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Found 31 results

  1. So I find that when I play in pretty much any server, I get around 60% of the time is either America vs Russia, or Britain vs Russia. I don’t know why there can’t be more Militia and Insurgents team per match, or hell, even Canadians. I feel like they don’t get as much love as they should, and I find they are so much more fun to play with, since you got more vehicles to choose from, along with your weapons. And even the tactics change a lot to really get that Militia/Insurgent feel. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but what would you guys suggest? More or less Insurgents/Militia
  2. If you've seen some footage of the Iraqi troops battling ISIS, you will notice that they are packing heat from the US. They have a bunch of hand-me-down gear like humvees, m16s, m249s, Abrams, etc. However, they still use their old soviet era weapons and vehicles alongside the US ones. It would be a US Army and Militia hybrid army. They are a force to be reckoned with and will be no pushover against factions like the Insurgents or Militia, but will have a harder time going against more conventional and modern armies like Russia, US, or Great Britain. I hope this will be an extended discussion where we can turn this into reality. Below are some images I've pulled from Google to help convey my points.
  3. I find it really weird when in "Arabistani/Middle East" setting, where Insurgents and Militia go at it, we have strangely out of place Militia dressed in Russian Mafia track suits and Soviet/Russian old camo pieces with cold weather field jackets and such. Some would say such cosmetic thing is not needed and absurd, but doesn't it seem absurd on the first place having Slavic/Eastern European men running around Middle East fighting Insurgents. After all Russian Ground Forces for example get different versions of camo for different settings, so why not change out different uniforms for appropriate settings for Militia? For example, for Al Basra Map, having Militia have uniform akin to Mahdi Army of Al Sadr. - All black with green or white or black lettering akin to Hezbollah. For Afghan desert, have uniforms typically worn Pre Taliban Northern Alliance. - Mix of old soviet desert and American BDUs with afghani civilian clothing.
  4. Partial credit to mr. AllezVites from Reddit for coming up with the 6 man squad idea. I just reworked it a bit and am shamelessly stealing parts of his post. Here's the orginal. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/aiy51k/insurgents_new_specialist_squad/ im transfering it here in hope that someone will consider this, or at least it will make him think. Here's what Allez Vites wrote We've all discussed faction balance in terms of vehicles, emplacements, and fortifications. This comes up when discussing Insurgents as well, but, when it comes to them, I think we're better off addressing team structure and squad roles. Cap squads to 6 players: Capping squads to 6 players increases the total number of squads. Currently, a faction is capped at 4 full squads and 1 auxiliary squad. If this cap is introduced, the total number of full squads is increased to 6 + 1 auxiliary squad. With 6 squads, you now have more rallies that can be placed which leads to more agile movement strategies - I think this should keep traditional factions on their toes - leveraging asymmetrical combat and guerrilla tactics... Im snipping the rest in which he talks about specialist squads becouse i believe it would require too much meddling in the game and too much complication to a very little gain and as such, would make the whole concept unappealing and would sink it.Here's My own idea of additional changes to insurgents to improve His idea. reduce the number of specialist slots from 3 to 2(Or not, this one can be forgotten to buff insurgents up a bit) do a max number of all specialist slots (Not counting leadership and crewpeople) per side like with HATs and MG's . Example (might be higher for any particular one, might be lower) 4 LATs, 4 ARs, 4 GLs, etc. Thats there to counter every squad just getting AT and AR while completely neglecting other slots which would result in over saturation of the battlefield with few particular kits. That way you get some more variety/you simulate the lesser logistics and having to fight with what you have while still having those things on the team level in a similar number that you would have while operating in 9 man squads. Nerf max medics per squad to 1. Why? to simulate worse medical support and personal protection (Helmets, Vests and stuff). To simply put it- rebels are more likely to die when being fired at than soldiers. This is reduced a bit by the fact of having more squads and and everyone with a bandage being able to revive. Having the ability to field 2 medics in a single squad and thus higher survivability in a firefight would be one of the regular military's perks. So far all im doing is taking things away from insurgents that will screw the balance too much, right? right. But to counter that i propose to give them this one major advantage 4.Raise the number of rallies per squad from 1 to 2. That paired with having more smaller squads means that they can basically come from anywhere all the time. Hunting down one rally basically just closes off one venue of attack for 6 men instead of pushing 9 people all the way to main base/some fob few clicks away. It means sustained pressure and the need for regular army to do proper sweeps and maintaining perimeter if they want to secure an area for good. It comes at a price though- play too aggressively and you'll burn through your tickets like HMMWV burns through fuel. If you feel its too OP you might increase the overrun radius to go along with the "more agile but more fragile" theme. Do all of that and voila- more squishable, lesser equiped but more agile and hard to completely get rid off like cockroaches faction versus a robust modern military. Going in hard but encumbered by its might. You get asymmetrical warfare for the lowest work to gain ratio possible. Main idea behind those changes- insurgents/militia are not regular army. Right now they're structured like one with having worse equipment (and some toys like IEDs) It just makes them a worse regular army. What im proposing is an entirely different way of fighting that makes it its own unique faction with their own set of advantages and disadgantages. What im proposing is playing guerilla like guerilla- outmaneuver, strike where it hurts and **** off before the entire might of western civilization blows you to kingdom come.
