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Found 34 results

  1. The Insurgency Force

    Is the most useless force in the game thus far. Just a bunch of turban wearing hillbillies with nothing but tin cans for assault vehicles against artillery, war planes, tanks, etc. They don't even belong in the game, totally out of place. If they just have to stay in the game, then they could at least make them interesting and fight like real insurgents. Can we use caves and tunnels? Can we at least get some scopes on those rifles to make them more useful in ranged combat? How hard is it for an insurgency to find a scope for petes sake?
  2. A13 came out bringing so many bad features, making the game even more arcade that what it already was then on the same week I played the new version of Sandstorm, which included a new gamemode called Hardcore, and I had this idea, we need something like this in Squad too... a new gamemode called Hardcore, or whatever in this gamemode, you will be kicked on the balls and punched to the face with these changes: - suppression works both ways <==> | >==< - no nametags rendering through walls, no nametags or friendly icons above heads beyond 50 meters - no ZOOM for nonscoped guns, only weapon steadiness when pressed SHIFT (but make it last longer, 10 secs?) - rework of stamina system, because now its unrealistic - greatly decrease max sprint speed (around 25% slower that current speed, much more realistic) - bring back INSTA-DEATH (why devs?), and make it 3 minutes cooldown - remove the magical buddy rally these features shoundnt use much "dev time" to put in the game, and if you do so, and the mode is well accepted, we can have more sophisticated stuff in later releases cant wait to play on something like this...
  3. Was watching an interesting video of Syrians using Panzer IV and got to thinking couldn't there be a chance the insurgency getting their hands of this tank. I know the Milita are getting the T62 maybe the ancient armour could be interesting in the hands of Insurgents. Even our brethren in PS might be willing to help their squad brothers with an asset. Could be a laugh
  4. for me squads gameplay really shines with invasion on al Basrah. i have so much fun squad leading on this map, its really fun but always requires all of the squads to work together. its very difficult to accomplish a victory on the invading team (usually British). Its a fun challenge always ends in a good game win or lose. defense is also very difficult but fun. tell me your fav map and game type & why
  5. Hear me out. I love SQUAD. The game types can be greatly improved. First off in Post-Scriptum, there are "logi squads", where the crew looks different and uses different assets. Insurgency mode~ Using this mechanic and USA an an example: A "Special Forces", "Delta", or " J-tac" squad can be there in the SQUAD selection list. This team has different gear (silenced SR-25, NVG, etc), but there are only 9 slots in that squad. Obviously everybody will try to join it at map start. Then there are 2 regular Army/Marine squads as per usual, and then an Afghan National Army left-over SQUADS with their sub-standard gear. So the Blufor team would have a massive mix of forces on the same map. It would really add alot to the depth of gameplay on the field. You'd have simulatenous SF Squad (looks delta as f*ck), US Ranger/army squads, and ANA Squads existing on same map and same team. On maps where the US has the SF team with NVG (low-light map only obviously), the player balance should be weighted so that USA team cap would be 18-24 players, and the insurgent team has +6 more players, like 24-30 player balance. The US has better gear, but the insurgents have more. I'm sure IR lasers and strobes will be implemented with flashlights etc in time.. I trust in the SQUAD development team. This same can be applied to the insurgent team. In an Insurgency type gamemode on an Al-Basrah type map, the Insurgents would have "Iraqi Royal Guard" or "Iranian/Turkish Defects" type squad with better gear (only 1 squad), Civilian squad (rocks, bandages, and drop intel when arrested much like Project Reality BF2), while the rest of the team uses the sub-standard insurgent gear. Obviously with the insurgent team it is a bit touchier with gear selection, but you get the point. Hearts & Minds gamemode: This is a bit of a stretch, but is the real simulation type of game-mode. Obviously AI is possible within SQUAD, and adding ambient civilians to the battle zone would be AWESOME. They can throw rocks, give intel when arrested or questioned etc... It would be much like Insurgency game mode, when hunting for the cache's, but can potentially be a much lower server size, with an equally LARGE map size. SQUAD is amazing, but imo it lacks the "Simulation" type of scenarios. It turns into a massive meat grinder battle. This would be a slower-paced, randomly unfolding mission generator. With a player balance of say 12 Blufor, and 2 or 3 insurgent actual players, with the rest insurgent AI and ambint