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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, So basically whenever I click play on Squad , the loading launcher pops up, finishes loading, then nothing. Squad in steam doesnt even show "Squad - Running" once it closes. Occasionally Ill get a "Easy Anti Cheat has stopped working". What I have tried: - Restarting Computer - ReInstalling Game - Verifying Files - Deleted Squad %localappdata% folder - Uninstalled EAC - Reinstalled EAC - Started steam with admin - Started squad with admin - Cleaned Disk Memory Keep in mind that I have logged over 250+ hours into Squad so this is completely out there. I have had plenty of other squad related issues in the past but I have been able to troubleshoot, not this one though. Can't find log files anywhere for as to why it is crashing. None of it has worked. Any ideas or help? Thank you
  2. Hello guys, I was trying to play Squad one day but I suddenly could not join any servers, it would launch me into the match and kicked me 2 seconds later, inbetween the 2 seconds I could see a message saying "EAC Kicked: ????" I couldnt tell what was the last part as it was too fast. Afterwards, it would send me back to the main menu saying "Server Lost Connection"I tried to google all these problems,1. Tried to uninstall EAC and install.2. Tried to delete Squad from %LocalAppData%3. Tried to reinstall.4. Tried to verify game cache5. Allowed both EAC and Squad through firewall.Reinstalling did help me once, I lasted for 1 match before having the same problem again.I repeated the 5 things mentioned above only to finally give up, and I almost wanted to reformat my computer just to see if it works. There was one more solution tho, it was to launch Squad_Launcher without Steam. I did it and a message window popped up upon launching. "Forbidden Tool Detected: Windows Magnifier" Like... WTF man. So I tried to disable it by going through a tutorial to change the file name. Didn't work.I remembered the message "EAC Kicked: ????" and I was curious as to what it says. I decided to record the incident using OBS and went to the timeframe using Adobe Premier. To my horror, the message was "EAC Kicked: Banned"Knowing that I did not hack in any way, I checked my settings to see my ban status, and I was clean without VAC or Game bans. So it has to be an error on their part. I have emailed EAC for a ban appeal and I'm hoping that they will lift it ASAP. I spent hours trying to fix this issue only to find out about this.Hopefully the rest having the same problem as I am will finally get an answer, as most of the "Fixes" didn't work. EDIT: No replies from them so far... I'm so pissed off that I can't play this game.
  3. When playing after 5-10 minutes I get an error: EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown file version (squad\contents\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak) After about another 5-10 minutes I get kicked with the message: EAC Kicked: Authenication timed out (1/2) Checking my Logs shows: LogEasyAntiCheatClient:Warning: Client integrity violation. Type: 4, ViolationCause: squad\content\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak, Message: Unknown file version (squad\content\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak) Fixes I have tried that did not work include: Ensuring EAC is added to firewall Deleting pak files/verifying Uninstalling/Reinstalling Squad Uninstalling/Reinstalling/Repairing EAC Deleting the EAC Folder in the squad directory, then do the integrity Check with steam and execute the EAC Setup out of the Folder before you Start the game. This error Still occurs Anyone else got ideas? Please let me know if you need the logs or anything like that.
  4. In a9 all of my screenshotting software stopped working. So far I tried MSi Afterburner, ShareX, Dxtory, Greenshot, Fraps, Overwolf, PlayClaw. Programs themselves work in all other games. But right after I updated Squad to a9, it stopped working properly. Different programs give me different results when I try to make a screenshot in Squad: MSi Afterburner says Screenshot captured but doesn't create a file in needed folder: When I try to use Dxtory, literally nothing happens when I press a button, same with Fraps, Overwolf and PlayClaw. When I try to make screenshots using Dxtory and Greenshot, it makes files with black rectangles(1920x1080) instead of screenshots. But sometimes randomly it does make proper screenshots. One more thing worth mentioning is that pretty much all other functions of listed above programs work in Squad. Overlays of Afterburner, Fraps, Overwolf and PlayClaw work in Squad. Video recording of Afterburner, ShareX, Fraps, Overwolf and PlayClaw also work in Squad. The only function that doesn't work in Squad is screenshots. I can't use Steam, because Steam overlay affects my FPS in Squad. Problems with overlays, making screenshots and recording videos started the moment they implemented EAC(a6 point something or whatever). And this time screenshots stopped working after the update of version of EAC. I'm pretty sure this problem exist because of EAC blocking access of these programs to the Squad. I don't know how to launch Squad with uninstalled EAC(it doesn't allow to start the game with uninstalled EAC) to test if it is actually a problem with EAC. Anyone knows any screenshotting software which actually work in Squad? Do any of listed above programs work in Squad for any members who read this?
  5. [Solved] Kicked by EAC