  5. There are many different techie military vehicles used in modern conflicts. I think that devs shouldn't stop adding new ones and give more variety. That would make the game more interesting. Here my examples of new vehicles are that I believe should be added. 1. Toyota Hilux + mounted M1937 37mm soviet AA cannon. I saw many times this variation used various groups in modern conflicts. As I believe Insurgents must have weapon that can destroy medium armored vehicles such as warrior, MRAP or BTRs. Also it would be good for usage against Helies once it's added. First of all, I hope that you will finally add Hilux since this car that Opfors factions have is too small to mount ZSU, ZPU or M1937. 2. S-57 57mm Soviet cannon mounted by URAL, Daihatsu, Hyundai or any other truck. This shell's caliber could penetrate even Bradley's armour and also would make gameplay more interesting. 3. T-55 Also using the chance I want to mention again that Insurgents need their own tank. I believe that t-55 would be nice decision since this is pretty old tank and is not so modern as t-62. 4. ZPU-4, ZPU-2 These heavy machine guns can be mounted by Hilux as well. It has 14.5 caliber same as BTR-80 cannon. Could be equipped by high explosive shells and would make Opfor factions more chances to fight with Blufor. Thx for attention. Hopefully Squad will become more realistic and similar to modern conflicts.
  6. Militia in Desert

    I just find it strange that the Militia is fighting in the desert, I guess it is with my server primarily doing this but still, I still find it strange that we got new INS models and stuff and now militia is fighting in the desert? I just dont think that layer should exist? I mean INS and Militia have very similar kits anyways so just gemme that little detail.
  7. You get a Scout who lays an IED down. They get shot in the face. They respawn at main(instant spawn), take out their phone, ka-blewy. Why is that IED/Phone still tied to the old IED? As soon as they go dead-dead, it should disappear. Mines are fine to stay after they die, but the whole "Allah may let you blow infidels up from beyond the grave!" is a bit ridiculous.
  8. *This applies to public vanilla matches and not competitive clans or stacked teams** So every time this map comes up and you're on Militia you know you're pretty much F@#%ed..... If you were to take equally balanced teams on both sides with somewhat equal skill level then it's pretty much a given that U.S. forces will win on that map 90% of the time. Look I know it's doable with a good team that cooperates internally and all that jazz yeah fine I agree but I don't think anyone can refute the FACT that the majority of matches on OP FIRST LIGHT are one-sided to the U.S. Forces. It's a lose-lose situation. I believe OP First Light is the tipping point to a much bigger problem and that is a heavily unbalanced Militia Faction in general. This can also be seen on Sumari Bala, and to some extent on Logar Valley. Some people would argue that this is due to lack of optics on Militia, Squad's lack of balancing players mechanic (scramble), or that I just suck.. This can be refuted all day long but the fact remains that Militia is simply under-powered when put up against the U.S. Force a sad majority of the time.
