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  1. Anyone else feel this is a big problem? Slows down the game, one person can kill your teams chance of winning. So many trucks that can't be used for the whole game because they are derelict in middle of nowhere with blown out tires and no combat engineer is going to fix them. You get some squad that wants to set up a fob behind enemy lines and loses all your trucks trying to do so. Gets to the point you team has 1 or even 0 trucks to use. I have a few solutions to consider. 1) Logi should be equipped with a set of spare tires anyone can change. ("Change tire" in radial menu?) 2) Bulletproof glass so the driver isn't vulnerable to small arms fire? 3) Trucks with destroyed tires should have a "self-destruct" timer? 4) Bring back the small vehicle repair station logi's could drop in Project Reality, but it's only good for replacing tires? We can go back and fourth on a few arguments here. Argument: Logi drivers should be more careful and not drive into hostile territory! Response: Everywhere is hostile territory and there could be (and usually is) a loan wolf meandering about hoping for a cheap kill anywhere. Argument: Just switch to combat engineer and go fix it? Response: Chances are someone already has that kit and is not willing to help, even when you can get it you will get no help and just die trying to get to the truck yourself. Argument: Just go blow it up yourself. Response: Even if you can get your hands on a weapon capable of doing so, and can get close enough, you're costing your team tickets and it just doesn't seem fair. Argument: Its realistic! Its a strategy! Response: This is a video game. If you wanna be that way lets remove respawning. You die and you gotta wait till the next map or change servers. You got shot? No quick patch job you gotta go sit in a virtual hospital for a few months.
  2. In the mid 1990's, the M939 series of trucks were replaced by Oshkosh's MTV. Seeing that the current logistics truck found in game for US forces is the M939, It would be nice to see the game get the more modern version. In game, the new MTV would be functionally the same as its older counterpart but could offer many new variants that could enhance the game. Logistics Truck For the logistics variant of the MTV, a basic MTV with fold down cargo sides could be loaded with stacks of ammunition and supply crates much like the other trucks in game. Transport Truck The transport truck is where the extra varieties come in. One of the things that I have always wanted to see in game is more light vehicle gameplay. On most layers, the transport truck is usually left at main and rarely ever used. In order to increase the viability of light vehicle use, the transport truck could be armed with either a M2 or M240 machinegun allowing the truck to defend itself. The truck could also be added in as an unarmed variant as well as either armored or unarmored types. Squads could then fit into a single vehicle rather than having to split itself into multiple. Would love to hear others ideas on this topic. Criticisms from people who know more on this topic are greatly appreciated!
  3. Pinko's SquadMod I've had a lot of time on my hands and want to start modding around a new game mode that will hopefully add some immersion and fun for those who enjoy a varied and slower-paced fragfest. With a few ideas fleshed out and a lot more to consider, here is what I'm currently thinking of doing: Core Components These are changes to the core game design, including spawning, capturing objectives, and building or aquiring assets. Their design will focus around how the game simulates the mobilization of troops from the main supply route (MSR), and the way in which territory control is evaluated. Uniforms or shirts: A new resource that represents a potential player avatar ("pawn" in UE4 parlance). Uniforms represent the location of a ticket, and can be thought of as cashing in tickets for boots on the ground. A uniform/shirt icon will be used to differentiate the resource from total team tickets. Uniforms are bought at Main while in a vehicle with an empty passenger seat. They cost 1 ticket apiece, and can be refunded (similarly to loading & unloading supply/ammo). The uniform takes up an empty seat in the vehicle, so that only as many players and uniforms fit in the vehicle as there are seats. *uniforms can't take driver/gunner/command seats Unloading uniforms on HABs: Uniforms can be unloaded on adjacent HABs, allowing the team to build up potential infantry strength on the map. Possible implementation: HABs can hold a certain number of uniforms. Multiple HABs must be built to accommodate more uniforms. Alternative HABs (not really bunkers), such as tents and simple cots, can be placed for less supply if the extra protection isn't required (e.g. for hidden camps, occupying buildings). Spawning on Vehicles: Players may spawn on a vehicle by using a uniform the vehicle is carrying. Reasoning: Vehicles act as staging assets for the squad. Unused uniforms wait in the vehicle and can be used to spawn in reinforcements when squadmates go down. Vehicles may return to Main or a HAB to reload uniforms. This ability replaces rallies. Possible implementation: players spawn in an empty passenger seat, and one uniform is removed from the vehicle's inventory. Or: loading uniforms in a vehicle spawns a soldier model (pawn) in an empty passenger seat of the vehicle. This pawn is then controlled by a player when they spawn in, and a uniform is removed from vehicle inventory. Possible rally rework: rallies can be placed within a certain range of a vehicle or HAB. It costs the vehicle/HAB one