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      Introduction   The Squad Team reserves the right to edit, update, add and remove rules at any time. Applicable rules extend to the PM system. Your PMs are private, but the Squad Team may be informed about unacceptable PM content by the receiving party.   Section I: Posting Rules   §1 Show Respect This community can only work if we all respect each other. To that end, it is imperative that any time you engage with another user, either directly or indirectly, you show them respect with the content of your post. In particular refrain from flaming, insulting, abusing, taunting, racism, and other similar types of actions towards other forum users.   §2 Attitude & Behavior Poor attitude and behavior are the most common ways a negative / unsafe environment is created and perpetuated. As such that kind of behavior will not be allowed on these forums. Please be mindful of this rule when posting personal positions and opinions regarding topics which could be considered contentious in nature. As a rule of thumb, keep your posts civil in nature, and refrain from making posts that are likely to incite arguments and create a negative environment. As a privately hosted web forum we reserve the right to maintain an environment that we are happy the majority of our players are comfortable with.   §3 Swearing While we will not strictly moderate every little swear that occurs, please try to avoid excessive bad language. The moderation reserves the right to remove rants and unsuitable content at any time.   §4 Illegal Topics
      Prohibited topics include, but are not limited to: Piracy, drugs (including cannabis), pornography, religion, racism, sexism, homo/trans -phobic content, videos and images showing violent death or serious injury, ‘spam threads’, hacking & griefing (endorsement thereof), religion, politics,  etc. Prohibition may be suspended for some threads if they are found to be suitable by the Moderation (such as scientific debate).
      If there is doubt, the Moderation Team can decide whether a topic is considered illegal.   §5 Attitude towards Squad and the Development Team
      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
      Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.   §7 Forum structure & Search
      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
      Please name your thread appropriately; the subject title should sum up / explain the content in the thread. If you fail to name your thread properly (such as ‘Hey!’ or ‘Check this out!’ or ‘Help!’), we will either rename or lock the topic. Repeated offense may lead to infractions. The practice of using CAPITALS only in your thread title is not allowed and will be edited or the thread will simply be deleted. Strange or abnormal Unicode characters should be excluded from thread titles for the sake of being distracting and unnecessary.
      §9 Thread Capitalization
      Please ensure that your post is not in all CAPITALS, as this is not allowed. Any threads posted in all caps will subsequently be removed from the forum. Repeated offenses may lead to infractions against your account. This practice is not approved or accepted here. 
        §10 Images in posts
      When posting images, mind the following restrictions:
      .gifs will be allowed and may be removed by Staff if deemed necessary.
      Maximum size for images is 1280x1024.
      Do not include more than ~1 large image per paragraph of text, unless in image collection / announcement threads. Link to further images.
      Consider posting thumbnails. You may post a few more images per post if they are reasonably small, the details are for the Moderation to judge.   §11 The use of BBCode
      It is allowed to use the BBCode in your posts. Over usage is not allowed. You may use the Bold in a reasonable manner but not for the whole text body. You may use the size feature but in a limited reasonable manner. You may not use any of the additional fonts at all. Color may be used to high light a point but again, not for the whole text body. Moderators will be watching for misuse and will edit when required without giving notice. Continued disregard for this rule will result in Moderator action in the form of warnings.   §12 Complaints of Server/Admin Abuse Reports of server/admin abuse will not be posted publicly. All reports concerning this type of behavior should be place in the appropriate sub-forum. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ All posts made outside of this area will be be removed.   Section II: Reporting & Moderation   §1 Reporting Posts
      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
      Do not ignore or argue against Admin, Moderator or Dev instructions on the forum. If you have a complaint, as per §2, please inform the Team in private. You are expected to follow orders given by the Moderation, Administration and Development Team, and it is necessary for smooth running of the forum to respect their decisions. Being stubborn or ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments - however, we do not tolerate Moderator / Admin abuse of power / privileges, so do not hesitate to inform other Team members if you feel treated unfairly.   §4 Bans and multiple accounts
      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
      You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason. If you share an internet connection with another user who has their own account, it might happen that this account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account - please get in touch with the Moderation or Administration to resolve such issues.

