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Found 27 results

  1. It's largely considered in a lot of the community that being able to stack IED's on top of the Drone that just float in mid air, is a bit of a stupid idea. It works, but it works in a way that glitching into parts of maps allowing you to fire through walls, also works. It's bad, and needs to be addressed. A solution - The IED is implemented inside of the drone/on top. Allowing the drone to still do what it does, deliver a payload of death to infantry/light vehicles. It will allow Insurgents/MIL to take out HAB's/FOB's momentarily as well, to allow infantry to move in and take it over. However, it will NOT kill heavier vehicles, but only disable their tracks/engine/turret. Example: BTR-82A, BMP-2, Warrior, Stryker, BRDM's(shitboxes), T72B3/Abrams/Challenger/Leopard. I doubt it would be extremely difficult to make this change, considering what you guys have done. Also, for the vehicle players that get ****ed by competent teams - Please, we need thermals or some iteration of it. I know noobs will complain, but as players get more competent at this game, playing in a vehicle on most maps is just not worth it. It's easier to go 32-2 as infantry than it is in a vehicle.
  2. Kept thinking on this idea rather than sleeping so here it is. I propose that when an IED is placed it becomes an interactive item with a radial menu like the Rifleman's ammo bag, rather than being immediatley armed and ready to be detonated. The options on the IED would be something like these: - Pick up: Everyone can do this, including enemy. For the scout the IED would go back into their equipment slot but all other kits would carry it in their hands until dropped. - Arm/Disarm: Only scouts can do this, and potentially an engineer/EOD type kit for conventional forces. - Set detonation phone number: Only the scout that placed the IED. Coupled with this, the phone detonator item would be changed so it would open a different radial menu like the Squad/Fireteam leader command menu. This menu would have three separate detonation 'phone numbers', which for ease of use should just be the last three numbers of a phone number (eg. **** *** 092). When you select one of these numbers it dials and detonates any IED set to that number. There is also the potential to share numbers between Scouts using this menu, but that's not particularly important for the suggestion. So why do this? Simply put, the IED is the most interesting and powerful piece of equipment for the Irregular forces, and given their current relatively weak performance compared to the conventional forces it's prime time to push their assymetric strengths further. This would also give the IED the ability to be carried and detonated. This would avoid the potential for certain countries to take legal action against the game because there would be no OWI created suicide vest in the game, but if players decide to use an innovative tactic with the game mechanics, so be it. There's also smaller details about IEDs that could be improved and expanded, like exploding when hit by another explosion or having counter-IED kits like an Engineer or EOD tech. Let me know what you think.
  3. Squad v10 - IED Compilation

