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  1. This is a list of things that I (a newbie with only 60h of game) think would be a great addition for pilots, including those who want to use their flight sticks. And also problems I noticed since my first flight. SUGGESTIONS 1 – Let players use keyboard for all controls (eg. W&S for pitch, A&D for roll, Q&E for rudder, shift & ctrl for power); 1.1 – The above might cause a loss in precision during landing, it could help if the control scheme would change back to mouse control when using C (landing cam); 2 – Give a separate toggle free look option for helis; 3 – An option to not lock pitch/roll controls when free looking; 4 – Zoom to RMB, don't need to be much, just enough so we don't see vehicles 500m away as small set of pixels; 5 – A dot in the center of the pilot's view, so we can put markers more accurately; THE BIG PROBLEM I conducted some tests on helicopters to understand why the handling is weird at times. From this I got some conclusions that i’m not 100% sure of (based on my barely basic knowledge on coding), so take it with a lot of salt. Experiment 1: Tested different pitch angles while maintaining level flight, by adjusting power. Experiment 2: Same as before, but not trying to hold altitute, with power fixed at 45% and 0%. Experiment 3: Braking from great speed w/ diferent negative pitch angles. Experiment 4: Doing all of above, but flying backwards and sideways. Conclusions: - Power only dictates your vertical speed, along with pitch that apply some cosine losses (making the heli lose altitude as one pitchs too much). - Horizontal speed is totally and only linked to the pitch angle value, power has 0 influence. After gattering data about pitch/speed from the experiments I concluded the helicopter works in 2 modes, lets call them Hover and Cruise. I got to the conclusion there is two modes because as you can see from the graph above, there are 2 sets of pitch angles with almost linear change in the maximum speed. Such maximum speed I will refer now on as “target speed”. Why target speed? Because I believe this is how the devs circumvented the problem of adding a rather complex flight system with a dynamical acceleration vector into a project that is already complex enough. So what I think they did was to set a function of pitch that gives a target speed (for each value of pitch), and then added 2 different constant acceleration vectors (one small for hover mode, and one big for cruise mode) which are tasked of bringing the heli to the target speed. This might seem reasonable, but it ends up creating problems that require further work arround. The first one that comes into mind is one that probably everyone that tried to fly faced. When you are trying to land, feel the need to make a not so conservative correction, and your heli decides to become a jet plane and zap into the terrain. Then you pull the stick to brake, and end up entering a ballet of moving back and forth. This is caused simply because you are pushing the stick across the “transition” point in which the acceleration vector changes to the much bigger value, and much bigger target speeds. But don’t feel bad, it is a counterintuitive system. This happens similarly to Roll, but it is less noticible as the target speeds, and probably the (lateral) acceleration vectors are smaller. Is there a solution? I believe the easier and short-term solution would be to make the Speed/pitch curve smoother, and/or adding a third mode to give a smoother transition. The harder long-term, is implementing a dynamical acceleration vector to the azimuthal axis of the vehicle whose value depends on power and optimally on angle of attack too. OTHER PROBLEMS: Don’t trust the instruments!!!(said no pilot ever). Values of speed are not faithful in some situations. When you pull back the stick to brake, the display will slowly decrease the indicated speed (initially), while in reality you’re braking much more, using the display as reference will only make the back and forth problem worse. Go visual, go by your instincts. There is a lot of glitches with controls, mainly when using a joystick. Unassigning either mouseX or mouseY will remove roll control from the joystick. Assigning buttons from the joystick or mouse are mostly impossible. I only managed to do it with 3rd party software. Sometimes power will be stuck at 0% and 100% (not talking about using the throttle lever) but simply pressing Esc solves the problem. (it’s a minor inconvenience) I hope I got this right, and hope my feedback is valid. Respectfully, A guy that already got TOWed too many times. PS: I prefer to believe the devs are already working on most of these (if not all). PS: PS: Sorry for bad engrish.
  2. My Personal Ideas and Adjustments for Game Play Mechanics by Doctor Hammer With the current iteration of Squad in the B17 phase I feel like it's a critical moment for game play mechanics before introducing Version 1.0. With this post I hope to create a healthy conversation concerning the game play mechanics and to highlight my own ideas that I strongly believe will be positives to the game. Lets begin! Spawn System Commander The Medic Class Those are all the ideas I have for the game right now that I think could be super beneficial and make the game more fun, some ideas more thought out than others, but that's okay, at the end of the day, I just wanted to put those thoughts out there and create a conversation about those possible changes. keep in mind these are ideas are just ideas, not absolute solutions. I am proposing some of these things in the hopes good adjustments to them would be made, and a conversation could be started. I think we all want the same for squad, a teamwork based game that supports communication and tactics. Thanks for Reading! Doc
  3. United Gaming The United Gaming Coalition, We are a collection of multiple gaming communities that are working together in one large group. So we are able to easily fill our servers and work together in larger squad tournaments. Interested in any of the communities check below for there clan information. [THE 6 COALITION CLANS] ➤ [100%] European clan discord https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV ➤ [UAF] Arabic clan discord https://discord.gg/9wHdugx ➤ [=WFT] Dutch clan discord https://discord.gg/MgjfcDW ➤ [TΛSLI] Hungary clan discord https://discord.gg/5EKZPX6 ➤ [UTF] Turkish clan discord https://discord.gg/47vXkWf ➤ [BAC] France clan discord https://discord.gg/nbBvKnt The Website : https://ugcoalition.eu/ Server Rules [ Full List ]: https://ugcoalition.eu/#Rules You Need a admin > https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV Server Rules [Compact list] ➤If you team-kill apologise or explain yourself in chat please! ➤ SQUAD LEADERS must have a mic and Squad leader-Role/Kit. (must Speak English in Commander Coms.) ➤ Infantry squad may only be LOCKED after reaching [4] players! ➤ All unassigned players must join a squad. If you are unassigned you will be seen as AFK. ➤ Crewman ARMOURED VEHICLES must always be manned by at least [2] players! - Crewmen are allowed to lock there squad by at least [2] players with CREWMAN ROLE KITS. - Pilots are allowed to lock there squad by at least [2] players with PILOT ROLE KITS
  4. Royal Battalion

    Our Server Rules 1. Be respectful: Absolutely no discrimination of any kind to other players will be tolerated. 2. Team Killing: Deliberate team kills will not be tolerated, this includes revenge/retaliation team kills or team killing in 'self defence'. Apologise for accidental team kills in all chat. 3. Cheating: Cheating of any kind will result in a ban, this includes hacking, glitching and other exploits. 4. Base Camping: We allow the enemy team out of main without hinderance to the 1st flag Such as Planting Mines right outside Protection Zone, Destroying/Killing Vehicles that just left Main Protection Zone. Some Objectives are very close to Main Base, But it doesn't mean it's allowed to Stay right next to them, in order to Secure the Cap Zone. If an Admin Considers that you are Too Close/Breaking the rule, you will be Asked to Stop Doing That or risking being kicked from the Server. 5. Squad Leaders: All squad leaders must have the squad leader kit at all times, they must have a microphone and be able to communicate in English to other squad leaders. A reasonable effort should be made to play the objective. taking all the vehicles, placing a FOB miles from objectives or sitting at un-capable/defendable objectives is not helping your team. 6. Unassigned: All players must join a squad, if one is not available, create one. 7. Spam/Advertising: Do not spam VOIP or text chat (playing music down the mic, etc). Do not advertise on our server, this includes URLs or any kind of advertising in your steam name. In addition NO recruiting on this server, unless for R-B 8. Vehicles: All APCs/IFV that require Crewman kit must be 2 manned. Do not Abandon Vehicles anywhere else, than FOB or Main Base. 9. No locked squads: Unless 2-3 man APC/IFV squad or 3-4 man motor squad. Locked squads for collective languages will be allowed, if the SL speaks English over SL chat. 1-Man Logistics/SPG Squads are Allowed. 10. Creating a squad without intending to lead it: Don't make a squad, then leave it and making someone else be an SL 11. No Camping bridges leading out of main bases. Players must wait till the enemy team are over the bridges before attacking. Our Seeding rules: 1. Both teams pick a flag and agree to fight over the flag 2. No HABs, FOBs or rallys to be placed on the agreed fighting flag 3. No Vehicles with armour to be used during seeding 4. No attacking each others HABs, FOBs or rallys until the server is live 5. All spawn placements must placed on a non agreed fighting flag or at a great distance to prevent players from walking onto the spawn points. If you have a complaint, question or issue: In any event that players have a complaint, question or issue, please join our discord and use the #report to admin channel. https://discord.gg/jEjMpAn
