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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 19 results

  1. PSG - Press Start Gaming Community

    We are a learning friendly Server looking for new members to come and play with us. Give me a shout.
  2. Useful Tips For Players New To Squad

    Hopefully you guys find at least a few of these tips useful! Currently working on a few guides to help out new players and squad leaders
  3. click here for ----- > Promotional Video click here for ---- > 100% United Gaming Trailer Sign up on discord: DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV About us: We are a structured, organized, EU based and primarily English speaking gaming community that has been created with the intent to establish a collective that is like-minded and focused on most importantly team play, tactics, strategy, and coordination. Our habitat consists of mainly: military/tactical and realism shooters with and without combined warfare. Basically, games that are aimed at a certain audience, who seek to play a certain way. For SQUAD we have a casual and more competitive company planned, the establishment of these will be realized further down the road as we grow. The competitive company is for those who want to be more involved in events, training and competing against other clans. [100%] United Gaming has been involved in competitive Squad play and are looking to expand to more clan-based events. We are currently fighting in SCC (Squad Community Cup) and CFFN (Community Clan Fight Night) Events. We search loyal players that wanna group up ON DISCORD, with other clan members (and not playing solo all the time) General Rules - You need at least 100 hours in the game squad - when you are not active enough anymore in squad with your clan. Administrator can always drop you back to CASUAL - You need to register on the WHITELIST with your ingame name,Steam ID number,Country - You MUST be at least 17+ or older. - You will watch our proud self-made TUTORIAL GUIDELINE video ! - you must have [100%] clantag ingame SERVER = ☆☆☆[100%] United Gaming [EU/ENG] ☆☆☆ = Recruiting TWITCH : https://www.twitch.tv/jsuntzu87
  4. Who are we? 9.Kompanie is a milsim unit for Squad. We portray the 9th Company, 1st Jägerbatallion, 7th Panzer Division of the Bundeswehr. 9.Kompanie started as a milsim unit in 2009, starting in Day of Defeat:Source, to Day of Infamy and ending in Post Scriptum. Leadership decided in September 2019 that it was time for a change. We moved to the modern era, ending up in Squad. The new era provides us a lot of new technologies and opportunities to discover. What do we do? 9.Kompanie offers a historical experience in-game and platform of historical knowledge for its members. As an experienced unit we can teach new things to old and new players in Squad. And there is new things to learn for us too! Join us in 9.Kompanie for an unique community of friends and history fanatics. What are we looking for? Who are looking for people who are interested in the military way of doing things and are open to learning something new. Requirements: you are able to communicate in English, have a microphone and are 18+ years old. We also except members below the age of 18 if they are mature enough. How can I get more information on 9.Kompanie? Our recruitment liaisons are happy to help you with any questions you might have. You can add me here. We also have a steamgroup in which we post important announcements. You can find the steamgroup here. And lastly, our discord is used as the main communications channel. Everybody is welcome to join, if you're interested in joining or not. The link to the discord is here.
  5. Hey! Some of yall might know me from Twitch or YouTube, but I'd figure I'd start a video thread here for posting updates, any feedback or suggestions might have, and all that good stuff. Based on the rules I didn't want to spam the forum with different threads, so here's a megathread for when I post stuff. I'll kick it off with my Squad 101, CAF Update, Mutaha overview, and most recent Counterattack video. Hope yall enjoy!
  6. Aircraft are relatively complicated vehicles to operate compared to land based vehicles. Despite this a lot of new players are attracted to the idea of operating them, but very few of them take the time to read the manual and practise before jumping in on a live server. Helicopters and aircraft in general are vital for a team and losing them due to new players jumping in, crashing them and then leaving the server will take a toll. You have to wait 10-20 minutes for the next one to respawn, you lose X amount of tickets and you lose the ability to resupply and transport squads around the map. If any of you have played Project Reality you already know this happens quite frequently. But now imagine in a game like Squad where even more casual players flow into the game. We should try to avoid the loss of helicopters and aircraft as much as possible. I suggest adding a startup procedure to turn on the engine of the respective aircraft. This startup procedure will be detailed in the manual along with more information on how to operate the aircraft. If a player takes the time to read this section of the manual, in order to turn on the aircraft he will be a lot more likely to actually have practised and know how to use the aircraft. A better alternative would of course be a sort of 'training' system, that won't allow you to operate a vehicle before you've completed some challenges but developing this would require a lot of ressources and time from the developing team. The start up procedure is a lot more cost-efficient for the team. There will still be people who can read up on the start up procedure without having practised operating the aircraft, but it will limit a lot of cases where people just jump straight into the aircraft. I apologize if this has already been suggested, I tried searching but didn't find another thread on the matter.
