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  1. I'll argue that the best place for a radio is in the open, against a wall. Being a player from the Free Weekend, my naivety affords me something else -- some fresh perspective. I think that the thinking regarding radio placement hasn't evolved from the times when the radio was still a spawn point. Because of this, we see radios in places that don't make sense. Before, there was a reason to put the radio in a defensible spot and a place that wasn't easily accessible. But now, after the radio is placed the next things to interact with it will be an enemy shovel. SLs put them in rooms out of habit, and it's time to change that. Hopefully you can start to see what I'm getting at: if you're building a FOB you actually want to make the radio as attackable as possible, because if the enemy has shovels on the radio then you will be the one attacking it. Having the radio placed in a location without cover ensures that you don't have to be the one entering chokepoints to get to the radio. The reason that you want to put a radio against a wall is twofold. Firstly, a lone digger could potentially hide behind the radio, meaning that you have to move positions to find the shot. If the radio is against the wall, a digger must expose themselves. Secondly, grenades. To ensure that an RPG/underbarrel/good ole easter egg lands right where it should, having the radio against a wall is the perfect solution. If you overthrow then the grenade will hit the wall and drop onto the radio, or it will roll into the wall. These are the two key parts of my thinking regarding radio placement: Put the radio in a place with minimal cover/maximum viewing angle Put the radio against a wall Let me use an example: Police Station on Sumari. It's common to set up a FOB there with a HAB on the roof and the radio in one of the rooms in that building. But consider the two situations in which a radio can be dug up. There's the "hot dig", where you've having to fight your way out of the HAB and to the radio to try and stop the enemy from digging. There's the "cold dig", where you realise the enemy's digging the radio but no one else is there, so you have to send the next spawning/nearby person there. In the hot dig, it's pretty much game over if you're stuck on the roof. Going downstairs can be walking into a firing range. In the cold dig, even reaching the radio in time can be difficult enough. If there's even a few enemies keeping watch, then you can forget about saving the radio. But if we place the radio in the north side of the southern part of Police Station aka the south side of those closed double doors that separate the two parts of Police Station, then we can resolve these issues. In the hot dig, you can underhand throw a grenade onto the radio, or you can shoot at it from the roof. For a cold dig, you can do the same thing. What's more interesting about the cold dig is this scenario: imagine that you learn the radio is being dug but you're already near Police Station. You can throw a grenade from outside of Police Station onto the radio. Considering the radio is against a wall, your chances of landing the perfect grenade is pretty high. If the radio is in a room, then you simply can't pull off a cheese nade. This is what we should be thinking about when placing a radio: how do we make it as easily attackable as possible for ourselves? I think a similar type of thinking can be applied to sneaky FOBs. You want to prevent the enemy from seeing it from a long distance, but hiding it in a room will actually be detrimental. If the enemy going through the compound then they're going to hear it anyway, so hiding it in a room won't stop them. Instead, courtyards are the right places. TL;DR: Place radios in places that are easiest to throw a grenade onto, because the only people who touch radios are enemies.
  2. Feature Suggestion: When finding an enemy FOB radio, the SL gets the option to retrieve/translate Intel from it. This will give the SL a short amount of time to check his map for the approximate location of another enemy FOB (if it exists) as accurate as 4 keypads. Conditions: - SL needs min 2 other Squad members (to help "translate" or "decrypt" the intel if you will) on him to retrieve Intel from the Radio - Optionally, the FOB radio could then be blocked from being destroyed for 1 minute (this will make the decision for the SL tougher: destroy or gather intel, which brings more value?) I believe this will add not only much more realism (enemy radio chatter would naturally give away strategic information) but also makes finding an enemy FOB radio all the more valuable/interesting, while not altering the gameplay too drastically. Thoughts?
