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  1. Pinko's SquadMod I've had a lot of time on my hands and want to start modding around a new game mode that will hopefully add some immersion and fun for those who enjoy a varied and slower-paced fragfest. With a few ideas fleshed out and a lot more to consider, here is what I'm currently thinking of doing: Core Components These are changes to the core game design, including spawning, capturing objectives, and building or aquiring assets. Their design will focus around how the game simulates the mobilization of troops from the main supply route (MSR), and the way in which territory control is evaluated. Uniforms or shirts: A new resource that represents a potential player avatar ("pawn" in UE4 parlance). Uniforms represent the location of a ticket, and can be thought of as cashing in tickets for boots on the ground. A uniform/shirt icon will be used to differentiate the resource from total team tickets. Uniforms are bought at Main while in a vehicle with an empty passenger seat. They cost 1 ticket apiece, and can be refunded (similarly to loading & unloading supply/ammo). The uniform takes up an empty seat in the vehicle, so that only as many players and uniforms fit in the vehicle as there are seats. *uniforms can't take driver/gunner/command seats Unloading uniforms on HABs: Uniforms can be unloaded on adjacent HABs, allowing the team to build up potential infantry strength on the map. Possible implementation: HABs can hold a certain number of uniforms. Multiple HABs must be built to accommodate more uniforms. Alternative HABs (not really bunkers), such as tents and simple cots, can be placed for less supply if the extra protection isn't required (e.g. for hidden camps, occupying buildings). Spawning on Vehicles: Players may spawn on a vehicle by using a uniform the vehicle is carrying. Reasoning: Vehicles act as staging assets for the squad. Unused uniforms wait in the vehicle and can be used to spawn in reinforcements when squadmates go down. Vehicles may return to Main or a HAB to reload uniforms. This ability replaces rallies. Possible implementation: players spawn in an empty passenger seat, and one uniform is removed from the vehicle's inventory. Or: loading uniforms in a vehicle spawns a soldier model (pawn) in an empty passenger seat of the vehicle. This pawn is then controlled by a player when they spawn in, and a uniform is removed from vehicle inventory. Possible rally rework: rallies can be placed within a certain range of a vehicle or HAB. It costs the vehicle/HAB one uniform to spawn on the rally. Vehicle Purchasing: Vehicles can be puchased by squad leads via a radial menu on radios. Vehicles cost their ticket value on purchase, rather than on their destruction. Purchased vehicles spawn at Main, perhaps with a time delay. Main will always have a radio to purchase vehicles. Reasoning: Vehicle purchasing adds variety in decisions about deployment and use of heavy weapons and armour. It also removes uncertainty about downtime when vehicles are destroyed or abandoned on the field. Players can always redeploy if they are wiped on the field. Possible implementation: Vehicle purchase requires sufficient crewman kits in the squad to to fully man the vehicle's combat components. Vehicle purchase may require a vote from SLs (with a 30 sec timer for votes; simple majority, tie goes to the yeas. 2 min cooldown for calling a vote). Vehicles require available space to spawn at Main (could be tied to particular buildings, i.e. check for empty garage; spawn in garage). Tweaks These changes add to convenience or immersion. Increased match freeztime: More freezetime at match start will provide SLs time to plan together and make initial purchases of troops and assets. Squad comms muting: Players can mute squad comms using a toggle hotkey. Possible implementation: a red indicator will appear next to squad comms HUD notifications when muted. SL can force squad comms to unmute. Recruitment I'm going to make the mod I want, but I'm open to feedback and suggestions. If there's something you think would improve on the concept or implementation, let me know! I will be editing the topic post when I make changes, but will notify in comments about changes made based on feedback. Anyone with Blueprint experience, message me if you want to help make things happen.