    Hello this is my first topic on this forum, i've been playing Squad for quite some time (300+ hours) but never cared to check the forum, anyway I am somehow active in the italian squad community but I also speak serbian and a bit of french/german. i already wrote too much, here's a video of mine just because i like it
  4. I think it would be a cool addition and it would balance the Insurgent/Militia team more if we had Mines/IEDs triggered by stepping on them. They would greatly help both teams and they would be awesome. Many times US soldiers have stepped on a weird looking "rock" only to blow up a milisecond after. I would personally love those. One good mine, a full squad tightly knit together and one man to step on it. Amazing.
  5. About IEDs I really love playing scout, I use to patrol around my team and give them info while rigging roads and buildings with explosives. The fact that IEDs can be blown up after dying is simply fantastic and even realistic with phone detonators if you think about it. At this point the IED is really not much of a big deal, it does not one hit any other vehicle than trucks, technicals and BRDM, and let's admit, it is really hard to sneak up on a vehicle with 30+ enemies running around. You have more chances of getting a kill with a random nade towards an enemy squad than a well placed IED. Second issue is that it's not very effective against infantry either, it really is hard to lure an enemy squad into it or guess precisely which building will be taken, even if you mange to place it well and time your detonation correctly, you get about a 10m lethal radius. I would like to see IEDs be more effective against infantry, having a 15m lethal and a total damage range of 20m. Scout weapons: The SKS in V10 got a little bit better due to the fact that we can use sight ranging now and have permanent iron sight zoom. What I noticed though is that it takes 3 chest shots to down enemies even from close range now. It would be really good to see some kind of better weapon for the scout a semi-auto 7.62x54mm, .308 weapon, basically something that is more reliable on range. M14 for millitia, FAL variatns, SVT-40 (since we have PPSH), scopeless SVD, I would be happier even with a Mosin Nagant. The SKS is bad at long range, bad at short range and just decent on mid range (compared to standard AK and M4 it is bad even on mid range). Scouts could be able to place one eye marker visible to squad(leader), maybe with different color. For faster and more accurate communication. A little unfair advantage: I find it unrealistic that the scout can plant his IED on a enemy vehicle and see when it starts moving on the map. Most of the kills I had as scout are thanks to this feature. IED should be visible on the map only if the player is close enough or when not placed on vehicles. Remote detonated claymore: - One or two can be placed by a new class (or maybe one of the riflemen) - Has a damage range up to 30-50 meters - Works with shrapnel just like the real one (or Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) - Disappears when player respawns (honestly I have no idea if actual claymore detonators can change operating frequency like IED detonator phones) - Russian counterpart MON-50 Large IED: -A new type of emplacement a booby trapped fuel barrel or propane canister -Can be built by scout, just like squad leader items -Requires a logi or new kind of vehicle (ammo/mining technical) nearby -Can be detonated trough phone by "selecting firemode" -Only 1 or 2 can be built by the team. -Takes away resource points from logi/mining technical -Can be detonated by external damage, 30mm HE, rockets, grenades, this would make it harder to detonate it at the right time and give APCs a chance to avoid it -Simple gunfire (even with tracer ammo for sake of balance) would render it useless (30-40 shots), basically destroy it by draining the "fuel" -Can be destroyed with a shovel, a silent way of removing it Or it would be something that can be built by anyone with a new specific vehicle nearby and would be detonated from within that vehicle or scouts, maybe a placed wired detonator. Tripflares: - It works like a classic tripwire mine, but instead of the explosion a flare of some kind is triggered, either a classic flare round or fountain of flame and smoke. - Can be placed by scouts in FOB range just like buildings by squad leader - Placement summons a silhouette just like every other building with both placement posts and wire - 3 can be placed per scout - Can also be placed nearby logi for supply points (or ammo/mining technical) I am not saying all of my ideas should be implemented as they are, but I would really like to see them worked into something that can be used. I put a lot of "maybes and ors" in there on purpose, so you guys can decide what is the best.
  6. Anti Tank

    I personally think that the anti tank weapons currently are way too overpowered seeing how fast you can get killed if you are in a vehicle. anti tank weapons are heavy and are not easy to keep still for a longer period of time. I personally would like to see improvement on it, perhaps adding more weapon sway which you can stabilize briefly (like a ''really'' heavy sniper rifle), or giving missiles the chance to bounce off would solve this problem
  7. You get a Scout who lays an IED down. They get shot in the face. They respawn at main(instant spawn), take out their phone, ka-blewy. Why is that IED/Phone still tied to the old IED? As soon as they go dead-dead, it should disappear. Mines are fine to stay after they die, but the whole "Allah may let you blow infidels up from beyond the grave!" is a bit ridiculous.
  8. Hi, I have played PR from 2009. In present situation there are some things that ruin insurgent gameplay for me. I will adress them and few more ideas. 1. In PR's insurgent maps there are free kits to be taken. Since still there is no kit pickup in this game it can not be implemented right now. These free kits give players freedom and add some unorganization and lonewolfing to the maps which is for me its a good thing and suits for insurgent gameplay. I remember many times I grab SVD or arty ied and ambush enemy. 2. In PR's insurgent maps there are many civilian vehicle and motorbikes mostly we can not run out of vehicle but in Squad there are no civilian vehicles and limited motorbikes(8). This really limit the speed of the insurgents. 3. In PR logistic trucks can drop crates and logistic technicals can drop ammo boxes. It is mentioned in future there will be ammo bags. Like them ammo box drops is a need to set up ambush because everytime you place a mine you need to go back to some hideout(FOB) or base to replenish. Also same for ied. When you found a good position this thing force you to leave it(and probably you can not return there or die while returning) if you need to place another mine or ied(after placed one is destroyed or need to be relocated). 4. In PR ieds do not have any delay to explode. Still I disagree with it but its a nice thing to add some realism to the game. The problem is the delay is too much for a game. Vehicle usage is still low in the game and visual of ied area is limited due to mostly there are walls, small hills or any other obstacles between player spot. So when you see the vehicle mostly it is too late. 5. Also off-road ability of the vehicles are too great. If vehicles are not forced to use roads in most cases the effectiveness of the ieds will improve. 6. Sometimes ieds goes inside the ground when you dig and conceal them but sometimes they are stay above the ground. Also there need to be some dirt, stone, tires etc. on the roads(mostly on dirt roads) to conceal ieds more. 7. Inventory slot switch has a problem. When you switch to a slot or start to reload a gun or place something you can not stop it from happen by switching to other slot. Numbers to switch to another slow are blocked while the animation playing but if you use your mouse wheel and click to switch, it works(at least works for items in same line). 8. There is plan to add more free time to planning phase of the game in future. For Insurgents maps, insurgent side can be let to lay mine, ieds and set up defensive positions before let the blufor side move in. Because the battlefield is their hometown and they can do all of these before an attack start to there. 9. In insurgent maps, insurgent side can have few randomly positioned hideout to spawn(like caches) for a limited time or unlimited time(till it destroyed by blufor). As I mentioned above at 8 this is their hometown and they can set up defensive positions and network to move from position to position fastly. 10. And some belt fed mg like pkm and small ieds 11. I have said that the post is about insurgent gameplay but I am wondering will be there any kit pickup in future? It was not listed in fixed steam post that lists the suggestions. Thanks for reading all of this.
  9. Suicide vest class,or allow ieds to be placed on friendly for suicide bomber. We already have vehicle born ied's why not on players bodies. I have seen it done on al basarh not sure if the guys were bugging it out or what. It was great fun and really kept the game intense for both sides. And I think I speak for all us pr vets BRING GARY BACK! Please! (If you don't know Gary was the nickname for a dump truck/garbage truck full of explosives that leveled nearly a city block)
  10. Scout guide 101