    I've just tried launching Squad for the first time in a while and upon joining a server the game alt tabs me and shows the message in picture 1, and then after about a minute it kicks me from the server showing the message in picture 2. Has anyone had this problem?
  6. I have been playing Squad for about 1 week without issue. Suddenly upon launching the game the loading screen comes up (with the SQUAD background) and says "Connecting to the Content Distribution Network failed!". I have tried clearing my DNS cache, restarting computer, yada, yada, yada... I tried reinstalling EAC - same issue. Their was no software modifications from Squad working to Squad not working. Any pointers?
  7. So I got a pc and I bought and downloaded squad and have played it flawlessly since I bought it, But last night after I finished a match I shut down my computer for a while. When I came back to play again it wouldn't launch it said Missing EasyAntiCheat Launcher .dlls. I've read and tried everything that is on this fourm https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221442887-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors except option 2 obviously because I cant launch the game. If you could help me figure out this bug I would be greatly appreciated.
  8. EAC Reshade kick

    Having problems with Reshade 3.0.7 since it still hasn't been white listed yet by EAC, I can get into games but end up getting kicked after a few minutes currently. I cannot find a download link for Reshade 3.0.5 or 3.0.6 anywhere which are white listed, so that only seems like a work around if you have an older version laying around on your computer.
  9. Hey, i got the problem when i install the latest Reshade mod from reshade.me and starting the game the EAC is blocking opengl32.dll after 5 minutes of playing on a multiplayer server i get kicked from the server can someone help me to fix the problem?
  10. [Solved] Problem with EAC

    Hey guys, I want to play the game, but when it started i get an error "EasyAntiCheat Error: Failed to create Gameclient instance! Check that the game was run from the correct launcher. Online Play may not available" - How can i fix that ? Because of that errorr can`t play online. I just get a Server Message. "Cannotjoin an Anti-Cheat server witjout Anti-cheat enabled"
  11. EAC timeout issue

    Hello, been getting an issue where EAC kicks me from the server for "EAC server time out" the first time then simply "EAC timeout" each time after I attempt to reconnect. I've uninstalled and re-installed EAC, but no joy. Any known solutions to EAC timeouts?
  12. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    I'm not sure what to do about this... I've uninstalled & reinstalled the game multiple times, deleting the appdata files along with it each time. After a fresh reinstall, the game will work fine for a single match. About halfway through said match, I'll get a pop up error saying something along the lines of "Error: no windowsnoeditorpak". Right now I don't have the time to re-create it. In every subsequent match I play, I get kicked out within two minutes of joining, and I'm left with an error message saying something like "Error: EAC Authentication Timed Out". I'll try to post an update tomorrow with screen caps & stuff. If anyone can decipher my rambling and figure out how to fix this issue, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. Error upon Launch EAC

