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Found 73 results

  1. Does anyone here play Squad on a Laptop with an 8th/9th generation i7 (that means, the 8750H or the 9750H) and could please express his/her opinion on how well the game runs on it? NOTE: I know Desktop CPU's are the ideal go-to for Squad, but I currently need mobility, so they are not an option Thanks in advance! In addition: I am planning on getting a laptop with an RTX 2070 + i7 (didnt decide if I shall go for 9th generation yet). If anyone has a laptop with that set-up over here, please share your opinion too
  2. High End PC Low GPU and CPU Usage

    Hello SQUAD Community! I have been playing SQUAD for a while and I have over 200 hours played, but I have a big problem. As the title says I have a High-End PC CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 (stock) MOBO: MSI B350 PC MATE RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2400Mhz GPU: Asus Cerberus GTX 1070Ti No matter what settings I put the game on FPS is around 45 and dropping. CPU and GPU usage is around 30-35%. I have tried everything: Updating BIOS Overlocking Deleting Cache Reinstalling Windows 10 Updating drivers Now that when I am out of ideas I am turning to the community for help and ideas that might fix my problem. I love this game and what to keep playing but it's hard when the FPS is so low.
  3. After A15 release I have huge drop in game performance: from 45-60 FPS down to 1-15 (Still 60FPS in training or empty server). First i wiped out config and cache, reinstalled game - nothing changed. Only one thing actually worked - low sound quality and only "100%" in sound settings. After this i was able to play skirmishes at half-populated servers; more players, or vehicles fight = unplayable lags. In-game I asked players about this problem, and most of them complain about stutters during intense combat. I was thinking it's bug, that will be fixed soon. But A16 released and I see, it is probably new iteration in game's development. After comparing system configuration examples I was given by the players, who have no stutters after A15, I suggest following changes to System Requirements: (Both parameters changing in configurations simultaneously, don't know what actually fixing it) RAM: 32GB or more CPU: at least 6 core at 5+GHz Storage: 60GB There is also a probability, that it's still a bug and all players have stutters of different magnitude, but owners of "top overclocked watercooled rigs" are fraud. P.S. Only 3 questions allowed in poll, so no SSD, GPU, connection width and delay to servers...
  4. Wanted to provide some feedback on performance since the release of V15 & the additional releases leading to V15.4. System specs and in-game settings will be listed below. Prior to V15 FPS ran at a near constant rate above 60fps (70-100 specifically) with only occasional drops on less optimized maps (such as Scorpo or Talil) or highly intense action to below 60fps. Since the implementation of V15 and all newer updates performance has been dropped. Frames run at an average of 50-70 fps depending on the map. High increase in stuttering w/ major frame drops (on majority of maps) during random intervals in matches. Maps such as Scorpo and Talil become near unplayable at certain times. Changing graphics settings to recommended or below recommended does increase FPS (obviously), but stuttering still occurs. Additionally, system has been wiped and game has been reinstalled, however, same issues persist. Overall the game is still playable, it's just harder to perform well on higher settings with a lower end PC. FPS is not my biggest concern, its more the stuttering which affects general gameplay. *PC hardware has been tested to ensure component failure is not a factor. Other games have been tested since the update and remain at the constant FPS range they were previously.* PC Specs: Processor: Intel Core I7 6700 3.4ghz GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC RAM: Samsung 12GB DDR3 PSU: EVGA 500w Storage: Crucial 500gb SSD & 2TB Seagate HDD *All drivers up to date* Game Settings (Prior to V15): 1920x1080, Windowed Anti-Aliasing: TAA Super Sampling: Off Effects: Cinematic View Distance: Epic Shadows: Epic Textures: Epic Distance Shadows: Off Vsync: Off Bloom: On Ambient Occlusion: On Eye Adaption: On Pre-Load Models: Off Audio: Epic *Not recommended settings* Game Settings (Since V15 & Up): 1920x1080, windowed Anti-Aliasing: TAA Super Sampling: Off Effects: Epic View Distance: Epic Shadows: Epic Textures: Epic Distance Shadows: Off Vsync: Off Bloom: On Ambient Occlusion: On Eye Adaption: On Pre-Load Models: Off Audio: Epic *Not recommended settings*
  5. Terrible. Nothing more can be said. My computer is completely in the recommended system requirements for comfortable playing at high graphics settings of 60 fps Windows 10 x64 Intel Core i7-4790K Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM 16 gb ddr3 1333 mhz 55 GB of free hard disk space And all this on full HD. The frame rate is from 43 to 56 on average, which makes the gameplay is not playable. Equally important, the graphics settings have no effect on performance. I have already tried everything: and lowered the settings in the NVIDIA control panel, and included the paging file, and removed a lot of excess in the operating system itself again for performance .. Nothing helps. All this is an excuse that the game is in the test and is far from the release, but still people have that the computer components play a little better than mine with FPS 60+ with drawdowns up to 50. I do not know what to do