  5. TL;DR: Helis NEED joystick support. As it stands, half the issues could be passively resolved with joystick support. Ground effect is not that strong, and all controls with a range of operation, ie: collective feel 'empty' These controls feel empty because of the lack of inertial physics. I can see the gauge move gradually, however I only see action in the extremes of range (Read: inertia). Where are the wheel brakes? First, a preface of my sim experience and where my opinions/ideas are coming from. I currently have a little over 800 hours on Squad, with about an hour of heli flight. 1200 hours on ArmA 3, 99% helicopter flight in little birds/MD-500's. A few hundred on DCS, flying the black shark, huey, and a few fixed wing aircraft. I will be comparing mainly to ArmA's flight model, which should've been copied religiously... ***Startup/Takeoff: Engine start is fine, doesn't need to be an elaborate act. However once main spools up, it's as if my anti torque (tail rotor) is biased to the right, meaning the heli will slowly turn to the left unless I'm constantly tapping 'A' for left rudder (Which shouldn't even do anything when you're on the ground, rudders/elevators/ailerons need air moving over them to impart any action on the airframe). Since there is no manual trim (perfectly fine for squad), this is a constant issue from startup to flight, to landing. *FOR WHATEVER REASON* this issue seems to have disappeared after startup this AM. Heli stays straight on the pad and in flight unless I say so. Also it seems the 'rudder' mapping is actually for the tail rotor, so heli being able to rotate on the pad is true to life. However there should absolutely be a separate binding for tail rotor and tail rudder as well as configurable bindings for roll and pitch. As it stands, roll and pitch are confined to a single mapping respectively, limiting it to the mouse. Collective mapping constraints should also be removed. If I have to use my mouse for airframe control, I should be able to use my scroll wheel for collective. *Currently I do not see a mapping for wheel brakes and the 'vehicle' mapping seems to do nothing. If a heli has wheels, it has brakes for many good reasons, many of them being relevant and necessary all at once. *The 'landed' light on display is honestly not needed, or could be put to better use, or removed altogether. A meter readout perhaps (height above sea level but simplified) I see the readout for meters. The pilot should know they're landed based on skill/common sense, or by the aid of crew chiefs/door gunners. They shouldn't be staring at the screen, zeroing collective until they slam into the earth. Things like that breed dependency and dependency breeds sloppiness. ***Flight: Helicopters lack inertia. I believe instead of one issue being overbearingly to blame, this issue plays with the others, and together they make for a bad time. *The landing section below essentially outlines the issues with flight well enough to say the lack of inertia means the helicopter acts faster than the input should warrant. If I flare, the helicopter comes to a stop far, far too quickly for example. ***Landing: What can I say besides g r o u n d e f f e c t. Big props for including that, however it isn't that significant, especially on such a heavy airframe. *If I'm at level flight, with collective just enough to maintain FL, I should be able to drop collective by 5% and begin dropping slowly. If I flare slightly, and drop another 5% I should maintain that drop, while bleeding speed. I should be able to continue this trio of gradual collective drop, flare, and speed/ altitude loss until coming in on a 'short final' to finally flare and put the deck in the dirt. It should all be a smooth action. This is a combat landing under fire. Heavily contested landings do not consist of a pilot coming in at level flight, flaring heavily, and coming to a hover to descend painfully slowly, however with the range management of collective, (range management is fine, alter heli inertial physics) and axis controls, pilots will be restricted to just these types of landings. I've just gotten off a 12 hour night shift, so I'm going to fly some more and get back to this post.There is more to list, and last but not least let all be reminded this post is for nothing but constructive criticism. Praise is deserved for a lot in fact. Just not here. Thanks to all involved for bringing this gameplay element to us, sincerely. I've waited a long time.
  6. Collective sensitivity

    Hello! Really enjoying the A16 public testing, choppers are an amazing addition to the game. One little problem I have though is that the collective adjustment is too sensitive and getting on the exact percentage you want can take way too much focus(Focus taken away from trying not to crash). Just adding a collective sensitivity setting would be an amazing! Just like we have pitch and roll sensitivity(great idea btw). Cheers
  7. How to make Squad gameplay better by increasing, not decreasing, realism! Why Squad benefits from more realism, gameplay wise- We've all seen the arguments, with the pro-realism crowd annoyed by the addition of weird "nobody asked for this" systems like buddy-rallies, or the removal of dead-dead; and the gameplay-over-realism team asserting that addition of things like realistic armor for vehicles, thermals, or accurate scopes makes the game un-fun or a slog to play through. It's a tale as old as time, and in a lot of cases the differences are irreconcilable, especially when it comes down to personal preference for accuracy or 'fun'. But today, I want to make the case that for many elements some people decry as being realistic to the point of unfun can actually *improve* gameplay: First, let's be clear about what most can acknowledge are the core tenets of Squad- 1. **"Authentic combat experiences"** as per the steam blurb. We're going to make a distinction between accuracy and realism, which while similar in meaning, have connotations that are significant. Squad has authentic gun sounds, visual effects and weapon designs, which make a player feel like they're *immersed* in a modern battlefield. 2. **Teamwork**- Obvious, players should be dependent on each other for individual and team-wide success, lone wolfing should be punished, and tactics should carry the day. 3. **"Bridges the gap between arcade shooter and milsim"** - Well, all this really means is an experience in between Arma (vanilla, ACE adds so much to the game but is beyond the scope of this post) and something like Battlefield 4. Doesn't specify *where* exactly this bridge is, but I'm making the case that it ought to fall more towards the Arma side, or just towards realism in general. For all our disagreements, nobody here really wants the game to become BF4, or even Arma, so we have that much common ground to work with. **Problems I perceive in Squad as of V15, and solutions:** 1. **Lack of consequence for death**- Respawn timers only go so far when it comes to making people unwilling to Rambo or lone-wolf, because, at the end of the day, nobody is actually dying. Making timers longer doesn't help, because nobody likes spending more time sitting and checking reddit on the phone when they're playing a game. In this light, the removal of dead-dead was the most WTF? moment in the game's history, all the more concerning because 3 updates later, it hasn't come back. This is the true crux of the issue, in both infantry and vehicle gameplay, the meta tends to stay at whack-a-mole, with soldiers going down in entrenchments being practically immortal as long as one or two competent medics are on the scene. You have stuff like the Highrise of Life in Al-Basrah, which produced enough fresh insurgents to make China feel infertile, as conventional forces can't make any progress because the actual means of building clearing used IRL, namely frags or HE, simply doesn't work. Squad has no building destruction either, which is actually not something I expect to ever be implemented, but with indestructible hiding holes, attacking some places really makes you feel like the 72nd virgin being offered up haha. Machinegunner? Eh, no biggie, if I die I can be back on my feet in 30 seconds or less, and the lack of suppression means the poor bastard will run out of bullets before I or my buddies run out of bandages Marksmen? The scariest thing for any soldier in an urban battlefield? Gotcha fam, my skull can regrow faster than Wolverine's when a bandage is slapped onto it. Stryker? *I sleep*, because his .50 can only annoy me while I'm getting patched up ****ing T72? Hmm, concerning. *"Oi Ahmed, grab that LAT, Ali, take that ammo-bag, chase him around the block until he runs out of ammo, or the will to live." * Solution: Who could have guessed? Both Project Reality, to which Squad is a "Spiritual Successor", and Post-Scriptum, its younger cousin, manage just fine, with dead-dead, and not just manage, they do it **better**. In fact, PR has insta-death for HE, grenades and IEDs, much like Squad had before the recent patches, while Post Scriptum takes it a step further by making headshots and high calibre rounds dead-dead on hit. Suppression now works as a proper deterrent, both by simulating stress, and also dissuading casual trading of pot-shots with a superior position. It worked great, and we very much need it back ASAP. 2) **Weird meta-shifts in vehicle gameplay**- IRL, vehicles are glass cannons, but in Squad they keep swinging from all-glass in V12 to all-cannon in V13. V14 and 15 makes it 'bAlaNcEd' but at the cost of all the factors that come into consideration for actual vehicle combat. Most modern first-world combat vehicles have thermals, which provide a massive boost to situational awareness, especially in forested and urban areas. In a complete lack of coincidence, these are the places where vehicle drivers refuse to come within a mile of, as anyone