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Found 74 results

  1. Favorite maps?

    Hey everyone! just wanted to find out what everyones favorite maps were, im trying to create a poll for everyone to use if they need to create map rotations and such, all the data collected is on the poll as well for anyone that wants it! if you dont know what each map is by its name, use https://squadmaps.com/ for pictures. The poll can be filled out by either sliding the bars or putting in a number into the box on the left. https://youpoll.me/31939/
  2. Topography

    I have talked to a few guys throughout my short squad career, so far, and i think adding topography (mainly contour lines) to the maps so you can see more elevation or declination. I was a marksman in one of my last few games and wanted a more vantage point to overlook the compound we were raiding but on the map i couldnt tell where a nice hill was or if we even attacking uphill or downhill. It would even help with looking at the map where to stage vehicles, MGs, where to hide logi trucks etc... Just a thought, Thanks!
  3. All current map information

    So i've seen some posts about this in the past, years ago even about a few good guys making a website or having information of all current map versions. Showing flag points, which vehicles each team has, etc. Unfortunately, one of the big and most useful ones (https://squadmaps.com/) is not being updated anymore it seems. Does anyone have information like how squadmaps had? Having a list of maps, where the flags are, etc, gives a great advantage to SL's who actually want to win the game, rush points, or plan out fob locations. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you to Tom Nedry His High-Res maps come now with an awesome Mortal Calculator Link to his Post http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11417-hires-maps-and-online-viewer/ Squadmaps https://www.airpressuretendency.net/squadmaps/
  5. why only few maps have skirmish? all maps should have at least one skirmish layout avaliable for seeding also, you forgot to turn the lights on on sumari skirmish
  6. We need more maps!

    I think developers should focus more on new maps! That leaves a less cloying/tiring game is the amount of maps and the random flags system. In the reality project we have 56 maps including small variations of terrain, this caused the game to be played for years and years. How many and which maps are to be OFFICIALLY released soon for the squad? Project reality Map gallery: https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/
  7. Guide: Map Versions

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, detailed map information is not listed anywhere. So, I decided to make a database with all map versions. In order to help server administrators and players to find their favorite maps versions. Making their life a little less frustrating. I hope my guide helps. Guide is not finished yet! More map versions will follow soon. For the guide click here. Always with good will, Battlecator | :
  8. Suggestion: NEW MAPS

    hello I bought squad on December 15, 2015, I have 1200 hours of play, and the game becomes completely repetitive,especially the fact of not having a lot of cards, to restart the game that becomes boring, take out a pack of 10- 15 official maps, as soon as possible will be the best, city maps, forest maps ..... i don't talk about insect mods , zombies mod , I need an answer from a developer telling me, yes it is envisaged or not, maybe 3 can be 5 can be 10, not that they say "there is the beautiful insect mods" locked for me it's the most important. thank you
  9. Soup maps (some maps)

    Hello, I played Squad for 1,5 year and from v10 to 11 It says I need 2Gb video RAM But, on some maps picture is cool, on others - soup. So why can't developers make some optimization so guys with 1Gb can play on every map with low graph?
  10. I was wandering why does Post Scriptum looks so much better than Squad? Is it just their foliage/pallete/assets or are they even using different filters/shaders? It looks very photo realistic. The shadows are really dark, everything is very sharp and basically on point. My guess is that they changed lots of stuff because it also runs a lot worst than Squad but the amazing looks are more than worth it if you ask me. Anyways, this gives me high hopes for Squad to improve its graphics because specially on some maps Squad can very gamey/innacurate in terms of colors, ambiance, shadows, asset variation and in some cases even the level's layout feels outdated even when compared to PR. In Squad some levels feel more like mazes or even imaginary places rather than based on real life locations but that has been improving over the lasts updates.
  11. Map vote system

    So I was just in a server and we played Al Basrah PAAS v2, which is mil v ins and it just seemed like EVERYONE in the server didn't like the map. So does anyone else think that Squad needs a map voting system like PR where the admin chooses 3 maps that the server can vote on to choose the next map?
  12. Beautiful New Map!