civilian AI. Objectives 1: Help protect the ANA Outpost: Drive your Humvee over to help defend it. Objective 2: Locals revelaed IED locations - EOD squad goes to disarm a series of 3 or 4 IEDs, get caught up with firefights in the middle of it. Objective 3: Deliver the supplies to the villagers..... I know it sounds like a stretch but dude, so possible! Objective 4: Snatch and Grab: Delta flies in on an MH-6 to raid and capture the bad guys from a compound far off in the desert! It may sound like a stretch from what I'm saying, but the implementation if done properly would be incredible, and set SQUAD apart from any other Mil-Sim game. It would do what ArmA3 did, but so much better with the SQUAD mechanics. It would be incredible to have preset missions, where the Blufor has to disarm IED's at certain locations, build something, and help defend the Afghani National Army outpost or something. Randomly generated, has the smaller-team driving back and forth all over the huge desert scenario, with random AI events unfolding, with an even smaller Insurgent team of actual players. Player amount would be weighted like 12-20 Blufor players, with 2-3 Insurgent players. Obviously with larger amount of ambient AI and insurgent AI mixed in. I love SQUAD, and Mil-sim games, Simulations, and it would be incredible to join the development team. I would literally learn the tools required to be useful... Thank you -JDubz
  6. [WIP] Karbala

    Name Karbala Type Community map Location Karbala, Iraq Timeframe March 2003 Size 2 Km Teams USMC vs Iraqi Freedom fighters Gameplay Insurgency Release Mid 2019 Status Pre-production/blockout Introduction This map will be a partial port of the original Project Reality map "Karbala" by pr Dev "~KILL~Pirate" It features the original heightmap from PR and some of the origina remodeled buildings. The layout will be 90% the same. It will be a 50%/50% mix between original Pr buildings and new buildings i designed. The only reason i will add some of the classic Pr buildings like the house-of-pain and similar is for pure nostalgia. Gameplay I personally favor Insurgency as game mode. I find the asymmetric warfare component of INS the most interesting. I feel its more competitive than AAS and gives a genuine sandbox feeling (go anywhere and do cool stuff). For INS it is fun to run around and defend and the USMC need actual teamwork among squad leaders to get results. The insurgents will be king inside the dense city-centre, and CQB combat is favored with their iron sights The marines will have an advantage on the city edges and the open parts of the map because of their optics and armor support. The marines should not enter the city without any legitimate reason and doing so will be equal to suicide. They might circle around the city, do small raids or have recon teams in or close to the city to gather intel. Once the marines gathered enough Intel the squad-leaders should choose an entry stragety into the city and plan the a siege on the cache. Tactics, teamwork and coordination on the marines side will be preferred over a push-push slug-fest. Harassment and guerrilla tactics will be preferred for the Iraqi Freedom fighters. Design Some building will be open others closed, i aim for the fighting to take place on the streets and in back alleys. About 10% of the buildings will be open of entry. The main reason for this is that i feel it needs to take effort to go enter a building, which it currently does not. In a RL scenario a city under siege will be on lock down if a foreign army was to invade. On the original Kokan in PR for example, all towns where like little fortresses which required teamwork within a squad to enter by using a breacher. "Breacher, Breacher comming trough" "C4!!!! hold back!!" If a breacher class and small breaching explosives to blow doors will be introduced i might consider making more buildings enter-able. All the buildings will be of similar height to the original Karbala map, 1-2-3-4 stories. Progress Currently i'm mainly designing new buildings to add to the map. I try to photo-reference a lot of buildings and study what makes buildings look interesting. I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 concept that work really well: Asymmetry and facade depth. Modeling is a tedious and time consuming process and takes some serious dedication, i expect at least a year of development. In the comming months i will focusing on doing block-outs. Screenshots
  7. Currently working on designing a map that's based on a real world location with additions and changes for gameplay. I want this map to work well with Insurgency, but also other games modes too. It's going to be a big one and it's influenced by a couple of Project Reality maps! Baby steps first though. Without getting too deep into it, I really like the game mode and hope it gets some TLC down the line, as well as more servers running it! However, it definitely needs some maps that are designed with Insurgency in mind. So, what do you guys think makes a good Insurgency map?
