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Found 32 results

  1. The 75th Ranger Regiment The 75th Ranger Regiment is a Realism Unit based in Squad with our main focus on providing realistic, tactical gameplay to Squad. We have an open door policy when it comes to recruitment. We accept all applicants, no minimum of amount of hours is required. Our Teamspeak server is located at: ts.ncgaming.com:9969 Password: 75RR When joining Teamspeak please look for SGT Cecil, I will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. Servers: TBD Timezone: EST is our base timezone, we have members all around the world. Country: We are based out of the United States Playstyle: Our play style is based around being Tactical and Realistic Attendance: Members are only required to reply to our roll call posts once per week, we do host official matches on Saturdays with attendance being optional for the time being. The 75th is currently recruiting, we have MOS available for all roles within the game. We do have a few requirements when it comes to recruitment, they are as follows. Our minimum age for members is 17 Recruits must have a microphone Teamspeak 3 is required for voice communication out of game English is required for all members If The 75th Ranger Regiment sounds like the unit for you feel free to check us out over at http://www.75th.us For more details on our recruitment click here
  2. I think it would be a cool addition and it would balance the Insurgent/Militia team more if we had Mines/IEDs triggered by stepping on them. They would greatly help both teams and they would be awesome. Many times US soldiers have stepped on a weird looking "rock" only to blow up a milisecond after. I would personally love those. One good mine, a full squad tightly knit together and one man to step on it. Amazing.
  3. UPDATED 05/01/18: Pics in Flickr album.> https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5xsNcK Vid In Playlist.> Hi All, I have a passion for Joint Operations (JO). It was honestly one of the best games i have ever had the good fortune to play. This has lead me to picking up Squad, as it is the only game going-anywhere that offered so much potential for modding, and has even allowed me to dream of playing something resembling JO again. I will be doing a number of re-imagined JO Maps, following as closely to the originals where possible, and posting each in here with my progress and uploading a "Geo" and "Populated" versions. I hope that the maps i make will make their way into Squad-proper but even if they don't or are unpopular i am also creating these assets - as well as numerous others - for a hope-to-be-completed mod of Squad called, tentatively, Squad_JO, which will attempt to emulate the game-play and style of JO using Squad as a base game. Name: Dormant Volcano Isle (reimagined JointOps map). Location: some tropical archipelago. Size: 1x1 kM approximate. Teams: Blue v Red (Team1 v Team2). - still wip for team colours Gameplay: AAS (PAAS) - Infantry with mostly light & medium vehicle support, and suggest no 'artillery' or 'cas', etc.. Download link: no - WIP. Description: As described on the box - skirmish type AAS, only light vehicular support with possible (very limited) and medium "BTR-level" vehicles, emplaced weapons and defensive works at CP's, one each team owned CP's (Squad_vanilla will need HAB's placed at the first owned-forward-bases (A+D), for team spawning) and two central (parrallel) CP's (4 in total - A, B, C, D). Additional: this is my first proper map (Iceland became a 'testbed' map ;P ), and is fairly small i know but i think with the right restrictions in place it will be a bunch-o-fun to play. This will be the smallest i make - all the others will be 2k or greater Screenshots/Media/Minimap: via my Flickr -https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5xsNcK *minimap is now up to date. Constructive help and critique is more than welcome. .LJ
  4. I know it it not a huge issue once you have played for a long time, but for new payers identifying the character models can be difficult. Occasionally I still tk on some of the maps. Can models be placed in Jensen's range showing the a factions and different classes? This would be of great interest I feel to a lot of people. This modded range has 2 museums, I know Jensen's have the weapons as well. It looks great and really is a fantastic showcase, especially the grenade range. I found the vehicle section particularly useful. Knowing your BTR, from your Stryker.. very nice. If the character models were lined up showing different classes and factions, this would go a long way to helping a large group of people. (I feel) Sample of FORT MEADE the new modded range.
  5. GBH AU/NZ Infantry only Dedicated Server is up and running and just waiting for the licencing of the Server. 80 Players Server based in Sydney with High priority CPU which means never lag or low performance. First gonna try Infantry only Maps and in future may change to Normal Maps too. So any one interested to be Admin you are most welcome, as I am looking any one with Mic and mature enough to handle the Kids in the game lol. We have an active Team-speak and GBH is almost 15 years old Ozzie clan which played and hosted servers thru Americas Army to Insurgency games. Website name is www.gbhteam.com.au and Team-speak details are
  6. 668th Infantry Division

