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Found 17 results

  1. I have really been getting into this game, and I showed some of my friends this and live streamed it and they had a few suggestions that I would also like to see implemented into the game. The first suggestion would be to put night missions, maybe night time and snow, Eastern Europe terrain and such would be nice at night. Allow military to have night vision goggles and I feel like it would add a lot more to the game. Another suggestion I would like to see in this game is a global ranking system, where you can advance through the ranks. It would also be nice to put in some single player missions or tutorials specifically to get qualified for a marksman or pilot. What does everyone else think?
  2. Night games

    What if we would have battles in the night this would create a whole different gaming experience . Let me hear your opinion on this
  3. there used to be a version of Sumari Balla from back in closed alpha that was at night and i belive it was USA vs militia ITC however the map was actually at night like how logar INS night is. earlier today i remembered that was my all time favoret map but for the life of me i cant find it and i cycled every playable version of sumari today and its just gone. yes there is a sumari ITC but it is not at night its more like a dusk and its not the same. i was wondering how many of you who remember the map would like it back?. as i belive it wouldn't be a hard thing for the devs to do just take a version or 2 of the current sumari maps and add a night version its just a lighting and sky box change. its just my all time favoret map from back in closed alpha and im sad to see it gone, here's hoping a dev sees it and brings it back so i can put it into my server rotation... or at least hijack the map rotation every once and a while with it ;P

    In order "To seduce the females!" I`ve started this topic. I`d like to show a map that I´ve been workin on.. SQUAD map that I am working on in my spare time. You might have seen something about this on the Wrench or the Squad monthly recap, or on YT videos by other authors. This map started from topography of one of many pacific islands. I manipulated the landscape, and I am using a modified version of the FoolsRoad landscape material. Foliage is mostly SQUAD SDK official foliage and DOKYOS Lowpoly-Rainforest assets. Game-modes will be Insurgency and AAS - probably a day and night version, depending on the game mode. Framerate is just about fine - I might find ways to optimize it tho. Capzones are mostly abandoned ruins in the jungle - doesn´t make much sense, I get it. Since there are no roads on the map (currently), It will be an INFANTRY-only map. I still have to work out proper SFX to make the whole thing appear more bearable - currently its like the lord of the crickets is holding a concert. Full moon is custom made, - there is a good tutorial on YT for that. The water material is translucent, and eating up a lot of shader complexity. Oh, did I mention that the map comes with custom player textures for the RU faction ? Russians will look somewhat 2006-2009ish, with oldskool wooden furniture AK74S and stuff. Anyhow, here´s a bunch of screenshots:
  5. Night Maps???

    I've been wondering how night maps would play out. Not just a semi dark map with the sun setting over the horizon. A pitch black map that's only lit by moonlight. I've been enjoying this thought more and more recently because of my strange attraction towards the tracer bullets. (It'd be so damn beautiful with tracer bullets flying everywhere in a night map)
  6. I want to suggest you to make some variants of weather for maps. For example, night, fog with rain, strong wind in desert and more. It will be more atmospheric i think. I hope you understand what i said=)
  7. Okay so after a few dusk/dark maps, I've noticed that one team consistently rushes the other bases main, sits about 50-100m out and picks off anything that leaves. As if that weren't bad enough, nobody can see a damn thing to retaliate and the round ends within minutes. Just like in DayZ, humans are douches. They will do anything possible to gain the upper hand. Going prone at a 45deg. angle to a wall lets you shoot through it, and after dealing with enemies that use this on Chora and Sumari it's really taking away from the game (on top of the fatal error after every round in V7. And the frame rates being cut in half every 10-20min)
  8. A place for all the collected Community Clan Fight Night videos.
  9. First off, I know this idea has been floated before, but the last posting about it was several months back, and I thought I'd bring the idea up again. Most people can agree that the night maps are a bit difficult to see in, and some even resort to upping the gamma for greater visibility. Being a (somewhat) realism purist, i don't like doing such things, but that does give us a serious disadvantage to those that do decide to exploit the gamma. This is why i feel grenade-launched flares may be the best option; 1- This utilizes the already-in-place potential for grenadiers to mark areas of enemy targets, and makes them more valuable to the team. 2- Anyone that is utilizing the upped gamma will find it impossible to see during the flare due to over-exposed visuals, which makes this exploit less useable if one has to go into the menu and turn down the settings just in order to see. 3- The unreal engine 4 is one of the best engines currently capable of dynamic, volumetric lights, and should experience minimal frame drop even on the highest of settings. Please rate the poll if you have a moment, or if you have any imput or better ideas, please comment in the section below.
  10. SQUAD ► Community Clan Fight Night

    Thanks to all clans who participated: [20r] A|o|K [bVAR] <eUK> [Fox] =FU= =<H.H>= [RedCoats] [RIP] Looking forward to another battle. ;)
  11. Night maps

