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  1. Welcome to Desmo's Playground We feature one 80 player server located in New York. New York We are a community centered around the streamer DesmoLocke. We offer a friendly environment for both grizzled veterans and hapless newbs. Our #1 priority is fun public teamwork. We welcome clans and other groups on the server. We only ask that you don't stack all clans to one team. Thank you. We hope you enjoy our playgrounds as much as we do. Please refer to our subreddit for a complete listing of our rules and expectations and any questions concerning the administration of our servers. For immediate help feel free to join us on Discord. Community Founder: DesmoLocke New York server owner/operator: TR00P3R 20+ admins active across several timezones These are the rules of our server, not following them will first result in a warning and/or kick (depending on the circumstance), followed by a ban. Any racism whatsoever is NOT tolerated. Join squads, the game is about teamwork do NOT Lone Wolf. SL's require a microphone, those who do not will be kicked. SL's MUST communicate over the command channel. Focus on and support the objectives. This should be your thought process in everything you do. If Your superFOB in the corner of the map cannot support an objective either in defense or attack then you are not helping. (This is at the discretion of the admin team). Apologize when you teamkill and never retaliate if team-killed! The admin team has the right to remove you from the server for any reason deemed detrimental to the community. SLs must use the squad leader kit. The role is effectively useless without it and continued use will be considered trolling. (We are not idiots, we understand sometime you can become SL without warning, just change your kit ASAP if you are going to keep the job). Do not use swear words in your user name. Immature user names must be changed. Refusal to do so will result in a ban. Do not abuse the suicide command. It is there to relieve players hindered by bugs and glitches. Respect your fellow players. Do not troll. (It saddens me to add this in writing but people are that obtuse). Overall use common sense and have fun! NEW RULE! Effective April 13th, 2017. Do not rush first and second caps. Do not rush past the middle flag until those flags have been captured. This is a temporary rule that will be reevaluated on April 24th and most likely expire.
  2. So tonight I tried to SL because no one else would do it, later on in the round I try to put an RP down only to find out that you get a 90sec cool down if your not close enough to your squad mates and again if you too close to enemies. My squad got screwed by this 3 times in the same match. I under stand a cooldown so SL's can't spam it, I don't understand a cooldown when you cant use it because one of the other rules. Edit: I guess there is already a feedback thread on this, sorry for repost. A mod can delete it if they wish.
  3. So this is a minor suggestion that I don't expect to be taken very seriously but it is something that I would hope would be addressed. The pre-match warm-up is already longer than must start times are in other games, but as an experienced squad leader, I must say that sometimes I wish that not only did I have more pre-game warm up time to coordinate my spawn, but, that I had a thirty to sixty second period in which I could coordinate and organize my team at the spawn base without fear of all the vehicles being taken.
  4. Post good and bad feedback here from today's Alpha 8 play test. provide screenshots and share system information. It's tremendously helpful. Thank you. IF you have video feedback, please upload to YouTube as Unlisted and provide to link to @Karm CPU: 4790K GPU: 980Ti SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 1TB RAM: 32GB @2400MHz Performance seems improved. Getting higher average FPS all around. Although, I play capped at 60 in borderless, so I only notice dips below 50. Found this
  5. I think it would be best to have the weapon sway when scoped as well as recoil based on a combination of things such as weapon weight, stamina, health and suppression (and obviously stance). It seems optimal to have a system where you plug in the projectile weight and exit speed to find out the initial kick then have weapon weight telling the game how much the final kick is reduced by. Another thing would be to have previous shots add up realistically based on when the kick occurs. For example if the kick happens when the gun is going back from a previous shot it will affect it differently than when the gun is going forward from bouncing off the shoulder. This system could also be plugged into ballistics for more accurate shot deviation during automatic fire. If the gun is recoiling back when the next shot happens the projectile will have slightly less energy making it fall short a very tiny bit. This is probably a little extreme and I think the best implementation would be a simplified version of my recoil system. Another thing is I prefer the style of aiming that RedOrchestra and Insurgency use because when you are scoped in your whole view isn't moving its just your gun, and you fire when your gun is on target rather than how it is now where your view has to be aligned. This is closer to real life aiming as your head and eyes are really good at staying locked on to a target. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  6. So, there is Sensitivity variables in: %AppData%\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini Line 9: AimSensitivity=0.067500 SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Squad\Engine\Config\BaseInput.ini Line 21: +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.f,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=0.07f)) Line 22: +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.f,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=0.07f)) SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config\DefaultInput.ini Line 9: -AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.f,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=0.07f)) Line 10: -AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.f,Exponent=1.f,Sensitivity=0.07f)) Line 15: +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=0.070000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) Line 16: +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=0.070000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) Line 138: AimSensitivity=4.700000 Also, there is bEnableFOVScaling=False and bEnableMouseSmoothing=False I kinda understand how FOV scaling works. It multiply mouse sensivity by FOV Scale(0.011110). But it would be nice to see actual formulas. BTW, I get different accelleration(depending on how fast or slow I move my mouse) with mouse smoothing enabled, so I disabled it. It would be nice if devs explained how whole mouse sensitivity thing works with formulas, please. But that's not why I've created this thread. I've created this thread because there is at least 5 places where you can set your mouse sensitivity. I figured that 'end' mouse sensitivity is a result of +AxisConfig Sensitivity multiplied by AimSensitivity variable in GameUserSettings.ini. So, let's say I've got 0.067500 in GameUserSettings.ini and Sensitivity=0.07f in +AxisConfig. My 'end' mouse sensitivity is: 0.067500*0.07=0.004725. At some point of time I changed +AxisConfig Sensitivity to 0.01 and AimSensitivity to 0.4725, my in-game sens didn't change but it became kinda smoother and more responsive, especially at lower FPS. Now I ended up with +AxisConfig Sensitivity=0.000001 and AimSensitivity=4725.000(GameUserSettings.ini) and I still get the exact same 'real life' sensitivity but it feels much smoother, more responsive and it is actually easier to aim, track enemies and spray than with default values of 0.067500*0.07... I understand that you used 0.07 value in +AxisConfig Sensitivity because of people with low DPI(400-800) and because it's alpha and you didn't have time to convert 4725.000 number to a proper 0.4725 sensitivity etc. But can you please explain the whole sensitivity thing, please? There's actually other option. You can set +AxisConfig Sensitivity=1.000000 and AimSensitivity=0.004725 and get the exact same end(0.004725) and in-game sensitivity again... But which is better: 0.067500*0.07, 0.000001*4725.000 or 1.000000*0.004725? What would you recommend and why? And what about Exponent argument for +AxisConfig? What about raw Input and direct Input? At the moment I just play with AimSensitivity=4725.000 in GameUserSettings.ini and +AxisConfig Sensitivity=0.000001... Devs, pls explain.
  7. As per Bruno-G's suggestion, here is a separate thread on MT-LB 6MB model. Much of what is missing on the 6MB is correct for the regular MT-LB as well. Abstract My premise for spotting model differences to IRL counterpart was largely based on consistency with the level of detailing Devs chose for the models. For instance, detailing as low as mudguard hinges is present on the 3D model. As such I am not counting amount of track links or sprocket bolts, but visually noticeable detailing. Naturally there are differences between IRL vehicles as well, therefore I tried to reach the most common contemporary denominator that has the least amount of detailing. I will not be posting reference material here, but it can be added at a later stage. Lastly I have not seen the model close up, so there might be other issue, but I will update them when we all get our hands on the vehicle.