  8. Providing a violently safe environment for keyboard warriors all over SEA to shoot and blow each other virtually to bits. And yes, to be Sick Freaking Weirdos at the same time. So who are we? Well, no one sums it up better than Soldier of Edenia, when we were all hunkering down under heavy mortar fire, in a moment of pure brilliance he said, SFW: THE GAMING IS VIRTUAL, BUT THE BROMANCE IS REAL. http://www.sickfreakingweirdos.com Members: http://www.sickfreakingweirdos.com/hlstatsx/hlstats.php?mode=claninfo&clan=1stretching from India all the way to Japan. MUMBLE: Feel like talking dirty while playing? Join us on our Mumble MUMBLE: www.sickfreakingweirdos.com:64738 STEAM COMMUNITY (guess what? you are already here!) Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sg-topper SFW OFFICIAL SQUAD SERVERS: [SFW]topper's dinosaurs[SG|SEA] https://playsquad.xyz/servers/ [SFW]topper's bathtub[SG|SEA] https://playsquad.xyz/servers/ [SFW]topper's shoebox[SG|SEA] https://playsquad.xyz/servers/
  9. After watching the BBC British Forces and them saying the Insurgency crawled along a riverbed for 5 days to launch and attack . How about no fatigue loss for Insurgency force while crawling (not regaining).
  10. Recently played a insurgency game and realized I could not drop a radio anywhere near cache. It was a short match to say the least considering we had to protect a radio 200 meters off the cache as well as the cache itself and cold not even build defensive positions on the far side of cache compound. Allow radios in insurgent resupply and cache locations.
  11. Hey guys and girls, I will post all of my current YouTube uploads in here for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see jump onto my channel and subscribe Thanks for the support!!!
  12. Hey EVERYONE! As Promised I did our GTX 1070 Giveaway today and... the winner was!!! MARCOSVIRA I'll be contacting him very soon and shipping him his new graphics card! NOTE: DUE TO PRE-OPENING TRAFFIC! WE HAVE MIGRATED SERVERS OVER TO VILAYER, WE WILL NOW BE OPERATING ON THEIR NEW 100 TIC RATE SERVICE! EVENT DISCORD CHANNEL! :https://discord.gg/AutgFv5 -- ALL SERVER SUPPORT WILL BE HANDLED THROUGH HERE! Being in discord will also make it easier for us to hand out the prizes. [INFIDEL] 24/7 INSURGENCY WHEN : FRIDAY NOV 18th 5:30 PM EST ( 1730 EST/ 2330 GMT ) and just to be a dork : 182330(Z)NOV16 ** PRIZES / STEAM GIVEAWAYS / SQUAD GIFTS FOR FRIENDS/ & MORE ** EVENT LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/INFSQ#events/741235031348279705 - DISCORD LINK WILL BE POSTED FRIDAY // ALL PRIZES WILL BE ANNOUNCED VIA THE SERVER // AND POSTED ON THIS FORUM // STEAM GROUP - ALL PRIZE WINNERS WILL BE PICKED FROM THE SERVER! - WE WILL START RECORDING ' BALLOTS ' FOR THE GTX 1070 GIVEAWAY ON FRIDAY! ( SIGN UP FOR THE STEAM COMMUNITY ) ** SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT ON THIS FORUM AND / OR THE STEAM GROUP ** ONLY 64 SLOTS SO RESERVE NOW! GTX 1070 giveaway in December! How to win: 1. play squad @ [INFIDEL] 24/7 Insurgency [1070 GIVEAWAY] 2. We screen shot the player lists periodically between 4 / midnight. So the more you play the more "entries" you will have. 3. How to sign up, Simply register to our community group at INFSQ on steam ( link provided ) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/INFSQ Why? To populate our sever! we will be giving a way a gtx 1070 strix!