    Hi guys. I really love the idea that squad is presenting, and i love how the team is working. But, i want to know if there will be NVG;s for all factions. Now even the insurgents have NVG;s because they raid, or cus they just get them. It would make sense if the US or advanced country factions have better quality NVG's than the Insurgent NVG;s, similar to the game Insurgency. Thank you, and I hope to get some feedback on this idea, from other people and maybe the devs.
  12. https://youtu.be/TRfHokmKOCg
  13. Hello all! As I was surfing around the SQUAD forums, I came up with these two images: I found amazing the night time, but I was concerned about a few things. So my suggestions are these. Avoid making the night time pitchblack, otherwise it will be unplayable, like ArmA II nighttime.Make a way to prevent people from increasing their Gamma and Brightness(ingame), so we actually feel the Nighttime. *Add flashlight attachment for Coalition forcesMake the enemy dizzy/blinded** when aimed to the face of the enemy (within ~20m) I do know this idea got messed up by BF3/4 attempt, but I thought It might be nice to have in a night game as SQUAD.*This might be problematic, since people that really have to adjust their Gamma / Brightness may be prejudiced. ** Blinded I mean by just making around the flashlight darker for a few moments. Since your pupil will be dilated at night (due to the amount of light). Getting a Beam of light right in your eyes might make you dizzy. eg: Not as powerful as this flashlight, just an example: Those are the things in my mind now, I tried to search the forum for similar posts but couldn't find any. Thanks!
  14. Hello! My name is Russianbiskets and today I'm here to propose my idea on Night Operations. One thing that Squad means to me is that we are trying to create a fun game with more realistic elements. Now its no surprise that night operations are a staple of modern warfare with the onset of new technology. As it stands in the game, sure there are night maps, and this will be a great way to start making these elements a game of their own. Night operations change the way you fight, and think. Shadows become your best friend, and a flashlight, your worst enemy. I'm going to divide this into two sub topics, Insurgent, and US Army (For the current version) United States Army With the onset of Operation Gothic Serpent (Or for some of you "Black Hawk Down") the United States Army has for a large part equipped all conventional ground forces with night vision optics. Fast forward to today and everyone and their mom overseas has some sort of device. The most common for your average grunt is the AN/PVS-14, a monocular night vision optic that is helmet mounted. This handy little monocular is a Generation three device, capable of very good light amplification. The device has a 40 degree FOV, limiting the user's viewing area. Additionally, the Gen III optics can suffer from "White Light Washout" when large amounts of ambient light are present (But more on this later). Additionally, it is possible to use optics with the optic helmet mounted, but if the optic does not have an IR mode, there can be significant lighting of the reticle. When paired with an IR laser, the user can zero and use the laser to shoot without sighting, also good for target marking for other night vision users. Flashlights are still used for areas with no ambient light for the night vision to amplify. Insurgent Forces For the insurgents, the most up to date tech is not available, though over many years of warfare, they have picked up old surplus equipment. Things like Gen 1+ night vision is available from old soviet surplus in way head mounted binoculars (65-80 degree FOV) or rifle mounted scopes would be the way to give the insurgents an advantage. Though Gen 1+ units typically have a fisheye effect on the sides, and are considerably more grainy and not as bright, they do not suffer as much washout from ambient light. Also having a rifle mounted optic would allow the night vision image to take up all of the space on the optic and offering a fixed and zeroed reticle. These optics can still pick up the IR spectrum, causing IR lasers to show up. Equipment By Faction Proposed: United States Army AN/PVS-14 Monocular (Video is one in use at a range as one is pictured above) AN/PEQ-15 IR Laser/Flood unit (video showing PEQ-15 in use) IR MS2000 Strobe Insurgents Russian 1PN58 Night Vision Scope Russian PNV-57E Binocular NVG Hand Flares Both Sides High Power White light Flashlights (Surefire/others) Illumination flares (mortar based) Game Play Mechanics: With the obvious equipment differences offered for the grunt style troops its only fair for me to explain how this would effect the player. Scenario: A US squad is getting ready to assault the flag as an Insurgent force is defending. The US team starts off on a hill overlooking the objective, clearly being able to see down across an open field into the compond using their superior PVS-14 monocular. The Insurgents scan the hilltops with rifle mounted optics and can see silhouettes but the image is too dark to make out if it is an enemy combatant. The US team moves in closer and the TL takes out his marking strobe to signal to another squad their position. This gives away their position the the insurgents as US soldiers and the insurgents open fire. The Compound lights up with flashes from the incoming fire, easy for the PVS-14 to see, but the riflemen using ACOG's can sight with the Night vision without flipping it up, the insurgents using their magnified night vision scopes to their advantage giving them more accuracy. The forces close in to CQB distances and the US forces turn on their IR lasers and start to clear the compound moving swiftly. The Insurgents get some quick kills because they hide in the corners and use the 40 degree FOV to their advantage, but the US teams can engage quickly when they are in the FOV. One soldier flips off his goggle and turns on his flashlight, illuminating the dark room where his goggle is basically useless (because of the lack of ambient light) and smokes an insurgent in the corner. Its down to the last two soldiers, one on each side. The last US soldier comes into a room, but the insurgent had started a flare and put it in the middle of the room, washing out the night vision of the US soldier, while the Soldier takes off the PVS-14 and allows his eyes to adjust to the flare, the insurgent pops out and scores a quick kill. I know this is rather wordy, I hope that if you read this far you can agree this should be an idea to be considered. Below are some videos of night battles and with various equipment in use. Road to Rostov Milsim West (filmed with PVS-14): Gen 1 VS Gen 3 comparison : An Operation over in the Sandbox with USSF and ANASF:
  15. Maps that are dark, or transition into darkness need to have a UI that matches. Every time I bring up the UI on night maps, I get blinded by bright UI and then blinded by the ensuing darkness. The minimap especially is a blinding flashlight in the eyes. Red is known to reduce glare problems.
  16. The Night Raid

    So everyone but 5 people quit on each team last weekend on a night map. Intensity ensued.
  17. The Weather

    I suggest to have two weather for each map: day and night. That make more possibility of gameplay like to use night vision, other tactics, flares (?), etc. It's more hardest too to play in the night. Other suggestion: Dynamic weather for the big party, that part of the suggestion goes with my others suggestions here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/303-a-special-game-mode/#entry4878 Please check it, to improve it if you want.