who's made the mistake of driving a Warrior or BMP-1 into Basrah can tell you. IRL, urban areas are a real threat, but vehicles are still the ones in control, since unlike in-game, firing a dozen rounds of HE or Frag through the windows of nearby high rises makes sneaking up on them something you only do after exhausting alternatives. But no, we had the *grass-snake* meta for LAT and HAT until a few patches back, when OWI nerfed all AT to the extent that vehicles shrug off shots that would send an Abrams running for the hills. Now it's *"two grass snakes"* as the meta, one LAT and a rifleman with an ammobag to keep him well-fed. Current tank vs tank or IFV battles are weird and boil down to shooting down HP bars until someone overheats first, with Strykers laughing off 30mm rounds that would mulch them otherwise. Infantry complains that they don't have the means of dealing with armor, armor complains infantry can bleed them with a thousand cuts and also doesn't have to worry about spending 20 minutes trundling back and forth from main, as anyone who hasn't managed to get a repair station in Skorpo can tell you. Solution: Realistic armor and AT damage models, so vehicles can be both scary and still vulnerable to infantry fire and other vehicles. Thermals, because it's 2019, and they've been ubiquitous in 1st world armies for **20 years**! Even PR had them, which makes you wonder why they haven't shown up yet. 3) **Visibility and pixel-peeping**- For all it's faults, such as an outdated engine and lackluster PVP, Arma has one feature that Squad could absolutely make use of- The ability to zoom your FOV in and out without the need for a scope. Some claim that it's a *'bionic eye'* but it's actually more realistic than its absence, the zoomed view accurately depicts what an *actual soldier* would be able to see, if you imagine your monitor is a window into the real world. The current view, even at low FOVs, is zoomed out. Not to mention that bad antialising in Unreal makes seeing small targets a nuisance, which compounded by the fact that 1080p monitors can't really let you see more than 200 meters away makes pixel peeping a real eyesore. IRL, soldiers can hit targets at 300m with irons, and even around 500-800 is doable with scoped rifles. Beyond that, wind and random scatter makes hitting man-sized targets difficult. Right now, irons are dubious at best beyond 150 meters, while scopes can manage 300-400. Thus in-game irons are nerfed terribly, and can't be used at the ranges they ought to be. Solution: Literally emulate the zoom mechanic, without the need for optics, because things becoming larger just because you're holding your breath while aiming doesn't really cut it for gameplay or immersion.. **Why some people have been resistant to the addition of more realism to the gameplay-** When considered *in isolation*, any of the mechanics mentioned above can seem detrimental to the gameplay. Thermals seem OP because the vehicles can *tank* (pun intended) much more than they ought to be able to. Stronger AT annoys many vehicle players, because they feel like they can never make their own worth in tickets most of the time anyway, plus any infantry you kill is basically a minute away from coming back to ruin your day. "Bionic eyes aren't realistic" **Conclusion:** There are many ways to balance mechanics through the structure and ruleset of the game, without conceding realism. Most of the vocal opponents of more hardcore elements target individual systems without consideration of the whole, but I hope I can make the case that by all those weird meta switch-ups *wouldn't even have been needed* if the devs put some more effort into letting weapons and equipment balance themselves so to speak, and they wouldn't need to try and satisfy everyone with their own weird ideas of what a modern battlefield feels like. As far as I can tell, the core principles of Squad have been maintained, *without* turning it into Arma, and also preventing further descent into BF4 territory, which has been a recent concern for many of the older vets, especially those with a PR background. What do you guys think? https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/ceb08i/how_to_make_squad_gameplay_better_by_increasing/
  8. Server Configuration

    Good afternoon, So recently I applied for a server license for our small community of 75 members, and we have had a licensed server for a few months now. During the server license re-issue process we were issued both a temporary license and a permanent license at the same time. When the temporary license expired we went to use the permanent license which we then discovered no longer worked. We contacted OWI since our license no longer worked, and were told we needed to re-apply. Our application has now been declined due to not enough admins, which per the official posted rules we meet the requirement of at least 10 admins. "Sever rule 1.3 Licensed servers must have enough admins to properly run the server to maintain the integrity of the community and the server itself. A minimum required 10 per server instance. Admins needs to be presented in the vast majority of the time during populated hours. Failing to adhere to this will result in a revoked license. [UPDATED 16 June 2019]" ►Following what was mentioned above. We have a growing yet small community and we want to use the hardware and software that we spent our own time and money on building specifically for the purpose of hosting Squad. "Server rule 2.4 Licenses that have been inactive for longer than a week will be disabled and you will need to reapply if/when you bring your server back online. [UPDATED 14 August 2017]" ►What constitutes a server being down? Is it the lack of people on the server to populate it? Is it the actual time the server goes offline? Can someone clarify? "Server rule 2.7 Using any sort of fake and/or unattended clients, bots, or Squad instances with the intent of seeding or boosting player counts is not permitted. [UPDATED 21 August 2018]" ►All Communities use this to their gain. How do you stop something like this from happening? How do you know its happening? Are we Using the honor role system where people come forward and admit they are breaking this rule? ►How do you populate a server without a server license? Can someone clarify as well.
  9. How can I help?

    Game-play hours: 2240 Objectives: I want to help the community grow, I want to get involved and to learn more about the community as a whole. What are the needs of the community that a normal everyday person like myself can do to help out(Please do not suggest something silly, like uninstall or go make a new game.) The goal is to gain some more experience, get to know some more people and hopefully be of use. Question is to the community: What does the community need; as far as servers, staff, etc What do I need? What type of skills/people do I need to have/speak with? Recommendations/Ideas? Thank you,
  10. Please leave Bugs and Issues here with screenshots attached. Not a place to theory craft or idealize about the map. just help spot bugs only. cheers
  11. Could Offworld confirm, or make sure, that players that are wearing the unarmed/surrender kit/uniform not affect/contribute flags/capture-points. This to ensure that captives can be held anywhere on the map without any negatives for the captors, and etc... Will there be a way of dropping/lose weapons in the field so you can surrender without needing to change at an ammo box? Even though I never really played on Altis life servers... there's a market...: Could consider a timer on being able to use the 'respawn' command, and for the give-up command... or atleast allow servers to edit respawn/give-up/suicide rules... or introduce a new game mode^^ Not single life... possibly cost more tickets lost for suicide/giving-up, as a server option... ... ... etc etc P.s. I do read the updates, but don't recall seeing the above covered anywhere... woopsie if a I missed...
  12. Suggestions for Owi

    Recommendation: Analyze this suggestion from a more holistic perspective. (Updated) I believe I may have a solution that would optimize the game a bit further and would definitely be more enjoyable for everyone. A) Multiple Spawn Areas: Preferably three(varies on maps & game-modes) - I suggest having an Optional: Aerial-Support base being able to be destroyed, disabled or Capturable. Main base: logistics, transport For: Squad leaders, Infantry Offensive Vehicle Base = t72, stryker, 30mm For: Crewman Kit, Engineer kit Aerial-support main-base = helicopter, drones, air-strikes. For: Commander roles, and Helicopter Pilot roles. B) Settings/System Requirements: I believe that very few actually use the motion blur so I think we should remove that and the low settings while keeping only the medium to epic settings. I also believe that we should update Requirements by replacing the "Minimum Requirement" with our current "Recommended Requirement'. Settings: Remove All Low settings and Cinematic Shadow = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: Distance Shadow Foliage = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: All Low Settings System Requirements: Ram Must be: 16gb Ram or higher GPU Must be: GTX 970 or higher CPU Must be: i5-2550k or higher C) Game-play: Ticket bleed changes Troops: Commanders cost = 8 ticket bleed Squad Leaders cost = 4 tickets bleed Normal Infantry cost = 1 ticket bleed Vehicles: Logistics, Transport cost = 15 tickets bleed Small artillery Vics cost = 20 tickets bleed Medium artillery Vics cost = 25 ticket bleed Heavy Battle Tanks cost = 30 tickets bleed Aerial(Helicopter) cost = 30 tickets bleed Deployable/Flags: Radios cost = 30 tickets bleed Captured objectives = 40 tickets bleed I would love to hear some feedback from the community as well, let me know what you think about these suggestions. Will you guys enjoy this more, will it be worse, and please be specific as to why you would disagree/agree. Thanks.