  6. Hi, I didn't found answer for my question related to AMD hardware in FAQs and I had experience of buying the Squad about 1-2 years ago and returning it back with refund due to low FPS. I found info about problems with AMD hardware only after purchase. So, I still want to try to play in Squad even if I switched to PS3/PS4 consoles about 5 years ago, but I want to make sure that performance problems were fixed. My PC specs: AMD Phenome (4 cores) AMD HD 5870 12 GB DDR3 SSD Usually I play games with not hight resolution like 1080p but with High-medium effects/textures quality.
  7. Performance boost, file edit?

    This was probably asked many times on this forum but ill ask again, is there a way to edit the ini file and which lines should be edited to get better performance? My specs are: i7-7700HQ, 16gb ddr4 ram, gtx 1050ti slightly overclocked. I do get anywhere between 40 and 60 fps in the game, depends on the map. My in game settings are 1080p, effect are on epic, view distance and shadows are on medium
  8. I used to get 100fps average @ 3440x1440 Ultrawide with all settings maxed out, I just played my first 2 games since v12 and my FPS was anywhere between 50-100 but constantly fluctuating massively, I assume this is a v12 thing as nothing has changed my end? My other games still perform flawlessly. Spec (for reference): CPU: i7-7700k GPU: Evga 1080ti SC2 Hybrid (Driver 416.94, not the latest because BFV ran like shit on the latest one) RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz SSD: Samsung m.2 nvme I was hoping to get back in to Squad over the holidays but if it's behaving like that that'll put me right off.
  9. EDIT, this is still an issue in v11... v11 I've posted about this a couple of times, this first being back in December 2015 but it is STILL an issue over 2 years later. Here are the original threads (note the original videos have gone now but the info is still relevant): December 22nd 2015 - http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9110-jittery-aim-video/?tab=comments#comment-140284 January 15th 2016 - http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11334-low-fps-high-pings-jittery-aim/?tab=comments#comment-167878 To be clear I'm not talking about weapon sway as obviously this is intentional, I'm talking about the crosshair's constant micro jittering and stuttering. Worth noting also that since I first encountered this issue back in 2015 I have changed EVERY piece of my PC's hardware including ALL peripherals, so this is 100% not an issue at my end at all. In the past when this was mentioned the general consensus was "it's a known bug on certain maps with certain scopes and the issue gets worse the closer to the center of the map you are" (I actually always had this issue no matter where I was on the maps) or "it's a UE4 thing that devs have no control over and it'll be fixed in the next UE4 update" or "it will all be sorted when v10 with new animations is avaialble". Well we're now on v10.1 and the issue is clearly still there, this was never an "animations issue" as I suspected all along. I seem to get this issue most when using an ACOG at Chora but it does happen on some other maps also. At close range it is not to much of an issue but at medium to long range the reticle jitters around so much that it is near impossible to hit targets. It feels like I'm using coarse sandpaper as a mouse mat as all my movements are exaggerated and jittery. I actually have a very smooth SteelSeries QcK mat and a pretty decent mouse (Roccat Tyon). Also worth noting that my FPS is usually very good on most maps (80-130 at Ultrawide 21:9 3440x1440 all Ultra settings + SMAA), (more like 50-70 on some of the lesser well optimized maps like Al-Basrah) and that SQUAD is the only game I get this in, in all other games I get super smooth mouse movement, even other UE4 games. Here are two videos very quickly and crudely shot with my phone, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about, the key here is that both videos show the exact same scope and that I'm using the exact same settings and hardware in both videos, the only difference is the in game map. Random weapon sway is perfectly acceptable but a reticle that keeps jumping about is pretty much unusable at medium to long range, and near impossible to get a headshot on even a stationary target. Smooth aim, as it should be, U.S. ACOG at Chora Valley: WATCH IN FULL SCREEN TO SEE FULL EFFECT Jittery aim, not right, U.S. ACOG at Logar Valley: WATCH IN FULL SCREEN TO SEE FULL EFFECT There is a massive difference between the two, and this jitter really reduces the ability to accurately aim on medium to long range targets with certain scopes. Again it happens more on some scopes and some maps. There is zero issue my end as I only get this issue with certain scopes and maps in Squad. So, is this actually ever going to be fixed as it's REALLY annoying?
