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Found 16 results

  1. It's something I've been waiting for a looooong long time for, and we finally got a first look at it. The new Insurgent models, as the faction is going to get overhauled in terms of aesthetics. What do you think about the models? Personally I love them, only that they may be a little bit too well equipped. Generally in Syria and Iraq you see people in jeans and a ragged tshirt and some adidas football cleats, the only piece of military equipment being some old vietnamese rip-off chestrig. But they do look great indeed.
  2. BF1 had horses how about having horses for the insurgency for bigger maps. Give them are real afgan feel.
  3. Partial credit to mr. AllezVites from Reddit for coming up with the 6 man squad idea. I just reworked it a bit and am shamelessly stealing parts of his post. Here's the orginal. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/aiy51k/insurgents_new_specialist_squad/ im transfering it here in hope that someone will consider this, or at least it will make him think. Here's what Allez Vites wrote We've all discussed faction balance in terms of vehicles, emplacements, and fortifications. This comes up when discussing Insurgents as well, but, when it comes to them, I think we're better off addressing team structure and squad roles. Cap squads to 6 players: Capping squads to 6 players increases the total number of squads. Currently, a faction is capped at 4 full squads and 1 auxiliary squad. If this cap is introduced, the total number of full squads is increased to 6 + 1 auxiliary squad. With 6 squads, you now have more rallies that can be placed which leads to more agile movement strategies - I think this should keep traditional factions on their toes - leveraging asymmetrical combat and guerrilla tactics... Im snipping the rest in which he talks about specialist squads becouse i believe it would require too much meddling in the game and too much complication to a very little gain and as such, would make the whole concept unappealing and would sink it.Here's My own idea of additional changes to insurgents to improve His idea. reduce the number of specialist slots from 3 to 2(Or not, this one can be forgotten to buff insurgents up a bit) do a max number of all specialist slots (Not counting leadership and crewpeople) per side like with HATs and MG's . Example (might be higher for any particular one, might be lower) 4 LATs, 4 ARs, 4 GLs, etc. Thats there to counter every squad just getting AT and AR while completely neglecting other slots which would result in over saturation of the battlefield with few particular kits. That way you get some more variety/you simulate the lesser logistics and having to fight with what you have while still having those things on the team level in a similar number that you would have while operating in 9 man squads. Nerf max medics per squad to 1. Why? to simulate worse medical support and personal protection (Helmets, Vests and stuff). To simply put it- rebels are more likely to die when being fired at than soldiers. This is reduced a bit by the fact of having more squads and and everyone with a bandage being able to revive. Having the ability to field 2 medics in a single squad and thus higher survivability in a firefight would be one of the regular military's perks. So far all im doing is taking things away from insurgents that will screw the balance too much, right? right. But to counter that i propose to give them this one major advantage 4.Raise the number of rallies per squad from 1 to 2. That paired with having more smaller squads means that they can basically come from anywhere all the time. Hunting down one rally basically just closes off one venue of attack for 6 men instead of pushing 9 people all the way to main base/some fob few clicks away. It means sustained pressure and the need for regular army to do proper sweeps and maintaining perimeter if they want to secure an area for good. It comes at a price though- play too aggressively and you'll burn through your tickets like HMMWV burns through fuel. If you feel its too OP you might increase the overrun radius to go along with the "more agile but more fragile" theme. Do all of that and voila- more squishable, lesser equiped but more agile and hard to completely get rid off like cockroaches faction versus a robust modern military. Going in hard but encumbered by its might. You get asymmetrical warfare for the lowest work to gain ratio possible. Main idea behind those changes- insurgents/militia are not regular army. Right now they're structured like one with having worse equipment (and some toys like IEDs) It just makes them a worse regular army. What im proposing is an entirely different way of fighting that makes it its own unique faction with their own set of advantages and disadgantages. What im proposing is playing guerilla like guerilla- outmaneuver, strike where it hurts and **** off before the entire might of western civilization blows you to kingdom come.
