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Found 39 results

  1. As the title states - when I set to 1920 x 1080 Full Screen - it simply will not display. Try and start it with that setting, splash screens loads, etc and then the game just minimizes to task bar and will not display. 1600 x 900 goes full screen with no issues. Steam overlay is disabled. No Shadowplay installed. No anything else that may have an overlay feature. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Hellow world! The title is quite self evident but let me elaborate. I was positively surprised when 9.2 (or 9.3, can't remember) came out at how my anti-aliasing settings suddenly seemed to make all the difference in the world. I went from quite the pixelated mess to suddenly awesomely smooth, lovely edges and surfaces, the trees especially but then back to said pixelated, badly blending mess. I've tried to fiddle with the settings with no luck. The only option that gets me to the same quality is 2x Super Sampling but as that takes my FPS down from 60 to 20 that's not really an option I have. To clarify, going from AA Off all the way to T+FXAA does very very little in terms of 'edge' smoothness. PLEASE - If you have any ideas on how to remedy this issue I'd be extremely grateful to hear it. o7 /Koro
  3. I need assistance with either finding a way to get more fps or instruction on over clocking my card! I have a intel core i7-6700k 4.00ghz 16GB ram 64bit operating system GTX Nvidia Geforce 950 gpu My chip is a GeForce GTX 950 My Monitor is a Dell ST2410(Digital) And in forest/woodland maps I get 30-40fps and in Desert maps I get 50-70fps but its really choppy! Any information, suggestions, and instructions for more fps or overclocking would be great! I use MSI afterburner but am willing to get any other software to help!
  4. Hello dear Developers, Being involved with your game since the release on Steam and being part of core community, we in our unit have always been wondering will you make Squad cheater/exploit proof in the future. Being approched by some people saying that editing Squad ini files are allowed and better yet encouraged to do for better performance for the price of good graphics was disturbing to say the least. A topic explaining how to ruin your graphical visuals which is also pinned on this forum can be found here on this link: I have tried to manipulate the settings like in the tutorial, and edited the ini files. And its unspeakable of what I have found. The gorgeous game that I have known is absolutelly disguasting and gross looking. The lightning is gross, there are no shadows, grass in the distance does not render, the detail of the gun is awful, the detail of the map reminds me of a game from 90s. Theres just no depth to the visual look of the game. That being said I gained on performance. I also (and this is IMPORTANT) gained advantage (which I could clearly see and feel) over other players. Because there was no shadows and some foilage was missing in the distance, all this combined with my good shooting ability made me easily see the enemy and dominate. Its like being on easy mode. We have always been wondering why sometimes some people could do certain stuff and shoot us from weird angles, even though we already knew how, now we tried it first hand. And the whole experience is horrible and disapointing. As I am a leader of my unit this sort of stuff is very important to form my decision if I shall invest our efforts, like we did so far, further around your game. I would like to know if this whole ordeal will get adressed and in what way? Will there be some sort of protection against exploits? When can we expect it? I would not post this if I was not being directed to the pinned thread on this forum explaining how to exploit the graphical settings. Thank you for your time, Rain
  5. It always bothered me that in all action games, when a vehicle is disabled or got to the point where it was designated as disabled, it just blows up and become a black tar in the shape of the vehicle. I know this is just my opinion and even if it was a problem, it is not an urgent one but i just wanted to say... what if vehicles dont have to always spectacularly blow up when disabled? What if there is other graphical ways of showing dead vehicles? like black smoke lingering, fire etc etc.