  13. Suggestions for Owi

    Hours Played: 2227 Suggestions I strongly believe that Owi should focus on releasing the helicopter features, then re-balance the armored vehicles attack, defense, and mobility especially on the speed of the turret that one is able to turn from left to right to improve on the realism aspects. Then refocus the majority of your efforts on optimizing the game to prevent any more bugs, server closed connections. I recommend focusing 80% of your efforts on optimization and the remaining 20% should create an environment or in-game chat browser so that new players could socialize, learn, meet trainers, and learn the basics of the game. After, you guys have finished releasing the promised features(helicopters) than divide up your man-power 50/50 into optimizations, and the feature I had just mentioned above. Once perfected, then start to plan the next phase which is going for a full 100 slot player, after you have achieved a perfect 100 player slot then you should go beta. Add Helicopter + the remaining features that you guys have in mind + re-balancing heavy armored vehicles. a) Highly recommend: refrain from adding any more features for now until all of the following steps have been met. Game Optimization: Fix server connection issues, and bugs. Creating an in-game browser for new players could socialize, learn, meet trainers, and learn the basics of the game. Efforts to increase more players: 100 player slot(Full 80player slot must be perfectly stable, meaning no more sudden disconnections and fps drops due to super fobs.) Go Beta Features, game-modes, add-ons, 150 player slot. I'd love to hear back from everyone in the community in regards to my suggestions.
  14. Hello! I'm quite a new player and though I currently got little of gameplay, I got in to the range, and I knew I liked the game. Here's what I got out of the game, stuff I think are great, but also could use something more. New to the game, not new to military stuff and MilSim in general. - The Sound Design. It is great, sounds like the weapons and explosions really have kick in them. I do think the game could use an ear protection system, like active ear protection if that is not too much to program. Active ear protection being meant to dampen the sound when the decibels when they get too high, and others could have ear plugs or no ear protection at all. -Player movement. The player movement is solid, though you could use just a tiny bit more speed, somewhere like 2-5% in the current content build ID: 3396105. Plus maybe a weight system in addition. The characters seem to be having a bit of overweight underneath all the gear they have including weapon. Sure 2-5% is a really small amount, but I do think a soldier could move a bit faster than that. - Customization. I was hoping that we could get more customization. It does seem to be a bit lacking if I'm honest. Some sides of course don't have the same amount of gear and such available as US, UK or Russia, but those sides would do well with the customization options. Lighter gear, such as chest rigs and such should in my opinion be available for the previously mentioned teams. Balaclavas are also often used by militaries, so that is also what I would like to have. In addition to the Customization could open the weight system. Gear obviously weighs you down, most of the weight comes from the bulletproof vests. Changing them around would be nice, to a JPC or a Chestrig with just a covert vest with NIJ Level IIIA plates. I realize designing them would be difficult, but that would just be great if we had those abilities. These modern bulletproof vests are fairly new inventions relative to warfare itself, but men aren't sent without protection on the field. - Gunplay. The Gunplay in this game seems pretty good. I look forward to what new stuff happens. See you on the battlefield!
  15. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ Can we get feedback on our reports so we know you care? is these only for the looks? just a placebo to make us think you care? We respect your wishes to not post these in the forum so we use the report form. is this because you don't want the critique to be discussed because you don't plan on doing anything about it? You can at least make one comment letting us know if you reviewed it, if its insufficient evidence or if the report is false or if its valid and that you will proceed with actions. anything.
  16. Zeroing HMG’s

    I think it would be an interesting idea to have the option to zero HMG’s, this mainly goes for the DSHK, and the NSV, as the 50 cal ACOG has respective mildots at range, (zeroing) the idea for the DSHK would be for it to have zeroing functionally just like most of the rifles in the game. This would be especially useful for the DSHK for a couple of reasons. At range, shooting the DSHK while aiming down sites is virtually impossible, because the shots comes below the sight because of drop, preventing the user to see where his shots are going. Because of this, it’s better to not ADS, and compliment aiming from where the tracers are going. In game and IRL, the DSHK has a slider that can zero up to 1000m I believe, by pushing the slide up to corresponding ranges. This would be a welcome addition as, now you would be able to see where shots are going at range. In regards to the NSV, unlike the M2’s built in ACOG that had ranging up to 2000 meters, the NSV’s scope only has horizontal correction, preventing the user from accurately shooting at range, possibly, a zeroing feature would also be welcome for the NSV platform in the scope, as to correctly shoot at range.
  17. Hey Squaddies! The text you’re about to read is the minutes of a meeting hosted by Offworld Industries to gather community feedback. Roundtable events are based on the most recent Recap and we’d recommend reading that first. Please note that the text represents a dialogue between the community and developers, not a planning document. OWI Attendees included Axton, StrangeZak, Fuzzhead, and the host, Nordic. Note: OP refers to Original Poster, someone from the community. Text in Italics represents responses from OWI members, or general overview text sourced from us -- not the community. Attempts to preserve the discussion as it happened between topics and questions have been made. [Introductions, Rules, and Format. Contact Nordic for further information on participation.] Localized vehicle damage model. Part of the point is to increase gameplay depth, especially for APC/IFVs. Increasing their desire to work with infantry and the rest of the team. Also, they are large, very cool vehicles, so standing next to them during a fight is awesome. The values will continue to be tweaked, as this is just the first iteration of the model. Community wants: A visible model in firing range (Being worked on. Thanks Chuc! \o/) Yep, there are lots of AT options. Ammo capacities may change with balance, including the availability of ammo on vehicles. (Not likely to be in v11, but maybe v12.) One-shot kills are not desirable. (One-shot disabling may be a different story.) Ammo Changes to the way ammo is available in the field are coming, including stashing some on vehicles. Man-portable ammo. (Planned, but likely not for v11.) Resupplying in the field should probably enough for one person, but still in testing/design. (For example, 75 points would be one LAT, or 3 rifleman, etc.) Will there ever be ammo bearer role/kit? Maybe. Inventory customization potential post-1.0. (e.g. Opting for no grenades in favor of more ammunition.) Adding more kits is delicate, since other ones may become unused in your Squad. It does make for more specialized decisions though. It would definitely have to be fun to be implemented. Interlude It was agreed by all that it would be helpful to have a larger picture, a bigger sense of the high-level plan for Squad. It’s difficult to discuss some changes, as they are so linked to everything else. (e.g., ticket bleed.) Heck yeah it is! We're looking at a couple options to expose more planning and more feedback options, such as Trello. Vehicle gameplay We expect vehicle gameplay to shift across the next couple of patches, as more armor and anti-armor options are introduced. Additionally, the updated damage model is going to impact vehicle gameplay. Ideally, the shirt will go more toward a "thinking person's game," with increased emphasis on working with vehicles as a team. Make communication between vehicle and infantry more rewarding, and easier. Less dying/ self-sacrifice. Vehicles lose their purpose too easily, especially Logistics. Try to promote more thoughtful gameplay, more risk versus reward. TOWs will be a huge threat. Emphasize vehicles working together. Two vehicles together should be way more effective as a team than solo. Still too prone to flipping. Q: How do you feel about adding manual transmission? Automatic is bad for hilly maps. Mapping and design question. We have some of the steepest roads in the world in Squad, more so than actual roads in New Zealand. A US or Ural truck would go at walking speed, if it moved at all. Bumping up the torque would effectively make them mountain climbers up to 90 degrees. Zooooom! OP: Offroad mode (shift) doesn’t work very well right now. Noted. AAS Ticket Changes Changes to the AAS system are coming, starting in Alpha 11. It’s likely we will move towards "Static" AAS and Random AAS, as well as trying more experimental layers, but they will require testing and feedback. A lot of dynamics of the game will be changing in the next couple patches. Values may need to change, and we plan on working with the community to do so. Teams will now lose tickets when they lose a flag. Currently: +20 tickets for capturing a flag, -40 ticket for losing a flag. +20 for capturing a neutral flag. Ticket loss will be increased in v11. It will also be standardized. The values are standardized for simplicity; nobody wants to have to memorize a wiki for each flag. Squad has a transparency issue with tickets in general. Bleed is confusing, being somewhat of a background element. *Especially* for new players. The numbers are not set in stone. Some experiments with bleed time and values are being examined too. If feedback (yours and ours!) is poor, we will revert those changes. If you’d like to be involved in testing changes, reaching out to Fuzzhead might