    Were the 668th infantry division and we want you to become a part of our ranks. join our discord here https://discord.gg/r7mJxYH
  7. How does the community and devs feel on smaller games. Smaller versions of current maps with less player count and maybe even some different game modes just for these smaller games. Like 5v5, 8v8, 16v16. I really love the game and the way it feels but its hard for me to get into the full rounds of the game- With all the different things that are required from a team. Also i have a wife and child that dont enjoy when i mindlessly play one game round for an hour straight lol. I think game modes like this would be really good for growing the player base and number of players that stick around in the long run.
  8. After awhile, I get bored of having vehicular warfare and just want to battle it out on the streets with the enemy. I think there needs to be more infantry only maps. Perhaps adding an invasion version for infantry only? This type of gamemode would give a D-day sort of feeling as far as strategy and outcome goes.
  9. In my opinion the ability to set a speed limit would help to work better as infantry with vehicles. Working as a Mechanized Infantry would be much easier because the vehicle could keep its speed and stay with the infantry. Am I right with that or is that in your opinion not necessary? I think so.
  10. Thank you for showing interest in the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division! Introduction We are a tactical realism community that have recently transitioned from Project Reality to Squad over the new year, we aim to maintain our high standards of teamwork and deploy our time-proven tactics that have been developed over the past few years to Squad. As of right now we are looking for new members that wish to be a part of a truly unique and active community. Our group is made up of mainly experienced Squad players as well as a few beginners. We are reasonably beginner friendly and are willing to reach out and help newer players get a better understanding of the game and its mechanics. As the name suggests we are primarily a Mechanized force and one of our primary aims is to utilize Armoured Personnel Carriers in concert with Infantry as part of a standard unit-wide doctrine. Furthermore as new assets are deployed to Squad over time, this aspect of the unit will continually evolve to meet the needs of an ever changing battlefield. Our Goals: Develop and execute new advanced mechanized infantry tactics into the world of Squad. Develop a unit campaign aspect, including inter-unit skirmishes and competitions. We Offer: An active and International community with members from across the globe A fun yet realistic environment In-house unit trainings and events, useful for both veterans and beginners. Both Private and Public Squad Servers Fixed in-unit Squads. We are looking for: Mature Players over the age of 17 Members willing to help develop the unit and its structure Members willing to help seed the servers Members with availability and good time management This is just a small introduction to what we are about, but there is plenty more information to pick out. If this has gotten you interested, please visit our website for further information. Website: www.21mid.com Squad Server: https://squad-servers.com/server/2417/
  11. Russian Military Weapons

    Hi, so I've been playing only for a short time but I have kept up with all the dev blogs for about a year now. I noticed that the Russian military is using a standardized AK-74, this being a well known gun across many games, but they actually standardized the AK-12 4 years ago. It's a very much improved gun that leaves tons of room for future improvement as the game developes. Above is a detailed picture of the AK-12 for reference.
  12. 3rd Bn 1st Marines - Recruiting

    3rd Battalion, 1st Marines "Thundering Third" 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines is a North America Pacific Time Zone based milsim unit for Arma 3 and Squad, activated in 2016. It derives its lineage from the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit that was active in the Project Reality community in the early 2000s. In history, 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment has fought in the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and up to the present day. Likewise, 3/1 as a milsim unit has participated in Project Reality, Insurgency, Arma 3 and now Squad. In addition to the USMC values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, 3/1 holds the following core values: Maturity Dedication Community The mission of this rifle battalion is to "Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver, and repel enemy assault through fire and close combat." We are a unit that aims to participate in organized events, develop the growth of the unit, develop leadership among its members and promote strong relationships within the community. We are currently recruiting active Sailors and Marines to fill our Rifle Company, Kilo 3/1 as Riflemen and Corpsmen. They will be assigned to 1st Platoon for Arma 3 and 2nd Platoon for Squad. People of all experience levels are welcome to apply. Personnel can be trained, so long as they are mature, dedicated and contribute positively to the community. Enlistment Requirements: English Speaking Above the age of 18 (applicants over the age of 16 may be reviewed) Active on Teamspeak 3 with microphone Available during weekends and some weeknights for training/operations Please contact the following personnel if interested in recruitment, and meet us on teamspeak for an interview: Capt McIntire: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970576663/ 2ndLt Groeschl: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141506710/ CWO2 Murray: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043867014/ Sgt Salty: http://steamcommunity.com/id/saltytimes/ Come check us out! Teamspeak 3: Website: http://3rdbn1stmarines.enjin.com/home Arma 3 Server:
  13. what is your favorite role?