  3. Hello fellow Squadies, I want to give you a short feedback on the FOB mechanics. First of all, I really enjoy the FOB building system. I think it is much better than in PR and i can't wait for more Assets to be added to it. Hopefully soon we will get some Mortars and maybe a TOW Launcher ;-) Now a thing where I think needs a bit of rework. Make the FOB so, that you can over run them with a certain amount of Soldiers and so make them unspawnable for the enemy Team until these are killed or go away. This would put a End to the ridiculous Spawn Camping inside the HAB. The HAB itself was a attempt to reduce Spawn Camping but didn't solve the Problem completely. Also, often attacking a FOB is somehow impossible, when it is entrench in a Compound with all Exits blocked by Sandbags, the Enemy being able to spam Nades due infinite resupply at the Ammo Box and being able to Respawn on it, the whole time when it is under attack. Making a FOB unusable by over running it would solve these Problems.
  4. As someone fascinated with the concept of indirect fire, I am eagerly awaiting the introduction of static artillery. In my opinion having FOB deployables such as Howetzers and mortar pits could greatly improve the game. Not only would it add to the combined arms goal of Squad, but would help turn FOBs into key map objectives for players to attack or defend. Another thing I would like to see is a manual approach to aiming said artillery, following the trend of the Rocket Technical. Instead of gunners just clicking a map, have them experiment with the angle of elevation and orientation. This would promote communication with forward observers and keep the crew from getting bored. So what are your thoughts on FOB based artillery and when do you expect it to be implemented?
  5. It keeping with the spirit of the philosophy of the game (realistic), I request that if multiple repair stations are allowed at a single FOB that you program a minimum spacing distance between them so as to prevent multiple repair stations from repairing a single vehicle. I've seen as many as three repair stations repairing a single vehicle.
  6. With the FOBs could we get 2 models for it one with a deactivated state. Antennas, down laptop close. The other with an open laptop with antennas up , and lit screen for active. Maybe even flashing lights on the Radio . So easy to see which stage the fob is at. Also Ammo box how about making that destructible with grenade, like weapon cache. Not just an undig.
  7. Hello, I have some suggestions regarding FOB information for SL. 1. On the map, each FOB placed by your team would show 2 mildly colored circles. One would display a 400m radius around the FOB, so all SLs would know where they can plant additional FOBs. The 2nd would display a 100m(?) radius around the FOB, allowing SL's to know where they can deploy emplacements (such as ammo crates/50cals etc) around it. 2. When pressing the 'T' key (SL menu), the 2 circles mentioned above will show up on the SL's map, thus providing him the information he needs in order to know about his intended FOB radius of effect. 3. Possible addition: allowing SL's to place a special marker of the map for future fobs that all other SL's can see, along with the radius info (radius would only be displayed when you mouse over it). I think these improvements would make SL's lives much easier and enhance the game experience. Thanks and have a lovely day!
  8. Right now, the only incentive to fully dig a deployable is so that it would take longer for the enemy to dig it up. However, really the only time the enemy digs up deployables is when they dig up razorwire/sandbags blocking the entrance to a cache/FOB building. Deployables have four stages, in order; when they haven't been built (0%), when they're partially built (~30%), when they're built to the point where they're usable or visually appear fully built (~60%), and when they're actually fully built and can't be shoveled any more (100%). The problem I see is that there's no real incentive to build deployables all the way to the fourth stage, and people often stop shoveling at the third stage. My suggestion is that the second stage should occur when the deployable is 50% built, the third stage gets ditched, and instead the second stage is followed by the fourth stage at 100%, meaning deployables must be fully dug to be usable.
  9. I guess we gonna have a different system on fobs creation in the future. The pr system of logistics is much more complex and real, we don't get so many fobs around map bcuz you cant just make it in the middle of nowhere if u haven't got a proper support. What u guys thinks about it?
  10. Basically the same thing as normal "base mode" jensen's range with the reduced limitations but the deployables are instantly constructed instead of requiring building. This would not only be fun to mess around with but also allows people experiment with tactics and build that superfob they always dreamed of without wasting a round or spending 5 hours switching kits and digging it yourself.
  11. I have been experiencing something kind of worrisome lately while playing Squad. When the Open Alpha started over a year ago, 3 out of 10 games had people giving away FOB positions at the beginning of the match. The last 3 rounds I have played had very obvious traitors revealing FOBS and team killing then leaving the server. I want to know what the Dev team has planned to keep this from happening in the future. As of right now, this game is completely ruined by this.
