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Found 27 results

  1. Heicopter Controls

    I think that there should be an option to change heli controls to WASD like in Rising Storm 2. Those controls are easier to use and funner. Controling the helicoter with the mouse is more precise, but useing WASD could make flying faster paced and funner.
  2. This is a list of things that I (a newbie with only 60h of game) think would be a great addition for pilots, including those who want to use their flight sticks. And also problems I noticed since my first flight. SUGGESTIONS 1 – Let players use keyboard for all controls (eg. W&S for pitch, A&D for roll, Q&E for rudder, shift & ctrl for power); 1.1 – The above might cause a loss in precision during landing, it could help if the control scheme would change back to mouse control when using C (landing cam); 2 – Give a separate toggle free look option for helis; 3 – An option to not lock pitch/roll controls when free looking; 4 – Zoom to RMB, don't need to be much, just enough so we don't see vehicles 500m away as small set of pixels; 5 – A dot in the center of the pilot's view, so we can put markers more accurately; THE BIG PROBLEM I conducted some tests on helicopters to understand why the handling is weird at times. From this I got some conclusions that i’m not 100% sure of (based on my barely basic knowledge on coding), so take it with a lot of salt. Experiment 1: Tested different pitch angles while maintaining level flight, by adjusting power. Experiment 2: Same as before, but not trying to hold altitute, with power fixed at 45% and 0%. Experiment 3: Braking from great speed w/ diferent negative pitch angles. Experiment 4: Doing all of above, but flying backwards and sideways. Conclusions: - Power only dictates your vertical speed, along with pitch that apply some cosine losses (making the heli lose altitude as one pitchs too much). - Horizontal speed is totally and only linked to the pitch angle value, power has 0 influence. After gattering data about pitch/speed from the experiments I concluded the helicopter works in 2 modes, lets call them Hover and Cruise. I got to the conclusion there is two modes because as you can see from the graph above, there are 2 sets of pitch angles with almost linear change in the maximum speed. Such maximum speed I will refer now on as “target speed”. Why target speed? Because I believe this is how the devs circumvented the problem of adding a rather complex flight system with a dynamical acceleration vector into a project that is already complex enough. So what I think they did was to set a function of pitch that gives a target speed (for each value of pitch), and then added 2 different constant acceleration vectors (one small for hover mode, and one big for cruise mode) which are tasked of bringing the heli to the target speed. This might seem reasonable, but it ends up creating problems that require further work arround. The first one that comes into mind is one that probably everyone that tried to fly faced. When you are trying to land, feel the need to make a not so conservative correction, and your heli decides to become a jet plane and zap into the terrain. Then you pull the stick to brake, and end up entering a ballet of moving back and forth. This is caused simply because you are pushing the stick across the “transition” point in which the acceleration vector changes to the much bigger value, and much bigger target speeds. But don’t feel bad, it is a counterintuitive system. This happens similarly to Roll, but it is less noticible as the target speeds, and probably the (lateral) acceleration vectors are smaller. Is there a solution? I believe the easier and short-term solution would be to make the Speed/pitch curve smoother, and/or adding a third mode to give a smoother transition. The harder long-term, is implementing a dynamical acceleration vector to the azimuthal axis of the vehicle whose value depends on power and optimally on angle of attack too. OTHER PROBLEMS: Don’t trust the instruments!!!(said no pilot ever). Values of speed are not faithful in some situations. When you pull back the stick to brake, the display will slowly decrease the indicated speed (initially), while in reality you’re braking much more, using the display as reference will only make the back and forth problem worse. Go visual, go by your instincts. There is a lot of glitches with controls, mainly when using a joystick. Unassigning either mouseX or mouseY will remove roll control from the joystick. Assigning buttons from the joystick or mouse are mostly impossible. I only managed to do it with 3rd party software. Sometimes power will be stuck at 0% and 100% (not talking about using the throttle lever) but simply pressing Esc solves the problem. (it’s a minor inconvenience) I hope I got this right, and hope my feedback is valid. Respectfully, A guy that already got TOWed too many times. PS: I prefer to believe the devs are already working on most of these (if not all). PS: PS: Sorry for bad engrish.
  3. Helicopter / Armor issue

    Helicopters can withstand too much at the moment and it takes an abnormal amount to bring them down. A LAT has almost no effect and even a HAT Tandem's are not enough. To top it off, the heli can even survive a 120mm heat tank shell which is just absurd. With 50Cal and 30mm, I already gave it up because it is a waste of pure ammunition.
