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Found 24 results

  1. Armored Warfare

    I dont think i ever got to play with a tank since their release and im not sure im the only one.Could we get a gamemode where we can play only with tanks or only with vehicles so the ones that very rarely or never get to play with these get a chance to play with them? I think post scriptum i getting something like this this winter
  2. As it stands now Mainstream game modes include Invasion, TC, AAS and RAAS, with more niche modes in the vein of Insurgency also making some appearences in regular matches, I understand that modding and custom servers exist. But in Australia/New Zealand there are limited larger custom servers to play, Although they are around. Thoughts? Or just tell me I'm stupid.
  3. Not done by me, made By Steez of the BigD gaming community. Note: as of 15th July 2019, do not manually set Hexes as team one, two or neutral only use Spline % as explained in the video or they will not work as intended.
  4. A13 came out bringing so many bad features, making the game even more arcade that what it already was then on the same week I played the new version of Sandstorm, which included a new gamemode called Hardcore, and I had this idea, we need something like this in Squad too... a new gamemode called Hardcore, or whatever in this gamemode, you will be kicked on the balls and punched to the face with these changes: - suppression works both ways <==> | >==< - no nametags rendering through walls, no nametags or friendly icons above heads beyond 50 meters - no ZOOM for nonscoped guns, only weapon steadiness when pressed SHIFT (but make it last longer, 10 secs?) - rework of stamina system, because now its unrealistic - greatly decrease max sprint speed (around 25% slower that current speed, much more realistic) - bring back INSTA-DEATH (why devs?), and make it 3 minutes cooldown - remove the magical buddy rally these features shoundnt use much "dev time" to put in the game, and if you do so, and the mode is well accepted, we can have more sophisticated stuff in later releases cant wait to play on something like this...
  5. And once again I come with a shitty suggestion just to get it out of my head and on to something before it disappears again. SO, lets get to the part where I type stuff. Game start same as always, people rush, flags are set. fobs are built. However there is one caveat. When a flag is captured and the flags before it as well in sequence. A AI controlled truck will travel along a predetermined route to deliver supplies to the flag. When said truck arrives it gives supplies and allows fortifications (no spawn points) to be built on the flag. Thus making flags actual strong points to defend. (also able to resupply by logi but meh). This way you could make objectives on the map actual defend-able locations of strategic significance (for example a mountain village overlooking a valley can now be set up with MGs without having a fob). And it stops people from building the fobs in the objective itself which is just going to be taken down instantly when enemy forces close in. Thus relegating FOBS for strategic locations next to or dominating objectives because you can build your sand castles in the objective itself. TL;DR, make flag points actual defend-able positions by not allowing fobs within radius but do allow to build emplacements (no spawn) at the objective to actually defend it with. Barring it has the supplies. Poorly worded and hard to understand, feel free to complain.
  6. Hear me out. I love SQUAD. The game types can be greatly improved. First off in Post-Scriptum, there are "logi squads", where the crew looks different and uses different assets. Insurgency mode~ Using this mechanic and USA an an example: A "Special Forces", "Delta", or " J-tac" squad can be there in the SQUAD selection list. This team has different gear (silenced SR-25, NVG, etc), but there are only 9 slots in that squad. Obviously everybody will try to join it at map start. Then there are 2 regular Army/Marine squads as per usual, and then an Afghan National Army left-over SQUADS with their sub-standard gear. So the Blufor team would have a massive mix of forces on the same map. It would really add alot to the depth of gameplay on the field. You'd have simulatenous SF Squad (looks delta as f*ck), US Ranger/army squads, and ANA Squads existing on same map and same team. On maps where the US has the SF team with NVG (low-light map only obviously), the player balance should be weighted so that USA team cap would be 18-24 players, and the insurgent team has +6 more players, like 24-30 player balance. The US has better gear, but the insurgents have more. I'm sure IR lasers and strobes will be implemented with flashlights etc in time.. I trust in the SQUAD development team. This same can be applied to the insurgent team. In an Insurgency type gamemode on an Al-Basrah type map, the Insurgents would have "Iraqi Royal Guard" or "Iranian/Turkish Defects" type squad with better gear (only 1 squad), Civilian squad (rocks, bandages, and drop intel when arrested much like Project Reality BF2), while the rest of the team uses the sub-standard insurgent gear. Obviously with the insurgent team it is a bit touchier with gear selection, but you get the point. Hearts & Minds gamemode: This is a bit of a stretch, but is the real simulation type of game-mode. Obviously AI is possible within SQUAD, and adding ambient