  7. WOW, I LOVE V12, I am totally hyped again. One thing though... Lots of new players with the free weekend coming in, and hopefully for a long time, a large player base is great. However I am getting to the point that my enjoyment of the game is going down because there are to many player who have no clue what they are doing. Playing as squad leader is increasingly frustrating. Deployments (HABs, TOWs, repair stations etc.) being unbuild, vehicle game play (wasting them) or not knowing how to shoot, logistic truck usage, or simply not understanding markers on the map. This game is awesome, but is no fun if there are to many noobs hopping in and ruining the game play because they simply don't know. Almost every new player that I run into did not visit the shooting range. Yes I am willing to help other players and teaching them what to do, but how many and for how long? I think there must be a mandatory tutorial on the shooting range of basic task that have to be preformed before a new player can join a live server. This will benefit everyone. Suggestions for a basic mandatory tutorial for new players; 1. Learning to build and and unbuild 2. Logistical trucks supplying FOBs ammo/construction points, getting new supplies or removing them from FOBs 3. Shooting stationary weapons and proper use (NOT USING TOWS ON INFANTRY!) 4. Vehicle usage and gunning 5. Understanding markers on the map and squad leader orders 6. Ranging and map usage 7. Medic training Perhaps more, any suggestions anyone?
  8. Free Weekend and New players

    If your looking for a helping hand on the free weekend or a player just looking for a good bunch of guys i would like to invite you to Sigma Tactical’s discord, Sigma Tactical has been around since the birth of squad back in pre-Alpha and have grown into a diverse community involved in many areas of squad. Day - Day play you can find us on our official licensed server “Afternoon Delight | ΣT | [ASC]” This is where we play casually with all members of the squad community We are also involved in FNF “Friday Night Fight” Witch is a collection of communities from the ASC that meet up on Fridays and all join a server and chill for some games If you haven't heard of NAS it's also a great thing we play in weekly, North American Squad is a collection of NA squad communities who all bring 9 guys and face of in a friendly event that's usually streamed on twitch And for the Competitive players we are also playing in the SWC “Squad World Championship” This is a completely competitive event involving clans from all around the world fighting out out to be number one. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with with feel free to join our discord or you can add myself on steam or head over to our website. Website: http://sigtac.org/ Discord: discord.sigtac.org Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DonMeehan/
  9. Helping the community

    Hello everyone, Quite a few know me, where as others are getting to know me. You tend to find me helping new players find suitable servers to meet players and gain support when they are new to the game. Someone today was asking about Hungarian people, to this I didnt have anyone to recommend or tag. So I am asking everyone to let me know if you have a server, or which server you tend to play on, so I can further support our community to grow and show them we are a nice place to play games and interact with. I tend to recommend mainly within the squad official channel, looking for a group
  10. SQUAD, we have a problem

    There is a growing epidemic in our dear community. One that I'm afraid is going to spiral out of control. I am talking about the attitudes that veteran players are directing towards new players. On reddit and in this forum you will find topics made by veteran players condemning new players for being squad leaders. Insisting that a time in game requirement be made to keep the newbs from picking such a vital class. I understand the argument, SL is a vital role and not an easy task. An inexperienced leader can quite easily lead to a loss where a more experienced one could have turned the tide. The problem isn't that new players are making squads and pulling people away from experienced SLs or not coordinating with other SLs. The problem is that so many veteran players are content to join these squads as well, grab a kit with an optic or GL and then focus on their own little goal of racking up as many kills as they can. They don't give the SL advice, they don't promote squad cohesion and they don't focus on objectives beyond their own singular scope. In short, they don't teach the new members of this community what Squad is all about. Now maybe I'm wrong but I find it EXTREMELY hypocritical for players to condemn others for being bad at a role or wasting a role while not stepping up to fill said role themselves. Yes, I know your argument, "But Polish, there are not enough experienced players to be SL all the time." BULLSHIT! While monitoring my server I honed in on a particular squad with a particular player that is a member of a particular clan that has a certain negative reputation around here. This squad had four members in it with over 100 hours in Squad. One of those guys had over 700! How many hours did the SL have? Eight point ****ing six! Were these vastly more experienced players teaching this new guy how to lead? NOPE, they were piggybacking off of him to grab the kits they wanted and go kill people, plain and simple. For the sake of this game and this community this behavior has got to stop! If you have over 1000 hours please squad lead! If you have over 500 hours please squad lead! If you have over 100 hours please squad lead! I know its a lot to expect you to lead round after round. Even I can't do it. But then be a model squad member when you aren't leading. Be the squad member that you want to have when you are a SL. Lead by example! Everyone always talks about having to join clan servers to find serious games and how the pug servers are shit. Well the reason is because the clanners jump from their servers and come to the community servers to **** off and wreck newbs. **** off on your own servers and we'll see how the quality of gameplay stays in there.