help. Bleed changes are small -- they’re not going to revolutionize AAS, but they might help you see different parts of the map and think about them differently. They aren’t expected to be a panacea. We’re still keeping an eye on the overrun changes made to FOBs. Community: Focus on tickets can turn into spreadsheet simulators, taking some of the magic out. All of these AT changes might impact AAS in unknown ways. Please be considerate of the balance between attackers and defenders, especially in terms of pacing. HUD elements for ticket changes would be nice, maybe on the map. But don’t overload the UI, please. (Fuzzhead: Squad may have too much HUD. It’s good, but there’s a lot there when you don’t need it.) Mercy Bleed OP: Does Mercy Bleed actually do anything for the community? Is it harmful? Where does the feedback come from? A: It seems to incentivize continuing attack, especially in the first five minutes. OP: Players may not be incentivized to attack over defend when bleed is active, especially with super FOBs. A: While it may not change the mentality of the average player that isn’t reading the forums, etc, this would be a change that’s going to impact player behavior. It’s a choice on map basis: part of it to get large, unused portions of the map involved. People mentioned they were never fighting in many areas of maps. OP: “We do see on general servers, a lack of motivation, or a give up mentality, when the center point is captured.” User example: It seems slightly punishing, forcing players to take all of the flags instead of setting up a solid defense with more than half the map. Different user counter-example: One of the best ways to play AAS right now, especially if you capture Papanov, is to turtle and not fire another shot for the round. You don’t attack them because you don’t have to. That sucks; it’s boring. Q: “Why should I leave the first flag super fob?” The enemy has +20 tickets for every neutral flag, they know where you’re at, and you should expect mortars and armor very soon. Someone will always want to push. We can think up a hundred scenarios, but we won’t know for sure until we test it. Admin Tools We’re aware of the frustration server administrators have with the tools and hope to improve upon them in the future. We run into them too, especially during playtest. However, they are not the top priority right now but will receive some attention. Better admin UI being looked at, for example, you may be able to ban someone from a radial menu or the scoreboard. Replay functionality is currently buggy. It can be used, but take care when skipping forward; turrets will disappear, soldiers do some weird stuff. Improvements are being made Community would love: MOTD (maybe on the loading screen, or during the queue, or a specific tab) Maybe similar to Counter-Strike HTML options -- something that allows it to be recalled when necessary. Warning messages directly to a player, before kicks/bans Visible admin indicators (optional) Improved chat logging Idle/AFK kick RCON Team management tools: move players to squads, etc. Force join squad timer. (There are problems here with locked or full squads, players that don’t want to squad lead, etc.) Access for modders and modding, please Many functions could already be made as a mod. Zak is willing to assist people working on them, but be aware that it requires a custom server. Mod support is still under continuing development too. Q: Will there be more licensing/guideline enforcement? That’s a director-level decision, but we expect some changes. Stay tuned. Patches/Optimization In the wake of getting to v10, we’re definitely aware we need to work a little harder on our patch scheduling and transparency. Currently, there are several programmers dedicated to optimization. They’re using the tests as opportunities to collect performance profiles, hunt fixes, and eke out more FPS. Further, we’re developing tests to focus explicitly on optimization. Community: Faster patches with less fixes is a-okay. (“Patch bugs asap! We don’t mind!”) Large patch size is still a concern, especially with small fixes. (i.e., you have to download another 30 gigs.) Latency feels increased. Can’t tell if it’s server issues or other. Some community members confirm some server performance boosts in 10.2. Fuzzhead: One thing can hold performance back. You may not notice the changes until we find that one thing that’s causing problems, even if other items have been optimized. I think we’re getting close. Gameplay Some of the upcoming changes include prone to stand speed adjustments, addressing gun wobble, examining sway (Yep, the m4 needed love.), recoil patterns, as well as changes to ADS timing. We’re also aware of the slight desync between first and third person views and will be tightening that up. Hopefully, this will increase responsiveness in hitting your target, especially when your target is peeking around corners. Q: Prone to stand is changing. Does stand to prone change? A: Maybe. It’s something we’re considering based on real world behavior, even among the developers. Most people WILL throw themselves down real fast… even in paintball.) The desynch between 1st and 3rd person: 3rd person view is sped up a little over it. Side effect: latency has you showing up a little sooner, but the speed compensates. If you’ve never noticed it, you should notice it even less now. It’s often a trade-off between looking a little silly and playing how people expect it. Leaning movement: Try walking while you lean. It’s hard. Especially with a weapon. Your feet don't move the same way. But we understand it’s a game too. Fuzzhead would limit crouched movement and movement while leaning would be slow. This is a preference, not an edict. Fine-tuning is an on-going process, especially looking forward to vehicles. Community: Leaning could limit stamina regen. Fuzzhead would like to see less restrictions on logistic trucks. May not happen, because of the obvious issues, but the benefits may outweigh it. Additional admin tools could help with this. Because Squad’s audience is bigger, we have to be aware that new or toxic players can impact things like this. Making sure small squads are still viable is important, especially for specialization. Occasionally mirrors real life too. FOBs and Spawns Q: FOB changes? What’s the ideal version? Are you happy with spawning now? Fuzzhead: Oh no, it’s going to change. The drasticness of the changes is up for debate. Definitely, it’s not in its final form. Rally points definitely need a pass. A hard overhaul to how they work and their relationship to the pacing of the game. There’s a fine balance; you want a game that is accessible and squad leaders have this ability to keep their squads together, having fun, in the action. Too much reliance on rally points creates a game more about placing spawn points. The overrun mechanic on the FOB is subtle, but it changed the pacing a lot. We have to be careful when changing spawn mechanics, even small changes. We have lots of feedback coming in for spawning. We have our own takes. And there’s a lot of ways to go; Fuzzhead would like to trial a couple of them. the PR system (rally expires in x seconds, can’t place again until y.) might not work for Squad. A wave spawning system for RP’s, e.g. every 90-second rolling wave, the whole squad can spawn on RP, keeping them together. However, it doesn’t impact pacing, it would change squad movement. Incentives could be introduced to reduce spawn time, for example. (Community: Remember, nobody likes waiting.) Fuzzhead understands the limitations of rally points may have been implemented as temporary measures to adjust the pacing of rallies. Needs to be re-examined, as it feels outdated. Fuzzhead would really like to try some changes in testing, especially to see how it impacts pacing. It could add some depth, opens up more roles for people, and increases the importance of logistics. Game Mode Intent First flag is always neutral on Invasion. We know… it’s not ideal, may change. If you’re seeing back caps lost in other ways, it may be a bug -- tell us. =) Some Invasion flags had issues in the v9 -> v10 merge. Many issues (e.g., loss of flag lock) were caught, but some did get through, especially on older maps with more layers. They will get looked at though; we’ve learned from our mistakes there. Respawn resources have been tossed around as an idea, but generally seems pretty “gamey” and silly. It could have merit if it worked, though. (e.g., If a rally had no reloading capabilities, you’d need a supply truck with ammo, or more respawn, etc.) AAS isn’t necessarily the right mode for irregular forces, and we'd like to showcase them more/make them more fun. Q: What’s the motivation for game modes? We need more content! Is AAS supposed to be the primary, one-trick pony? Random AAS will likely be a topic for the next roundtable. AAS was the primary mode for PR, because it was easy to modify. It was a good start for Squad, but isn’t necessarily the “flagship.” Like Fortnite experimented with modes, one game mode may rise organically. The problem right now is the other game modes haven’t gotten as much polish, but that will be changing. Smaller, shorter seeding game modes to get people into servers might be an example. You might not want a two hour AAS session mid-week, so offering other options is important. Additionally, we've previewed the territory control mode, and briefly discussed the potential for Fog of War mechanics, especially in Random AAS. Crewman Kit Beef up the driver capabilities a bit, give them a periscope. Every APC, IFV, tank, and helicopter will have a Crewman kit requirement. As a squad leader, you may need to have a crewman, or it may be allowed to drive as a SL, work as “vehicle commander” setting points, etc. The first iteration of the Crewman Kit may not have any special toys, other than meeting the requirements for driving some vehicles. More abilities are still up for discussion. We’d really love to see more combined arms, especially when 50v50 platoon-scale combat is an option. Closing Thoughts A big thank you to everyone that took time to join us for the roundtable. We look forward to seeing you again after the next Recap! Your feedback is invaluable to us and we're looking forward to building a better Squad with your help! And yeah, we're working on improving the roundtable format too.
