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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 29 results

  1. Anyone else having issues w/ their mic after the last update? Windows shows my Astro A40 mic as default, working, and being used by Squad. The mic works in every other game. Everything worked before, so I'm not sure what's causing it. It thought it might be the Xbox app causing the trouble, but it doesn't seem to be. Any suggestions?
  2. I just purchased the game today, im very pleased with the features and aspects of Squad, though there is a small problem I am facing that is with communication. I join a lobby I press V for local B for squad and G for command. Which I receive no reply. Sure maybe a prank may be ignored. So I get a friend on and see if he hears anything, puts him in my lobby in my squad etc. He hears nothing. Problem. I have a STEEL SERIES Arctis 7 wireless headset. Ive tried using default device configurations for the sound options under the control panel, ive tried updating all my drivers, even running steam as administrator. Hell I even went on the forums for hours and it seems everyone is having the same problem as me though I hear others on the game using their mics so it seems its not a large issue. Is there an aspect that I am not considering ? someone knowledgeable please help.
  3. I haven't seen any forums for this issue (maybe haven't looked hard enough), but maybe somebody has had this same issue, so I thought I might post about it. Every time I start a game my mic and audio work just fine. However, like midway through the game my screen freezes for a second and my microphone interface blinks, and a couple lights go off on it. After that I can no longer hear engines (yes just engines: logis, Tanks, and Heli engine sounds), all I can hear is the wheels moving or the ground being moved around beneath it, and my mic just doesn't work anymore. The little mic emblem shows but no one can hear me. For background I have a scarlet 2i2 audio interface connected to a Samson Q6 microphone. Pretty good setup, and works 99% of the time except for this squad issue. Im pretty sure its just a game issue and not something to do with the hardware. Is there any fixes for this issue?
  4. For some reason!!!???? When i press B or V to talk to my squad the action registers at the bottom left of the HUD but there is not little mic symbol next to my name and the squad cannot hear me. Like there is no mic plugged in at all. The game is pretty much unplayable at this point and I get kicked from good squads. I have a cheap Logitech H340 mic and also tried a shure SM580 microphone through a pre-amp and both nothing. The Logi microphone is set to my Default device and nothing is connected after starting the game. I restarted my computer to test every launch. Unfortunately there are no options within squad for mic selection as well so I feel really stuck. Fixes I tried - removing all sound drivers - re downloading mic drivers - Mic quality is set to 16bit - Mic works in other applications and tested in windows - I even upgraded to windows 10 just to make this work STILL I am a ghost.. I have seen a few threads on the matter but no fix. Anyone have help? Best, Phil
  5. PTT release delay

    I'm one of those people that tend to release my PTT button before I finish speaking - I would love to have an option to add a PTT release delay to comms!
  6. Ability to test microphone

    Could we get the ability to test our microphone in the "Audio" tab of settings, or somewhere similar? I've played several games before where I didn't realize my mic wasn't coming through and I feel like that would be an easy way to test it, especially considering how necessary mics are in this game.
  7. Microphone non-functional

    I've run into a major issue back when I bought the game a few months back, and my squad lead is now experiencing the same issue this past weekend, where our microphones do not function at all in-game. We've both checked that our microphones were are set as default communications in the Sound Control Panel, our Steam input settings are all good, no drivers issues, etc... Our mics work in everything but Squad. I'm using the Blue Nessie USB Microphone My friend is using a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset
  8. Mic not working?

    I have just got squad, completed the training and tried to get in to a game but my mic in not working. My mic as the only enabled recording device in Windows. Under security and privacy I have squad in the desktop apps and it even tells me that I am currently using it. In steam I have tested it and I can hear myself in my headphones. On the servers when I get in to a game I am greyed out with a skull (new so maybe I should be) but there is no little speaker icon and no one can here me. I have been trying for a long time now, frustrating! Thanks
  9. Mic not working.