  8. Hi OWI Devs and fellow Squad players. I like the scout class and the SKS. It improves teamwork and it somewhat makes sense, that if you have an 10 rnds rifle you get the binoculars as well in order to guide and provide assistance to your squad. I thought about how to improve the kit - in a tactical "pro-teamplay" way - by increasing its value to other players (not its combat efficiency based on the primary weapon). In the Updates tab related to the update on A7, it is written: " Added Scout kit for Insurgents and Militia. The kit contains SKS as the primary weapon and also has a set of binoculars. This kit is perfect for scouting and directing fire. Kit will get more toys in the future " My hopes, dreams and expectations or such "Toys": - Possible IED ?`Nothing much to say here I guess... - Soviet flare for tactical signals, or as battlefield illumination. Example from Chechnya: - Anti-personell Landmine or tripwire-mine. (Nasty, but with the AAS system this would make sense). - Wire Cutter for instant/Fast removal of barbed wire Regarding the armament of the scout, I would not mind if he had access to the AKSU. The SKS is probably the superior choice for medium to long distance - yet the (less accurate and weaker) aksu might work better in urban environments. [if you considder answering to this topic and you´re a non-DEV, please take your time for a proper response ]
  9. In war films, I've noticed ambient noise like gunfire, explosions, yelling, etc is picked up in a soldier's comms and sent through to the channel when they're talking. Can this be added to Squad? Sometimes when I'm Squad Leader I'll get other SL's asking me how something is going; I'm mid firefight and I'll accidentally yell back to them whilst I'm shooting. On occasion I've had "no need to yell man" come back from them, which I then apologise and explain I was shooting at the same time. There wouldn't be this confusion if he heard all the gunfire when I opened my channel. I think it would add great immersion layer to the comms channels. Obviously it wouldn't be necessary for the local VOIP, just Squad/SL channels
  10. feedback

    Not sure if I saw a post on this, didn't see anything specific when I searched so figure I would post something. I would like to talk about the ACOG kit, primarily the US forces ACOG class. For me that ACOG has terrible recoil currently, the reset takes way too long to be a usable gun. I find myself most the time trying to go for a head shot (which isn't as effective as a body shot) because the recoil reset is so bad if I miss the second kill shot, the enemy will have already moved on and taken cover. I understand the advantage with the ACOG so having a bit more of recoil makes sense but the current recoil is over the top. If something like the Militia ACOG kit could be implemented which is really good maybe even too good but if something like that could be done on all ACOG classes I think that would make the class extremely effective again and can effect the matches/gameplay in a positive way.
  11. Hey can someone or one of the Devs tell me how the IED's will function in Squad? I'm intrigued by the art of "ALLAHU AKBARING" and I would very much like the IED's to resemble much of like real life, maybe a medium blast range (75m) and a very loud explosion that can be heard miles away, followed by gorgeous black/thick smoke effects shooting up way into the sky like a cloud, that should make people feel terrified. Shrapnel would carry over the length of the bomb blast, clinking against solid objects. If close to the explosion a vibration should be heard, like a really loud speaker, followed by a Tinnitus sound effect, and a ringing of the ear (in game audio of course). Sound should also in my opinion channel around different urban/non-urban settings (through corridors, mountains, etc). Even have the sound of the explosion sound different indoors. Dirt should spit up on detonation of the bomb, heck, even add a small stringy like blood effect to be seen when enemies are caught in the explosion. The new smoke physics being implemented will make for some great smoke effects. (Maybe even add a voice that yells something in Arabic, before he activates the detonation, if not that's okay). In regards to the placement of explosives, AT Mines should function like they do in PR (digging them underneath the ground), and i also think IED's should be more like Insurgency where you just place it down instead, or maybe give an option to set them down however you like: disguised or not disguised (that's where shovels will come into play). Edit: okay maybe 500m is a bit of a fetch. I think the blast radius of the IED in game should be around like 75-100 at most. 150m should maybe be for like a car/truck bomb or something. P.S because I'm on mobile when I was creating this discussion it duplicated the post, please don't forget to check out the other same post as it has some interesting discussion in it: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13024-how-bigloud-will-the-explosion-of-the-ieds-be-in-squad/
  12. Haven't done this for a good while but after seeing the state of the forums recently (i will go onto this at the end), I thought I would go back to writing a post on the new release and prove their are still members within this community who believe in this game. I'll point out quickly that this is, as always, my opinion and this may change over time (emphasis on the word initial). UI Map - On first load up, I wasn't keen on the new map colour. But after the second round, I really started to get into it. I love the look of a drone-style thermal over view, which is how the grey scale feels. I think a more defined black highlighting across terrain changes would help the cosmetics, as I can understand why people may be confused when identifying increase/decrease in terrain levels. I know that this is a placeholder as the UI will continue to improve, but as a start, I like the direction. Role/Kit menu - Love it. I loved it when we went to the 2d drawings of the kit on the equipment select (1-6) way back when and now expanding this to the kit selection and comma rose is beautiful. Player icons - Unsure on the shapes. I have been trying to get used to these for a while but personally, the previous circle with FOV direction looked better with less confusion. I love the new colours and think that against the grey background, they are perfect. But I can understand why people may be confused by the new arrow shapes. Additionally, I think your player icon needs to go underneath the squad leader. There were a few people who complained that, when in a compound along side the squad leader, it was hard to make out his location as their own icon was over the top of the SL. Little tweaks here and there will make these new icons work great. Medic map - I stated in another feedback thread that the medic seems to have been dumbed down too much. I understand the direction to go with different icons for various player states, but there are too many icons for too many people. For starters, (and this will split opinions) a medics own squad is always first priority. These new icons make it impossible to distinguish