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Found 23 results

  1. So apparently, in order to be able to use the mortar accurately in this game, I have to use a calculator that isn't even in the game to start with. Words cannot describe how dumb this is. Something like this should have been in the game to begin with. Since there is no actual way to range a target in the game, it makes the mortar weapon pretty much useless. Link: The Calculator
  2. Hello, Having a game where the enemy cannot get in and start to use mortars for 10, 20, 30, 40 ...minutes is not fun. I would like to suggest 50 rounds of mortars per eg. 20 or 30 minutes. If you cannot hit anything with 50 rounds then too bad for you.
  3. Squad Mortar Calculator App for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitchellhodzen.squadmortarcalculator&hl=en Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range.This app is available to download through Google Play on most android devices. Features: Simple to use GUI to quickly enter coordinates, no need to use a keyboard Accurate down to the sub-sub-sub-key Set new targets quickly - No need to re-enter mortar position Works for any sized map Fast an efficient - No fluff, just open the app and enter coordinates This app has been thoroughly tested and shown to be fast and accurate If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know, I'll be happy to make changes. Changelog: Possible future features: Setting and saving multiple mortar positions to account for multiple mortar FOBs - May work against the simplistic nature of the app Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/6ay948/squad_mortar_calculator_app_android/
  4. Mortar

    I would like to discuss possible mortar changes that benefit the overall behaviour of the mortar operator and their victims. First of all, I would like to share what I like and dislike about the current mortar's and why I think a change is needed in the first place. The concept of indirect fire can be an effective option to suppress the opponent position or to force that the inf/vehicles need to get in cover or reposition. That said the one thing that a Mortar operator can't see is the target area itself and often need a scout at the frontline. But the main issue is that you can't miss your target if it gets marked thanks to the pinpoint accuracy and even without a mark you can still be pinpoint effectively thanks to third-party website/apps. Thanks to the pinpoint accuracy the infantry doesn't care/worry about the incoming mortar fire if the first shell didn't hit their position because they know the second and third one will miss as well and the mortar just getting ignored/ridiculed. To be honest that brakes some of the immersion, at least for me and some friends with the current mortar's and that why I would like to discuss some changes. I would like to suggest that the mortar fire gets some more impact in the field and in the mindset of the victim's that they get more worried about incoming mortars but not to a point that is ridiculed. Therefore I will provide some nerfs and buffs at the same time that the whole system stays balanced. The overall fire rate and accuracy should be decreased that we can increase the impact/splash radius of HE and the general upkeep. The smoke output could be simply increased and adding airburst would add more variety to choose from for engaging certain targets with the mortar. My initial suggestion's in short For the mortar itself - Mortar magazine from 3 to 1 - Decrease fire rate to ~6-12 RPM (~5-10 sec reload) - Increase ammo cost per shot to ~75 - Add more deviation, less accuracy ~25m radius/50m diameter where the shell can land For HE shells - Increased killing radius to ~34m - Increased bleeding range ~51m - Increased slightly wounded range ~60m For smoke shells - Increase the smoke output by ~x2,5 per shot For airburst - That just something on my personal wishlist. Airburst is a shell type that explodes mid-air for more effective against infantry in the open but less effective against structures and didn't penetrate the armour of vehicles. The increased splash radius with v13 was much needed but wasn't enough or do you think otherwise? I would like to hear your opinions especially if you play a lot of mortar or being on the opposite receiving end.
  5. Mortar redesign

    My primary reason for this suggestion is to remove static mortars entirely. This is due to the negative impact they so often have on the over all team by way of tying up resources i.e logi trucks, manpower (often a full squad when it's coupled with a superfob), and radio exclusion area. However, for all you mortar fans, I am also suggesting adding even more mortars to the game. So firstly, I suggest that infantry mortars be added. Typically a man-portable 50-60mm (M224, M6, RM-38 etc) mortar and give them about 10 rounds (subject to balance, refillable from ammo bags). These can be used in a squad push and can be effectively ordered and directed by that teams own squad leader. This creates stronger team work between SL and mortar man and will lead to faster engagement times and overall more effective mortar support at the squad level. Secondly, add vehicle mortars (81-120mm). This adds the punch back to mortar support and re fills the map wide/team wide mortar support capacity while also being more flexible in that they can rapidly redeploy when the front pushes out of range or the enemy gets too close. Also most of the existing vehicle mortars in the real world are variants of vehicles we already have in game i.e BTR (Nona SVK), LAV (LAV-M), Stryker (MC), make shift technicals for the Militia/Insurgents could be made (similar to the rocket arty technical). Both types of mortar support that are called for in Squad are covered by these two options, that being smoke/barrage just before a push and fire for destruction of emplacements/HAB. All done with greater flexibility and with out tying up valuable resources, and I would argue being more enjoyable and rewarding those playing the mortar roles.
  6. Having limited rounds of mortar airburst and somke shell's will be more effective in the game. this shells will be helpful in different combat situations.
  7. Strix Anti tank Mortar Round