uniform to spawn on the rally. Vehicle Purchasing: Vehicles can be puchased by squad leads via a radial menu on radios. Vehicles cost their ticket value on purchase, rather than on their destruction. Purchased vehicles spawn at Main, perhaps with a time delay. Main will always have a radio to purchase vehicles. Reasoning: Vehicle purchasing adds variety in decisions about deployment and use of heavy weapons and armour. It also removes uncertainty about downtime when vehicles are destroyed or abandoned on the field. Players can always redeploy if they are wiped on the field. Possible implementation: Vehicle purchase requires sufficient crewman kits in the squad to to fully man the vehicle's combat components. Vehicle purchase may require a vote from SLs (with a 30 sec timer for votes; simple majority, tie goes to the yeas. 2 min cooldown for calling a vote). Vehicles require available space to spawn at Main (could be tied to particular buildings, i.e. check for empty garage; spawn in garage). Tweaks These changes add to convenience or immersion. Increased match freeztime: More freezetime at match start will provide SLs time to plan together and make initial purchases of troops and assets. Squad comms muting: Players can mute squad comms using a toggle hotkey. Possible implementation: a red indicator will appear next to squad comms HUD notifications when muted. SL can force squad comms to unmute. Recruitment I'm going to make the mod I want, but I'm open to feedback and suggestions. If there's something you think would improve on the concept or implementation, let me know! I will be editing the topic post when I make changes, but will notify in comments about changes made based on feedback. Anyone with Blueprint experience, message me if you want to help make things happen.
  4. So for a while now we have had the current system of points allocated to trucks and technicals that slowly get dumped on any old radio station to become a FOB and place down assets and resupply soldiers. While up to now we have only had trucks and select cars to transport such resources it seems adequate. However, with the addition of helicopters on the horizon a slow trickle of supplies emptying from the reservoir to the fob will be less and less feasible, as it means the helicopter would need to be landed for a longer period and thus drawing more attention to the FOB location possibly giving it away. If for a solution we look at other similar titles (Project Reality being the obvious choice) then a crate system might seem feasible. What I would rather suggest is a melding of the systems. Instead of just dumping a number in to a supply point radio, I'd rather there be crates in the trucks that carry a certain amount of supplies (marked in the fob HUD the same as always). This would make it faster and easier to deploy a large amount of points for helicopters and trucks alike. Possibly this would eliminate the need of placing down ammo points to access the ammo pool of the FOB as you could just walk up to the ammunition crate dropped by either helicopter or truck and request supplies directly from it. And it would help to keep helicopters out of harms way by forcing them to land for a solid minute to drop supplies. For supplies of course the different types would have different crates worth a set amount of points (as in 1 crate full of ammo and one crate full of building supplies). These supplies would also drop in larger quantities at once and would force the truck to take the entire crate with it if it wants to take the points. Leaving the FOB either with no supplies or the remaining other crates. Additionally the crates and fobs are not confined to each others location and would just function as follows: If a crate containing supplies is within the radius of a FOB then it's supplies are added to the FOB, if it is not then the supplies can only be accessed by and (ammunition) to allow people to rearm in the field if need be. Other than all these reasons it would also give trucks an easy way to gauge the amount of supplies in the truck by how many crates there are and possibly what type if the crates of supplies are distinct enough. I'd like peoples opinions on either melding the systems, keeping it as it is, changing logistics entirely or any other suggestions.
  5. And once again I come with a shitty suggestion just to get it out of my head and on to something before it disappears again. SO, lets get to the part where I type stuff. Game start same as always, people rush, flags are set. fobs are built. However there is one caveat. When a flag is captured and the flags before it as well in sequence. A AI controlled truck will travel along a predetermined route to deliver supplies to the flag. When said truck arrives it gives supplies and allows fortifications (no spawn points) to be built on the flag. Thus making flags actual strong points to defend. (also able to resupply by logi but meh). This way you could make objectives on the map actual defend-able locations of strategic significance (for example a mountain village overlooking a valley can now be set up with MGs without having a fob). And it stops people from building the fobs in the objective itself which is just going to be taken down instantly when enemy forces close in. Thus relegating FOBS for strategic locations next to or dominating objectives because you can build your sand castles in the objective itself. TL;DR, make flag points actual defend-able positions by not allowing fobs within radius but do allow to build emplacements (no spawn) at the objective to actually defend it with. Barring it has the supplies. Poorly worded and hard to understand, feel free to complain.