  10. Precious weekend soldiers! We finally did it - We got our very own SQUAD-Server; all that's missing now is an official license. Since we wanted to test the hosting provider's power for SQUAD'S max capacity of 80 players it is your turn now to hopefully support us. We invite you to seed "Funker | Bunker [GER]" for a STRESS-TEST EVENT this sunday (5'th August) at 8 pm CEST! Feel free to invite your friends as well and let's have a good time together. We are looking forward to see you on sunday! cheers. Discord : https://discord.gg/F5EbvMX Connection Info :
  11. Sound related fps problem

    short story: every sound (firearm, vehicle, mortar, etc) my game freeze for 1 sec, my fps drops from 60/70 to 5/10 and freezes for half a second... Everytime someone fire a weapon, granade, mortars, vehicle firing, etc (you get the idea), my fps drops at least 30/40 fps and sometimes more...when a couple of guys are shooting or an AR is supressing its worst...30mm same... from 60/70 fps to 5/10 fps for 1 or 2 sec and freezes. Depending on the map its even worst...before v11 was better, altho 30mm or striker sounds would kill my fps, but now in v11 its everything. * Ive already tried clear cache multiple times. *tried low graphics and efects, low sound quality, low everything. * ive reinstall the game from scratch. * reinstall sound drivers, graphic drivers, and updated them. * ultimatly ive tried fresh install of OS Windows 10 home. nothing solved the problem. my rig cpu i5 7600k @4.6ghz gpu RX480 4gb ram 16gb ram @2400 ghz os Windows 10 paging file set to automatic manage by Windows. mobo gigabyte z-270 game and windows on SSD Im playing at 1080p. My temperatures are fine, cpu around 60/65 celsius ingame. Any ideas?
  12. Cleared cache, as always when any update comes out. During public test 11 I was running 90-120 fps, dipping to 80 during big fire fights. Since V11 went live, I've lost about 20 fps across the board, especially during firefights. What was changed from the last public test branch when V11 went live? I tasted the how fluid this game felt and can't go back :D!
  13. So i am currently having problems with squad. Squad never ran 100% smoothly on my pc but i used to get 40-70 fps on v9 with some slight stuttering, all of this was acceptable since i had never put effort in optmising it and the scale of the maps/battles is pretty big. However when v10 rolled in the game became nearly unplayable, maps took way too much time to load, 20 fps became the new standard and stuttering skyrocketed. At first i tought: hmm... maybe the game really demands more than my pc can deliver, too bad. But then i saw a karmakut video of him running the game at 60 fps with 0 stutter and i got curious so i looked up other people having performance issues on the game and found out people with way worse rigs were getting 60 fps straight. My pc has a Gtx 980, AMD phenom 2 x6(6 cores) and 8gigs of ram, its NOT a bad pc by any means. Knowing this i tried basically every fix i could find on the internet except for reinstalling windows. They maybe restored about 10 fps but the stuttering is still insanely high. Now im here asking you people what the actual **** am i supposed to do to get the damn game to run well. Is there anything you guys can think of? Is there a patch comming soon or what? Because i recon im not the only one with this issue. Btw: if you need more info/screenshots i'll be happy to help, just ask me and i'll send them as soon as i can.
