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Found 20 results

  1. I would like to suggest a new Role. A Breacher or Specialist, just as in PR. Basically a Rifleman with one or two explosives to take down FOB Structures. The Idea came to me yesterday, after playing a round of Narva with my Clan mates. After trying to take down a FOB for 15 Minutes, build inside an apartment Building heavily fortified with Hescos and Sandbags at the doors. We had to give up. I like the building System in Squad and being able to close all entrances of all sort of Complex. But i would like more options the get inside those without wasting our precious AT witch we need against Vehicles. I believe the role of a Breacher would give more tactical flexibility, being able to make a entry into a FOB glitched inside those sort of buildings or super FOBs.
  2. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I used the search button, but I'd like to show my view on how this could work. With the appearance of shotguns in development, it seems likely that the US/Russian Ground Forces will get a counterpart to the Insurgent Raider kit. As we know, the Raider is best suited to close-quarters, preferably urban combat. We will replicate this with the Breacher, who's main purpose will be clearing indoor areas and corners, as well as destroying obstacles. It's a class that will be invaluable in maps like Al-Basra and Sumari Bala, and useful for clearing points in other maps. This will be one of the specialised classes, like the GPMG kit which I suspect will arrive soon enough. The Breacher would be, like the HAT kit, limited to a certain amount of players per game. I believe 2-4 per team would be a balanced amount. It will be restricted to the US and Russian factions. It would be best if they were unlocked once a team has 15 or more players. Let's go through what a breacher would have.... Primary Weapon (Slot 1): The obvious decision would be shotguns, already shown to us by the development team. However, they are not the only choice we have. What if they also had Sub-Machine Guns? From a developing perspective, having SMGs in an assault class (Raider/Breacher) would be the only way to implement SMGs (apart from special forces). So, just like you can choose from a number of weapons for the rifleman kit, you could choose between a shotgun and SMG for the breacher kit? So what are these weapons? Shotguns: M1014 (USA), KS-23 (Russia) SMGs: MP5 (USA), Vityaz-SN (Russia) Note, for those who desire a seperate USMC faction, the MP-5 could be replaced by the Colt SMG, for variety. Secondary Weapon (Slot 2): Probably same as other classes, no need for a change. Grenades (Slot 3): I'm a bit unsure on this. I think that this kit should lack smoke grenades, as there is little use for it in the indoors. As for fragmentation grenades, 1-2 would be fine. I don't want the class to have too many, because that could make it overpowered, as well as too similar to the Raider Class. Explosives (Slot 4) These will serve as similar purpose as the IED. Their blast radius could allow rooms to be cleared rapidly. It can be used also to destroy player-built fortifications like Hesco walls, roadblocks, bunkers or other emplacements. However, I believe they will become more useful when there are dynamic map elements in the game, such as destructible walls. This would allow a squad to easily create a new avenue of attack into a well defended position. The Breacher should get 1 or 2 of these in their kit. The US would obviously get the C4, while the Russians would probably get the PVV-5A or Semtex. Field Dressing (Slot 5) 2 bandages as with most classes, no need to change it. Wire Cutter (Slot 6) This would replace the shovel. To not waste explosives on razor wire, use this to remove it. Optional: Body Armour This might be something included, although I doubt it. Maybe it would give the user a chance for a bullet to be ignored, and for the damage caused by explosions to be lessened. I'm only including this because It seems interesting, but not necessarily balanced. I thank you for reading this. Please give critical feedback and constructive criticism.
  3. What about only being able to spawn with the recruit kit (same kit you receive when kicked from a squad, basic rifle with two mags) to emphasize joining a squad?
