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Found 49 results

  1. I haven't seen any forums for this issue (maybe haven't looked hard enough), but maybe somebody has had this same issue, so I thought I might post about it. Every time I start a game my mic and audio work just fine. However, like midway through the game my screen freezes for a second and my microphone interface blinks, and a couple lights go off on it. After that I can no longer hear engines (yes just engines: logis, Tanks, and Heli engine sounds), all I can hear is the wheels moving or the ground being moved around beneath it, and my mic just doesn't work anymore. The little mic emblem shows but no one can hear me. For background I have a scarlet 2i2 audio interface connected to a Samson Q6 microphone. Pretty good setup, and works 99% of the time except for this squad issue. Im pretty sure its just a game issue and not something to do with the hardware. Is there any fixes for this issue?
  2. For some reason!!!???? When i press B or V to talk to my squad the action registers at the bottom left of the HUD but there is not little mic symbol next to my name and the squad cannot hear me. Like there is no mic plugged in at all. The game is pretty much unplayable at this point and I get kicked from good squads. I have a cheap Logitech H340 mic and also tried a shure SM580 microphone through a pre-amp and both nothing. The Logi microphone is set to my Default device and nothing is connected after starting the game. I restarted my computer to test every launch. Unfortunately there are no options within squad for mic selection as well so I feel really stuck. Fixes I tried - removing all sound drivers - re downloading mic drivers - Mic quality is set to 16bit - Mic works in other applications and tested in windows - I even upgraded to windows 10 just to make this work STILL I am a ghost.. I have seen a few threads on the matter but no fix. Anyone have help? Best, Phil
  3. Ability to test microphone

    Could we get the ability to test our microphone in the "Audio" tab of settings, or somewhere similar? I've played several games before where I didn't realize my mic wasn't coming through and I feel like that would be an easy way to test it, especially considering how necessary mics are in this game.
  4. I use a wireless headset and have custom mic keybindings (if that makes a difference). if you have any solutions then id appreciate them, thanks.
  5. Hi everyone! Go to the bottom of this post if you want to skip the back story. Just wanted to share my experience with Nord VPN. After I downloaded the program, I noticed that I my Mic was not working in game. I will admit, I didn't make the connection immediately. This problem, has led me to not play till today because community and communication are essential to my online experience with this game. It was a huge bummer to not play over the past month. Anyway, I spoke to a friend and he had me closely look at the changes I made to my pc before my mic wouldn't work and this is where I discovered that the only logical explanation was something to do with Nord VPN. I'm not a tech guy but I do know my way around figuring out somewhat complex issues regarding pc security. For some context, my computer was hacked before this whole thing which led to me taking multiple steps (not just including using Nord). After uninstalling Nord, I realized that my mic still didn't work. Since it didn't fix the problem, I decided to reinstall it to see what exactly was going on when it is installed. This is where I noticed that the VPN alters the .NET framework of windows. Again, I want to reiterate that I'm not a computer Scientist so this may be really simple to some. For whatever reason, the altered .NET framework does something to the game of Squad but not any other games I play. My mic still worked in discord, steam calling, and even CSGO without issue. Once I reinstalled the .NET framework back to what it was before off of the microsoft website, my mic was functional again in game. Hope this helps some people that may find themselves in a super confusing and frustrating situation!
  6. i know theres a lot of these threads but would appreciate if anyone can help me as ive exhuasted all i know about computers. when i forst bought Squad my mic worked fine then stopped for no reason. Ive set the default recording device to my mic and disaabled all others even went on the Squad page where it sdays to down load another driver which should fix it and it didnt changed headjack ports and headphones uninstalled and reinstalled the game I still play the game but wihtout mic wokring been ogint to other games whihc fkn sucks so would appreicate any help. thanks
  7. mic doesn't work

    Hi, I've just bought this game - seeing how people communicate over voice comms did really sell the game to me, however I'm having issues getting the VOIP to work on this game; I've also checked there are numerous amounts of users who are also experiencing the same issue but I'd like to know if anyone with a samson meteor microphone has the issue resolved or whether it's working for them. I've checked my defaullt input/output settings under steam > friends > voice and it seems to be working, it's just only in SQUAD I can't get it to work.
  8. Mic not working in squad

    Hello I've got a problem with my mic when in squad, no one can hear me. When testing the mic in windows it is being detected and is responding to sounds, when activating the listen to it echos what I am saying. Audacity can also record my voice using it. What I've tried: Re-installing the game Updating the drivers Re-installing the drivers Using a different mic Using different drivers for the mic I've tried messing with the quality of the mic stream to lower it (a suggestion on reddit) As for tests its quite difficult to test this issue as I have to go into the game and ask people if they can hear me in a number of ways, local chat, squad chat and then in text, and most of the time people just ignore you, so a single test can take 20-30 minutes. Any ideas on what I can try short of a windows re-install?
  9. Problem with microphone

    Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has any solution why my mic won't work. I have 2 audio options, 1 is my relatek microphone that worked perfectly fine, discord can hear me perfectly, steam can hear me perfectly. Then i have a USB microphone option, that has an audio options but no sounds comes out of it (supposed to have a mic plugged into it but i have built in microphone on my laptop). Ever since A16, my microphone won't pick up to anyone. It has no microphone symbol when it shows i'm in the squad, but before A16 they could hear me, even when the microphone symbol was not there. I tried going into steam and putting my relatek microphone which tests fine, and in the windows settings, where again it tested fine. But every time i log into a squad match no one can hear me. Any suggestions?
  10. Squad VOIP doesn't work

    The Squad VOIP doesn't work for me. When pressing "B" to talk in squad voice they can hear me but I can't hear them. I here the beep and their name appear in green to show they are talking but hear nothing. However VOIP in local does work. All settings are correct in game with volume set to 200% and keybindings set correctly. Anyone help? Forgot to mention I don't have this issue in "Squad - Public Testing" branch
  11. can close, duplicate

    Hello I've got a problem with my mic when in squad, no one can hear me. When testing the mic in windows it is being detected and is responding to sounds, when activating the listen to it echos what I am saying. Audacity can also record my voice using it. What I've tried: Re-installing the game Updating the drivers Re-installing the drivers Using a different mic Using different drivers for the mic I've tried messing with the quality of the mic stream to lower it (a suggestion on reddit) As for tests its quite difficult to test this issue as I have to go into the game and ask people if they can hear me in a number of ways, local chat, squad chat and then in text, and most of the time people just ignore you, so a single test can take 20-30 minutes. Any ideas on what I can try short of a windows re-install?
  12. I just purchased the game today, im very pleased with the features and aspects of Squad, though there is a small problem I am facing that is with communication. I join a lobby I press V for local B for squad and G for command. Which I receive no reply. Sure maybe a prank may be ignored. So I get a friend on and see if he hears anything, puts him in my lobby in my squad etc. He hears nothing. Problem. I have a STEEL SERIES Arctis 7 wireless headset. Ive tried using default device configurations for the sound options under the control panel, ive tried updating all my drivers, even running steam as administrator. Hell I even went on the forums for hours and it seems everyone is having the same problem as me though I hear others on the game using their mics so it seems its not a large issue. Is there an aspect that I am not considering ? someone knowledgeable please help.
  13. Mic issues

    Dear community, Today I started to play Squad, but I can't get my microfoon working, Squad can't find my microfoon as enabled and therefore I cannot use it... When I am testing my microfoon with windows, discord or other games (like escape from tarkov) I do not have any problems with my microfoon, even on PS4 it works. Does someone knows how I can get my microfoon working within squad? Useful information regarding my microfoon: - Connected with a usb-port directly to my motherboard. - Qware headset
  14. My mic stopped working after the A14 update. I can easily activate the VoIP channels but no sound is transmitted to the game. I temporarily solved the issue clearing the cache within the game, but on the following run the problem resurfaced. I have this problem only in Squad A14.
  15. microphone usage

    I would like to suggest a microphone setting to be implemented into the squad settings for players who have more than one microphone. I believe the game uses the computer's default microphone settings as its default. It would be nice to have that setting in game so the player can choose which microphone he/she wants to use.
  16. I've tried just about everything I could find and nothing is working. My mic works in every other game I have, but not Squad. Any help?
  17. Hello all! I purchased the game two days ago and love the gameplay, I am having an issue with my mic though. I have searched multiple forums to try and fix my problem to no avail. I am turning to a post on here hoping someone smarter than I can fix the problem. I am using a turtlebeach 420x usb headset. Much like other posts, I can hear but no one cab hear me. The head set is designed for xbox, but works on pc as well. It works fine with any other game just not this one. I have tried setting the device to default and default playback. I have ensured it is set to default on steam. I have made sure everything else is disabled, and still nothing. I tried a program called virtual audio wire or something as was suggested on another post but still nothing. Ive tried switching push to talk in game and still doesn't work. My icons show up (local, squad, etc..) when i push the buttons but boo one can hear me. Only one time someone said I was really really quiet but no one since. Someone please help!
  18. currently im using a bluetooth turtlebeach 420X+ headset and whenever i goto speak nobody can hear me even though my name pops up in the corner indicating im pressing the talk button. I have looked at other threads and ive tried everything setting my mic as default playback device, plug mic in before i start the game, cleared game cache, and i even reinstalled the game but my mic will still not work. The problem only persists in squad as any other game i own my mic works perfectly fine i am certain this is a problem with the game itself. if anyone knows any workarounds to get my mic to work any help would be appreciated, otherwise ill just have to wait for devs to fix this issue . really sucks if i gotta wait cus communication is kinda vital in squad
  19. I have good sound in game on my TV speakers. However when I attempt to use my Bluetooth Turtle Beach 800X headset so I can talk to my team I have no sound once I leave the main menu. As soon as I launch a game or go to the shooting range there is no volume at all. If I bring up the menu and sound options I can no longer hear the audio test tracks. I have disabled all other audio devices in the sound menu of Windows 10 in the attempt to troubleshoot but this does not help. I have also attempted repairing as well as checked the headset in the Windows diagnostic and in other games. It appears to work fine elsewhere. Is there a hardware support issue in this game for my headset? Does anyone have any suggested work arounds? The game is cool - but not being able to communicate by mic with team really destroys the experience. Thanks!
  20. Audio problems in the game!

