the dino. With that said I want to make a suggestion to improve it a little bit; The suggestion: When you hit "z" to prone and your character initiates the animation, allow the player to hit '"z" again mid animation to drop to the ground even quicker but suffer a massive penalty to accuracy and a 3-5 second time gap to align while ADS after hitting the ground. The reason for this suggestion: The new animation to go prone is excellent but is way too slow/casual for trying to hit the ground when you suddenly start taking fire. I fully understand that with all the gear a soldier carries one doesn't simply drop onto his stomach. However if its a matter of life or death you should have the option to hit the dirt faster than the V10 beta animation allowed BUT at an induced penalty that prevents immediate instant return of fire. What do you guys think? Regards, Luko
  3. This isn't just another post about going insta-prone, although that is part of the picture. What do you do when you take fire while tabbing (jogging) to a new area? There are 3 basic choices: 1) Drop to the deck prone and hope 2) Take a knee and return fire. (aka RTR in the British army -- Return fire hastily, Take cover, then Return appropriate fire) 3) Keep running The situation determines what is best more often than not -- No cover and unknown shooter loc? Prone. 3 steps from a nearby compound? Keep running. Suggestion: Balance the systems already in the game to make these less "game-y" choices to make. We all know the horrors of insta-prone and its lack of penalty to accuracy. Going prone ought to be a self-preservation move, not a cheap tactic. This has been talked about at length and I am confident that it will be resolved, probably with new animations. New idea: On the flipside, tabbing to a new area may leave people with low stamina at the start of contact. What may also help the fluidity of combat is if the "stamina-floor" for breaking into a sprint was lifted when the player becomes supressed. This is entirely realistic: solders often talk about finding those "extra reserves of energy" when bullets start flying. I can personally attest to this. Moreover, from a balance perspective it opens up the option to keep moving, thus making it less likely still that people will want to just go prone and return fire. It looks/feels/plays better when ambushing an enemy squad if some, depending on their terrain, will take a knee and return fire while others will immediately break into a sprint to take more appropriate cover. Some scatter to safety, some must remain. Currently, the whole squad (unless very lucky or very disciplined to always stay above the stamina floor) can only react very sluggishly, thus making it the current meta to just go prone and return fire. I like the current stamina system. Its good and encourages thoughtful planning and discipline on the use of speed when out of combat. Briefly dropping the stamina floor, however, would give people the ability to use their last reserves instantly and improve the immediate reaction to contact. Other, more rested squads will still have the long term edge in agility and manoeuvrability. Furthermore this effect would only last a couple of seconds, and thus when you have effectively sprinted to your new cover you will no longer be able to dip into stamina reserves (as you are no longer suppressed). Nerfing prone is one only side of the coin: opening up another course of action is equally as important. Adrenaline is a powerful thing.
  4. I noticed that there's no need to prone when you expect a grenade blast coming. You'll get same same amount of damage independent of your posture. I think you should change damaging model. Radius of lethal injury for standing player should be increased.
  5. Prone!

    When you're prone you should just stay prone no matter what you're doing. Its so frustrating when you throw a smoke and try to go prone, but you can't and then switch to your gun to go back to prone. On top of all that sometimes your guy just stands up even though you just hit the prone button. Solution: You should be able to do ALL actions while prone. It'll just clean up the game play IMO. No more accidental pop ups in the middle of a crucial fight.
  6. Prone animation

    Hello Soldiers, It seems like every time I get/see a fire fight more players go almost insta in prone and some return fire. Will there be some sort off animation for going in prone? For example: stand to prone 3 seconds crouch to prone 1.5 seconds walk to prone 2 seconds but adding sway to the aim run to prone 1.5 seconds but adding even more sway to the aim How do you people experiens this? Greetz Hashimoto_nl
  7. This may be part of the overall input problems, but I was in a one life op with SquadOps and a friendly ran near me and my character left prone without my hand on the keyboard. Not sure how or why but it got me instantly killed. It's a pretty new keyboard, Corsair K70 RGB only a few months old, clean it regularly with the keys off with rubbing alcohol. Likewise, many times I will try to fire a burst or full auto and it only fires a single round (despite their being an A near the ammo count and the ability to full auto at other times) edit: If someone has a better spot to put these bug reports (and possibly a github repo or other development opportunity to contribute to) let me know.
  8. Having played the game for a while i have frequently noticed a problem with firing positions, I feel like a great addition to squad would be the addition of extra firing positions. Some extra firing positions that could be implemented are... high prone (to see over grass or slight hills), a sitting position, and or a low kneeling position. Other stances could also be added into the game. With that smoothing out the transitions slightly would be nice as well. I would also see it useful to add resting guns on low walls and other supports for reduced weapon sway. Firing positions and resting weapons on different surfaces for support could go hand in hand. Resting weapons could also be used for bipods. Not only would this add more accuracy but could help contribute to stealth tactics as seen when people try to go from prone to kneeling to see over low grass, and getting picked off because they sit up too high.
  9. I think it would be great if Squad handled prone differently than most other shooters. http://imgur.com/a/eenTa Allot of FPS games on the market had problems with player models' legs clipping through walls. Rainbow Six siege resolved this by having the player switch positions when his legs get close to wall (feet forward),but I think squad can try something new that you don't see in any other fps. Games like Max Payne 3 and Metal Gear Solid V had an interesting way of handling prone. When looking around,your torso rotates,and your legs stay right where they are. Your view will be sideways when turning to your sides and you'll elevate yourself slightly when turning around. If you're prone and your feet go too close to a wall,your character will change positions,putting his feet in front of him. A rolling mechanic would be nice too. Arma 2 players had to roll to put out flames on their uniform in the event they catch on fire. Very useful after an ied explosion.
  10. Regular Gameplay Fixes

