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Found 31 results

  1. Fools Road Layout

    Is there a reason you patched out the best map layout of the entire game? I really don't get it. US vs RU was the most beloved map layout of the entire game and you patch it out. What's the reason behind that? Now we can fight over some hills...
  2. I think the old poll might be a bit outdated, since we now have both the British and the Russian armed forces. YOU CAN SELECT MULTIPLE OPTIONS! I took the liberty of preparing a new, updated poll, to help the dev team and any brave modding team prod the community. I hope this is not inappropriate, and this poll is in no way endorsed by the dev team, so don't get your hopes up!
  3. Player faction preferences

    Hello guys, i'm a fairly new player with only about 20 or so matches behind me, and i have a question to ask. Every single time i played, USA team lost, wether i was playing for them, or against them. I know they have somewhat similar/superior gear compared to other factions and i have no problem popping baddies with an M4 (doing it easier than with an AKM). It's just that every time i was on the team, the teamplay was lacking compared to my experience with militia or russia. Is it something to do with actual gear, or just newbies tending towards the movie heroes?
  4. As we can see in the new recap, there will be some really good looking new models for the insurgents that will replace the current ones. In my opinion they look really good and I can't wait to see them in the game. But they are very Iraqi-looking and a lot of the maps currently in are Afghan styled (stereotypical low clay walls, poppy fields etcetera). They are perfect for the Al Basrah map, and the upcoming Fallujah map, but I wonder if we will ever see different models for the Afghan maps. Of course, this isn't really very important and I understand if devs want to hold off on it. Devs said that they didn't want to do current politicalized events, which I think is a smart decision of them, so they won't be Taliban. What the devs can do is just keep the insurgents name, but use a different flag for the Afghan mapped ones, to avoid any politics. Or if they really want to use a different name they can just change it to "Rebels", "Mountain Insurgents" or "Irregulars" or something else generic. Also a quick note before you start reading: sometimes I talk about which weapon should be for which class but the devs said they will redo the inventory system so probably also the weapons choosing system, which will probably make multiple options available aswell, so you might not want to pay too much attention to that. Now to the interesting part: There is quite a bit of difference between Iraqi and Afghan insurgents, most obvious the clothing (Afghans aren't Arabs, people!!!). Afghan fighters look like this (not all of the pictures are Taliban): While the Iraqi insurgents look like the ones from the January recap (again, really good job on them). There is also a difference in the weaponry. Afghans got the AK74 from the Afghan-Soviet war, and the AK74 isn't really common at all in Syria and Iraq. Even Russian soldiers currently in Syria often use AKM. But a weapon that is common in Syria and Iraq that isn't in Afghanistan is the FAL, often with a scope. I think for that the Levant faction the AK74 should be replaced with a FAL and the scoped AK74 also replaced with a scoped FAL or scoped G3. Also, despite the AK74 being "somwhat" common in Afghanistan it is still a really rare weapon, and a status symbol for higher ups in the organizations. I think that the AK74 should become a squad leader weapon for the Afghan insurgents and changing the scoped AK74 for a scoped G3. But this is really a dev decision. G3 is produced in Iran and Pakistan so it is quite commonly found with insurgents in Afghanistan. Now the really fun stuff: Enfields. It is not the 80s anymore of course, so they aren't as common anymore, but I really think it would add some flair to add the Lee-Enfield rifle. They used to be really common during the Afghan-Soviet war but have since been a bit replaced by newer weaponry, but the Enfield is still found in Afghanistan today. I think this should be used for scout class and perhaps a scoped version for the marksman. Now what I think is the most important change to the Levant Insurgents is the M16 rifle. M16s have become incredibly common all around the Levant nowadays and we see them everywhere. Much less so in Afghanistan. A lot have been supplied to US-alligned groups in Syria and of course supplied to the Iraqi army, and a lot of these have been stolen by insurgents. Of course also a lot have been captured from US military. I think that a M16 should be a limited option for regular squad infantry and perhaps for Squad Leader. Grenadier option with 203 might also be somehting the devs could add. TL:DR: 2 factions, Afghan Insurgents and Levant Insurgents. Different models and a slight differentation in weapons, FAL and M16 for Levant, Lee-Enfield and AK74/AKS74u for Afghan among others.