  11. Hey guys, I'd firstly like to say that this does not apply to new players who play the game properly and skillfully, in which case, I can only tell you to rock on and keep doing what you do. This is to address the recent amount of new players and negative habits I have been noticing within the game since the Steam Sale. And hopefully what can be done by you, the community to ease certain issues. The likes of this include; Squad Leaders without a mic Silent ('micless') squads Lone Wolfing Team killing 'Giving up' too early Using Full-Auto in long range engagements Shooting unnecessarily (e.g. Wasting ammo as the round starts/into the air in the middle of a round for no reason) Spamming the in-game chat. Not calling RPG Back blasts/using RPG's at close range ('Noobtubing') Miscommunication and name calling among players and squad leaders. Medic's not knowing their respective function properly. Screaming unnecessarily over VOIP. Squad's being on the wrong/outdated flag. Squad leaders having the wrong kit. Not knowing the following This is an issue, that, there really cannot be much done about mechanically; it's just a factor of FPS Gaming. It is an issue that I have been seeing on a rise as of recent weeks. And it honestly ruins the game for most wanting to play it as it should be. However; In my honest opinion, Squad Leaders and Admins can make or break this game. I'm essentially making this thread, not to rant, but to set a reminder for players to take the lead, and set this game on the right path. And by that, what I mean is to do simple, little things that can make a difference. These include the following; Reporting problem players, a few minutes of your time can save round after round of headaches for other players. Helping others out, online gaming can be known to be a total "I fucked Your mom" environment; if a player is new to the game, feel free to help them out. Squad is known to be the opposite of that. Something as simple as informing them of crucial information about the game that they may not know. Or even just going over the top if they have questions to ask, therefore informing them of this game and how to be a team player. Having a Mic - I know, we've all heard it, not everyone can get a mic on their hands when playing. However, it is crucial for squad leaders to have a verbal form of communication with their squad mates. Encouraging others not to give up. We all want to get back in the action quick, but there's been countless times where a game could've been won if Squad Leaders remind their squad mates to wait for their respective medic. Having two medics in a full nine man squad. Squad leaders having a well thought out plan. If your squad leader is reluctant to actually lead, the solution is simple. Announce you are leaving the squad due to poor communications skills, and find/Create a new squad. Eventually others follow suit. Conserving Ammo, we all like shooting - however, shooting endlessly into the air when you're taking the objective is not what is best for your squad. Having Active server admins -Active Admins who take note of any negatives in their server, and taking action about it cannot be more appreciated. Cheers guys To the new players who play the game constructively - this is a community driven game. I highly urge you to take the following information listed above for granted, and making a difference for all of us, for the better. Some New Players helpful Tutorials via @karmakut Basic Tips and Tricks Have a nice day and Squad on!