    so what are your favorite roles? i haven't tried being an SL yet because i'm still new in the game. my favorite role is with medic though and machine gunner
  14. Before I make my suggestion, I just want to inform everyone that I haven't played the game yet. I am just going off what I have learned through YouTube. If my information is wrong let me know. I'm gonna assume that the bullet comes out of the gun since this is a military simulator as well as a game. If that is the case leaning left should expose a lot of the body to bring the muzzle out, compared to leaning right. When leaning right, that person exposes the gun, some of their head, and maybe a portion of the hand. That's not much. Though, if someone were to keep the stock resting on the right shoulder and lean left, they would expose their whole chest. There is a skill to avoid exposing the chest that is actually used in real world scenarios. When peaking left from a cover, place the stock in the left shoulder. When using this and leaning left, the left arm is exposed and some of the head is exposed. ArmA 3 does this well. If you would like to test this for yourself, go into an ArmA 3 game and press control+A (adjust stance left). If you're not trying to do that, here are a few screenshots: The suggestion: When leaning left (Q), make the player's character switch the shoulder his stock rests on. Also add a bit of a lean for the most effective concealment. The stock switch would only be active temporarily when pressing Q. p.s. If the character dips his head while aiming down his sights, (Which I am pretty sure happens) make the head dip to the left if leaning left.
  15. New V7 Update Feedback

    Without further ado, Infantry: Me and my people played the game all day today, and oh boy, did we have some fun. We were waiting for this since the release on Steam. The infantry speed, and body momentum is absolutely amazing. The enemy cannot evade bullets anymore like mosquites or Neo from Matrix. And when you run up the hill you are slower. All this enables some highly tactical environment, and enables the kit system to really start to shine. No FOB spams either aswell. There are various small animations in the game like when you are crawling on the ground, theres new animation for weapon, or when you jog or sprint your weapon animation is new (better and real), all these small things makes it even better. The infantry formation finally is starting to work smoother because of all that. The gunfights are intense. And squads that fight individually die fast, to quote you ''Alone on this battlefield, you will die''. The new US models are outstanding. FOBs: The deployables are stackable again! Thank you so much! The sandbags that is... with the cool shoot-holes. We did make some use of it aswell. We would only wish for HESCOS to be stackable, or a preset of 2 blocks of HESCOS high and 4 wide, so the enemy cannot jump over it (or other variations of it, but it needs to be 2 hescos high...). The DShK's and 50 cals need a little zoom though (shift to focus type of zoom for them to be effective on range like they should be), because now they are not really that effective, we are constantly trying to employ them, but its not working out if you are blind on them. When you mount them you are a semi-sitting duck on them, waiting to get sniped. When they should be feared emplacements and avoided from front... currently they are not that. UI: The new UI for Squad Leaders is very nice. Even though I don't know what to think about marking things with UI yet. Vehicles: They changed the whole game, I love them. The damage model is a placeholder as I heard, and it should not be a finished version in my eyes. When they explode, it looks so good. The gunner on the Fifty needs some zoom option. The models looks and fits really nice in the game. I would wish that the BTR-80 get a little bit of dirt on their tires, I suppose thats small texture work that can be done with no problem. Thank you so much for the great update! Will edit the post if something else comes to my mind.
  16. Breach & Clear

