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  1. Hey guys and girls, I will post all of my current YouTube uploads in here for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see jump onto my channel and subscribe Thanks for the support!!!
  2. Hi guys! I've played 37 hours of this game as well as playing project reality, and I have to say that this game is nice in quite a few areas, but also needs polishing. One of the areas that, to me, is glaringly obvious, is the current death/medic/revive balance. I think its safe to assume that many people will agree with me that the system is a tad too forgiving right now, and could use a bit more thought.I'd also say that this is a very delicate subject as we are not just talking about simple realism here, we are talking about gameplay; That's what matters most. Now if realism and gameplay can be in harmony that would obviously be ideal but when push comes to shove, gameplay is key. The facts: 80% of wounded soldiers don't die. 99% probably died because of headshots. The current situation: a appeasement of all as the expense of some: casual mode. Proposed solution: "hard core mode" for those looking for more challenging, more tactical gameplay. LONG VERSION Short summary of suggestions: Headshots now do much more damage, and have a chance to kill - see long suggestion notes Players now have "conscious health" (the current system), and "vital health", making it possible but difficult to "insta-kill" someone Players can now be damage for 4 seconds after they go "unconcious". they then become immune to fire as they become incapacitated. Medics now have to deal with a variety of medical situations as players now have lesser or worse conditions regulated by vital health. - see long suggestion notes Being revived now is not a blank check. Reduced conscious health with a 5 minute "cool down" this will please the hardcore players, but keep the game playable, while not making the game unrealistic in making it impossible to kill people.
  3. Hey all. This is Nighthauk. I've been playing Squad for about a month now and really enjoy it. I usually play on the Tactical Gamer server. I try to get on as often as possible but lately it seems that is only on the weekends. I've tried my hand at squad leader and have some pretty good strategies but have found that it mostly revolves around if the squad listens and does the commands set in place. My best game was when I was playing a medic and supported 3 different squads inside of a FOB. I was the only medic for all 3 squads. I ended up scoring an 880 on that game. So far its the highest score that I've seen. I know that medic is an easy role to play but a lot of players still don't play it correctly. See I was a combat medic for the ARMY for 5 years and was also in military intelligence for 3 years to total 8 years active military. I also did some time with JSOC (Joint Special Ops Command). This game is great and am looking forward to the devs adding tanks and aircraft. That will change everything in the game. I also stream my gameplay on Twitch. My channel is Nighthauk4. Please come by and check it out. Maybe you were in my squad and can see what we did great or did wrong. Alright, I'll see everyone in game.
  4. Dear devs, could you please reconsider your decision with the M4A1? Now everyone has exactly the same loadout. It would be quiet nice if you could change that back. I'd love to see the Medic with a foregrip again and an LAT with normal iron sights. Its very nice that the foregrip works now, but it doesnt do anything when only the rifleman can use this version. I hope you could change that back like pre V7.
  5. Hello. Have a suggestion, that would make medic-play more realistic, and more tactically fun. The ability to drag wounded into cover. You all to often end up like in this 35 sec film: http://plays.tv/video/5880bc800add498575/medic-play Keep up the good work with this game! /Korpen.vU
  6. This is my first thread. Please feel free to correct me on what can be done better. What I have in mind is pretty simple, the life saved/revived will only show up on the end of the game (Dota2 HH/hero healing for reference), and it'll show up beside every name even if they had not played medic for the whole match. By having all the "0" beside each players name, it'll further boast the results/performances of the medics as well as encouraging them to do better as a med. Hope this helps.
  7. I was first introduced to Squad a couple of months ago, when I found a Squad Ops video on YouTube done by Karmakut. Since December 14th, I've purchased a new computer, joined the Squad Ops group, and now have 179 hours on Squad. When I have a good Squad Leader, I love playing as a medic or rifleman. Otherwise, I enjoy the challenge that squad/platoon leading is and am constantly learning more about it both on & off the field. My goal is to play a bigger part in the Squad community- to become a developer and help to contribute to the UX, objects, maps and game modes. I am from California so you will find me playing on my local servers. Hope to see you on the field!
