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Found 13 results

  1. Hello community. My main suggestion of correction, is in the brands, by the Fire Teams (Bravo and Charlie). When you place a mark on the map, the symbol appears, but the distance between you and the mark does not appear. (I refer to the marks of attacking, defending, observing, building ...) I think a distance indicator would be useful, as it has in the main Squad. Sorry for my english, isn't very good ..
  2. When dealing with urban warfare, being able to mark buildings using numbers on the map would make calling out enemy positions a lot easier. As shown in the image below, I can just say "enemy spotted in building three at the commons area".
  3. To make it simple, I think that Squad Leaders should have access to more markers, and that they should be able to use them with more flexibility. This means, as I said, more markers (with maybe the ability to add some short text), and being able to choose who will be seeing them. I'm thinking of: -movement markers -directional markers -maybe text Just as an example, imagine a squad leader planning their squad's movement, and placing incremental waypoints for it to follow, like WP1, WP2 and on. That also means the addition of directional markers, maybe a wheel of eight different arrows. This would allow a leader to mark enemy troops but also the direction of their movement. That armor you marked is moving east on the road, converging on squad 4. Or maybe you're specifying that the .50 Cal you're marking is facing south-west. That full squad in the woods is moving North, trying to flank squad 3. I know all of this can be achieved trhough radio communications, but the truth is, in coordinated operations, it is best to keep comms to a minimum. That, and permanent markers are way more reliable than a spoken comm. I also think it would be nice to be able to specify who will see those markers, in order to avoid cluttering the map. A leader could choose to place markers only visible to his own squad, for instance. - Ideally, this suggestion should be considered together with my other thread, about having a better tactical map: So, what do you guys think?
  4. Is it intentional that the orange FOB-request marker Squad Leaders can put down isn't removed when an FOB radio is put down at or near the marker's location? It's just slightly more messy on the map having to clean up the marker after I place a radio quite close if not exactly atop of it. I play with the FOB rings up, and seeing the usual blue and grey rings next to orange is just slightly distracting, and I don't see the need to keep the suggestion of where to place a FOB when there's a FOB already placed at the location. I don't know what radius would be preferable for deleting FOB markers from FOB radios, though. The blue circle of influence? Just in case someone meant to place one on a hill nearby, and got canceled out by another? Or the whole grey circle, to completely remove suggestion markers from impossible to build places?
  5. As a frequent SL, one thing I would love to see implemented is more robust squad map tools. Currently I use various markers to direct squaddies to useful positions, but that clutters the map for other squads and inexperienced players are often unable to navigate without a waypoint. I was thinking it would be nice to place individual waypoints for each squad member that only the squad can see on the map and only the individual squad member would see on the compass. Numbered 1-9, they could be placed by holding the number on the keyboard down and clicking on the map (if key-press modifiers can work on the map, I'm not much of a coder ). Also, would be nice to be able to shift-click waypoints like in RTS games to direct squaddies along preferred paths (would be a great help for lost logis).
  6. The ability to set a waypoint, even just a single one, would be a blessing for squad leaders and add a beneficial degree of depth to the game. The ability to place a rally, then a move marker for troops to go to, and then from the move marker to an action point/marker(attack/dig/defend/etc...) is something I'd really like. Just one waypoint would make a world of difference as currently players, of all levels, often move to action points/markers directly from where they spawned which leads to the spawn having a rather limited life by making them kind of easy to find, so it seems. Having the ability to place a single waypoint imho could bring a whole new level of game play and enhance everyone's in-game experience. Please could we test such a feature in the next update. I guess you could use the 'Shift' key + click to place the waypoint and then the usual for the action point/marker.... grovel grovel... grovel... P.s. I searched and found but thought this really needs bringing back to life... people's vectors are too much of a clue... #make-Squad-rich-...-in-depth...-for-enhanced-funzies-...-people-will-like-it-...-o7 P.p.s. This would especially useful for squad leaders that become seperated from their squad, for whatever reason... "Do such and such via such and such waypoint-move-marker..."