  2. New Game Mode for Squad: “SPA” Strategic Platoon Assault SPA game mode takes the best elements of Squad’s AAS and then applies a more strategic style of the SquadOps “One Life” Missions, keeping a mixture for Public play. SPA game mode is designed to slow down the gameplay of Squad a bit more, and reward teams that use coordinated platoon based tactics. It has elements of ‘consequence for actions’ like the “One Life” Missions. It is a little more forgiving, yet more unpredictable, and is suitable for Unlocked Public servers. This game mode should be integrated only with larger maps, and is not suited for the Insurgent faction. Yehorivka, Kohat Toi River and Gorodok, etc are larger maps that would be appropriate. This game mode is designed for the more advanced servers, and is not designed as a “Seeding” mode. Ideally placed into a servers map rotation after the server has reached a healthy population and Squad Leader quality is high on both teams. (1) Flag system similar to AAS except as follows: No ticket bleed until the teams last flag is captured. Flag cannot be captured by troop presence Only way to capture a Flag is to construct a FOB Radio (see below for description) within 250m(adj?) radius of Flag. FOB Radio construction requires a Supply Crate, which is a physical game object dropped from the logistics truck (like PR). This Supply Crate enables radio construction and also has the construction points attached to it that affect the emplacements construction. It can be destroyed by the enemy. After a FOB Radio is constructed near the Flag, it will be captured after 1-3min(adj?) as long as no enemy is within 250m(adj?) of the Flag. Enemy presence will pause the capture process. Destroying the FOB Radio reset the capture process to 0 for each team. If an enemy and friendly FOB Radio exist within the Flag radius simultaneously, the Flag will remain neutral until one Radio is destroyed. and then the remaining Radio will take the regular 30sec to capture, as long as no enemy are within 250m radius of the Flag. The Flag order is randomized each round (like PR), not sure if Squad currently does this to the degree that PR used to. This game mode could also have each teams Main Base start as random, increasing the replayability. There would a set amount of Main Base starts (2-3) to increase the unpredictability of the maps gameplay, decreasing the "gamey-ness" of players executing the same exact plan each round. At the game start the only Flag that a team can see will be the first Flag (which is neutral). Once the first Flag is captured, the next Flag is revealed. And so on, until all the Flags are revealed. This is to dissuade the “Rush the enemies first Flag” meta tactic. (2) New deployable FOB Radio FOB Radio deployable object for Squad Leaders. *** Developer note**” This could simply use the HAB art object initially, except the Radio is deployed attached inside of it. In the future a different art object could be used to differentiate it between the regular AAS HABs so players understand they are not player spawn objects. FOB Radio does not have player spawning. SPA game mode does not include any version of deployable player spawn HAB. Only spawning is available at Main Base and Rallypoint (see below for RP changes) Th FOB Radio object is deployed by the Squad Leader as the first thing to start a FOB (like in AAS), except that they require a Supply Crate (dropped by Logistics). The FOB Radio is placed by a SL and then requires shovelling (like any deployable). This will prevent the rush meta at the onset of the game start, as each FOB Radio will needs to be shovelled before the Flag can be captured. FOB Radio object does not take damage from mortars (to prevent mortar spam winning meta) This should slow the pacing of the gameplay down and rewards team-based real world tactics, and less “gamey” assaults. Keeping a squad together to do fire and maneuver, mutually supportive cones of fire, suppressive fire, etc is now much more viable tactics. (3) Rallypoint Spawn is more limited. Rallypoint must be resupplied after each use. Resupply RP at any ammo supply. Rallypoint expires after 2 minutes. Must have at least 3 Squad Members nearby to deploy the RP. This changes the RP to be used seldomly, in times where some of the squad has been cut off and needs to regroup, or new players have joined the server/squad. This takes away the Rallypoint tactic as as a springboard to launch wave after wave of assaults on enemy positions. (4) Wounding/Revive Core System Overhaul The SPA game mode hinges on an overhaul of the Wounding/Revival system in the core Squad game. Here's a short summary of the essential changes in such an overhaul to affect the core game, which would benefit AAS as well as the other game modes: Any player can use their bandage to revive an incapacitated friendly player. Bandages ONLY prevent further bleeding, or revive a fallen player, they DO NOT recover any hit points. Players that have been revived will have very low hit points and any player with low hit points will suffer from severely debilitating effects until they are treated by a Medic. Players with low hit points will have their movement speeds halved, weapons are difficult to aim, and Stamina drains at 3x the normal rate. And perhaps other debilitating attributes that will hinder their combat effectiveness until they receive medic attention. (5) Vehicle Spawning is now Squad-based In SPA game mode, Vehicles do not spawn by default. Each Squad Leader has the ability to spawn vehicles at the main base, based on Vehicle Asset Points (more on that below). Squad leader can decide what type of vehicle he wants to spawn (more on that below) When requested by a SL, vehicle will spawn at main base like currently in Squad. The driver and gunner positions will be locked to the squad that spawned it. Minimum cooldown timer of 5 minutes between each vehicle spawned (except Transport Trucks, which do not have a cooldown timer) Squads of 1-3 players can have a Maximum of 1 vehicle on the map. Squads of 4-8 players can have a Maximum of 2 vehicles on the map. Squads of 9 players can have a Maximum of 3 vehicles on the map. Abandoned vehicles will count towards each squads vehicle limit, so recovery missions for abandoned vehicles (and ambushes to prevent their recovery) is a possible game meta. (6) Vehicle Allotment Points Each squad will hace Vehicle Allotment Points (VAP) which are displayed to the SL. Squads earn VAP by their supportive actions in the field such as healing, constructing,etc. Each constructed FOB will give each squad 100 VAP every minute. VAP Vehicles and Cost: Transport Truck 100 Logistics Truck 300 MRAP 1000 APC 50cal 1500 APC 30mm 2500 Each Squad will max out at 5000 VAP. Each Squad will start with 400 VAP **All VAP are rough values, pending balancing Thoughts? suggestions?