  18. Hey Squaddies! The text you’re about to read is a recap of a community roundtable held Offworld Industries to gather feedback. Roundtable events are based on the most recent Recap and we’d recommend reading that first. Please note that this text is not a planning document, but a recap of a conversation with the community. Best efforts have been made to retain tone and intent, but mistakes happen: please feel free to submit corrections. =) If you prefer to listen, you can hear the original audio recording. If your organization isn't involved in the roundtable and would like to be, please reach out to Nordic Socialist for more information. OWI Attendees included Axton, Assi (the Silent), StrangeZak, Fuzzhead, Gatzby, ChanceBrahh, and the host, Nordic. SquadWiki: It’s in need of some updating. If you can lend a hand, or know someone who would, it would be much appreciated. Usgu and Sweez are champions, but can’t do it alone. We all have knowledge that could be out there: It took 1300 hours for Nordic to figure out you could capture a neutral flag with one guy. While the groundwork for the mechanics is being laid, so should the groundwork for documentation. It would benefit from more meta knowledge of the game. Things like what to expect when you join a server, how different game modes are set up, or other meta basics. (Much of this should be in the game, too.) Reach out to Usgu if you’d like to assist! RIP members have made an announcement and have shown interest. (Thanks RIP!) One suggestion would be to have an organized wiki day with QA members and developers on hand to verify the data, answer questions, and assist in editing. Wikipedia style writing prompts may be another avenue. Adding some breadcrumbs to the wiki from the in-game message of the day might help as well. Squad could still use more tutorialization, especially video content. We’re looking into it, but due to the number of changes coming to UI and systems, it’ll make more sense to make that sort of content when it is done. In the meantime, the wiki is a good resource for that information. Server Experience It would be nice to have a section in the server browser/client for training servers. Effectively, having some sort of tagging system for server admins to self-identify server type might work. In addition to that, some sort of way to present rules and information when joining a server would help manage expectations and experience. Some suggested tags: “Regular, Competitive, Training.” “Training, Casual, Competitive” StrangeZak: We frequently debate server browser. No one can quite decide which way to go. We don’t want to split a whole community. Admin Tools They’re getting a little higher in priority, but still have to wait for other systems. We’ve heard your suggestions and want them too. (See previous roundtables.) Unreal Engine Versions We’re keeping an eye on the improvements in each engine update and we’re especially excited about the features being developed for Fortnite. We have everything we need to launch in the current release, but will continue to evaluate engine updates. They are a lot of work, especially making sure all previous code is compatible. RAAS Fog of war (i.e., Not being sure which flag will unlock next.) isn’t confirmed at the moment, but it is something we’d like to see. It may not make it into alpha 12, however. There will be randomized flags so you don’t play the same configuration every time. It’s being built with reducing overhead on building layers in mind, benefitting both our designers and modders. You should be able to select a specific layer with AdminChangeMap at least. Main bases will not be randomized in Alpha 12, but that’s something that could be possible in the future. It’s also possible to specify whether a flag will be randomized or not, as the randomizer is modular. One of the main difficulties with main bases are the vehicle spawns, but the future might have some solutions for that. As the designer still picks the flow, there will still be logic to the layer design. It should be similar to Destruction; it will pick a cluster or area of the map, and then pick a point within that cluster. Static/Normal AAS will continue to be developed where it makes sense to do so. We want the competitive community to have strong layers, but we will likely not create hundreds of static layers for maps in the future -- randomized AAS is to help address that. Hopefully, we can find some more competitive-friendly game modes too. =) Oni Shinobi believes the fog of war will be very important, as it will impact the ability to rush the next flag. truthRealm is into the fog of war, and suggests that it might be a server or layer variable. Related to that, they wonder if there are any plans to standardize factions by layers. There will be some way of knowing which factions are playing, ideally in the server browser, but there will still be variations by map. Vehicle Damage The next iteration will have vehicle component damage, as illustrated in the recap with the exploding text fuel tanks. Along with mobility kills, there will be the ability to field repair, probably no more than 25% health. To fully repair, you will have to leave the field and return to a repair station. Hitting specific components will have some chance to cause a catastrophic failure, but it will not happen every time you hit that spot. E.g., ammo might explode occasionally, but aiming directly for the ammo container will not cause a kill every time. “Vehicles should be more survivable on the field, not necessarily more healthy.” - Fuzzhead Armor penetration (i.e., crew kills) may be possible in the future but are not currently being implemented. “It would be cool to shoot the back of a Stryker and kill everyone inside it, but it was difficult enough to get small arms working.” It would be cool, but don’t count on it soon, as it’s both design and programmatically complex -- we don’t want vehicles to be rendered useless immediately. Designers are investigating reactive armor blocks on tanks, based on the component damage tests. Another example might be slat armor for IFVs. Some vehicle suggestions include making infantry able to disable a vehicle, but not destroy a vehicle. Adding thermals may not have made sense in the past, but with HAT/TOW being lethal, it might balance the field especially if it could be disabled with component damage. We’re still looking into deflating tires or having them fall off, but we’re not yet sure if it’s possible with the physics engine. There will still be mobility kills, however. The team is currently focused on armored vehicles primarily though. Currently, vehicles are often too risky to use on an assault, based on their relative ticket value. Too risky to pile your troops into a Stryker. Sometimes assigning 2-3 people to a vehicle feels like a waste of resources. More counters against infantry with AT would be appreciated, as it feels like smoke is the only option now. Turret Stabilization It’s still a little rough right now, but it’s coming along. The input delay feels rough. Currently, it functions by holding your bearing while the vehicle moves. Lazing isn’t being developed at the moment, but it’s something we’d like to have. The baseline is that tanks need some sort of stabilization. We’re considering some sort of system for the gunner to adjust directly to a Commander’s target; some way for the commander and gunner can communicate (that isn’t VoIP), with the gunner still in command of their role. Modding 2.0 Linux server mod support! Whitelisting mods is something we’re considering, but it’s very difficult to run a mod at this point -- the system needs to mature some first. We’ve had some volunteers to QA/test community mods to this end, so stay tuned. Tanks/At We’ve shown the M1A2 (though it was mislabeled -- oops.) and the T72. We talked a bit about reactive armor above, but again, that’s not confirmed. We’d like to have as many assets as PR did; choices are great. Likely the driver will be a seat, the gunner will be a seat, and the commander will be a seat. You should be able to get away with a driver and a gunner, but running a full vehicle will be more efficient. It’s unlikely there will be four-person tanks. Don’t expect one man tanking to be a thing. There will be maps designed for tanks. (Not Sumari! Don’t worry!) Current maps will receive them too, but they’ll likely be balanced by similar vehicles on the other faction. (e.g., USA versus RUS) The ubiquity of the t72 means you’ll see more than just conventional forces using tanks. Future Regarding factions and other tools/vehicles/toys, post-launch content will be a thing; if you watched the recent SquadChat , Irontaxi lays it out a bit. We want to do as much as we can, for as long as we can, but we’re also very excited to see what the modding community comes up with. As we’ve shown with maps, we’re very open to adding community content to vanilla Squad. Belaya It’s a bit scope heaven right now; the mapping team has already made a lot of changes. It’s losing a lot of roads, gaining some foliage, ruined fortifications, and more space to capture in, hopefully giving people the cover they need to make the map more fun. Paired with the previous FOB changes, there should be a lot less meat grinder going on. There are also some layers that don’t include the train tunnel. Some feel that Kamdesh and Belaya feel really similar, from a design standpoint. They’re cosmetically beautiful, but lack some unique locations and points of interest. They can feel a bit repetitive. Some of that was due to the timeline (2-4 month) on which they were created, some of that was based on the philosophy; trying to make them as fun as possible within the constraints. We acknowledge that it does feel a little stagnant and gamey. Though there’s danger in asymmetric locations causing people to dislike the map entirely. The mapping team is split on increasing the size of the villages versus more open-ground fighting but are considering options to improve the experience. Adding more to the maps is entirely possible, especially as things like Yeho get revamped too. Kamdesh was conceived as similar to Operation First Light, but on the side of a mountain slope as well. Technical limitations with draw distance caused the design to change.