  12. last weekend was the most frustrating ive had in squad since i started playing in closed alpha.. A lot of new players that obviously didnt do any research on how the game works or what they are doing or how to play.. Im cool with that, im glad the community is growing, but now the amount of hackers is insane. I have not felt like I was killed by a single hacker, or noticed a hacker in any match until last night. I will be posting to the hacker section with my evidence for both hackers... I cam across 2 in an hr period, and now a couple hours later I get back on and the first match has one in it. I started playing squad full time because rainbow six siege is riddled with hackers atm and now squad is on its way as well... I knew the current anti cheat system wasnt that great but damn this is getting insane really fast!. Here we go again.. another pc game on its way to the shelf that is my steam library again.. Gta 5 was an amazing game for what it was but after it got badly hacked I just quit and havnt touched since.. now siege is heading that way, and if something isnt done, squad is on the way. The hackers Im having to deal with are some that are already mentioned on the forums
  13. Mic check?

    With all these new mute friends joining Squad, could we please add an optional mic check function so you have to make some noise into the mic to join servers that have the function ticked? Please devs? :wub: (yes I know this has been suggested before but with the game on the steam top sales list it should obviously be more relevant now...)
  14. I felt the need to increase visibility of common misconceptions among new players that joined the game after EA. Misconception number 1: "Enemy can hear local chat". I cannot count how many times SLs (experienced sounding too) stated that enemy can hear you talk on local. I dismissed these claims at first of course but round after round people kept repeating that and I myself got booted out of the squad because I would 'reveal our position to the enemy'. Madness! So I decided to investigate - perhaps it's a bug? While seeding a server with TFB guys we tried it, face to face. We couldn't hear jack as expected, even when their guy was wounded on the ground. So why is this a thing? Where did this misinformation come from? Steam forums? The amount of people believing this local-chat boogeyman is astounding on European servers and its disruptive to gameplay. (To the newer members on the forums - it's been stated multiple times that enemy cannot hear you chat on local - it is intentionally implemented like this by the devs, otherwise people would migrate to team-speak.) So question to you - other players - have you actually experienced the local-chat boogeyman? Is there any truth to it? Also please post misconceptions you have faced for us to discuss.
  15. I think the death screen could be a little confusing for new players. As it is when you are killed instantly it just goes to the spawn screen with no indication of what happened. To me half the time it feels more like I died by some glitch rather than being killed, even though I'm sure someone just got a nice headshot. I think a combination of the old "DEAD" screen and the current spawn screen would help new players to realize what has happened better. Maybe even a slight fade out for a split second before jumping to the death screen. I liked the suddenness of the old "DEAD" screen but something about this new one doesn't quite feel right in my opinion. I know all of this is still being tweaked but I think adding at least some indication that you were killed will save a lot of new players being confused and possibly thinking it was a glitch rather than a death. Also, many times when I'm instantly killed there is no spawn timer.
  16. We should have a Getting Started in Squad thread - so here it is! I'd like to have a list of things that people who have played the game and learned lessons can share with new players as we all get started. It is our community to build so let's build it right, right from the start. This can include technical things like game settings, quirks to controls... bugs... but what I am really hoping people will do will share HOW to play the game. How to interact with your Squad, how to lead a Squad.. stuff like that. One thing that has come to mind as I've been watching videos is the phonetic alphabet that a lot of the YouTubers are using. ***EDIT*** "Keypad" refers to the location within a grid square using the locations of keys in a standard numeric keypad. This allows a more specific grid reference over comms. /EDIT They are saying "Keypad" for K instead of Kilo. Now I don't know perhaps the US has started using Keypad... but I was taught and used Kilo in the CF. This is a small thing but just something I thought about. So yeah let's hit the road running! This weekend is coming and I want to have some great gaming!
  17. Flight school

    This may not be required but I'm assuming that like PR flying will not be that simple, and nothing is worse than climbing into a chopper and having a noob pilot fly you into a hillside. At least if the is some for of training mode people can learn without messing up the game for other people. I know this is not a priority compared to core gameplay stuff but probably well worth it long term.