  3. For me personally and other people within my unit we are most excited about what the developers called a "Territory Control Game Mode Prototype" in September 2017 recap. And are really expecting it to come out. The reason why we love this idea so much is because Squad has big open maps, with alot of interesting areas/points of interest on it. But we rarely get to go there let alone fight there on some of the maps. The "Advance and Secure/AAS/PAAS" is represented in other games aswell not just Squad and this game mode forces all players to fight inside or typicaly very near that 100x100 meter Objective/Flag area. That tiny objective which the game forces you to fight for can cause alot of chaos and most often it all boils down to minimalistic tactics of who will bring more people into that tiny spot on the map. Since Squad has big open maps its a shame that these tiny insignificant portions of the map called flags mold gameplay in such a bad way. So, the Territory Control game mode is a very anticipated game mode in which we will practice bigger and better things with our combined arms and firebases. Now what came to my mind is something that would be called a Frontline Game Mode. It would be a dynamic battlefield where possibly not a single battle would be the same. In this game mode there are no flags instead your squads would need to capture territory (or ground), by capturing territory with boots on the ground you form a "frontline". A line which separates Bluefor from Opfor. You decide what locations on the map are tacticaly relevant. The whole battlefield is your playground so to say. This line, or "frontline" forces squads to really work together, with possibilities to fortify areas with Firebases (or how community calls it FOBs), there is possibility to cut enemy territory and cease their supply venues and many more. Video presentation of how this would work: A game mode trully superior to AAS/PAAS game mode and would fit in perfectly in Squad. Also, with Frontline game mode Squad would offer something you can't really find anywhere else.
  4. Hi! The only official information that we have access to regarding how the ticket bleed works when it comes to Conquest is that the ticket bleed is 4 ticket per minute per flag. Nothing more. Is there absolutely nothing more to it when it comes to Conquest?

    Any chance on some more details of how ITC is going to work prior to release. Is each zone going to controller only when friendlies are in/ around the zone. What ratio /number will cause contestation. Will a FOB stop zones from changing. Will this be like conquest where you are losing tickets to start. Is this mode going to be for other than just insurgency. Does a zone only have to have one connected edge, does having more sides give any benifit. Does the fact that zones generate resources will they supply fobs. Are the resources going to be random values to add to variety. There's a few of questions that come to mind.