  5. Regional conflict maps.

    I've been thinking a great addition to game would be militia on militia, insurgent on insurgent, or militia on insurgent match ups. Speaking for myself, I find these low capabilities factions to be a bit more interesting due to their weapon variety, and especially as we've got the superpower vs superpower matchups with Russia vs USA, having a smaller regional conflict like local warlords fighting for control of an area or a militia of a small country trying to maintain security in it's borders. This also points out what I consider to be a flaw in the game, that the Militia and the Insurgents are too similar in equipment and capabilities. I for one feel that the Militia should more represent the official or semi-official military of a small ex-soviet (or soviet friendly) state, with old eastern block armor like perhaps BTR-40s, T-34/85s or maybe T-54s (but have them be on long timers and expensive), maybe something western like the M113, as well as some mixed toyota hiluxs and UAZs, Urals etc. This sort of medium capability lineup could open the possibilities for some interesting African Union in Sumalia type conflicts between militia and the insurgency. Perhaps this is all planned, I don't know. Is there a unified official roadmap I should be looking at?
  6. Canadians ?

    Something Ive been working on for the past weeks, hope you guys like it. Textures are WIP Models WIP Character Models: Here's the new Canadian soldier model Weapons: C7A2 C9A2 Vehicules: Gwagon Lav old stuff
  7. Will there be minor nations in the future to play with? like Ukraine/Novorussian rebels, Syrian army/Syrian rebels etc? (possibly even going back in time like PR did and doing a war from the past like the Angolan civil war between the MPLA and UNITA?)
  8. I was just thinking about the inclusion of the British Forces in the game. I see a lot of similarities with them and the American forces however i feel they can have their own unique characteristics.
  9. As an Australian, I think it would be 'Fair' to have an Australian faction. Not being ungrateful for an awesome game but I believe in a game like army and the Middle Eastern maps used, Australia has definitely earned its place in a game such as SQUAD. If the Founders consider this, I will be able to provide detailed information on the current Combat Ensemble (the Sentinel Soldier) used by Australian Troops and the weapons also used. This is just an idea, no dramas if it won't happen. Thanks
  10. I'm surprised I didn't find a thread about this! I dunno about you guys but as my two favorite factions (such nice weapon variety) I'd love to see maps that pit the Insurgents and Militia against each other. It might seem a mite contrived, but we do have maps with Militia in the Afghani maps (for some reason, even though their dark green outfits make them stick out even more than Insurgents). It's not like this game relies heavily on some kind of cohesive narrative. What do you guys think? Do fast-moving techie duels and abundant AKMs sound as fun to you as it does to me?
  11. Just gonna throw out some map Idea's that I personally would love to play on. Now I don't know if some of these would be possible because I don't know the limitations of UE4 thus far but hopefully now or in future optimization updates by the squad team and the UE4 team would allow these to be possible. A lot of these are inspired from other games locations witch are inspired by real locations so its not really copying. ps..gonna be a long post. 1st idea is a North Korean map and make it have a foggy-ish kinda frosty feeling too it or snowy. Have it been a urban cold map almost like the map propaganda from BF4. Here's some pictures for architectural and weather reference Have some tall muli-level enter-able buildings with a cold atmosphere preferably with a heavy or light snow fall and have US Marines vs North Korean's and or South Koreans vs north Koreans or both. That would be so very awesome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next map idea would be the arctic. Could have a map at a research station with the US Marines the Norwegians or the Canadians vs the Russians. They could also through some military and research bases in there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My 3rd idea is also a snow map ( I love the snow ). It would take place in Alaska near the coast and would be the US Army vs Russia. The Russians could invade from a carrier ship like in PR. There could also be small Alaskan towns. if they could capture the atmosphere of this photo that would be amazing.^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea number 4! Urban America, only 3 games have done this that I know of and that's homefront, MW2-3 and World in conflict. In almost all shooters its always the middle east or Europe. I personally think it would be refreshing and different throw in some shopping strips and some commercial districts in a American urban map. Plus it offers an opportunity for a cool faction idea ill talk about it at the bottom. This is my favorite idea ^ I think a map or maps based off these would be epic and it could the US marines, US Army and American militia vs China. •Side note I think a American militia/resistance would be a sweet faction and they could have all sorts of weapons us Americans love are guns. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDEA 5! This one takes place in jolly old England in sort of a rural part of Britain. It is the British armed forces vs China, Russia or a coalition of some kind or some IRA type of faction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one is a Eastern European setting with a kinda chernobyl industrial vibe. Could be Germans, US, British, French and some eastern European rebel faction vs Russia or some rebel faction. ( why not all right? ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one takes place in CHINA! It could take place in a rural Chinese town with rice farms or by a section of the great wall. Could be any NATO faction vs China. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally the last one takes place on the border of Russia and China and it would obviously be China vs Russia just sprinkle some hills and some outposts with some trees and it would be "very nice" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really hope the Squad devs branch out and make some really unique buildings and maps and push the unreal engine. besides just sand and tree's with the occasional bunker and mud hovel (Don't get me wrong I like those kind of maps they have their place I just want some spice). They have made great maps in PR so looking back I have high expectations. And if they need more funding to make it happen hell ill drop another $20 to help this game become one of the greatest teamwork fps's ever. So what do you guys think? If you have any other map idea's just slap that shiz down in a reply.
  12. Help with modding.

    Hello. Im new to modding squad, but i'm not new to making textures for games. I just can't figure out how to edit the textures in Squad though. How can I edit the textures of models and make my own factions?
  13. Combining and mixing different mods

    Sorry if these has been answered before: 1) will it be possible to combine more than 1 mod in the same server? Like onde modder creates a new faction and another one creates a new HUD element, would it be possible to run both at the same time on the same server in the future? 2) In that case, will "clashes" eventually happen, where one mod "steps over" another one, in case both try to change the same part of the game at the same time? If so, will there be a "mod compatibility" management, like a list or table in the wiki stating which mod is compatible to each other or something like that? 3) In case there is a new faction mod (like german army), and another group creates another faction mod (like turkish army), would it be possible to have third mod with a map including both factions, even if they belong to different mods? 4) I guess the question is: how will the combination and mixing of different mods at the same server work in Squad?
  14. Possible Factions

    I was wondering if there is a possibility that the USMC (United States Marine Corp) could be added as a faction.
  15. Faction ideas - Mexican Drug War.

    I'd like to suggest that the illegal drug trade conflict be represented in-game. Specifically the Mexican Drug War. With European militias and Middle Easter insurgents, I doesn't sound too out of place. Mexican Military Appearance Mexican army soldiers wear uniforms with black, rust & olive green pixelated shapes on a pale green background While the marines wear black, brown and foliage green on a khaki background. Mexican soldiers' body armor seems to differ but they appear to be most commonly equipped with a black Mine Safety Appliances' (MSA) Releasable Assault Vest (RAV). I'll also sometimes see a black tactical vest most likely worn by special forces. I've also seen this one type of body armor that I just can't figure out what it is. (Sorry if I'm wrong, I don't know the first damn thing about body armor.) MSA RAV Tactical Vest ??? Pretty much everything else is standard. All soldiers wear a standard Kevlar helmet donning the digital camouflage and generic military boots. Special forces will get generic knee and elbow pads. Firearms The Heckler & Koch G3 is no doubt the favorite of the Mexican Armed Forces. Mostly the A3 and A4 models are seen in pictures. Good thing they recently announced development of the G3. Mexican soldiers with G3A4's. G3A4 Mexican Soldiers with G3A3's. G3A3 The Mexican military also seems to like US-made M16's and M4's. Naval Infantry - which are just their marines - carry both (but mostly the M16) while the army and especially special forces stick to the M4. Mexican marines with M16's. Mexican Marines with M4's. I actually couldn't find pictures of Mexican special forces with M4's. Most of the pictures were of special forces marching with M82's. And the army mostly had G3's. The Army and Marines main LMG's are the FN Minimi and HK21. Not sure on the specifics of the Minimi. They also have M2 Brownings, that's somewhat expected. FN Minimi Mexican soldier with HK21. Pistols The marines use the Glock, USP, and M1911. (Pictured from left to right.) The Army uses the M9, and special forces use the FN-57. (Pictured from left to right) Anti-Vehicle weapons Smaw RPG-29 (Possibly used by mosty - if not exclusively - special forces) Carl Gustav Recoiless Rifle BGM-71 TOW M40 Recoilless Rifle Vehicles Ground ERC-90 Sedena-Henschel HWK-11. APC-70 VTR-TT 6x6 Humvee Ural-4320's While they do have all this equipment, the