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Found 14 results

  1. Missing HUD elements

    Description: Sometimes I cannot see my mags for any weapon nor vehicles. Steps to reproduce: Unknown Occurrence: Random, sometimes i see them and sometimes I don't. I think it may dispensary in between map changes. Since V11 Specs: OS: Win 10 64bit GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB (2x8GB) CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K Actions taken to fix: 1. updated to the latest graphics drivers 2. cleared game cache 3. tried changing resolution Observe the lower right corner
  2. Since V11 I've had the bottom right part of the HUD disappear. I think it's due to resolutions like 1920x1200 (link to reddit thread). Sometimes it only disappears in vehicle mode, sometimes it's both vehicle mode and infantry mode. In vehicles, sometimes the compass will also disappear. A fix for me is to change the resolution in-game to 1920x1080, then change back to 1920x1200. Sometimes I need to do this every time I respawn, sometimes I don't have to mess with it all game.
  3. I cant tell you the amount of times i die due to an enemy being covered up by a players name tag, especially when that player is dead and the enemy is on top or next to him. Now I get why they are there, sometimes you need to know someones name to call out to them. And noobs will probably tk a lot more without them. However for someone who knows what they are doing, having name tags show up any further than like 10m is a serious hindrance and i wish so much i could either disable them all together or change the distance at which they show like rising storm 2 let's you. Any chance we will see this? Should be possible as its possible with UE3 at least and should not require any further processing like the ray casting version we used to have. Seems like the best middle ground to me.
  4. Hi all! Been playing this game for a couple of months now, and really enjoying it, so decided it was time to join the community, sign up on the forums and stick my two pence in The game is fantastic so far, so good that I often forget it's still in the alpha stage. And seeing the trajectory the game is taking, it's kind of hard to think of any meaningful suggestions. However, I wanted to share a couple of small things in the hope that they might get picked up. These are by no means big changes, but little things that I think might make general communication and usability easier from my personal experience. Compass Heading The compass is essential for communication in this game as we all know, for spotting enemies. My only suggestion is - can we make it so that your current heading is offset slightly above the rest of the compass bar? At the moment, the current heading is slightly larger than the rest of the bar, however in the heat of a firefight when trying to call out an enemy vector, I sometimes find it a little difficult to recall the current heading with only a quick glance. If the heading was raised up slightly, I think it would help draw the eye that little bit quicker. VOIP Indicator When someone says something over radio, or voice, then their name appears in the bottom left hand corner, so you know who's talking. The problem is, as soon as they stop transmitting, the indicator disappears. This isn't always a major concern, but a few times I have been in the situation where someone says something and by the time I've looked to see who was speaking, the indicator has disappeared from the screen. Obviously in real life, this isn't a problem, as you're likely to be able to identify your squad mates by their voice alone; but in a game where you are often playing with people you don't know, I think it would be handy to know who said something without having to ask them to repeat themselves. My suggestion is, rather than the indicator disappearing immediately, have it fade out slowly. It doesn't have to stay long - just a second or two after they've taken their finger off the transmit key, which gives you a fraction of time to flick your eyes down and check who spoke. In addition - I'd also suggest adding an indicator to the names above each player. Last night I was in a game where I was following 3 or 4 other players as we entered a compound. They were all in front of me, so when one spoke, I couldn't tell who it was without looking down. If there was also an indicator on their name, I'd be able to tell who was talking without taking my eyes off the centre of the screen. I know these might sound like trivial changes, but I often think it's the little details like this which really help with the immersion and make your interaction with the game feel a little more natural. First post, so be gentle. I go by this name in the game, so I guess I might see (or already have seen) some of you on UK servers