  14. Hello, and before i continue, sorry for my bad english I've been playing Squad since V8 Alpha version. I noticed alot of changed since then, from performance that improves FPS, to the game engine itself that becomes more smooth. I respect their (Devs) work, they did an amazing job at it. I know this game is still heavily under developement, performance wise, and also the "Core" of the game itself. And I do realise, that many people that played squad, must've a descent PC in order to run this game smoothly. But for some people like me, that has a potato (rather) PC specs (yes we should upgrade, but i can't because of certain thing), can't quite enjoy the game fully. There's indeed some maps that runs smoothly on my PC at Medium Setting and have average 40FPS (Like Chora). But, for the forest one, i have an FPS drop, say to like having 15 - 30 fps only. And i already have lower the graphic down. Not that i blame the dev's or anything, yes it's my fault for having this potato PC, but can we ask for "View Distance" option to be added into the game? Like what PR has. View distance helps alot to improves FPS on people that are using potato PC like me, by reducing the rendered world (including the ground itself, so basically cannot see further than that in anyway) that visible to the player. Say, i want to set the View Distance to only 500 meters, so i just set it to 500 meters. And i think that this feature cannot be abused since it's only to help people with low spec PC to improve FPS, and not anything else, since we cannot see further than 500 meters. It is a disadvantage for us, but worth for the FPS improvement So, i request Devs to kindly add View Distance Option to be added into the game (Just like the one in PR), nothing more but just to help some people that has low pc spec that still want to enjoy this game, to improve their FPS. Thanks in advantage, i hope i hear what you guys think about this
  15. Hello Squaders, I know there are tons of FPS topics already and I searched through a bunch I'm wondering is there any NEW way to increase FPS? This is NOT a discussion about getting new hardware or disputes between Intel and AMD I simply would like suggestions or help. Currently getting 40-45 fps on almost every map however in heavy combat I drop to about 30-40. My rig: Athlon x4 860K Quad Core 4.0 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4096 MB 16GB ddr3 ram windows 10 Things ive tried: lowered maxaudiothing to 96 from default all settings preset LOW Ingame Ive gone in the INI files and changed things to 0 based on forum posts ive read turned audio to low quality and filtering off drivers updated Any ideas on how to increase FPS besides buying a new processor (i know i need a better one) I dont care how the game looks i just want to be able to play with 50-60 fps at least!
  16. gpu/cpu utilization questions

    GTX 980, amdfx 6300 4ghz, 100 gig SSD with only squad on it, 8 gigs 1600 mhz I'm having an issue regarding utilization and usage of my cpu and gpu... so to start, if i go into fire range, change map to, really any of the maps... and spawn in, my gpu and vram usage is around 70-80%, cpu 50-60%, and 120 FPS on low settings.... and thats with nothing but the map and what not loaded in. when i join a multiplayer game, my gpu and vram usage from the point of joining the game, to the point of actually spawning in, is high, and fps is good.... but as soon as i spawn in, gpu and vram usage DECREASES and fps drops in the toilet.... My question is, shouldn't it be the opposite? Why is the game using less gpu/vram/cpu when actually playing, versus when in the spawn menu.... Shouldn't it be using more? and just to ad, while in multiplayer gpu/vram usage is around 10-15% sometimes lower.... but its using also nearly 7.1 gigs of RAM... and my fps tanks.... and even sometimes i can spawn in, and gpu/vram/cpu usage while be high and i will have great fps, only to go drop back down along with my FPS 10 minutes into the game.... is this hardware related? engine related? Settings? lack of optimization related(being alpha is expected)?