  4. Currently Squad has three kit groups; Command and Support, Riflemen, and Fire Support. With the kits in-game right now, this system is fine. However, eventually we'll start seeing kits like heavy anti-tank, engineer, anti-air, machine gunner, possibly even sniper. These kits are very specialized, very powerful, and should be extremely limited... so how to implement that? Simple. Put these kits in a fourth kit group, "Specialized". A squad would be limited to only one Specialized kit, and for someone to use it, the SL would literally have to approve it for them: if no one else is using a Specialized kit in the squad and a player opens the spawn screen and clicks a Specialized kit, they would not receive it, as first a popup would appear for the SL, saying "Allow PlayerXYZ to use the [whatever Specialized kit the player clicked] kit?" The SL could then click yes or no. If yes, the player is able to select the kit the SL approved for him (and not any other Specialized kits). If no, the player keeps his current kit. With this system... Kits like HAT, AA, MG, etc are limited to one such kit per squad. Players literally cannot use such a kit without the SL's approval. Solves the "Sniper Problem".
  5. What i would like to add in the game is a new window for the "create squad" button. Also the new squad will only show to others after SL accept his squad setup. (This would also delete the problem with typos in the name/accidentally creating squad Many times SL says to his squadmate that he needs to change to other kit what SL needs more than the current one, often it works but there are people who completely ignore what the SL wants and SL is often forced to kick him out of the squad and nobody likes that. Or the players have no idea what is the plan. This could be avoided in the first place by creating new window for the SL when making new squad. In this window the SL could choose what kits he wants and doesn't want his squadmates to use (maybe a tickbox system) and maybe write some rules/tasks what his/her squad will try to accomplish (this would also show to others when viewing the squad before joining. It would help players to understand better what the SL of that squad want's before even joining his squad. here are few setup examples of my idea that SL has chosen. 1. 2 AT's, a medic and a grenadier, the rest are normal rifleman (w/wo optics) 2. everyone is a crewman 3. 2 medics, 2 lmg's, a scout, and the rest are rifleman (w/wo optics) an example of rules/tasks section: (could include SL placed markers on your map to clarify thing, these would be on/off layout on top of your map). - FIN/ENG voip only - Main objective: Capture objectives x and x. Secondary obj: Place FOB nearby and setup defensive perimeter to area x - Never go alone and report enemy movements to others. When the setup is ready, SL will accept/confirm his setup and his squad will now show to others in squad list. Would this help gameplay or would it make it too complicated? I would like to hear your thoughts.
  6. Traditionally with BF2: PR weapon and character customisation was limited. I wanted to suggest a system similar to the one they have in Insurgency, if of course any of this is possible (I do not know the limitations of the UE4 engine) Each option adds to the overall weight of the soldier, thus changing performance (running speed, jump height etc), but maybe without the need for a supply point based system. Either ttachments can be earned (level up rewards ala old school CoD4).
  7. Transferable ammo

    Would be really good for commanders to be able to re-balance Squad ammo. It's a frequent problem that a couple of members of a squad would run out of ammunition before the others making it inconvenient to return to the nearest FOB ammo point for the entire squad and often forcing a split callsign which goes against the teamplay ethic of the game. A big problem I've frequently found is riflemen running out of grenades quickly in an urban scenario with the only solution being to change the order of units repeatedly. IRL a supply of grenades would be pushed forward from the QM's group and other section members. I would suggest a few different solutions bearing in mind the aim is gameplay over realism: An Arma - style kit system whereby people can drop magazines and equipment on the ground or place it into another character's backpack. Further mods to Arma allowed magazines to be refilled from loose and boxed ammo as well as from other magazines based on a timer system. The pros of this are obvious, the cons would be that it could become overly-milsimmy and complicated. An America's Army (2.0 back when it was good!) style system whereby players could drop a grenade or rifle magazine which could be picked up by other players. This would be time consuming to do at any large scale but probably the simplest. A Far Cry 3 style "search the dead" system allowing players to recoup the remaining full magazines and grenades up to starting capacity from a fallen friendly unit. A system where the squad leader could perform an automated "Ammo balance" on squad-mate's within a certain radius if not under immediate threat. IRL - the 2IC and Pl Sgt's group would carry additional ammo which would be redistributed according to requirement during the regroup(section)/reorg(platoon/company) phase of an attack.