between other squads and your own squad which does not add any benefit to the game play. Second point is, the icons on the map are too much. Players who are bleeding can sort themselves out (everyone has bandages) so, IMO, there is no need to identify these on the map. Additionally, the new icons for players who are incapacitated don't fit the squad feel. If the general public want the incap to be identified, a normal player icon in red would do the same job without these new "flat line" icons. There's nothing offensive about these icons, but it seems to be further taking the communication essence out of the medic. Everyone who plays the medic loves the "searching" side of the class. The calling out and the hunting for that team mate. The good medics (who stick with their squad) will usually rely just on their compass ID markers and will argue that is all they need. I would go as far as saying the majority of the "skill" has gone from the medic with these icons. Yes a good medic will always be priceless and takes time to master, but the edge to be "in the right place at the right time" looks like it might be gone. AAS Ticket system/bleed This is something I feel strongly about. It has to be right. People were complaining in V4 about rounds being over too quickly, losing by massive amounts. While this was true at the start, once people realised they could no longer play TDM in A1, (as they were in V3) there was starting to be a noticeable reduction in loss and victory deficits. There was the well known issue of people giving up too often (which is still there) which was 2 tickets, and the loss of tickets for losing a cap (30 tickets). I will just state that, in my opinion, if a team has been pushed back to their last flag, they should lose hard and quickly. This is AAS, so if you have failed to secure your flags, you should be punished. You have had all game to defend the two flags (or more) that you captured. This new bleed amount for holding the opponents last flag has extended the time for a round to finish. Last night we had to sit with our thumbs up our arses and defend Train station on OP first light for over 10 minutes (which isn't hard as the majority of squad players only work on a one way, direct line system). When this happens, it becomes extremely boring (for both teams). If anything, the enemy capping your last flag should be an instant loss. I've spoken with Z-Trooper about windows of opportunity to turn the battle and how long they last, how often they are available etc etc. A team has failed to do this in the duration of two flags being captured? That is a player issue, not a mechanic issue. The games are now lasting a lot longer, and that's the way it should be IF the teams are well matched and the battle is over the centre cap and the -1. But if a team has been steam rolled to their last flag, it is not fair for them to continue being hammered for another 10 - 15 minutes. That isn't doing anything for morale. I believe taking the bleed back to 1 per second for losing your last flag is fine. NB: I haven't had chance to do the math over objective gain/loss so I will update this with numbers so people can better understand the focus on each flag. Map updates OP first light has been my favourite map since day one (even when it was the tree infested "forest") and the new statics and objective areas are divine. The new village and statics across the map have added real variety towards approach of the objective, as previously the map saw extremely predictable maneuvers onto each cap zone. Great job devs! It was a great decision to keep this map in the game and reinvent it. Chora - well, not updated yet due to @IrOnTaXi getting too fruity at GDC and forgetting to update it. Personally I find this hilarious and it's great to know that our boys at OWI are human and indulge in the finer things in life (cocaine included). Fools Road - Still a gorgeous map that continues to improve with every update. Weapon handling Weapon sway - A minor difference which feels like it has really changed fire fights. I've actually found shooting a lot easier, I am unsure if this is down to me subconsciously negating sway previously (when there was no need) based on prior gaming experience. But I am finding that I am much more effective in fire fights than I was previously. Jumping A welcomed change that has re-invigorated my love and passion for chora!! That is all I have for the minute. I will look to update as and when my opinion changes (if it does). I will note I never play with optics on Squad so I have no experience of the changes to the scopes. I'll finish with thanking our devs for maintaining their hard work and dedication to this game. I have been (as always) very vocal in my support for OWI in the recent weeks. The continuous stream of questioning of integrity and motive recently knocks me sick. I have got to know some of the team very well and it really is offensive to see these part time batty boys pop up with their one-post contribution questioning the dedication of the team. Despite a few tweaks here and there (based off my opinion), you boys have knocked it out of the park again, with a solid build which only goes to pay tribute to the work you and everyone within the QA team (I haven't forgotten you lot) put into this game. I'm not a sentimental person, but giving a reasoned voice as a backing to our devs has been needed for nearly a month. I believed the new build was the right opportunity to do so. Thanks for reading. DannyT/BLITZA
  13. Hi everyone, I believe that this game has the danger of losing part of its player-base (even though it's in its very early stages). The AAS (Assault and Secure) game-mode is fundamentally flawed (IMO), allow me to explain. Squad promotes itself as a realistic tactical FPS, however the principle of only having the ability to attack & defend a single point at any given time goes against sound reasoning & judgement. I would like to have the ability to assault any point, at any given time - much as you would have the capability of doing so IRL. My reasoning for finding the current model flawed is that you get many games where teams are disorganized, and struggle to coordinate themselves. It makes the game no fun to play due to a single squad failing to hold a position and as a result (generally speaking), creating a chain-reaction and losing every single point before anyone can react due to the main fight being all the way across the map! Allowing squads to make their own decisions based upon the ability to assault any point as they see fit, will allow better use of tactics and add to the overall enjoyment of the AAS game-mode. What I don't like is the game turning into a "relay-race", in which a single squad (just a few people) runs ahead of everyone else, anticipating their teams success so they can back-cap out from under their enemy and then rush to the next point causing them to win the game. This bullying tactic is happening more often than some may realize and it really does not create a fun gaming atmosphere. My 2 cents - Lets have a good discussion around this please. Update: I am very happy with the quality of this debate, lets keep it up!