  8. And a question I would couple with it: is the Medic class too critical? As it stands now, Medic is arguably the absolutely most vital class to any squad of any faction. But is this really desireable? As I'm aware, most rifle groups in reality don't actually have medics, being elements assigned on the platoon level. And even when they appear, there's usually only one of them. Now while medics are vital to keeping soldiers alive, I feel that in Squad they are not only overrepresented, but too critical for the functioning of a squad. Consider the plight of someone who simply wants to play as a rifleman. With 5/8 of the non-SL members being asked to fill crucial fire support and medical roles, there aren't that many who would get to choose to be a simple rifleman, and a lot of squad leaders will kick you if you refuse to at least take the optics class. As it stands right now, some factions' medic classes get inferior guns (though some don't), and don't get any offensive grenades. A common order from SL I see is "just take medic, you get the same gun" and yet later the medic is demanded to stay at the back of the squad, never engaging offensively. This makes sense, but not all players enjoy that kind of playstyle. And this isn't just a problem with Medics; it's also a problem of Riflemen vs. fire support classes; grenadiers, AT riflemen, marksmen and autoriflemen are all vital assets to the squad, and you get several in abundance. The end result is that not many people are allowed to play the simple rifle+grenade setup of a normal grunt. And I feel that's kind of a bummer. How can this be addressed? Several ways, actually. Simply reducing the amount of medics to 1 and fire support classes to 2 would do the trick, but I think we can do better than that. Riflemen tend to carry less weight, not lugging around medical gear or heavy guns and ammunition, so it would make sense for them to move slightly faster and have a higher total stamina. It would also make sense for them to be able to carry more magazines and fragmentation grenades, which would give them an edge over non-rifleman classes, making them valuable assets to a squad leader. Finally, it might make some sense for riflemen to be the only ones to get e-tools, considering the aforementioned factor of not needing all that load-bearing space to carry medical equipment or munitions. That said, I'm not sure how many soldiers in real life actually are asked to carry shovels. Further, there's a simple but somewhat radical change we can make to make medics not so absolutely vital: all classes can "revive" a squadmate using CPR. But it would take much longer (anywhere from 10 seconds or more) and would still require the man be stabilized with bandages, of which normal classes only have two. Plus, CPR would only revive, not heal, so medics would definitely still be extremely useful, but players not wanting to play medic wouldn't utterly handicap the squad. I feel this would provide a more fun game. So, what do you think we can do to enable players to play as Riflemen without kneecapping the efficacy of their squad?
  9. Medic Kits Effects Getting shot Medic bags Nurse Dragging and transport of wounded Pain I think it's high time that the medical system got revisited in Squad. Some hints have been dropped by developers in the November recap, but nothing concrete so I thought it'd be good to make a suggestion now, when the medic system additions are nearer, but still far enough away that the devs don't want to share any particular details. The main feature of this overhaul would be "pain". Pain Pain results from - getting shot - breaking your bones, either by jumping from too high up or getting run over by a heavy vehicle Types of pain - managable pain, reduces stamina regeneration speed - intense pain, reduces stamina regeneration speed, reduces max stamina, gives a supression effect(pulsing blurry peripheral vision/vignette) Treating pain a) you can treat pain by using painkillers - this will make managable pain and its effect completely disapear - this will make intense pain managable for 2 minutes b) healing the wound with medical instruments - intense pain is managable after 1 minute and completely disapears after 3 minutes Medic bag The medic bag has 3 functions and limited uses. Getting foreign object out of the body. Sewing wounds to reduce pain and stop bleeding and reinforcing broken bones. Foreign objects(bullets, shrapnel) - if this is done while the patient is awake he will experience intense