  8. This suggestion is inspired by this thread and homri's post Let's start from basics. As many of you already have noticed, PR kit system has some kind of dihotomy. There are several different ways to perform different tasks in game (Anti-vehicular warfare, combat engineering, direct quantity fire support, accurized fire support etc). Most of these ways have two options: specialized (defense/support) and generalized (attack/maneuver) variants of task performing. For example: 1. LAT - rifleman with minor AT capibilities; HAT - specialist with major AT capabilities and reduced direct action capabilities. 2. Breacher - rifleman with minor demolition and destroying capabilities; Engineer - specialist with major engineering and demolition possibilities. This dihotomy works for most of the kits, Automatic Rifleman and Machinegunner, Marksman and Sniper. Every squad can be composed from rifleman core, which can perform full spectrum of tasks, and restricted amount specialists which can fully cover certain tasks. So, typical rifle core (marksman, LAT, automatic rifleman, grenadier/breacher) with addition of Sniper significantly increases its ability to accurately liquidate enemy troops. The same rifle core with addition of HAT transforms into effective anti-vehicular unit. Add a GPMG gunner to this core and get a fire support oriented squad. It is like RPG or strategy tree. Get a basic set and specialize it the way you want it to be. That is why we have so many discussions about Medic. Because there is only kit for major gameplay task: Community splitted up into 2 groups, some wants medic to be a direct combat capable kit (at least not worse than others). Some wants Medic to be a pure support kit. Even devs have to make experiments with Medic (Melbo told that Medic is the rifleman first, while the general line of Medic development was creation of true support kit). The main issue with medic is that he has to perform two different tasks: treatment and evacuation (okay, players evacuate themselves, but the first step, stabilizing is still what medic is responsible for). As you see, here we have two aspects of Medic gameplay: 1. Basic medical support, involving direct action engagements. 2. Advanced medical treatment, highly effective and specialized. Also, most of SLs are familiar with tactics of two groups: weapon group consisting of specialists (including fire support specialists) and maneuver group consisting of riflemen. While weapon group provides observation and firesupport, rifleman group performs assault and securing. Usually SLs assing one Medic per every group and than we can see this issue really clear: Medic assigned to weapon group can't fully develop his ability to quickly restore combat effectiveness of his allies, while Medic assigned to maneuver group can't effectively act as rifleman. Here we come to conclusion that one type of Medic kit can't effectively cover all medical tasks. NOT because Medic is bad both in healing and shooting, BUT because he is good both in these different tasks. In other words, players are lost and can't choose the right way to perform their tasks in every moment of the game. That is why we need to split Medic into 2 different kits. 1. Combat Lifesaver. This kit would be responsible for providing first aid (stabilizing, reviving), evacuation and medical support of allies operating on the first line. Reduced healing capabilities combined with direct action effectiveness would create a kit, which is supposed to be among other riflemen to increase their firepower and, secondary, provide basic medical support. Rifleman with medicine orientation. 2. Medic. This kit is responsible for advanced treatment and full restoration of combat effectiveness of squad. There is no reason for Medic to be on the edge of attack, because he doesn't need to stabilize fallen allies where they have been killed. It is Lifesaver's task. Medic should wait for injured allies fall back for treatment. Medicine Specialist. So, we read out the general conception of this system. Now let's go into details, which will allow us to give an emphasis to these roles. At this moment we have only 2 medical mechanics implemented: bleeding and health. Bleeding system works as supposed, so no questions here. 5-6 bandages for Combat Lifesaver, 9-12 for Medic. Health. There is a whole bunch of problems with current health management. 1. Self healing has the same effectiveness as ally healing. Speed of self-healing should be twice reduced compared to normal healing. This would prevent Medic from surviving multiple attaks in row. 2. Infinite medic bag. Medic bag should have a limit of health restoration. Let's say, 2000hp for Medic, and 200hp for Combat Lifesaver or even less. Why such a big difference? Because Current system allows to Squad continue to attack no matter without regrouping and brief stops on the way to the point of destination. Combat Lifesaver's task is to stabilize injured player to let him fall back and perform a full recover. 3. Lack of "wounded" mechanics. As you remember, devs are planning to implement a wounded state, which make revived player less effective, forcing him to use a Medic Station deployable. This thing will tie Medic to his FOB and squad. Next thing is planned is epinephrine. Some of you are familiar with epi due to PR legacy. Basically, epinephrine is supposed to revive incapacitated players. This thing will be a main weapon of Combat Lifesaver. "Bandage, Epinephrine - now move your ass to the Medic!" Basically, epinephrine is an anti-shock. As bandages are used to prevent death AND to recover from death, epinephrine could be used to help players, which have taken a HUGE amount of damage, but survived due to immediate bandaging. So, epi could be a thing and not only "shit has to be used before medic bag". In sum: instead of 2 medics, we'll get 2 kits: a rifleman who can provide initial stabilization and evacuation being and organic part of rifle squad; a specialist who provides advanced treatment in the rear of its own squad. Thoughts?