  6. I'm surprised that no topic has been started to discuss gamma. I start out with the usual disclaimer. This is closed pre-alpha and we all realize that everything in game is in its infancy. Graphical optimization and possible game exploits are low on the priority list as the devs work on core game mechanics. Still, I wanted to start a discussion because I'm curious how everyone feels about the current gamma option in game, especially when it comes to night maps. I think the night maps are awesome, but it seems people are already maxing out their gamma setting to make those night maps into day maps. Gamma "hacks" or "exploits" are probably one of the top reasons most multiplayer FPS games don't have true night maps. Instead the game will create ambiance of night time with moon and stars and maybe darker screen, but you can still see perfectly. The Squad night maps really are night maps and it's pretty darn awesome. Unfortunately the gamma range can turn those night maps bright. I wish I had some screenshots or video to demonstrate but the following picture from Wikipedia will have to suffice. As you can see, as gamma goes up, the darker areas of the picture become brighter. In the example below, the 2nd picture might represent a night map in Squad as the devs intended for you to see it. You can see some stuff, but there could be anyone lurking in the shadows. Anything less than gamma of 1 is what happens when you move that gamma slider up. Now you can see everything. That poor guy who thought he was hiding in the dark can be seen plain as day. It is my understanding that the gamma setting is there so that if the screen is too dark, players can make adjustments accordingly. What I don't fully grasp is how the in-game gamma relates to the computer monitor's brightness and contrast settings. Here's a great explanation though: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/80766/how-does-the-gamma-correction-feature-affect-my-gaming-experience Do you guys think the gamma adjustment range needs to be reduced? Is gamma adjust in modern gaming even a necessity? Can we assume everyone has an LCD/LED monitor now or are some people still rocking the CRT?
  7. NEW UPDATED HIGH GRAPHICS TWEAKS FOR SQUAD Note that this is a work in progress, i'm just testing some commands that helps the game look more better. Doing these tweaks will make textures crisper, shadows, effects, etc. better. Please give me feedback if it works. Thank you Open DefaultEngine.ini Press WinKey+Run and type : %SystemDrive%/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config/DefaultGame.ini Or go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config and click DefaultEngine.ini and open it with notepad. Copy and Paste under [systemSettings] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=0.4 r.ShadowQuality=3 r.LightFunctionQuality=1 r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=2 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=1024 r.AmbientOcclusionMipLevelFactor=0 r.AmbientOcclusionMaxQuality=0 r.AmbientOcclusionLevels=2 r.AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=1.5 r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RenderTargetPoolMin=400 r.LensFlareQuality=2 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=1 r.BloomQuality=5 r.FastBlurThreshold=7 r.Tonemapper.GrainQuantization=1 r.LightShaftQuality=1 r.Filter.SizeScale=1 r.Tonemapper.Quality=5 r.Streaming.MipBias=0 r.Streaming.PoolSize=1000 r.MaxAnisotropy=16 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.EmitterSpawnRateScale=1 r.DefaultFeature.AutoExposure=0 r.ParticleMinTimeBetweenTicks=8 r.ParticleLightQuality=2 r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0.2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=64 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR=1 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.DetailMode=2 Then find r.TextureStreaming and change it from true, to false. In notepad, press Ctrl+F and paste r.TextureStreaming and press find. Once you find it, change r.TextureStreaming=True to r.TextureStreaming=False Try these out and give me feedback. Also add me on steam : Viper or drk_viper
  8. visuals

    Hey Squaddies, here are the things that I did to make squad more crisper, and better textures.I want you to test it and give me feedback. Open DefaultEngine.ini Press WinKey+Run and type : %SystemDrive%/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config/DefaultGame.ini Or go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config and click DefaultEngine.ini and open it with notepad. Find [System Settings] and paste these commands under r.MaxAnisotropy=16 r.MotionBlurQuality=0 r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RefractionQuality=2 r.SSR.Quality=3 r.SSR.MaxRoughness=1 r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=0.4 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=1 r.EyeAdaptationQuality=0 r.BloomQuality=1 r.FastBlurThreshold=0 r.Tonemapper.Quality=4 r.Streaming.MipBias=0 r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0.2 r.EyeAdaptationQuality=0 r.FastBlurThreshold=0 r.LightShaftQuality=1 r.SceneColorFormat=4 r.RefractionQuality=2 Then find r.TextureStreaming and change it from true, to false. change r.TextureStreaming=True to r.TextureStreaming=False Give me feedback if any of these helped.
  9. Hi there, I've not played in a while and just had my first games today. I have a new install so I am getting my settings sorted. I noticed I can no longer see GPU scaling - has this been removed?