Mexican military likes to take civilian pickups and modify them with handlebars. They use Chevy Silverados, Ford F-Series', Dodge Rams, and Chevy Cheyennes. They all sorta look the same. Air Power UH-60 Black Hawk Mi-17 Mi-8 Cartels There are very few photos of cartel fighters themselves. Mostly leader arrests and executions, but I can tell you what I've gathered. Appearance Mostly a t-shirt and jeans. I'll see baseball caps and sometimes cowboy hats. They'll wear rags around the neck and on the face. Low profile chest rigs are worn. Firearms Classic AK-47's attract almost every cartel member. According to the BATF, illegal AR-15's chambered in .223 were traced back to Mexican cartels and gangs. These AR-15's are much more rare but I guess the cartels have a few. More than likely modified for full auto fire. Cartel fighters will also sometimes have an FN-57 as a sidearm. Anti-vehicle weapons Classic RPG-7. Vehicles The Mexican cartels have captured pickup trucks and semi-trucks and modified the living hell out of them. Like, they went Mad Max on these things. They call them monstruos, which means "monsters" in Spanish. They weld armor plates and cut out gun ports. They'll attach rotating turrets to some too. And it's not like they have just a couple of these either, the military captured a whole factory that was making these things. Well that's all. I put way too much time into this.
  16. In my opinion the current implementation of the Insurgent and Militia factions feels too iterative, with the Militia faction simply feeling like a more varied version of the other. Currently the only gameplay difference between the two is that the Insurgents have a higher ratio of AKMs instead of AK-74s while the Militia have some 5.56, scopes and grenade launchers thrown in the mix. Currently the Dev's plans for these factions is a bit unknown. For weapons we know that the Insurgents will be receiving IEDs, a PPSH-41 is near completion, a PKM is somewhere in development and some of the developers have shown an interest in battle-rifles. In terms of vehicles I've read that the Militia will be receiving some armoured vehicles, perhaps like the MTLB, and there will be several different kinds of technicals with various weapons and levels of improvised armour. So with that limited development information I want to give some of my own ideas about how these factions could be made separate and interesting. WEAPONS Currently the Insurgent faction is reliant on close range combat due to the fact that the majority of their arsenal uses 7.62x39mm, in my opinion this is a good and interesting trait of the faction. However, this means they only have two choices in long range engagements; to retreat or dig in, which can result in hopeless positions where they either give up ground or dig in until the enemy bombards them into submission. One way to aid the Insurgents in long range engagements would be to give them Battle-rifles without optics in the same capacity as the current Insurgent AK-74. Because weapons like the FAL and G3 use 7.62x51mm rounds they retain power at long range, but by not equipping them with any optics they are still limited in their effectiveness at engaging enemy at distance. This would result in the Insurgents having a greater defence against long range targets since they would be able to effectively return fire, but lacking optics means that battle-rifles do not compromise the faction's reliance on close range for offence since they would still be at a disadvantage in regard to target acquisition. Militia on the other hand are in a good position at the moment with their core of 5.56/5.45 weapons, so instead of giving them battle-rifles I believe those weapons should be exclusive to the Insurgents along with IEDs so that the Militia retain their pseudo-conventional army play style. VEHICLES Without vehicles actually being in-game this is a more theoretical suggestion. Knowing that there will be several kinds of technicals as well as tracked armoured vehicles in the cards for these two factions it's important to separate their intended vehicle play-styles to insure both factions are interesting in this regard. In my opinion Militia should receive tracked vehicles like the MTLB, whereas Insurgents are given 'heavy' technicals; heavy meaning armoured and/or sporting a heavy weapon like a ZU-23 or SPG-9. However, Regular technicals, meaning basic utes (pick-up trucks) with a .50 cal or lower on the back should be available to both factions to compliment their exclusive vehicle classes. Giving Militia tracked vehicles would result in the faction gaining the ability to employ proper mechanised infantry, again supporting their pseudo-conventional play-style, and allow those vehicles to provide fire support from close ranges due to their armour. 'Heavy' technicals for the Insurgents would result in that faction relying on highly mobile suppression to cover infantry and allow them to close the distance relatively safely. Because techinicals can never support enough armour to match those of tracked vehicles they would have to rely more heavily on their mobility for defence, so these vehicles would have to keep a large distance when providing fire support. That's all I've got for the moment, if anyone has any other ideas about how to make these two factions distinct and interesting please let me know.