pain Sewing - stops bleeding completely and reduces pain Incapacitated state This can result from one or both of two causes. Losing too much blood or passing out from untreated intense pain. Rule of thumb is, 2:1 for pain:bleeding for the torso and head, and 1:1 for limbs. ie shots to the torso hurt twice as much as they bleed, while shots to the limbs hurt as much as they bleed. Other medic items Bandages Imperfect way to stop bleeding. A bandaged wound will accumulate a blood toll overtime and if you get shot again before getting treated you'll take extra damage depending on how long the bandage has been soaking your blood. You will not suffer any visual effects or bleed out completely however. FAST needles and a bloodpack(sportsdrink hooked to an IV needle and a pack of lamb blood for Unconventional forces) Used to revive players. Players must not be be bleeding. If a player is revived without getting his wounds healed first he will experience intense pain upon waking up. This can happen for 2 reasons: The medic ran out of medic bag uses. The player is revived by a nurse. Nurse Each Squad gets two medic kits. The first one is a paramedic with all the above equipment. The second is a Nurse kit, which doesn't have a medic bag. Medic bags, however, can be picked up and used by a player with a Nurse kit from Incapacitated paramedics. In addition the Nurse kit has less IV items to revive people and a very limited number of painkillers. Painkillers 1 use will alleviate 1 level of pain 2 uses will alleviate 2 levels of pain, but will induce dizzyness Burns Burns injuries are treated by bandaging or a medic bag. IV stations on FOBs Aditionally a SL can place an IV tent on a FOB, where incapacitated friendlies can be transported to revive. A nurse or a medic must be manning the IV tent and it holds 5 people. As a bonus, players revived in an IV tent receive no pain after reviving and all their injuries are healed. Hope I made this as comprehensive as possible and something the devs can draw even a little bit of inspiration from when further working on the medical system in Squad. (alright, now come at me with the "this is too complicated" "this would nerf medics" comments)
  10. How about allowing the Medic to apply a second patch to patient so the revived target has increased health so less is needed to be patched up to max. As you had in PR. (Not a boost beyond max)
  11. When no ammo boxes or re supply possible, all class should have the ability to give medics thier bandages.. to resupply using thier kit. give the medic the best optic on their weapon, might make people play that class more
  12. so what are your favorite roles? i haven't tried being an SL yet because i'm still new in the game. my favorite role is with medic though and machine gunner
  13. So currently when someone goes down, they don't really know how long they've been bleeding/until they bleed out. Some SL's are so crass as to suggest mass suicide to redeploy somewhere else. My suggestion is the following and I think it will solve many problems currently associated with being down and wasting those ever so important tickets. Currently when you're being healed a graphic appears bottom center with a color representing status. When you're down everyone sees a ticking bleeding symbol in a similar fashion. I suggest making what's visible to everyone else, also visible to the downed player by means of putting it right where the "being healed" graphic normally is. This includes knowing when he's been bandaged (the blood drop turns to a heal symbol and the timer stops ticking around the circle) and finally he already knows when he's being healed. The above would give the downed player awareness in addition to checking for nearby medics on the map, to gauge his chances and make a more informed decision. This is technically another suggestion, but if they give up before at least half the bleed timer has passed, hit them with a 30sec penalty to their spawn timer. For people who think suicide redeploys are smart, or who give up within seconds of dying after whining medic every second, and so on.
  14. I find that when my squad is bunched into a small space and we are down, it can be difficult to find the medic. A solution for this would be to have medic icon layered over all other players icons. Now obviously their are two medics usually in a squad so one icon can always take precedence over the other. This would be useful distinguishing whether a medic is close and getting people up or down.