    With some people worrying tanks becoming too powerful, how about adding AT rounds such as the Strix Mortar fired 120mm round. It can be launched from fixed or mobile 120mm Mortars and is actively seeking out tanks when fired. You would also have to add 120mm mortars of course, but it would be nice to have some proper firemissions as well so... Strix AT Mortar Round
  8. Hey, I really like to play on Bella´s Battleground, because I'm not with rush hour in my region and [BB] has the best ping and experience of playership during that daytime. Unluckily, I just teamkilled 6 guys with one round of mortars on Chora (my ingame name is "Scurl ♥ Squad"), because they rushed into an enemy FOB-compound that we bombarded. The mortar firing was already going for around 3-4 salvos, so it frankly wasn't my fault. Instantly banned. I expected the kick, even if I instantly went in all chat, apologizing. I wanted to reconnect, but found out I even got banned. I understand that it's set for instant kick to prevent trollers from ruining a game continuosly and that's okay. But a permanent ban seems harsh to me, because especially with mortars I've seen a lot of teamkills and especially on those smaller maps. And I guess there have been such things before and people are getting unbanned and stuff, but I also think many don't bother trying to discuss it rather than just taking another server (which I won't, because [BB] is as mentioned one of the few I can properly play on, which also is the reason I am here now). So, if theres an unban possible by any chance, I would love to get in favor of it. Also, maybe just kick or disable the player (kick from squad, no assigned team or something) until someone looks into it, before permanent banning (maybe that's happening right now?). I've not seen many excessive teamkills that would really deserve a ban, maybe around 3-4. But I don't know, maybe it's too complicated to do so, and at least I got the time and leisure to look up the forums to write this. Have a good day, Scurl
  9. Some people including mayself think mortars aren't deadly enough. I believe the reason for this is because every building seems to be built out of indestrucible material that is unable to collapse. I imagine quite often a mortar shell on a mud hut would have the roof come down with stones and shit killing the soldiers inside but this can never happen in this game because of current technical limitations as I understand it. So, I have another suggestion -Make mortar penetration on direct hits on buildings have 100% penetration instead of having them penetrate the material of the roof as seems to be the case right now, i.e. a hit to the roof of a small house with a person underneath would hurt equally bad as if there would have been no roof at all and the shell just exploded like 3 ft above your head. I think that would be much more realistic. Afterall, I believe I have heard that artillery stands for the majority of casualties in most wars and in this game everyone just go and hide inside their indestructible huts or whatever.
  10. W♥S Mortar Calculator 2.2.1

    Hey guys, i'm proud to present W♥S's Mortar Calculator 2.0! Now with automated adjustment for height differences. Current Version 2.2.1: http://www.welovesquadgermany.de/xenforo/resources/we-love-squad-mortar-calculator.2/ Big thanks to [M] Karm for the all the help! Hope you enjoy it & happy fragging!
  11. Mortar Calculator (iOS)

    Hi, all I made this mortar/rangefinder for iOS. You can find it here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rangefinder-squad/id1345670804?ls=1&mt=8 if you feel it is useful please leave a rating in the App Store. And any feature request just post them in here.
  12. Finally released an IOS version of the mortar calculator for those like me that have been longing for an IOS app. You can find it free in the app store for iPhones and iPads. Current features: Calculate: Standard calculator Correct: Adjust calculations by direction or range Barrage: Provides regular calibrations to targets in a specified area to help you barrage a zone The project is Open-Source on Github for those interested. App store page: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id135278141 Github repository: https://github.com/JamesLongman/Squad-Mortar-Calculator-IOS
  13. Napster's Squad Mortar Calculator Hi everyone! I'm learning visual studio and decided to make one more calculator. The idea is to make it simple and fast to use, kind of like an artillery computer. Usage should be pretty straightforward. Mortar coordinates at the top, target coordinates at the bottom. you get the azimuth and the milliradians directly. I'd love to get some feedback. Let me know what you think! Google Drive Download (Updated - v2) Screenshot:
  14. Mortar Calculator

    Squad Mortar Calculator As promised here is an mortar calculator script. Use grid-referencing to input position of mortar and target to get elevation (Milliradians) and Azimuth (Angle in °). The link provided works on your smartphone as well. Please provide feedback and ideas for further improvement. Web-Version Python-Version Features: Calculate Azimuth, Elevation and Distance based on mortar and target position. Infinite sub-setting like A1K7K7K8K9 for cruise-missile precision Interpolation for elevation-steps Description: Refer to grids like this: C2-KP5-7 = C2K5K7 A1-KP5-5 = A1K5 or A1K5K5 D12-KP3-9 = D12K3K9 1. Input Mortar-Position 2. Input Target-Position 3. Dial "Elevation" and "Azimuth" into mortar interface 4. Enjoy! Visual Guide: Changelog: Credits: XXPX1, loff Other versions: By XXPX1 By bravo2zero By loff You can find a version for the insurgent artillery here:
  15. Mortar overheating.