  13. Weapon Free Aim

    Hey guys! I looked for this on the forums but didn't find it. In some other games, your weapon isnt stuck to the same position on the screen at all times, i think it would be great if this was a thing in squad, but its not like in the arma games, where your weapon is completely independent of the screen movement until it reaches a certain point. this video explains what i mean. When you look around both your screen and the weapon move but the weapon isnt stuck to the center and it wont reach the corners of the screen either.
  14. Community Moderated Server, What is it?: Our alliance server will feature moderators from various other gaming communities, integrating into one on the server to facilitate game play. Overarching moderation on the server will allow for community overflow and out reach between clans during peak and non peak hours, with zero cost to the individual community groups. All participating communities tags will show on the server main title, and select members will possess moderator rights. Support for our server can be found here ---> Ts32.gameservers.com:9208 Current Community Moderators : (IDL) -LOST GTX 1070 giveaway? : We will be taking random screen shots during peak server times of the server lists, every member will be entered into the draw appropriately. Great chance to win a gtx 1070 just in time for christmas!
  15. With Insurgency mode how many kills/tickets have to be gained by BLUEFOR for a new cache to appear? Is it stagger or topped so a max of only 2 ever appear. Or if you get enough kills more will more appear for BLUEFOR. ? Also unmanned Technicals are they included in the kills amount? Cheers Happy Gaming
  16. Detailed highlights: Last Night's INSURGENCY hosted by [303RD] Battleground server
  17. When: Every Saturday Night starting @ 2100 ESTWhere: [303RD] Tiger Battalion [US] BattlegroundYou can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/DunP4qfWhat: Insurgency game mode, across all maps that feature itFor those Insurgency game-mode fans out there looking for another night of thrills and explosions, the 303RD's got you covered. Active admins, insurgency game mode map rotation. http://303rdtigers.enjin.com/ https://twitter.com/303rdTigers https://www.facebook.com/303rdtigers With a possible stream set up by Squad shoutcasting extraordinaire, @JohnnyOmaha ! PROTIP: Follow this thread for regular updates and weekly follow-ups! Leave your feedback and ideas here.
  18. The following is an altered OP from the Squad steam community forums, thank you for your time: Hello there! I'm a long-time Project Reality and Insurgency player. I've recently been dabbling in all things related to sound as a hobby. I am currently enjoying creating, mixing, and editing sound files to create soundpacks for the latter game: Insurgency, a semi-realistic CQC tactical FPS. I'm a modder. I've been hyped for Squad since its greenlight announcement, but I have yet to buy it (eagerly awaiting a sale and saving up money for when that happens.) Recently, I've been looking to create soundpack using resources from DICE EA games (Battlefield/Battlefront) and Squad. Squad's extremely poppy, extremely "real" weapon firing sound assets have positively caught my ears. I'm aiming to create an extremely realistic, extremely immersive, and ultimately extremely *satisfying* soundpack to bring to one of my most favored communities. So that brings me to my main points. I've come here to: 1. Request permission from the Squad team's/Offworld Studios' members to allow me to use their sound assets solely for non-commercial, entertainment, and ultimately educational purposes. 2. Ask for and gain access to sources regarding where I can quickly get a hold of Squad's sound assets for the above purposes. I don't think I can get Squad anytime soon. :C 3. Thank everyone involved in bringing Squad to life, as well as the extremely committed Project Reality bros. Thank you very much in advance! -Slypear
  19. http://focus-files.com/newsletters/2016_02_23_insurgency/ cue the music
  20. Hello there, Since UE4 is more flexible than Refractor 2, do you plan to improve the way to gather intel in Insurgency mode ? I was thinking about something, very similar to PR: a BLUFOR soldier handcuf an insurgent, then the squadleader only would have an action "Interrogate" in his commo rose. This action allows to share intel about an approximative location of the weapon cache implemented by a circle on the map. The diameter of the circle is getting smaller according to the number of insurgents interrogated. http://i.imgur.com/4t0DxFm.jpg The circle diameter gets even smaller if the BLUFOR manage to capture important targets like insurgents squadleaders, snipers, sapper, ... If the civilian are implemented, well this system may not work very well. The circle could gets bigger when civilian are killed but the players could take screenshots to see the last precise location of the weapon cache. Also, it would be necessary to have a system to immobilize armed insurgent from short distance, like shotguns with non lethal rounds or tazers.
