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  1. Official Website : http://postscriptumgame.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PostScriptumGame/ What is Post Scriptum? Post Scriptum is a WW2 modification for the acclaimed tactical shooter SQUAD. Players will relive the events of ‘Operation Market Garden’ across the fields and towns of Holland. This massive Allied assault consisted of a coordination of the British and American Airborne to capture key bridges while the British XXX Corps moved to reinforce them through Highway 69. However, consecutive delays in consolidating ground from the north of Belgium through Nijmegen forced the 1st British Airborne Division in Arnhem to make a stand much longer than anticipated. With no successful link between the XXX Corps and the Airborne in sight, the seventh and final bridge in Arnhem was considered lost. ‘The Bloody Seventh’ is our name for the initial focus of the project as we feel it succinctly details the struggle that the British paratroopers had to endure while waiting for their army counterpart to establish a link through the Lower Rhine. Players will be given the option to fight with the British Airborne Division, British XXX Corps or several branches of the German Army, such as the Wehrmacht or the Waffen SS. It’s a rare opportunity to experience the intense battlefield that was the Battle of Arnhem, which stretched across farms, woods, villages and city areas. Each area is being accurately recreated from archival references that range from street level to aerial images. Whether you’re jumping out of a plane, resupplying friendlies or operating a tank you will find multiple reasons to drop back into the battlefield in this grand scaled representation of a WW2 setting never explored in a large multiplayer environment. http://postscriptumgame.com/assets http://postscriptumgame.com/assets Who are we? Periscope Games is a development group that came to exist from the merging between PR:WW2 (an add-on crew from the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality) and La Voie de La Liberté (a modding team from SQUAD). The project started in the beginning of March (of 2016) with common goals in terms of structure, recruitment and production by the respective lead developers. The team ranges from members with vast experience (with backgrounds such as Project Reality, Traction Wars, Day of Infamy, Invasion 1944 and even Hitman) to SQUAD modders that have extraordinary potential. We are always looking into adding talented members to our ranks. We believe in a balanced representation in numbers across different departments to keep the current steady pace of development. This is a good opportunity for those with a professional background to add a solid project to their portfolios and skilled modders/graduated students to tune their skills in a great working environment. If you’re interested please check out our Recruitment tab here : http://postscriptumgame.com/recruitment to check available jobs within the team. http://postscriptumgame.com/assets http://postscriptumgame.com/assets What is our concept and goals? Post Scriptum takes the common element of longing that is often expressed in the letters of soldiers to bring a more down to earth and intimate perspective of their existence. The concept takes a strong view of the men behind the uniforms rather than glorifying or creating a subliminal sense of empathy that it’s more often related to ideologies than the very nature of Man. This path will be ever present not only in our promotional ads but also in-game. We have a few ideas in mind to integrate immersive elements, traditionally reserved for single player, that will enhance the overall experience (while avoiding detrimental changes to the multiplayer gameplay). Periscope Games long term ideas for Post Scriptum include more than just a detailed WW2 setting for SQUAD. There are unique gameplay features, map layers and gamemodes in the roadmap that will be implemented (and revealed) in due time. We aim to please players that want a multitude of gameplay options along with those who wish to relive the Battle of Arnhem in a historically accurate setting. We’re taking cautious steps through development ensuring we do not bite off more than we can chew. For these reasons and others stated above we will continue to work hard to bring you a great WW2 tactical experience and hopefully earn the merit to launch our project to higher grounds. http://postscriptumgame.com/maps F.A.Q. Do you have a release date? As usual, ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’. How and where are you going to release? We will reveal such details in due time. Are you going to release your content for the modding community? In the current state, as a modding project, most likely not. Is Arnhem going to be the only place you will cover in the campaign? No. It’s in our plans to go beyond that but ‘The Bloody Seventh’ alone will be quite a monumental task. Will we be able to play with vehicles in the first release? It’s preferable not make promises of that sort while so early in development. Why aren’t you working with other WW2 mods in SQUAD? PR:WW2 initiated talks with WW2 mods in the beginning of February. The proposition would be for each lead developer to have an equal share of decision making within the project. Eventually only ‘La Voie de La Liberté’ agreed with those terms as well as sharing equal views in structure, planning and team management. Are you going to lean towards the Allies in your visual concept? We have a neutral stance regarding both factions. We will balance our promotional campaign between one and another throughout our development. The only one sided leaning element might be baseline with its ‘bloody’ British cursing but that was purposely named to have a double meaning as both sides never had full control of Arnhem’s road bridge. Will you censor Nazi symbols? It’s not in our plans to do so. We believe that every single historical element should be captured regardless of its significance. However, we can't ignore country laws in which such symbols are not allowed. For that reason we’re planning to make a censored version for players that live in countries where Nazi symbolism it’s outlawed. However, our execution of this censored version hinges on many factors, some of which may be out of our control.