  4. There are many different techie military vehicles used in modern conflicts. I think that devs shouldn't stop adding new ones and give more variety. That would make the game more interesting. Here my examples of new vehicles are that I believe should be added. 1. Toyota Hilux + mounted M1937 37mm soviet AA cannon. I saw many times this variation used various groups in modern conflicts. As I believe Insurgents must have weapon that can destroy medium armored vehicles such as warrior, MRAP or BTRs. Also it would be good for usage against Helies once it's added. First of all, I hope that you will finally add Hilux since this car that Opfors factions have is too small to mount ZSU, ZPU or M1937. 2. S-57 57mm Soviet cannon mounted by URAL, Daihatsu, Hyundai or any other truck. This shell's caliber could penetrate even Bradley's armour and also would make gameplay more interesting. 3. T-55 Also using the chance I want to mention again that Insurgents need their own tank. I believe that t-55 would be nice decision since this is pretty old tank and is not so modern as t-62. 4. ZPU-4, ZPU-2 These heavy machine guns can be mounted by Hilux as well. It has 14.5 caliber same as BTR-80 cannon. Could be equipped by high explosive shells and would make Opfor factions more chances to fight with Blufor. Thx for attention. Hopefully Squad will become more realistic and similar to modern conflicts.
  5. I don't about y'all but I had to share this, I believe it could be a good addition in the future for insurgent forces when MBTs and large caliber canons are implemented. Terrorist and insurgent factions lack most conventional weaponry such as a fleet of tanks or other armored vehicles. I feel that this could add game play and balance if need be for the future of Squad, when trying to match up less advanced insurgent and terrorist factions against big strong and well equipped factions which naturally have the advantage. Outside of actually giving terrorist and insurgents tanks, which would kind of contradict their natural capabilities seen in the world. This example shows that terrorist and insurgent factions resort to innovative means of leveling the battlefield when they are denied access to the same technology and infrastructure of their adversaries. It is not expected that militants, terrorists and insurgents who lack any industrial infastructure be able to posses and maintain something like a IFV, or MBT. As an alternative I present you with these photos. I hope this post inspires the developers and if they did not know about this technology existing think about it for themselves, and how it could tie into the combined forces aspect of Squad, keeping true to the factions real life nature and allowing these smaller less equipped factions to match heavily armed adversaries in the theater of conventional warfare in future 50x50 game modes on larger playing fields. Also in the wild there are most likely many more adaptations of weapon systems to pickup trucks and other common civilian vehicles across conflict regions today which may also have a place in Squad's future. Thank you for reading, have a great day. Source: http://www.americanmilitaryforum.com/forums/threads/3rd-world-modified-military-vehicles.1572/page-7
  6. I think it would be a cool addition and it would balance the Insurgent/Militia team more if we had Mines/IEDs triggered by stepping on them. They would greatly help both teams and they would be awesome. Many times US soldiers have stepped on a weird looking "rock" only to blow up a milisecond after. I would personally love those. One good mine, a full squad tightly knit together and one man to step on it. Amazing.