  6. Due to the length of this discussion, I have summarized most of the critical talking points here in the OP, so if you are interested in contributing you dont need to read the whole thread, simply this post. I will keep it updated if it progresses further. Problem: At present, Radio Spawning mechanisms, and Rally Point mechanisms are pretty magical. They allow infinite access to the farthest reaches of the battlefield regardless of their logistical access to reinforcement. Solution: If the team's tickets, which represent the attacking forces ability to reinforce its self, were treated as in-game entities tied to a location, then they can be subject to a logistical paradigm of reinforcements that is not only analogous with real life, but would become a challenging and exciting element of gameplay. Benefits: increased value of life due to local limited access.increased use of medics due to time-to-return penalty of "getting more people to the field"increased value of strategic fortifications providing access to things as well as re-spawns.increased value of logistics as assets that can be forfeited as well as needed for operationincreased use of legitimate tactics due to real constraints.reduced spawn-camping due to inability to infinitely reinforce without dominant occupation for logistics.reduced lone-wolfing due to increased reliance on team-wide infrastructure.solves perpetual FOB wars, and adds the ability to Seige a team's defenses.Legitimate necessity for FOBs and emplacement structures in AAS gamemodes.Disadvantages: Increased gameplay complexity (if all complexity was bad, we'd be playing DOOM)Easier to lose the round more rapidly by severe misfortune, as losing a reinforcement laden truck would hurt the team's tickets in a large portion. (Solved by Automatic Reinforcements below)Easier to troll the team as a logistics member yielding reinforcements intentionally. (Solved by Automatic Reinforcements below)These are able to be mitigated however. The complexity can be overcome via training videos, and better, learning from the existing community. The loss of logistics can be looked at as a disadvantage only because of its potential to be trolled. Limiting the number of reinforcements per vehicle to a reasonable amount limits the amount of damage done, and this person is then easily banned. Variations: Radios are used to call Automatic Reinforcements: Under the pretense that Fully-manual Reinforcement Logistics would be an excessive burden, a suggestion for automating it while still making it a player triggered element, contingent upon the stability of disruptable supply lines, and local fortification stability. Complex Game Mechanics Do Not Mean Complex Interactions: Like comparing chess to checkers, a more complex rule-set, does not necessarily mean an overly complex interaction, but the difference in capable strategies is very well acknowledged, providing a game that anyone can play, but that leaves headroom for excellence. Prerequisites: Some confusion has arisen due to some elements not made sufficiently clear. There are some prerequisite concepts that would need to be in-place for this thing to work; 1 ticket = 1 life = 1 respawn. Until someone re-spawns, there is no ticket loss. This represents the activation of a limited amount of reinforcements, and it should be 1:1. People can still get points for "kill shots" even if the person is revived, but the ticket loss should be attributed to permanent loss of persons.The economy of things is completely separate Vehicles are not persons, so losing an empty truck doesnt cost you team tickets. Its still however, a significant loss, if you needed the use of that vehicle. The cost of things is something that needs its own economy, whether its a trickle in-element that appears at main or something to be spent by the commander, thats not what this thread discusses, but it does rely on them being isolated.
  7. I was in one of those game where a fob was inside a tall building and it was nearly impossible to take the point or assault the building. I thought, why not make spawns consume building materials or ammo? It would mean that having a supply line would be essential for a fob and denying the enemy of said supply line would gravely hurt them, I think it would change the meta a little and give teams more options when assaulting and would make rallies even more important when on the offensive.
  8. You can Die but Never worry about Supply We Here at HCLogistics hope to foster a healthy community to learn and grow the Logistical aspect of SQUAD. Our Goal is to bring people together to experiment with and deploy the most Tactical yet fun ways to play the support and logistical rolls in squad. Some of the main areas of focus are but not limited to: Logi truck usage, FOB/Base building, Mortar/Forward Observing support, Troop Transport rolls, and many other supporting rolls. We wish to make the warfighters experience the best it can be by letting them focus on the shooting and us on every thing else. This is intended to be a more relaxed community with out Ranks just find some players group up and work on that logi truck! We are open to all players in all time zones you can join us over on the steam community at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HCLogistics or over on discord at https://discord.gg/BxVXApe
  9. FOB/HAB/Respawn Suggestion

    Squaddies and Devs, Currently, a FOB needs a HAB for fellow team members to spawn. As a FOB is being attacked, the HAB timer increases. Would it be a good idea for a well-supplied FOB to have a low or 0 second respawn timer? So that if a team keeps regular Logistics runs to a FOB, it can be rewarded by faster Respawn and similar team benefits? Thanks for your time!