  17. Dear Community, I just wanted to write down some Ideas i got for the game. If already mentioned yet, im sorry so far. Furthermore I am sorry for my bad english already. Medical treatment In my oppinion Squad has a very high potential to get a really great and big tactical shooter / simulation. So i remembered something i was delighted by, years ago. The medical combat treatment in America's Army. No Defirevivals like in battlefield or similar games. You have to choose the right treatment from many, when you drag your buddy out of the firezone. Analyse the symptoms and get him the right treatment. If it's wrong he could actually die, anyway you wasted bandage and other medical materials. This would bring more realism, consideration what to do, and more dramatic scenes into this game. Structure I actually really enjoy the squadsystem but one thing that i miss is something like the platoonleader (No i do not want so say commander). The platoonleader should be a player in rank of a captain or higher (Will be explained at the ,,rank" topic below). He coordinates the squads by voicechat and the map. He should be the one in command to build the big FOBs, not like it is at the moment. Squadleaders should be able to build barricades, outposts and small stuff like this, in addition to that something in between the RP and the FOB. So something like an Outpostpoint with more Tickets that an RP, but not unlimited like the FOB. The Platoonleader should be able to build the FOBs only and with some more stuff then it is in the game already (i know, that more will be coming, no offense). So with that way arguments between the squadleaders could be avoided and Squads only playing ,,Minecraft" could be avoided as well. On the other hand the platoonleaders tasks are to coordinate the squads and ,,play minecraft" for the FOBs. It could structure and balance the game a bit more. Ranks If i may mention, the game Heroes&Generals got a really fine ranking system. That's a system, that would actually fit in this game, too. Every player gets his own profile. He can start to rank up but not in a way like CoD or BF does, no, a way more realistic and slower. Every player could choose between Enlisted and Officers at the beginning (fighting class and commanding class). Enlisted could rank up from Private till Captain and Officers from Officer Cadet to Colonel. Once the new player played a while, ranked up to PFC, SPEC and CPL, he should know how the game, the squadsystem and fighting in a group works, so he gets SGT with the next rank, that unlocks the Squadleader function. The sniper should be unlocked at the rank Specialist. Once he got SGT, all classes except of platoonleader are available for him and he can go to rank up slowly now. That could avoid new and inexperienced players blocking barely available classes and allow them to be introduced into the game, till they can lead and snipe by theirselfes. Also it would incentivize players to stay with the game and rewards them for loyal spent hours on community servers with a new rank. These rank updates should be shown at the uniform ingame. It is detail, but that would be totally new to that games, that we could recognize each other by ranks and outer appearance. Just a wish for all you detail and realism lovers. Badges What army would we fight for, if there were no medals or badges. And again, I am not talking about Badges like ,,Runningmaster (You lovely sweet runner sprinted 200 miles in that game)". Im actually talking about stuff like Shooting badges (Marksman, sharphooter, expert) for kills or medical badges for 60 saved buddys with the right treatment. Stuff like that. But thats a profile thing. Factions I've seen, that the community has grown big. So many players, many nationalities. Squads are often just open for special languages. Some more factions from different countrys could be a nice thing, especially for that Takistan (Afg) maps. There could be added Canadians, Englishmen, Germans, Italians, Australians, French and so on (And if its just the flag at the uniform sleeve with no different uniform). Tanks Well. Tanks are a big apprehension in the community i heard. I am sharing that idea, because that is a point of many, that makes this game so attractive to me. Including tanks would destroy the atmosphere and the game feeling. The maps are big and running around gets literally exhausting after a while, but there will be vehicles included, what's good news. But except of maybe light armored vehicles there shouldn't be tanks, choppers or something like that, that could turn the game into a new battlefield. The only exception i see could be one BlackHawk for transport given to the U.S. Army for the missing sniper class. That were just some ideas to hopefully stimulate a discussion. Have a nice week and stay friendly, community.
