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  1. Add possibility to add enemy marks on map for all players. Those marks are should be visble for squadies only. Squad Leader can approve this one and after this it could be visible for whole team. P.S. Often players with mediocre and non fluent english seen enemy but can't quickly inform squadies about contact.
  2. Name : Wake Atoll Location : Wake Island Atoll Size: 8km Game Play Type: Focus on light mech infantry I originally worked on this as a map for PR a few years ago but the BF2editor and I didn't see eye to eye on crashes. I've been at this for a few months on a 4km version, but recently amped up to an 8km version. Landmass is a little larger than actual scale. I will be posting updates of each section as I get through them and return to each when I get to detail passes. End result will hopefully be a gentle reminder of BF's Wake with the tactical chaos of Squad. Album Wilkes Island (W Island) Peale Island (NW Island) Wake Island (E Island)
  3. Breaking cover: I've been pottering with this for a little while, and fully aim to get this complete and released when possible. It should have a different feel to what's in Squad to date, and will present some tactical quandaries. Vehicles will be a must, and, at 4km, it should support armour and possibly helicopters at such a time as they are included. It's broadly influenced by an area of northern Europe. About: Dolina is a combined arms map that provides an array of strategically valuable points to contest in a large, open and varied environment. From rolling hills of farmland and forestry to lush plains and wet marshland, this is a sparsely populated rural area, defined by the confluence of two rivers that cut a swathe through the terrain. There will be both AAS and INS versions. Status: Still very much WIP; 4km is a BIG thing to map. The basics are in place in terms of landscape and layout. Some areas are essentially complete, others need a serious second pass, and other still are not started beyond basic placeholders. It also needs lighting to be redone, game layers set up, various custom assets etc. to come.
  4. To be honest, with u devs, when I see, or hear "Yehorivka", "Petrivka" it is very annoying. If we want these names to be correct, we have to change them. Yehorivka = Yegor'evka or Egor'evka (Егорьевка) formed from Yegor/Egor (Егор) name. NOT Petrivka, but Petrovka (Петровка), formed from Petr (Пётр) name.
  5. Hey all! Here is the YouTube of the lighting stream I did on Twitch. Hope this helps somebody! Resources: Lighting Trouble Shooting Guide ( https://wiki.unrealengine.com/LightingTroubleshootingGuide) Cheers! ..oxy..
  6. I present http://gametactic.org/squad, an interactive/collaborative map planning tool for Squad. To get started: follow the link press the create new room button and select a map. Invite other people into your room by giving them the link. Start planning using the tools to the right. You can zoom in using the scroll wheel and pan around with the right mouse button. You can allow other people to draw by clicking their name or unlocking the room with the lock icon. To give you and idea, It looks something like this: Now that I have your attention. Consider the available icons as placeholders for now. I'd like to know from yoyu which icons would be useful for Squad specifically ?
  7. I would strongly recommend map icon filters. All too often next to a FOB, I find map effectiveness diminished by the tight concentration of icons. Also I've read a thread about adding mini maps to the HUD. If I may add my two cents in, I'm strongly against that. Looking at a large overlay map encourages people to see EVERYTHING that is going on around them, not just stay in their 50m bubble, ignoring the plight of the team elsewhere. Wonderful progress so far on the game, thanks.
  8. Inspired by Kashan Desert from Project Reality which was originally created by Duckhunt, Sarau is 16km2 map focused on a combined arms combat.The centerpiece of the map is a large military facility in the Sarau Desert. The facility itself offers medium to close quarters engagements for infantry while you can expect most of the vehicle combat to happen in the wide open desert and oil fields around the military facility offering medium to long range engagements This map features a day and night cycle (WIP): Better in depth video of day and night cycle: Kashan Desert: Sarau Bird eye view: Military complex with a bunker and tunnels (multiple entrances possible): That rectangle is as big as the military will get, there will be a bunker, one airfield, oil fields, a highway and a pipe line. Added new sand texture: Added FlowMap: Pipeline: Highway Pipeline: Radio Tower: Expect a couple villages in the mountains Highway: Started work on the bunker/tunnel system: Bunker: Day: Night: Oil Factory: Updated Textures, Photo Of Dusk: Added new Radio tower: Bunker Almost completed. Added some small villages in the mountains: Credit for the wording: @ISAFMOBIUS04Thanks buddy
  9. With the different rules on different servers could we maybe get a tab like the map legend that would call info from a ttxt file or a like. So if in doubt you could simply find information without having to have lots of broadcasting messages. Of course Server could use it for clan info too.