    So I remember reading an update awhile back on how close and opening doors will be implemented as well as being able to lock and breach them. I started thinking about this topic and thought how cool would it be to have a mini mode like skirmish where you and a small team of maybe 20 has to take down a base such as the compound on fools road or other soon to be implemented bases with an opfor of 50. Basically it would be the opfor having 5 minutes to set up while blufor plans. After the five minutes they get inserted via whatever transport they chose as well as being able to choose the time of day they raid. Blufor would have access to nvgs(mode exclusive), flashlights, breaching charges and special forces weapons such as the scar, maybe even sf skins such as the fast helmet (at the devs want) opfor would have access to floodlights to counter nvg, heavy weapon emplacements,barriers and so on. Breachers can even use their shotguns to blow open locked doors. let me know what you guys think
  17. So, the possibility to Toggle stances, like this: 2x ctrl = you stay Crouched 2x Q or 2x E = you stay in the Lean position 2x Shift = you keep sprinting I mostly would love to see this cause its frustrating and actually pretty impossible to Hold crouch , plus lean and hold breath (shift) and even more impossible to move with A or D to and from cover while doing this. (If someone played the Arma Games he will knew this was in them, and was Damn Helpful) Devs Plz answer :3 PS: I Knew there is a toggle button for that actions so you don't have to hold the button , but I personally don't like to have it strictly off or on. And that's why I think the "2tap" thing gives players a better experience and more freedom, then to have it simply on or off.
  18. I think it would be great if Squad handled prone differently than most other shooters. http://imgur.com/a/eenTa Allot of FPS games on the market had problems with player models' legs clipping through walls. Rainbow Six siege resolved this by having the player switch positions when his legs get close to wall (feet forward),but I think squad can try something new that you don't see in any other fps. Games like Max Payne 3 and Metal Gear Solid V had an interesting way of handling prone. When looking around,your torso rotates,and your legs stay right where they are. Your view will be sideways when turning to your sides and you'll elevate yourself slightly when turning around. If you're prone and your feet go too close to a wall,your character will change positions,putting his feet in front of him. A rolling mechanic would be nice too. Arma 2 players had to roll to put out flames on their uniform in the event they catch on fire. Very useful after an ied explosion.
  19. The Black Lions (Single Squad)

    The Black Lions (TBL) The Black Lions is a old Arma 3 group I had way back and was always focused on being a small group rather then a big clan. This is not your big group recruitment page or anything, and if that is more of what you want i'd check out all the other great groups on the forums. The Black Lions is a single squad sized group that plays together and really gets to know each other through play time to develop a sense of "My squad has my back" mentality I myself have played for a short amount of time but have grasped the concepts of the game quickly. For this post I will be trying to find around 8 other people to go into combat with. This group I'd like to put together will not be a strict milsim environment. I enjoy playing the game seriously but don't enjoy people that get upset at others because they didn't do something just right. By serious I mean calling out bearings, distance, moving together, making plans, etc. but also joking around laughing and having a good time. I have tried squad leader and will admit I'm no good at it, I prefer to play as a medic and help my team. So for this post I'm looking for all roles. That includes a capable squad leader. Since this is a single squad of 9 I'm hoping to get and if you want to join, know that your preferred role might be taken sometime so always try be able to be flexible. Since I have said what I'm looking for in a squad, here's what I'm looking for in each person: -NEW PLAYERS WELCOME, always glad to play with whoever! - Have a good quality mic and don't be afraid to use it. Just talk and have a good time! - Be at least 16 years or older. Nothing against younger players, I just prefer to play with a little older group - Be able to take orders and complete tasks and/or tactical plans without getting upset or angry. - No trolling or funny business. Just play the game like its meant to be played. - Maybe we could do a squad tag like (TBL)? Not quite sure about this cause I don't want to force people to change their name if they don't want to. Something we could discuss - If you're foreign, speak good English to be able to communicate. Doesn't have to be perfect but understandable. - Lastly is play times, I'm usually on through the week late at night around 9p.m. ET and can be on whenever for the weekends. So try to be able to do the same That's all I have for my post. If you have any questions or are interested just let me know on this post or on my profile. Thanks for reading this if you did and hope its something you would find fun!
  20. flame thrower infantry