  9. link to me a dev post or other thread if this has already been answered. However the current three round burst for militia doesn't reflect how the function actually works in reality and I was wondering if it was going to be re-worked.
  10. Ok so one of my favorite things to do in the game right now is to use rocket artillery. They require a lot of coordination, good timing and a lot of accidental team kills to properly master. But when dialed in right in the appropriate circumstances, I've found that you can make an enemy team bottle up and sit in place. Despite this, they don't get much use not only for these reasons, but also because there are a lot of frustrating little problems with their use. I'll list my current problems with them first. - There is no way to see how high your artillery is adjusted unless someone is looking at it from outside - You cannot traverse the rocket launcher left or right - There is no clear 'center line' on the trucks, making aiming with them somewhat difficult even when using squad markers - When you leave the passenger seat, the rocket pod resets. I'd like to hear a more detailed discussion on this subject, especially from the developers, but there are a few minor changes that I, and others surely, would love to see added. 1. Rocket pod does not reset to neutral after passenger leaves seat. 2. A visual icon showing the degree angles (X and Y) the rocket launcher is pointing. This will make adjustments and communication for fire much easier to manage. 3. Some mild left/right traverse. Not loads but just enough for a player to make minor tweaks on their own. Would love to hear what other players think and what the devs think. It's not entirely related, but I would love to see the Russian army get an equivalent some time in the future, perhaps in the form of a BM-21 truck, or perhaps a mortar striker for the US in the future.
  11. The title says it all. It would fit the faction much better than IED's (not saying they don't use them). And maybe increase the amount of active mines to 4, but leave INS at 3 (they still have those IED's) + Fingers crossed for AP-mines.
  12. In game we have Marksmans - guys, who have DMR's and are not so different from soldier with optic on his AK or M4. But what if real sniper class was added? Like 1 or 2 for a team. For example-militia can use Mosin-Nagant rifle(1 photo), insurgents can use same Mosin or Kar98k( photo 2 and 3), US can use M40 or Harris M-86 (photo 4 and 5), russians will use СВ-98 (6 and 7). What do you think about this? Eastern-ukrainian terrorist with Mosin-Nagant Mosin and Kar 98k in Syria M 40 and Harris M-86 СВ-98
  13. American Militia?

    Wouldn't it be nice if they eventually developed an American Militia...?.... full of blue-jeans, tennis shoes, velcro vests, flag hats, imported AKs, old AR15s, and tapco SKSs......? Either way, i would like to see an unconventional US forces, irregulars... or even contractors/mercenaries...
  14. Yay Alpha 9 is here! Just make sure you're shooting at the right BTR! Russia and Militia have BTRs now. The camouflage paint pattern is different however. Remember to check your map before you let the RPG fly. (Not sure why the Militia BTR gun is sunk in the model in local) And a reminder on their tickets values here
  15. Why did you change the medic weapon of the milita faction? The AKU was much more precise and enjoyable to play. And it was one of these guns that play much different from other AKs and now even more people play kind of the same weapon and tbh the aks74 is complete trash and destroyed a lot of my fun playing as medic. Please give us an option to get the beautiful aku back for the milita medic so we can all have fun in this game again
  16. The US and Russian factions usually have the upper hand against the Militia, for one simple reason. Vehicles. Say what you will about the M4A1 or woodland EMR, but the HMMWV and BTR-80 are the game-changers when it comes to fighting conventional factions. So, how to address this dilemma? Uh... BRDM-2 anyone? Implemented right, the BRDM-2 would help to balance the Militia faction while retaining asymmetry and realism. Compared to the BTR-80, it has the same 14.5 mm KPVT as its primary armament (making the devs' job a bit simpler), while having somewhat thinner armor and a smaller carrying capacity. I would give it the same ticket value and respawn time as the CROWS and set the limit to one BRDM, though perhaps two on vehicle-centric maps like Yehorivka; technicals should still be the primary source of vehicular firepower. Furthermore, the BRDM-2 opens the devs to a world of variants, including ones mounting anti-air or anti-tank missiles. BRDM-2s have been used for decades in conflicts all over the world, most recently in the War in Ukraine, a region where the Militia faction is hypothetically set.