civilians to the battle zone would be AWESOME. They can throw rocks, give intel when arrested or questioned etc... It would be much like Insurgency game mode, when hunting for the cache's, but can potentially be a much lower server size, with an equally LARGE map size. SQUAD is amazing, but imo it lacks the "Simulation" type of scenarios. It turns into a massive meat grinder battle. This would be a slower-paced, randomly unfolding mission generator. With a player balance of say 12 Blufor, and 2 or 3 insurgent actual players, with the rest insurgent AI and ambint civilian AI. Objectives 1: Help protect the ANA Outpost: Drive your Humvee over to help defend it. Objective 2: Locals revelaed IED locations - EOD squad goes to disarm a series of 3 or 4 IEDs, get caught up with firefights in the middle of it. Objective 3: Deliver the supplies to the villagers..... I know it sounds like a stretch but dude, so possible! Objective 4: Snatch and Grab: Delta flies in on an MH-6 to raid and capture the bad guys from a compound far off in the desert! It may sound like a stretch from what I'm saying, but the implementation if done properly would be incredible, and set SQUAD apart from any other Mil-Sim game. It would do what ArmA3 did, but so much better with the SQUAD mechanics. It would be incredible to have preset missions, where the Blufor has to disarm IED's at certain locations, build something, and help defend the Afghani National Army outpost or something. Randomly generated, has the smaller-team driving back and forth all over the huge desert scenario, with random AI events unfolding, with an even smaller Insurgent team of actual players. Player amount would be weighted like 12-20 Blufor players, with 2-3 Insurgent players. Obviously with larger amount of ambient AI and insurgent AI mixed in. I love SQUAD, and Mil-sim games, Simulations, and it would be incredible to join the development team. I would literally learn the tools required to be useful... Thank you -JDubz
  7. I know it's fruitless to post suggestions for gamemodes as the devs already have a lot on their plates. I just want to write this concept down so I can come back to it later and possibly start something with it. In any case here we go. A largely ocean/sea map with a scattering of either islands or a single coastline. Among the islands or coastline are 2 specific areas, a naval base/military installation and a shanty town. Shanty town operates as a main base for the pirate faction (could be any combination from generic African rebels to militia) from which small boats (with and without heavy weapons) would be launched to intercept cargo ships (if possible movable objects that halt when occupied otherwise might need to be AI driven vehicles) and hold those ships for a specified amount of time. Possibility of acquiring score through capturing ships and holding them hostage with further work could be turned in to a monetary system to buy new equipment or be a threshold for better equipment to spawn. Whilst the objective for the pirates is to halt ships for a specified time to gain points, the other faction (could be any number of conventional forces) would get the mission to secure the captured ships and protect any other ships in the area. Protection could be done by patrolling around (helicopter or boat) or stationing a squad worth of men on a ship (if at least 4 men are on the ship it could provide a spawn point). For this to work, either objects in the world need to be spawned in and move across the ocean area to the other side, or movement on moving vehicles needs to be overhauled so walking over a slow moving ship doesn't become a problem. Additionally the bluefor forces would consist of 3 types of vehicles: helicopter patrols, RHIB patrols and a destroyer and/or frigate. The frigate would serve as a mobile spawnpoint, the only possible way to inhibit the frigate/destroyer would be to acquire enough point for a land to sea missile system (highly unrealistic but alternatives need to be made). The ship should have an available action radius around it within which helicopters and boats need to be to operate (otherwise you'd have random boats and helicopters all over the map). This gamemode makes hardly any sense and I do not expect people to actually make this (especially not the devs), I'm just adding it here to give an idea (which is lazy as ****) and ask for ways to have asymmetrical naval combat and this would be a nice way to do it. Additionally, locations could vary from the straits of Malacca, to the Somali coast or the coast of Guinea and the Columbian coast.
  8. New idea for a slower game mode.

    So I had this idea that a really cool game mode would be that when you cap a point you need minimum supplies for that point to fully secure it. So let's say American capped a point from Russians but to be able to cap the next point they will first need supplies to be able to cap the next point (if you want to give a reason for it say something in the ways of to rebuild or defend the cap you need those supplies.) If you do the game this way this will give the opposite team a better way to plan their attack and/or start building defences on their defence cap in this way you really stop the steamrolling that happens now quite often and gives people a bit more time to think about their next move. I hope you will think about a game mode like this I think it will increase the tactical gameplay a lot. Thanks in advance BleakMaker.