  15. Hey guys, first of all I would really like to thank you for this awesome game! Had so much fun the last days! But the key binding for some items is very annoying. For example the medic: it would be great if the field dressing and the medic bag would be assigned to different keys. In the heat of battle I always hammering my 5-key, because I get the field dressing, when I want the medic bag and vice versa. Of course you can say, just select them with the mouse or carefully choose the right item (which does not work everytime), but for me as medic it is very important to get the item I need as fast as possible. I don't have the time to carefully choose the right item or scroll with the mouse wheel and take a look at the HUD. I just want one key per important item! Same for the light-anti-tank (LAT) guy, I really would like to have each different ammunition assigned to a different key. So often I had the same situation like the medic, that I don't get the correct item I need. Even it is just a delay of seconds this can cost you, your squad and your team members their lives I understand, that there is a system behind the key assignment, you want all "item categories" on the same keys and that's good! But for the elementary items it is very important to get them fast and on demand the right one For example the medic could get the medic bag on the 3-key, because he doesn't have frags at all. The LTA guy could get the heat-missile on the 2-key, because he doesn't have a pistol at all. I really would appreciate if you could give the important items of each kit an unique key binding! Best regards, Artery
  16. Hi devs, I just joined the community via the free week end of 11/11/16 and I already have more than 25 hours on your game ( I very enjoy it, keep it up ! ) As a new player playing medic all the time, I tought that it would be a great idea to be able to pick up injured teammates or draw their bodies around. Here are my reasons : - It would add an other layer of teamwork since everybody would be able to dit it ( cooperation with the medic ) - Squads would be able to stack up their injured soldiers when their's no medic nearby - It would be easier to get freindlys out of a bad situation ( dead in the middle of the road ) Of course it would take time to pick them up, moving with them would be slower and without weapons and finally putting them down could have it's own 1 sec animation. I hope you guys will be able to read this. Have a good day !
  17. Just from what you guys have created so far I can tell this is going to be a great game. I also LOVE that you guys are actively listening to your community and actually taking feed back from us and tweaking accordingly, just wanted to express my gratitude you don't see that a lot in the gaming industry . So anyway I am just going to brain dump whats on my mind so forgive me if I touch on topics that previous postings might have covered. -Project Reality- I have played Project Reality and still do and it is the reason I bought Squad hearing it is the spiritual successor. Some things that I noticed that are different besides the obvious. When you get shot or shoot a player they can stop the bleeding with one patch. In PR it took multiple patches too heal or a medic and I liked that. Knowing when you hit someone that they are messed up and require more than a patch the medic or they are going to bleed out. It also encourages people to stay with the squad instead going out by them self and being a lone wolf. Little balance and a focus on realism. In PR you have the USMC and other major factions have optics on all of their guns vs insurgents with iron sights with an exception of the marksmen. Also major faction's would have thermals and better armor and the rebels would have old outdated equipment. I loved that it forced certain factions to play very conservatively and set up ambushes and use IED's. Also unique weapons, I liked that some factions would have suppressed rifles and shotguns and some factions would not just things like that adds a little flavor to the game. Next is bullet deviation, (I am assuming that bullet deviation is suppose to simulate heavy breathing or something along those lines) in PR you have to sit or stand still for a couple seconds for your shots to be accurate. Again I like that, it prolongs firefights and makes for some epic shootouts with bullets flying all around you. I saw a post by ZiGreen along these lines concerning shooting mechanics and it is a very comprehensive post and I agree with most of his suggestions ill link it here-Animations- Squad has some of the best gun animations I have ever seen in a game they are seriously good. I was wondering if the soldiers will revive the same level of detail? For instance in battlefield when you shoot your characters face will scowl and when a grenade explodes he will react to it buy putting his left had up to cover his face. Right now the soldier animations seem very stiff and robotic I am sure that they will change with time and become more fluid. I was just wondering what you guys got planned for us on that front? Getting shot should in my opinion should sometimes make your guy stumble or flinch something along those lines would be neat. Wounded animations. It would be really cool if when you got downed "wounded" that after you rag doll that your guy would wiggle or squirm on the ground and make groaning or grunting noises. This could also help medics find people who are wounded and be a neat touch to the game. Red Orchestra has animations similar to what I am talking about. Resting/walking pose. The walking pose in squad just dose not seem right to me, it might just be me being a picky bastard. I liked the PR walking/jogging animations where the gun would be at you side instead of always being at the ready. Also that way you could see when people were aiming down their sites. -Example picture- -Damage- Another thing I think would be good is that when a player gets shot in the head they can not be picked-up again as in that they are dead and have to re-spawn. Depending how in depth you guy plan on going with the hit box you could make the helmet livable and people who get shot in the helmet could get picked up. Also is body armor going to be a thing and if it is how is it going to work? It would definitely be a cool addition too the game. I'm not sure about this one but perhaps if you are inside a certain radius of a grenade that it would kill you not just down you. And last of all going off of my "wounded animations" suggestion if that is implemented when someone is wounded and waiting for the medic. If an enemy comes across them they can shoot and kill them preventing the revive. Its more realistic and a way to make sure the area is clear. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  18. I would not find it too bad, if the medics would be able to use the field dressings of the fallen guys as an option. Medics could do their jobs a bit more relaxed, not needing to ask other players to stop the bleeding of the fallen if they (as medic) have run out of field dressings. Suggesting: When you are a medic, out of field dressings and move to a fallen (bleeding) player, give the option to "Use player's field dressing". That'd be pretty awesome.