  17. Hi ya, i really like squad so much, its far better then BF series but only one problem. the militia clothes is strong black which can be spotted easily for example the U.S army use desert clothes in the desert and the militia use strong black clothes,when i play as U.S army i can easily spot militia from far distance easy and not just desert maps but also forest map also. when i play as militia i can't hide myself in the forest or desert because of my strong black clothes i get easy spot especially when militia comes in group. i really hope you guys chg the militia colour uniform. keep rocking dev
  18. I'm surprised I didn't find a thread about this! I dunno about you guys but as my two favorite factions (such nice weapon variety) I'd love to see maps that pit the Insurgents and Militia against each other. It might seem a mite contrived, but we do have maps with Militia in the Afghani maps (for some reason, even though their dark green outfits make them stick out even more than Insurgents). It's not like this game relies heavily on some kind of cohesive narrative. What do you guys think? Do fast-moving techie duels and abundant AKMs sound as fun to you as it does to me?
  19. Simple: implement the ability to team switch to all available teams and spawn in as Militia and Insurgents. This might not be possible if the two team limit is hardcoded, so an alternative would just to implement an alternative menu option for irregular firing ranges. This seems like a really basic suggestion but I couldn't find it using search, so if it's already on the roadmap I apologize.
  20. The militia is the most underpowered faction in the game. I really like to play this faction, infact i play it almost every time it is possible to do so. But when the alpha v8 has come, and i saw that they made a new texture for terrain in my fav map "OP First light" i was like WTF? Not just it looks horrendous (it resembles my first tries to make a game in Unity3d when i had no clue about terrain texturing whatsoever) but it clearly favores american team, as it is nearly desert looking (really? pine trees growing on desert??). Plus the grass doesnt fit the setting at all. It was good as it was in v7. Not to mention that Militia didnt get the new G3 rifle. Yes, i know the reason why the middle eastern insurgents have lots of them, but that doesnt mean european or other militias do not have it. My next argument is armored vehicles. American team is more than capable of crushing the militiants into ground when they just drive straight to storage site with both of their HUMVEE's. Militias with the pickups dont stand a chance. The solution to following problems is simple: - Revert to realistic textures on maps such as First light - Add a rifle chambered for RIFLE cartridge for the militias that is commonly available. Like 2 slots in squad that can have a SVT for example (SVT is pretty common in eastern europe, where i predict the militias are fighting) - Add an BTR-60 for Militia or have them spawn more pickups.
  21. Criticism V7

    Hello! Dear DEVs, I hope you’ll solve all performance problems (thank gods, now I have more reliable CPU). But I found new problems, which I think would be solved also: 1) Vehicle stuck. BTR has 8x8 wheel formula and he can’t stuck in the fence with 0.5m height. Anyway would be great have a tow truck, which can pull the vehicle - for example, MTLB for RAF. 2) US infantry superiority. US army now has better rifles than in past (amazing control) and BEST camo in all terrains. Maybe time of assymetric warfare has come? Delete from RAF optics and give them disposable anti-infantry RShG-2. There is another way to assymetric – give extra-GL kit for RAF, this staff extremely popular in conflicts, which RAF had. Militia also needs to be correct with camouflage suits. Remove this shitty woodland-style pants – they are very bright to all terrains (wood, desert, fields). For example, old–style “flora” is pretty awesome camo. As you know KS-23 is a police shotgun. Much militias were in police and they have access for police-arsenal on controllable territory. If you want KS-23 to be in game — try to give it for Militia’s medic (for example). 3) Unrealistic arsenal for squad. Pls, remove from RAF AKS-74 – this rifle uses only by National Guardians (Internal troops in past). Russian Army has AK-74M in service and squad members hasn’t a side-arm, include SLs, medics, machine-gunners and snipers (marksmen in your terminology). 4) I think yall know about unable to use bunker with m2a1. 5) Maybe separate of radial-menu can be more comfortable? 3D-spot for another key, and RP and FOB for T-key.