    Little guide of using the SCOUT role.
  11. Don't Bunch Up - IED

    Spread out guys....
  12. The current meta seems to dictate that you attach an IED on every FOB radio you place. You then detonate the IED when you notice the FOB meter going down (in the process killing all enemies digging out the radio). After the explosion, you can place a new IED on the radio. This is a good tactic, I can't argue about that, but... If an IED is able to blow up a HMMV or a Stryker, shouldn't it also destroy the radio stack? Currently you can detonate any number of IEDs near the radio without causing any damage to the FOB radio. What if detonating an IED near a radio, would also destroy the radio? This would make these "IED radio detonation" a last-ditch effort instead of default way of protecting your radio.
  13. IED Suicide bomber is pretty good success

    Well, we attached an IED to some guys head and he went off and killed three guys with it. Who would have thought. https://youtu.be/-o6nhgGGArA
  14. By stackable , the IED starts of with one mortar round for example and the more you dig , the more mortar rounds you add to it ( perhaps it might be only for insurgents where you can add more, to add some dynamics to gameplay) So the IED becomes "stronger" the more you dig , maybe up to 5 stages ( 5 mortar rounds?) Hopefully the IEDs become stronger because it couldnt even destroy a logi truck one time i tried it. And so if other factions have a different kind of IED based off C4s or whatnot , then maybe specifically for insurgents they can have a really large ied with this "stackable" version of IEDs
  15. Really nice seeing co ordination coming with the update. Players placing IED on bike and another player driving at target, then scout detonating . Mortar attacks peluding assaults, some positive player. Way to go guys. Any more improvement in play.
  16. IED Suggestion