  9. The devs have stated in the past their dislike of kit dropping, as in physical representations of a kit (lets say SL kit) on the ground that you are able to pick up. Now, I am against this decison and have been since the start, in fact its why I didnt buy it on kickstarter. They say it is against lonewolfing, honestly I have seen more lonewolfs in here than in PR but that is not what we are here to talk about. The problem now, is that admins are warning people who dont teamplay, as in lets say the SL crashes, the new SL doesnt have the SL kit and is now forced to go off the battlefield to get one or he will be kicked, so he rather gives the role to someone else ect. Now I know that we have the ability to place a rally with more people ect. but on smaller squads it just more or less kills the squad. Causing one more thing that pisses me off, the fact that clan gameplay, rather than rag tag pubbing gets encouraged (In my opinion this has been getting worse and worse with every feature and might just kill it for me..). Anyway, I still dont see the argument for no kit dropping, not the realism, none of it, Im about 50% sure its cuz they cant do it, or they want some some "super realistic" game (again I dont see how its unrealistic to take lead or kit, in fact snipers and spotters change roles every hour, lead is given to the highes ranking solider in the squad after an officer dies ect.). For me its a worrying trend, there are all these features, in the name of realism...and it all just seems like they are messing with the formula that was nearly perfect (asside from engine quirks). People still play PR, they do it for gameplay, it is just that simple (the gameplay that is), the learning curve is perfect, I just dont see the point in it all, it worked before, why change it so drasticly now? Honestly if a mod doesnt do it, Im probably going to play PR for the next 10 years until someone does it properly. You have something very special on your hands, the only reason CS is more popular than PR is the graphics, I say that after gaming for the past 12 years, im being serious.
  10. Accessing roles

    Three suggestions on how I'd like to see the accessing of roles implemented in Squad, breaking away from the fundamental PR system. 1. You cannot "pick up" kits. In PR/Squad a kit is treated as something you have and something you use, not something you are. It's treated no different than a baseball bat, or a shoe. Why? If you're a DM, you're a DM. You don't lug around a DMR and trained marksmanship skills as though they're an entity, passing them to the next person at will. Where's the realism in being a helicopter pilot one moment, and being an LAT the next? IMO, when you spawn with a kit, you are that kit. If you want to change your kit, wait until you are no longer among the living. You don't spawn as a shoe, only to drop it for something else. You are the shoe. 2. Coinciding with my first point, all kits would be selected via the spawn menu. No more taking special kits from supply crates. 3. Limit SLs to the squad leader kit. Let's assume, for a moment, that being an "AT Gunner" is a position in the sense that being an SL is a position. Where's the logic in allowing AT Gunners to be DMs, or grenadiers, or riflemen, and not limiting them to HATs/LATs? The same goes for SLs and the SL kit. Unfortunately, people don't like big changes, especially when those changes deal with fundamental features of PR. I imagine many people will look at this with a PR mentality and think "Meh". As a result, I doubt many will give these suggestions a second thought, but I'd like to see them, so no point in not throwing them out there.
