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  1. Hi fellas, this is my first post on the forums so just want to say hello! And ask this question. We all know how crucial the beginning of the round is and how it tends to set the pace for the rest of the game. In my personal opinion I believe that a tactical game like our beloved squad would really benefit from some form of 'ready' system (when a certain percentage of players and or squad leaders have selected a "squad ready option" then the time commences) Time and time again we see squads not being made because either people don't want to lead, or because of slow HDDs, whilst the other side is set up, plan of action formulated and is raring to Go. Often leading to a steam roll of the objectives. Games like even battlefield have a system and we all know how little to no planning goes into their rounds. I believe this would be a fairly simple fix and would be quite easy to implement possibly? (No dev experience aha) and would lead to much more intense and fun games with more cohesive tactics from both sides - something a game like squad is for. Rather than a rush to cram squads in and whoever can formulate a plan in the first 100 seconds.. What are your guys thoughts? And thanks for any input you guys give back. Cheers!
  2. One of the first things you'll notice playing Squad is that regardless of hours played you will experience either one of several things at the few seconds before spawning in; No Mic: Sound of crickets New players: Tend to still be finding their SL (Squad Leader) Voice and maybe reluctant to speak up in the briefing, resulting in a deadly silence. Nobody is planning or talking. Slightly more experienced players: Have their SL voice but sometimes may speak rather than listen and if you have a few of these types on Platoon Net (Inter-Squad Comms) it can become hugely cluttered and nothing gets organised. One person or many people shout "I'm grabbing a logi and building a fob here" Experienced players, serious gamers and born naturals: This is when "it just works". You don't have to be a veteran at Squad but if you have mutual respect and convey your intentions and ideas right then it becomes a greater gaming experience. When you hear this, this is when you hear "This is why i bought this game" Players (SL's) working together and laying out tasks and objectives. Everyone takes their turn, puts their point across and comes together to form a perfect game plan that results in either a win or just fantastic gameplay. (Sadly this either has to happen in such a short space of time that it rarely happens or when it does its cut short by only a matter of 15 - 20 seconds) Now while all of these are fine, different people are what make communities and understanding that well organised clans, groups or communities may simple dominate the briefing, this post is more about everyone else, the new guys and the people just here to enjoy squad, the pick up and play guys or the people that bought squad to be immersed in its structure Squad leadership and tactics and found themselves disappointed by lack of communication or teamwork through bad planning. So I propose either extend the briefing time by 20 seconds to allow Squad leads who have not played together before, enough time to coordinate. or A ready up system where Squad Leads ready up (not their squad members). Example; Once the squad leads are finished briefing they themselves ready up forcing the match to start, giving them the right amount of time to plan and strategize. You could parallel the ready up system with a timer just to force the match to start in those situations where either an SL is AFK or the opposing team are taking too long.
  3. I love this game, but my most frustrating time comes pre-game. It is a hot mess. I know it has been brought up in the past and I'm guessing that the current pre-game timer has already been lengthened but it is still too short most of the time. With all the new vehicles coming in, more roles available and the maps getting bigger, you simply need more time to plan. If you are a squad lead, it can be very difficult to communicate with other SL's to plan because of all the pre-game chatter in your squad and the short amount of time. When you do finally spawn in, it is a mad rush for vehicles, hoping that you spawned close enough to the vehicle you were planning for to get their first. If you don't get your intended vehicle then pre-game planning goes out the window and you end up with squad members left at main having to walk long distances. Then you become "that squad" that didn't do what they said they were going to do despite your best efforts and spawn confusion. I'm sure there are tons of ways to solve these issues and I wouldn't be surprised if they are already on the road-map of the devs. In case they aren't, here would be my suggestion. Increase pre-game timer for better planning (maybe a server side option to allow for experimentation on how long is appropriate?) To help the concern over the timer being too long for various reason's (no planning going on, small map, etc.,) implement a "Ready" option for the SL's that they can tick off. When maybe 70% of the SL's have checked they are ready on both teams, the count down timer drops to 10 seconds regardless of how much time was left. I like how BF4 does this by showing how many have marked "ready" on both teams for everyone to see. This might be another good server-side option to find out what the right balance of "ready" SL's is to launch the game. Allow the "local chat" for _just_ your squad to be used (ie. not like end of game) pre-game in which the local chat is muted maybe 80% (adjustable per SL) of what normal chat volume is for SL's. Then SL's could ask their squad to use the local chat instead of squad chat to banter among themselves so they could actually hear the other SL's for planning. Might be nice to even have a mute option for SL's for the local chat. If a squad member needs to talk to Lead, they can use the squad chat which would come through at a normal volume level all the time. Allow SL's to "reserve" vehicles at main spawn. I wouldn't lock the vehicles to a specific squad, just more of a visual on both the map and in-game of which vehicles the SL's were intending for their squad to take, complete with markers on the compass so they can find it a little easier when they spawn in. The reservation might actually allow for multiple squads to reserve a vehicle with one of the squads being the "primary" or the designate drivers in the event one squad is transporting another. As mentioned by someone back in summer of 2016, I think the ability for SL's to draw on the map for the squad members to see would be pretty cool. The new green FOB markers was a great start at helping to communicate plans, I'd just like to see a bit more of this type of thing. Two other unrelated features I'd like to see... Could we have the scale on the map not anchored to the lower right corner map itself but instead be an overlay that is always showing and changes with zoom level? Could medic's have a reduced power set of binoculars? Not enough to be a full on scout, but enough to at least somewhat support the SL more and also get a better idea of threats when trying to run to someone to revive them? Medic work is awesome during a firefight, but it's a little less so during slower times and it would be nice to have a secondary skill to support the team other than just being another shovel buddy. Current tickets back on the map view. I hate having to open up the score board just to see our current tickets. As always, keep up the great work. Your "Alpha" version of this game is light years ahead of any Alpha software I have ever used. I like the balance you are striking between being more complex than a run-n-gun game like the Battlefield series, but not as complex as the Arma type of game. Your latest v9 upgrades were amazing. Last night in the second story of hill top I saw my entire team get shredded to pieces through the wall by the heavy gun on a vehicle and I loved it (not the part where my squad died, just the sounds and the fx, grin.) With every version you guys keep ratcheting the game up to the next level!