  6. If and when rallies get nerfed I suggest a game mode if not base game potentially for modders: VIP Extraction Objective Based Game Mode VIP TEAM: 2 Squads and a few vehicles to choose from HUNTER TEAM: Rest of the 100 people Night time map, VIP must get to the end of the map alive. Hunters must kill them
  7. Anyone using the Game Mode? If so do you see any Performance Improvements? It seems that Streamers will benefit the most with this new Windows Update
  8. So I was thinking the other day on what could be done to increase the play-ability for the short and long term and something that could be feasibly implemented in a short amount of time. What i came up with is this, It's not very well thought out yet I'm working on the details so give me some time to work on the idea. Feedback is highly appreciated i really think this could change the face of Squad for the better. Also i know something like this has been talked about before but here's my version of it. Game mode Scope & Notes so Far: -Using FOB's as the objectives, they are not known on map to enemies. No objectives to take and hold like in AAS. -Having a limited number of FOB's dependent on the number of squads 4--5 squads means 2-3 FOBs that can be placed in the entire match. -No more then 50% of remaining FOB's can be placed at a time. So this way there are still squads who are not defending an FOB but are instead either supporting the defense or sweeping for enemy FOBs -For use on Large Maps with very large ticket amounts. -Let's the players decide where to hold and makes players scout for enemy held positions. ' -Has the potential to have erm... Really bad Sportsmenship due to corner FOB trolling so maybe make FOB's be placed 200m from the nearest edge of map for this specific game mode. -Main Base starts with unlimited points to place deployables and the like to heavily fortify it for the first ten minutes in the match with double the HMGs and double the build radius of a normal FOB. -Maybe a commander role (specifically for this game mode) to help with deciding where FOB's should be placed and helping coordinate other FOBs help. -Once the last remaining FOB goes down and no more FOBs remain, a timer starts for that team and if another FOB is not placed within that time frame; the remaining FOB (points?) drops to zero and the assault on the Heavily Fortified Main Base begins for the enemy team. -Now main base acts as essentially a very short respawn timer FOB. -Once main base has been neutralized enemy team wins...... cue epic win music Conclusion The idea of this mode is to add an Epic and even more dynamic game mode to an already extremely dynamic game. The mode is Focused on bringing on the best qualities of squad out to light Hinging everything on teamwork, communication, FOB placement, proper coordination, and adds a realistic warfare environment (imo). I know it's not the best idea but i think i have a good one here. Let me know what you guys think!
  9. Hello sorry if something similar to this was already suggested, but I was thinking how AAS game rules could be changed in order to make FOBs more than just a team spawn point. Right now there is almost no incentive for players to defend a FOB, players prefer to attack or defent flags which are much more important objectives. On the other hand placing a FOB inside a flag capture area (and thus kiling two birds with one stone, so to say) is almost always a bad idea due to most flags currently having small capture areas. So my suggestion is to either create a new gamemode or adapt AAS such as to tie flags and fobs together: 1 - increase current flags capture areas by a large margin: this is to support item 2 below. 2 - in order to capture a flag, a team MUST have an active fob inside its capture area: all other CP capping rules maintain, except that flags without an active team's FOB won't be capturable by that team, no matter how many team players inside the area. 2.1 - in case a FOB inside a capture area is destroyed, its team will stop capturing it imediately. They will need to put another one inside capture area in order to start recapturing the flag again. 2.2 - in case both teams have active FOBs inside a flags capture area, then the other current capping rules apply: at least 3 players inside area, most players inside cap area, etc. 2.3 - in case a team manages to place a second (or more) FOB(s) inside a flag (if the capping area is large enough to allow it) the capping speed won't be affected, but then all FOBs would have to be destroyed so as to keep their team from capping the flag. 3 - FOBs placed outside any flag's capping area will not affect flags capping in any way: they will just work as current FOBs do today. They could be used as backup in the case a FOB inside a flag is lost, allowing the team to move back into the flag faster, or as a base to flank a forward enemy flag. 4 - Minimum distance betweeb FOBs should be reevaluated so as to allow at least one to be placed inside each flag capture area in current maps: if current 400m limit allows this than all is ok. Step one above is just to make sure the current state of putting FOBs inside flags won't mean enemies will find it as quickly and easily as today. So perhaps capture area should be very large for this to work out, making it somewhat difficult for teams to find FOBs inside a flag area. Having FOBs and flags tied like this would mean FOBs would turn into its own mini-flags inside capture areas, giving teams a very good reason to attack and defend them instead of just moving to another objective. Each flag area would turn into a mini-C&C (à lá PR C&C game mode) on its own, with each team trying to find and destroy enemy's FOB while defending their own! Plus this will also encourage teams to place more FOBs and build defense structures on them. Not sure how future logistics and vehicles would work with this game mode though, that's something to think about. So what you guys think of it? Feel free to suggest and criticize my idea!