  11. I do it a lot in PR, so I was wondering if that will be in the game. For example, when the medics in your squad are down so you pick up their kit to revive your squadmates. Or will a different system be implemented?
  12. Insurgent/miltia kit avalible in Range

    Just wondering is there is or will be access to other factions kits for the training range? Without them you don't get access to the AKM, AMD and RPK family for training.
  13. The US Army needs Parachute Flares on the M203 kit. That way we can illuminate areas with 203's. Flash lights on weapons, rifles, pistols, which can blind insurgents in buildings. The insurgent class won't get flash lights. Red lights also so you can see but don't give as much of your position away. Night vision. Maybe a way to compensate for the USA flash lights and night vision the insurgents get more men i.e., 60 vs 40, or 55 v 45. The insugent class can move a little faster due to know body armor. 7.62 rounds bigger and more leathal than 5.56. The insurgent class gets motor bikes. If there are civilians added with a little AI, insurgents can blend in with them and conduct a surprise attack. Penatlys for killing civilian AI. Afghan and their alert dogs are every where in Afganistan. Please include them in some compounds. Insurgents rpg class gets 5 rockets vs 3.
  14. Faction Kit looks

    Is what model your character has determined by what kit you're playing as or is it random?
  15. Hi There, Since you can only choose certain roles depening on the size of the squad it can be confusing when you try to select a different role on a ammobox. I think players would be helped a lot if the roles are highlighted that can be selected and that there would be a text suggestion if you hover over kits you can't take (see image below). This idea can also be implemented for the rallypoint/vob/building materials. Like this post if you think this would be verry helpfull :)
  16. New Kit

    How about quadcopter or small plane kit? QUADCOPTER WILL OPERATE IN CERTAIN RADIUS BUT THE MAIN TASK OF QUADCOPTER WILL TO FLY OVER AREA AND TELL TO OTHER TEAMS ABOUT ENEMY LOCATION QUADCOPTER WILL HAVE NIGHT VISION AND THERMAL VISION BUT THE DOWNSIDE OF THIS QUADCOPTER WILL BE HIS SOUND so PLAYERS WILL HEAR THEIR SOUND AND SEE BLINKING LIGHTS ON IT AND ENEMY CAN ONESHOT HIM DOWN Here's how I imagine this (I find this screenshot on google and make this interface) - http://press.joinsquad.com/squad/images/logar_9.png NV and TV means - Night vision and Thermal vision. Below you see signal of the drone and map.
  17. What do you guys think about the ability for the squad leader to reallocate one slot between non-vital specialised combat kits (which are currently Automatic rifleman, Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank and Marksman), but not for Medic kits, limited Rifleman kits or the Squad Leader kit. By this I mean that the SL removes a slot from a single one of the combat kits so that it cannot be used by any of the squad, and then gives that slot to one of the other combat kits. This purpose of this is to allow the squad some customisation to be specialised for certain situations. For example; if a squad is going to assault an enemy compound in a dense urban environment a marksman slot isn't as useful as an AR, so the SL reallocates the marksman kit slot so the squad has an additional AR, the squad then swaps out roles at an ammo box and continues on their merry way. This would allow for squads to specialise for roles like defense, assault, fire support and scouting in a simply way that wouldn't require advanced kits that are yet to come. Thanks for reading. this was just a thought I've had stewing for a bit, if there's any massive flaw with it that I've failed to see I'm sorry for everything.
  18. I'v had this happen many times in PR where a lonewolfer will join my squad and choose a sniper or other specialized kit, leave the squad and lonewolf snipe or whatever. Perhaps squad can have it where your kit will revert to the default rifleman kit once you leave a squad for a long enough period to stop certain players from doing this? Thoughts?