  9. Are there any servers that offer one life gameplay? I feel like it would be fun to play a game mode every so often that only allows you to have one life. It would make the round intense and gives a chance for SL's to win with tactics. If one gets caught out in the open and wiped then the other team has a huge advantage because they won't be coming back unless revived. A majority of people might not like this idea but I believe it would be an option that would be nice. Taking it one step further if they add medivacs to the game the medical system could be improved. With possibly adding hit location to the game that could determine if the medic can save you or not. If hit somewhere such as the chest or major artery the medivac could be dispatched and the medic has to perform medical treatment to prevent them from dying before the Blackhawk gets there. It returns them to the main base and heals them up. This takes time of course and is a lot for just one ticket, that is why I feel like it would only work with this game mode. With the talk of the commander role, making the medivacs a computer compared to a player it gives an opportunity to give power to the commander. The Squad Leader could get the coordinates for the pick-up and relay it back to the commander. At the main base, he could type it into a computer to send off the Blackhawk. Also, deploy things such a UAVs to a section for a period of time or send air cargo drops to bases for resupply. One more thing that could help the other team if implementing stuff for the commander such as resupply and UAV. If computer players are added near the villages and happen to be killed by the invading country it could give extra tickets to the local force. It would be like civilian deaths equal X amount of recruits for their army. It could be a good way to even out the gameplay. If the invading country has too much power you could up the ratio helping balance the powers or the other way around and lower the ratio if needed. Thoughts?
  10. Here a preview of what the PRA3 team has been up to the last couple of months. First close playtest being held today. More footage and updates coming soon. Join the discussion! https://github.com/d...ectrealityarma3 https://twitter.com/RealityArmA http://discord.me/pra3
  11. Hi guys/gals, I decided to sign up and post about a game mode idea. I've tried looking for a game mode that fits my needs but I haven't found much. VIP, AAS, and others I have found still seem to take too long. I understand that we all love the communication and teamwork that vanilla Squad gives us, but there are times where i just want to hop in for 20 minutes before work and do some shooting. A lot of time when I play squad, I'm usually walking for the first 10-15 minutes. I enjoy this feature when I have a large amount of time to play squad, but during the workweek, it is not feasible. Every time I boot up the training grounds, I feel like there is a missed opportunity inside. The shoothouse/maze would be awesome for a small scale 6 vs 6 or 10 vs 10 map. Here are some of the ideas I have lined up for it. 20-30 minute max game mode 1 life, no respawning until next round Only 1 kit would have access to frag grenades (to cut back on grenade spam that is inherent in cod/modern shooters) (optional) Other kits have access to 1 flashbang Round ends once opposing team is eliminated I know the devs are focused on getting vehicles out, along with other weapons and large scale maps, but I'm curious if the devs have anything lined up in line with my suggestions? TLDR: I just want to be able to boot up Squad and have fun shooting stuff in less than 20 minutes rather than play for 20-30 minutes before I even get to shoot a single enemy. I know there are other shooters out there that provide this, but they do not have the handling or ballistics of squad.
  12. Convoy gamemode

    So this is more a discussion than a question but I was wondering about the implementation of a convoy game mode. Basically it would go like this: Convoy of a conventional faction (i.e. US military, Russia) 4 or 5 turreted vehicles, 4 logistic trucks, 3 troop transport trucks and maybe a apc or light transport helicopters such as a blackhawk. The opposing forces be militia or insurgents armed with of course basic soviet weaponry one or two dskhms pkm's and Rpg's, maybe there can be one kit where they are equipped with a anti material rifle. Blufor would basically have to get from main base to a fire base on the other side of the map. What would make the mode even more interesting is that one or two squads have to hold off insurgents trying to attack the fire base while waiting for the convoy. The key objective could be to prevent most of the logistics trucks being destroyed, get to the fire base to help defend it or even make a V.I.P who is in a black humvee with one of those miniguns on top. Having this game mode would be super tactical but also fast paced and exhilirating. Imagine being an insurgent with a rpg slowly waiting on the convoy with a smile across your face or as a .50cal gunner tensly scanning the surroundings looking for contacts. The main thing that would have to be changed would be to make it so on that certain game mode you have the ability to talk to other squads when you're not a squad leader since at least for the convoy communication would be imperative. The only thing that would make the game mode look kind of ugly would be that there will sadly be no entering and exiting vehicle animations. Let me know what you think below.
