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Found 59 results

  1. Hi guys, i was wondering are people using Nvidia Freestyle to get some better graphics in game? im curious what kind of settings you use? couldnt find any topics on it.
  2. Hey, everyone, this is my first time posting I have a 1070ti, i5 8900k, 16g ram, a rog b450-f mobo. thanks!
  3. Ingame picture - is soap with ANY resolution and on any graphics settings. Through tons of patches that passed - all the same. Worsest ingame picture among all shooters and mil sims. Before my eyes literally soap when you looking on grass, forest, and impossible to find and recognize enemy in 50 - ... meters before player. I love this game, but that's why I can.t play more then 2-4 games. 'Eyes adaptation' checkbox just a bit make it more playable. All above not only my IMHO, everyone conirm this. Probably this graphics engine issue, I do not know, but this what to need he fixed asap. Thank you.
  4. Mirrors don't seem to work in Post Scriptum, and and appear unusably blurred in Squad. Could we please have workin mirrors on vehicles as a graphics option, set on as default...possibly with a range of detail quality stepping steps? ^^ Vehicles need to reverse at times and the current mirror settings really hamper the driver from being able to do this to any reasonable level of ease. Please make it an option... Cheers P.s. I would post direct to Post Scriptum but they use discord when forums imo are better, and Squad is the base of PS... cheers o7
  5. After v11 ingame picture become much worse. Before update my usual k/d was 0.5-1 After update my k/d drastically decrease 1 to 10. I palyed 6-8 games and saw no one enemy during this matches. Then my squadies recommend me turn off all shadows, I did this. Then I'm set ingame gamma in 'options' to maximum, turn of all AA, and only after that I begun to see first enemies in the game. Picture become more worse and dark especially on maps with forest after patch. Squad is rare game where you forced to set picture a bit poor to make gameplay a bit better.
  6. Belaya's graphics bug

    When i play on Belaya, my graphics become disgusting. How can i fix that ? It happens every time i play this map, and only on this map MSI GTX 1050 TI Intel core i5-7500 3.4GHz
  7. Suggestions: Would it be possible to Change name tags of players in your crosshair to a Dot similar to an SL icon? The reason, why I ask for this, is due to long names taking away from my vision. Makes for poor aiming conditions and is unrealistic to battlefield knowledge of a person location w/o radio confirmation. How I think the 3D name tags should work is like this. Full name displayed at the foot of the other person within 15 meters. From 15m+ allow for a Scaling Dot system based on the distance a person is viewed. Thus allowing the dot to take up less screen on scoped vision. ------------------------------------------------------------ Fix 1-meter tall tree saplings from stopping an APC. ------------------------------------------------------------ Keep up the good work~!
  8. Game Visual