  18. Factions, Conflicts and Weapons

    Just a quick list of possible factions, those factions weapons and conflicts. Conflicts Vietnam. Sri Lanka. Africa (Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, CAR, Congo). Factions and Weapons. -Vietnam- U.S. army of course. M16a1. M14 (early war). CAR-15. M60. 1911a1. Some form of revolver. M21 sniper system. M40 sniper rifle. Etc. Commonwealth (Australians). L1A1 SLR. Owen Gun. Browning Hi Power. Parker Hale M82 sniper rifle. Etc. ARVN. M1 carbine. M1 garand. M14s and m16s. 1911a1s. Etc. Viet-Cong. SKS. Captured French weaponry. Captured American weaponry. Etc. NVA (North Vietnamese Army). Soviet AK47s and Chinese Type 56s (both please). Tokarev TT33s. Capture American weapons. Scoped Mosin Nagants and civilian rifles as sniper rifles. Etc. -Sri Lanka- Sri Lankan Military. AK47s. FN FALs. M16A1s. M14s. RPDs. Car 15s. Civilian like rifles as sniper systems (Winchester model 70) Draganov sniper rifles (very few) maybe a alternate weapons for the sniper class? Anything else you can think of. LTTE (Liberarion Tigers of Tamil Eelam). Just about everything the Sri Lankan military had -Africa- Liberia Rebel group vs Rebel Group FALs M16s A lot of soviet AK47s. Sudan SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army). Soviet AK47s. RPDs. Civilian rifles as sniper rifles. AK74us. Mainly soviet weaponry. LRA (Lords Resistance Army) Pretty much the same hardware, a lot of soviet stuff in Africa. Sierra Leone. Rebel group vs Rebel group. Revert back to Liberia for weapons. CAR. Same deal. Uganda. Getting old yet? The reason I chose all those African countries is different environments, Liberia was city, urban warfare, Sudan is hot and dry (not desert) like a Sahara, Sierra Leone is mountainous and CAR and Uganda are jungle. Also to mention Sri Lankas war had Sea, Air and land combat. Thank you for reading this, I would like to hear your opinion on all this.