    wow, the flamethrower is back on the battlefield, so make it! flame throwers for the syrian arab army [mod], would be limited 1 or 2 flame thower roles for every 27 players or something (skip to 1:15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDtXtpobd5I
  21. 34th Infantry Division "Redbulls" - Our Website -http://34thinf.enjin.com/ The 34th Infantry Virtual/Milsim unit was created on November 29th, 2015, primarily being deployed to Squad. It was founded by both real military personnel and military enthusiasts, with eighty percent of it's members being from the east coast of the United States and the other twenty percent from Australia. The unit's goal was to assimilate an infantry unit as realistically as possible. Creating the most immersive and authentic US Army role-playing environment. The unit officially launched it's recruiting campaign on the 15th of December, 2015 on the Early Access of Squad on Steam. The unit has since grown to 20 members and now hosts multiple events, public and unit-specific throughout each week. What do we have to offer? Discord Server (http://34thinf.enjin.com/discord)64 Player (Dallas, TX-USA) Official Squad Server (IP: To Navigate WebsiteFull Soldier ImmersionReserve Unit For Those That Lead Busy Lives (More Info Here)U.S Army Ranks & StructureUnit Training's, Unit Operations, Fun Op's, Joint Op's, etcWhat are the requirements to join? Must be 18+ of Age (>18 have a 'retaining' period to test maturity)Have a Working MicrophoneMust Speak EnglishBe Active During WeekdaysHave a 60% Attendance Rate (One Event Every Other Week - Reserves)Must Be Able to Respect Chain of Command & Follow Basic TasksAbout Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/aboutus Contact Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/enlistment Enlist Here: http://34thinf.enjin.com/contact Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/34th_ID SFC D.Barrow Platoon Sergeant, First Platoon 34th Infantry Division
  22. Fan made trailer

    Hey Squad mates, and Team leads. I make Youtube videos for a hobby, when I'm not busy with anything else. Usually I jump from game to game, however Squad has found a sweet spot in my heart, and I foresee that I will be stuck on it for while. Here is a "fanmade trailer" I created last night. Just a sample of what I might be making, and trying to improve on. Thank you. Here is my main channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Comradewithers
  23. O.k. so here goes... First off I'm a real us infantry combat veteran. I love my video games and probably all the same ones you do i.e. Battlefield 2/ Bad Company, Arma 3, Insurgency. I don't play call of duty or counter strike (too arcade like). With that said I almost think that this game is has a lot going for it, just like my favorite game of all time BF2 but without the vehicles for right now. I read your read this first post and I didn't see my complaints listed yet so here are my suggestions: 1. Before you do anything else we need a server history tab in the browser. (There's nothing worse than losing connection to the server and not being able to find or rejoin that awesome battle you were ripped away from for no reason.) TRUST ME!!! UGHHHHH! 2. We need a way to invite people into a party prior to joining a server so we can invite our "steam armies" to come play with us. An add on to this would be, being able to see and invite people from your squad or game from the last server you were in... That it would be unique and different than everyone except steam has a thing that shows you who you were playing with over the last hour (which is AWESOME when it comes to sending friend requests out.) So yea not being able to link up with that great squad you rolled with last game that's got to be fixed. 3. Ok in real life if I'm in a combat zone and there is "danger" around me I'm not going to "stand" and read my map I'm going to be kneeling every time... So why is it that while I'm holding the L CTRL to crouch I cannot pull up my map with "M". The game doesn't allow for multiple key strokes of my keyboard at the same time i.e. L CTRL and then "M". So what winds up happening is: I crouch up to a low wall so that I'm not seen as I maneuver closer to the objective that is still kinda far. I got to pull up my map and I can't so I release L CTRL and my guy stands up from behind the low wall and gives his position away at the very least. This is supposed to be a tactical game and hiding and sneaking up for surprise attacks is what being tactical is all about now if I can't maintain my cover and concealment and be able to bring up my map without giving away my position and being shot at for no reason in the game well lets just say it's dumb. It's so dumb in fact that it makes me not want to play the game anymore. I love the game but come on man that's total Horse $%%#. 4. In the game when I am taking fire I can hear through my headset if the shots are coming from the right left or strait or behind, however it is my opinion that there should be a incoming shot direction indicator I know this is meant to be "realistic" but in real life its not a problem knowing which direction the shooting is coming from unless it is 1 shot out of no where. Other than that 2 or more shots yea everyone knows which direction its coming from. So please put up an indicator around the hud that light up the direction the shots are coming from when there is more than 1 shot fired. 5. This is a bonus idea here for you. In every infantry squad we carry "breeching tools" things like "door knockers" (battering ram), Bolt cutters, stick ladders, c4, Grappling hook with rope. So in game when I run up to lets say a locked gate I should have options for getting through it. Maybe I know there's enemy behind it so I'll c4 it. Or maybe I can just place a stick ladder and have the whole squad go up and over the gate... Or how about blowing a hole you could drive a truck through into that high wall your next to using a premade c4 charge. You get the idea now run with it.. :) 6. Weapons/Roles: It seems like what you have here is a windows 8 version of battlefield 2's GUI. It's terrible you need to revamp that who deal and when you click on the roles tab it should be laid out there just like battlefield 2. You can't change nothing but you can choose a class called marksman that would have an ACOG on it. Sniper of course would have a scope and a silenced pistol. Soldier would have just a red dot. Oh and he could carry the "shovel" etool. Your medic has no optic just irons and a med kit bag. Machine gunner/support would have the ability to drop ammo for anyone who can get to it or make it explodable like a grenade if it gets shot or blown up. 7. Commanding: o.k. so I haven't seen what the commader has access to but lets just say I think he needs mortar support and UAV support to show enemy dots on the main map if they are not under some kind of roof structure and can be seen from the air. Trees don't count. I think everyone on the team should be able to see a circle on the map that reveals the enemy dots running around. Of course it would have its limitations like small amount of use time 2 min. and long amount of "cool down" time 5 min. and same thing with off map mortars or on map if you want to go BF2 style with it... Personally I loved blowing up the arty in that game but then again the focus on this is team work so no SF tactics needed so best keep it as off map. 8. I think the commanders should be able to "control" the squads by sending them orders and telling them where the enemy is located. Just like in BF 2 and the squad leaders should be able to accept or deny the request too. So if its not an achievable goal that was sent to them the commander can send a different one. I'm not saying recreate BF 2 but take all the GREAT things about that game and bring them here because the two games are sooo similar why wouldn't you go with the proven formula for this genre? 9. When vehicles come make the tires and fuel tanks shootable also I should be able to shoot the engine block of a no up armored humvee and stop it dead in its tracks 10. I saw the promotion for this game said 100 I've only seen 70 maximums where's the 30 other slots? Get them in here it's what makes people buy the game. Thank you for you time and consideration it's late for me now and I'm going to bed. Great game and I hope you fix it the right way especially the simple little things like knowing which direction the fire is coming from.
  24. infantry mortarman