    Shalom Friends . so i got brand new 1060 GTX (6gb) . because i couldnt play the game on my 960 anymore .... so first thing i did after installing my was to put 1920X1080 EPIC + TPXX + 1.5 MULTISAMPLER .... it was fine... but the jaggering edge remain ((more or less)(its very anoing on desert map where there lot of tall grass)) ... i was very angry .... i put the game on 1440 P all high + TPXX + no multisampler ....= game looks decent but still with a little bit jaggered edges and a little washed out ... ( i cranked that screen sharp a little bit ) my question ... how ? why ? i play PUBG and at FULLHD 1920X1080 with 1.25 upscaling ... its look sharp and f good with out any jaggered edges its looks chrispy like a good chicken dinner . any... TIPS ? HACKS ? TRICKS ? offtopic : when i run the game at 1440p FULLSCREEN my game not fitting on the screen and i need to altTab to fix it ...kinda anoing because its randomly getting bigger again and i need to alt tab to fix it
  9. I was wandering why does Post Scriptum looks so much better than Squad? Is it just their foliage/pallete/assets or are they even using different filters/shaders? It looks very photo realistic. The shadows are really dark, everything is very sharp and basically on point. My guess is that they changed lots of stuff because it also runs a lot worst than Squad but the amazing looks are more than worth it if you ask me. Anyways, this gives me high hopes for Squad to improve its graphics because specially on some maps Squad can very gamey/innacurate in terms of colors, ambiance, shadows, asset variation and in some cases even the level's layout feels outdated even when compared to PR. In Squad some levels feel more like mazes or even imaginary places rather than based on real life locations but that has been improving over the lasts updates.
  10. In some maps, in some areas, there will be terrain rendering as though it's at an extremely low LOD; foliage will appear to be floating and I will be able to sink under terrain, sometimes able to look up through the map. You'd think this would confer an advantage, but the truth is that I'm unable to tell where to cusp so I can fire at targets, often shooting the ground in front of me, giving away my position. Not to mention I don't like exploiting. I've tried turning my graphics settings up, but the problem seems to persist. I've cleared cache and verified files. I'm aware that my PC doesn't meet minspec, though the game generally runs playably. This is the only graphical anomaly. OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD FX-8310 3.4GHz GPU: GTX 465 RAM: 8gb
  11. Hey Squaddies, I have been enjoying Squad for a long time now, but ever since I first started playing, my textures (mainly objects and terrain at a certain distance like trees, rocks, poppy- and corn fields and buildings) look low-res (more or less like cardboard cut-outs). At close quarters i hardly notice it, but when in a firefight with big distances between me and the enemy it hurts my eyes. I have already tried a lot to fix the textures (Like messing about with the in-game graphic settings, nvidea controlpanel and the gameusersettings.ini file, reinstalling the game and deleting all usercached data, overclocking and reshade) but nothing really worked. Other people who experienced the same kind of texture problems were told to use supersampling, but when i set super sampling to 1.5 (which is the highest my pc can handle at ~40fps) I barely notice any difference. Also note that I don't have a problem with my fps which will fluctuate between 60 and 72 (with vsync enabled to get rid of stuttering) on epic without supersampling and I've seen multiple videos from people with more or less identical specs (and some worse than mine) where as their textures look crisp and detailed. My specs are: Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz clocked to 3.9 with turbo mode ASUS Nvidea Geforce GTX 770 2GB 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1600Mhz ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. B85M-G (SOCKET 1150) 232GB Samsung SSD 840 Series (Squad is installed on the SSD) 1863GB Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164 Got 2 monitors but Squad is running on my iiyama PLG2773HS 1920x1080 144hz I have made some screenshots if there is anyone who wants to take a look at them, if more are needed please say so: Anyway, I really hope someone can help me out here and sorry for the long post and my English. Kind regards, Theballie
  12. Foliage blurry and flickering

    Hey guys. From the first time I installed the game, I'm having issues with the graphics. First of all, I have 2x GTX 770 4GB but for Squad I'm using Single GPU Profile (SLI seems to be causing problems). However, regardless of what graphic settings I use, the foliage (trees, flowers etc) seems very "textury" and ugly. Even if I set foliage to Epic along with 1.5 supersampling, the improvement is so minor that I can't even notice any difference at all. Is that normal? I have attached 2 in-game screenshots along with my settings. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello I am a new player and i've been trying to find the best settings for me. My specs are: i7 4790 @ 3.6Ghz 12 GB DDR3 1600mhz MSI GTX 1050Ti GT OC So far, i have tweaked my nvidia 3D settings to optimal preformance for squad and i'm using the ingame graphics settings below. I have refrained from forcing squad to dx10 using launch options in steam because it looks alot worse for me, and i do not really need the fps. Putting squad on high priority in my task manager also yields no effect. I'm currently running the game on full 79/80 man servers at 76-88fps with drops to 65. If anybody has suggestions on how to squeeze even more quality/fps out of this, please do let me know. oTec
  14. Descriptions

    People do not understand all the fine details of the graphics settings give a little more description and people will be able to tweak there own settings, look at the forums people are confused as shit.
  15. World Detail

    Hi there, I'm not yet an owner of Squad, but am thinking of picking it up. It looks like a great game, but i'm really not very excited about the visuals of this game. By that i mean the terrain details seem weak. Every room in every building is completely empty. It seems as though the finer details of the game are grossly lacking and i was wondering why that is? Surely with the unreal 4 engine a better effort could have been put forth to give the player a more realistic and detailed environment to play in. Quite honestly, this is what holds me back from buying this game. Game play is only part of what makes a successful game. The other is eye candy which this game greatly lacks which is quite frankly, disappointing. Re-think your approach to details and the eye candy factor and you will have a cash cow on your hands. everyone will flock to it.
  16. I think textures are not really good. I hope better textures and AMD graphic cards optimization comes in full version.
  17. Pixelation/Bluriness