  19. As a consistent player of the medic class in SQUAD I keep wondering, does the Militia faction's medic really deserve to get stuck with the AKS-74U? It feels a bit unfair given that for every other faction the medic is granted access to a full strength assault rifle (albeit generally one without optics - except US which is fine). Does anyone else feel like me in that it would be a lot more fun to play as the medic for Militia if the class was given, say the AMD-65, the same weapon used by the insurgent medic? Or do you prefer the AKS-74U? If so why? What are the thoughts?
  20. This suggestion is inspired by this thread and homri's post Let's start from basics. As many of you already have noticed, PR kit system has some kind of dihotomy. There are several different ways to perform different tasks in game (Anti-vehicular warfare, combat engineering, direct quantity fire support, accurized fire support etc). Most of these ways have two options: specialized (defense/support) and generalized (attack/maneuver) variants of task performing. For example: 1. LAT - rifleman with minor AT capibilities; HAT - specialist with major AT capabilities and reduced direct action capabilities. 2. Breacher - rifleman with minor demolition and destroying capabilities; Engineer - specialist with major engineering and demolition possibilities. This dihotomy works for most of the kits, Automatic Rifleman and Machinegunner, Marksman and Sniper. Every squad can be composed from rifleman core, which can perform full spectrum of tasks, and restricted amount specialists which can fully cover certain tasks. So, typical rifle core (marksman, LAT, automatic rifleman, grenadier/breacher) with addition of Sniper significantly increases its ability to accurately liquidate enemy troops. The same rifle core with addition of HAT transforms into effective anti-vehicular unit. Add a GPMG gunner to this core and get a fire support oriented squad. It is like RPG or strategy tree. Get a basic set and specialize it the way you want it to be. That is why we have so many discussions about Medic. Because there is only kit for major gameplay task: Community splitted up into 2 groups, some wants medic to be a direct combat capable kit (at least not worse than others). Some wants Medic to be a pure support kit. Even devs have to make experiments with Medic (Melbo told that Medic is the rifleman first, while the general line of Medic development was creation of true support kit). The main issue with medic is that he has to perform two different tasks: treatment and evacuation (okay, players evacuate themselves, but the first step, stabilizing is still what medic is responsible for). As you see, here we have two aspects of Medic gameplay: 1. Basic medical support, involving direct action engagements. 2. Advanced medical treatment, highly effective and specialized. Also, most of SLs are familiar with tactics of two groups: weapon group consisting of specialists (including fire support specialists) and maneuver group consisting of riflemen. While weapon group provides observation and firesupport, rifleman group performs assault and securing. Usually SLs assing one Medic per every group and than we can see this issue really clear: Medic assigned to weapon group can't fully develop his ability to quickly restore combat effectiveness of his allies, while Medic assigned to maneuver group can't effectively act as rifleman. Here we come to conclusion that one type of Medic kit can't effectively cover all medical tasks. NOT because Medic is bad both in healing and shooting, BUT because he is good both in these different tasks. In other words, players are lost and can't choose the right way to perform their tasks in every moment of the game. That is why we need to split Medic into 2 different kits. 1. Combat Lifesaver. This kit would be responsible for providing first aid (stabilizing, reviving), evacuation and medical support of allies operating on the first line. Reduced healing capabilities combined with direct action effectiveness would create a kit, which is supposed to be among other riflemen to increase their firepower and, secondary, provide basic medical support. Rifleman with medicine orientation. 