  14. Hello Squad forums! ^^ This is my first post here so go easy on me. Basically I'm an old PR player originating from the clan MeRk which I'm sure some of the other PR players have heard of. I have been playing Squad a lot, since the pre-alpha, in order to sharpen my skills before the final product and these are the things that I've found really needs to be reworked. I would love for people to question my ideas and give me different perspectives on the problems that I will state. Given my PR background and the fact that I have played this game for a reasonable long time now, I find my proposals valid. 1. Markers In PR, the squad leader has the ability to place markers on the map which will appear for every squad member in his squad i.e. attack or observe markers. These markers will also create a small and subtle arrow for every squad member, indicating in which direction on the compass the marker is placed, and create a line between the markers position on the map and your own position on the map. The squad leader is able to place these both by holding down T and aiming at a position, choosing the preferred marker with a left click and thus placing the marker on the aimed position, or going into his general map mode which I guess Squads equivalent is pressing Enter and right clicking on a position on the map. This tools is really useful when it comes to coordinating a squad. Not only does it give the squad members a better sense of what the actual real-time objective is, it actually makes the experience a bit more forgiving when squad leading new players. I can see that the developers have tried something similar with objective markers and have combined them with unit markers, which in my opinion haven't really worked out. Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant the new system for setting unit markers but I really do think that the system for setting objective markers should be reconsidered and switched to something more like the PR style. Or maybe just implementing the PR system of setting “squad markers” on top of the existing one. If this happens, you will see much more coordinated squads, more teamwork and a community getting more enjoyment out of the game 2. Map This one really goes hand in hand with point number 1. I love the fact that there’s so many levels of zoom available by pressing M and then zooming in with N. But when I’m a squad leader and I want to relay information on the map of enemy positions to the team. I find myself forced to stop dead in my tracks when I press Enter. This really has a heavy toll on the pace the squad has moving forward. One of the best ways of gaining momentum with your squad is actually leading by example and spearheading the column. Forcing me to stop just to put up an infantry marker simply feels clumsy. I would love if I had the ability to move with the “w,a,s,d” buttons whilst utilizing this map mode. 3. Radio Let’s start this section of by saying that the sound of the radio is on point but it lacks functionality. I don’t know if you’re planning to implement this in the future but I can’t work out why for the love of god I can’t talk to other squads individually. Maybe this has to do with my settings and I will investigate this immediately after finishing this feedback thread but If it is an actual choice, I would say it’s a poor one. Having squad leaders talking in (what is referred to in PR) all chat is extremely annoying. Most of the squad leaders in the game at this stage has no idea of the value from audible intelligence (i.e. gunshots) which leads to them disturbing the squad leader of every squad in the team. I do accept that this game is a public one an there will always be some geniuses spamming the all chat. But removing the ability to talk to individual squad leaders altogether kind of forces squad leaders to disturb other squad leaders unnecessarily. 4. Player name popup whilst hoovering over their name I have noticed that you have implemented a system which allows for people to see the players name, kit and squad when they hover over their dot with their mouse. Although this looks nice, it really don’t seem to be working out all too good. Most of the time I try to set markers the marker options disappear when my mouse is close enough to the dot of another player. Thus making it practically impossible to mark close proximity enemies when your squad is in a tight grouping. Even trying to find the name of a random player close to another one is a difficult task. I recommend switching to something which gives you the players name and kit when you actually click on their name. This would be loads smoother in my opinion. All and all the game looks solid and I have really enjoyed playing Squad these last months. These are just opinions and I would love some feedback on my feedback so to speak. Thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to some response! See you on the battlefield, [NB] Cuttish out. [NB] – Nordic Battalion (FYI: I’m Swedish and prone to typos)