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Found 27 results

  1. Mics still don’t work

    It’s been forever and they still haven’t fixed the mic issue. My mic works perfectly fine on any other game or program so it’s definitely a problem with the game itself. I have my mic as default playback and have tried all the other supposed fixes but still I can’t talk in game. Is there an actual way to fix this, if not any idea on when the Devs will do something about it? Thanks for any responses
  2. Mic not working

    I use a mic which runs through an xbox one controller. Windows detects the audio, as does every other game I play. For some reason, nobody can hear me in squad. Is there any possible workaround for this issue?
  3. Mic isn't working

    I use a mic connected to a Xbox One controller via usb. It works in every other game I've played and skype. The only solution I've found is to set windows default mic to the one i'm using but it didn't work. I've tried setting the audio to run to a separate pair of headphones and running the mic as the default communication device but that didn't work either. Any help would greatly appreciated.
  4. currently im using a bluetooth turtlebeach 420X+ headset and whenever i goto speak nobody can hear me even though my name pops up in the corner indicating im pressing the talk button. I have looked at other threads and ive tried everything setting my mic as default playback device, plug mic in before i start the game, cleared game cache, and i even reinstalled the game but my mic will still not work. The problem only persists in squad as any other game i own my mic works perfectly fine i am certain this is a problem with the game itself. if anyone knows any workarounds to get my mic to work any help would be appreciated, otherwise ill just have to wait for devs to fix this issue . really sucks if i gotta wait cus communication is kinda vital in squad
  5. Can't get my mic to work

    So I bought the game this weekend because it was half off. Only to realize my mic doesn't work in game. I can hear everything, but can't talk to anyone. My mic works fine with every other Steam game I own. I tried setting it to the default audio device to no avail. Any more ideas? Specs: Windows 10 i5 6500 @ 3.20 8gb of ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb P.S Does Squad's team not have a support section for the customer? I've never had to rely on forums for an issue which occurs with the companies own software.
  6. Mic not Working

    So, I've almost read all topics about this but couldn't find any solution. (USB Mic (Trust GXT 383)) I've tried: Mic is plugged in before the game starts. Mic works in every other game/communication software but Squad. It's set as default and every other record options are disabled. Already tried to reinstall the treiber. Other applications have the permission to take control over the mic. It's also selected Via Steam as Default. Hope you guys can help me somehow. -Ayumux3 (Sorry for my bad English)
  7. Mic not working

    I had a squad about 4 months ago and my mic which is connected via usb through xbox controller worked at that time. Now i can use my mic in all other things but squad in game comms. Its already my default mic and i have no clue what to do
  8. My main issue is the Mic will work for one match, maybe two. then it will stop working. if i leave the server and re-enter it might work again but for the most part i would have to restart the game. the best i can say is that my mic will only work for the first match. Note: i have tried disable all other input devices and my mic is set to default. not sure what else to do.
  9. Turtle Beaches

    My buddy has turtle beaches(not sure what kind) and they work in every other game except this one. They work in discord, skype, call of duty, destiny, etc... This is the only game where it doesn't work and is needed the most. I read a forum earlier about it not being squads fault but if it works in every other scenario then how is it not? Just gets frustrating when he cant tell anyone what is happening while underfire he has to type which leads to death of him and or his teamates. Please help, Thanks!
  10. Xbox Mic not working

    Me and my brother both transfered from xbox. Neither of us can talk in game but we can hear everyone else. Never had this issue in any other game but seeing that some forum dating back to 2015 makes it look a little bleak for us xbox headset users. It sucks sooo bad in a game so focus on call outs and planning
  11. I originally posted to the subreddit but realized that here would make more sense. When I play Squad at work, I can't be heard, but can hear other players. I have disabled all other audio recording devices in the sound manager; have tried with and without allowing applications to take exclusive control of the device; set my headset to default device and default communication device; tested the headset - audio is recorded in Windows applications, shows up in the Steam mic test, etc; tried using a USB webcam instead, but no change; What else can I try? Is there a port that Squad uses for outbound mic that I might have to get our IT department to open? Not being able to be heard is pretty horrible And it makes it hard to show off the game to others here that might end up buying it (we can only hope!). Thanks!
  12. Xbox Headset Issue

    i use a wired Xbox 360 controller with its headset, it works for every other game ( arma 2,3, project zomboid, GTA V america's army, TF2 and garrys mod ) but not this game, any reason why?
  13. Hello all! I purchased the game two days ago and love the gameplay, I am having an issue with my mic though. I have searched multiple forums to try and fix my problem to no avail. I am turning to a post on here hoping someone smarter than I can fix the problem. I am using a turtlebeach 420x usb headset. Much like other posts, I can hear but no one cab hear me. The head set is designed for xbox, but works on pc as well. It works fine with any other game just not this one. I have tried setting the device to default and default playback. I have ensured it is set to default on steam. I have made sure everything else is disabled, and still nothing. I tried a program called virtual audio wire or something as was suggested on another post but still nothing. Ive tried switching push to talk in game and still doesn't work. My icons show up (local, squad, etc..) when i push the buttons but boo one can hear me. Only one time someone said I was really really quiet but no one since. Someone please help!
  14. We've all been there. Looking over a zone, wishing you could turn the volume down on the squad chat just for a moment because everyone is screaming over each other while you're just trying to watch your sector in peace. Contact! 30 degrees! And you cant even tell the guy next to you because of all the noise. I suggest we add a sort of "Headset down" button to temporally toggle the volume of the squad chat while keeping local chat at normal levels. Maybe have it so the user can adjust in the settings the percentage of volume drop i.e. 80% of current, 20% of current, etc. Or just have it set to one flat rate of say, 80% quieter or whatever makes sense. This can also be helpful when splitting up and you just want to focus on your fire team.
  15. Hot mic, sticky key

