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Found 8 results

  1. How to make Squad gameplay better by increasing, not decreasing, realism! Why Squad benefits from more realism, gameplay wise- We've all seen the arguments, with the pro-realism crowd annoyed by the addition of weird "nobody asked for this" systems like buddy-rallies, or the removal of dead-dead; and the gameplay-over-realism team asserting that addition of things like realistic armor for vehicles, thermals, or accurate scopes makes the game un-fun or a slog to play through. It's a tale as old as time, and in a lot of cases the differences are irreconcilable, especially when it comes down to personal preference for accuracy or 'fun'. But today, I want to make the case that for many elements some people decry as being realistic to the point of unfun can actually *improve* gameplay: First, let's be clear about what most can acknowledge are the core tenets of Squad- 1. **"Authentic combat experiences"** as per the steam blurb. We're going to make a distinction between accuracy and realism, which while similar in meaning, have connotations that are significant. Squad has authentic gun sounds, visual effects and weapon designs, which make a player feel like they're *immersed* in a modern battlefield. 2. **Teamwork**- Obvious, players should be dependent on each other for individual and team-wide success, lone wolfing should be punished, and tactics should carry the day. 3. **"Bridges the gap between arcade shooter and milsim"** - Well, all this really means is an experience in between Arma (vanilla, ACE adds so much to the game but is beyond the scope of this post) and something like Battlefield 4. Doesn't specify *where* exactly this bridge is, but I'm making the case that it ought to fall more towards the Arma side, or just towards realism in general. For all our disagreements, nobody here really wants the game to become BF4, or even Arma, so we have that much common ground to work with. **Problems I perceive in Squad as of V15, and solutions:** 1. **Lack of consequence for death**- Respawn timers only go so far when it comes to making people unwilling to Rambo or lone-wolf, because, at the end of the day, nobody is actually dying. Making timers longer doesn't help, because nobody likes spending more time sitting and checking reddit on the phone when they're playing a game. In this light, the removal of dead-dead was the most WTF? moment in the game's history, all the more concerning because 3 updates later, it hasn't come back. This is the true crux of the issue, in both infantry and vehicle gameplay, the meta tends to stay at whack-a-mole, with soldiers going down in entrenchments being practically immortal as long as one or two competent medics are on the scene. You have stuff like the Highrise of Life in Al-Basrah, which produced enough fresh insurgents to make China feel infertile, as conventional forces can't make any progress because the actual means of building clearing used IRL, namely frags or HE, simply doesn't work. Squad has no building destruction either, which is actually not something I expect to ever be implemented, but with indestructible hiding holes, attacking some places really makes you feel like the 72nd virgin being offered up haha. Machinegunner? Eh, no biggie, if I die I can be back on my feet in 30 seconds or less, and the lack of suppression means the poor bastard will run out of bullets before I or my buddies run out of bandages Marksmen? The scariest thing for any soldier in an urban battlefield? Gotcha fam, my skull can regrow faster than Wolverine's when a bandage is slapped onto it. Stryker? *I sleep*, because his .50 can only annoy me while I'm getting patched up ****ing T72? Hmm, concerning. *"Oi Ahmed, grab that LAT, Ali, take that ammo-bag, chase him around the block until he runs out of ammo, or the will to live." * Solution: Who could have guessed? Both Project Reality, to which Squad is a "Spiritual Successor", and Post-Scriptum, its younger cousin, manage just fine, with dead-dead, and not just manage, they do it **better**. In fact, PR has insta-death for HE, grenades and IEDs, much like Squad had before the recent patches, while Post Scriptum takes it a step further by making headshots and high calibre rounds dead-dead on hit. Suppression now works as a proper deterrent, both by simulating stress, and also dissuading casual trading of pot-shots with a superior position. It worked great, and we very much need it back ASAP. 2) **Weird meta-shifts in vehicle gameplay**- IRL, vehicles are glass cannons, but in Squad they keep swinging from all-glass in V12 to all-cannon in V13. V14 and 15 makes it 'bAlaNcEd' but at the cost of all the factors that come into consideration for actual vehicle combat. Most modern first-world combat vehicles have thermals, which provide a massive boost to situational awareness, especially in forested and urban areas. In a complete lack of coincidence, these are the places where vehicle drivers refuse to come within a mile of, as anyone who's made the mistake of driving a Warrior or BMP-1 into Basrah can tell you. IRL, urban areas are a real threat, but vehicles are still the ones in control, since unlike in-game, firing a dozen rounds of HE or Frag through the windows of nearby high rises makes sneaking up on them something you only do after exhausting alternatives. But no, we had the *grass-snake* meta for LAT and HAT until a few patches back, when OWI nerfed all AT to the extent that vehicles shrug off shots that would send an Abrams running for the hills. Now it's *"two grass snakes"* as the meta, one LAT and a rifleman with an