    It's too bad this will never see the light of day on a official server. Offworld needs to put this mapper on the payroll.
  13. Current Map Problems

    I think I first got into Squad during v6 I believe... before the vehicles got introduced. The developers have made huge steps since then. The new maps got gradually introduced as vehicles were introduced but it is almost as though most maps added even after v7 feels like they are treating vehicular gameplay as secondary needs that have to be fulfilled. The obvious exception is YEHORIVKA. I will use that map's design features as I understand them to express my feeling of how maps should be designed as: Relatively flat to allow more freedom to vehicular movement by not punishing offroad ventures. Open spaces for long-range vehicle support for infantry or vehicle to vehicle combat (instead of practically running into each other in maps like FOOLS ROAD.) Infantry preferred combat zones (cluster of buildings where vehicles are more of a burden within) YEHORIVKA allows vehicles to breathe free but is not dominated by vehicle dominance because it balances out with flag points that are within towns where infantry reins supreme. Also, the map is huge! Feels almost too big until you try to sneak a whole squad in your transport truck or BTR behind enemy lines at which point you realise all these "dead spaces" at the edges of the maps are actually there for a reason. (GORODOK is another good example) But then there are all the other maps... Ones that were in before vehicles like SUMARI and LOGAR VALLEY are just way too small for vehicles, understandably. I believe CHORA was in before v7 and it's design reflects that. Every single area of the map, it is filled with infantry scaled covers that god forbid if two enemy squads run into each other, it won't be a bloodbath on a flat terrain with no cover around - completely infantry-centric map design logic. The worst part is that even newest maps that were added have this design logic behind whether intentionally or not: BELAYA, NARVA, KAMDESH HIGHLANDS, MESTIA, and an older map, KOHAT TOI and FOOL'S ROAD. Vehicles are punished above and beyond for going offroad due to just how rocky and hilly every part of the map is (KAMDESH, MESTIA, KOHAT). In NARVA and BELAYA, I believe you cannot really go 'offroad' and the map is too small to actually maneuver, map-wide tactically. In these maps, the only reasonable role for these vehicles is to literally stick to an infantry squad and support them. I know that is the realistic role but come on man, a vehicle to vehicle combat in this game is horrible due to how the maps do not support vehicular maneuvers at all. This also creates a second problem which I believe is complete lack of need for a dedicated transport squad. The maps do not embrace vehicles - they are afraid to be too big, they are afraid to have an open field that will frustrate infantry moving on foot. I remember in PR, if your SL did not like any of the spawn points, there would be a dedicated transport squad which will drive the squad to a preferred location. And SLs would request a pick up after capturing a point or removing enemy FOB on remote parts of the map. I think the need for this squad has to be fulfilled - it will lessen HAB beehive phenomenon and it just encourages bigger strategical and tactical movements around the map. I never see a dedicated transport squad even in YEHORIVKA or GORODOK so it is partly due to the playerbase not realising the potential but I believe the biggest factor why people think it is not needed is because the vast majority of maps either outright punishes offroad or just not big enough to create a need for the squad. TLDR; The vast majority of the maps in current map pools are too small and/or excessively hilly which prevents more tactical and strategical usage of combat vehicles and transport trucks. I believe the developers should 'gamble' with maps that are so big that you need transport squads and APCs should ferry around troops from point to point for the team to fight effectively. Obviously not in all maps. Some maps can have harsh conditions for vehicular gameplay almost as a feature... but not most of the maps.
  14. In-Game UI

    The UI is slick but still has a couple clunky bits, namely thus: The score board and (and squad ui) are under the map on some resolutions, mine (1680x1050, 16:10) is also affected. An easy fix would be changing the Z-index (or whatever it is) so that the squad ui is always on top for role and members. The map can be at the bottom of the index because we have a button dedicated for it. The end of round is worse, the next map is cut off along with some of the scores. Maps - the grids used to be vivid and made for quick marking but now the lines blend into the terrain really well making quick adjustments and spanning the map a pain. Lastly, have the point of the mark where we click if at all possible. (ie arrow points to where cursor was, tip of shovel where cursor was. Helmet and other marks should remain centered, or be given a thin chevron that points to the cursor's location. Just quality of life precision. One other thing: Keeping kits when they're no longer available should be dealt with. As it sits, a squad can have a HAT and they can keep it for the rest of the game despite not having enough players (either in the squad or the team) to keep it. Same thing with other kits, some squads get 4 MGs, 4 Medics, etc..
  15. JO Maps - by LJ