    I bought squad on 15-1-2017, After installing I tried to start the game: "Launch Error" "Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate." I already tried a BUNCH of things. Nothing so far has worked. Selecting squad as game for EAC and instaling it= Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Squad > EasyAntiCheat > EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe > Squad > Install = FALIURE Removed the EAC file and the squad folder in Local AppData Completely= Steamapps > Common > Squad > Deleting the EAC folder. + AppData > Local > Squad > Delete = FALIURE Installed all new windows / Firewall updates, New Global Signing Certificate Downloads (EAC itself recommended to do this if EVERY else failed. Wel. Even THIS failed. It said the I already had all possible Global Signing Certificate's installed! I am a bit anxious because I really want to play the game but I am afraid that if this takes to long I won't be able to get a refund if it would be for example, a costly repair or would take way to mutch time to fix. (Already put 14+ Hours into trying to fix this) any help is welcome! ^^ Have a nice day!
  14. I've been running squad for the past year without problems until now. I had some launch issues at the very beginning which i fixed using the X3DAudio1_7 file but i already removed it, redownloaded and verified the game files after the new download and i'm still getting the pop-up message about violation. Any tips?
  15. 3 Problems with Squad

    hello, My english is inadequate. sorry for that. i have a trouble with game loading times , eac anticheat and game in radio. firstable my system requirements; GPU: Sapphire R7 250 2 GB - https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b2469/sapphire-r7-250-2-gb-with-boost CPU: i7 [email protected],93Ghz RAM: 6 GB 3 gb available MB:Foxconn H55MXV Series 1.0 Windows 7 64bit so when i try to join the server i must wait 5 or 10 min(This is so annoying) and eac It throws me. When I participate in the game in some way. I can not use the radio in the game.(Sometimes there is no problem. I can play the game properly.) I tried everything on the site to fix it. but nothing has changed. Thanks. And sorry for the language again
  16. Bought the game, trying to play, cannot launch. Sucks. Please help, I've been trying to figure it out for a week now, haven't found a single issue like mine. I CAN launch the actual game, by itself, without the EasyAntiCheat. I just go to the game folder and manually launch Squad.exe. I can play around in the training area, view servers and games, but as soon as I join a game I get kicked out, I assume because launching the game through the launcher also launches the EasyAntiCheat service... which is causing BSOD. I know it's the EAC because my BSOD specifically says: Stock code: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED What failed: EasyAntiCheat.sys So what gives? I have tried the following: Verify integrity of game files Uninstall/reinstall C++2013 and 2015 x86 and x64 files. Uninstall/reinstall/repair EAC service through the Suicidal Chair Troubleshooter. Delete the Squad folder in the %localappdata% folder. Run in compatibility mode, both the launcher and game itself, to run as Administrator as well as Win 8 mode. Completely Uninstall/Reinstall Squad So, again, what gives? Why is EasyAntiCheat.sys killing my computer? Again, the game itself runs fine if I launch it manually without the launcher, but EAC is not launched and I can't join servers. Windows 10 Enterprise Intel i7-6820HQ @ 2.70 GHz 32 GB of very fast RAM Nvidia Quadro M1000M Anything else? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated... I am coming from 10 years of PR and very much looking forward to Squad.
  17. Reshade 8.8 EAC kicks

    So looks like reshade's getting kicks from eac. Sadly the lighting situation, while massively improved, still kinda sucks and reshade/sweet FX was a brilliant way to fix the color grading. Anyone found a solution to this or are we sh--- out of luck on pretty squad?
  18. Hi guys. Squad has been running fine for the past couple of weeks for me.. however today when I try to load into any server I get a window pop up saying EAC Integrity Violation ural_engine_rpm_high_ext.uasset." Any ideas?
  19. Hello, i have a problem with EAC and that started today, yesterday worked flawlessly. The only thing i have done was to follow a little guide to fix better fps by doing these steps: In the firewall give an exception to; steamapps\common\Squad\Squad.exe and steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64\Squad.exe - Rule exception for your firewall, both public and private network - Go to control panel>network and internet>network and sharing center>change adapter settings-> disable Hamachi.->Disable Tunngle, etc. There was more to follow in that guide but these steps are what i did. Since i started getting the "Disconnected from EAC" after trying to join servers i searched that up and found that you could install EAC from the steam folders from Squad. Didin't fix anything though, so i started reversing the steps i did. Though it still doesn't work. P.S I also deleted the config folder in steamapps\common\Squad\Squad and verified the game. But that didin't fix anything either. So i'm lost, so sad that a "fix" to fix the fps issues would make the game unplayable for me because of EAC. I also searched around and saw that the newest update made EAC unreliable because of their update, but since they rolled back the update it seems that those that had the problem, doesn't anymore or have not said anything more about it.
  20. Disconnected from EAC