  2. Inspired by Kashan Desert from Project Reality which was originally created by Duckhunt, Sarau is 16km2 map focused on a combined arms combat.The centerpiece of the map is a large military facility in the Sarau Desert. The facility itself offers medium to close quarters engagements for infantry while you can expect most of the vehicle combat to happen in the wide open desert and oil fields around the military facility offering medium to long range engagements This map features a day and night cycle (WIP): Better in depth video of day and night cycle: Kashan Desert: Sarau Bird eye view: Military complex with a bunker and tunnels (multiple entrances possible): That rectangle is as big as the military will get, there will be a bunker, one airfield, oil fields, a highway and a pipe line. Added new sand texture: Added FlowMap: Pipeline: Highway Pipeline: Radio Tower: Expect a couple villages in the mountains Highway: Started work on the bunker/tunnel system: Bunker: Day: Night: Oil Factory: Updated Textures, Photo Of Dusk: Added new Radio tower: Bunker Almost completed. Credit for the wording: @ISAFMOBIUS04Thanks buddy
  3. Something Ive been working on for the past weeks, hope you guys like it. Textures are WIP Models WIP Character Models: Here's the new Canadian soldier model Weapons: C7A2 C9A2 Vehicules: Gwagon Lav old stuff
  4. Post Scriptum will be paid standalone. Escalation 1985 will be paid standalone. It's like Squad modding is being killed preemptively. Who knows what future mods will follow their path. Are there any total conversion mods to look forward to now? Because after the ESC85 and PS teams dropped those little "oh by the way" bomb shells it seems Squad doesn't have a World War II mod or any other total conversion mod in development right now? I haven't heard anything from Fallen Heroes in a long time and I haven't heard of any other such mods.
  5. Spent a bit of time perusing YouTube and seeing some amazing creations within UE4. For example this video of a dynamic grass system: I was wondering. Are the Squad developers utilizing the UE4 community, like the marketplace to help build this game up? There is so much potential within the UE4 engine and people have made some pretty incredible things. In this example, imagine that dynamic grass system in Squad! This also has me wondering about the goals of BlueDrake42 and the Harsh Doorstop project. Seems like what they're creating could directly benefit a game like Squad? I'm also wondering what the goal of modding will be moving forward. Will it just be traditional modding in the sense where some clients/servers may run mods? Or might the Squad dev team implement mods into the core game? I'm just thinking about what this game could be in the future, and seeing the capabilities of UE4.. Squad could be a simply incredible game.