    Just a few thoughts, Enemies should not be allowed to be close enough to spawn camp main base. I typically cannot stand from prone into a crouch position, i have to sprint to get out of it, and it gets me killed behind walls. A lot of the walls are very difficult to climb over, even with full stamina at times. When one squad places a rally point directly on an FOB, there is no TAB mechanic to be able to select the FOB to spawn on if your in another squad. Instead you just are not able to spawn b/c the rally point overlay takes precedence and thinks you're trying to spawn on it. K thnx. Oh, and Vehicles plz!
  11. Give us more structures, trash and such laying on the ground to provide cover while being engaged.
  12. Didn't see the dev pinned post for this one. Noticed this one while watching a Twitch live stream near the H8 KP5 area - outside of the blue container at Rail Docks. While the person was getting healed, he turned to look at the medic who was prone and saw the medic's body was below the mesh with only the top of his helmet visible. At the railway cars, if you are prone under the railcar and try to throw a grenade, you can raise up into the car itself. Also if you are prone and either stand or crouch, you will glitch into the car partially and are now stuck.
  13. Leaning while prone bug.

    If you are leaning/peaking around a corner and go into prone position you will stay leaning/peaking until you stand up. It can be a little frustrating when you're in combat and attempting to shoot at an enemy after you go prone.
  14. I assume that being able to sprint while prone is possibly the high crawl as compared to the low crawl, should it consume stamina? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlAd5FxXOIk
  15. Hope they are going to make prone movement audible for other players nearby otherwise I can see an entire squad doing a mass sneak attack on any flag in a poppy field
  16. As has been discussed a lot, putting prone in the game will make players able to hide in a number of areas very easily. While that can be the point of prone I think because of the nature of the game it could change the game into "hide & seek" which wouldn't be preferable. I'd like to see prone cause things like poppies be bent so that when I look over the field I can tell something or someone is there even if I can't see them. It gives them short term concealment in the midst of a firefight but it doesn't allow them to simply lay there until we happen to hit them with a random grenade or stumble on them. Another solution would be to not put prone in the game at all - shock!! hate!!! the whole forum says "Kill him!!!!" - but do what someone has already suggested. Combine crouch with lean to give someone complete concealment while also making it very hard for them to do anything but hide. There is a toggle crouch but no toggle lean (thankfully) so it keeps someone busy just to be doing this move. This would allow people to hide, but it would be a pain to do so... so that kind of balances out.
  17. When will prone position will implemented? And, because this is essential for strategy management when shooting, moving, etc. , if this will available on Closed Pre-Alpha? Or maybe Dev have some plan for it? (like, Closed Pre-Alpha not implemented yet, but maybe Pre-alpha or EA) What's the working progress regarding to prone position right now? Maybe you can tell us? Or it's still a secret? And please, iam not demanding to "Hey, give us the Prone right now!!" , but i just wanna know about prone progess status, since i don't hear any update regarding this.. Thank's EDITED : removed the unecessary thing that doesnt make sense
  18. Prone position

    Hello fellow Squad community members! I have been watching quite a few videos (but perhaps not enough, depending on the answers I get), but is the prone position not available within Squad? In all the videos I have watched, I see a lot of crouching and running, but no one in prone position. Is this because it has not yet been implemented into the pre-alpha? I assume this to be the case, but can someone confirm? For reference, I have never played Project Reality, but spent a good deal (800+ hours in fact =P) playing BF2 where the prone position was available so I suspect the Project Reality mod. would also have used it. Apologies if this has already been covered. I did a quick search on the forums on the topic, and although I found a few hits relating to the word prone, I never found anything definitive.