    Hi, I played in free weekend and I love this game, but audio settings are completely useless. I know is an alpha version, but this issue should be resolved. The game has a huge problem with audio optimization. The microphone does not work in headphones. I use Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones and it works correctly in any other game or app but not in Squad. I tried to do everything in windows settings but it didn't help. These headphones has two controllers - one headset - one stereo headphones. When I switch between them in windows settings that worked only as audio or only as microphone. It is very frustrating when there are no proper audio settings in the game. I should able to choose in game setting the proper input/output device. So, I won't buy this game until it is not fixed.
  10. i know theres a lot of these threads but would appreciate if anyone can help me as ive exhuasted all i know about computers. when i forst bought Squad my mic worked fine then stopped for no reason. Ive set the default recording device to my mic and disaabled all others even went on the Squad page where it sdays to down load another driver which should fix it and it didnt changed headjack ports and headphones uninstalled and reinstalled the game I still play the game but wihtout mic wokring been ogint to other games whihc fkn sucks so would appreicate any help. thanks
  11. Mic not working

    Hi, My mic stopped working in Squad. The important info: My set is the Artic pro + game dac. I have played squad with it a few months ago and the mic worked fine. The mic works with every other program. I played with everything settings available to me that I know of (windows input devices, steam input, squad on admin, game dac options) And this seems to be a common problem. Offworld industries, we all know this problem requires a patch for the game. Could this be made a priority? The entire selling point of this game is communication and I clearly do not enjoy this game with my mic not working. Thank you!
  12. My mic stopped working after the A14 update. I can easily activate the VoIP channels but no sound is transmitted to the game. I temporarily solved the issue clearing the cache within the game, but on the following run the problem resurfaced. I have this problem only in Squad A14.
  13. microphone usage

    I would like to suggest a microphone setting to be implemented into the squad settings for players who have more than one microphone. I believe the game uses the computer's default microphone settings as its default. It would be nice to have that setting in game so the player can choose which microphone he/she wants to use.
  14. Hi everyone, After running into the problem myself and looking through all of this forum for a fix, I finally found it on the official Squad website. https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002689113-Certain-headsets-not-working Can we have this pinned on top of the feed pls? Goodbye
  15. Good Evening All, Really struggling with finding a way to simultaneously get the game's communication (local chat, squad com...etc.) to run through my headset...and the normal game SFX to run though my speakers. I do this for almost every other teamwork oriented game I play and I can't stand hearing both come through my speakers. I have my device settings set for the my external Speakers to be default and my headset as default coms. Please help! PR had this option. If this isn't an option - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement it. It helps an absolute TON with teamwork. Best, Alex
  16. I'm asking this here rather than making a thread in feedback and suggestions because I am guessing it's a question which has come up before - but I can't find anything while searching the forums. But then, I'm not really sure exactly what to search for. So apologies in advance if I'm going over old ground. Anyway, at the moment, there are 3 keys required for VOIP - one for 3D "voice", so just speaking to players in the local area, one for speaking to your squad, and if you're an SL, a third key for the command channel to speak to other SLs. There's been a couple of times where I have accidentally pressed the squad channel when I meant to speak only to local players (thus deafening the whole squad with an irrelevant "grenade!!" shout), and vice versa. I've recently moved the voice key to my mouse thumb button, but I admit, I still sometimes tap the wrong button when trying to speak to both my radio and just normally. I was wondering, has anyone ever considered making it an option so that your local 3D voice channel can be activated automatically on detection of your voice? Basically I think it would be nice to be able to speak to people in your local vicinity (and I would ONLY enable it for that) without having to press down a key. It just feels more natural and fluid, and it saves confusing a keypress in the heat of the moment. I'm guessing that there might be some criticism of such a system as you've always got the risk that you might get feedback through the mic if someone has one that's overly sensitive...but given that I'm guessing most players will be using headsets, and if they aren't, such a system should be optional so those with speakers can disable it. Has anyone brought this up before? It obviously isn't practical for games with a standard VOIP setup, but I think it would work well in Squad with it's proper 3D VOIP.
  17. Hi, i have problem: my mic isnt working in squad but when i use it for skype and other apps its ok. Of course i set mic as default device but isnt working to. Pls fast help.
  18. Like the tittle says, my mic works 100% fine outside of the game, but no one can hear me in the game, i do not understand... i have looked at other solutions, none have helped. I used it on discord. then used it on teamspeak. then adobe audition. It worked every time, but will not work in game. UPDATE: now im getting reports that my comms are way too choppy for anyone to understand, but i have a great connection...
  19. Feature Request: Listen to Mic