    Just a suggestion on the IED's when they're implemented. I think it would be cool to be able to diffuse them with a tool like the insurgents have a tool to detonate them. That is all. ._./
  17. Hey can someone or one of the Devs tell me how the IED's will function in Squad? I'm intrigued by the art of "ALLAHU AKBARING" and I would very much like the IED's to resemble much of like real life, maybe a medium blast range (75m) and a very loud explosion that can be heard miles away, followed by gorgeous black/thick smoke effects shooting up way into the sky like a cloud, that should make people feel terrified. Shrapnel would carry over the length of the bomb blast, clinking against solid objects. If close to the explosion a vibration should be heard, like a really loud speaker, followed by a Tinnitus sound effect, and a ringing of the ear (in game audio of course). Sound should also in my opinion channel around different urban/non-urban settings (through corridors, mountains, etc). Even have the sound of the explosion sound different indoors. Dirt should spit up on detonation of the bomb, heck, even add a small stringy like blood effect to be seen when enemies are caught in the explosion. The new smoke physics being implemented will make for some great smoke effects. (Maybe even add a voice that yells something in Arabic, before he activates the detonation, if not that's okay). In regards to the placement of explosives, AT Mines should function like they do in PR (digging them underneath the ground), and i also think IED's should be more like Insurgency where you just place it down instead, or maybe give an option to set them down however you like: disguised or not disguised (that's where shovels will come into play). Edit: okay maybe 500m is a bit of a fetch. I think the blast radius of the IED in game should be around like 75-100 at most. 150m should maybe be for like a car/truck bomb or something. P.S because I'm on mobile when I was creating this discussion it duplicated the post, please don't forget to check out the other same post as it has some interesting discussion in it: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13024-how-bigloud-will-the-explosion-of-the-ieds-be-in-squad/
  18. Vehicle Collsion The maps are obviously made with an eye for the fact vehicles will be featured down the road. I just worry that we wont get the right "feel" of driving a tank, if you forexample can't drive an Abrams through those low clay fences featured on most maps. Or break down a gate to a compound by driving a Humwee or APC into it. At they very least I think the developers should allow for tanks/vehicles of some caliber to drive through(-without destroying) a variation of obstacles, like the clay walls, small trees and so on. I just seems silly to be stuck behind a small tree in a main battle tank, like you would in battlefield games. I played forgotten hope 2 (bf2 mod) a lot, and they made tanks able to pass through fences and so on... of course it seems weird that a tank drives through and the infantry following has to go around, but tanks lose a bit of their purpose if they have to use roads, and cant offroad through a forest with small trees. Destruction I think it doesn't really suit the game how rocket launchers get stopped by a clay wall and if you're directly behind it won't be hurt by the explosion... So I was wondering, when vehicles... Tanks, helicopters with hellfiremissiles, IEDs and such are added. Will one then be able to just hide out in a compound while a main battle tank is shelling your clay hut without having to worry about it? About the destruction, i really do get how complex and time taking it is to implement.. however the cheap solution would be for explosions of some size to not be totally blocked by walls and such, so standing directly behind a wall getting hit my a tank gun, would give you something to think about. How do you think this will be in the final version of the game?
  19. Hey can someone or one of the Devs tell me how the IED's will function in Squad? I'm intrigued by the art of "ALLAHU AKBARING" and I would very much like the IED's to resemble much of like real life, maybe a medium blast range (500m) and a very loud explosion that can be heard miles away, followed by gorgeous black/thick smoke effects shooting up way into the sky like a cloud, that should make people feel terrified. (Maybe even add a voice that yells something in Arabic, before he activates the detonation, if not that's okay).
  20. Insurgent IED ideas

    I spent 13 months in Iraq, hit directly by IED, survived. Went to 6 ied aftermaths. Here is a few of my ideas about insurgent IEDs. I know the Awesome Devs said they are coming! 1. Able to plant in dirt everywhere. 2. Must be detonated by person who plants it. Cell phone, det cord etc. 3. Different types. Ex, mortar rounds, old Russian rounds, etc 4. Must include ringing ears after explosion. 5. Can disable vehicles and squad can repair vehicle only one per round per. If not damaged to badly. 6. Must include mine sweeper kit and EOD kit to disarm IED. 7. Only one bomb specialist per insurgent squad. 8. Can plant in entry ways, in buildings. 9. Able to create Vbid (vehicle IED). However the squad would lose their only vehicle if they choose this meathod. 10. Put random vehicles that are in drivable on certain maps that spawn in random so you never know if it's a insurgent vehicle or not. 11. USA and Russia has time limited signal jammers,that can Jam the cell phone signals. 12. Det cord has to be manually ran from IED to position where insurgent sets up. 13. Random dead animals on map. Spawn each round random. 14. This way insurgents can place IEDs in dead animals. 15. Make it take some time maybe 3 mins or more to setup IED. Not a simple place and run. Mechanic kit will be needed.
  21. IED

    Hallo Dev's, i found out that you plan to implement IED's. I hope you have great ideas about that, but please make them deadly. So deadly that every one will fear them because in real life they are a huge thread too. Please make the explosions hugh aswell, because a IED explosions are real huge. Also how are they gonna be activated by little trip wire or pressure plates.
  22. IED