  10. Hey guys, I am not new to the game since I got it one year ago. The game has advanced in so many areas except one! And that is the environment detail. It is still horrible to say the least. The effects in the game look 11/10. In the recent recap, the mine explosion looks too good to be true. But the trees and the grass in the game look like from a 2002 game, also the lighting make things to bright or too fogy like in the early 2000's games. Lets compare squad environment vs a mod for Battlefield 2 (Forgotten Hope 2). VS VS In this squad screenshot bellow everything looks pre-alpha, the environment with it's colors is all over the place and does not blend in well. In the end I want to say, that squad it self is great, but for me I want to feel like I'm there. So I don't play squad since I hate the way it looks. I would suggest for the developers to create or buy or generate far more tree models, since it''s mostly the same tree everywhere. Also change the ground textures form brown to more green, so that the grass and the ground could blend in better together. Since now it just sticks out too much. Anybody feels the same? What do you guys think? Please post your opinions. Cheers.
  11. Hi So the new v8 is out, halle-****ing-luja! i was soooo psyched to play again, since I stopped due to low fps on my tribal-stoneage-pc of a laptop. It looks better and runs a little better, sure. I was playing with very low rendering before though (70% maybe), but now i can't find the bar anymore in graphics options to choose how much i want... why is this removed? i'd rather see a little less and have higher fps. i'm not much for graphics, im all about the smoothness.
  12. Hi guys, I've received a lot of performance-related questions from my Counter Strike buddies who mostly use mid-level rigs and play CS just fine. I know a lot has been said about this topic, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's try it this way... System: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.3Ghz (4 cores) RAM: 16 GB Graphic card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC, 4GB - Display settings in NVidia Control Panel set to: "Best quality" - GPU overclocked to +26Mhz (to 1216/1279 Mhz) using Gigabyte OC Guru II HDD (Squad installation location): External Seagate 3TB, USB3 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Service pack 1 DirectX version: 11 Squad Performance: 90-100 FPS on the Firing range and 40-60 FPS on a full server (70 players) Graphics settings: (last row is missing, it didn't fit the screen: Effects details is also set to Epic) How it looks: Other stuff / interesting notes: - Moving the game (using SteamMover) from SATA HDD (500GB) to External USB3 drive makes the game load 3x-5x faster --- Wanna share yours?
  13. So the problem is that I can't change any graphical settings of the game. I switch between different options I press "apply" button but nothing works. Tried to restart the game, steam and my pc. Is there any other way to change configurations of the game especially I need graphics settings cuz now it's high and I get only around 30 fps. Thanks in advance.
  14. Here are some of my settings to make Squad pop a little. If you're struggling with fps, dont use this. This is for the people who want Higher Quality. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config Open Default Engine Copy and paste this under [System Settings] r.LightFunctionQuality=3 (Not sure this is working yet, maybe use 2 i'll look into it)r.ShadowQuality=5r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=4r.Shadow.MaxResolution= 4096 (higher is possible)r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.01r.Shadow.DistanceScale=1r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=2r.DistanceFieldShadowing=1r.DistanceFieldAO=1r.AllowLandscapeShadows=1r.SSR.Quality=3r.SSR.MaxRoughness=1r.MaxAnisotropy=16r.Streaming.Boost=4r.DepthOfFieldQuality=2 r.RenderTargetPoolMin=400 Then go to [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] and find r.TextureStreaming and change it to False So change it to r.TextureStreaming=False Go try it out, and give me feedback weather it made some differences. Note that im still experimenting with these settings Add me on steam: Gamer tag is: Viper or my username : DRK_Viper Cheers, Viper out
  15. Hi Folks, Did some searching for specific AMD Crossfire settings and couldn't find anything so I've written down what I've configured to get Crossfire working on my setup also with Eyefinity. EDIT: Found some posts but they weren't very specific so I've tried to get a more complete list of settings below. With the settings below I can get 60FPS most of the time with VSYNC = ON @ 5760x1080 Eyefinity resolution. Intel i5 3570k (Ivybridge) @ 4.6GHz8Gb (2x4Gb) Teamgroup Extreme @ 2133MHzMSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard2 x AMD R9 290 @ 1040 / 1350I'm using AMD Crimson v15.11. First following the FPS tweak guide here - http://forums.joinsq...-for-extra-fps/ Now here are the settings you are looking for - NOTE: The important in-game graphics setting appears to be EFFECTS = LOW (as soon as I set this higher than low then the FPS drops considerably to around 10-20FPS) AFR Friendly Method (causes Flickering) Cheers -=SD=-D4rKS4v4nt