  10. The reason I mention this is because I play Project Reality as well, the father of Squad, and a good indication of where the game is heading. In PR there are dedicated roles, this brings another dimension to game play, I know we are still in Alpha but is it time to introduce class based roles. In PR there are dedicated roles for things like drivers, tank crew, pilots, logistics, and people are 100% focused on those roles. Want to fly a helo? then you need the pilots class, no other person can fly the helo. People set up squads pre-round and name them as such. APC Transport INF - Infantry Armour Air Combat Helo There is also an aspect to gameplay that we don't quite have as yet, engine warming, and turrets and gunners cannot fire for a good while. In fact many vehicles do not spawn in for about 10 mins into the game. Some will agree on this and so won't but it has kept PR alive all these years and the community has a brilliant way of enforcing it's self. Transport for example.. these guys drop inf off on battlefield then drive back to main base and wait for more inf who need a life, same goes for transport helos, this is brilliant and very immersive especially when you see the helos coming back to the aircraft carrier to pick more troops up. Dedicated driver roles for squad could mean no need to ask for squad leaders to give, small pre set squad size of say 4 for drivers. //Thoughts? .. PS Devs >> We need an aircraft carrier map, rhibs will do for now, small boats to get to shore before helo implementation. -- PPS Devs >> Or an airport and ability to enter hangers and planes.. USMC .. Marines >>
  11. I've noticed there is a problem in the game and it was also a problem in the original Project Reality. The difference was in Project Reality. You could commit suicide because it was a feature from the battlefield 2 game. Sometimes you want to commit suicide to return to the spawn screen. This is because it would save you time from travelling back to a location. For example, if you are a logistics' driver and your squad no longer needs the logi anymore. You drive the logi back to base and leave it there, now you want to rejoin your squad. The only options for you are to wait for a another vehicle to return back to the main base and hitch a ride, or the faster method, killing yourself and just respawning on your squad's rally point. Sometimes people don't want to return the logi back to base where it is safe, they will just abandon the logi after they construct a FOB. This is because driving back to the base and finding a means back to their squad is time consuming as I pointed out. And often, the logi ends up being destroyed or worst, captured by the enemy team. If the enemy is smart, they will realize that they can just camp your logi and kill anyone who tries to retrieve it, this will prevent your team from being able to build anymore FOBs. And often times, this forces the team who has no logi to lose the game. The de-spawning feature should only exist in main bases, if it was allowed anywhere else, it could be abused. The de-spawn feature could be a object that the player goes towards and presses the action key, much like pressing the action key at a ammo crate. The object could be a model of a large battle map or like the commander tent in Project Reality. When a player presses the action key, he disappears and returns back to the spawning screen. He can then spawn immediately. The reason why this should only be allowed at main bases is because if this feature was for example at FOBs. Players would de-spawn themselves and respawn in a gameplay abuse when under attack. Main bases should not be having engagements with the enemy. Players should be allowed to de-spawn themselves, there are already lots of experienced players committing suicide after returning a logi or APC as they did in Project Reality. This should be included because sometimes your squad changes their mind and decides they don't need the vehicle anymore they took from the main base. Players who are returning a vehicle asset back to the main base should not be punished with the long delay of getting back to the action or killing themselves.