  6. hello, im looking for a team want to make a futureristic usa mod. you are fully welcome to watch and our group on discord ,the mod includes hud that show your teammates and you can spot enemys. you will have jets and uav in the mod also futuristic helicopters, anti vehicle turrets that can shoot down vehicles, you also have a bomber jet and new maps, it will be destructive mountains and the stone can damage you when it falls from the destroyed mountain and more. THIS WILL BE A BIG PROJECT AND IF ITS HEARD LIKE SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YOU THINK YOU CAN DO SOMETHING THE YOU ARE FULLY WELCOME:) https://discord.gg/Va9wN5p
  7. Hey guys, With this amazing game and its amazing engine I just wish to ask who is going to create a classic WW2 Mod. Just imagine all the tanks, half-trucks, jeeps, planes, helicopters and the building of WW2 defenses + D-Day Normandy Invasion on Omaha Beach or the Airborne Invasion. There was a mod for project reality like this, but adding the paratrooper part like it was in the I44 Arma 2 mod as this engine/game is fluent compared to it. That would be freaking amazing. Wanna know if somebody is even thinking/willing to make such a mod. And please answer the question if you agree with me by clicking yes so the modders know people wi=ould love that. Sincerely, Kydric
  8. Will Squad have a system where the clients will download the used mods on the server upon joining? Or will servers have to set aside different content packs such as ARMA? I know a developer said that the team was going to observe and learn from other games, but the answer was somewhat ambiguous and I was wondering if anyone, developer, player, moderator, whomever had anymore information on the topic. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello fellow SQUAD-players and modders Together with a few good guys we are working on a mod for Squad on the UE4 engine. The concept of the mod is not supposed to be revealed by now, therefore I would like to not have anyone guessing or asking in this thread. So here's the "Recruitment Advertisement": If you choose to support us with your skills, you will get access to our workflow documents and you get the chance to add your opinion and make suggestions, as part of a team. Access to our invisible discord channel on the Squad modding hub will also be granted. Be aware that you should have some references, and be motivated to work as a team. We don´t go through much hassle at the moment as the Squad DEV´s are giving us good support so far. You will work in no-pressure, no-deadlines environment if you apply. Be aware that the content of the mod is not to be disclosed until an official media release somewhat later this year. Right now we are looking for: - 3D character designer (concepts are ready, mesh-work needs to be done, player models) - 3D architectural designers(mapping props/assets) - 3D prop/assets/weapons designer (concepts are ready, Weapons, Equipment, Vehicles) - 2D artist (textures, custom requests) - 3D character animators - Mappers (non geo-specific limitations) - SFX designer (concepts are ready) If you are interested in contributing to a modification that will increase the fanbase of Squad, and give you the opportunity to be content creator, I´d kindly like to invite you to write me a message (PM) on the forums, or to hit me up on the Squad modding discord. kindest regards, Marvin - creative director
  10. So ive been working on this for the past month and i guess it is finally time to show what i've been working on. (NOTE: this was originally going to be a test map for Breaking Point SA, as in a test for getting hired. Im still awaiting word if i will be.) Most of the trees are place holders, lighting needs to be rebuilt (Will rebuild it once im back home in a week's time). So further a do here are some screen shots: These next two photos are old but were the beginning foreground of the map (Early stages) The map will change time of day (Different maps as in squad with example_Map_Day or example_Map_Night) i will update and post new photos of everything that i change, fix ect. Currently most of the trees and bushes need a light map (Which was not provided with the assets that i got from a friend) Inspired by The Last Of Us, and other games and certain locations. Fictional Ukraine.
  11. My idea for a US-specific militia to fight National Guard, and militarized police forces. Being a militia, I really hope that character customization feature is added sometime because there are lots of camos and accessories. <font size="6">Militia:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> It's safe to assume most of their rifles would be converted to full-auto. Squad leader" Loadout 1: MOE AR-15 with foregrip and Eotech or LRP mounted Aimpoint micro, and PMAGS. I see both. (Let's ignore the handguard length difference.) Loadout 2: (For more long-range play.) Something like Daniel Defense's V11 rifles but with an ACOG and maybe a B-5 stock or something similar. Don't judge me, I've seen stuff like that before. Pistol: The glock 19 is the most popular concealed carry gun in the US. I think it would be an appropriate sidearm. But the M1911 is just popular in general. Unique appearance: Plate carrier will include pistol holster and magazine pouches for pistol. Optional cowboy hat. Can be brown leather or a more desert color. Gorgeous facial hair options. Rifleman: Loadout 1: AR-15 with carry handle and iron sights. Loadout 2: AR-15 with A4 upper and StrikeFire on rail. Loadout 3: AR-15 with carry handle, scope mount and 4x20 AC10838. Loadout 4: AKM with polymer handguard, rails, M4 stock, and waffle magazines. Automatic Rifleman. Loadout 1: ARES-16 (without that ACOG). Loadout 2: Stoner LMG (with bipod). Marksman: Loadout 1: Okay, so a marksman's AR-15 is an AR with a 20-24" barrel; a quad-rail, free-floating handguard; a "precision-adjustable stock" (PRC); a UTG or a there-has-to-be-a-better-name-for-this-thing panther-style grip; a bipod; a 20 round