ammobag to keep him well-fed. Current tank vs tank or IFV battles are weird and boil down to shooting down HP bars until someone overheats first, with Strykers laughing off 30mm rounds that would mulch them otherwise. Infantry complains that they don't have the means of dealing with armor, armor complains infantry can bleed them with a thousand cuts and also doesn't have to worry about spending 20 minutes trundling back and forth from main, as anyone who hasn't managed to get a repair station in Skorpo can tell you. Solution: Realistic armor and AT damage models, so vehicles can be both scary and still vulnerable to infantry fire and other vehicles. Thermals, because it's 2019, and they've been ubiquitous in 1st world armies for **20 years**! Even PR had them, which makes you wonder why they haven't shown up yet. 3) **Visibility and pixel-peeping**- For all it's faults, such as an outdated engine and lackluster PVP, Arma has one feature that Squad could absolutely make use of- The ability to zoom your FOV in and out without the need for a scope. Some claim that it's a *'bionic eye'* but it's actually more realistic than its absence, the zoomed view accurately depicts what an *actual soldier* would be able to see, if you imagine your monitor is a window into the real world. The current view, even at low FOVs, is zoomed out. Not to mention that bad antialising in Unreal makes seeing small targets a nuisance, which compounded by the fact that 1080p monitors can't really let you see more than 200 meters away makes pixel peeping a real eyesore. IRL, soldiers can hit targets at 300m with irons, and even around 500-800 is doable with scoped rifles. Beyond that, wind and random scatter makes hitting man-sized targets difficult. Right now, irons are dubious at best beyond 150 meters, while scopes can manage 300-400. Thus in-game irons are nerfed terribly, and can't be used at the ranges they ought to be. Solution: Literally emulate the zoom mechanic, without the need for optics, because things becoming larger just because you're holding your breath while aiming doesn't really cut it for gameplay or immersion.. **Why some people have been resistant to the addition of more realism to the gameplay-** When considered *in isolation*, any of the mechanics mentioned above can seem detrimental to the gameplay. Thermals seem OP because the vehicles can *tank* (pun intended) much more than they ought to be able to. Stronger AT annoys many vehicle players, because they feel like they can never make their own worth in tickets most of the time anyway, plus any infantry you kill is basically a minute away from coming back to ruin your day. "Bionic eyes aren't realistic" **Conclusion:** There are many ways to balance mechanics through the structure and ruleset of the game, without conceding realism. Most of the vocal opponents of more hardcore elements target individual systems without consideration of the whole, but I hope I can make the case that by all those weird meta switch-ups *wouldn't even have been needed* if the devs put some more effort into letting weapons and equipment balance themselves so to speak, and they wouldn't need to try and satisfy everyone with their own weird ideas of what a modern battlefield feels like. As far as I can tell, the core principles of Squad have been maintained, *without* turning it into Arma, and also preventing further descent into BF4 territory, which has been a recent concern for many of the older vets, especially those with a PR background. What do you guys think? https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/ceb08i/how_to_make_squad_gameplay_better_by_increasing/
  2. Suggestions for Owi

    Recommendation: Analyze this suggestion from a more holistic perspective. (Updated) I believe I may have a solution that would optimize the game a bit further and would definitely be more enjoyable for everyone. A) Multiple Spawn Areas: Preferably three(varies on maps & game-modes) - I suggest having an Optional: Aerial-Support base being able to be destroyed, disabled or Capturable. Main base: logistics, transport For: Squad leaders, Infantry Offensive Vehicle Base = t72, stryker, 30mm For: Crewman Kit, Engineer kit Aerial-support main-base = helicopter, drones, air-strikes. For: Commander roles, and Helicopter Pilot roles. B) Settings/System Requirements: I believe that very few actually use the motion blur so I think we should remove that and the low settings while keeping only the medium to epic settings. I also believe that we should update Requirements by replacing the "Minimum Requirement" with our current "Recommended Requirement'. Settings: Remove All Low settings and Cinematic Shadow = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: Distance Shadow Foliage = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: All Low Settings System Requirements: Ram Must be: 16gb Ram or higher GPU Must be: GTX 970 or higher CPU Must be: i5-2550k or higher C) Game-play: Ticket bleed changes Troops: Commanders cost = 8 ticket bleed Squad Leaders cost = 4 tickets bleed Normal Infantry cost = 1 ticket bleed Vehicles: Logistics, Transport cost = 15 tickets bleed Small artillery Vics cost = 20 tickets bleed Medium artillery Vics cost = 25 ticket bleed Heavy Battle Tanks cost = 30 tickets bleed Aerial(Helicopter) cost = 30 tickets bleed Deployable/Flags: Radios cost = 30 tickets bleed Captured objectives = 40 tickets bleed I would love to hear some feedback from the community as well, let me know what you think about these suggestions. Will you guys enjoy this more, will it be worse, and please be specific as to why you would disagree/agree. Thanks.