  4. The helicopters in squad are moving without any additional input from my mouse. Here is a link to a video of the exact problem. Steps I've taken to attempt a fix: Verify Integrity of Game Files Reset Controls (multiple times) Attempt to rewrite controls with this method The problem in laymen s terms The helicopter will act as if you are pulling the cyclic towards yourself and pushing it to the right.
  5. Hey everyone, I have been playing with helicopters for a bit and I noticed two key things that are missing. The first one is Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) also known as variometer. It is a integral instrument present in every fixed or rotary wing aircraft showing, well, vertical speed. It is especialy important in helicopters as their vertical speed is independent of their attitude and thus hard to guess. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be added. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variometer The second thing is autorotation. I don't know wheter it is not in due to engine limitatons, lack of knowledge or if it is WIP. In case it is the knowledge thing, autorotation means that above certain airspeed the rotor can create enough lift to fly even without power, so when the engine gets destroyed it is still possible to "safely" land. I think that Squad could benefit from this by rewarding skilled pilots also making flying helicopters more interesiting in general. This is of course a secondary feature, that can be added later, unlike the VSI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autorotation
  6. Whenever i´m waiting in queue in to join a game i hear this annoying helicopter doing fly bys every 15 seconds. It´s like it was designed to annoy you because if you just hear a helicopter spooling up or a generator going you get used to the sound. But this thing shows up just after i´ve stopped listening and only lasts for a few seconds. I have to turn off the main volume then go back again and crank it up when i´m in game, it´s very annoying. My suggestion is to add an option to turn off menu sounds. Other alternatives are to either cut out the helicopter sound completely or change it to mumbling radio voices or something that is on all the time instead of reiterating every 20 seconds.
  7. I don't quite understand the idea behind making a tank only able to fire either a shell or the coax. Even if it's a matter of one person not being realistically able to do that much (I'm not a tanker so I have no clue how they operate) then it should at least fall to the point that you shouldn't have to load coax from your SABOT in order to use it. Is it a cooldown workaround? As for helicopters, I don't quite understand the idea behind putting a collective in the game if you're not going to work a way out for joysticks to be able to control that collective with better accuracy. As it stands now, the flight mechanics are very difficult, especially for new pilots. Is there a fix in the works for this in the future? Lastly, Thermal optics for crewed vehicles like Armor, APCs, even hopefully gunships when they come out. Yeah they're a little cheap, but it's sort of the idea. Thermals allow armor to be a threat from a greater range away. So it's up to the other team to find a way to find a way to flank them using defilade, distraction, anything they can to close the distance, or learn to shoot from a much greater distance which improves the skill level you'll find in servers. I love the game and I love the potential, and I know it's still in alpha, but these three things would make the fundamental mechanics so much more fun!
  8. Helicopter input

    Hello, This is my first post. So please bear with me on any errors. Short and sweet.I've changed the controls in the input files to:Yaw: Mouse X axisPitch: Mouse Y axisRoll: A & DCollective: W & SSO MY ACTUAL ISSUE BEGINS HERE: When I free look, my X axis ACTUALLY makes me yaw. Which will **** up any trajectories / maneuvers I was attempting to do and throw me off course. I felt I could strong arm it in-game with extra practice in training. But it was hard pointing my side-gunner at infantry when I was setting an orbit course around them as they moved through open fields. If I looked, I'd slowly end up pointing my nose at them and end up in a dive or off course depending on my roll angle; also putting my side gunner off target.MY QUESTION:Is there any way in the input file where if LeftAlt is being used to freelook with my mouse it turns off (MOUSE X AXIS) input for Yaw?
  9. Hello, This is my first post. So please bear with me on any errors. Short and sweet. I've changed the controls in the input files to: Yaw: Mouse X axis Pitch: Mouse Y axis Roll: A & D Collective: W & S SO MY ACTUAL ISSUE BEGINS HERE: When I free look, my X axis ACTUALLY makes me yaw. Which will **** up any trajectories / maneuvers I was attempting to do and throw me off course. I felt I could strong arm it in-game with extra practice in training. But it was hard pointing my side-gunner at infantry when I was setting an orbit course around them as they moved through open fields. If I looked, I'd slowly end up pointing my nose at them and end up in a dive or off course depending on my roll angle; also putting my side gunner off target. MY QUESTION: Is there any way in the input file where if LeftAlt is being used to freelook with my mouse it turns off (MOUSE X AXIS) input for Yaw?