  5. HEADS UP DISPLAY IN SQUAD I'll preface this post with an obligatory "Please read this in it's entirety if you're going provide any meaningful feedback/discussion". I'm fine with people disliking what I have to say, but don't be rude. Please and thank you! Everyone likes their own ideas. I won't say I don't think mine is a good one. But, I'd like to hear some criticism (of the constructive kind) and get some feedback on whether this is something that's really plausible and if 'works' with Squad. Feel free to make any suggestions to improve this system, or post your own ideas! A few months ago I stumbled on a reddit post that was talking about the implementation of a system similar to Arma's STHUD (see image below). For those that are not aware, the primary purpose of STHUD is to simulate the real-life (RL) senses we know as situation awareness. To me, that's mostly a combination of sound queues and visual confirmation. What I dislike about STHUD is that it's application results in an omniscient player. The player with STHUD has a constant sense of awareness that doesn't correlate with how we perceive things IRL. Yes--it's a game, but I think Squad can do better! STHUD EXAMPLE My idea: Instead of having the location of friendly players constantly displayed on the HUD, make it based off actual audio and visual senses. The idea behind this--why should a player know where his teammates are without having some sort of visual/audio queues? Scenario 1 (simplified) If I'm standing still and I have teammates audibly moving around me, they would appear on the HUD. The same would happen if they talked in local. I would sense their presence based off their audio queues. Scenario 2 (simplified) This time I move forward and have teammates standing still off to my left. I don't hear them because they are not moving (or are too far to hear). The only way I can get them to appear on HUD is to look at them to sense their position, or get closer so I can hear them. Initial Considerations A design choice will have to be made as to how long the player icon will remain on the HUD. After a short time, does the player icon fade out until I audibly/visually confirm the player is still in my presence? Will a player that just got killed remain visible on the HUD until I visually confirm he is down, and will a teammates visual confirmation of this downed player update my HUD as well? As if the two alive players communicated with one another. I think there is a very good opportunity for Squad to work in a robust HUD system using audio/visual queues. Instead of taking away from an immersive experience, I think, if done correctly, it can make the game even more immersive. It can provide a good opportunity for players to focus on the micro aspects of keeping the HUD useful, which would simulate how people need to consciously (visual) and subconsciously (audio) process the senses that encompass situational awareness. And yes--I realize that audio/visual are not strictly conscious/subconscious, it was more to illustrate that situation awareness includes both conscious and subconscious analysis. Other Considerations (make things more complicated) It becomes easy to start speculating on the details as to how a system like this would work. Surely it would only display friendly soldiers, but you could argue that the people within their squad should have a better sense on where their squad mates are. How does this correlate in-game? I keep coming down to certain rulesets that would dictate how the system would work. Let's expand on the above scenario: Scenario 1 (expanded) In the simplified version, we have two friendly soldiers in close proximity. The teammate moving is audible and therefor shows up on the friendly player's HUD. Making things more robust (and inherently, more complicated), there could be a ruleset that dictates if/when the friendly player sees his teammate on his HUD. Something like this: AUDIO RULESET The biggest issue I see in getting into this much detail is it's hard to learn how to use a HUD like this. Sure, it may be easy to understand on paper, but learning to play with it would be difficult. That being said, difficulty can be a good thing! Arguably, this expanded ruleset helps simulate the room for error/unknown factor when trying to distinguish our sensory inputs. Sure you'll hear someone in-game, but if they don't show up on the HUD it doesn't mean that aren't friendly. I'm sure I could go on, but I think you get where I'm going. What are your thoughts?
  6. I have played Squad for more then 130 hours, half of the time i am dedicated Squad leader. I will list the common problems with being a squad leader (in a public server). Since the squad leader has an unique sign, it must remain on point so people know who to follow - let squad leader pick a point man with unique symbol or color for the map When i want to order specific people, i need to press Enter and hover over the names to see who i need to order, this is bad for fast reactions - allow squad leaders to see squad names instantly when pressing (M) for map It is hard for a squad leader to know where his Sniper, Grenadier, AT and AR's are - add map icons for every class in his squad (only squad members can see each others symbols)
  7. RPK-74 Magazine Counter

    The magazine counter in the bottom left corner of the HUD shows eight(8) magazines for the RPK. However, the AR kits with the RPK currently have twelve(12) magazines. Just wanted to bring this discrepancy to light in case it has been overlooked. To those of you who do not know, the equipment menu on the side informs you of spare magazines available for your weapons. It does not include the magazine in the weapon, unlike the magazine wheel in the corner. Anyway, just wondering when we are going to get a twelve sided magazine wheel for the RPKs. Thanks.