2. Medic. This kit is responsible for advanced treatment and full restoration of combat effectiveness of squad. There is no reason for Medic to be on the edge of attack, because he doesn't need to stabilize fallen allies where they have been killed. It is Lifesaver's task. Medic should wait for injured allies fall back for treatment. Medicine Specialist. So, we read out the general conception of this system. Now let's go into details, which will allow us to give an emphasis to these roles. At this moment we have only 2 medical mechanics implemented: bleeding and health. Bleeding system works as supposed, so no questions here. 5-6 bandages for Combat Lifesaver, 9-12 for Medic. Health. There is a whole bunch of problems with current health management. 1. Self healing has the same effectiveness as ally healing. Speed of self-healing should be twice reduced compared to normal healing. This would prevent Medic from surviving multiple attaks in row. 2. Infinite medic bag. Medic bag should have a limit of health restoration. Let's say, 2000hp for Medic, and 200hp for Combat Lifesaver or even less. Why such a big difference? Because Current system allows to Squad continue to attack no matter without regrouping and brief stops on the way to the point of destination. Combat Lifesaver's task is to stabilize injured player to let him fall back and perform a full recover. 3. Lack of "wounded" mechanics. As you remember, devs are planning to implement a wounded state, which make revived player less effective, forcing him to use a Medic Station deployable. This thing will tie Medic to his FOB and squad. Next thing is planned is epinephrine. Some of you are familiar with epi due to PR legacy. Basically, epinephrine is supposed to revive incapacitated players. This thing will be a main weapon of Combat Lifesaver. "Bandage, Epinephrine - now move your ass to the Medic!" Basically, epinephrine is an anti-shock. As bandages are used to prevent death AND to recover from death, epinephrine could be used to help players, which have taken a HUGE amount of damage, but survived due to immediate bandaging. So, epi could be a thing and not only "shit has to be used before medic bag". In sum: instead of 2 medics, we'll get 2 kits: a rifleman who can provide initial stabilization and evacuation being and organic part of rifle squad; a specialist who provides advanced treatment in the rear of its own squad. Thoughts?
  21. Don't get me wrong, this means more medics actually doing medical things instead of eyeing up the local wildlife! Unfortunately this has turned most medics in to headless chickens running at the nearest bleeder until they become one (Sounding a bit like a horror film, but honestly that's what it looks like when you witness this feat of medical prowess)
  22. Hello forum, My name is Lukas "Salk!s" Havlicek and I started new youtube channel which will be releasing videos about SQUAD. I am playing the game since day 1 release on steam and I can't get enough of it. So I decided that I will create youtube channel dedicated to my favorite game where I will try to spread the word about SQUAD and in the same time providing you with some watchable content. Please give me your opinions on my first video what should I improve and maybe what would you like to see next. And in case you liked my video hitting that subscribe button would be the most awesome thing Here is my first video : link to channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/SalkisCreations
  23. I find being a medic fun. (No sarcasm..I actually like being medic from time to time)
  24. I wanted to start a quick little discussion about the map of the medic, as it is currently implemented in the game. Now, a medic can see every teammate that is wounded or dead, anywhere on the map. In my opinion, this takes away part of the communication required to function as a team. A medic that simply keeps an eye on his map can easily see: "oh, squad 1 is being wiped on the flag, they might need some backup". I feel that if squad 1 is indeed getting wiped, they should inform their team. If they don't do that, then the team should pay the price for it. Of course, you still want friendly medics to be able to spot you when you are killed in their general area. So maybe some sort of radius in which the medic can see the status of friendlies? Or do you have a different opinion?
  25. Yo guys. Am I the only one that this is happening to? When I get revived I (most of the time) I teleport through a wall or even off the map.... http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/505902374505645885/1883486AA3A8241E121B6779DD4C52CCAB555CB7/ a Screeshot I took