  22. My idea for a US-specific militia to fight National Guard, and militarized police forces. Being a militia, I really hope that character customization feature is added sometime because there are lots of camos and accessories. <font size="6">Militia:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> It's safe to assume most of their rifles would be converted to full-auto. Squad leader" Loadout 1: MOE AR-15 with foregrip and Eotech or LRP mounted Aimpoint micro, and PMAGS. I see both. (Let's ignore the handguard length difference.) Loadout 2: (For more long-range play.) Something like Daniel Defense's V11 rifles but with an ACOG and maybe a B-5 stock or something similar. Don't judge me, I've seen stuff like that before. Pistol: The glock 19 is the most popular concealed carry gun in the US. I think it would be an appropriate sidearm. But the M1911 is just popular in general. Unique appearance: Plate carrier will include pistol holster and magazine pouches for pistol. Optional cowboy hat. Can be brown leather or a more desert color. Gorgeous facial hair options. Rifleman: Loadout 1: AR-15 with carry handle and iron sights. Loadout 2: AR-15 with A4 upper and StrikeFire on rail. Loadout 3: AR-15 with carry handle, scope mount and 4x20 AC10838. Loadout 4: AKM with polymer handguard, rails, M4 stock, and waffle magazines. Automatic Rifleman. Loadout 1: ARES-16 (without that ACOG). Loadout 2: Stoner LMG (with bipod). Marksman: Loadout 1: Okay, so a marksman's AR-15 is an AR with a 20-24" barrel; a quad-rail, free-floating handguard; a "precision-adjustable stock" (PRC); a UTG or a there-has-to-be-a-better-name-for-this-thing panther-style grip; a bipod; a 20 round magazine; and something similar to a Vortex Strike Eagle scope. I've seen many use smooth tube handguards as well. I came up with this build based of the most popular equipment for a DMR-15. I can't show a rifle with these exact modifications but here's some reference photos to help visualize and also gun pr0n. Loadout 2: M14 with the same scope. Unique appearance: Optional ghillie hood with a few camouflage options. Like desert, grassland, woodland, etc. Ghillie hoods only cover the top half. Grenadier: M16A2 style AR-15 with an M203. Unique appearance: A grenade belt. Sniper: M24. Unique appearance: Same as marksman, ghillie hood. Sapper: Americans love to barbecue. So we're bound to have plenty of propane tanks lying around. And I can't help but think that in the event of a citizen vs. government civil war, the militants would resort to IED's. Propane IED's would be used against infantry. For vehicles, an ANFO bomb. Civilian: Does what the PR civilians did. Or whatever the devs have planned. He'll wear a white t-shirt and jeans. Maybe a little bit of facial hair. Frag grenade: M61. Smoke: Knife: M9 bayonet. Appearance customization for all classes: Woodland: 2nd generation ERDL, forest MARPAT, and multicam. Desert: Desert MARPAT, tricolor desert, multicam and this one sandy camo that I've seen but can't find the name of. Edit: It's ATACS arid, I can't believe no one ever told me. Grassland: Urban: UCP. Customization features for all militants (Unless you're wearing the ghillie hood, you won't be able to put on some headwear.): Shemagh can be worn covering face and head or just face. Will have pattern for desert and woodland. Boonie, baseball cap, or the JonTron (flat top hat.) Can come in any listed camo. Tactical sunglasses: Maybe some boot and glove customization. Feel free to suggest. That concludes the Militia infantry section. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> M998 Humvee: These Humvees are a bit different than normal humvees. The "back" is taken off an usually replaced by a woven covering. They almost always have 3-color woodland camouflage but some are available in the desert scheme. Deuce and a Half: A WW2 truck still sees some use today. Used as transport and logistics truck. Pickup truck: The pickup truck, an American icon. Durable and capable of carrying loads, this can serve as transport and light resupply. A version with a .50 on the back would be nice. Large pilothouse boat: A boat with a closed cabin for the driver. Larger ones look like they may be able to hold an entire squad if they cram in there. Charter boat: Due to much larger size, charter boats will be bale