  16. I apologize if this topic is too negative - But I hope the Offworld team appreciates criticism by the community. Some brief questions to the devs about common concerns in the Squad community: - Why focus on performance heavy (but neat) things like dynamic foliage, barrel smoke etc. when the server-player sync is sweating at 70p, inf only, low detail maps? Will the server-player sync handle such things on a 100p vehicle map? Can you afford spending resources on this when there's sync issues already? - Some insiders have hinted you may have to abandon the 100p combined arms goal and stick with a smaller scale/fewer vehicles maps due to resource restrictions. Why are you adding more high resource features instead of abandoning these if they risk costing so much you must give up the 100p C.A. goal? - The current v. is poorly optimized for all, and worse still for AMD users. Current early alpha graphics are p. much on par with PR:BF2, and I can run these maxed at ~20FPS, when I can run the gorgeous Battlefront reboot at ~100fps, (64p with vehicles). Shouldn't optimizing/improving graphics be a #1 priority, rather than adding more content? - The design of the maps leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, the Russian maps+TrueSky look better, but still. What we've seen from the community artists/modders is gorgeous. What priority vs. adding more content is given to releasing mod tools atm? Will you, once mod tools are released, focus on working on the much needed polish of gameplay aspects like controls, optimizations, streamlining, and engine features, and let the community create most of the art and content like maps/new vehicles, with an efficient incorporation of the best of this to the base game? - What many people liked about the PR inf controls vs. those of, say, ArmA was the quicker, more responsive and direct, 'arcade-ish' feel since it felt like you were the soldier, whereas the hyper-realistic ArmA controls with delays, wobbly camera (which is 'realistic' - your head moves around IRL - but put on screen, you can't use the part of your brain that compensates for this to give a steady perception), and exaggerated endurance effects makes it feel like your soldier has brain damage from sniffing glue. If Squad is the spiritual successor to PR, and is "a balance of arcade, teamwork, and realism", why add hyper-realistic features that make controls less responsive and direct, like momentum while sprinting, excessive camera wobble, stamina effects on camera movement, breath hold for short range weps (which ruins suppressive fire), too much recoil climb vs. recoil spread, delayed animation start for switching weapons and reloading, etc., which makes it feel like someone else is controlling your character? - With the explosion of new players in a game where a good gameplay experience relies mostly on playing with like minded people, why not add things like automatic mic check to join certain servers and such tools to filter servers by desired play style? In Squad, you all too often have a bad time by only finding casual no mic players when you want teamwork, or only serious mic users getting annoyed at you for wanting to play casual without voice chat. I hope you have time to answer some of this. Sincerely, Bollz and the community
  17. Have a question regarding the graphics options in Squad. I noticed that games like Battlefield allow you to set your resolution + refresh rate. I was wondering if Squad would be offering this in the future or if there is an available setting currently to set it to 120hz refresh rate. I believe the default on the game is 60Hz (59.x Hz).
  18. I'm making this thread to point out some small inconsistencies in Squad. Some of them a rather big, others are extremely minor. 1) Wall height and interaction. Probably my biggest complaint right now is how the player interacts with walls. They seem to be extremely inconsistent with how high it is and whether or not you can jump over it. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes you need to crouch jump, sometimes you can't, but it's all the same relative height! It gets even worse when there is a gap or arc in the wall which you can poke a gun though but still can't seem to climb. You either need to fix the player on scene hitboxes a touch more, or add a RO2 style W+Jump style hop over a wall. As amusing as it is to see entire squads bouncing alongside of the wall trying to find a spot to hop though, it's absolutely infuriating dying in combat because you got stuck behind a wall you thought you could jump over! 2) I did some research into grenades and I noticed that the RGN grenade actually has a distinct *pop*ing noise after you've pulled the pin of the grenade about a second in, I don't recall ever hearing this in Squad though.... Vid for reference: 3) Grass and foliage clip though guns, I've only seen this happen with irons, but I've noticed a few times where my character is completely blinded by a single blade of grass or leaf from a bush clipping though the gun while I'm sighted. I don't suppose there's an ability to brush away foliage from your line of sight? 4) Lastly (and least), it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but is the ammo belt for machine guns feeding backwards? As in the bullets are traveling from the gun to the box and not the other way around?