  7. Squad Leaders should use "Order markers" more often. I see way to many SLs not using this function. "Comrose" Map Its important to use these markers because they will show up on map aswell as on Squad members compass. ! BE AWARE, OTHER MARKERS THAN ORDER-MARKERS WONT SHOW UP ON COMPASS ! In Project Reality every SLs using Them, please SLs use these markers more in Squad. :-)
  8. 3D World Markers

    I was very pleased to see some work done by the devs on trying to implement more suppression effects although it's mostly suppression added from the explosions, I didn't notice much suppression added to tackle the easiness of snipers able to return accurate fire while being pinned down so I still wish they added a tiny flinch of the sight for each bullet passing by near your head. This is very needed feature to balance out the insta-aim-shoot kinda game where it's overly easy to snipe everyone off the minute they pop their head out of cover and essentially pro-longing the firefights thus making the gunplay way more interesting and long lasting by being based more on the suppressive fire rather than insta-pin-point-aim-bam-dead kinda gunplay. But thread is about my unhappiness about the removal of 3D World Markers. And it's kinda related to the above because with the markers the Squad Leader with his squad was actually a much powerful stature than squadmates being alone, because of his ability to EFFECTIVELY and SWIFTLY convey enemy targets for his squad within seconds. And thus the squad's mutual firepower usually responded very quickly after the target has been marked and thus being somehow able to go up against all the sneaky enemy snipers hiding around which kinda balanced it out slightly on the subject of snipers vs riflemen issue. Not much but at least it gave the riflemen + SL some kind of an edge, even though snipers still were most of the time way too overpowering with their zoom outside the optic and almost no sway and no flinch of their sight when bullets are poured on him. But now with the removal of it and having it visible on only less than 60m, the direction and distance showing on the compass does absolutely nothing if you tell your squadmates -> "Hey guys I've marked the target, just look at the compass and see the distance". Before they determine how far the target actually is and where to shoot at and how far, they will be much sooner dead by now so it's completely pointless to do any of this now. The enemy snipers/scoped riflemen will pick em out within seconds. So the distance on the compass is useless if you want to actually catch any attention of your squad and actually for them to find it useful in the middle of fighting. It is of no use on less than 100m so what's the point of having it visible on only less than 60m at all if you can just tell squadmates the bearing and they can just turn around if the enemy is that close. But on long distance however, this does not work and this is where markers were so useful and making possible for squads to have long range suppressive fire. Before being as a SL actually felt like being usefull spoitting targets for squadmates. The whole point of them was to conduct a coordinated fire over long distances as a whole squad. There is no point to these markers on short distances at all, since everything within less than 100m you can see clearly with your own eyes and you don't need your SL to place a marker for you on less than 100m. And moreover if the enemy was that close then you'd better of just start shooting at it rather than troubling yourself and taking so much time to mark it if the enemy is that close. Thus there'd be never enough time or even worth it to mark a target for your squadmates. This was a realistic feature providing ability for squadmates to actually point out targets on larger distances. Even that was very difficult to manage it sometimes and it wasn't as easy to place the marker and for squadmates to actually quickly aim in that direction and see the enemy. The only limitations for 3D World Markers I would make is that they'd be only visible for squadmates that are nearby the SL, say within 20m. Anyone further than 20m from the SL would not see these markers. And that would give you the realistic range in which the SL in real life is usually able to pass on the targets to his squadmates by pointing out his arm towards the enemy. And in real life usually squadmates are able to see his SL within 20m range and his arm pointing out. This would essentially encourage more players to actually stick to his SL and stay close together rather than lone-wolf, and be more useful as a squad.
  9. After quite a few matches this weekend playing as Squad Leader, I've realised a lot of the SL's time is chewed up by attempting to get grid refs for spotted targets and enemy positions. I think I've come up with a possible solution to make this a bit easier if it's possible. Allow infantry (non-SL) to place map markers in the same way the SL can, but these are only visible for members of the same squad and shaded differently (enemy = orange, general - yellow or light green). For any map marker placed by a squad member, the SL of that squad could choose to click on that map marker to 'approve it' in the same way a vehicle is approved remotely by the SL. Squad leader can also delete these markers by the same menu as approve. This allows the squad to use markers for themselves without general map clutter, but also allows the squad leader to selectively choose map markers to show to the whole team. TLDR : Allow grunts to place different coloured map markers visible only to their squad. SL's can 'approve' these like vehicles so they appear to the whole team or delete them. Any thoughts?
  10. I've noticed in game that the SL interaction can be hit or miss, but what I find more confusing is when multiple SLs are using their context menu and placing markers on the map. One suggestion I have is to only see markers placed by your SL that are non-enemy position markers (ie: move, attack, defend, etc). The enemy position markers should still show up as red, but if you see a shield or sword marker, you know it was placed by your SL and not another. Just a thought. The other option would be to color code or place a number over the marker indication which SL placed it but that might be too taxing on the UE4 in game mechanics.