    What if the mortars had similar overheat system like HMG's. But in the same time, the more you shoot/heat the barrel, the more inaccuracy you get. Also if you continue to shoot with hot barrel, there would be a slight change that the round would explode on the barrel and kill you (risk rises after each shot with heated barrel). When destroyed you have to dig out the remains and build a new one. I think this would heavily reduce mortar spamming when you have to wait for the barrel get cooler. Also it will add a risk factor for your actions if misused.
  16. Really nice seeing co ordination coming with the update. Players placing IED on bike and another player driving at target, then scout detonating . Mortar attacks peluding assaults, some positive player. Way to go guys. Any more improvement in play.
  17. Implementation of mortars

    He everyone, I had a quick question regarding the implementation of the mortar system in game. Is there already any word from the devs regarding what it will look like? Other then the already existing speculations that it will be pretty similar to what the mortar system looked like in PR. And is there already word out on what the ETA for mortars is? Also. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
  18. I've seen quite a few suggestion and question threads regarding when mortars will be introduced to the game, but what I'm more interested to know is how people are expecting these indirect fire weapons to affect gameplay, and also how in-depth people want the mortar system to be. The reason I've created this discussion is because I've seen a lot of excitement from some people for the eventual arrival of mortars, but I've also seen a lot of complaints (especially in-game) about grenadier and LAT explosive 'spam'. So if people are getting annoyed by small explosives like what's present, then mortars will give them an unpleasant surprise. I personally don't get irritated by the current amount of explosives going off in any given skirmish, and expect mortars to be a nice addition to the game. In terms of depth I'm not interested in a mortar system that requires me to get out a calculator, but want something a little more complicated than a system like Arma. Also, keep in mind that land vehicles will be out well before mortars arrive, which means responding to them will be quite a bit easier than if they were released today.
  19. Im really interested what you, community and developers, think about this branch of weapons in the game, how would affect gameplay etc. I think its good idea because MK-19 is used by USA, there exists russian version of weapon too, I saw it at few videos from war in Ukraine so I assume that militants can use them too. More diffrent sorts of weapons the better. The weapon isnt that accurate acctualy so I think it wont be so overpowered, and it would be good idea to limit weapon in the game. The weapon could be used for suppression, objective defence and as a mortar-kind of weapon for city fights and close combat as in real life sometimes.(you put it like 80 degrees up from standard position) It could be also hooked up on the cars, or on russian and american side, on the humvee or on the russian jeep. This is only idea. Sorry for bad English.
  20. Hi y'all! What do you feel about stationary weapon emplacements such as .50 caliber HMG's, autocannons, mortars & howitzers? Emplacements that can be built just like any other deployable, just more expensive. For example, an HMG emplacement with a 60° arch of fire but stationary or a 155mm~ish howitzer with a 30° arch of fire but that require a crew of 2 to move it in a 360° circle in order to respond to targets with direct fire that might try to flank or just to provide indirect fire at some other location. For all of you who has played Darkest Hour, you will know what I am talking about, the Flak88 & PaK40 at-guns & the likes of such - for all of you who dont - here you go: Yes? No? Maybe?
  21. 60 mm man packed mortar

    How about a mortar gunner kit? Just a normal rifleman kit which carries an extra 60 mm mortar which he can only equip when being crouched and can only fire when a teammate sits next to him and presses the "use" button to start functioning as a loader whilst the mortar gunner will aim and adjust his sights and tell the loader when to drop the shell. Like this:https://www.defensie.nl/english/organisation/army/contents/materiel/arms/mortar-60mm I think this would boost teamwork between individual squadmembers and be extremely fun to use whilst not being too overpowered
  22. Stupid, plain, simple. Where there is night and there are mortars - I want illumination rounds! And the devs must say, "Let there be light," and there was light. Source: hickleyblog.dailymail.co.uk Benefits: Source: globalsecurity.org
  23. so as you can see from the title i have been thinking about adding bunkers or better cover in general such as HESCO barriers as assets which can be deployed in FOBs. the reason for that is there have been many times in PR where i have seen super FOB's in PR being completely annihilated by mortars or rocket fire because all the cover they usually have is just a small walls of sandbags. in addition to that most FOBs aren't built under solid cover. IRL Fobs would probably have bunkers, and i am saying probably since i don't serve but from pictures having a build-able bunker isn't far fetched and could be very useful when pummeled by mortars. they could also maybe be built only by an engineer (been on several threads trying to make engineers useful) and maybe require an extra crate to build heavier fortifications. they won't be on god mode of course. what are your thoughts.