  10. How about a permanent death game mode. No tickets, or at the very least 3-5 tickets per person. It's only a game mode. It would make it where medics are ultra important, cover and concealment is a must, stop lone wolfing, and just makes it more serious and fun. In real life there is no coming back, why not make one game mode that is the same. Hardcore game mode! If all possible, could make it have more can join like 150-200. Since when you die they are kicked out of server. I can see this being very popular, it's only one game mode that only adds to the game and gives another option. What do you all think?
  11. Idea for game mode?

    So I was just thinking about a new game mode, well it's probably not new, but new for Squad. Something like "Secure and Hold" or some such. Anyway, a game mode like that, where 1 side starts off defending some cache/intel/downed pilot or whatever. It'd be the other team's objective to secure the 'whatever' and hold it for a specific amount of time and/or tickets. It'd be like insurgency sorta but different, played on that same scale so that it takes times to find and secure the area. Possibly there could be a string of items to find and hold for "extraction", something like a wreckage to destroy, some sorta 'drive' to acquire and/or a pilot/crew to rescue. Thoughts?
  12. Predator game mode Mod

    Ok this is just an idea...simple concept: One random squad gets to become alien super soldiers such as like The Predator movie. The task of all the other squads whether US or Russian or other squads is to hunt them down with their conventional weapons against the alien weapons just like the film even with stealth tech. Its sort of Asymetrical warfare in opposite of insurgency. If couse maps would or could be jungle, city, country, urban, semi urban anything really. So, any interest as a Mod or maybe a Squad made mode for this?
  13. SABOTAGE Game mode. Asymmetrical. Except in this case, the roles are switched. BLUFOR is at the disadvantage. OPFOR has the upper hand. But obviously balanced out for gameplay. Ultimately, the team with better communication, coordination and tactics will be the one to succeed. [POTENTIAL MOD] This idea assumes/implies the following features can eventually exist: Item acquisition system of some kind; Something more than accessing an ammo crate.New items introduced such as satchel charges; knives; mines; flares; intel; wire cutters; zip-tie wrist restraintsNew construct-able items introduced such as minefield; spotlight; New PvP function: capturing enemy playersConstruct-able item restrictionsDevs have found a way to mitigate gamma-modification, due to this mostly being set during the night.Recommended max player count: 40 / 20v20 [could be scaled up or down depending on map size] TICKET OUTLOOK BLUFOR: 1800 / Lose 100 tickets every time a BLUFOR player is captured. Lose 1 ticket per player respawn. OPFOR: 300 / Lose 10 tickets per FOB overrun. Lose 5 tickets per vehicle destroyed. Lose 1 ticket per player respawn. OVERVIEW BLUFOR operative presence has been detected deep within OPFOR's territory. OPFOR essentially must spread out and search for the scattered BLUFOR players while also coordinating defenses of their facilities. At the beginning of the match, BLUFOR is normally at their weakest state. They are spread thin, they do not have any of their specialized kits and they have 3 phases of objectives to complete. At the beginning they are also without any medics. BLUFOR can use their spread to their advantage by coordinating attacks, ambushes and staying as stealthy as possible all while working together to find one another and combine their firepower and skills to complete their objectives. BLUFOR DETAILS BLUFOR players start out scattered around the map in groups of 2. They have specialized kits for SERE situations. All BLUFOR players start with: Rifle with 6 magazines1 hand grenade2 white smoke grenades1 block of c42 bandagesSpecialized kits will be available at SUPPLY CRATES scattered around the map. BLUFOR players will be able to replenish their ammo and equipment at these SUPPLY CRATES (for a limited amount of times) and also access different specific kits. Specific kits include: Saboteur [satchel charge; wire cutters]Medic [medical bag; 3 extra white smoke grenades]Spotter [bolt action rifle with 8-12x magnified optic; rangefinder]Combat Engineer [anti-vehicle mines;]Officer [rangefinder; emergency flare]Once they obtain a specialized kit, they can use it for the