  17. Another low FPS thread

    Hi all, New to the game (~20 hours played), love it, but can't get consistent 30fps or even 20 for that matter. Game typically ends up being a 10 FPS slideshow most of the time and thus becomes near unplayable despite that I run with settings at the lowest possible. PC SPECS Windows 7 64-bit i7-960 @ 3.2GHz 16GB triple-channel DDR3 @ 534MHz GTX 1060 6GB I believe my processor may be the issue(it does run rather hot), but I see other threads where people have lower specs than mine are complaining about getting 50 fps rather than 60, and I can't even get a consistent 30. Any and all help is appreciated
  18. (Little DISCLIAMER: I'm not trying to pick a fight or participate in any war with users and their builds. I'm just making a point. Attack the post at will, it wont change it.) So after owning Squad and other games (new and old) for some time now, I've noticed something that's pretty common nowadays... AMD Processors under-performing in games. This forum is littered with questions, comments, and concerns about in-game performance, but I think someone needs to hit the nail on the head so all this talk about AMD vs. Intel is over. I have an AMD FX Eight Core 8350 Black Edition APU. It's Intel Competitor being the Intel i7 4770K (I do not own it, but I know a lot about Intel and AMD as an IT and Computer Science wizard.). My build is also equip with 8GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 GPU with 2GB VRAM and never had issues. In many games, the AMD processor handles well along side with the Intel Processor. However, with Squad, it's a whole different story. Is the AMD Processor worst for Squad? YES. And this stands for other games as well (except for some). Only continue if you want to get into specs. The AMD Processor line is known to have one "big thing" over Intel... The amount of cores the processors have. However this still doesn't peak any performance because Intel gets more in depth with their processors and manufacture them better. Intel's Specs over AMD: More Energy Efficient, Much faster single-core int speed, Much faster single-core fp speed, Much faster quad-core int speed, Much faster quad-core fp speed, Slightly faster multi-core int speed, Much faster multi-core fp speed, and the overclocked settings compared to AMD also almost adds 50% more effective power to the results.. The Intel i7 4770K has an overall effective speed of 78%. Which is 39% BETTER than AMD. Not just for gaming too... In proper English; Intel's cores are more 'intelligent' and can solve equations and tasks the games or programs throw at them MUCH faster than AMD can. So in this case, more cores is not better. It's actually a waste. So this means Intel is a far superior CPU with a slightly more heavy price tag. You get what you pay for with AMD... Not bashing AMD in any way. Participate in the polls if you'd like I hope that the game can be optimized for better performance on AMD APU's if possible. See the results for yourself if you'd like. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4770K-vs-AMD-FX-8350/1537vs1489
  19. High End PC: Low Performance

    I recently have been playing Squad alot and I usually get around 50 fps on low in fire fights. I hear that setting Squad to "high priority" in the task manager boosts fps and setting your gpu to "prefer maximum performance" instead of "optimal power" helps aswell. My main question is that if using these settings are safe for your computor. I don't want to harm my computor in any way by using these settings but I want to get a higher fps. I have never had FPS problems with this pc besides this game. I know that the game is in alpha and is unoptimized, but i still feel that i should be getting better performance with my rig. After each update I clear my cache too. For a while now I've been thinking that something is wrong because I never have difficulty running a game with my setup. Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6gb of vram Intel i7-4790K 4.00 Ghz 16 gb of ram windows 8
  20. Every since I started playing, I've always tried to think of a ranking system; that didn't make it just another FPS multiplayer "CoD" copy cat/rip off. Some had to do with only lvling up when you win a game, while losing a game would either do nothing; or you'd be penalized and face the possibility of being demoted (similar to how ranked matches work in MOBAS). The only problem with this is some times, you'll join a game and it'll be close to being over and would make joining each server a bit risky. A good offset for this would be not counting those matches, but there are times when you'll join an almost full server, and when the game is over; everyone disconnects, which in return makes that server baron and boring. Obviously this could be possible further down the line, but who knows. Aside from that one, I recently just came up with one that isn't a ranking system, but a "Rating System". This is great for every class, but mainly SL (Squad Leaders). There are many times where I'll get into a game, and I'll recognize SL from a game I had played with days, if not a full week ago; and know he is a good leader. There have even been times where I've been recognized (some good and some bad). What if there was a way, where at the end of each match (unless you were only in the game for 10 minutes or less) everyone gets the opportunity to rate their SQUAD members and ONLY THEIR SQUAD members, on either a scale of 1-10 or even custom titles (that pass a profanity filter) i.e: Great SL, Horrible Medic, Troll, Follows Orders, Team Player, Crap Mic, ext., While SL can rate other SL. Then once a title is made (Green being good ones, red being bad ones) it appears next to there name when scrolled over it in the player menu or at the end of a match. At which point, if there is a title there that a player likes and agrees with, the can give it a +1. If they don't, they can give it a -1, good or bad. For example, if you had a great SL and you see someone gave him the title "Great SL" you can +1 that, but then you see "Bad SL" or "Bad Mic" and you didn't see any of those to be true, you can give them a -1. If a negative title gets enough -1s, it will be removed. This would be great for any player/class. Good Medic, Great Scout, Team Player, No Mic, Lone Wolf, CoD Player (lawl). Adding something like this makes it so we have a ranking system with out any type of XP. Players can maintain a their "Rank" in being a good medic, SL, or just a good player in general. And if a player has a negative (red) title they want to get rid of, the have know exactly what to focus on. Whether its buying a new mic or simply realizing THIS ISN'T FREAKING CoD!! There's a lot of room for trolling, but I feel like a majority of the community takes this game pretty serious and it wouldn't be taken advantage of. Please give me your feedback on what your thoughts on these ranking/rating systems and even some ranking systems that you've thought of.