  19. Hey Squaddies! The text you’re about to read is the minutes of a meeting hosted by Offworld Industries to gather community feedback. Roundtable topics are based on the most recent recap or patch; in this case, we focused on the changes in Alpha 11. You can review the audio of the event here: Please note that the text represents a dialogue between the community and developers, not a planning document. OWI Attendees included Axton, StrangeZak, Fuzzhead, Gatzby, Nordic, and Merlin. (Apologies if I missed anyone! Thank you for coming!) Note: Text in Italics represents responses from OWI members or general overview text sourced from OWI. Attempts to preserve the discussion as it happened between topics and questions have been made, but may be edited for readability. Pre-Event Armor system Longer, more intense. Maybe too long in some cases, especially if teams stalemate. Fuzzhead: Vehicle interiors are worth doing, it impacts all vehicles. Turning out is almost like adding another weapon/ability to vehicles. Virus: Tons of little bugs, very annoying. Royvas: More intense. StrangeZak: Internally, we're pretty happy with patch, best we've shipped in a while. But that’s not saying much as we haven’t patched very much lately. =) Wicks: People can still play fast; speed is now a tactical choice, not the default. People are more willing to move tactically, set up ambushes. Choice, not a sprint up the map. Fuzz: Could have spent another two weeks polishing, but we wanted to get this out. There were no major, major things, but a hotfix should come out to polish things. AAS/Bleed changes Virus.exe: My clan is not very happy. The game became more interesting in tactical ways, can make comebacks, especially after just entering server. However, on public games, it makes game boring - no incentive to attack flags. “Sit, superfob, and that’s it.” Currently lacking a strategic reward. Vehicle costs are comparable to the gain of a successful capture. If you lose BTR, all profit is lost. Vehicle cost should be lowered. Maybe standardize vehicle cost by vehicle class. Fuzz: AAS, based on conquest was intended to concentrate the fighting, but it’s ultimately flawed. It’s solid, it works, but it is limited. We’re actively working diligently on game mode to supplement AAS with more strategic depth and meta. We want a game mode that has more strategy, not as simple as things currently are. Fuzzhead has been thinking about Total War and they way they introduce non-binary win/loss conditions. A more nuanced approach would allow terrific victories, terrific defeats, draws, and less wins. Players want to be entertained and immersed with good game flow regardless of winning or losing. Territory Control is going to be where the strategy lies. Squad currently has three resources: spawns, construction, and ammunition. Hoping to introduce vehicle supply points, lifting the burden of balancing ticket amounts. Some of the team would like to see a system to request vehicles rather than having a map shit them out, but there has to be a reason not to choose the tank every time. Giving nuances for each vehicle and giving players more choice on that front. Tickets would be strictly for player spawns. “The more we **** with the tickets, the more we take it off the flags...the more an individual death means little to nothing.” Merlin: What are your thoughts on the solution of increasing ticket gain/loss on captures? Fuzzhead: The values that are set right now are initial values. That impacts the way players are going to think of value and spawning. Wicks: The weight of a heavy asset is its use, divorce tickets and vehicles. If you assign everything a ticket value, you run the risk of turning the game into a spreadsheet. Making the tickets tied to spawns only makes giving up a bigger risk. Steez: I agree with virus.exe. It’s stopped the need to suicidally rush at the middle of the flag if it’s not good for that faction. Games are running a little long. Ideal round time should be about an hour, or just under. Currently, games are running over an hour, which would be okay if the gameplay remained dynamic -- otherwise it just becomes a slog. Regardless of map size, with some leeway. More incentive to push is something salt. Feels strongly about. It’s generally hard to attack and not strongly incentivized, especially in public play where it’s much more difficult to play as an entire team. SWC is working on a mod to experiment with features such as increasing swing tickets incrementally and more tickets as you keep attacking. Fuzzhead: A big part of v12 UI is getting squads to work together more easily. Doc: Changes are great. Opens up more versatility out of the gate. Spawn mechanics could make life feel more valuable. I agree with lowering vehicle ticket values, but I’m not sure about eliminating them entirely. I think your incentive to attack is clear: being low on tickets forces attacking. TOWs are a good change; vehicle play is fun and versatile with the AAS bleed changes. You guys should look to PR a lot; it’s been around for years. V11 allows slower/more methodical play. 60-70 min games feels good, like an invasion, allows some sense of scale, moments of peace and violence, not just constant shooting, go go go. Slight adjustments to starting tickets (-40) could be good. Fuzzhead: We need to define layers for people who love long rounds versus layers for people who want to play for 30 minutes. Sometimes you’re in the mood for one, sometimes you’re in the mood for another. Vehicle and Armor Virus: Vehicles feel fantastic. Armor system feels great. Vehicles costs need to be lower. Standarding vehicles costs by vehicle class would be helpful. Some issues with people understanding where a vehicle can be hit for damage, as they were not consistent with Jensen’s Range. (“Can Bradley be damaged with x…”) TOWs “right what was needed to limit vehicle free-action on the map.” Scopes getting unzoomed constantly. Russian unlimited TOW bug. Soulzz: The Bradley is very loud. Pea$e: Vehicles are good. Will vehicle penetration happen? Will the Warrior take damage from the front? Nordic: Warrior front being very resilient is intention -- it’s got thick armor. Fuzz: The angle also matters, but it’s hard to illustrate in Jensen’s. Richochets. The sloped front armor of the Warrior is, by design, to increase survivability. The idea that vehicles aren’t just a box is new to the player base as well. Axton: People are going to learn what penetrates what, so the knowledge will trickle out to the community. We’d also like to update some of the old tutorials. Wicks: I like that people haven’t figured out the penetration values to the nth degree. Adds a little unknown into the simulation, not perfect every time. I like that it can’t be perfect every time. (truthrealm agrees) Aragorn: Love the changes. Make me think more. First and only problem, Bradley can shoot a very, very long distance. 3+k seems too strong, especially with optics and there isn’t a RUS counterpart. (TOW feedback seemed okay after Nordic explained.) TOW activation on Bradley seems fast, don’t need to be stationary. After a certain distance, you could introduce some delay/feedback into the controls. Nordic: TOW is 1500 m limit, after that it disappears. Playtest had 4km, was reduced. Fuzz: I would like to see the TOW carry over “some spiral” from PR which added a skillcap, something that varied by ATGMs. Shrinking the TOW range is still possible. Would like to get the Bradley to be stationary while firing TOW. Unlimited TOW exploit will be fixed and change prevalence on maps, of course. Merlin: It does raise the question if the Bradley should have that high powered of an optic in the TOW. Doc Hammer: I think TOWs are a good change for vehicles, since you can’t just run free now. Same with LATs. TOWs feel a little spammy, like on Kohat. Increasing the cost of the ammo they use would cause people to rely on logi more. Perhaps increasing the build cost would help limit spamming. Infantry has not necessarily seen the importance of taking out a TOW fob, so it could get better naturally. Axton/fuzz: Ammo bags for things like mortars and TOWs, rather than just relying on FOB, to create a supply chain could be possible, a la PR. Hopefully we can put that as a priority at some point, making ammo and logistics a little less abstract. Merlin: Fun fact: One of my first coding tasks on PR was doing ammo bag runs. Virus: Will vehicles get the ability to zero their weapons? Fuzzhead: We have an early prototype of a stabilized targeting system which only certain vehicles would have it. Not necessarily going to happen, but it would be great to have working sights. Nordic: Ranging is planned, but unknown status. Merlin: Nothing specific right now. Layers This was one of the largest changes to layers we’ve done. There were new layers introduced, something like 40+ layers were adjusted. Hang in there, we’re working as hard as we can. CCFN Tillomaticus: Thanks for changes to conquest. My biggest concerns from my clan reps: imbalance of factions, especially on Kamdesh (competitive viewpoint) isn’t great from a competitive viewpoint. It can be an extreme blow to morale, even if they know they’re switching next round. City fighting like Basra works well for INS. Brits or US going to be 2-3:1 kill ratio, which is a morale killer for the other team. 4 warriors isn’t that fun. Fuzz: More tickets just means dying more, not that you’re making the game more fun. One solution would be to not include INS on asymmetric layers. For invasion, especially a map like Kamdesh where there’s nowhere to hide, where they have no optics could limit them too much. But it is early. The idea behind some of the changes was to get people playing in parts of old maps they’ve never been in before. Axton: We already have plans to make Kamdesh less monotone and more INS friendly. The bug with beards showing through the fog will be fixed as well. (Edit: Fix has been merged.) Delta: 4 warriors is imbalanced. V3 layer. Finding problems like these on layers before going live would be nice. Fuzz: Maaaybe a bug. I should delete