  19. Maybe some ideas

    Hi all, I'm GReddy and just started playing Squad for a week now. Already made some steps of making a platoon/squad/clan/community what ever you wanna call it. We have our own teamspeak so feel free to join and team up. We prefer 17+ players, just mature players. teamspeak. eultimate.eu Well introducing myself isnt why I posted here, so here are some ideas/ maybe existing ideas. ( there are so many topics so havent read them all ) Dont get all upset on maybe some typ-o's I'm Dutch so im doing my best. Ideas- 1. After placing the ammo crate there is unlimited ammo, well if were gonna chase the realism of war that is ofcourse impossible. Maybe downgrade and have unlimited ammo at every main base. --> eyes on the vehicles that are coming soon, it would be nice to transport ammo to forwarded bases. So you get supply lines that will make it even more tense to hold a specific base untill the next ammo re-supply will come, or get totally rekt by the enemy :D. 2. I have seen it more on the forum of requesting different weather types or changes. Indeed I would like that also, laying in the hills waiting to spot enemies while it rains softly and some thunder rumbling in the background. ( The soft wind that is already in game is really perfect! I really love it) 3. The story that russian/taliban fighters IRL dont have scopes is some real BS. I've seen some wiseguys saying yeah well that is their advantage in CQB and they shouldnt fight the US army over distance/hills. The russian army uses alot of different scopes like the Kobra red dot, PGO, PSO. And as the major middle east export of weapons taliban aswell has these scopes. Talking with friends that are in the army have claimed this aswell. Maybe the taliban does not have scopes to there availability as much as the russian but they got enough in the middle east to use, so considering adding them in low numbers to the taliban and more to the russian would be a realistic add to the game IMO. Oh yeah and maybe a small sniper on the US side? I dont want to see that the game is getting to OP but a small sniper would be great tho, I just love sniping. 4. Everyone that love war simulators has probably like me, youtubed there arse off on iraq/afghanistan docu's, short films of real life combat. The most tense thing to see IMO are air support strikes from the UN/US / Or mortars incoming from the taliban. I would love to see some of this action in the game. NOT MUCH but just enough to heat it up a little bit. Like as in a squad you earn points, earn enough points to unlock an A10 warthog gatling gun, JDAM bombs and some taliban mortars or some of those home made rockets like they are using to attack israel. here a little link as example (Only Squad leaders can call these ofcourse) -------- http://www.takeapen.org/Takeapen/UploadFiles/pgallery/1893599278.jpg-------- 5. Factions! I would love to see more european factions or one big european faction. Alot of european countries are fighting or stabalizing alot of countries in the world so that would be great. ::Update:: 21-1-2016 6. It would be nice to drag a body away from a firefight so he can be healed. Bug I found a bug that when switching to m203 it refuses to shoot ( And yes I checked my ammo ) While switching back the main gun sometimes refuses to shoot aswell. ------- I hope you guys agree on some of ideas. Dont get me wrong with somethings on this list, I would really hate to lose the nice tactical slow tense play of the game. I would hate if things will make it to OP. Best regards and see you on the battlefield! [eU] GReddy.
  20. As the Tittle pretty much state my idea. Heres what would be nice to see in Squad: - A big Map :P (Fools or Kohat so far) - Add 3 Factions 50 v 50 or 75 v 75 - Within those 50v50 or 75v75, you incorporate a Common Wealth, Euro country army or etc!? :D - So it will look like this: 25 (US ARMY) + 25 (Canadians Forces) vs 50 Insurgents or militia. - And so be on! - From this faction mix, armies have their specialisties. Squad please make this even if you are in developement please! ;) :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  21. Minor Factions

    Minor Factions Hi there guys, this is my first post on the Squad forums. I've played Project Reality for as long as I can remember. My first real tactical realism game - The game that really opened up the entire Tactical Realism community to me. Now - For the topic. I'd like to share my view on this as well as a concept I've thought about for some time. Basicly - I'd really like to see some smaller factions in games like Squad. I really enjoyed playing The Bundeswehr back in Project Reality as well as the Dutch. I'm Danish myself, so my country itself is a smaller faction, but essentially what they are is just factions with a different mix of weapons - At least the European factions in NATO mostly consists of a mix between American weapons and European ones. Don't get me wrong - I love these games regardless of faction. I enjoy playing the bigger factions such as the US of A and Russia, but it's just been done so often... And it would be great to play a faction which has a bit of a different loadout and vehicle combinations. Which leads me on to my 2nd topic In most modern conflicts (Including NATO at least), battles are usually not fought by one certain country, but often aided by other coalition forces - Minor Factions. A personal example is Danish forces in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Danish Forces, American Forces and British Forces were working together to control these areas. This is only an example and I know that this is usually what is done in most modern conflicts. So my idea was that you could have the main force in NATO units be a larger coalition force like the US, British, German or even French and then a supporting faction. So essentially you would end up with 3 factions on one map. The supporting minor faction could have a seperate commander, to make it even more interesting and challenging to play a map, also allowing the Insurgent forces to play and use that to their advantage. It would actually require of the commanders of each unit to actively communicate with each other to ensure mission succes. I may be able to come up with further additions to this post, but for now I'd like an opinion on this idea. -ADDITION- I just saw a post where someone suggested implementing civilians as insurgent collaborators. This would work perfectly with my idea, if you ask me. Cause just like the NATO would have to communicate with each other, so would the insurgents and their collaborators. Is this something the community would be interested in and would it be possible? -InsaneDane
  22. Just wanted to know how the new factions and maps are going to be implemented with the current factions and maps? Are the big boys Russia and the US going to be played on every map new and old or will certain maps be for certain faction face offs (for example Fools road is exclusive for Russia vs Militia) , and will we be seeing Militia vs Insurgents this early, or will Militia only be on Fools road?