    Can somebody help me fix the blurriness of this game? Changing from low to high to medium or anything doesn't solve the problem. Pictures Below.
  18. (Little DISCLIAMER: I'm not trying to pick a fight or participate in any war with users and their builds. I'm just making a point. Attack the post at will, it wont change it.) So after owning Squad and other games (new and old) for some time now, I've noticed something that's pretty common nowadays... AMD Processors under-performing in games. This forum is littered with questions, comments, and concerns about in-game performance, but I think someone needs to hit the nail on the head so all this talk about AMD vs. Intel is over. I have an AMD FX Eight Core 8350 Black Edition APU. It's Intel Competitor being the Intel i7 4770K (I do not own it, but I know a lot about Intel and AMD as an IT and Computer Science wizard.). My build is also equip with 8GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 GPU with 2GB VRAM and never had issues. In many games, the AMD processor handles well along side with the Intel Processor. However, with Squad, it's a whole different story. Is the AMD Processor worst for Squad? YES. And this stands for other games as well (except for some). Only continue if you want to get into specs. The AMD Processor line is known to have one "big thing" over Intel... The amount of cores the processors have. However this still doesn't peak any performance because Intel gets more in depth with their processors and manufacture them better. Intel's Specs over AMD: More Energy Efficient, Much faster single-core int speed, Much faster single-core fp speed, Much faster quad-core int speed, Much faster quad-core fp speed, Slightly faster multi-core int speed, Much faster multi-core fp speed, and the overclocked settings compared to AMD also almost adds 50% more effective power to the results.. The Intel i7 4770K has an overall effective speed of 78%. Which is 39% BETTER than AMD. Not just for gaming too... In proper English; Intel's cores are more 'intelligent' and can solve equations and tasks the games or programs throw at them MUCH faster than AMD can. So in this case, more cores is not better. It's actually a waste. So this means Intel is a far superior CPU with a slightly more heavy price tag. You get what you pay for with AMD... Not bashing AMD in any way. Participate in the polls if you'd like I hope that the game can be optimized for better performance on AMD APU's if possible. See the results for yourself if you'd like. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4770K-vs-AMD-FX-8350/1537vs1489
  19. Looked through my settings today and noticed that while my GPU usage was only 80% and CPU usage was at 35% my VRAM was maxed out. I have a 970 and know that using the full 4GB VRAM causes issues, so I wanted to get it under 3.5 GB. I had my 'optimized' settings with some high, some medium, some low, and most 'off', and when I turned it down to even the lowest settings on "Custom" my VRAM stayed pegged at 4GB and frames hovered at 40-50 even though it looked relatively awful. It was only when I used the "Low" preset that my VRAM more than halved down to 1.7 GB and my frames shot up to a steady 80-90 with a full 78 man server on Gorodok. Even though it looked the same (I wait until it re-renders on each change but effectively they are both the same settings) the frames nearly doubled. After testing out Medium and High I found that I can run the Epic preset with my little 970 and still hold roughly the same frames as my custom settings and the game looks FAR better. "High" looks alright but I kind of questioned when people called this game beautiful until I played Gorodok on Epic. It really does look amazing. There is a catch - if you want to run Low/Med/High/Epic preset you must run them as is. Changing any settings reverts it back to custom and can increase VRAM, which in my case causes issues. Despite dipping into the 30s and 40s occasionally, which still occurred on my lower custom settings, the game not only looked much better, but felt better and my shots landed more often (likely due to clarity of target). It may have been a placebo effect or simply due to no longer being at 4GB VRAM but I'll take it either way. Setup CPU : 4790k 4.00 GHz clock GPU : EVGA 970 SSC RAM : 16 GB Res: 2560x1080 Custom (All low/off or medium/high) : 35-50 frames on large maps, 45-60 on smaller maps Low : 80-90 on large maps (Gorodok only tested so far) Medium : 60-75 Gorodok High: 50-65 Gorodok, 65-75 Sumari Epic: 35-55 Gorodok, 60-70 Sumari Cliffs: If you are running "Custom" settings, monitor your VRAM and watch how it changes with the graphics presets. If you can live with things like motion blur, you will likely have a much better looking game at similar FPS. Alternatively you could gain some frames at a similar quality with medium or high presets. 970 owners use the presets only. This may be old news but I have about 300 hours in the game and haven't seen anything about it in any optimization topics. The benefits may be isolated but I still feel like it's useful to bring up. I would also like to poll those with GPUs that have more than 4GB VRAM to see where the ceiling is on "Custom" with all Epic and everything turned on and see how they change with presets. Some people have tested this and noticed no difference - but I can finally hold 60-70 frames on the smaller maps at the highest settings with just a 970. It may seem pretty simple.. "why didn't you just try it to begin with you derp" but I believe the default is High.. then I turned off preferences like Blur and Bloom, and it snowballed from there. I wanted to hold 60 before I realized it wasn't really possible on all maps.. and assumed I wouldn't be turning settings up to get the best experience before I found out about this custom settings issue.