  10. Actually, I'm so disappointed with control mapping option for Helicopter. Must be someone like me because there is no saperate nose up, nose down, roll left, roll right mapping option but just pitch control and roll control. It forced all of you to use mouse or joystick when you want to move your helicopter. Is there anyone who want to do it with keyboard? (my favorate helicopter control mapping is like this - mouse Y for pitch control(inverted), A and D for roll control, mouse X for yaw control, I use this control mapping in battlefield 4 and it gives lot of advantage when I aiming rocketpod. It feels completely same with aiming on foot)
  11. Fue algo de tiempo libre
  12. The main idea here is that squads will be able to have a unique role and purpose in the platoon, for example: Helicopter Squad, Platoon Command Squad, Spacial Forces Squad ( Might have spacial weapons ). With this system each squad has an actual purpose in the platoon, and this is how it will work - when the game starts anybody will be able to create squads or join them exactly how it works at the moment but at the staging phase each squad leader will be able to request a squad role for his squad. If the purpose of his squad is to crew an helicopter then he will request to become an Helicopter Squad, if he would like to lead the whole platoon then he will request to be the Platoon Command Squad, and at the end of the staging phase the game will choose randomly between the squads who requested the same role and it will choose the amount of needed squads of this role. For example if 3 squads requested to be Helicopter Squads the game will choose only 2 of the 3 randomly because the platoon needs only 2 helicopters. In this system you don't have to just run as fast as you can to pick the helicopter first or have a good internet connection and an ssd in order to even have a chance to become a pilot, and this solves the helicopter issue. However this system isn't only usable for the helicopter addition, it gives any squad a purpose, for example one squad can request to become a spacial forces squad and this will give them spacial equipment like maybe night vision in the future and their objective would be to go behind enemy lines and other squad can request to lead the whole platoon and so on. In conclusion the squad roles system is effective, fair and gives every squad a purpose in the platoon! p.s - not all squad leaders have to choose a squad role, which is completely fine and gives the squad leaders an opportunity to create their own role in the squad which isn't a formal role of the game.
  13. The British Army needs helicopter support... me thinks the Puma HC2 would be most suitable ^^ Puma HC2: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircraft/puma-hc2/
  14. I just spent an hour in the helicopter training tutorial and I love it. Sure there are some things that need ironing out but the rest of the community seem to have those issues covered. I would like to talk about the controls and how limiting they are in terms of only being able to use a mouse or joystick to roll and pitch. I know to a lot of people think this will sound stupid, but I think this suggestion will open up more comfort to people who either don't like flying with a mouse, or who don't have or like using a joystick. The suggestion I have is to allow users to assign each axis of both pitch and roll to a key. So for example pitch up could be assigned "S" and pitch down could be assigned "W". Roll left could be "A" and roll right could be "D" (these examples are just my preference). I really found the ArmA 2 controls for helicopters and airplanes very comfortable. I could never enjoy flying with a mouse because of how delayed it felt compared to a joystick. But I never really enjoyed joysticks because it's too much on my desk. Anyways just a preference that I think other people would also like. Another suggestion I have with the helicopter is regards to collective. Have two types of collective controls. Realistic and simplistic. The current form would be the realistic where it is progressive. The simplistic form would have the idle collective set to 45% (the hover state). Holding the collective Up key would set the collective to 100% and releasing the key would return the collective back to 45%. Holding the collective Down key would set the collective to 0% and once again releasing would return the collective to 45%. Thank you for reading this.