    I have my comms squad and local bound to mouse buttons and find they get stuck open, ( random) and lately movement left, only getting this with Squad. Brand new mouse and now keyboard, hot mic happened with old keyboard too. Any solution or thoughts.
  16. USB mic connection

    Hello anyone reading, I wanted to ask does squad support USB connected mics? I've heard that some people cant speak with theirs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Windows 10 64bit All drivers up to date + bios Logitec G430 3.5mm Jack Default Device, check enabled & disabled device, check turning up and fiddling with audio setting in the Realtek software, check Mic works fine except in Squad
  18. I got on today and got into a game and I spawned in as usual. However, when the indicator for a squad mate talking came on there was no audio, but I can hear people in local just fine. I have already cleared my cashed data and that didn't help. I'd be grateful if anyone has a fix for this.
  19. Can hear but can't talk.

    I have turtle beach 420x and although there meant for Xbox they work fine for games like CS:GO and Battlegrounds. Yet my mic dose not work for squad. I then purchased Hyperx Cloud Stingers and set them up and the mic worked for other games, but again did not work for squad. I checked driver updates and did all I could by setting it as default and by disabling advanced features. If you got any solution I'm absolutely sure its not the microphone or windows at all but something with the game. Thank you for any help.
  20. Can we please get individual mute buttons by each players name on the scoreboard (just like in Insurgency), instances like in the video below are getting FAR too common now. You can't get a decent constructive word in at all now at the end of most matches. Quite often squads would like to discuss whether they are playing again and/or making a new squad for the next round. Whenever I encounter mic spam in the game Insurgency I can call up the scoreboard and hit the mute button by that players name. That person then stays muted to me forever (until I unmute him/her). The way I see it if you are going to act like a child at the end of each round and ruin everyone's chance to communicate properly then your voice does not deserve to be heard be me if and when you decide to play properly and communicate in game. I've muted loads of players on Insurgency and have only reaped the benefits of it, there is literally zero downside to it. They can scream and shout to their hearts content and I simply can't hear it. Just to add, it took me 2 hours to upload a 13 second video clip to YouTube on my awful 1MB upload, my life sucks lol
  21. No mic input

    Hello, I just recently built this computer within the last 2 weeks and I am using my xbox one controller with my Astro A40 mix-amp pro as my playback and recording device. Through steam and chat programs (Discord, Skype) my mic works. However when I try to use it in game nothing. Is there something I am missing or perhaps the game doesn't recognize the mix-amp as an input device. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  22. Today was a squad leader on a server and I had a bad experience where by person has taken a squad Lead position and was playing music on the squad leader channel making it very difficult to communicate with squad members or other squad leaders. In the same game we had some one also team killing. I was searching for an admin to sort this out but with out any luck. I think we should appoint a supper admin that can access all servers and have the power to mute kick or give warning to miss users . ps- i would like to apply for this position.
  23. Hello, I've started using a USB headset recently, it's all working fine with any application (audio recorder like Audacity and Skype), but it doesn't work with Squad. Audio (playback) does work with Squad, it's only the mic (recording) that isn't. I've disabled all other sound devices for playback and recording and the default windows devices are the headset's playback and recording options. I also looked into the game configuration files and found nothing that can help with that. The configuration screens inside the game itself don't appear to have any proper means of setting it or testing it. Do you have any solutions to the problem? Maybe an alternative driver to USB headsets that the game agrees with? It's getting quite frustrating at this point. By the way: I used to have an analog headset (audio jacks) and it worked with those, so it is not a problem with the radio feature in-game or anything like that. It is only about the game not seeming to properly recognize the USB headset input.
  24. So I'm turning 16 soon, but my mom is still an Internet Nazi and thinks that everyone on the internet is a pedophile, a rapist, or a murderer. So if I start playing this game, where communication between your team is a necessity, would I need a mic or something? Or would there be a chat? I want there to be a chat because my mom would go crazy if she all of a sudden just started hearing me talking to someone over the internet. So a chat where I won't have to speak is preferable.
  25. VOIP Issues

    I just bought the game and none of the voice chat works. Never had an issue with any other game, I'm using an xbox one controller to use my turtlebeach headset. I'm cheap, I know. It's tough to start youtube, regardless, I'd love to know any fixes if there are any. I've tried the usual newbie stuff, reset, etc. Any help would be much appreciated guys, I'm really being limited to the potential of this game because of this.