  7. Hi, I have played PR from 2009. In present situation there are some things that ruin insurgent gameplay for me. I will adress them and few more ideas. 1. In PR's insurgent maps there are free kits to be taken. Since still there is no kit pickup in this game it can not be implemented right now. These free kits give players freedom and add some unorganization and lonewolfing to the maps which is for me its a good thing and suits for insurgent gameplay. I remember many times I grab SVD or arty ied and ambush enemy. 2. In PR's insurgent maps there are many civilian vehicle and motorbikes mostly we can not run out of vehicle but in Squad there are no civilian vehicles and limited motorbikes(8). This really limit the speed of the insurgents. 3. In PR logistic trucks can drop crates and logistic technicals can drop ammo boxes. It is mentioned in future there will be ammo bags. Like them ammo box drops is a need to set up ambush because everytime you place a mine you need to go back to some hideout(FOB) or base to replenish. Also same for ied. When you found a good position this thing force you to leave it(and probably you can not return there or die while returning) if you need to place another mine or ied(after placed one is destroyed or need to be relocated). 4. In PR ieds do not have any delay to explode. Still I disagree with it but its a nice thing to add some realism to the game. The problem is the delay is too much for a game. Vehicle usage is still low in the game and visual of ied area is limited due to mostly there are walls, small hills or any other obstacles between player spot. So when you see the vehicle mostly it is too late. 5. Also off-road ability of the vehicles are too great. If vehicles are not forced to use roads in most cases the effectiveness of the ieds will improve. 6. Sometimes ieds goes inside the ground when you dig and conceal them but sometimes they are stay above the ground. Also there need to be some dirt, stone, tires etc. on the roads(mostly on dirt roads) to conceal ieds more. 7. Inventory slot switch has a problem. When you switch to a slot or start to reload a gun or place something you can not stop it from happen by switching to other slot. Numbers to switch to another slow are blocked while the animation playing but if you use your mouse wheel and click to switch, it works(at least works for items in same line). 8. There is plan to add more free time to planning phase of the game in future. For Insurgents maps, insurgent side can be let to lay mine, ieds and set up defensive positions before let the blufor side move in. Because the battlefield is their hometown and they can do all of these before an attack start to there. 9. In insurgent maps, insurgent side can have few randomly positioned hideout to spawn(like caches) for a limited time or unlimited time(till it destroyed by blufor). As I mentioned above at 8 this is their hometown and they can set up defensive positions and network to move from position to position fastly. 10. And some belt fed mg like pkm and small ieds 11. I have said that the post is about insurgent gameplay but I am wondering will be there any kit pickup in future? It was not listed in fixed steam post that lists the suggestions. Thanks for reading all of this.
  8. Ok so one of my favorite things to do in the game right now is to use rocket artillery. They require a lot of coordination, good timing and a lot of accidental team kills to properly master. But when dialed in right in the appropriate circumstances, I've found that you can make an enemy team bottle up and sit in place. Despite this, they don't get much use not only for these reasons, but also because there are a lot of frustrating little problems with their use. I'll list my current problems with them first. - There is no way to see how high your artillery is adjusted unless someone is looking at it from outside - You cannot traverse the rocket launcher left or right - There is no clear 'center line' on the trucks, making aiming with them somewhat difficult even when using squad markers - When you leave the passenger seat, the rocket pod resets. I'd like to hear a more detailed discussion on this subject, especially from the developers, but there are a few minor changes that I, and others surely, would love to see added. 1. Rocket pod does not reset to neutral after passenger leaves seat. 2. A visual icon showing the degree angles (X and Y) the rocket launcher is pointing. This will make adjustments and communication for fire much easier to manage. 3. Some mild left/right traverse. Not loads but just enough for a player to make minor tweaks on their own. Would love to hear what other players think and what the devs think. It's not entirely related, but I would love to see the Russian army get an equivalent some time in the future, perhaps in the form of a BM-21 truck, or perhaps a mortar striker for the US in the future.
  9. Hello Squad Devs! Sorry if this has been brought up before, I did my best to find an earlier topic. Could we get some mud for the Insurgent technicals? Most I see in Syria and Iraq are covered in mud. (to cover the paint and give them better camo) I thought maybe "There is not a lot of water, its a desert" would be an argument, but they could use piss too. I know you aren't trying to be a specific theater, but IMO the logis needs a re-spray. I feel like Im driving in a 2 ton wailing banana. Thank you for all that you do Devs!!! I love the game so far!!