magazine; and something similar to a Vortex Strike Eagle scope. I've seen many use smooth tube handguards as well. I came up with this build based of the most popular equipment for a DMR-15. I can't show a rifle with these exact modifications but here's some reference photos to help visualize and also gun pr0n. Loadout 2: M14 with the same scope. Unique appearance: Optional ghillie hood with a few camouflage options. Like desert, grassland, woodland, etc. Ghillie hoods only cover the top half. Grenadier: M16A2 style AR-15 with an M203. Unique appearance: A grenade belt. Sniper: M24. Unique appearance: Same as marksman, ghillie hood. Sapper: Americans love to barbecue. So we're bound to have plenty of propane tanks lying around. And I can't help but think that in the event of a citizen vs. government civil war, the militants would resort to IED's. Propane IED's would be used against infantry. For vehicles, an ANFO bomb. Civilian: Does what the PR civilians did. Or whatever the devs have planned. He'll wear a white t-shirt and jeans. Maybe a little bit of facial hair. Frag grenade: M61. Smoke: Knife: M9 bayonet. Appearance customization for all classes: Woodland: 2nd generation ERDL, forest MARPAT, and multicam. Desert: Desert MARPAT, tricolor desert, multicam and this one sandy camo that I've seen but can't find the name of. Edit: It's ATACS arid, I can't believe no one ever told me. Grassland: Urban: UCP. Customization features for all militants (Unless you're wearing the ghillie hood, you won't be able to put on some headwear.): Shemagh can be worn covering face and head or just face. Will have pattern for desert and woodland. Boonie, baseball cap, or the JonTron (flat top hat.) Can come in any listed camo. Tactical sunglasses: Maybe some boot and glove customization. Feel free to suggest. That concludes the Militia infantry section. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> M998 Humvee: These Humvees are a bit different than normal humvees. The "back" is taken off an usually replaced by a woven covering. They almost always have 3-color woodland camouflage but some are available in the desert scheme. Deuce and a Half: A WW2 truck still sees some use today. Used as transport and logistics truck. Pickup truck: The pickup truck, an American icon. Durable and capable of carrying loads, this can serve as transport and light resupply. A version with a .50 on the back would be nice. Large pilothouse boat: A boat with a closed cabin for the driver. Larger ones look like they may be able to hold an entire squad if they cram in there. Charter boat: Due to much larger size, charter boats will be bale to accept a .50" or 2. Emplacements: Flexible, twin 50 cals for anti air. And then of course the standard barricades, fort, single 50 cal, etc. <font size="6">Police:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Squad Leader: M4 with EOTech and foregrip. Sidearm is a Glock 17. Breacher: Will have the same stuff as a PR breacher would. Or, again, whatever the devs have planned. Loadout 1: Remington 870 with pistol grip and that sort-of M4 stock. Shotgun will have option for beanbag ammunition to subdue civilians. Loadout 2: M4 with EOTech. Grenadier: M32 grenade launcher and M4 with EOTech. Unique appearance: A grenade belt like the one for the militia. Vehicle Crew Member: I'd assume most crew members would be issued a pistol but that wasn't the case in PR and I don't think it'll work like that in Squad either. The crewman will get an MP5. Unique appearance: I can't find a picture of a police vehicle crew, just their head poking out the driver cupola. But from that, they seem like a regular LAV crew but I'd assume with black camouflage. Marksman: Mk110 SASS with bipod. Unique Appearance: Marksmen and snipers can both be seen wearing either just a balaclava or a black baseball cap with "POLICE" written on it. They'll wear the standard kevlar helmet too. Sniper: Remington 700 with bipod. LAT: M4 with EOTech and AT-4. The police don't have AT-4's but I'm 100% sure they'd upgrade in the event of a civil uprising. Everyone else gets an M4 and EOTech or doesn't exist. (Automatic rifleman, HAT, etc.) All classes get handcuffs. Frag grenade: M67 Smoke grenade: M18 Knife: M9 Appearance: A plate carrier with Deltoid armor. It's like sleeves for a plate carrier. On the sleeves, there will be a patch of the police force. And of course the backwards US flag. They'll wear military boots, forest MARPAT pants, and and olive drab-looking t-shirt. A black kevlar helmet is a must. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Lenco Bearcat: An armored car with gun ports. MRAP (armed): Sticking with the idea of police upgrading, imagine a 50 cal on that turret. MRAP (unarmed): It doesn't even have the turret. M113 (unarmed): M113 (armed): Again, the same as above with a 50 cal. LAV-150(?) (unarmed): LAV-150 (armed): With a whopping 90mm cannon. One of the main heavy hitters of the police forces. LAV-300(armed): The LAV you saw earlier in the infantry section was an unarmed LAV-300. Usually this LAV is armed with a 90mm cannon but for balancing, I think we should go with the 25mm version. This will be the other main heavy of the police forces. RHIB boat (armed): With a 50 cal. AH-6 Littlebird (unarmed): AH-6 Littlebird (CAS): Armed with 2 miniguns and 2 7-tube rocket pods. Emplacements are standard stuff. But no TOW launchers. <font size="6">National Guard:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Carbon copy of US Army faction but with ACU and AT-4's for the LAT. And no ugly FAST helmets. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Humvee (armed): Humvee with 50 cal turret. LMTV: Logistics and transport. M2 Bradly: M1A2 Abrams: UH-72 Lakota: Light transport and scouting. UH-60 Black Hawk: AH-64 Apache: CH-47 Chinook: Am I missing something? I seriously cannot find anything on naval craft for the NG. And I know the Air National Guard has F-16's, 15's, and A-10's but that would be OP AF. Leave your own suggestions and criticisms.