  10. Could we change the bleed flag indicator (first flag that causes bleed), so it's obvious that it got some significance to that flag. How about a nice Hexigon .
  11. Allow the map to be transparent with a slider for setting
  12. Hi. Im newbee, bought this game after free weekend. I played this game over 20 hours and want to make my 5 cents. Since the game is not optimized, and I am the owner AMD CPU, I have 30 fps with any graphics settings, so I play as SL most of the time. And here are some of the communication problems. First: own names squads. needs to forbid renaming squads. They should be called Alpha, Bravo, Charli...and only. The problem is that inconvenient to communicate with other SL because they have their own names. You say each squad has a unique number, yes, but there 2 problem. Second problem is communication with teammates from the squad. Each of them has own name. I should direct the cursor on teammate, opening the map, to see his name every time for navigate him. It would be much better, if every player has the callsign in squad. SL always has a callsign - 1 (First, he's leader) in squad, next 2, 3, .. , 9. Now we have - Squad Alpha, SL with callsing (fisrt), each teammate has own callsign in squad (second , third). Due to the fact that players now have callsigns - first, second, ..., squads should be called not 1,2,3, but Alpha, Brava, Charli... Now it very easy to communicate, example, I say, Charlie tell 3 to revive my 5, or Bravo tell your 4 to take on board my 2 and 9. Third, uninformative map.The main tool of the leader is tactical map. But opening it I can't see the names of my teammtes at once, don't see to which squad belong other players and their names. I should put the cursor on the player on the map to learn his name. Approximately so should look a handy map: A - SL of Alpha squad (has callsign in own squad- First), C - SL of Charli squad (has callsign in own squad - First) 2A - player with callsign Second form Alpha squad 3C - player with callsign Third from Charli squad red callsigns - medics And on marking of vehicles on the map should be shown the callsign of the driver Sorry for poor english
  13. Yamalo 8km AAS Yamalo is a map made for vehicular warfare and superfobs. With expansive plains hundreds of meters wide and large 'Islands' of dense tundra forest all in an 8KM playable area, it will be both a dream and a nightmare. Yamalo is quite obviously inspired by the Project Reality map "Yamalia" and while it's layout is completely separate and made entirely from scratch, I hope you'll have the same feeling plowing your way through the swamps in an APC as you did on the old Yamalia. I've done everything I can to preserve the old feel of Yamalia while simultaneously bringing every part of it up to date, as well as adding some new touches of my own The map features many trench systems, dug in fortifications, and tunnels. I've tried to make sure that each cap point has it's own interest and unique features, and all but a few points in the final version will have some type of interest to them. I have, however, left plenty of room on each point for teams to dig in a build expansive superFOBs, something that I really hope is taken advantage of in gameplay. Without further ado, here's some screenshots showing off the map:
  14. I was expecting more realistic sound effects in urban location. unfortunately when I started playing AL Basrah map found that there is no echo sound effects in the map if I am firing weapon out side or side the building. When there is firefight in city obviously sound get reflects on sounded buildings it will be more when firing RPG,HMG or explosion as we can observe in real urban combat videos. Requesting squad team to implement the dynamic echo effects in the maps.