  11. Hello Squad forums! ^^ This is my first post here so go easy on me. Basically I'm an old PR player originating from the clan MeRk which I'm sure some of the other PR players have heard of. I have been playing Squad a lot, since the pre-alpha, in order to sharpen my skills before the final product and these are the things that I've found really needs to be reworked. I would love for people to question my ideas and give me different perspectives on the problems that I will state. Given my PR background and the fact that I have played this game for a reasonable long time now, I find my proposals valid. 1. Markers In PR, the squad leader has the ability to place markers on the map which will appear for every squad member in his squad i.e. attack or observe markers. These markers will also create a small and subtle arrow for every squad member, indicating in which direction on the compass the marker is placed, and create a line between the markers position on the map and your own position on the map. The squad leader is able to place these both by holding down T and aiming at a position, choosing the preferred marker with a left click and thus placing the marker on the aimed position, or going into his general map mode which I guess Squads equivalent is pressing Enter and right clicking on a position on the map. This tools is really useful when it comes to coordinating a squad. Not only does it give the squad members a better sense of what the actual real-time objective is, it actually makes the experience a bit more forgiving when squad leading new players. I can see that the developers have tried something similar with objective markers and have combined them with unit markers, which in my opinion haven't really worked out. Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant the new system for setting unit markers but I really do think that the system for setting objective markers should be reconsidered and switched to something more like the PR style. Or maybe just implementing the PR system of setting “squad markers” on top of the existing one. If this happens, you will see much more coordinated squads, more teamwork and a community getting more enjoyment out of the game 2. Map This one really goes hand in hand with point number 1. I love the fact that there’s so many levels of zoom available by pressing M and then zooming in with N. But when I’m a squad leader and I want to relay information on the map of enemy positions to the team. I find myself forced to stop dead in my tracks when I press Enter. This really has a heavy toll on the pace the squad has moving forward. One of the best ways of gaining momentum with your squad is actually leading by example and spearheading the column. Forcing me to stop just to put up an infantry marker simply feels clumsy. I would love if I had the ability to move with the “w,a,s,d” buttons whilst utilizing this map mode. 3. Radio Let’s start this section of by saying that the sound of the radio is on point but it lacks functionality. I don’t know if you’re planning to implement this in the future but I can’t work out why for the love of god I can’t talk to other squads individually. Maybe this has to do with my settings and I will investigate this immediately after finishing this feedback thread but If it is an actual choice, I would say it’s a poor one. Having squad leaders talking in (what is referred to in PR) all chat is extremely annoying. Most of the squad leaders in the game at this stage has no idea of the value from audible intelligence (i.e. gunshots) which leads to them disturbing the squad leader of every squad in the team. I do accept that this game is a public one an there will always be some geniuses spamming the all chat. But removing the ability to talk to individual squad leaders altogether kind of forces squad leaders to disturb other squad leaders unnecessarily. 4. Player name popup whilst hoovering over their name I have noticed that you have implemented a system which allows for people to see the players name, kit and squad when they hover over their dot with their mouse. Although this looks nice, it really don’t seem to be working out all too good. Most of the time I try to set markers the marker options disappear when my mouse is close enough to the dot of another player. Thus making it practically impossible to mark close proximity enemies when your squad is in a tight grouping. Even trying to find the name of a random player close to another one is a difficult task. I recommend switching to something which gives you the players name and kit when you actually click on their name. This would be loads smoother in my opinion. All and all the game looks solid and I have really enjoyed playing Squad these last months. These are just opinions and I would love some feedback on my feedback so to speak. Thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to some response! See you on the battlefield, [NB] Cuttish out. [NB] – Nordic Battalion (FYI: I’m Swedish and prone to typos)
  12. Rightclicking Map Icons?

    I noticed that in the spawn menu if I right-click the map a sort of commo rose appears. There's over a dozen icons to select, depending on which "branch" you select. First question: is there a breakdown of what each icon/marker represents (or purpose of said branch, too). Second question: Are those markers for your teammates to see or just for your eyes only (whether or not you're the SL)? 3rd Question: If you accidentally place a marker how do you remove it? Thanks. Just an aside, be nice if the map was clickable just using the map key instead of going through the Spawn menu.
  13. Topographical Maps

    I'm sure it's a long way off but I was wondering when we would be getting new maps because the ones in game currently, in my opinion, are pretty bad. I know sumari bala is just a piece of a much larger work but the in game map is so horribly inaccurate it makes it hard to find good routes to maneuver. I also feel like the other maps lack detail when trying to spot the enemy and place markers. As it stands right now I would prefer a pure elevation map. Anyways, I'm sure these will be made better at some point I was just wondering when.