  12. Militia and insurgents need trenches to place in FOB. There's a number of people that play insurgency for super fobbing. It wouldn't be too hard to implement, I think. All I want is a rectangular hole in the ground that can be connected to more at an angle. Zigzagging WW1 trenches would be very fun and immersive. The trench should be 2 sandbag lengths long, 1.5 sandbag deep, and wide enough for two people to pass eachother. To get out, there should be a little ladder on 1 side. Right-clicking with shovel should fill the trench up and remove it. It should not be able to be placed inside buildings. The cost should be around 100-150 points. A foxhole would also be nice.
  13. Alright. Playing as the US we had this FOB with good over watch on a southern flag (on the map that has north/south DC but a different layer with Ghazi farm or something iirc) Anyway, We we're rockin and had plenty of ammo (500+ pts) and after something like 10 minutes of lighting up a couple flags and a few hills - really supporting the team for a while the gun just wouldn't fire anymore. Checked the ammo count at the FOB and it read 350+ (can't remember the exact number but it had gone from 800ish down to like 386 or something) The HMG would do the reload animation (at this time it was the HMG Bunker) but it wouldn't fire regardless of who got in and reloaded it. It could even be reloaded back to back by the same person repeatedly. I checked with SquadOps because they're pretty experienced and they said overheat lasts mere seconds, we spend probably a couple minutes with a few of us getting in and reloading a couple times and declaring that the gun indeed wouldn't shoot, even with 500+ supply again. So we dug it up about half way, SL gave the order to build it back up since the gun model and most of the hescos despawned. Only this time when we built it up the gun didn't spawn in at all and we just had the hescos and a couple low sandbags. It was really bizarre and we didn't have the supply to build a completely new HMG Bunker.
  14. An idea i had talking with friends while sitting on a point. Since Yeho v2 has a capable point that has special attributes. Is there a way to make those points spawn a vehicle when capped? So my idea along with that was Command Vehicles. A mobile FOB. A humvee, BTR, Ural truck with a box cabin/thingy. Requirements for spawning could be. Engine on press Q to "deploy radio antennae" idle for 2-3 minutes Has limited spawns (18-27 before resupply) Then it can be spawned on until its moved or destroyed. Be worth its base vehicle cost + FOB loss cost and only one available in the match and only spawn after 15 minutes match start or only spawns on special cap points.
  15. Can we get some thin yellow "caution tape" connecting the steel poles? This would help with infantry getting stuck inside of Bunkers ect. and is just helpful in general, you could see if you ****ed up a wall before your squad spent 30 seconds digging it. It's pretty difficult to tell what you're trying to build in the current state:
  16. Evening Gentlemen, I come to you tonight to express a concern, a need for us as fellow squad leaders to rethink our common misconceptions on FOB placement. I ask you the dirtiest of taboo questions: Why is there such a dislike to putting FOB's on (or very near too) capable points? Now, I am aware of some arguments to this questions immediately arise: e.g "But if you get wiped on the FOB, the point's easily capable." (Or similar arguments to that effect.) My answer however is this: Rally points are an alternative, but before that the mindset of our playerbase needs to shift. Because the current "meta" of placing FOB's far away from the action to act as permanent rally points, to me is simply lazy Squad leading. Encouraging zerg playstyle and boring backcaps that steam roll opposing teams. It is a tactic that invites the misguided saying "the best form of defence is attack." I ask the question, what is so bad about defence? Digging in a position after the logistics truck comes in, dumping its supply in order to allow you to place those 50'cals covering the killing areas, or wiring off the obvious avenue of advance. The wait and then the crack of contact, the round's are flying and the orders are given. And it's you, your Squad holding against a numerically superior enemy, but you have all the comforts of sandbags and wire to even the odds. The options are endless, the Dev's have allowed us to entrench ourselves yet we shy away from building these great defensive work's of art for an unknown reason. The replay ability alone is amazing, attacking a well entrenched enemy, forcing you to actually employ your Squad in a different way, not just following the same cookie cutter tactics employed on the same map rotation. Now, I know obviously, you're reading this, thinking this guy is either onto a valid point, or clearly missed out on every game I've been in, I've seen plenty of FOB's etc. Well, if the latter is your strain of thought, then perhaps I am mistaken, however with 139hours logged into Squad I have only come across two well fortified positions in my time. I challenge you, break the Meta of lazy FOB placement. Take a stab at holding a point with a FOB a stone's throw away and dig it in. Who knows, you may just end up with a close knit team by the end of a victorious round. ~ Wonka, out.