    Hello there, i have a question will there be in the later game IED's implemented for the talibans because in real life they are a real thread so i thought it would be a great idea to implement them aswell because i love the explosion in squad sounds awsome. sorry for bad english
  23. Just got to thinking about the theme of the FOB and general building-objects for Insurgents. It would be cool if the placed objects and barriers for the Insurgents looked more like the "mud hut" walls and such, like the compounds on the current map in Squad. This would give it a more natural feel to it, versus just using big concrete-barriers (even though those are nice on their own). It would fit the environment a lot better and make it blend in to the other compounds of the area, then you could even make it look rather natural on the map, like building a "secret" section on to an already existing compound (that most people wouldn't bat an eye at when going past). In general, it would be really nice if the objects place down were fitting of the maps they were used on, regardless of faction. Like, how a wood-door looks out of place in a urban map, or a concrete block looks out of place in a wooded forest etc I guess this would also apply to items like IED's etc as well, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have a mound of desert-sand in the middle of the forests of eastern Europe for instance. It's the same logic as how a soldier wouldn't wear forest-camo in a desert or vice versa.
  24. My suggestion included modular improvised explosives and the devices to initiate them. Opfor. Will be able to choose a loadout at a cache or bombfactory that includes the size and type of explosive, intiation device(pressureplates or command wire..). The power source will be bundled with the intitiation. the type of device can be placed through a command prompt in a doorway or window for example. when you are close to a door you can rig it with a 15lb charge and a pressure release switch. Or place a pressure plate in the doorway etc. Leaving a disturbed ground texture or a decal of your choosing.. a rug or maybe just a piece of cardboard. Situation would dictate. so if you bury 50lbs of charge in a roadway it will show as the decoy object you pick and you can run command wire to a hideout. I Do not really know how realistic the command wire could be modeled but if it is too complicated. have a set of wires run out of the ground and towards wherever the sapper places the intition device. So if it is found the blufor can notionally follow the line. bluefor. Blufor will have access to a vallon or other metaldetecting device, explosive charges and a toolset to disarm these devices when found and to assist his unit in a patrol. when moving and having the detector equiped he will sweep it left and right while watching his hud and listening for detection squeels. he can drop babypowder or use spraypaint to mark the safe path and mark possible ieds or where to avoid. this detector and units skillset will include a better knowledge of traps and ieds. So he will be able to use the detector on doorways,walls, debris,and windows in a searching prompt to try and detect a device. If found he can place a limited amount of charges or attempt to reveal the bomb and disarm it. Giving the blufor team intel on a cache or bombfactory. There is so much possible with this its hard to explain it all. Seeing how a vast majority of the fighting in a asymetrical battle depends on using these to balance the battle I would love to see attention to detail in this subject. I Apologize for my poor grammer and mispellings And if any of this has been brought up already. Please tell me any opinions and ask any questions. I personally spent 6 months as a minesweeper on minor ops in 2009 and 7 months as a explosive detection k9 handler in 2010 on a daily basis. Afghanistan both times. Ok guys. Fire away.
  25. well this might be just me but from my experiences i have never felt mines and IEDs of their sort have been effective in PR as they would IRL. Mines and IEDs serve the purpose of area denial but this is hardly achievable in PR. there have been many times when i was an insurgent sapper waiting somewhere to trigger my mines for 15 minutes just to be killed while breaking cover for a second wondering why nothing ever comes my way. An idea i have that might make mines more viable as an area denial would be to give commanders the power to set mine fields. this would be an ability available only for insurgent commander. the insurgent commander would get a cool-down ability(30 mins?) which would allow him to lay down an IED field of specific kind (AP or AT) with a medium spacing between each and a set amount of IEDs. this would make area denial for insurgents a more viable tactic allowing easier ambush. in Addition it would relieve insurgent sappers from trying to lay mines every where just to be shot leaving 5 mines which would be never activated due to kit loss. and here comes the balancing part. The BLUFOR commander would get instead a cool-down ability (15~20 mins) which would basically detect mines at a certain radius. this ability would mark only mines which were in the radius and it would take around 2~5 mins to receive (mark) the intel. this might lead to the introduction of minesweeper role, making the breacher more viable (giving him a minesweeper as kit customization?), and/or making the engineer a more viable role and possibly a necessity for armor crews. this would also make gameplay a lot more tactical on both sides making insurgents consider ambush routes, and BLUFOR consider possible ambushes a more tactical approach to caches and a lot more communication on both sides with command making him more useful. i know there is a lot more balancing i haven't discussed but if i sat here to write them all i would miss my launch so i want to know what you guys think and what possible balancing should be applied.