  12. Command Squad

    Hello everyone. Long time player, first time poster. The Problem As Squad continues development and more advanced vehicles and weapons are added, I have begun to think about the chain of command. Specifically, I am thinking of methods to improve the way advanced vehicles and specialized kits are distributed. As we all know, in the current system squad leaders may claim vehicles for their squad if there are a sufficient number of squad mates in the vicinity. This is all well and good, but it does present a few issues. Unexperienced squads will sometimes not use vehicles to their fullest capacity. For instance, it is not a particularly uncommon sight to see a squad take a logistics truck, use it to construct a FoB at a given location, and simply abandon the logistics truck instead of using it to resupply their teams FoBs. Squads are often reluctant to sacrifice a squad member to perform logistical and transport duties because it leaves them short on manpower. Furthermore, while the developers have stated they intend to add more specialized kits such as Heavy AT specialists and snipers (as opposed to the existing designated marksmen), but so far I have not heard any plan on how exactly they intend to implement these powerful kits. The Solution My solution to these issues is the introduction of the Command Squad. The Command Squad will have one sole function: to oversee the careful deployment of Company Level assets. How It Works To create a Command Squad, a Squad Leader must simply check a tick box in the squad/spawn menu and, assuming no Command Squad already exists, their squad will become the Command Squad. To accomplish their goal, members of the Command Squad have some special attributes. The Squad Leader who created the Command Squad is automatically given the Commander kit. Although functionally identical to the Squad Leader kit, the Commander has a special color assigned to his voice chat name to denote his rank at a glance. He is to the Squad Leaders as the Squad Leaders are to their squad. He should be an experienced player, have a mic (While the developers have said nobody is forced to have a mic, it should be strongly recommended members of the Command Squad have mics due to their particular reliance on communication), and Squad Leaders should generally obey his orders. If a Commander is found wanting, Squad Leaders may vote to kick him from his role. Specialist kits such as the Crewman, Pilot, Sniper, Heavy AT Specialist, AA Specialist, and Engineer are only available to members of the Command Squad. Similar to real life, these specialists are often company level assets and are deployed as needed by the C.O. himself rather than attached to a typical squad. Squad Leaders may only claim squad level assets. This means that Squad Leaders may claim things like HMMWVs, technicals, trucks, APCs, bikes, and other light vehicles. Only the Commander and his Command Squad can claim company level assets such as helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, tanks, IFVs, and logistics trucks. However, should the Commander feel it necessary he may allow a Squad Leader to claim an IFV or a logistics truck just as a Squad Leader can remotely allow his squad mates to claim a normal vehicle. However, aircraft and tanks require the pilot and crewman kits respectively to operate, which are only available to members of the Command Squad, so they cannot be given to normal squads under any circumstances. IFVs and logistics trucks can be operated with any kit, although members of the Command Squad will typically operate them. All members of the Command Squad have access to the Squad Leader radio channel. This is to ensure squad leaders can quickly and concisely contact company level assets such as transport, CAS, sniper support, armor support, engineers, etc. The Command Squad In Practice Using these tools, the Commander and his Command Squad are responsible for getting the absolute most out of their teams more high profile components. By coalescing all the specialist roles and vehicles into a single well organized squad, the likelihood of them being effectively used increases dramatically. The Commander is free to order his most powerful assets such as tanks and attack helicopters to go exactly where they are needed most, rather than have them tied down supporting a single squad. Having a squad dedicated to logistics and transport will ensure normal squads do not have to sacrifice players to fulfill crucial, but not directly combat related, duties and ensures that the entire squad is present on the frontlines. Players who want to play desirable, specialized roles such as snipers and engineers would be placed under the direct command of the Commander, ensuring they use their kit to the fullest. The Commander himself would allow for more intricate strategies to be used thanks to a streamlined chain of command rather than simple group consensus between Squad Leaders, and allow for a teams resources to be deployed accordingly. In summery, the Command Squad system achieves several important goals. Discourages individual squads from "hogging" critical assets like helicopters or tanks and ensuring the team as a whole can benefit from them, since such assets would belong to the command squad rather than be owned by any individual squad. Streamlines the chain of command by allowing squad leaders to contact a central figure (the commander) for their needs rather than trying to find out which squad has what they need and trying to convince that squad to help them. Ensures a steady logistical supply line and the availability of fire support without a squad needing to sacrifice squad members to operate vehicles. Encourages specialist roles like the Heavy AT Specialist, AA Specialist, Sniper, Engineer, etc. to be deployed exactly where they will be most effective. Furthermore, since such kits would only have a few slots each, it ensures the game doesn't become flooded with such powerful roles. For example, the Commander could order his transport helicopter to take the Command Squads two snipers deep behind enemy lines, or order the engineers to take the logistics truck to build a large FoB right where he wants it. Tl;dr Make one highly organized squad that is officially in charge of all the teams cool toys so retards won't go lonewolf with important shit like Heavy AT kits/get instantly BTFO doing stupid shit with mission critical vehicles/abandon the teams last transport helicopter in the woods because "LOL NOT MY JOB TO FLY CHUMPS AROUND I GOT WHERE MY SQUAD NEEDED TO GO AND WE GOT RUSSIANS TO SHOOT SEE YA"
  13. Loaded logistics vehicles should explode stronger and faster than the exact same vehicle, empty The driver and passengers should be wiped out from the explosion, in a more powerful and reasonably larger radius. Agree?