  8. Ok so im an old PR player and mil-sim enthusiast and i thought id share a few ideas for features that would make squad leading more efficient. As the SL you end up spending a great deal of time looking at the map and trying to direct your squad members. It seems to me that in order to make this process more efficient there are some minor HUD feature that could be added. - Each player in the squad is assigned a number upon joining. This number is displayed in the top right of every players screen so they are constantly aware of who they are within the squad. - Above each soldier (as you look at them) The number should be displayed as well as some small indicator of their role (MG, m203, etc). These These small changes would allow Squad Leaders to separate their teams on the fly as well as quickly pair up complimentary roles (ex. m203 and medic with bino) - If the number system were to be implemented then a small number should appear beside each squad member on the map. This would give the squad leader as well as the other squad mates a better perception of the battlefield and make it easier to pair off or quickly converge on a specific squad mates location. I also had a few suggestions about the medic class that i think would make it a more effective class and make it more fun to play. - Injured Squad members marked on the map for medics - See downed team mates through walls at a reasonable distance - Give the options to equip a marksman rifle such as an SKS in order to encourage medics to stay near the back of the group and provide fire support instead of running up front and getting downed first. Let me know what you guys think about these ideas. Id be very interested to hear some feedback and ideas from people who prefer to squad lead or find themselves doing so quite often. Just want to say I f*cking love this game and i cant wait to see the community grow.
  9. Multiple Monitor Support

    Hey. I play with a triple screen setup. (5760x1080) And lots of other people probably do. Just wondering if there could be a custom HUD setup or Optimised for triple monitors, (Maybe an option in settings) so that things like the VOIP and Ammo count/weapon selection are all on the middle monitor. (without being to cluttered of course) So that it can be read easily. Cheers Love the game so far, Awesome concept. Mixing First person Shooters with Mil Sim. Skuxxanator69
  10. Stance Indicator

    Hello there, I have noticed that, especially when you have crouch on toggle, it s sometimes hard to tell when you are actually crouching while walking. Of course you stop crouching when you start sprinting but in situation where you want a low profile you don't wanna check if your crouching or not and suddenly pop out of cover... Anyways, I thought something like a crouch indicator would be helpful. A good example is the one from Red Ochestra 2 which shows you your current stance in form of a miniture soldier. Could also be helpful later when you want to implement the crouchsprint. (which really only makes sense with toggle...) blub
  11. Yeah, I know, its "for mil-sim nerds only." At least that is what I would've said 6 months ago. Now that I'm getting some time in the saddle, my opinion is changing a bit. Formations help squads effectively clear hostile territory. The scale of the terrain in the game makes observation difficult, and due to the restricted periphery of players, maintaining relative spatial awareness is not at all easy compared to its real-life counterpart. This is a situation where the user is hamstrung by the interface. Once we're all on 185deg FOV VR headsets, this will probably not be useful. Until then, I would suggest including some form of formation utility for the Squad Leaders, incorporated in the movement utilities as you surely have them planned. Here is my rendition of how I roughly envision the "concept" working. How do players interact with this as I have drawn here? The Squad Members could be constantly checking their maps to maintain spatial organization and their position within the formation, but that would inhibit the intent of increasing heightened observation, due to interface-based reduced periphery. Thus, accompanied by this suggestion is my interest in seeing it incorporated with some measure of a friendly short-range Squad Position Tracker, similar in some respects to STHud, with no enemy recognition, and a range-restricted, hemispherical forward facing display. The formation could then be back-lit based on the way-point map, and your position to the SL's progress. This rendition might not be functional in light of other UI tools, but its the intent that I hope is captured, and its form should follow its function. Lastly, yes I know some of you are going to think formations aren't useful. That's fine. They do have real-world functionality. I believe some of that functionality translates into the game by virtue of the environmental simulation quality. If you don't want to use them, its cool.