  13. Gamemode: Uprising

    (thanks to freezerGeezer for the background pic) "A hardcore tactical and strategical gamemode where teamwork and leadership is key" Overview This gamemode is a territorial and resource driven gamemode, with and unique faction setup. There is 2 main factions: - Bluefor, made up of government or peacekeeping forces - Insurgent cells, made up from rivaling villages, ideologies, fractions etc. The map is devided into Sections and controlzones, with the Blueforces being placed centre, with all the Insurgent cells surrounding them. Mission Destroy other factions, total territorial dominance. If time limit is reached, the faction with largest area of control wins. Factions - Bluefor: Better weapons, higher level of income, better assets, strongly protected spawn at prebuilt FOB/base - Insurgency: Similar to current insurgents, but more mobile with fast technicals and transport. Resources: - Resources are devided evenly between all the controlzones, with each insurgent team having the same ammount of income at round start. - The income points are used by the commander (bluefor) / cell leader (insurgents) to buy equipment for his soldiers, mainly vehicles, but also static emplacements like SPGs, MG nests, and bunkers. - Income is granted each 5 minuttes, and is based on how many zones your cell holds Tickets The ticketsystem will be familiar to that of insurgency, where the Bluefor team will have an finite ammount of tickets, while the insurgent cells will have an infinite ammount of tickets. The bluefor team must conserve their tickets, but will also be able to gain x ammount of tickets by taking out Cells completely. (read cell destruction). This way, there is a strong incentive for the bluefor to also go on the offensive. Income The factions will have 2 ways of getting more income, either by capturing enemy resource zones, or alternativly, kill or destroy enemy soldiers and assets. That way it will be more balanced towards the actuall performance of the soldiers. As an Cell that is being attacked by an bigger force, can aquire more income by setting up good defences and defeating enemies, even if they are down to very few resource zones, enableing them to quickly counterattack if they are not completely overrun and destroyed. Balance: The round starts with all players joining their respective faction/cell, The Insurgent cells are capped at 13 players in the start, with each cell containing 1 Cell leader and 12 cell members (example: two 6-men squads). Bluefor have 22 players to start with, but at at a disadvantage that they are surrounded and have no option to create alliances. Alliances: The insurgent forces have the option for cell leader to form alliances, this will cause the soldiers to see all alliance members nametags, but will also cause heavy spawn penalties if you TK other alliance members (to prevent griefing of other cells). You will have bigger penalties for TKing alliance cell members than your own cell members. Alliances can be created and broken by cell leaders, but can only be broken if said cell have all members out of the zones of the cell you are breaking the alliance with. Destruction of a cell - After a cell have lost all its zones of control, the cell is defeated, this will disband the unit and all members of the cell are free to join one of the other excisting cells, dispersed evenly to the remaining units, including bluefor. - Insurgents joining bluefor will be labeled as Collaborateur, and they will recieve weapons that is a mix between excisting insurgent weapons, and low-tech bluefor weapons. The Map: (Bluefor is missing their HQ zone, but its meant to be there) - Each Insurgent region is devided into 7 Controlzones: - 5 Resource zones These zones provide the cell with reinforcements points and can be captured like a normal AAS flag, providing the income of that zone to the cell, but only if its connected with a supplyline to the HQ zone (only friendly zones between cell HQ and the Resource zone. - 1 HQ zone This zone is where the cell leader have his reinforcements radio, he have to be next to the radio to be able to buy equipment and vehicles for his Cell. This Cell does not provide resources, but enables whoever cell that controls it to call in reinforcements, if they also control the adjacent reinforcement zone. - 1 Reinforcement zone This zone provides the only permanent spawnpoint for your Cell. It also provide a spawnpoint from where the vehicles that the cell leader buys spawns. This zone does not provide any resources. Gameplay Here we can see 2 Cells, Cell 1 and 6, marked in pink and green. Capture order - Zones can only be captured if your cell have a completely captured zone adjacent to it. To be able to capture HQ zones you will also have to destroy the radio that is in that zone, and to recapture it you will have to be in control of the zone and then place a new radio. Lets imagine Cell 1 (pink) is attacking Cell 6 (green), then they have to first capture the only zone they have adjacent, which is a resource zone that provides 5 income (solid pink arrow). This opens 3 new options of attack, where they can either go for one of the 2 next resource zones, or go straight for Cell 6s HQ, cutting of their possibility for heavy assets reinforcements. Weapon Caches Caches will be able to be placed by the squadleader of insurgent cells. but only if certain requirements are followed: - Only 1 cache per controlzone - Squadleader needs 2 team members nearby to place - Only the cell with control of the zone can place cache there - You cannot place cache if enemy cache is already present in said zone Caches will serve as both a permanent spawnpoint (as long as its not destroyed by enemies) and a rearm point from your forces. Caches will have to be refilled by ammounition transport (trucks or ammo-techies) that can be bought by the Cell leader from the reinforcements radio. Caches will be the only place for rearming for infantry, except from riflemen with ammo-bags. Caches will serve as one of 3 spawnpoints for the cell, The main spawn will be the reinforcements zone located in the rear of their region, The caches will serve as frontline spawnpoints, while rallypoints will serve as squad specific regrouping