  21. Hello Squad Community, so to get to the Problem right away i have heavy Performance Problems with my game my specs are: Graphix: Gt750ti 4gb Vram RAM:8 Gb of RAM CPU: AMD FX 6350 6x3,90 Ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FX Gaming So i really like this Game but the game is not that enjoyable if it runs at 30 FPS on some maps i get 40 btw. I dont know if its my Hardware or the game itself wich causes the Problems any fixes? Thx for any help Apologize for my bad english deniz78093
  22. Hi I recently noticed while playing around with motar feature in Singelplayer on different maps that UE 4 version used in Squad or its implimentation seems to have a big Drawcall Bottleneck additionaly to the well known MP problems. Settings: All Epic NO SS,AA FHD E.G Chora ASS V2 via Adminchangemap ... gives around 70-90 FPS while GPU is at 50% usage,CPu has one core At 80% load on full clock rest 30-50% with some cores even downclocking, gamethreat is 6 ms while rest around 20ms, This observation is present through the whole mapline with a higher impact in heavy vegatation areas/maps. For me this is reproducable on my 3 Rigs so i doubt this is a PC specific Problem: Dual Xeon E5-2687W ; GTX 1060 ; 128 Gb Ram ;Win 7 I7 4790 ; GTX 1060; 16 Gb Ram ; Win 7 I7 5820K , GTX 1080 , 64 Gb Ram ; Win 7 & 10 Can other People reproduce this ? After searching UE Forums i found this : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?49169-POM-material&p=624232&viewfull=1#post624232 Seems like with UE 4.14 ( version Squad is using) Materials have a bug that can lead to massive Performance decrease by causing high drawcalls in some cases.
  23. Hello everyone, i recently gave project reality a go and must say that i really liked it. However, at certain times its hard to get a good game going in Europe. Needless to say im also rather interested in Squad. I just wanted to ask you guys whether my Pc could run the game fairly smooth Heres my setup: Intel i7 3770(non-k)@3,4 GHz GTX970 4gb by Zotac 12 Gb Ram 120 Gb SSD 1 TB HDD Running on Windows 10 I really want to dive into this game but i cant play it if my PC cant handle to run it@ 60Fps. So any tips by the community would be much appreciated! Cheers, Mo
  24. Anyone using the Game Mode? If so do you see any Performance Improvements? It seems that Streamers will benefit the most with this new Windows Update
  25. Another optimization topic

    1. Ok, first of all i understand what an alpha is and the fact that everything is subject to change, but my question is: 2. I am a PR player, and checked out squad during the free weekend, loved the game except one major part of it: the performance. I understand that optimization is not a priority now, and i agree with that fact that devs should focus on features first and lastly on optimization, because that's the natural way game development should work. 3. So my question is: after optimization will finally be done, could i expect a stable 60 fps? That is the only question keeping me from making the purchase, i have no problem waiting for that optimization and supporting the devs with purchasing the game as of its current state. I just want to know if optimization will improve the performance to that extent. And i also know the fact that this is a very hard question to answer without being speculative, but an educated guess could help me a lot with making that decision. Specs: i5 4690 gtx 1060 8gb ram