  3. I am interested in what the opinion of the general community and of the dev team is towards adding prototypical items to the game, within reason of course. Obviously with the inclusion of helicopters in the future, there will inevitably be some form of CAS. My question, as someone who grew up as a modder in the early 2000s, is could we potentially see the addition of, whether by official channels, or mods (hint) the RAH-66 Comanche? I don't believe that such a piece of equipment is unrealistic, while yes it was a cancelled project that never left prototype phases, it definitely isn't something that is so unbelievable that it would not fit. My belief in this is that the Comanche could be a very useful piece of equipment for a strong team, due to the fact that one of the designed roles of this helicopter was spotting and designating targets for the AH-64 Apache. These two Helicopters could have a dynamic gameplay loop between the two in the game in the future which could provide for an extremely interesting opponent for guerrilla factions as well as a very fun experience for the CAS squad. On another note: This is a question directed specifically at Devs, should they grace this humble fan's post. Is there a general idea on how the flight mechanics will work, such as being closer to something like PR/BF2, RS2:V, or even ArmA?
  4. like the title says. are the devs gonna add some features that when a bleeding allies passed out, you can pull him to safe spot as a medic or any role just to add realism? happy to know if they are gonna add that , best of luck in the field mates!
  5. Dragging injured?

    I think adding the ability to drag someone that is injured would be awesome. This way you if you have no medic or a medic is close by, you can pull your ally to cover before the medic goes to work. (I currently cant run this game well. I cant get over 30 fps on any map. This game only uses 30% of my GPU and only 50% of my CPU :( )
  6. How friendly are controls for disabled

    Hello I'm wondering how friendly the controls are for those with disability. Little about my disability I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is a progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. https://www.mda.org/disease/duchenne-muscular-dystrophy/overview So my use of a keyboard is limited to up and right arrow keys and right Ctrl. I normally use up arrow to move forward and right arrow to move right and right control either walk or run or focus when using weapon like hold breath in a sniper games etc For the Mouse I use razer naga mmo 20 button mouse for the rest pretty much covers it. So I seen a video showing keyboard layout which had about 30 buttons or more to control everything. Basically I have to pick which controls I can do and which I can't , makes some games impossible to play. Questions I have: 1. For weapons selection that uses number keys 1-0 is it possible to use up scroll wheel to select between them? 2. I seen you need different buttons for crouching, standing and prone, is it possible to use down scroll wheel or any other remapped button that I press to stand, crouch, prone? Lets say I'm standing and press down scroll i crouch and also toggle on so I don't have to hold button down 2.1. do same for walk, slow walk, to run 2.2. same for voice commands maybe 3. Possible to have on screen display/ menu for other commands and controls? Maybe menu one for voice and squad commands etc and another one for other things. Even better yet modular menu where user can add controls they need and use mouse to navigate and click with mouse on buttons. 4. Is it possible to have option for mouse steering in vehicles and aircraft and also able to use mouse left click for throttle and right mouse click to brake? P.s I'm also willing to help with ui design layout or anyway how Graphic Designer could with these added features. Thank You, best wishes Mike
  7. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    You may think by me making this post that i actually want a rank up system. Well you would be very mistaken as i don't want a ranking system in SQUAD as even though it gives more of a 'pull' (to come back and play) its just not what i'm looking for in this game. I could go into detail as to why im sick of most games now having a rank up system but this post is directed to the community to see your thoughts and opinions on the matter to help out the dev team. Please reply with thoughts below - Thank you Daruth "see you in battle!"
  8. What are the things you dislike the most from Arma 3 that you don't want to see in Squad? For me they are: The over complication of things in the form of for example: Stances: There are so many stances and variations yet players only use perhaps 3 or 4 in the heat of combat. I strongly believe Squad should not follow this principle and go for the more intuitive and less bloated system found in insurgency. The never ending sub menus: You go to a car and get a menu with so many options that is super slow and does not feel immersive. A system like they want to implement in Day Z is much better. Example: You go to a car and: If you press E on the driver’s door you want to drive, if you press E on the trunk you want to check the car's inventory, if you have a fuel canister in your hand and click with it on the car's fuel tank you refuel it and so on, no sub menu for those actions but real actions. General sluggishness and unresponsiveness: All Arma games in general feel like this, there always seem to be some sort of input delay. Even when you kill somebody their body takes a few seconds to react to your shots and/or show any response. Lack of visual and sound feedback on events: Most of the time in arma 3 you don't get to really appreciate what is going on because it lacks that PUCH during combat that other games have. You never hear allies screaming when shot at nor sound like they are under heavy fire like heavy breathing etc it all feels calm 99% of the time even in the most frantic battles. Lack of map variety: The map is so big yet looks the same except for a few different land marks and special buildings here and there. It gets boring super fast. The map is so big you always miss 99% of what is going on in it. So sad.A much better approach would have been having 4 smaller maps with very different locations and assets for a variety of missions with much better FPS and variety.