points, as these can be placed in enemy territory. The equivalent to Weapon caches for the Bluefor team will be patrol bases, which will serve as their forward outpost. Deployable assets Deployable assets will work independently compared to other gamemodes like AAS or INS. In Uprising the only thing you need to place Deployables™ is a squadleader with officer kit, within a controlzone that your forces control, and it has to be within x meters of a large supplycrate. These supplycrates can be transported to location by trucks bought by the Cell leader/commander of your forces, and reloaded at the repair/rearm station located in your teams Reinforcements zone. The types of assets that is avaliable for your cell/team will be dictated by your Cell leader/Commander as he have the power to buy upgrades/unlocks with his reinforcements points, to get access to upgraded weapons platforms, better protection assets and higher caliber deployables. This will enable the Cell leader/Commander to dictate what focus his cell/team should have, By either focusing on unlocking Offensive weaponry for his soldiers, or defensive structures to fortify his claimed territory. Please provide constructive feedback and build on the idea! ( i probably have missed something, but this is just the first layout of the gamemode)
  14. Hi, my idea for this game is a special gamemode. The Planetside 2 battlefield is large & the matches take a long time ! How about a game mode , which lasts for several days ? Maybe bit of RPG. What about building bombs with canister? or something like that... It would be awesome! SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH ! IT'S JUST AN IDEA ! Maybe we can find more....
  15. New gamemode "Siege"

    I thought about this game mode while I was reading some articles on the Gulf war, and the battles of Fallujah. The premise is that there are 2 teams. One are defenders, another is attackers. The defenders are tasked with holding key strong points throughout a large town, or small city.The attackers must conquer the strong points, as well as a central strong point (such as a really large mosque or heavily defended hotel. Once a strong point is it is very hard to recapture as each time. The defenders are granted 5 minutes to set up proper anti tank, and anti infantry fortifications, as well as general fortifications such as hedgehogs, sandbags, tank traps, and hescoe barriers. Once the 5 minutes have expired the attackers are granted 2 full hours to capture the city/ town. If the attackers capture all the strong points they win the game. If the attackers capture the central strong point first the defenders have 10 minutes to recapture the point. If they do not recapture the point in 10 minutes they lose the game. If all points including the central strong point are captured the defenders lose the game. If none of the points are captured then the defenders achieve a , "flawless victory". If a few points are captured by the time the timer runs out the victory goes to whomever controls the majority of the points. If both sides control the same amount of strongpoints by the end the the game, the game goes into overtime. During overtime respawning is disallowed for both sides and the attackers must gain one strongpoint in 20 minutes. Equiptment: The attackers would have access to a limited number of emplacements, such as turrets, and fortifications, while having access to a wide array of vehicles, such as tanks, jeeps, light armored vehicles, and aircraft. The defenders would have access to an absurd amount of fortifications, while having access to very few vehicles. That's all I can really think of right now, may be a bit too "gamey". If you think so leave some constructive comments down below.
  16. Value of Life?

    Hi all, I'm posting from my phone so please forgive the lack of any in-depth explanations and spelling issues. I'd like to know how much value the Devs plan to put on player's lives in-game, and what mechanics will they introduce to ensure that players value their lives and don't treat death as an "oh well, fresh start" or clone? I ask this because PR's flagship gamemode, AAS is won and lost on tickets, and it infuriates me to see many games lost simply because of the low value people place on their own lives. Squads throw themselves at heavily fortified objectives recreating scenes akin to the Normandy Beach Landings, getting slaughtered, giving up, and repeating the same, or players who almost instantly go for the 'Give Up' button mid-firefight, when if they wait 2 mins for it to die down, their medic will pick them up. I have a rule in squads that I lead, that there are only 2 times people may give up: 1. I tell them to. 2. EVERYONE in the squad has been downed (not necessarily 'dead dead'), and there are no nearby players who can come and pick up the medic kit(s) to revive people. I think about the bigger picture. I'm a team player, and if waiting 4 minutes for the APC that slaughtered us to get bored and move on, so that our sole-surviving player can grab the medic kit and revive the entire squad is what it takes to save our team 7 tickets, then so be it. Every death is a ticket loss, and I think people forget this too easily. Like voting, people think 'I don't matter'. If 3 squads of 8 people think that twice in a round, that's 48 tickets out of 300 of 'matter'. Every death matters. If it weren't for the obvious boredom that would follow death in a one-life-only gamemode, I would love it. PR introduces spawn delays and the loss of your kit as incentives to not give up, but I don't think it works well enough, and can penalise situations where its not your fault that you have to give up (sitation 2 as above, or ran over by your transport vehicle). Please discuss! EDIT: Just to add, ticket loss isn't the only reason I have those rules. My tactics often depend on doing what the rest of my team ISN'T. I.e. Defending the flag we just captured, or more often than not, getting ahead of the game and inserting ourselves in the next capping position when it's soon to come in into play. These manoeuvres require time, effort, and stealth. By giving up in those situations, we lose our position on the map and would be back at base thumbing for a lift.