  15. TL;DR: Helis NEED joystick support. As it stands, half the issues could be passively resolved with joystick support. Ground effect is not that strong, and all controls with a range of operation, ie: collective feel 'empty' These controls feel empty because of the lack of inertial physics. I can see the gauge move gradually, however I only see action in the extremes of range (Read: inertia). Where are the wheel brakes? First, a preface of my sim experience and where my opinions/ideas are coming from. I currently have a little over 800 hours on Squad, with about an hour of heli flight. 1200 hours on ArmA 3, 99% helicopter flight in little birds/MD-500's. A few hundred on DCS, flying the black shark, huey, and a few fixed wing aircraft. I will be comparing mainly to ArmA's flight model, which should've been copied religiously... ***Startup/Takeoff: Engine start is fine, doesn't need to be an elaborate act. However once main spools up, it's as if my anti torque (tail rotor) is biased to the right, meaning the heli will slowly turn to the left unless I'm constantly tapping 'A' for left rudder (Which shouldn't even do anything when you're on the ground, rudders/elevators/ailerons need air moving over them to impart any action on the airframe). Since there is no manual trim (perfectly fine for squad), this is a constant issue from startup to flight, to landing. *FOR WHATEVER REASON* this issue seems to have disappeared after startup this AM. Heli stays straight on the pad and in flight unless I say so. Also it seems the 'rudder' mapping is actually for the tail rotor, so heli being able to rotate on the pad is true to life. However there should absolutely be a separate binding for tail rotor and tail rudder as well as configurable bindings for roll and pitch. As it stands, roll and pitch are confined to a single mapping respectively, limiting it to the mouse. Collective mapping constraints should also be removed. If I have to use my mouse for airframe control, I should be able to use my scroll wheel for collective. *Currently I do not see a mapping for wheel brakes and the 'vehicle' mapping seems to do nothing. If a heli has wheels, it has brakes for many good reasons, many of them being relevant and necessary all at once. *The 'landed' light on display is honestly not needed, or could be put to better use, or removed altogether. A meter readout perhaps (height above sea level but simplified) I see the readout for meters. The pilot should know they're landed based on skill/common sense, or by the aid of crew chiefs/door gunners. They shouldn't be staring at the screen, zeroing collective until they slam into the earth. Things like that breed dependency and dependency breeds sloppiness. ***Flight: Helicopters lack inertia. I believe instead of one issue being overbearingly to blame, this issue plays with the others, and together they make for a bad time. *The landing section below essentially outlines the issues with flight well enough to say the lack of inertia means the helicopter acts faster than the input should warrant. If I flare, the helicopter comes to a stop far, far too quickly for example. ***Landing: What can I say besides g r o u n d e f f e c t. Big props for including that, however it isn't that significant, especially on such a heavy airframe. *If I'm at level flight, with collective just enough to maintain FL, I should be able to drop collective by 5% and begin dropping slowly. If I flare slightly, and drop another 5% I should maintain that drop, while bleeding speed. I should be able to continue this trio of gradual collective drop, flare, and speed/ altitude loss until coming in on a 'short final' to finally flare and put the deck in the dirt. It should all be a smooth action. This is a combat landing under fire. Heavily contested landings do not consist of a pilot coming in at level flight, flaring heavily, and coming to a hover to descend painfully slowly, however with the range management of collective, (range management is fine, alter heli inertial physics) and axis controls, pilots will be restricted to just these types of landings. I've just gotten off a 12 hour night shift, so I'm going to fly some more and get back to this post.There is more to list, and last but not least let all be reminded this post is for nothing but constructive criticism. Praise is deserved for a lot in fact. Just not here. Thanks to all involved for bringing this gameplay element to us, sincerely. I've waited a long time.
  16. Collective sensitivity

    Hello! Really enjoying the A16 public testing, choppers are an amazing addition to the game. One little problem I have though is that the collective adjustment is too sensitive and getting on the exact percentage you want can take way too much focus(Focus taken away from trying not to crash). Just adding a collective sensitivity setting would be an amazing! Just like we have pitch and roll sensitivity(great idea btw). Cheers
  17. Flight model physics

    Its clear that both helis (Mi-8 and UH-60) have the same flight model. Well, that's a big mistake, each heli should be unique. Need to be added concepts of momentum, and drag into the game. It is possible because I simulate my robots using ROS on a similar game engine. The helis are too slow, too bulletproof and too weak against hard landing. touching a wall does more damage than taking shots from an AA. Instead of a set speed limit of 100 knots, real helis are limited by physics. When you go beyond certain point the helis become unstable and create too much turbulence due to the dissymmetry of lift. It is different for every heli and can be easily implemented. why helicopters have a speed limit: https://digg.com/video/helicopter-speed-limit More changes: We cant allow helis to do hard G maneuvers, the rotors should pop just like in DCS. They dont have momentum, they literally just slide in the air and accelerate too fast. SHould not be like that. When using the collective you should have to adjust the rudder to compensate rotor Torque. when loaded they should behave different than when empty.
  18. I tried binding the Helicopter Roll to Q and E instead of having it on the mouse, it only bound itself to Q I believe, forcing me into a far right roll that ended with me crashing into the ground. Having the option to bind Left roll and Right roll to Q and E would be great as I'd find it more convenient/intuitive (plus continuity with left/right lean infantry control) to have those functions on the keyboard than on my mouse. Thanks! Smith
  19. Alright, I've did a little digging, read the rules and hope that my suggestion isn't out hiding under a stump from the search results but here we go. 1: Combat engineers should be equip with a car jack to unflip vics, it only makes sense seeing as jumping on wheels being the meta seems a bit... Yeah. 2: Independent roll controls for left and right so that people used to flying in other games can adapt their skills over learning new ones, it is a QOL improvement that is much needed. Right now the roll is locked to an axis whereas someone like myself prefer turn on mouse and roll on A and D 3: (controversial) A collective return, a collective cap button and a collective precision button. * A collective return that will hold at "0" (edit: at 50% to hold a hover and use W and S to raise and lower that collective.) if "Collective up" is not held, adding a feature like this will prevent my headaches of trying to feather up and down for the softest landing I can perform. Having an adjustable slider for the rate at which it will return would be just... <3 * A button to increment the collective by five or ten % per press and would increment with acceleration as it is held (time increments between adjustments would speed up as it's held). This would reduce the "I taped it once and now I am at 80 knots" thing that seems to happen to me more often than I'd like to admit. (Edit) 4: Add it so that switching kits heals, please... For all of those poor logi drivers in monochrome world. (Edit 2) Or add a resupply option for healing that cost build and or ammo.