  12. Hello Guys hope you are doing great Well basically i want to ask a question about actual mod implementation When should we expect mods in game , like different armies weapons maps , system , And how will it be implemented when you download it ? Thank you Regards WOLF
  13. Hey all, just some background, I am an aspiring Modder who dabbles with the TES community, and I am an avid FPS'er. I recently ran across the Unreal Engine 4 and am pretty impressed with its capabilities. I am new to it but would like to learn it. Does the Squad dev's require 3D modelers? If so, It would be an incentive for me to learn the program and contribute. It may take some time to get a hold of, but I have a somewhat basic understanding of 3DS Max and photoshop and can probably help. If only to say i helped with a game Anyways, any answers are appreciated, thanks.
  14. DISCLAIMER: This is not connected to OWI's progress on vehicles, the vehicles are not done, this was by me, for fun. It took about a full day since vehicles aren't done yet. I had to manually set the rotation of each wheel, basically using the old-school system that was used before the new system that is literally 4 nodes in blueprint. Let's just say the old way didn't use 4 nodes. I plan to make the tractor drivable for real once vehicles come out and are moddable.
  15. Hey guys, my request is simple, if any of y'all have free time (which im sure will take a long time) can you make a offline bot mode. this would really help me as I dont have internet and get on it very rarely. Thanks! and i understand if you cant.
  16. In light of the reveal in The Wrench of a World War I mod in development, I want to begin a World War I thread for Squad to discuss how a Great War mod might be implemented to feature the war's many unique aspects, like trench warfare and the use of poisonous gases. I've compiled the squad and team roles and their loadouts, the weapons, and the emplacements that I think are needed for World War I Squad. Keep in mind that these are historically accurate for 1916-18, but can of course be tweaked for 1914-15 if any maps apply to those years. 1916-18 allows for some cool weapons, so I figured it'd be better to focus on those years. Squad roles 1 Squad leader (pistol + binos) 1 Light grenadier (bolt-action rifle + bayonet + 2 grenades) 1 Medic (pistol + medic bag) 1 Raider (pistol + trench club + grenade) ∞ Riflemen (bolt-action rifle + bayonet) Team roles 3 Heavy grenadier (British) (bolt-action rifle + bayonet + 4 rifle grenades) 2 Heavy grenadier (German) (bolt-action rifle + bayonet + charge) 1 Sapper (German) (flamethrower + pistol) 3 Snipers (bolt-action rifle + scope) 2 Stormtroopers (German) (submachine gun) Weapons Bolt-action rifles > Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk. III* (B), G98 (G) Charges > Stielhandgranate M15 Geballte Ladung (G) Flamethrowers > Wechselapparat M17 (G) Grenades > Mills No. 5 Mk. I (B), Stielhandgranate M15 (G) Machine guns > Lewis gun (B), Madsen gun (G), MG08/15 (G) Pistols > Webley Mk. VI (B), C96 (G), P08 Luger (G) Rifle grenades > Hales No. 20 Mk. II (B) Submachine guns > MP18 (G) Emplacements Machine guns > Vickers gun (B), MG08 (G) Mortars > Stokes mortar (B), 7.58 cm Minenwerfer* (G) *The neuer Art variant As you can see, there's a lot of historically accurate asymmetry; the Germans have excellent CQC capability in the Geballte Ladung, MP18, and "Wex" flamethrower. The British, on the other hand, are benefited in ranged engagements by rifle grenades. Now, there are three predominant things to think about for a World War I Squad; deployables, off-map artillery, and a game mode. In my opinion an FOB radio should be a field telephone set, and deployables should compose of an Earth mound (simulating a trench, and similar in size to sandbags), sandbags, barbed wire (new models for both of these), an MG emplacement, and a medium mortar emplacement. Artillery played a huge role in World War I, so off-map artillery - and lots of it - is crucial. SLs should be able to call in HE, gas, and smoke artillery, and choose the number of rounds they call in (from one to, say, fifteen, to allow for large barrages). Cool