rest of the match. Multiple randomized objectives spawn on the map at round start for BLUFOR to complete and are done in chained phases. OPFOR is not told these specific objectives unless a BLUFOR player is captured. BLUFOR objectives are only revealed upon a captured player as per what objective currently exists. OPFOR will not be told what the Phase 2 or 3 objectives will be until those objectives are active and they capture a BLUFOR player. Phase 1 objectives would be to sabotage an important OPFOR facility. All three of these facilities spawn during the game and are tied to one of the three FOBs. Destroying a facility at an OPFOR FOB renders the FOB un-spawnable. OPFOR must then work from the remaining FOBs and their base for the rest of the game. However, for the Phase 1 Objective, only one of these specialized facilities becomes the 'target' objective. Destroying the other two would also net the same effect as described below, but it would not progress the objectives for BLUFOR. Plant explosives on OPFOR's ammunition depot. (Limiting the amount of ammo crates their SL's can deploy)Plant explosives on OPFOR's repair depot (Disable OPFOR from being able to repair their vehicles)Plant explosives on OPFOR's weapon depot (Limit OPFOR kits)Phase 2: Obtain OPFOR intel in order to reveal the location of the final enemy static FOB. Once intel is gained from this second FOB, the OPFOR FOB becomes un-spawnable. Intel files are present at every FOB, but only 1 of them becomes the current objective of the BLUFOR team during Phase 2. If non-objective intel files are acquired by BLUFOR during the course of the game, OPFOR active camp positions are revealed temporarily on the map and the FOB where the non-objective intel was taken from are still spawnable by OPFOR. Phase 3: Move to the final FOB and secure it. Upon completely overrunning the OPFOR FOB, an LZ is created. Hold the LZ for 3 minutes. (Timer starts; Prevent OPFOR from neutralizing it). BLUFOR needs at least one third of their team present within the LZ cap zone in order to cap it. Upon holding the LZ for 3 minutes, BLUFOR victory is achieved. If OPFOR is able to move in, neutralize and cap it back, OPFOR is victorious. OPFOR DETAILS OPFOR players can begin the match by spawning at any of these: OPFOR Base (1 of them) Main base. Vehicles REspawn here. Ammo crates all over the place. Very well fortified. Not cappable. Almost instant spawn, very small delay. Placed the closest to the center of the map, but not exact center. Comes with prebuilt spotlights and minefields.OPFOR FOB (3 of them) Static. Unlimited spawns. Light vehicles spawn here on match start but do not REspawn on FOBs. Short player respawn delay. Come built up with fortifications already, but OPFOR can only build specifics like minefields, spotlights as well as put down more barbed wire and sandbags. OPFOR can also place down ammo crates within build range of FOB but lose this ability if an ammo depot is destroyed by BLUFOR. Cannot be capped/overran by BLUFOR, must be destroyed via satchel charge placed on the facility at the FOB. Difficult to get inside as BLUFOR. OPFOR has a limited, but large, amount of logistics supply at each FOB. Logistics vehicles can drop off more supplies at FOBs and resupply at OPFOR main base.OPFOR Camp (6 of them) Act similar to rally points. Very short respawn delay. Limited amount of spawns available on them. No vehicles, no ammo crates. Can be capped and permanently removed by BLUFOR.OPFOR are shown the location of all minefields on their map and will only set off minefields if they idle inside them for too long, giving them a small window of a chance to avoid them if they accidentally run inside. Static minefields around the OPFOR base have signs placed around them. Minefields put down by OPFOR Officers do not have signs around them. If OPFOR players find a BLUFOR supply crate in the field, they can destroy it. OPFOR's main objective is to reduce BLUFOR's tickets to 0 and stop them from completing their objectives. OPFOR can capture BLUFOR players by using zip tie wrist restraints on an incapacitated BLUFOR player. However, this item is restricted via a special OPFOR Tracker kit and each OPFOR squad is limited to only 1 Tracker kit. An OPFOR squad must have at least 4 people in it before the Tracker kit becomes available. Lots of people want Special Forces in Squad, well -- here's your chance to really pull off some Special Forces shenanigans without all of that silly fancy new-age gear.