  20. Hi everyone, I cant bring myself to enjoy this game anymore, I see plenty of YouTubers playing this game on Epic settings or High and it looks beautiful (I am fully aware they will most likely have better hardware), but even with my game set to high settings etc, it looks ridiculously bad, all blurry and the game looks like its from the 2000's. The textures used to be fine but I don't know what has happened. I have verified my game files, didn't fix it. I have no clue what to do. My specs: GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 16GB RAM I7 PROCESSOR Although I may not get the best frame rates on high settings, surely it should still look the part? It seems as though changing from low to epic does absolutely nothing for the textures or anything, and to be frank, its putting me off playing the game. Please advise me guys! *Edit: I have tried enabling super sampling to no avail, full texture loading to no avail.
  21. As the title states - when I set to 1920 x 1080 Full Screen - it simply will not display. Try and start it with that setting, splash screens loads, etc and then the game just minimizes to task bar and will not display. 1600 x 900 goes full screen with no issues. Steam overlay is disabled. No Shadowplay installed. No anything else that may have an overlay feature. Is there a fix for this?
  22. Hellow world! The title is quite self evident but let me elaborate. I was positively surprised when 9.2 (or 9.3, can't remember) came out at how my anti-aliasing settings suddenly seemed to make all the difference in the world. I went from quite the pixelated mess to suddenly awesomely smooth, lovely edges and surfaces, the trees especially but then back to said pixelated, badly blending mess. I've tried to fiddle with the settings with no luck. The only option that gets me to the same quality is 2x Super Sampling but as that takes my FPS down from 60 to 20 that's not really an option I have. To clarify, going from AA Off all the way to T+FXAA does very very little in terms of 'edge' smoothness. PLEASE - If you have any ideas on how to remedy this issue I'd be extremely grateful to hear it. o7 /Koro
  23. I need assistance with either finding a way to get more fps or instruction on over clocking my card! I have a intel core i7-6700k 4.00ghz 16GB ram 64bit operating system GTX Nvidia Geforce 950 gpu My chip is a GeForce GTX 950 My Monitor is a Dell ST2410(Digital) And in forest/woodland maps I get 30-40fps and in Desert maps I get 50-70fps but its really choppy! Any information, suggestions, and instructions for more fps or overclocking would be great! I use MSI afterburner but am willing to get any other software to help!
  24. Hello dear Developers, Being involved with your game since the release on Steam and being part of core community, we in our unit have always been wondering will you make Squad cheater/exploit proof in the future. Being approched by some people saying that editing Squad ini files are allowed and better yet encouraged to do for better performance for the price of good graphics was disturbing to say the least. A topic explaining how to ruin your graphical visuals which is also pinned on this forum can be found here on this link: I have tried to manipulate the settings like in the tutorial, and edited the ini files. And its unspeakable of what I have found. The gorgeous game that I have known is absolutelly disguasting and gross looking. The lightning is gross, there are no shadows, grass in the distance does not render, the detail of the gun is awful, the detail of the map reminds me of a game from 90s. Theres just no depth to the visual look of the game. That being said I gained on performance. I also (and this is IMPORTANT) gained advantage (which I could clearly see and feel) over other players. Because there was no shadows and some foilage was missing in the distance, all this combined with my good shooting ability made me easily see the enemy and dominate. Its like being on easy mode. We have always been wondering why sometimes some people could do certain stuff and shoot us from weird angles, even though we already knew how, now we tried it first hand. And the whole experience is horrible and disapointing. As I am a leader of my unit this sort of stuff is very important to form my decision if I shall invest our efforts, like we did so far, further around your game. I would like to know if this whole ordeal will get adressed and in what way? Will there be some sort of protection against exploits? When can we expect it? I would not post this if I was not being directed to the pinned thread on this forum explaining how to exploit the graphical settings. Thank you for your time, Rain
  25. Destroyed Vehicles

    It always bothered me that in all action games, when a vehicle is disabled or got to the point where it was designated as disabled, it just blows up and become a black tar in the shape of the vehicle. I know this is just my opinion and even if it was a problem, it is not an urgent one but i just wanted to say... what if vehicles dont have to always spectacularly blow up when disabled? What if there is other graphical ways of showing dead vehicles? like black smoke lingering, fire etc etc.