  20. Helicopters and Jets

    So, because this game is going to feature aerial combat too, i'm just wondering how realistic you guys are wanting the flight model to be. I'm not expecting DCS: Mi-8/UH-1/A-10C (Digital Combat Simulator) realism, but can we expect to see a flight model like the one in Arma 3? (helicopters ofc... jet's suck in arma 3 still..) I would really like to see helicopters VRS in this game Always fun to watch in arma 3 when people get too cocky on they "super-über pro skills landings".
  21. Aircraft are relatively complicated vehicles to operate compared to land based vehicles. Despite this a lot of new players are attracted to the idea of operating them, but very few of them take the time to read the manual and practise before jumping in on a live server. Helicopters and aircraft in general are vital for a team and losing them due to new players jumping in, crashing them and then leaving the server will take a toll. You have to wait 10-20 minutes for the next one to respawn, you lose X amount of tickets and you lose the ability to resupply and transport squads around the map. If any of you have played Project Reality you already know this happens quite frequently. But now imagine in a game like Squad where even more casual players flow into the game. We should try to avoid the loss of helicopters and aircraft as much as possible. I suggest adding a startup procedure to turn on the engine of the respective aircraft. This startup procedure will be detailed in the manual along with more information on how to operate the aircraft. If a player takes the time to read this section of the manual, in order to turn on the aircraft he will be a lot more likely to actually have practised and know how to use the aircraft. A better alternative would of course be a sort of 'training' system, that won't allow you to operate a vehicle before you've completed some challenges but developing this would require a lot of ressources and time from the developing team. The start up procedure is a lot more cost-efficient for the team. There will still be people who can read up on the start up procedure without having practised operating the aircraft, but it will limit a lot of cases where people just jump straight into the aircraft. I apologize if this has already been suggested, I tried searching but didn't find another thread on the matter.
  22. Helicopters will be added to the game as far as I know. But which helicopters? I think US transport will be UH-60 Black Hawk, It's very nice choice. But I think UH-60 need 2 7.62 minigun for defend or air support? I think other helicopter for the engage, best choice is maybe Ah1-Z attack or the AH-6 Little bird with 2 minigun and Rocket pods. And for the Russian Army, I think best choice for transport Mi-38 and best attack or engage chopper is a Mi-24(If US attack is Ah1Z) and I cant find any little engage helicopter for Russia . And lastly for Militia: Transport chopper ise Mi-8, engage heli AH-56 Cheyenne or the bell h-13 sioux with minigun and rocket pods? These are my ideas. Its may be ridiculous. <UH 60 Black hawk /w minigun < Ah 1Z Attack heli <Ah-6 Littlebird <Mi-38 <Mi-24 Attack heli <Mi-8 <AH-56 Cheyenne <bell h-13 sioux
  23. Sling Loading

    what are your guy's thoughts on having the ability to lift light vehicles I.e. Humvee or crates seen in the picture below. It could be the pilot or helicopter gunners (see my last article on that) to deploy the ropes while the infantry on the ground connect it
  24. So since I know for sure that there will be no entering or exiting vehicle animations, however for helicopters I think there should be some depth to exiting and entering transport choppers such as a Chinook, mi8 or just. By this I mean that instead of going up next to a Chinook, pressing E and popping into a chopper magically. Instead I think you should have to run up the back ramp of the chopper and go up to a sit and then press it so you pop in the seat. There doesn't have to be a animation for you getting in the sea but it makes more sense where you have to run into the chopper to get in this could be done for smaller choppers such as black Hawks or hueys they could basically just jump onto the chopper and press e. Another thing that should be added for heavy transport is the ability to close the back ramps as well as closing the side doors on smaller trans
  25. Photo from https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201389413953053&set=a.1978871747202.2105869.1105406132&type=3 When I can be a pilot and do this sort of stuff I will have a real hard time not doing it all the time.