down time between call ins should depend on the type of artillery (HE, gas, smoke) and the number of rounds called in; something like one minute of cool down time for every HE round, and two and a half minutes for every gas/smoke round, the reasoning for brief cool downs being that there should be a single cool down time that applies to every SL, rather than individual cool down times for individual SLs. When calling in artillery, if calling in more than one round, you should only be able to call in one type. As far as a game mode is concerned, implement it like AAS except that captures zones are not radii, but rather zones that cover a trench line; that way assaults aren't focused on a single point on the map, and rather are spread across a trench line allowing for back-and-forth assault and defend gameplay.
  17. As a big Verdun player and a World War I/II fanatic, I was wondering if there's any more info on the World War I mod mentioned in The Wrench mod recap? I searched, and I didn't find a dedicated thread.
  18. Name: Jala Land Scape: Alpine Setting: The map is based in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, a fictional place near the mountains in which make it a cooler area, will have more of a forest presence to mountain presence. (Inspired by the Korangal Valley) Colormap: https://gyazo.com/d4fe6ee5b33eff6ab08fe1d08966a76a Plans: 1 major city, 3 or 4 smaller cities/towns, a couple small villages. Infantry, Light armor, Transport, CAS, Heavy Armor. Main highway near the end of the edge of the map, will cut through the valley, the major city will be. Updates will show the progress and improvements over the course of time. Updates: Updates will be uploaded to my Youtube channel as well! https://www.youtube.com/noxxid3 Here is the Height map imported to UE4 https://gyazo.com/67da84fc144f7e4026f4795cca8c2d37 Map General Idea of locations: http://imgur.com/JYn7MMf WIP Spawns and everything are subject to change. Added Color Map: https://gyazo.com/6c22c6e8ab746d4c973cf53fda75720c Roads: First version of the roads WIP (Material is Place Holder desert highway) https://gyazo.com/c6e592caa3c6cfcfe197281d23a07885 https://gyazo.com/8b8295f6a3bcf7298878f90c49f3b33f https://gyazo.com/34a02578f056e97996a9100a2070c497 https://gyazo.com/ecec0ad6c9e14aeb711f78a5e800b036 https://gyazo.com/86bb4bbba928a3eb53de58b1d8a948fa Rocks on sides WIP https://gyazo.com/3cb6222d79fdb25139f03753260909e0 US Main: https://gyazo.com/872099fd249fd43599ae2b9bf2633ee4 Inside US Main Base: Cliff Side By Road: https://gyazo.com/f1ba61e24752948fe0150cf7a8d09796 https://gyazo.com/0a4f7e6769983a323807acf4573566f7 http://imgur.com/ctyziIE Almost done^ Fog: https://gyazo.com/7871dd861e0270cfd431750d2e35534e Added Foliage: https://i.gyazo.com/4a1a529e4bf16c735a201eb059ebb130.jpg http://imgur.com/3Qpzaev http://imgur.com/tqeVQCY http://imgur.com/PbdpJO3 http://imgur.com/mIjWDU3 High Res ScreenShots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4sYnHgtGF8OSE05dkZKSWowU0E https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4sYnHgtGF8ONmRjVXNHYWhCTG8 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4sYnHgtGF8ORHlDWnNYNWZpQXc https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4sYnHgtGF8OcXFaS3lhTXNLZEk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4sYnHgtGF8OSHlMc09xekxrd2c
  19. Name: "Tresenka Border" Landscape: Alpine Climate: Cold Alpine in the higher area closer to the airbase and cold, wet, muddy forests in the lower valley. Dense forests, small water canals, muddy dirt paths, one main highway. Setting: Tresenka Border takes place in a fictional setting along the border between Russia and a country at war. Fighters from the warring country continuously use the river and mountainous terrain to cross into Russian territory aswell as making use of old WWII trenches. However as fighting has intensified in the region, Insurgents have pushed through the border-crossing while Russian forces' increased security will now be on the defensive to protect it's military installations and small civilian population in the region. This battle will take place in a clash near a military airbase just outside of the border