    Hi All, I have a passion for Joint Operations (JO). It was honestly one of the best games i have ever had the good fortune to play. This has lead me to picking up Squad, as it is the only game going-anywhere that offered so much potential for modding, and has even allowed me to dream of playing something resembling JO again. I will be doing a number of re-imagined JO Maps, following as closely to the originals where possible, and posting in here with pictures of my progress. I hope that the maps i make will make their way into Squad-proper but even if they don't or are unpopular i am also creating these assets - as well as numerous others - for a hope-to-be-completed mod of Squad called, tentatively, Squad_JO, which will attempt to emulate the game-play and style of JO using Squad as a base game. The Maps I plan on doing: ** scroll down and go to the Album (labeled in blue) ** 1. Black Rock Beach > 2x2 kM (shared with SSLM) 2. Dormant Volcano Isle > 1x1 kM 3. Twin Islands > 2x2kM 4. Sungai Sabe Lumber Mill > 2x2 kM (shared with BRB) * possibly Tobo Wetlands and others as well. I will also be making some non-JO related maps as well. These will be, atm, Flinders Island and Wilsons Promontory. Constructive help and comments are more than welcome Cheers! .LJ
  16. there used to be a version of Sumari Balla from back in closed alpha that was at night and i belive it was USA vs militia ITC however the map was actually at night like how logar INS night is. earlier today i remembered that was my all time favoret map but for the life of me i cant find it and i cycled every playable version of sumari today and its just gone. yes there is a sumari ITC but it is not at night its more like a dusk and its not the same. i was wondering how many of you who remember the map would like it back?. as i belive it wouldn't be a hard thing for the devs to do just take a version or 2 of the current sumari maps and add a night version its just a lighting and sky box change. its just my all time favoret map from back in closed alpha and im sad to see it gone, here's hoping a dev sees it and brings it back so i can put it into my server rotation... or at least hijack the map rotation every once and a while with it ;P
  17. Night Maps???

    I've been wondering how night maps would play out. Not just a semi dark map with the sun setting over the horizon. A pitch black map that's only lit by moonlight. I've been enjoying this thought more and more recently because of my strange attraction towards the tracer bullets. (It'd be so damn beautiful with tracer bullets flying everywhere in a night map)
  18. Created this thread after a nice discussion on the /r/joinsquad subreddit. Would like to hear additional suggestions and feedback on the ones presented here. The current icons for especially vehicles and enemy positions can be confusing. I suggest to replace these confusing graphic markers with the much clearer but slightly harder to learn NATO symbols. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=165876618 here is a quick reference guide for those not familiar with the system. These symbols once acquainted with allow for very rapid identification and familiarization with the friendly and enemy forces in the Area of Operations. For implementing this I would suggest giving players the option to choose between the NATO symbols or graphic symbols in the options menu. The game Wargame Red Dragon has a similar system and the vast majority of players from 100+ hours to people in their first few games all prefer the NATO system. Below a few examples of both systems: A second thought is the revised map mechanics, inspired by games like Firewatch which have an innovative approach to the map (see image) where it is a physical inventory item. In this way you wouldn't have a SL standing around looking at nothing. Also of course this increase the risk of looking at the map for SL's. This physical map case would be the map in a physical representation with the friendly and enemy units drawn upon it like currently already implemented. So in case the person dies the enemy would just see an empty paper like the map on the start of the round. A final thought is the revision of the display mechanics, instead of squad members' mini maps showing the individual location of teammates in other squads it would just show the center of mass of this squad. Thus pushing the need of communication and local chat communication (i'm not sure about this but would love to hear other's thoughts.)
  19. So as the Title says. Which map do you dislike the most and why? - For me Kokan is the clear "winner". It's a nightmare to play infantry due to the large open fields, that provide no cover what so ever, and the slightly elevated roads that provide minimal cover and determines all angles of approach. It is far too easy to defend the points and very hard to take new points, which often leads to a lot of dying and a stalemate that's not really a lot of fun to play. I just came out of a game playing as SL, playing offense with no Humvees (US team) we got totally wiped 4 times in a row with different strategies every time. mostly we couldn't even determine where we were getting shot from. it's okay to die or lose if you know what could have been done better... but running into a wall no matter what you do is no fun. It's not even like its a big vehicular-warfare map, so all in all I honestly dread it when I see Kokan loading. In my opinion it would be better if it was taken out of rotation. In quality it is inferior to all the other maps.
  20. Moving parts on a map?