  19. I played a game of squad with some friends earlier this week and noticed the textures in the game didn't load correctly. From the look of other players, to the map, everything looked muddy. Is this an existing issue or is anyone having this problem? If so, I apologize in advance. Here's the link to what I'm talking about. https://www.twitch.tv/mazing87/v/62140111 My specs for my system are: i5-4690k H105 liquid cooling GTX 980ti 6gb vram 16gb memory 120gb SSD 3TB HDD 650w PSU
  20. Alright, so Alpha v5 is nice. But Squad is plagued by something that is extremely controversial to fix. That is graphics settings. Currently the best way to win is to turn your shadows and view distance (essentially foliage draw distance) to minimum/off. This essentially forces you to choose between performing well and helping your team, or play the game the way it was meant to be played. Now I understand a select few players have potato PC's. But those select players should not be able to have a gross advantage over the rest of us who want to play the game in its entirety. The most recent excuse I've heard is, "Oh I play competitive so I have to play at low settings". So obviously there are guys who are abusing the graphics options in order to gain unfair advantages. Solutions.... Remove the options to remove shadows Remove draw distance options Make players render at the same distance shadows/foliage render at; and force at the minimum low end shadows. Maybe force players to play at the recommended settings OR BETTER only As far as I can see, FPS is not graphics dictated so much as server side, so I'd argue 90+% of players here can manage mid-high graphics and still the majority max. Therefore this pandering to potato PC users needs to end. Sorry you guys chose not to get good GPUs, I suggest an upgrade.
  21. I'm confused as to why shadows have been removed from plants and grass, at least on 'Chora'. I noticed this a few weeks ago, but didn't want to bring it up until at least another update was released. Well the latest update is now out, and the patch notes even mention some improvement to Chora - and yet the shadow are still non-existent. Please, please someone tell me this isn't a permanent feature!? Here's how it used to look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8Uk4ybjNoeHo4alU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8TWI1TXlKWlg1N1U/view?usp=sharing Here's how it looks now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8SXJnMU96QjVCbGs/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8QXBRX0VlV3VVLUk/view?usp=sharing
  22. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has already been mentioned, tried the search but only found posts dating back a while. Since new update (Alpha 5), certain textures are not loading properly & stay "basic", low res for the entire game. Other textures actually seem to DE-load & change from full res to low res, and as I move the camera around certain textures get worse & some get better, its very distracting lol I have a 1gb R7 260x graphics card & have always had my vram setting set to 1gb with no problems at all. I verified cache, etc & changed various settings in game, non of which helped, but if I set my vram setting to 2gb, suddenly all the textures load & the problem seems to go away. I have now left the setting on 2gb but would like to know why 1gb no longer works since update? Anybody else getting this issue?
  23. If the devs could implement some of this in the game, then Squad will will look fab!
  24. So, every time I start a game or round, as well as after respawning, the first time I walk, ADS, shoot, or change my weapon kit at a supply crate, my FPS will drop a few frames before freezing at a single frame and then flashes black for two to five seconds before going back to normal. After that I can repeat the action I was initially attempting to do without a problem; however, changing kits will still cause the problem even if I am changing for an Nth number of time in the same life. Does anyone know why this happens and how it is that I can fix this? My setup uses the i5-4430 and the PNY GTX 950.
  25. Hi, I am running Squad using i5 4460 with a gtx 970, on high settings I am getting around 30-40fps. Is this an issue with my cpu? Lowering the graphics did not help either. What did help was the optimizing thread but I shouldn't have to lower my graphics that low with a gtx 970. Could this cpu be an issue?