  17. For the US Hesco Walls you have one line of Hescos that acts as a platform for your team to stand up and shoot from, however the other side is flat so enemies can't scale it: On the otherhand, for the Russian Hesco Walls there is a platform for your team to stand on- but also a platform for the enemy team to climb over: I hope this gets fixed in the future, because right now US FOBs have a huge advantage over Russian ones.
  18. Idea that was well received during a match yesterday. While the ambient sounds from FOB radios are nice, it would be cool to have the teams actual communications play through FOB radios. Perhaps the ambient sounds would play when there are no active player comms Could also add an interesting dynamic where enemy players can get some intel when within a certain range (very close) of the radio Unfortunately, just like any chance for proximity based hearing of voip (regardless of the team you are on), is probably too easy to circumvent long term with players just avoiding the ingame voip (via mumble, teamspeak etc)
  19. Hi there :) I'm kind of a FOB guy which means i'd like to push deep into enemy territory and build a well defended FOB there. The big problem on a lot of maps is that the enemy has a concealment advantage which often makes HMGs pretty much useless. So we end up with an enemy sniper behind a tree which shuts down HMGs worth 1000 supplies. My solution to this problem are camouflage nets which can be placed like ordinary structures. That would enable the defenders to search for enemy snipers much longer and effectively counter-snipe them without being in a far inferior position. (e.g. FOB on top of a mountain with almost no trees and/or bushes).
  20. I would like to see FOB have damage states. Of course make it repairable. This would make even more reason to have repair bay. 100% working 75% Delayed respawn 50% Not work 0% destroyed I miss the old PR stain the radio to disable the fob. Would love incendiary to destroy it or Heat round from Rpg
  21. The FOB/Rally system is being exploited by players. Too many times to count, I see clans joining a server and leaving ONE clan member on the enemy team - this guy is giving them precise directions to rallies and FOBs so that his clan member on the opposite team can camp the rallies and FOBs or destroy them. It completely ruins the game and it's FAR too easy to exploit. Even 1 person who decides they want to switch to the other team (for any reason) may easily create a squad and mark the enemy FOB / rally locations - completely destroying any fairness of the game in every way. The FOB/Rally system should be COMPLETELY RE-WORKED. I know this is a lot of coding but it's clearly too easy to exploit as it stands now. Sometimes it's just 2 friends who happen to be on opposite teams when they join a server, but they are coordinating easily over teamspeak/discord/mumble or other voip to farm kills at one of the FOBs, and then they even have the nerve to brag about their 50+ kills at the end of the game. ALSO: - The grass is too ****ing tall, IRL in the prone you can see over grass. - Which basic training did these soldiers go to? Every basic training environment IN THE WORLD teaches you how to climb over walls much taller than yourself yet squad members in this game can't even step over a few bricks. The inability to scale obstacles on certain maps makes navigating a ****ing nightmare.. yet somehow these soldiers can sprint on top of walls and jump from roof to roof without issue. - Since when do sandbags stop RPGs? LAT special ammunitions should destroy fortifications like sandbags AND soldiers behind them in 1 hit. - After throwing a grenade or performing other actions (but especially after throwing a grenade) we SHOULD be capable of sprinting immediately after, but instead the soldier is unable to sprint because he is retrieving his weapon, etc. The transition between weapons, or medkit, or otherwise should be sped up dramatically if not instant. It takes far too much time to swap weapons etc, and SPRINTING should automatically CANCEL whatever animation or action was being performed and allow you to sprint. You should never be unable to sprint just because you have just thrown a grenade and you are stuck in a "readying the weapon" animation.
  22. Yellow = Building, not ready Green = Fob Ready Red - Fob attacked. Currently there is no way to tell if FOB is being attacked or just built. //Thoughts.?
  23. Hi there, i just saw that the FOB system in INF version of a map are the same as in the "normal" ones?! is this intended? like, you dont have a supply truck to immediatley activate your FOB on INF versions of a map. thanks