to accept a .50" or 2. Emplacements: Flexible, twin 50 cals for anti air. And then of course the standard barricades, fort, single 50 cal, etc. <font size="6">Police:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Squad Leader: M4 with EOTech and foregrip. Sidearm is a Glock 17. Breacher: Will have the same stuff as a PR breacher would. Or, again, whatever the devs have planned. Loadout 1: Remington 870 with pistol grip and that sort-of M4 stock. Shotgun will have option for beanbag ammunition to subdue civilians. Loadout 2: M4 with EOTech. Grenadier: M32 grenade launcher and M4 with EOTech. Unique appearance: A grenade belt like the one for the militia. Vehicle Crew Member: I'd assume most crew members would be issued a pistol but that wasn't the case in PR and I don't think it'll work like that in Squad either. The crewman will get an MP5. Unique appearance: I can't find a picture of a police vehicle crew, just their head poking out the driver cupola. But from that, they seem like a regular LAV crew but I'd assume with black camouflage. Marksman: Mk110 SASS with bipod. Unique Appearance: Marksmen and snipers can both be seen wearing either just a balaclava or a black baseball cap with "POLICE" written on it. They'll wear the standard kevlar helmet too. Sniper: Remington 700 with bipod. LAT: M4 with EOTech and AT-4. The police don't have AT-4's but I'm 100% sure they'd upgrade in the event of a civil uprising. Everyone else gets an M4 and EOTech or doesn't exist. (Automatic rifleman, HAT, etc.) All classes get handcuffs. Frag grenade: M67 Smoke grenade: M18 Knife: M9 Appearance: A plate carrier with Deltoid armor. It's like sleeves for a plate carrier. On the sleeves, there will be a patch of the police force. And of course the backwards US flag. They'll wear military boots, forest MARPAT pants, and and olive drab-looking t-shirt. A black kevlar helmet is a must. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Lenco Bearcat: An armored car with gun ports. MRAP (armed): Sticking with the idea of police upgrading, imagine a 50 cal on that turret. MRAP (unarmed): It doesn't even have the turret. M113 (unarmed): M113 (armed): Again, the same as above with a 50 cal. LAV-150(?) (unarmed): LAV-150 (armed): With a whopping 90mm cannon. One of the main heavy hitters of the police forces. LAV-300(armed): The LAV you saw earlier in the infantry section was an unarmed LAV-300. Usually this LAV is armed with a 90mm cannon but for balancing, I think we should go with the 25mm version. This will be the other main heavy of the police forces. RHIB boat (armed): With a 50 cal. AH-6 Littlebird (unarmed): AH-6 Littlebird (CAS): Armed with 2 miniguns and 2 7-tube rocket pods. Emplacements are standard stuff. But no TOW launchers. <font size="6">National Guard:<font/> <font size="4">Infantry:<font/> Carbon copy of US Army faction but with ACU and AT-4's for the LAT. And no ugly FAST helmets. <font size="4">Vehicles:<font/> Humvee (armed): Humvee with 50 cal turret. LMTV: Logistics and transport. M2 Bradly: M1A2 Abrams: UH-72 Lakota: Light transport and scouting. UH-60 Black Hawk: AH-64 Apache: CH-47 Chinook: Am I missing something? I seriously cannot find anything on naval craft for the NG. And I know the Air National Guard has F-16's, 15's, and A-10's but that would be OP AF. Leave your own suggestions and criticisms.
  23. Hello, fellas. As you know new US soldiers will be very authentic and pretty nice. Also I like these rolled sleeves and open faces. I'm from Russia, but I don't like play vs RAF in SQUAD )))). If we are talking about desert maps, this uniform is fine — not very hiding, but not very bright. Guys, I guess RAF not authentic even in uniform. I suggest to change RAF soldiers: 1) Clear face without any mask. 2) Rolled sleeves to some kits (maybe random). 3) Uniform are aging, but digi-flora is equal from soldier to soldier in SQUAD. It needs to be changed. This text was written after Fool's Road and Gorodok.
  24. What insurgent/militia weapon from Project Reality do you want to see in Squad? Note that I haven't included weapons already in development by OWI. If I missed a weapon you want, state it in the comments. I personally want to see the PKM, however the DP-28 and Vz. 61 are close seconds. The MAT-49 is also to die for... sorry, I have a thing for SMGs...