  17. gameMode

    So this is just an idea i have been looking to put forward with a game i though would fit it well and as taking playing squad for 17 hours already from only 2 days of owning it i feel it would suit squad very well, this is a long shot but what idea's are for right. So here is my idea: So there will be a map, with a game mode same as insurgency but the map scale will be ALOT bigger and it has a night cycle throughout the game Day/Night. You'd be able to setup base camp's just like a fob but you can settle over night deploying anything from a fire to creating a base. The scary thing about it will be that you can be infiltrated whenever you'd have no idea because the map is so big so you'd have no idea where and when the enemy's are coming, obviously this would be when the vehicle's are decided to be added because at the end of the day no-one wants to be doing a running simulator, However this is just an idea and i know its a long shot but at the end of the day, this is what you need people putting idea's forward!. sincerely, MrBeyondNames (Jim) :D :rolleyes:
  18. In the early stages of Project Reality there was a gamemode called VIP, which was awesome! For those of who never played it: The VIP person had to be transported with a black armored SUV, from point A to B through one checkpoint by US team. The other team had to kill him. US team had humvees and a littlebird (and maybe some light armored vehicle?! i dont remember), insurgents got crappy cars, but more spawnpoints, RPGs and mines ;) I'd be really happy to see this gamemode again, here in Squad. Of course this need some modification because the severs with this mode were often empty, but that mode got some potential! It was really good when there were at least 10 ppl on the server. I think the main problems with this mode were that: a.) The VIP person was dumb. -> maybe AI as VIP? b.) The attackers never found the VIP -> Narrower maps than AlBasrah for this game mode, or more checkpoints. c.) Attackers killed the VIP too quickly. -> US team can carry false VIPs too and they only lose if attackers kill the real VIP. I would also like an other type of VIP missions, other than the old take him from A to B. Something like, rescue the VIP from a position that only the US team knows exactly, but its inside the attackers area. What are your toughts?
  19. COunter INsurgency / Hunt Gamemode Overview This gamemode has a similar premise as standard Insurgency The aim is similar to that of Insurgency, that would be to clear an area of all insurgents. Hatched grid squares that are red (Green for Insurgents) at the start of the round in which insurgents can spawn in any of them. Insurgents have to try to hold off capture of a grid as they cannot recapture it. The insurgents can walk around like regular civilians making them more difficult to detect (Hence the ratio balance, forcing them to make hard decisions and work together more). There is a time limit for the round, ending stalemates that could occur and adding to the pressure as the task is time sensitive. Mission The Aim of this gamemode is for the insurgents to blend in as much as possible as they are outnumbered 3 to 1, they are to also try to keep grid squares from being captured from them (giving the enemy team more tickets to respawn with). The conventional forces have to try to push out (kill) all insurgents in a grid square without inflicting any civilian casualties (they lose 10 tickets for each civilian death). The gamemode starts with the conventional forces in a Base in the corner of the map (with a grid buffer zone so they cant be killed as soon as they spawn), the insurgents on the other hand have no such "base" they are forced to spawn around the map in the hatched grid squares (easy at the start of the round, not as easy towards the end). If the insurgents can repel attacks long enough and the timer runs out then the insurgents have won the round else the conventional forces would have to capture all grid squares to stop the insurgents and win the round. The insurgents have unlimited tickets (they have a limited amount of grids, they have to have at least one to spawn at) whereas the conventional troops are limited to 500 tickets per round in which goes down for each death. The conventional troops get an advantage with the tickets though, if they capture a grid they get 50 tickets added to what they have left Factions BLUFOR: Conventional Troops - American/British etc OPFOR/REDFOR: Insurgents dressed in native clothing Balance 3:1 Ratio to the Conventional Troops to even the playing field for fighting Civilian AI populace giving concealment to the Insurgents. Requirements Requirements for this to work are as follows: Civilian AI implemented Holstering of weapons (Insurgents) Civilian dress ie no vests, masks etc. (Insurgents) lowering of weapons (Not required but is aesthetically pleasing) Feel free to give feedback or any suggestions that could improve this idea. (I have probably missed something out of this so multiple people giving feedback are more than likely to find the flaws)
  20. Gamemode The Gauntlet

    Alright this is the concept: US commander chooses a spot on the map atleast all the way opposite of where main base is all the way to other side of map. His squads must form a line to march to that spot, the other team sets up barricades and must stop US team from getting to that zone or spot safely. What happens is the road to that spot will take turns and twists from battles with opposing team. If US gets to the zone safely they win. They only get so many tickets to get there or a timer...that zone is to be reinforced at all costs! Thats the basics feel free to add to it or suggest better scenerio of The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet!