  15. Please accept my humble, howbeit stark, criticisms.
  16. While there are several immersion/gunplay suggestions I could make, I'm not sure if this game is so focused on it yet. I'm really enjoying playing so far, but some of the core mechanics are making it feel a bit too arcadey and not tactical enough yet. A Few suggestions I have 1. Planning phase One of my favorite features of the old game Rouge Spear was the planning phase, I never see it in games anymore. You have 300 seconds of just sitting, waiting for the match to start and then 10 minutes of players capturing empty flags. Divvy up the empty flags and just let Squads begin fortifying or pushing. For that first 300 seconds Give the SLs the tools to make a full plan on the map (including planned fortifications). This includes drawing movement paths. And then improvise when it goes to hell. 2. Harder Respawn Punishments While this will probably be ultimately up to the servers, I'm seeing too much arcade like Kamikaze style gameplay already. Imagine how different the dynamics of the game would be if it was a 50v50 game and you only got one life per round? While I wouldn't suggest something so extreme, the current system of low respawn times and putting rally points/FOBs near capture areas promotes careless game play, and turns fights into attrition, not tactics. One Idea would be modifying the insurgency respawn system. Instead of a timer the SL could call a wave of reinforcements (respawning all dead squad members) but it would have a more extreme cooldown than the current respawn rate. 3. Fix the Rally Point System. As mentioned before. The current Rally Point System is so forgiving it is broken and promotes exploiting it to overcome enemies through attrition. Rally points shouldn't be allowed within 400m of an enemy flag or FOB. The cooldown time for placing Rally points should be longer 3. Commander Role Squad leaders need a commander to lead them. Like the commander role in BF2, This wound is a specialized position that would primarily remain at the base or FOB with the map open. Winning teams would have a good commander with squads that listen. This might be a pipe dream for this level of cooperation to happen on pub servers. It would be great to incentify following orders somehow. 4. Enemy can hear nearby "talking" This has been talked about in other threads, but it's worth bringing up again. Ambushing requires stealth and silence. When the SL says aloud "Go check the other side of the wall" if there is a guy on the other side of the wall he should hear them. The obvious objection is that it would fragment the community by promoting the use of 3rd party VOIP. In Insurgency/Arma it's always the SERVERS promoting using 3rd party voIP. If the servers don't encourage it, I think most players will use the in-game audio system. Those who don't we have to pretend are psychic. 5.Muzzle Flash/Gun Smoke/Overheat Guns flash, Sustained fire produces visible smoke. Seem like something that could be implemented that gives you another thing to worry about. Overheating would be another cool feature that promotes more tactical gameplay as well. 6. Hardcore Options I'm probably the only one, but I love the amount of accidental team killing that happens in this game. I think it adds a whole other level to the need to communication and teamwork. While servers need to protect from griefers, this can be monitored by making sure a player isn't killing too many teammates at a certain rate (aka you should kick a player who has killed 7 teammates in a row with a rifle, but not the one who just accidently killed 8 with a misthrown grenade). It would be awesome if servers could turn off the floating name options, making players really check their maps and their shots. I would also suggest a separate server option to turn off the "you TKed X" warning, putting more pressure on the SL to mind their Squad.
  17. Well here we are. It has been a refreshing change to having many of us creating videos and supporting Squad, we have all shared and enjoyed the game, created montages and show reels, tutorials and action pieces to promote the game we all love. But now the game goes live I feel our time is over, the big youtube players out there who put no effort into their videos will gain thousands and thousands of views, meaning we will be forgotten and swept a side, our job here is done, it was great to promote Squad and garner others passion for this game. I had camera support taken away for a misunderstanding so there was no way for me to stand out anymore. It has been great to support each other during closed alpha and it feels to me like a close group will be blown open (for the good I know), and I am sure I will still do the odd video now and then, so thanks to our community and devs for the support of an amazing game, the community really has a passion for Squad as do I long may this continue while the carpet bombing of topics and complaints of new players floods in. Its been great to be part of a closed knit small community who all want the same thing. I salute you all. See you on the other side. Para. Let the Noob carnage begin....