  10. Link of the Video :
  11. Hello Devs, I'm a photographer myself and a player. I just came across http://jamesmollison.com/ pictures on the web and as soon I saw his work about the techies on Lybia I thought on sharing his pictures we you guys for real quality references. I love the way they customize each vehicle with inscriptions a paintings. Guns wise you are almost there. What about adding the AA gun? Well, hope you get to see this post and get some inspiration for your already amazing work! Cheers Poncho.- PS. All pictures belong to James Mollison, the pictures are linked to his website.
  12. Improvised armored cars are very common to current Middle East conflict. I think some kind of pickup with armor plates would be perfect APC for Insurgent fraction. Or something like big armored truck with sponson turrets on this video:
  13. What insurgent/militia weapon from Project Reality do you want to see in Squad? Note that I haven't included weapons already in development by OWI. If I missed a weapon you want, state it in the comments. I personally want to see the PKM, however the DP-28 and Vz. 61 are close seconds. The MAT-49 is also to die for... sorry, I have a thing for SMGs...
  14. Insurgent IED ideas

    I spent 13 months in Iraq, hit directly by IED, survived. Went to 6 ied aftermaths. Here is a few of my ideas about insurgent IEDs. I know the Awesome Devs said they are coming! 1. Able to plant in dirt everywhere. 2. Must be detonated by person who plants it. Cell phone, det cord etc. 3. Different types. Ex, mortar rounds, old Russian rounds, etc 4. Must include ringing ears after explosion. 5. Can disable vehicles and squad can repair vehicle only one per round per. If not damaged to badly. 6. Must include mine sweeper kit and EOD kit to disarm IED. 7. Only one bomb specialist per insurgent squad. 8. Can plant in entry ways, in buildings. 9. Able to create Vbid (vehicle IED). However the squad would lose their only vehicle if they choose this meathod. 10. Put random vehicles that are in drivable on certain maps that spawn in random so you never know if it's a insurgent vehicle or not. 11. USA and Russia has time limited signal jammers,that can Jam the cell phone signals. 12. Det cord has to be manually ran from IED to position where insurgent sets up. 13. Random dead animals on map. Spawn each round random. 14. This way insurgents can place IEDs in dead animals. 15. Make it take some time maybe 3 mins or more to setup IED. Not a simple place and run. Mechanic kit will be needed.
  15. AKMS and AKS-74

    So I noticed that in one of the Monthly Recaps and the "Kalashnikovs are comin'" thread I saw a lineup of AKs, including the AKMS and the AKS-74. I searched some stuff up and it was said that the AKMS and AKM would be selected at random for people who picked the AKM classes just for aesthetic diversity. As for the AKS-74, the Monthly Recap or Closed Alpha Build mentioned that it was added to the Militia. Sooo I went in-game and saw that none of the kits seem to sport the AKS variants. Are they removed from the game? Will they make a return any time soon? Or is it the same with the Founder Skin issue that led the skins to be taken off the game? After all, the models were made, the textures were applied and the animations were complete, it wouldn't be much to reintroduce them, no? It wouldn't be a pain to balance since they can just perform identically to the fixed stock counterparts, it would just be for aesthetics since unconventional forces don't seem to have "standard issue arms". Sorry if this was asked :P
  16. Just got to thinking about the theme of the FOB and general building-objects for Insurgents. It would be cool if the placed objects and barriers for the Insurgents looked more like the "mud hut" walls and such, like the compounds on the current map in Squad. This would give it a more natural feel to it, versus just using big concrete-barriers (even though those are nice on their own). It would fit the environment a lot better and make it blend in to the other compounds of the area, then you could even make it look rather natural on the map, like building a "secret" section on to an already existing compound (that most people wouldn't bat an eye at when going past). In general, it would be really nice if the objects place down were fitting of the maps they were used on, regardless of faction. Like, how a wood-door looks out of place in a urban map, or a concrete block looks out of place in a wooded forest etc I guess this would also apply to items like IED's etc as well, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have a mound of desert-sand in the middle of the forests of eastern Europe for instance. It's the same logic as how a soldier wouldn't wear forest-camo in a desert or vice versa.