  23. 2 V 1 Faction Gamemodes

    With a new engine and larger maps, older ideas that have been written off in PR (such as having multiple blufor/opfor factions) can now be re-examined. At first glance the idea can come across as a bit redundant, so I'll elaborate as best I can. Picture your typical insurgency game involving a combined arms blufor layout and a massive map. Now split the blufor side to have 2 commanders- one British and one American. Split the map in half based on potential objectives. Both the US and British have separate bases. The vehicles and weapons are all still faction locked (maybe leave passenger seats open) and both teams start off at relatively distant locations. Each BLUFOR team will only see caches pop up within their own faction's AO, however, the commanders will be able to see eachother's units and objectives on the map. Here's a quick concept to visualize the idea: As the game goes on, there will be situations in which one of the blufor commanders will need assistance from the other faction. Here are some examples: *US trans helis are dead, so the commanders coordinate for the British trans squad to help transport+supply US infantry *British forces need reinforcements at a position and a friendly US squad is nearby *A Cache is particularly difficult and you need help killing it *a squad from another faction went down nearby and needs medics to revive them There are plenty of other likely scenarios in which separate blufor factions could run into eachother and potentially work together on a common objective. (this is made possible by proximity chat) There could also be situations in which this could be used on a smaller scale: for example, two insurgent forces are fighting and one side has access to a foreign CAS squad In AAS the allied factions could be two smaller European forces against one large Russian force. The gameplay advantage here is that one faction gets split into two, allowing for better management without sacrificing scale. At the same time, it makes it more of a challenge for blufor to communicate, giving an opposing faction a slight advantage. +the obvious coolness factor
  24. I haven't seen this mentioned on the forums yet (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough), but I'v always wanted to see more than one nation playable on each opposing side whilst playing PR. Here is an example of what I mean. Lets say on the Squad remake of Fools Road, that instead of only featuring the US or UK as a playable faction on the BluFor team, you can choose to be either-or, or maybe even another NATO member state. Say, squads Alpha and Bravo have chosen to play as the US Army, while Charlie squad has chosen to be the British Army. And because Russia doesn't really have any allies, the OpFor team for this scenario are limited to only the Russian military. All of this is can vary depending on which factions the map creator has chosen to fit the scenario that he/she has envisioned. I believe that adding in such an option would play an interesting role on a maps replay value and even in the believably of a conflict, as NATO forces often fight/train side by side. Of course the conversation of balance and fairness can be discussed, although in my mind, war is never a fair fight.
  25. How about when you start a battle, each team gets to vote on what faction they want to be (eg. U.S., Great Britain, Germany, Insurgents etc.) Each team can have its own advantages and disadvantages. When a team chooses its faction, each faction has equivilent assets that spawn on the map, and soldiers kits are equiped with their respective weapons as usual. I believe this will add a lot of variety to each map because you don't know what faction the other team will choose, and it could make a huge difference in the battle. It also allows battles that were not possible in Project Reality. Well, there it is... My suggestion is very simple, but I think it's a good one. What does everybody else think? EDIT: Well, it looks like somebody has already beat me to it. I didn't search the forum well enough I guess. Here's the other suggestion just like mine: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1680-ability-to-change-the-factions-on-a-map/