  18. A few broad questions and comments (not necessarily directed to just the developers) with regards to the game design, which many games suffer from, particularly multiplayer games, and perhaps it is time for a studio to step in and address them - (Disclaimer: the tone is critical and supposed to drive conversation, it's not meant to be offensive.) (Question 1) Firstly, why aren't there logistics in the game? Where assets are brought in from off the map (paradrops, truck convoys, and so on), and soldiers don't just materialise from nothing, so there are convoys that you have an incentive to protect, etc, supply lines becoming an important aspect to the game. Sick of things 'pinging' into existence, it really undermines the realistic theme. At least have the game obey basic laws of physics, even if the premise of fighting in the bizarre Battle Royale arena style scenario is peculiar, and really that should also be baked into the concept of the game anyway. (Question 2) And at the same time, why are the objectives so contrived? They should be set by the players based on a loose mission brief, these absurd 'capture points' where you need to sit in a location, which no leader in their right mind would want to defend, for an arbitrary amount of time is getting old. It removes legitimate strategy, and the element of restriction of information, and particularly the role uncertainty plays in building tension and suspense, not knowing what your opponent is going to do. And subsequently players should fear death more, probably by the additions such as pain (screaming, panic, not being quite dead, etc.), gore, and a accompanying medic requirements, such as evacuation (body dragging), medic tents and so on (again supporting the need for logistics, but not necessarily needing immensely sophisticated damage systems, although localised wounds effecting the abilities of the soldier would be a massive improvement). (Question 3) Why are the gamemodes so unimaginative? It would be incredible if one of the supply methods for the logistics to be airdrop from a low orbiting starship for example, that wouldn't be completely outside of the realms the suspense of disbelief considering the game's theme. Consider how surreal it would be. Okay, maybe that's not completely serious suggestion, but frankly it would be badass to cross science fiction with modern military, that would be a strange and wonderful combination. Really though, more grounded than that but still extreme, outlandish maps and gamemode could be added, keep the theme but place it in an alternate universe in some outrageous war. Things such as a D-Day like assault on a fortress, charging in on Blackhawks evading flak fire, landing, taking out the flak to enable paradrops, overrun the fortress and win, it could be sensational. These mind numbing, boring, tired gamemodes that demean the building of dread need to end, and imagination brought back. Everyone jumping out of trucks at the staging area and piling into Blackhawks while sirens wail as the rotors spin up, flying for a couple of minutes in the relative calm, then suddenly the flak begins and all hell breaks loose. That's terrifying, and of course can be applied to a less crazy scenario. Nothing stopping these things from becoming a reality, especially considering the studio has complete creative freedom over the game. Emphasis though should be on the consistency aspect, particularly logistics. The materialising of assets really demeans combat in general. What do you think?
  19. I've been using the bug report form as much as possible, but is there a way I can post screenshots with the bug reports? Or are we just leaving it up to the devs from the descriptions of the bugs?
  20. I'm just going to list some constructive feedback on my gameplay experience so far. Being the spiritual successor to PR I assume you are going to implement every single PR feature that you can (hopefully more/improved) and to the best of your ability with unreal 4. 1. Shooting, accuracy, spread, recoil does not function like PR. In PR even if your aimer is on a guys face but you didn't steady your aim (stop moving for 3 seconds) your shots would go wide and have a wide spread. PR is probably my second favorite game in the world and the only improvement you could make would be a newer engine. 1.2 In squad I'm seeing insta kill snap shots on the run and extremely accurate automatic fire from medium to long ranges. I'm also seeing deadly automatic fire from 300 plus meters where I cannot see where this person is shooting from without binoculars. 2. Bullets catching on ledges I am looking over and then catching a round in the face from a guy on the other side of it. Bullets catching on the ground when I am prone, usually firing downhill from a high angle. I am always visually over the lip, it seems like the gun fires much lower then it is presented. 3. Lack of suppression. 4. Zooming in with your inspector gadget eyeballs when you hold shift. I prefer the PR mechanic of steadying aim because you don't have to perform another function and at close range the zoom actually makes it harder to track a target if they are moving. My biggest dislikes so far are people dragging there mouse to counter recoil and not being punished by increased spread during a fully automatic burst after moving. I'm already sick and tired of catching someone whos not looking at me when I go around a corner and having them turn and shoot and 1 shot wound me before I can center my iron sight and fire which takes less then a second. I've even seen a few people do the AD dance to dodge rounds and fire back, obviously from the hip. I'll continue this later, out of time for now.