  14. Helicopters

    This may be an ignorant question so I apologize in advance. I was a fan of PR and it is the main reason that led me to buy squad during their kickstarter campaign. I have been really looking forward to helicopters being added to the game. To be honest I have only played the game a small amount since I have had access. But I was wondering if anyone knew when helicopters would be out. Thanks TLDR: When are helos coming?
  15. Reward Support Players

    Hi there, i was thinking, since V7 is out now and there are completely new elements to the game (like logistic supply drops and more) that the Scoreboard could show not just Kills, Deaths and obviously the Score itself but f.e. how many supply run drops some Player made, or how many revives a Medic made, and so on... you get the point. imo it would be a good competitive indicator for supports, logistics, medics what so ever and you can see at the end of the round how valueable this guy was in his function for the team. what do you think?
  16. I would like to suggest a system that allows you to despawn back at main base. One of the main reasons vehicles are not brought back to main base when the squad doesn't need it any more (usually supply truck or transport) is because the driver would have to walk all the way back to the squad and the whole process could take 10 min or more. The alternative is to suicide, but that would cost a ticket, you have a long respawn time and I don't think we want people to suicide just because it's a long walk. Let the player walk up to the main base radio and use the radial manu to despawn without costing a ticket and no respawn time. This way he can spawn on the squad's rally or a near by FOB after completing his mission to secure the vehicle back at the main base.
  17. Not sure if this is already brought up, but here we go. Right now, one of the things that I am a bit salty talking about Squad is FOB system. Some magic points are gathered and then "lets deploy this FOB here because we can in the middle of nowhere". So, can someone from team can answer, will we get proper logistics running with logistic trucks, creates to build and request things from them when trucks come out?
  18. More branches of service

    After playing squad since quite some hours now i have come to some thoughts: Until now you only can play dedicated infantry soldiers. But imagine how much variety there would be if we had some other classes. My experience so far is, that you never really know where there are enemies and how many. The real military has specialists for that, who have several drones, special vehicles and techniques: Recon troops. I dont think that would be too costly to develop and implement. Another great thing would be Combat engineers (as discussed in some older threads): There is a huge variety of tasks fulfilled by military engineers. Expecially for Squad there could be possibilities to lay and clear mines, to build specialized defences, to breach doors, walls etc. and to build bridges. A fight for a river can be a very complex and demanding task, which needs the collaboration of many different troops, beginning with reconnaissance, over fire support, infantry protection and of course engineer work. For a real military operation there would be of course a lot more different branches of service, like signals, artillery or logistics. As far as i know they want to implement the latter in the next update, but i think that should just be the beginning to have a real MilSim. Imagine a huge battle with 6 squads per team, of which there is one recon squad and one combat engineer squad, for example, scouting the battlefield with drones and laying mines and tank traps on strategically important positions, giving the players much more complex tasks than "take this village". What do you think?
  19. Okay so basically this would be the implementation of having the ability to move crates around by hand one person for small crates and two people to carry medium and large crates. It would also be good to have the ability to load left over crates into supply trucks. This will vastly cut down on supply runs to get more supplies; let me know what you think below.