  14. Its hard to populate an empty server. I think there are many people who want to play, but they want to play "a good game" and if its not 40/50 already, they wont even try. I think this is something we see in PR as well. 2 servers at 96/100 and 100 empty ones. Suggestion: "Dynamic Server Population Setting." Your empty server starts with a population cap of 16, and rotates maps optimized for 8v8. Once that cap is hit, other players can queue to that server and it will increment the population in steps of 4. So your next map scales to 20. Then 24, 28 etc. As players, you can only join when the server changes maps, and when it does, the server will adjust the size according to how many want to join and how many stay. The games would likely grow in duration as the population count grew, but the idea is that you provide an easier alternative to growing a 50-100 player population from nothing. Insurgency, a game which is much smaller scale than this or PR, has less of an issue getting servers going simply because there are game modes/maps that are tailored to smaller populations. Alternate Suggestion: "Server Merge Utility." (only reasonable for official servers with generic settings, restricted to region) Another thread on the same idea from a different poster --- I feel like this has been mentioned before, perhaps suggested, but my search was fruitless, so if you made that thread, let me know and I'll merge-and-bump it.
  15. OVERVIEW: This game mode is comprised of two distinct phases: Phase 1: The "Build and Recon" phasePhase 2: The "Attack and Defend" phase A conventional faction is tasked with establishing bases in pre-determined Areas of Operation under a time-crunch and with limited resources. During this process, the indigenous and non-conventional insurgent faction is free to move, observe, but not aggress. They use the time the occupational force is building to plan attacks, and to bolster their attack capacity with scavenged resources. Once a specified time has passed, the insurgent cell goes active and begins to assault the FOBs in any desired order. Time, not life, is limited, and they recieve bonus time for each FOB reduced. If all FOBs are destroyed the insurgency prevails, otherwise the Conventional force is the victor. Phase 1: Build and Recon. Conventional Faction's Goals: Primary: Choose a location in each assigned AO to establish and secure a FOB with the intent to defend it against attack. Secondary: Eliminate available resources encountered on the battlefield that could be salvaged and used for enemy weaponry. Non-Conventional Faction's Goals: Primary: Observe the movements of the newly arrived occupational forces to discover where and how they establish their FOBs, devising methods for future assault. Secondary: Scavenge available materials littering the fields (Cars, Barrels, Guns, etc) to fabricate weapons that will aid in the large-scale assault of enemy fortifications. Further Explanation of Phase 1: Phase 2: Attack and Defend Phase Conventional Faction's Goals: Primary: Maintain the establishment of a qualified FOB in the presence of at least one AO by the end of the game. Secondary: Maintain all established FOBs to reduce the time allotted for attacking. Non-Conventional Faction's Goals: Primary: Destroy ALL enemy FOBs to rid the map of occupational forces Secondary: Destroy an Enemy FOB to gain additional time for attacking. Further Explanation of Phase 2: Terrain: Map Sample Layouts: Ex 1: Structural Sequester. Defense forces opted to place their FOBs based on existing available structures, and optimized logistics flow. Ex 2. FOB Cluster. Defense forces opted for close proximity FOBs, sacrificing optimal structure for optimal support capacity. Further Considerations:
  16. Super FOB Game Mode?

    The devs have mentioned several times that they'd like to create some type of mode, occasionally referred to has Command and Control, that allows each team to create a "super FOB" and then each team attack said compound. I'd like to discuss ideas for a game mode/s that involve building some sort of super FOB. One of the ways I think could be quite cool: -------------------------------------------- Two teams on each end of the map, far ends. 1 Team builds a FOB and the other is an attacking OPFOR. Now, the FOB team would have to chose between say 3 FOB templates that could be placed in a zone anywhere they want by the Commander (and could be rotated differently). You'd chose this before the round began from a map HUD. Each template (the templates are to speed up the process) would have different cost values so that when placed you have so many points left over for other things your team actually has to build (AA guns, .50 emplacements, additional barriers, etc). Each "template" would have different trade-offs/consequences for choosing. This would also leave an element of surprise to the OPFOR as they don't exactly know what they're facing off against. Now, if you're OPFOR you wouldn't want to wait 5 minutes just for your round to begin. So to counter that, I figured you would have a checkpoint at the middle of the map that a few squads would spawn at to hold off the OPFOR. Essentially this is attack point #1. Once this point is lost the FOB team better be close to finishing because shit is about to get real. You might have to do two separate checkpoints simply so that the OPFOR just decides to forgo a checkpoint. ------------------------------------------ Now, there'd still be things to think about in regards to balancing. Who gets vehicles and what kinds? How do you ensure the first battle at the checkpoint occurs so OPFOR isn't just immediately bearing down on the FOB. What would be considered the win? I'm sure there's a ton of others. But what would you guys think of something like that? Any other variants you could think of? I'd love to see something like AJAX and r0tzbua concept game modes as well as their already bad ass UI improvements. EDIT: Templates could come in the form of something like these: http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/fob_valhalla_2_3.jpg http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/pasteable-bases-zeus-ares-3_4.png http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/pasteable-bases-zeus-ares-2_4.png http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/detainee-camp-01_3.jpg Granted they're Arma, but that would be the gist. They'd be tiered templates.