    What I am specifically talking about is a feature that lets you listen to your mic while you are transmitting only. It's pretty much built in to windows except it stays on all the time. While playing, I often find myself speaking loudly or quietly because I can't tell how I sound to other players. This seems like it would be a really simple feature to add, and very possibly could make communications even more effective between teammates, in a game where communication is the most important aspect. Additionally, this could also improve the realism/RPing aspect of the game, since many real life headsets let you hear yourself speak while transmitting, also in IRL you can generally hear yourself while talking With that said, I could certainly get used to talking without hearing myself, and I might just make an autohotkey script to toggle the Windows listen to mic feature on and off whenever I press the transmit button.
  20. I'm trying to setup voice chat over In-home streaming. This is what I've done so far. (Posted it to Steam tech. support and to Questions sections - but no replies so far) Host: Setup Mumble client/server Connect to the local Mumble server Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) Mumble client input is set to Host mic (not used) Mumble client output is set to VAC Steam Voice input is set to VAC Windows default MIC is the to VAC Client: Setup Mumble client Connect to the Host Mumble server Mic is plugged to the client Now if I press Test Mic on the Host Steam and speak on the client I can see that Host Steam receives the audio. However when I try to play Squad over Steam streaming - other players can't hear me. P.S>Can someone try this setup at least to get an idea if its my problem or Squad in general does not pick VAC even if its default MIC?
  21. Steam In-Home streaming voice chat

    Does anyone have any success in setting-up Squad voice chat though in-home streaming? This is what I've done so far: Host: Setup Mumble client/server Connect to the local Mumble server Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) Mumble client input is set to Host mic (not used) Mumble client output is set to VAC Steam Voice input is set to VAC Windows default MIC is the to VAC Client: Setup Mumble client Connect to the Host Mumble server Mic is plugged to the client Now if I press Test Mic on the Host Steam and speak on the client I can see that Host Steam receives the audio. However when I try to play Squad over Steam streaming - other players can't hear me.
  22. Today was a squad leader on a server and I had a bad experience where by person has taken a squad Lead position and was playing music on the squad leader channel making it very difficult to communicate with squad members or other squad leaders. In the same game we had some one also team killing. I was searching for an admin to sort this out but with out any luck. I think we should appoint a supper admin that can access all servers and have the power to mute kick or give warning to miss users . ps- i would like to apply for this position.
  23. So I'm turning 16 soon, but my mom is still an Internet Nazi and thinks that everyone on the internet is a pedophile, a rapist, or a murderer. So if I start playing this game, where communication between your team is a necessity, would I need a mic or something? Or would there be a chat? I want there to be a chat because my mom would go crazy if she all of a sudden just started hearing me talking to someone over the internet. So a chat where I won't have to speak is preferable.
  24. Hi, I just bought a RIG505 gaming headset. My old mic connected via USB, but this headset uses 3.5mm 4 pole plugs. In Steam I can't select the microphone option that should be there. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  25. Mic disconnects randomly

    I am using a Samson USB Mic and it keeps disconnecting randomly when I am playing. The mic works in other steam games, set as the default mic in windows, I have verified game files multiple times, and plugged the mic into other USB ports. Anyone have a fix?