  18. (I sincerely apologize for previously using inflammatory memes/lingo, that could be perceived as condescending, and I sincerely thank Litoralis for informing me of my errors. I have checked myself, before I wrecked myself, and kindly ask any and all posters in this thread to the same) The recent upswing in popularity for the spiritual predecessor to Squad, PR, has brought a pressing issue to light. That issue is how newer and/or more casual players may not play the same way as others on the same server, causing conflicting interests in how to play the game. In general, the issue boils down to, on 'hardcore' servers, things like not using the mic, 'misusing' assets since people do not know about the spawn system/expect assets to function as in most FPS games, extensive lone wolfing, and playing mostly for kills since in most FPS games, that is how you win, etc. The same phenomenon happened to ArmA II with the introduction of the DayZ mod; the player base expanded more rapidly than the experienced players could handle introducing the newer ones to the game, which mostly eliminated the hardcore un-modded servers. Essentially, without the proper server host tools, a game like PR will only provide the hardcore "PR experience" if there's only a fairly small, single minded, not rapidly expanding community, which won't be the case with Squad. Simply put, in order to satisfy both casual/new, as well as old/hardcore gamers, we NEED to give server hosts the option to implementing limitations, rules and regulations to prevent asset 'stealing', not using your mic, not focusing on the objective, etc., on hardcore team play servers, while at the same time making sure all this is optional, so that more casual/laissez faire servers can also exist for those desiring this experience. Feel free to brain-storm with me on how to do this. Some suggestions (note: these should be OPTIONAL for the server hosts!): - Auto mic-check (click join server, pop-up "talk into mic" window, if sound is detected/loud enough, you can join) - Tutorial required for assets (you 'unlock' the ability to use assets like planes/tanks/kits by playing their brief tutorials before requesting them) - A basic tutorial before joining your first game (like a "welcome to Squad" kinda thing) - Commander/SLs approving asset spawn/taking assets (saw a great discussion regarding this. Can't find the thread ATM, sadly) So, what do y'all think of this? How do you think popularity will affect Squad? How do you think we could handle a wider/more diverse player base without conflicting interests? (Note: This is NOT intended to criticize newer or more casual players. Please, do NOT post ANYTHING of this nature here. Be nice! )
  19. Hi all, Some of you may know me from over the last 7 years since PR 0.5 when I started playing the mod and I'll hedge my bets that a lot won't, thanks to an influx of fresh interest and new players that Squad has undoubtedly generated - It's great to see you all, as much as it's great to see some fellow clingers-on of PR still keeping this amazing genre alive and worth continued development. My thanks to the DEVs for creating this whilst not abandoning PR. I last checked in on Squad in mid-January but with the recent appearance of a Jackfrags gameplay video on YouTube showcasing impressive progress in such a short space of time I thought I'd drop by the forums and see what's new. It lead me to see the PR 1.3 feature video, which was nice; seeing as how watching Jack's video has made me decide to take a break from my other games and boot PR back up again once I return from my weekend away (I'll see you on the battlefield)! I'm glad to see this game going from strength to strength, but after just a short stint of browsing the forum I'm sensing an undercurrent of unpleasant elitism towards a new player base as well as the comparisons they draw and the suggestions they bring, in a similar vein to the threads when PR 1.1 was set to release and instead of embracing the inevitable influx of new players to take under our wings and show the ropes to in the same way we would have been as new players, people made noise like it was the end of days, or going to be a tactical disaster like that hilarious video from Muttrah v1 when the new helicopter mechanics were added in, all over again - there was talk of locked squads and the like. An "us and them" mentality, if you will. I can see it festering under the surface here, too - and it's not encouraging for a game genre based first and foremost on the teamwork and trust of a large number of strangers. New players supporting the global player base should be celebrated, not shunned - do we really want to become the Wildstar community, who despite risking their beloved and relatively new MMO becoming free-to-play due to it's low player base and poor revenue performance, disdainfully refer to new players that can't devote themselves to its steep learning curve and hard-core raiding mechanics as "filthy casuals"? Please think about the type of community we want to promote and foster in this new era of an overlooked gold mine genre every time you post. Welcome new players with open arms, embrace them and nurture them to love this game as many of us ourselves were with PR. Treat everyone with courtesy, and by all means disagree with suggestions and promote lively and challenging dicusson and debate, but do so with respect for other people to harbour different views than your own. Let's make this community and game exceptional.