  21. Hi there, loving the closed alpha so far. Just a short bug report - whenever I am looking at a red dot aka someone who is down and needs to be revived and that person gives up, the red dot stays permanently affixed to whatever position it was in before. Very reproducible for me. i7 4950K 4.0GHz Quad, 16GB ram, nVidea 770 playing on max settings.
  22. Hey everyone! I played Squad Alpha today for the first time. I really enjoyed playing the game. When I first spawned, I had no idea what to do.. I was playing with my friend and apparently was the Squad Leader. We both had no idea what to do, but luckily we had a nice squad member who explained us almost everything. After playing one game, my friend became a Rifleman so a more experienced squad member could become Squad Leader. He gave us the plan, said what we had to do and what not to do. First we regrouped and then we pushed over the hill, we got under heavy fire and we suffered some casualties. We fell back since we lost both medics in the firefight while they were trying to revive / heal wounded squad members. We entered the compound to prepare for the incoming Tango attack. All this under direct command of the Squad Leader. It was really awesome! I did have some problems while playing, it could be just me or it could be some known issues. - I once got stuck in a doorway while trying to run through the doorway - The recoil in Semi Automatic firemode was kinda hard to handle - It was hard to see enemies from 150m+ - Server sided lag - Grenades are like mini-nukes Please don't see this as criticism, I'm just trying to help, also sorry for my English, it's not my native language :) I just wanted to share my first experience playing Squad. I really look forward to the full game. Bye! Edit: Another issue I forgot to mention There appears to be some invisible walls in some of the windows of buildings, you can't shoot through it or throw grenades through it. (I found out the ward way :D) Edit 2: It could be my graphic settings, causing me not to see enemies from 150m+. I don't know, when I have time I'll try to figure it out!
  23. Hey guys! First let me start off to say you're doing a great job so far! I mean, still alpha but I'm having so much fun playing this game. Had some great matches tonight. The sounds are really great. I immediately get sucked into it. When the shooting starts there's chaos, and i like that. The Voip radio effect is really immersive . I would like to sum up a few bugs that I come across now and then. Just want to put it out there. -No foodstep sounds while sprinting and holding medpack/bandages as a medic -Spawning on FOB immediately after death while FOB or RP was spawnable -I've been in "Death screen" while unable to spawn while spawnpoint was selected and spawnable, but there was no countdown -Guns sometimes go invisible -Killed enemy's keep lying in prone position And playing as a medic it's hard to see who's wounded. Right know, someone calls a medic. Medic presses enter, look for the name and location of the wounded and goes and safe them. I would like to see some form of indication on the map, or maby a (blinking) + sign on the compass. And also the "sweet spot" to heal someone is way to small. Often I'm trying my mouse on the right spot, and being killed in that process a number of times, so pleeease fix that:) I'm sure you guys will. Keep up the good work!
  24. A few things I noticed which could be improved with the new UI while playing just now. For everyone new: the game is Pre-Alpha. Feedback is required. Not all feedback is going to "wow great game!" that this post includes things that need to be fixed doesn't mean I'm hating on the game or the devs. When selecting a Squad, or Squad Role you can't bring up the team lists. When I join in I like to jump in with a SL I like if I can and if not then on to the team with the fewest players. This is challenging now because I can't see both teams right away. The maps. Some are missing grid lines. They all move your position as you zoom in or out. Was just on Forest and depending on which level I was looking at the map I was in Golf or Echo or Foxtrot. Yikes! Automatically respawning without giving you the option to select where you want to respawn at. Not a fan of automatic respawns. Definitely not a fan of them happening wherever the game thinks you should go. If you remember you an pre-select a FOB or Rally point but if what you selected goes down you'll be back at main with no warning except finding yourself there. No visible indication that you need to bandage first, just a message that tells you this when you try to heal as a medic. It would be good to have something in the health icon that indicates the need for bandaging. So you know that first and just do it right from the beginning. Hope these are helpful. Lots of new players on right now. Had to jump off because the chaos was too much.