between the Russian Federation and Insurgent forces. Factions: Russian Federation vs Insurgents Design Plans: Large scale map designed for Infantry, Transportation, Light Armor and Heavy armor fighting in a heavily forested area. High vantage overwatch military installations, some bunkers carved into the mountains, Radar stations. Custom buildings and assets also planned. Inspirations: Battlefield 2 , Project Reality, Altai Range (Battlefield 4) for setting, Damavand Peak (Battlefield 3). Screenshots: (link) First Rough Pass Update 1 Update 2 - Lighting and Environment Note: This is my first creation using Unreal Engine 4 but i'm so excited and determined to complete this map . Terrain textures were pretty hard for me to get right and natural looking. I'm on my third pass so far so the snow capped mountains are indeed a work-in-progress . Update: Worked on the mountain side and terrain a bit more. Check the album above for screenshots! Feedback and Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi, I'm new to this game and modding in general as well. Being that this game is using Unreal Engine 4 and got a board dedicated to modding I figured the game would be rather friend when it comes to modding. Spent a day making a little more tacticool pistol, and was hoping there was a way to switch the assets https://sketchfab.com/models/75f910f1346247179627c2ae54aa9978 https://imgur.com/134OfYP
  21. Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself and our group, Bloodbath <URL 1> <URL 2> (no relation in the names-- just coincidence). We originate from Red Orchestra 2, but we're huge supporters of custom content in either game and have a track record for organizing full-server events for beta map/mod tests. I'd like to be one of the first to offer a test server for any and all custom maps and content you folks are able to create. Feel free to contact me on Steam (I'm more active on there than Discord). Keep up the good work and take confidence in that your creations will be played! Cheers!
  22. So, I have heard of WW2 mods in development for Squad and I know its early in the game for mods but I thought it was something to talk about. For me personally, one thing that makes squad a great game is really the sounds. I know its weird but hear me out. When you play other military simulations the weapons make more of a "bang" sound. In Squad they make a "pop" sound. Again, I know its weird but its one little thing that sells the game. So in some kind of WW2 mod, I want to be sitting in the woods on the Eastern Front with my K98 rifle and hear it echo through the trees when I shoot. Its those little things that make the game so much better. And a lot of people say " there is not enough weapon variation with WW2" but, there is. I mean you have the Russians, Germans and Americans (with a few others) that all have their own weapons and vehicles. That is another thing to take into account, vehicles. Vehicles are a very broad topic. For this, only ground vehicles. There are so many vehicles in WW2 you could use. Probably mostly tanks and Jeeps of some sorts. Tigers, Shermans, Willy's Jeeps. So think about these things and talk about what you think about a WW2 mod and what it should include to really make it great. If you want to answer these questions: What vehicles would make a WW2 mod really stand out to you? What little details of the game would sell a WW2 mod?
  23. I know third person isn't huge on PC shooters but I know a lot of guys that love third person cam. Some really awesome (and different) games have this like Arma, Insurgency, Socom, etc. Was curious if any modders had any plans for something like this. To keep it fair there could be a third person only server. I know I'd buy one for some time.
  24. Now we are close to modders getting the Squad SDK I wanted to ask how mods will be distributed for Squad in the future? Steam is great when it comes to subscribing to maps, sounds etc for games that then keeps you up to date when the latest version is released. Will Squad be using the power of Steam's ecosystem and hopefully making it easy for modders to put up their mods and for players to vote and promote their work.