  21. 2 V 1 Faction Gamemodes

    With a new engine and larger maps, older ideas that have been written off in PR (such as having multiple blufor/opfor factions) can now be re-examined. At first glance the idea can come across as a bit redundant, so I'll elaborate as best I can. Picture your typical insurgency game involving a combined arms blufor layout and a massive map. Now split the blufor side to have 2 commanders- one British and one American. Split the map in half based on potential objectives. Both the US and British have separate bases. The vehicles and weapons are all still faction locked (maybe leave passenger seats open) and both teams start off at relatively distant locations. Each BLUFOR team will only see caches pop up within their own faction's AO, however, the commanders will be able to see eachother's units and objectives on the map. Here's a quick concept to visualize the idea: As the game goes on, there will be situations in which one of the blufor commanders will need assistance from the other faction. Here are some examples: *US trans helis are dead, so the commanders coordinate for the British trans squad to help transport+supply US infantry *British forces need reinforcements at a position and a friendly US squad is nearby *A Cache is particularly difficult and you need help killing it *a squad from another faction went down nearby and needs medics to revive them There are plenty of other likely scenarios in which separate blufor factions could run into eachother and potentially work together on a common objective. (this is made possible by proximity chat) There could also be situations in which this could be used on a smaller scale: for example, two insurgent forces are fighting and one side has access to a foreign CAS squad In AAS the allied factions could be two smaller European forces against one large Russian force. The gameplay advantage here is that one faction gets split into two, allowing for better management without sacrificing scale. At the same time, it makes it more of a challenge for blufor to communicate, giving an opposing faction a slight advantage. +the obvious coolness factor
  22. Convoy Gamemode

    Now i've been following PR and Squad for quite a while now and one of my favorite experiences in PR was when my squad and i put together a little convoy with Humvees and Trucks. But apart from immersion there has never been that big of an incentive to put together these convoys, because they don't really serve any use in AAS apart from using a lot of assets for very few people and propose a huge target for RPGs. But i think they are a lot of fun, which is how i got the idea for this gamemode. Basically the gamemode would work like this: The US forces get a lot of light assets in the beginning of the round (.50 cal humvees and transport trucks) and have to follow a certain route through the map and pass checkpoints that vary from round to round (maybe even put up a FOB at each checkpoint?). At these FOBs people that have died would be able to get onto the convoy again to get back into the fun. To win they would have to pass all checkpoints with a certain amount of vehicles, or maybe deliver a certain amount of supplies to the last checkpoint. The Insurgents on the other hand would have to prepare ambushes and roadblocks to try and stop the convoy, without knowing the checkpoints or the exact route. They would mostly have access to .50 cal techies and transport vehicles. Now how i imagine this to play out is that in the beginning the Insurgents have to be very quick in preparing ambushes and scouting the convoy to find out where they will be going, while the US-forces will have a ongoing suspense and have to coordinate to keep a 360° cover for the convoy and make sure they keep enough vehicles alive. Problems with this gamemode could be that on a unbalanced or to linear map, the convoy could get stuck or there might be some overpowered ambush spots. Also RPG spam could get a problem, but that should be easy to regulate by simply setting a limit to the amount of RPGs the insurgents can use. Also if the Convoy isn't coordinating the gamemode might get boring and not be a lot of fun. I think this gamemode carries a lot of potential and i would love to hear your guys opinion and suggestions on it. Also i appologize for any grammatic errors that may occur, keep in mind that english is not my mother tongue.