  21. Rotatingbed on Insurgency

    some vids i make, kinda entertaining
  22. So here's the situation that was encountered last night....... Map: Kohat Toi River Valley (Daytime) Server: SFSS Game mode: Insurgency Issue Summary: cache location too close to US Main spawn point A bunch of varying clan and non-clan members jumped on the SFSS server last night to get in a few rounds. When the map rotation cycled around, the Insurgency mode popped up. First thing noticed was that the US Main had two spawn points on the eastern part of the map, and the Insurgents had one main spawn point on the western part of the map. All three spawn points were clearly marked on the map as off limits with the obligatory red circle and slash through the middle of it. The map timer completes and we all head out of our northern main. We get no further than 100 yards out of the main and are being engaged on two sides - one force is pinning us down from the SW firing NE as we head out, the second force is in the hills above our main spawn firing at us while we were pinned. Later in the round, I managed to get out of the spawn and made a long flanking run to the E, then snuck up on one of the guilty shooters - sure enough, he was sitting on his cache location with an SVD shooting directly into our main. He quickly met up with a few rounds to his noggin from my M-4 but by then it was too late for the round in total. A sound tactic in normal game play; however, this was straight out camping the main spawn. I posted several messages in all chat that to please stop camping the main spawn only to receive the obligatory "We're not" return statement. Now normally I don't really care, but this went too far. We fortunately were lucky enough to have an SFSS clan member on our squad, and asked him what the rules were for his server to make sure we weren't in the wrong making the ChatAll statement. We even had him check his map to ensure the "no kill" zone marker was on both sides' spawn points, which is was. He even agreed that what was occurring was not acceptable. Where this took a turn for the outright "ignoring the rules of the map" and the spirit of fair play (it is a game after all) was when one of our teammates was forced to spawn at the our northern main due to RP expiring before getting replenished. He spawned and was promptly greeted by two Insurgent members inside of our main spawn - they were promptly killed and gave up before a screen shot could be captured as evidence, but I'm sure if the server logs are investigated the facts will be uncovered. There were two main issues that led to this situation from my perspective: 1. The cache locations spawned too close to the US Forces main spawns 2. The insurgent forces ignored basic rules of engagement for "no kill" zones clearly marked on the map I know that creating an in-game barrier or no kill protective area is not as easy as it seems, so until that level of game play can be developed and deployed, I'll make this suggestion to new players and members of this forum for the sake of the long term viability of this game after 12/15...... In the spirit of fair game play, please refrain from shooting into an opposing forces' main spawn points. It is perfectly acceptable for you to recon the area and point out troop movements, but outright engaging the OPFOR as they are leaving their main spawn detracts from the game play and enjoyment of those involved. For anyone that was a part of the Insurgent forces employing this tactic - I encourage you to place yourselves in our position and you too would feel disappointed in the game play experience. Imagine if our team was a bunch of new players on the 12/15 day of release? This type of encounter could result in players not participating or asking for a refund. Just something to keep in mind...... Finally, I hope all server admins will take a closer look at this and make the necessary adjustments to their monitoring of game play rules.
  23. I took a little detour on the right flank, with my supressed M4. Tell me what you think of it... Make sure you watch it on 1080p. Is it enjoyable to watch and would you like to see more of it in the same style? Looking forward to your critics and suggestions, I am learning how to employ my ideas in Sony Vegas. Cheers, Rain