one warrior. Good feedback. There were a lot of layers, but it could use some more oversight. Did some changes before the warrior was working. Hotfix’ll fix. DocHammer: Biggest imbalance in layers is INS vs USA/GB factions. Not fun to play. INS need “special ability” like placing a FOB without supplies. (Hideouts.) Something to balance out optics. You can’t engage and you end up getting outshot constantly. “Militia with worse weapons.” Too much firing over long distance and unable to fire back effectively. More armor technicals? Basra runs great with GB versus INS, well designed. Keep changes small; don’t overcompensate. Fuzz: Looking at giving INS different tools. If it’s going to be asymmetric, there needs to be asymmetric tools. Hoping with Kohat (or similar) that we can dial the tickets in so there can be a planned retreat. As it is, you can be dying a lot, still winning, and it feels spammy. Wicks: Can’t have INS on maps that don’t make sense. INS wouldn’t pick fights in that terrain without some sort of change to the meta. e.g. Maybe some asymmetric spawning. Watching the RUS steamroller approach is tedious. Bombcars would allow INS to cover more open ground that isn’t normally accessible. VBIEDs are huge for instilling some doubt, offering more options, and they require the enemy to pay attention and use caution when moving into new areas. Fuzz: If the development cost as low, we can look at adding more civilian cars to help them stay mobile. That was the idea behind all the bikes. DocHammer: More layers that don’t make sense would be okay. I.e., INS/MIL, GB v. US. It is just a game. Axton: Did that a little with GB/USA on Kamdesh. Fun layer. I do believe we have a bigger selection of IEDs/tools for INS to use should help already planned. Fuzz: If that was well received, hell yeah. My point of view is to do more layers like that. Virus: Logar ins, RUS/INS. Kokan RUS/INS. POV: worked very well. Russians don’t feel OP, especially with optics, because RUS relies on vehicle, INS great against vehicle. Steez: Agree. Apart from imbalances, one really good thing is that all layers that were unbalanced because of timing at rollout are fixed. Better as a whole. Fuzz: Messing with bleed had that as a major consideration. Wicks: don’t mind massively stacked layers, conditions set for a struggle. Some hugely adverse maps. “Up against it a touch.” INS should be that way once in awhile. Invasion: haven’t played it enough. Maps with multiple flags, objective based. E.g. flags you take on an island control your assets. Take airfield, get helo spawns. Flags that are radar towers, which might spot anything in radius. Something to fight for even if you can’t take all the flags. Nordic: Invasion is cool, because even if you lose, you can still measure progress. Cache game mode by Virus.exe is a good example of incremental progress as a team. Weapon Changes DocHammer: Good changes. Step in the right direction. Issues: INS still feel really bad. Recoil on SL rifles prevents keeping eye on target. Can’t engage at long distance. Sway is still high for stamina cost required to run across map. Handling is fantastic. Like reduced sway. Recoil RNG side to side should be reduced. Wants players to be able to learn their weapon. Sometimes feels like fighting the game. Sway for brits seems increased. Nordic: I have told Ross the SL assault is so bad. He said both guns fire 7.62, reducing it more would make it a 5.56 rifle with more damage. Some stuff in the works for that. INS aren’t necessarily supposed to be the best shooters, though. We hear you, but there wasn’t a perfect solution for v11. Virus.exe: Not everyone is happy that regular rifle and medic get obzer on RUS. Many love ironsights instead. The choice would be nice. Wicks: Liking it. Not 100%. Happy medium; v9 was too easy. British FOV: SUSAT as a beautiful rendition of how shit it was, but I like it. It added flavor. Would like to see more differences in factions. Nordic: Removing SUSAT was a balance decision. Everyone had a scope. Balance is going to continue to change AK w/ scope still feels wonky. 545. Classic Russian one. Feels worse than v10, flies up, is floaty. Feels like the gun is coming apart. Feels like it doesn’t respond to mouse movements like any other game. Wicks: It feels loose. Feels rattly/lose. Maybe a frame pacing issue with recoil. Jerks and stutters, pulls up. Assi: Feels like you don’t have it shouldered properly. Nordic: US ACOG horizontal recoil reduced. Pea$e: Why was AT grenade removed? Nordic: because it wasn’t replicating. (It didn’t work.) Still needs work, works badly in different ways each patch. Motherdear may have fixed it, may be coming in 11.x Not gone, just broken af. Steez: I agree with AK finicky. Optic seems to compound it. AK optic does unused. Everything about way is better. Sideways recoil needs reduced more. It just doesn’t feel good and takes away from the tightness; not fun. Not tight. All movement/sway animations feel a little fast and exaggerated atm. Doesn’t have the weighted smoothness. Love the new linearity to the scale of the zoom sensitivity, but feels broken. Used British Acog, but then US was insane. DocHammer: Biggest thing is what is the reason for weapon sway. To extend firefights? Lower skillgap? Maybe look at spawn mechanics instead. Weapon play is on a good track. Truthrealm: One big difference between recoil and other parameters. Recoil is a cause and effect, player intuition plays into it. If I fire my weapon once, it’s understood that recoil is low. Side sway feels like fighting a game. “Why the hell can’t my character hold a gun and why can’t I do anything about it?” Misc [D-K] Delta | Alex-T: 3D UI: I want the damn Squad Leader Number out of my face. I don't need to be reminded who and where my SL is. At least make it optional. (boolean value and we are all happy.) The missing tag names are horrible on public but ppl get used to it and i like it acutally. BUT I want to see the name of my mates if I'm close to it. I can't even talk to them because I can't see their name Minimap Hover on vehicles and such is awesome, finally I can see who is in the vehicle. But it's missing for emplacements. Please add this as well [prog] Virus.exe Adding to 3D UI topic: may be add option to disable nametag text and leave role icon for players out of ur squad. Like, I want to be able to identify which squad mate i'm looking at 200m out when enemy sneaking up on him, but i have no use in blueberry nametag cluttering my screen in same situation, leave only role icon for em. ---- And we're done! Please feel free to let me know if there are any corrections needed. A huge thank you to everyone that attended, shared feedback, or otherwise listened along. You help make Squad great. =)
  20. Just played some project reality the other day and I noticed a difference compared to squad. I know Anders worked on both games and thought I would just bring this to his attention. When being hit from a bullet in Project Reality. It adds more anxiety and panic. When I took the time to realize why I wasn't getting this feeling in Squad. I realized that in Project Reality, your character yelps when being hit. There is also a distinct bullet striking flesh sound. In Squad, this sound is missing and there is no audible reaction from the character. Just thought I would point this out for Anders.
  21. Please leave Bugs and Issues here with screenshots attached. Not a place to theory craft or idealize about the map. just help spot bugs only. cheers
  22. Our Discord server Server Rules: Be respectful Don't waste vehicles Don't be racist/antisemitic/abusive in chat Don't camp the enemy base Don't advertise anything without permission (this includes links in names) Don't team kill intentionally If you do team kill somebody by accident, apologize in all-chat immediately Don't Hack/Glitch or exploit bugs All squad leaders must have a functioning microphone and speak English on the command-channel To contact an admin or for any questions, please join our discord server.
  23. Positive Feedback

    Just wanted to say Ive owned the game since summer 2016 and I enjoy it every time I play. I honestly love the strategy-paced, teamwork style of play. I enjoy the realistic reload times, the movement, the weapon feel, the comm beep whenever people talk, the base building, the treks with teammates to get to locations, the long distance combat, trying to find out where I'm getting shot from, and most importantly the SOUND really kicks ass, the sound in this game is unbelievably immersive and amazing. During firefights, its really cool that the gunfire sound overpowers everything else, thats the way it should be. Please dont let anyone complain about the realism, because its the reason why I play this over Battlefield, CoD, etc. When I'm explaining this game to someone, the main thing I tell them is "In Battlefield you spawn and sprint, shoot, then die. In Squad you're actually playing, walking, moving, setting up, talking, taking cover, suppressing, you're actually hanging out with the people you play with, rather than just spawn and die."
  24. The damage system needs some work. Torso shots should be a 1-2 hit kill depending on where shot, head 1, legs and arms should be more of a bleed out if hit. And if hit in the legs it should cripple the person indefinitely making them slower and if hit in the arm aiming in takes slightly longer. Also weapon sway should be reduced a LOT...I have shot many weapons in real life and I can defiantly hold a rifle steadier than a soldier in this game even if I'm tired...and have the option to set weapons on objects to steady them. Sprinting should be a lil faster and when tired you should not result to a walk it should be a slower sprint like in Red Orchestra 2. There also needs to be separate sensitivity options for aimed in vs hip. Oh also on the aiming note you should be able to focus indefinitely no matter what. And everything else is just polishing up. This list is a must inorder for this game to be good. I have no doubt it will do well either way but with these adjustments it will exceed.