  20. Hey guys, I have been scavenging the formu to piece together what is really comming with the logistics feature, anyone has information on how more or less it will look, what the devs are planning? Thanks
  21. A few broad questions and comments (not necessarily directed to just the developers) with regards to the game design, which many games suffer from, particularly multiplayer games, and perhaps it is time for a studio to step in and address them - (Disclaimer: the tone is critical and supposed to drive conversation, it's not meant to be offensive.) (Question 1) Firstly, why aren't there logistics in the game? Where assets are brought in from off the map (paradrops, truck convoys, and so on), and soldiers don't just materialise from nothing, so there are convoys that you have an incentive to protect, etc, supply lines becoming an important aspect to the game. Sick of things 'pinging' into existence, it really undermines the realistic theme. At least have the game obey basic laws of physics, even if the premise of fighting in the bizarre Battle Royale arena style scenario is peculiar, and really that should also be baked into the concept of the game anyway. (Question 2) And at the same time, why are the objectives so contrived? They should be set by the players based on a loose mission brief, these absurd 'capture points' where you need to sit in a location, which no leader in their right mind would want to defend, for an arbitrary amount of time is getting old. It removes legitimate strategy, and the element of restriction of information, and particularly the role uncertainty plays in building tension and suspense, not knowing what your opponent is going to do. And subsequently players should fear death more, probably by the additions such as pain (screaming, panic, not being quite dead, etc.), gore, and a accompanying medic requirements, such as evacuation (body dragging), medic tents and so on (again supporting the need for logistics, but not necessarily needing immensely sophisticated damage systems, although localised wounds effecting the abilities of the soldier would be a massive improvement). (Question 3) Why are the gamemodes so unimaginative? It would be incredible if one of the supply methods for the logistics to be airdrop from a low orbiting starship for example, that wouldn't be completely outside of the realms the suspense of disbelief considering the game's theme. Consider how surreal it would be. Okay, maybe that's not completely serious suggestion, but frankly it would be badass to cross science fiction with modern military, that would be a strange and wonderful combination. Really though, more grounded than that but still extreme, outlandish maps and gamemode could be added, keep the theme but place it in an alternate universe in some outrageous war. Things such as a D-Day like assault on a fortress, charging in on Blackhawks evading flak fire, landing, taking out the flak to enable paradrops, overrun the fortress and win, it could be sensational. These mind numbing, boring, tired gamemodes that demean the building of dread need to end, and imagination brought back. Everyone jumping out of trucks at the staging area and piling into Blackhawks while sirens wail as the rotors spin up, flying for a couple of minutes in the relative calm, then suddenly the flak begins and all hell breaks loose. That's terrifying, and of course can be applied to a less crazy scenario. Nothing stopping these things from becoming a reality, especially considering the studio has complete creative freedom over the game. Emphasis though should be on the consistency aspect, particularly logistics. The materialising of assets really demeans combat in general. What do you think?
  22. On supply crates

    1) To deploy supply crates from helos, please require helos to land and remain on the ground for and during deployment; taking off during deployment ought to cancel it. Dropping supply crates from five meters above ground is idiotic. 2) Pardon my ignorance, but will there by cargo and transport variants of logistics trucks? If so, can the cargo variant have supply crates in the cargo bay to reflect this, as opposed to the cargo variant having a cover and the transport variant not having one, as in PR? And when one supply crate has been dropped from a logie, what about allowing troops to occupy the now unused half of the cargo bay, and when both supply crates have been deployed allow the whole cargo bay to be occupied?
  23. Field rations

    Guys how much would it be cool having to worry about food and water, and how much would give an important boost to planned attacks and slow down gameplay? imagine if we could have something like water and food indication, that you need to have full combat ability: when you have nomore water or food your visual is disturbed (like pr s suppression but very lighter effect?)...it really would give an awsome feeling when you or another squad is sieged into a village or fortified outpost and you have to fight to bring them food and water saving and defendding the logistic trucks??i would damn love it:D what do you think about that?
  24. So in PR you could only have either a Transport or a Logistics truck, but it would be nice with a bit more dynamic system: once a logi is unloaded, it can be used as a transport.
  25. In-depth logistics

    Relatively simple concept. Somewhat ties in with Tartantyco's Materiel system: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/90-resource-based-spawning-system/ Spawning and building would be unaffected, but the intent of this system is to have resupply managed in a more realistic and in-depth fashion Situation: An infantry squad is running low on ammunition, and call for a resupply. The logistics driver or pilot asks what they need, the squad replies "# X mags, # AT launchers, # bandages". The logistics player opens a menu when in-vehicle, and fills a supply crate with the requested items. The crate is dropped off, the squad gets everything they need, dependent on whether the crate fits it all. Project Reality had ammo as a universal thing, resupplying everything from rifles to HAT launchers from the same pools. This caused problems because it didn't allow the players resupplying to prioritise what they wanted resupplied from their kits, often leading to a popped crate before the AT launcher they really need to use is replenished. As an extension to this system, when squad leaders request supplies, they could have a menu that sends a crate loadout to the logistics/transport squad and they can apply it to their crate, with gui elements reflecting which squad needs it, when they needed it and their current location on the map highlighted. This means you can't build FOBs from ammo crates (Materiel), and can't resupply off crates intended for building.