  15. In order "To seduce the females!" I`ve started this topic. I`d like to show a map that I´ve been workin on.. SQUAD map that I am working on in my spare time. You might have seen something about this on the Wrench or the Squad monthly recap, or on YT videos by other authors. This map started from topography of one of many pacific islands. I manipulated the landscape, and I am using a modified version of the FoolsRoad landscape material. Foliage is mostly SQUAD SDK official foliage and DOKYOS Lowpoly-Rainforest assets. Game-modes will be Insurgency and AAS - probably a day and night version, depending on the game mode. Framerate is just about fine - I might find ways to optimize it tho. Capzones are mostly abandoned ruins in the jungle - doesn´t make much sense, I get it. Since there are no roads on the map (currently), It will be an INFANTRY-only map. I still have to work out proper SFX to make the whole thing appear more bearable - currently its like the lord of the crickets is holding a concert. Full moon is custom made, - there is a good tutorial on YT for that. The water material is translucent, and eating up a lot of shader complexity. Oh, did I mention that the map comes with custom player textures for the RU faction ? Russians will look somewhat 2006-2009ish, with oldskool wooden furniture AK74S and stuff. Anyhow, here´s a bunch of screenshots:
  16. Every map on Squad seems to be designed so that every spot that could otherwise be a good firing position always has a bloody tree or grass patch hiding the visibility or the grass is always a little to high for the sniper to see anything and so on, to keep the game balanced ALWAYS!!! There are no choke points and you never ever have your back safe against a wall etc. I find this both boring and unrealistic. Reality is often uneven. My suggestion is then to also supply uneven maps for us who prefer this kind of gameplay. Instead of at all times striving for two equally sized teams, in order for the gameplay to still be balanced I suggest that for example the team with the better defensive positions etc get to hold a lesser amount of player slots. So, for instance, if one team is supposed to defend the caches with very favorable defensive positions, then maybe that team could maybe get like 20 players and the other team 40 players. I find this kind of gameplay to be much more fun. It is so annoying to always creep up to that nice sniping position only to find some annoying developer put that silly plant there just preventing you to see anything. Also this annoying fog. Playing in fog is not fun actually. So, that is my suggestion. I am not saying remake all the old maps, I am just saying: Give us also this kind of gameplay style for us who crave it. Thank you for this otherwise fun game.
  17. I am currently working on the Big Brother to my Project Reality map "Iron Ridge". This map takes ideas from Iron Ridge such as a massive rock lined ravine running the entire map with various bridge crossings and a huge multi entrance underground bunker. This map will be 100% hand sculpted and every area layed out to maximize strategic flag capture, defense and attack postions and a large city/industrial area divided by a small river with Railroad and multi bridge crossings, making this location vital to controlling the flag like in the original BF2 map "Strike at Karkand". Here are a few very early in Editor work in progress screenshots...
  18. Curious about everyone's opinions regarding maps with bright, sunny light (like Chora) or maps that are darker, more overcast lighting (like Sumari or Yehorivka v1). I ask this because I have found that I personally prefer darker maps far more, to the point where I am less likely to join bright maps, as not only have I found dark lighting visually much more pleasant and less harsh on the eyes, but I find I have not an insignificant jump in performance on darker maps. I get poor frames on Yehorivka v2 (the bright one), yet decent frames on Yehorivka v1. Wondering what everyone else's opinions are on this? I personally would love to see more dark or at least darker lighting on future maps.
  19. The new PR map is very well done; moutainous areas, flap steppe-like areas, villages, valleys, compounds, refineries... it's very dynamic and well-designed, and brings a nice Afghan feeling. Would love to see this one in Squad
  20. So as the Title says. Which map do you dislike the most and why? - For me Kokan is the clear "winner". It's a nightmare to play infantry due to the large open fields, that provide no cover what so ever, and the slightly elevated roads that provide minimal cover and determines all angles of approach. It is far too easy to defend the points and very hard to take new points, which often leads to a lot of dying and a stalemate that's not really a lot of fun to play. I just came out of a game playing as SL, playing offense with no Humvees (US team) we got totally wiped 4 times in a row with different strategies every time. mostly we couldn't even determine where we were getting shot from. it's okay to die or lose if you know what could have been done better... but running into a wall no matter what you do is no fun. It's not even like its a big vehicular-warfare map, so all in all I honestly dread it when I see Kokan loading. In my opinion it would be better if it was taken out of rotation. In quality it is inferior to all the other maps.