  17. This has probably been ittirated In a certain form some where on the forum but I couldn't find it. Anyway a problem I have felt in PR is that flag capture in AAS was important but often ended up between two flags where bodies were kept being thrown with not much coordination with squads in a tactical aspect, so thought of this as a way to encourage stronger tactics. How it works: Advance and Conquer would give each team a large number of tickets (hopefully player abjusted). at the beginning each team would try to capture as many flags as they can without being able to enter an area of 2 flags away from their current objective to prevent flag rushing. Once they are a flag apart the ticket counter will start to drain from both sides at a rate which will that guarantee that both sides will lose all their tickets after an 1 1/2 or 2. And now the fun begins. Attack: Both teams will compete to capture the most flags (no even number of flags!) Once one team has the majority of the flags the amount of tickets each team loses shifts. The team with majority of the flags (conqueror) loses tickets at a slower or the same rate while the opposition loses tickets a bit faster. The rate would be added to the existing rate which would result in less time for them to drain the enemy (5-10 mins). This in turn would encourage capturing more flags to win faster. Defense: However there would be consequences for not defending. for every flag the conquered can get back, it gets 5-10 mins in tickets and the rate decreases, and if the conquered becomes the conqueror, the team who lost its flags will lose 5-10 mins. As you can see there it would become a real power struggle which makes the game more interesting and there is incentive to defend and also attack. Player Incentives: Because of the importance of both attack and defense there is a lot more tactical value to coordinating with other squads and developing a strategy to win the game faster. Squads would be rewarded score wise for both defense and offense. Since it's important to reward player actions in a way if you want to give them motivation, though specifics depend on whether the dev's will use a specific score system for game modes or a general one. I have many ideas but is up to them. Balancing: I became to tired of thinking so it's up to you[emoji12] But seriously I know there is probably a lot of balancing that should be done but I am one person. And this should be thought by a community. Not to mention individual scoring Overall it would give a new life to AAS while bringing the fun of Conquer with better gameplay Please make sure to leave opinions and suggestions.[emoji1]
  18. I read a few threads and ideas about that and this is what I noticed we are mainly in two groups. A. classic PR philosophy in new design with few features (and how it is look like its original goal of Squad developer team for first versions) B. and more realism and hardcore (ArmA:PR / ACE) game style group After many years of PR playing AAS/INS are played everytime and just few times it was CnC and it was fun. Just because it was unexpected change. But to have good CnC its necessary have good commander and enthusiastic team whichc looking forward to. Playing it everyday could be moreless boring because its more serious than AAS and peoples dont have patient to sit in city for 40 minutes and defend or slowly go on recon or watching bridge if something coming. Well why not to have classic AAS, INS from classic PR for usually days. Because in 90% of games will be something universal (perfectly balanced fun vs serious vs relaxing). And time by time (weekends) could server admins start voting about more realism and serious saturday evening and people accept and vote for AAS-R (ealism), and other more realism game mods. (this modes could be played in Squad Tournaments for example) where will be some additionally in gameplays. for example - ACRE radio communications - Where commander has to be selected and is required for game start. - Where for full healing player has to visit field hospital. - Where team have to build own FOB and its not in restricted area and could be attacked by enemy. - Where are some more restrictions and penalisation after wounded - Where "personal map" will look different (for example no friendly units displayed, because paper is just paper) - Where no movement or objective commander points visible. And whole HUD is empty even compas and you can see compas just if you open it. I dont know whatever more "realistic" game mechanisms which push player to more concentrating, communication, stress, organisation and serious and could be really be fun just time to time. Not everyday because PR is just a game. So could be fun have 2 group of game mods ? PR classic and realism