    I've been getting this error pretty randomly since 7.0. Sometimes the game will work for hours, only to crash due to fatal errors, other times (like now) I will get the "Disconnected from EAC" error immediately on joining certain servers (but not others). It tends to happen more in full servers. Right now I can't seem to join any populated server without getting kicked by EAC instantly. I've tried the following (from a guide posted on these forums): - verifying my cache - uninstalling/reinstalling EAC - restarting Steam I'm not running any other programs like SweetFX either. I tried shutting down everything except Steam and that didn't help. I don't recall this happening before the 7.0 patch.
  21. EAC Banned

    Hey, I got banned on Squad today, didnt even get into a server or anything. Well, it didnt tell me I was EAC banned right away so heres what happened. So I bought this game last night (Sunday) and played with my friend for 6 hrs, no issues. I loaded today and during the loading I got a memory error during the start up. I closed it, reloaded, no problem. I tried joining a server, doesnt load, doesnt give me any messages, just doesnt load and goes back to server screen. I tried joining another, "Server Full", got that on a few servers so ok no problem. I tried joining a server with 46/72 and it doesnt load. Its not giving me messages or anything. I close the game, I get the memory error again. I start looking online for issues joining servers so I verified my cache in the game (I havent tried reinstalling yet, I see some people found that fixed their game?). After 20 minutes or so of leaving it, It tried joining again, "Server full" next server "Banned by EAC", thought it might be a mistake, tried another server, no messaged...tried another for the hell of it "Server full" and then just quit to do some more research and I got the memory error again. I have sent an email to EAC but can the memory error cause all these issues? Steam ID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/gameover_carbon/ I hacked years ago so I wont deny that but I dont anymore. COD 2 and CS were the games. Cheers, Royal EDIT: Tried verifying cache - No change Using Windows Defender AV Screenshot of EAC Ban Screenshot of Error that showed up just before getting EAC ban when inital loading of game and have been getting it even since when I quit now.
  22. Disconnected by EAC

    I just bought the game last night and play three rounds with some friends. When I joined my friends server, I went to join his squad then I got kicked out bye EAC. I thought it was a bug so I rejoined and same thing "Disconnected by EAC." So I went to see if their was any fixes. I uninstalled EAC and reinstalled it and still nothing. So I thought it could be where my game is located (On my portal able hard drive) So I uninstalled the game and put it on my main hard drive. Still got disconnected by EAC. I saw people saying that a program called Sweetfx could cause you to get disconnected by EAC, but I scanned my PC of it and I found nothing. I would love to play this game but I can't join any servers.
  23. Removing Files?

    Hey Guys! Like most AMD users, this game performs horribly. No biggy, the devs are implementing UE4 4.11.1 now I'm sure (is say 4.11.1 because that's the version of UE4 I am using, guessing they are too?). For the mean time, however, I want to try and help find a fix. I have pinned it down to two problems it seems. VOIP (which solutions are out for) and explosions when the debris is processed. So I want to remove some of the Unreal Asset folders from the Squad > Audio > Content > Classes and such. Will I get banned if I take anything out? Also, is it safe to change .uasset stuff anywhere? Are there things that WILL make servers thing I am a cheater? Thanks!
  24. Disconnected from EAC

    I've tried everything, uninstall/reinstall/verify delete this delete that. Redo this redo that. I'm really lost now. It's happening so much that I legit think I might be banned or something. I've read the pinned guide at the stop of the forums, but nothing works. I took a break and since last patch I think I've been able to play once over the 10 times i've tried. EDIT: I accidently put this in the wrong section if a mod wants to move it for me please.