  4. TLDR Summary: Introduce a planning phase at the start of each round (1 minute long?). Map displays on screen for all team members, squad leaders can draw on map (visible to whole team) with different colour for each squad. Squad leaders can chat in text with each other to plan, visible by entire team. This allows obvious objective planning for entire team to see and know the battleplan from the start. Proposal: SQUAD is a game which, particularly in its AAS mode, benefits greatly from each team having a plan. Not necessarily to achieve victory (though that's nice) but to ensure a good cohesive game, where everyone, knows what they're doing and has fun, win or lose. The problem is that right now it is very hard for squad leaders to make concrete plans and pass them on to the team without using lots of confused voip chat at the start of a game. Voip chat has a place, and a very central one to SQUAD, but I contend that an army never hit a battlefield without every soldier knowing the broad plan. No army hits the deck and then decides over the radio who goes where. No successful one anyway! Please bear in mind that I have no idea of the technical difficulty of the following suggestion. It sounds simple to me but I don't know Unreal engine from a pile of rocks. I think that the answer lies in SQUAD's pre-game time. Instead of staring just at a random background while people decide what squad to be in before a game starts, this time could be used for a 'Planning phase' where those in Squad Leader roles could place and remove objective markers as well as draw on a copy of the map screen displayed to the entire team. This would enable a preliminary plan to be established and made obvious to every member of the team. Objective markers would have the squad number identifying which SL/Squad is going for that point. Drawn arrows or diagrams could also be tagged with squad identifiers. There could also be a text chat visible to the entire team but usable only by Squad Leader roles which would also allow a plan to be communicated clearly to the team, accompanying the above markers and drawings on the map. I feel like a minute or so of this, prior to a match starting, would allow each team to start the game with a much more obviously defined set of objectives, known by each squad and clearly communicated across the entire team. What do people think? Anything obvious this idea is missing? Would this enhance the SQUAD experience? I personally feel like it could help to avoid some of those rounds which turn into abject trainwrecks in the first five minutes due to lack of a plan, as well as helping the team get more engaged in the battle plan.
  5. --Preface-- fluff My experience in PR thus far can be summarized in this statement: When you have a Squad Leader that knows how to play, the game is incomparable. When you don't, the game is a nightmare. Easy fix though, right? Just make sure we have good Squad Leaders. Done? Well, actually, that would do a lot. --Discussion Topic-- PR has a pre-round timer. Its usually filled with idle banter. What if we take this and capitalize on it to cement in the team structure that will be crucial to a team having a fighting chance. 4-5 minute pre-game timer:1-mintue for connection negotiation, the team sits in silence (piss break, or just getting in the zone, looking at the map, or mentally putting together a plan.)1-minute for squad-formation, and for the selection of a commander.for the remaining 2-3 minutes, only the leadership can speak, and they have an empty map on screen which they can use drawing utilities to plan their operations, and cooperation.The idea here is that: the SLs are carrying the game. If only the SLs can talk, then the competence of your team-leadership will become readily apparent.Players will have the ability to move to squads that have leaders that they want to work with.If someone who knows how to play feels that there is a lack of competency in the Squad Leaders available, he can create a squad, and start chiming in with his suggestions.Server administrators will have the opportunity to see which SLs and commanders are assisting in the teamwork structure necessary for success.Perhaps the team could Mutiny against the commander before he is needed. (Though I dont think there should be a mutiny option available against the CO, unless there is someone who has checked a box being willing to step up and take his place).That's what I'd like to discuss. I know there are some inevitable flaws in this suggestion, and some smart contributors on this forum, so maybe we can refine this and it will be useful, or maybe not. As it stands though, Finding a good Squad-Leader in PR is rough. Unless we do something different to facilitate good SLs in public servers, I don't know if Squad will be any different. The community needs to grow faster than the time it takes for everyone to become a veteran, so noob-servers at this point are inevitable. What can we do about this?