    Being a former 11c which is indirect fire infantryman, known as mortars, would love to see the implementation of this class into the game. Whether it is just the 60mm in hand held mode or all the way up to having the 120mm at th bases. The squad could carry the rounds for the 60mm as well as have a ammo bearer class. If your dev team have any questions I could answer for them, have over 10 yrs experience in that field with multiple deployments to the games region.
  25. 34th Infantry Division "Redbulls" - Our Website - http://34thinf.enjin.com/ The 34th Infantry Virtual/Milsim unit was created on November 29th, 2015, primarily being deployed to Squad. It was founded by both real military personnel and military enthusiasts, with eighty percent of it's members being from the east coast of the United States and the other twenty percent from Australia. The unit's goal was to assimilate an infantry unit as realistically as possible. Creating the most immersive and authentic US Army role-playing environment. The unit officially launched it's recruiting campaign on the 15th of December, 2015 on the Early Access of Squad on Steam. The unit has since grown to 20 members and now hosts multiple events, public and unit-specific throughout each week. What do we have to offer? Discord Server (http://34thinf.enjin.com/discord)64 Player (Dallas, TX-USA) Official Squad Server (IP: To Navigate WebsiteFull Soldier ImmersionReserve Unit For Those That Lead Busy Lives (More Info Here)U.S Army Ranks & StructureUnit Training's, Unit Operations, Fun Op's, Joint Op's, etc What are the requirements to join? Must be 18+ of Age (>18 have a 'retaining' period to test maturity)Have a Working MicrophoneMust Speak EnglishBe Active During WeekdaysHave a 60% Attendance Rate (One Event Every Other Week - Reserves)Must Be Able to Respect Chain of Command & Follow Basic Tasks About Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/aboutus Contact Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/enlistment Enlist Here: http://34thinf.enjin.com/contact Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/34th_ID B.Connors Sergeant, 34th ID 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad Leader