  23. Gamemode idea: Conflict Hi, I was thinking of a gamemode for more dynamic/war style gameplay. One solution I came up with was this idea I like to call Conflict. General: The base idea is that there is a conflict between 2 factions. They try to fight over land and (slowly) destroy their enemy. The area they fight over changes depending on where the conflict starts. Gameplay: Both factions start with one plot of land. They move on turns and capture land. For example: US moves onto a plot of land and captures it since there is no hostiles in the area. Each plot should have their own advantages, one plot could have a tank factory or a light vehicle factory which would start producing your team tanks/light vehicles. Also I thought so that it would be a little more hectic then a chess game I suggest the developers would add something to move troops to somewhere farther then a plot away. Let's continue. US has the plot of land captured, now US can start using the plot of land as an benefit to the team. Construct better weapons or such. If the enemy gets on the plot of land starts a fight. If the attacker wins, they earn the plot of land for their team, if the attacker loses they lose a little of their equipment or such and won't get the plot of land. The "match" ends when one of the factions earn all of the plots of land or destroy the enemy's main base/starting plot. This could be turned into a really complex gamemode, you could add in so many mechanics and things. It would be hard to balance though I believe. If the devs think this is a worthwhile project they can do it. What do you think? (also sorry for mistakes, english is my secondary language )
  24. Extraction: A relatively large blufor, outnumbering the enemy team by maybe 3-1, spawns with very poor un-stealthy gear and easily visible clothes (maybe U.N/Civilian clothes?) at their 'main base' - a crash site, an overrun convoy or base, something like that. The very well geared very stealthy ghillie suit, silencer and trip flare equipped opfor spawn in extremely dense wilderness, like a cloud forest (google it), in position to move in to intercept the blufor. The blufor must reach their extraction point, through an opfor infested wilderness, with a minimum number of players to win. The opfor wins if they drain all the blufor tickets. The blufor may place a limited amount of fobs or rally points, the opfor can do this too, but only outside the map-marked shortest blufor path area. Extraction Hardcore: (I'm not very sure if this one is Squad/Mil-Sim enough) In hardcore blufor have no tickets, and outnumber the opfor even more, initially. When a blufor is shot, they might get a short CoD 'final stand' type prone (reviving is entirely disabled), laying on their back, gun drawn, for a few seconds before dying unless someone shoots them again. As soon as a blufor soldier dies he/she instantly gets muted and can't communicate with the team any more, and may spectate if allowed, or leaves the server or something. Blufor can't spawn rallies/fobs (duh), but opfor can as before, except now, their fobs are given away by a huge trail of red signal smoke (for balance issues), which will only scare the blufor even more. If any inventory system is implemented (unlikely), blufor should be able to find resources on their way like bandages, ammo, etc. The blufor win when all the remaining blufor are at the extraction point, and the victory should be considered more personal. Extraction Hardcore Rivalry: (I'm not very sure if this one is Squad/Mil-Sim enough) Plays like Extraction HC, but blufor teamkilling isn't punished after having cleared say 1/4th of the map (except by angry blufors if they see you). The 'final stand' feature is disabled - you should be able to kill other blufors without them telling on you. The winner is the first blufor to reach the extraction point. Number 2 is the second person to reach it, etc. Opfor wins by killing all the blufor. The opfor get loads of tripflares, claymores etc in this game mode to place near the extract point to prevent a single blufor from sprinting ahead of everyone. Just imagine how this game mode would play out.... My thoughts: The modes will have almost alien-movie-like gameplay, with a paranoid lump of blufors fearing every bush, just to suddenly have a ghillied up monster lash out and finish them off one by one. The HC version was partially inspired by this youtube vid of jontron dying and being insta-muted (at around 10m13s), which looked like a dramatic gaming moment (not to mention the other perma-deaths in those vids). Co-operating like you do in squad, against all odds, just to see people die off one by one, not just in game but actually being muted and disappearing from your squad, sounds pretty epic to me. Not to mention how tense things get when you play an unforgiving game like that. The rivalry mode could be a proper gaming breakthrough where treason and paranoia will be added to the mix when you see two mates behind you, and suddenly one is gone, the other claiming they were ambushed by an opfor. The closer to the end you get, the more hostile your group will turn, and the once solid squad with its squad leader and everything is collapsing into a free-for-all backstabbing deathmatch. Also all this sh** is patent pending copyright all rights reserved or whatever you call it, if you add this in-game you better pay me or at least add my name to the credits! And if you don't add this, then imma go make this game myself or something because this would be gaming heaven for me!