    Hi modders I'm in the early stages of making a map. And i am currently working on a cap-point set around a big coastal radarstation. For the Radarstation to get the last touch i would really like Iif I could have it rotate. like in the video. Is it possible, and if yes, how do it go about doing it? im fairly new to the SDK, with only around 30-40 hours, of which almost only modelling with polygons.
  21. Here is all the maps and layers for the current version. There should be no inconsistencies as far as I am aware, let me know if anythings amiss. Use at your discretion, however credit or sharing would be appreciated. https://goo.gl/photos/Xm4iEuNUUKeBQiks5 Each layer will also have vehicle availability shown (Provided by The War Academy, Sourced by Tartantyco.) The War Academy Vehicle List - https://www.reddit.com/r/SquadWarAcademy/wiki/mapvehicles UPDATE - Layers Updated, Kokan added, OP First Light added) This collection will be kept as up to date as possible. Cheers
  22. I'm surprised I didn't find a thread about this! I dunno about you guys but as my two favorite factions (such nice weapon variety) I'd love to see maps that pit the Insurgents and Militia against each other. It might seem a mite contrived, but we do have maps with Militia in the Afghani maps (for some reason, even though their dark green outfits make them stick out even more than Insurgents). It's not like this game relies heavily on some kind of cohesive narrative. What do you guys think? Do fast-moving techie duels and abundant AKMs sound as fun to you as it does to me?
  23. Just gonna throw out some map Idea's that I personally would love to play on. Now I don't know if some of these would be possible because I don't know the limitations of UE4 thus far but hopefully now or in future optimization updates by the squad team and the UE4 team would allow these to be possible. A lot of these are inspired from other games locations witch are inspired by real locations so its not really copying. ps..gonna be a long post. 1st idea is a North Korean map and make it have a foggy-ish kinda frosty feeling too it or snowy. Have it been a urban cold map almost like the map propaganda from BF4. Here's some pictures for architectural and weather reference Have some tall muli-level enter-able buildings with a cold atmosphere preferably with a heavy or light snow fall and have US Marines vs North Korean's and or South Koreans vs north Koreans or both. That would be so very awesome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next map idea would be the arctic. Could have a map at a research station with the US Marines the Norwegians or the Canadians vs the Russians. They could also through some military and research bases in there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My 3rd idea is also a snow map ( I love the snow ). It would take place in Alaska near the coast and would be the US Army vs Russia. The Russians could invade from a carrier ship like in PR. There could also be small Alaskan towns. if they could capture the atmosphere of this photo that would be amazing.^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea number 4! Urban America, only 3 games have done this that I know of and that's homefront, MW2-3 and World in conflict. In almost all shooters its always the middle east or Europe. I personally think it would be refreshing and different throw in some shopping strips and some commercial districts in a American urban map. Plus it offers an opportunity for a cool faction idea ill talk about it at the bottom. This is my favorite idea ^ I think a map or maps based off these would be epic and it could the US marines, US Army and American militia vs China. •Side note I think a American militia/resistance would be a sweet faction and they could have all sorts of weapons us Americans love are guns. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDEA 5! This one takes place in jolly old England in sort of a rural part of Britain. It is the British armed forces vs China, Russia or a coalition of some kind or some IRA type of faction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one is a Eastern European setting with a kinda chernobyl industrial vibe. Could be Germans, US, British, French and some eastern European rebel faction vs Russia or some rebel faction. ( why not all right? ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one takes place in CHINA! It could take place in a rural Chinese town with rice farms or by a section of the great wall. Could be any NATO faction vs China. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally the last one takes place on the border of Russia and China and it would obviously be China vs Russia just sprinkle some hills and some outposts with some trees and it would be "very nice" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really hope the Squad devs branch out and make some really unique buildings and maps and push the unreal engine. besides just sand and tree's with the occasional bunker and mud hovel (Don't get me wrong I like those kind of maps they have their place I just want some spice). They have made great maps in PR so looking back I have high expectations. And if they need more funding to make it happen hell ill drop another $20 to help this game become one of the greatest teamwork fps's ever. So what do you guys think? If you have any other map idea's just slap that shiz down in a reply.
  24. Hey, After playing around 50 hours of the game. and starting to get into the role of SL, one thing that could really help is adding a topography layer to the map. That way you could see the layout of the land and you can plan your advance without actually knowing the game map by experience. more so trained SL will be able to maneuver better, lay out guys in better defensive positions, plan and create kill zones, and will get much more realistic game play . just my 2 cents!
  25. Dear Players, the survey was closed with 188 votes.. Here are the Results https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqwLdP1Vlig1Y0ZDhL2VUln2M6q5VGUTBOZBwMEj-h5e-NUg/viewanalytics?usp=form_confirm The Winner Map is: Fools Road with 45% of the Voters liking it followed by Kohat with 41% Least liked are Yehorivka (probably due bad optimization) and OP First Light Most wanted Map & Mode are Fool's Road AAS v1 with 30.3% of the voters liking it Logar Valley AAS v1 is voted nr 2 Please note, through an error at Question 3 we had "OP First Light" and "OP First Light AAS v1" in it We combined that answers, erased when it was voted both and came to total 51 Votes for OP First Light AAS v1 Means Place 3 is sahred by Fool's Road AAS v2 and OP First Light AAS v1