  19. Asset Ideas

    I've been pondering for some time about the numerous amounts of features that the ACE mod brought to ARMA 2 (hopefully 3 as well) and I remembered it had some cool assets available to use. Talking features, we had fast roping, vehicle towing, proper crew served weaponry which could be man-portable (possible a 2 person kit like sniper teams? *wink* *wink*). It also had certain items like the A.P.O.B.S mine disposal system, minesweepers, incendiary grenades, remote detonated and tripwire mines like claymores, etc. All kinds of cool stuff! I definitely think Squad could benefit from these, personally the idea of a support crew served weaponry team that could move around the battlefield and deploy HMG's (obviously being limited and not being able to have as much ammo as a FOB deployable HMG) as they were restricted to FOB placements. Hell Chechen rebels have been known to carry DShkm's by themselves (insurgent specialty?). More roles would be open and more tactical options given to the players. As for features like vehicle towing it means logistics squads could be set up rather than just fully repairing a vehicle having to properly RTB. Fast roping for certain LZ's which would give a really damn cool experience (could just work like the grappling hook?). The new types of equipment like minesweepers make the engineer role come to life and be exciting and being able to place little mine marker flags like the insurgents did with rocks in PR. Considering the engine already supports basic physics the sling loading shouldn't too out of the way, and I recall seeing a post which someone discussed minesweepers and one of you DEVies supported the idea. Crew Served Weaponry (CSW) might be a tricky task just kitting it right maybe making it a 3 man role, e.g. gunner which carries the HMG itself, then a guy to carry a tripod and the last the ammo. But anyway, just some ideas I have been thinking about the past few hours.
  20. Custom Named Loadouts For Each Class 'Loadouts' are a core component of FPS genre (for the sake of variety); even if they are not editable or customisable by players. Loadout features of 'similar games' (personal opinions): Insurgency (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, despite a nice choice of equipment per class)Project Reality (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, come in options which are hard to distinguish due to minute icons on the spawn screen and some loadouts don't even have the barely readable icons - non spawnable kits)ArmA series (Confusing, slow, irresponsive but detailed) Squad could hopefully bring a loadout system combining the best features and learning from the mistakes of other games. Loadouts are often associated with tier/ranking/unlockable system but these don't have to be neccessary for a user friendly experience. What Makes A Good 'Basic'/Game Ready Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Default Equipment (even if not customisable)Being able to give it a custom name and save it and also revert it to the default name (user friendly)Being able to recognise what the class contains without relying on tiny icons (some of which may be duplicated and a great and horrible example of this might be IIRC; PR's Iraqi insurgent faction's IED class with very different IEDs - being unable to tell which is more Mortar and which is a mine both made for very different purposes)Basic Weapon Customisation (Iron sight or scope, without mentioning pay 2 win ideas or unlockables)Basic Weapon Selection (Full length or Carbine version, new version or old version or calibre or similar expected weapons for faction class)Saveable customisation and selection features which can be given custom names or default names based on the classRestricted Weapon Access (not all classes being able to carry and use every and any weapon) What Makes A Good 'Advanced' Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Customisable equipment slots (needing more field dressings or more grenades?)Equipment weight system impacting Stamina, movement and accuracyCustomisable or Selectable Apparell/Clothing/Armour/Fatigues (This may include civvie clothes, different cammoflague schemes/patterns/designs, Armour schemes, Head armour schemes)An expansive customisation of weapon features (Barrel mounted torches, bi-pods, bayonets and so on) There's obviously many more considerations and options and arguements or balances but I only intend this thread as an inspiration for the developers (hopefully) which has been born out of frustration with FPS loadout schemes. Other Considerations These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Team/Squad/Clan/Guild/Community 'patches' on equipment - possibly a source of development revenue without subscribed or pay 2 win featuresSome customisable or selectable apparell/Clothing/Fatigues might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features.Customisable in game character/person/avatars - might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features. I know little about game design but just wanted to share experience of FPS gaming over a duration of 13 years (too much gaming).