  12. I started this new topic to highlight some ideas I put down in a different thread. I hope this isn't entirely redundant. I hope any and all can give me critiques/opinions on this. Also, credits go to Z-Trooper for the screenshots I used as an example. And thanks to Assifuah for being a good dude and an engaging conversation partner. I'm pretty adamant about having at least something that could help me locate just my squad in a faster manner than what is currently in place in PR. It doesn't have to be bulky or in the way at all, and it could be implemented in such a way that it doesn't interfere with the legendary PR HUD. The PR HUD's strengths lie in its simplicity and minimalist style. I've found that before a player has gained the ability to simply sense where most of his squadmates are after plenty of hours logged in PR (or finding a very tight knit group that has excellent comms), they spend a lot of time simply trying to stay oriented with where their squad is. Which entials opening and closing the map. And i'll be frank -- that's not something i'd say contributes to a streamlined, robust workflow. I cooked up a few really quick examples in photoshop off some of Z-Troopers screenshots from the Golden Dog Tag event that help illustrate how I think Squad could improve upon PR's HUD in order to assist squad situational awareness. Example 1: Embedding squad direction and proximity into the compass using arrows (one could also use chevrons or some other sort of motif-dependent shape) Direction: simple. the arrows show the player the direction of his squadmates. Proximity: the further away a squadmate is, the more dim/transparent the arrow becomes. There could be a limit, too. Like after, say, 50 or 100 meters, the arrow disappears entirely. ============================================================================================================================================================== Example 2: Hash marks. Even more embedded and out of the way than the arrows from Example 1. Direction & Proximity: Same principles as #1. ============================================================================================================================================================== Example 3: Squad markers. A bit more ShackTac HUD-esque than anything else i've previously mentioned. In my proposal, these would be able to be seen through structures/land. (Emulating a soldier's situational awareness about where his squad is). Direction: Simple. Wherever the squad member's marker is. Proximity: Would degrade with more distance. Further away someone is, the less visible their marker is. Also, it would be pretty transparent to begin with so as to avoid having bright circles (or whatever shapes used) all over the place. One upside would be using only this would mean that the compass at the bottom wouldn't even be touched. ============================================================================================================================================================== Example 3 could potentially be combined with 1 or 2 as well. Personally, I would prefer #1 the most. ----------------- Additional thoughts The green color could be the default; If people really wanted extra flexibility and capabilities, they could assign themselves colors (or the SL could do it/have sole permissions to do so) and then the respective arrows, hashes or markers would show up as that color. This helps in certain scenarios when a squad breaks off into smaller 2, 3 or 4 man teams (as an example) and do different things. It helps keep people organized. Common colors being blue, red, green, yellow and white. Assifuah also posed the idea of making this feature toggle-able. I agreed and thought that'd be a neat idea. I personally would like to see as much of the game's non-core elements toggle-able and customizable so as to suit as many different play styles as possible. Conclusion What are some pros/cons you've thought of as you've read this suggestion? Which example do you like the best? #1 #2 #3 ? Thanks for reading -- and I hope to receive some valuable feedback from the community/devs. Of the people i've shared this idea with so far, (on and off the forums), i've gotten overwhelmingly positive reactions. TL;DR: PR lacks a streamlined way to locate your squad mates. My suggestion seeks to help alleviate that issue without it being bulky, taking up HUD space or needing any sort of overly-complicated implementation process. To everyone who reads my whole post and leaves some valuable feedback... you're da real MVPs.
  13. Kudos for the great stuff in Progress Update #6 and can't wait for some Fallujah Eye Candy! Now, in some recent threads I was stalking over convos on the HUD interface. And I think minimalism is the perfect fit for squad. So my suggestion is keep it down to 0, there's no need for a ShacTac compass (2) nor even a stamina bar (1). Just improvise with cardio fatigue (preferably ear candy respiration) [2] and leave it to the squad mate's common sense. And for ammo you could even yell out how many mags you have left. I think audio immersion beats HUD eye candy and it's proven in the suppressive bullet snaps. So here's to a busy summer for Anders! WHOOO ANDERS 2K15!!!
  14. First Person IFF Icons

    In the dev previews thus far we have seen friendlies have names over their heads to identify them as friendly and who. Is this consistent with the long-term plan as well? Any thoughts on that being optional, or having different variations on implementations?