    I played the game yesterday worked great. I get I today and play a few games the get on this game.. my mic works great. This game seems to have a common issue with this problem. I'm an audio engineer and i have plugged 2 mics in to check this problem. Has anyone found a fix?
  21. Hello guys! This guide is to help people who are seeking technical support for Squad. Let’s start! Foremost, I would like to make it clear that this post is not officially pronounced as the guidance for support related topic. This post is made purely for me to handle/track support related questions swiftly. Now, please provide your basic hardware information. Specify the following; OS: CPU: GPU: RAM: Depends on the situation of your troubleshoots, I may ask you to change your clock speed to default. Are your Windows/GPU Up-To-Date? Is your RAM page file size set to automatic? Are you using a laptop? Put power performance setting to ‘high performance’ Have you tried to clear cache manually? Are you getting Low frames even though you are on a high-end rigs? If your OS is win10, use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) to do a clean re-install of your graphic drivers Are you getting random CTDs? (Crash to desktop) If you have Razer Synapse or Razor Cortex that is not the latest version, it will cause your game to force crash due to GDPR. Could you provide me Squad log file for me to look at? The default save location for squad log files is %LOCALAPPDATA%\SquadGame\Saved\Logs Did you take a long break from Squad and just came back? Welcome back! I need to remind you that Unreal Engine 4, in which Squad is designed with, had a major update on September of 2017. If it was before that time you played the last, you MUST do a clean re-install of the game. Click ‘Reveal hidden contents to see how to: Are you missing part of screen? Per say like compass? Are you seeing a green fog in the field like this? It’s known graphic glitch. Exiting the server and joining back should fix it. Does your screen flickers with green lines appearing across the screen? Are you not able to connect/see the server from the browser? Are you using reshade? Your mic not working? Take a look at this post Does your game say “Steam is offlline”? Are you having trouble downloading mods??? Click ‘Reveal hidden contents' Are you getting Game security Violation Detected?? Are you having Untrusted System file (C:\Windows\System32\User32.dll) error? Are you having EAC Error: Unknown File type (.pak file related) error preventing you to launch Squad? If you are having .dll issue Are you having difficulties with Key bindings? Even if after following the instructions, you failed to fix the issue, please open a topic and I will be more than glad to help you out with the issue This is System Requirements of Squad as of July 2019. Please be noted that above contents may be edited over time
  22. VOIP not working

    Ever since I have had the game, my in game comms haven't worked. I have this issue on both my old and new PC. I am unsure what to do. I have made sure my default device in windows is set to my headset. I made sure my headset cant be used exclusively by other programs. I have made sure steam is using my default device. I have changed and reset my key binds. My chat icon comes up like I am talking on my screen, but doesn't come up for others. This is on two different machines. I have validated my files and everything. I use the headset that is plugged into my xbox headset. From what I have seen, other people have the same issue with that kind of set up. Going through an xbox controller seems to break it. So if anyone knows how to fix this without plugging directly into to my computer or getting something new, please let me know.
  23. Hello, Squad VOIP used to work fine for me but I havent played since V10. Now I tried to come back, I can hear people but people cannot hear me. Any idea why please? Thank you
  24. I have Astro a40 headset for PC and I can not get my mic to work ingame. I have disabled all recording and playback device except my Astros and I always have them plugged in before i start the game but it just won't work. I see the mic icon light up but no one can hear me. In my device settings, it says Headphones xbox controller Default Device I don't know why it says xbox controller unless I got the xbox version but I thought it was the PC one because of the mixamp. Any ideas? Thanks.
  25. Mics still don’t work

    It’s been forever and they still haven’t fixed the mic issue. My mic works perfectly fine on any other game or program so it’s definitely a problem with the game itself. I have my mic as default playback and have tried all the other supposed fixes but still I can’t talk in game. Is there an actual way to fix this, if not any idea on when the Devs will do something about it? Thanks for any responses