  25. Hello everyone ! Let me first of all introduce myself, I am Romain, 28yo CG Supervisor for video game cinematics. I have recently worked on project like Halo 5, Grey Goo, Call of Duty ect... I am also member and founder of the ArmA section in the multigaming community =BoB= aka BreizhoO, I am pretty sure I have played with some of you guys on Squad or any other simulation game out there. I am new in the video game industry though, always worked with pre rendered cut scenes, and I have just started in the modelisation of some WWII era assets. Endgame being integrated those as a mod in Squad with Unreal Engine 4. Those assets are started : ( I will get some WIP renders later this week ) Opel Blitz - 80% KubelWagen - 70% Stielhandgranate - 100% Pak 38 - 90% STG 44 - 40% The list is quite long, and for now I am only working on this on my spare time. I will first focus on the firearm themselves, and then, when the SDK gets released, I will get the characters and vehicle up and running? I hope that we will be able to get the original rig, and reuse the game animation. I am also negotiating with the Milirary History Museum of Budapest to get my hand on some Axis and Allies outfit and gears and then 3D Scan them with my company hardware system to get ultra hight quality model, almost never seen in an Indie game before. Now, to get a bit more into details and to introduce the mod : It will be a partial game conversion using some existing asset and animation. Project name is : 1944 : La voie de la liberté. This is the road that goes from Utah Beach in Normandy to Bastogne in the East of France. Crossing Britanny, and Center of France to finish into those cold Ardennes valleys. Battlefield will be various, from the Libération of Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Carentan, Rennes, Anger, Le Mans, Verdun, Bastogne ect... The main idea is to develop a war frontline, with no compromise, extreme simulation, so extreme that gameplay would be left behind on some aspect. Difficulty and Inertia will be the keywords. No quick reload, if it takes 20 seconds for the crew to get in the Panzer 38 (t) then, 20 seconds it will take. MG Gunner will have less stamina than a simple rifleman, or according to his load. Emphasize ambush and transport more than Gun & Run Here are a few features we would like to showcase, via Scripting or Blueprints in UE 4 : - Drink & Stamina ( Drink coefficient is directly connected to the speed of Stamina regeneration. ) - Towing of Canon and light Artillery. - Troop transport, Opel Blitz, Half track, Light carrier ect.. - Light armored vehicles, M5 Stuart, Panzer 38 t. No Heavy Unit - Squad Based, FOB, rallypoint ( Squad ) - Massive non linear map based on actual location - Construction and Fortification ( Squad ) - Gear modification ( Tree branch for canon camouflage, sandbags ect... Men of War like ) - HQ and High Command ( Squad ) - Axis and Allies, Western Front conflict. - Inventory, micro gestion, ammo and drink canteen ( Men of War like ) - Vehicles Cargo ( ArmA like ) - Night and Day cycle ( If technically possible ) - Autobipod ( Red Orchestra like ) Everything announced is subject to changes, but the main idea is here. We will start with the basic features first, in order to get a prototype released no too long down the road. On the reference side, here are some and what we like from them : - Invasion 44 & Iron Front (mod ArmA) ''Speed pace and tactics'' - Resistance & Liberation ( mod Half Life ) ''Game overall concept and belt inventory'' - Men of War series ''Micro gestion and inventory'' - BattlegroundEurope WWII OL ''Game concept and scale and learning curve'' - Red Orchestra & Darkest Hour ''Game concept, and weapon behaviour and impact + bipod system'' - Project Reality ''Team based'' As you can imagine, this is a gigantic task that is in front of us. This is also why I offer to any volunteers to step up, we need 3D Artists, Texture Artists, Progammers, Level designer and Sound specialist. There is absolutely no obligation what so ever in therm of time to invest, if you just feel like modeling one gun and then leave, it is all good with us. If you feel like this is a project you like and want more responsability, then that is also totally fine. Everything is to be done, so if you like it, text me, and we will find you a task suited to your skills. If you have a showreel, or example of past work, please attach them to the discussion. Pipeline is as follow : 3D Modeling : 3dsmax or else for High & low poly. (We need high and low poly modelers, I can provide High meshes that just need retopo and UV's) Texturing : PBR Shader Substance Painter & Designer Photoshop Rigging : 3dsmax Game Engine: Epic Unreal Engine 4 I also have a possibility to purchase some good models on Turbosquid or CG Trader, I will activate a transparent paypal microdonation system to help. Everything will help, up to what you can and want to give, 100% of it will be used in the game purpose. This totally optionnal and is basically like a kickstarter to help us shorten some corners. Thanks for your support. =BoB=BreihzoO