  21. Right now, any map the US has a CROW they can utterly dominate. Many accounts of foliage no rendering at long range, different geometry so they can spot people from long range. Not to mention it's a 50 cal with a long range zoom. On a specific map (the one with north/south DC, forgot the name) The US utterly massacres militia by hitting the hills east of DC and having 50 cal overwatch over the entire map as far as the C column of grids. This is ridiculously brutal and nobody can get anywhere near the hmmvw to hurt it. When we do hurt it, the CROW takes 5 RPGs and still doesn't go down (probably a repair station nearby since it's the meta to superfob those hills to the east and completely destroy the entire west 2/3rds of the map) Can we please balance this? Either fix the rendering, reduce the zoom, or make it worth 30 tickets. It's far more effective than the BTR in just about any situation other than transporting troops, no reason it can't have the cost associated. edit: the main issue is getting shot from a kilometer or more away through all kinds of foliage (and solid cover) from something you can't even see (even with optics most of the time, you just see the tracers) it's just brutal on a whole other level and contributes to the phrase "Playing US is easy mode"
  22. Just gonna throw out some map Idea's that I personally would love to play on. Now I don't know if some of these would be possible because I don't know the limitations of UE4 thus far but hopefully now or in future optimization updates by the squad team and the UE4 team would allow these to be possible. A lot of these are inspired from other games locations witch are inspired by real locations so its not really copying. ps..gonna be a long post. 1st idea is a North Korean map and make it have a foggy-ish kinda frosty feeling too it or snowy. Have it been a urban cold map almost like the map propaganda from BF4. Here's some pictures for architectural and weather reference Have some tall muli-level enter-able buildings with a cold atmosphere preferably with a heavy or light snow fall and have US Marines vs North Korean's and or South Koreans vs north Koreans or both. That would be so very awesome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next map idea would be the arctic. Could have a map at a research station with the US Marines the Norwegians or the Canadians vs the Russians. They could also through some military and research bases in there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My 3rd idea is also a snow map ( I love the snow ). It would take place in Alaska near the coast and would be the US Army vs Russia. The Russians could invade from a carrier ship like in PR. There could also be small Alaskan towns. if they could capture the atmosphere of this photo that would be amazing.^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea number 4! Urban America, only 3 games have done this that I know of and that's homefront, MW2-3 and World in conflict. In almost all shooters its always the middle east or Europe. I personally think it would be refreshing and different throw in some shopping strips and some commercial districts in a American urban map. Plus it offers an opportunity for a cool faction idea ill talk about it at the bottom. This is my favorite idea ^ I think a map or maps based off these would be epic and it could the US marines, US Army and American militia vs China. •Side note I think a American militia/resistance would be a sweet faction and they could have all sorts of weapons us Americans love are guns. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDEA 5! This one takes place in jolly old England in sort of a rural part of Britain. It is the British armed forces vs China, Russia or a coalition of some kind or some IRA type of faction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one is a Eastern European setting with a kinda chernobyl industrial vibe. Could be Germans, US, British, French and some eastern European rebel faction vs Russia or some rebel faction. ( why not all right? ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one takes place in CHINA! It could take place in a rural Chinese town with rice farms or by a section of the great wall. Could be any NATO faction vs China. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally the last one takes place on the border of Russia and China and it would obviously be China vs Russia just sprinkle some hills and some outposts with some trees and it would be "very nice" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really hope the Squad devs branch out and make some really unique buildings and maps and push the unreal engine. besides just sand and tree's with the occasional bunker and mud hovel (Don't get me wrong I like those kind of maps they have their place I just want some spice). They have made great maps in PR so looking back I have high expectations. And if they need more funding to make it happen hell ill drop another $20 to help this game become one of the greatest teamwork fps's ever. So what do you guys think? If you have any other map idea's just slap that shiz down in a reply.
  23. I find that when my squad is bunched into a small space and we are down, it can be difficult to find the medic. A solution for this would be to have medic icon layered over all other players icons. Now obviously their are two medics usually in a squad so one icon can always take precedence over the other. This would be useful distinguishing whether a medic is close and getting people up or down.
  24. As many will know, precise coordinates are given in-game not only by stating the grid square an object is located in (i.e. Golf 9), but also a "keypad" which represents one of 9 numbers oriented like a number pad. Thing is, for the longest time I've been reporting grid coordinates using a telephone number pad as a basis for the orientation of these numbers. But I've come to find that other people actually rely on the orientation of a keyboard numpad, which might make more intuitive sense as most people (though not myself) have keyboards with numpads right in front of them. So, the question is, what have you been using? I'm wondering if I've just been doing it wrong and this is a standard, or if there's a wide community disparity; if the latter is true, then I may post a suggestion for Squad's in-game map to have very subtle numbers on the smaller squares inside each grid reference. For reference, here's the two different kinds of number pads; notice that the middle row (4, 5 and 6) are the same, but the top and bottom rows are simply switched: