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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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  1. At first big thanks for developers and consulters. It's a perfect piece of game art. My suggestion is boring but important: Some times our folks turning the engine off to hide there position what is fine for BTR or BRDM, but it's not working for TANKS. You cannot operate with a fire system using only your battery, especially Russian tanks with crew members just 3 and an automate shell's loading system. You can do that with a manual regime, but... you know. So Tanks (except Abrams and T-80) and BMP or Bradley cannot shoot with no engine started. Please fill free to ask me any questions. Best, Czar
  2. We are a team of couple Finns working on a Finnish Defence Forces, a faction that combines elements from both western and eastern forces, and conventional and unconventional forces in the game in a way that also reflects the traits of the FDF, such as focus on infantry and defensive maneuvers Weapons: RK 95 assault rifle KvKK 62 LMG PKM GPMG TKIV 2000 sniper rifle HK69A1 grenade launcher FN HP-DA pistol KES 88 light single-shot AT-weapon APILAS heavy single-shot AT-weapon TM 65 77 AT-mine KP 87 off-route AT-mine VP 2010 directional anti-personnel mine M43 grenade ITKK 96 HMG KRH 96 mortar Vehicles: Leopard 2A4 MBT BMP-2M IFV CV9030 IFV XA-185 APC MT-LB/V APC Sisu NA-122 Mortar carrier Sisu E11T truck Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 off-road vehicle KTM LC4 640 Enduro motorcycle If you are interested in the mod and want to get more frequent updates on the progress, join our discord at https://discord.gg/NR7khex. Work in Progress:
  3. Base Defence Guide

    Here is some base building theory, somewhat inspired by the thread about grenade defence in fobs. This is the doctrine that i would adhere to when building Fobs but i hope we can have a discussion and see other interesting designs for reasonable fobs that are not super fobs. The common mistake people make is to think they are playing tower defence or zombie apocalypse, thus what they often do is barricade doors thus making it harder for a squad to get out of a FOB and then eventually just being blocked and just easier to kill, many people build defences that actually make it harder to defend and easier to attack. I'll try to explain the doctrine that i follow when making any kind of FOB or defences. Some assumptions I work by: Explosives is the primary danger to any FOB FOBs designs should contain as few items as possible so that they are realistic to build, atleast at the core. FOB defences should Never restrict friendly exit possibilities thus bottlenecking them. FOB defences should Never make it easier for the enemy to use explosive weapons against defenders FOB defences should Deny aproaches and areas in which would be a desireable aproach FOB defences should attempt to create zones in which the enemy can easily be killedNotice, I am not suggesting you should build FOBS in harms way, but if you do this is some advice for you. Part 1 FOB on a Point When you have a FOB on a point it will be assaulted, and most likely will be showered with grenades, people will attempt to shoot through holes in the wall, and try to get inside a corner to camp the FOB area in order to get kills. For this reason, you usually should Not build FOBS directly on points. However in certain maps like Chora, you have large open grounds, with no bushes to hide in, and building fobs on the fields of Chora makes it extremely easy to kill your squad once discovered as their is no cover at all. So let's take a look at the exception case where building a FOB on a point or indeed just any compound is actually a good idea. Most points are located near or in buildings, and so most FOBS are probably made inside a compound. The trick here is to have mobility to get out of the compound when needed, being able to fire from the compound, and also avoid being spawn killed by rockets and other weapons. I've made an example using lilac estate on how to use defences to make it much harder to attack without blocking yourself in, let's go through that. I've marked the entrences with blue triangles. If you look at triangle 1, usually the enemy will sit here and fire rockets in diagonally and kill people in the other corner or center of the compound, by placing a hesco wall a bit away from the entrance you obstruct their line of sight while you are still able to exit. I've placed a line of sandbags to cover entrance 1, with RPG or grenade fire, even if they remove the hesco in that entrance this wall would prevent them from firing near entrance 3, while also giving a good place to fire upon the entrance in which they would have no cover. Entrance 2 and 3 have hesco walls outside and inside, this is to prevent people from firing rockets through the door, thus friendlies can sit behind the wall and fire out of it, without the risk of being blown up by a rocket that comes through the door next to them, notice also that each window (marked in teal) and firing position has a hesco behind them to prevent people from shooting through windows into the compound if they manage to get all the way up to the wall. We deny house 1 with razor wire, as house 1 serves little purpose in terms of defence, but serves as a good position for an attacker to cover the courtyard. Entrance is already fairly hard to attack since you have to enter a room that can be grenaded or rocketed quite easily, the defences here serve to compartmentalise an area for a grenadier to sit and coer the house entrance, usually the enemy would throw grenade over the wall before entering the house, but it's very difficult landing a grenade inside a small area between 2 hesco walls. This area is of low priority to build though, as the place can also be covered from house 4. It's 4200 points of hesco walls which is somewhat expensive but completely doable. The 5 Hescos that should be made first and are the most important are the ones on the inside of entrance 2 and 3 and the one covering the window at the top of the compound. Here is a hypothetical example of how i would construct a FOB in the middle of an open field or top of a hill. It's not based on any map, just the idea of protecting a spawn. As you can see it would be impossible to fire rockets inside, while the defenders would be able to hit the rear of a hesco in order to clear attackers hiding outside the wall, of course the hesco protecting the gates could be removed thus the second layer around the radio, more single hescos could be added for extra defence against grenades. Another lilac estate illustration with kill zones added. http://i.imgur.com/A9pIv0W.png My Lilac Estate ground plan for editing http://i.imgur.com/FYxix2M.png Part 2 - General tips and tricks If you build a FOB somewhere in order to fortify it, you should remove the radio when you are done so that it cannot be sieged, then relocate it to a more hidden place.Don't ever build the "bunker" on top of buildings, the bunker has a roof, and anyone with a rocket will actually have an easier time putting a rocket into a bunker on a roof, than hitting people without the bunker just hiding behind sandbags on the roof top.As a general rule, there should be no wall behind the firing position than the firing positions own wall, otherwise you're giving the enemy a larger target to hit with explosives.Compartmentalise: When you make a fire position, consider adding sandbags between them so that explosives that land inside won't kill everyone to the left and right of it.
  4. Interesting tactic for overwatch and lockdown on AlBashra.. Thoughts?
  5. Evening Gentlemen, I come to you tonight to express a concern, a need for us as fellow squad leaders to rethink our common misconceptions on FOB placement. I ask you the dirtiest of taboo questions: Why is there such a dislike to putting FOB's on (or very near too) capable points? Now, I am aware of some arguments to this questions immediately arise: e.g "But if you get wiped on the FOB, the point's easily capable." (Or similar arguments to that effect.) My answer however is this: Rally points are an alternative, but before that the mindset of our playerbase needs to shift. Because the current "meta" of placing FOB's far away from the action to act as permanent rally points, to me is simply lazy Squad leading. Encouraging zerg playstyle and boring backcaps that steam roll opposing teams. It is a tactic that invites the misguided saying "the best form of defence is attack." I ask the question, what is so bad about defence? Digging in a position after the logistics truck comes in, dumping its supply in order to allow you to place those 50'cals covering the killing areas, or wiring off the obvious avenue of advance. The wait and then the crack of contact, the round's are flying and the orders are given. And it's you, your Squad holding against a numerically superior enemy, but you have all the comforts of sandbags and wire to even the odds. The options are endless, the Dev's have allowed us to entrench ourselves yet we shy away from building these great defensive work's of art for an unknown reason. The replay ability alone is amazing, attacking a well entrenched enemy, forcing you to actually employ your Squad in a different way, not just following the same cookie cutter tactics employed on the same map rotation. Now, I know obviously, you're reading this, thinking this guy is either onto a valid point, or clearly missed out on every game I've been in, I've seen plenty of FOB's etc. Well, if the latter is your strain of thought, then perhaps I am mistaken, however with 139hours logged into Squad I have only come across two well fortified positions in my time. I challenge you, break the Meta of lazy FOB placement. Take a stab at holding a point with a FOB a stone's throw away and dig it in. Who knows, you may just end up with a close knit team by the end of a victorious round. ~ Wonka, out.
  6. An interesting thing happened in game last night. I jumped in and all the squads were full, barring 1 guy in his own Squad. I jumped in and said hello and the SL told me his was doing defence and was that ok with me, I said yes of course a good defence can make or break a game. Eventually our squad filled up.. It turned out to be THE best game of Squad I have played in a very long time, we were constantly being attacked by small groups of 3,4 people. There was action galore in Chora. Our Squad stayed on defence at the same flag for 30 mins, and on occasions I went out out to the perimeter with an Acog and gained 12 kills while communicating with the squad back and forth about intel and enemy positions and the squad relaying back to me. This is what Squad is about... team play and communication. Two more people joined our squad when others left, and 1 guy in particular was complaining over the mic "This is shit, why arnt we attacking, you guys don't know what your doing, why are here doing nothing, are you guys new or what nobody defends its pointless in Squad" This sums up a large (not all) mentality of players with boots on the ground, they do not see that you need defence as much as attack. We tried to explain that we are defending until the other squads (all of them) attack and gain a hold on the attack marker. No matter how many times we explained it, it would not have.. "you guys are idiots".. he said. The Squad leader and myself have been in game since day 1 and said.. your right nobody defends and that's why so many games are lost. What ever.... runs out of the compound and boom he took an rpg to the chest, I have never laughed so much in Squad.. we all did.. he swore and joined another squad. Basically defence can be just as intense, there are quiet periods before the storm.. and it can be the difference between a win and a loss. Trying defending and you will see its not all sat there doing nothing, get up high do recon.. and communicate. You will garner more in the long run. So saeth the Para. See you on the battlefield.
  7. Hi Team Please create simple Trench building option. Which will be very helpful in defending the position. Appreciate if you create LMG mount points as well.https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/8YaK6p0kNovmM-WU0yDgNYYK0xZ2JVg0WVVkhGjEEaBSSWJqoBKB6M7iT5ozxVRfqrbxjpPYdFvghuWH1Lhjlic21mn4JOfsG3J7lK8XTKaBu9EJ7oYRVNg6jwePZf8k0gZwsH1f2XkjNoJbLf-eLW6Vn-nBrm9b4CJ8u5l4nZLmlYg_9Bu9zWqkNlIWAym42oRWa4wOFQm52GTGppqZsKyLMFYvn6dDvtq33rPnF-Op_Ux9pGk9vr61arqd88YpN44vYclBO0hPGlcdWuYq7Q-b5IbodQt91jhvF06gzTCx94-xnuQgviSRSuXyKrCGjg=w574-h256-nchttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/6q1t1PnOCOrfbvZ9Ud0-b1CgihUzHbr-VEG0UcEnjGXbO2-4mxtuK2SxoC6u4oF1SKdwVk8sWaXUPYGY9yaGR9LTEYImvhZCCpI7uDc=w460-h286-nc
  8. If you don't build fob, no supply, with having no supply means you will run out of munitions. Odds being that your lose your squad 9tkts + because very few have the patience to wait for revives. Other Squads get upset if you withdraw to resupply, most thinking dying holding the flag is the only option. The drip feeding from 100m away doesn't work. Doesn't take a genius to figure out fob position with troops running from it. Example Played last night we were attacked then defending storage, people didn't have ammo and medics calling they where out of bandages. Couldn't put down fob for another placed fob stopped it. So I made decision, smoke out and withdraw and move the fob, and ream. To launch a second attack. We withdrew. We put down couple of sand bags and ammo box to hold a ridge while we moved the fob east. While moving back a troll starts with our don't know what your doing in chat, and storage gets taken. Then a friendly team kills half the squad, nice. Not. End my game because of a fatal error with this patch. (Shame had been good match). We wouldn't have had to move if we had supply, doesn't need to be super fob. Supply means you have more chance to function. Fighting to the death like it's the Alamo is only needed on the last home flag. This attitude that it's insane to put a fob on a flag doesn't hold water if your defending the flag. Your ability to put down fire needs ammo, healing needs ammo. SL fuel your side. Even placing resource and then removing when done.
  9. When I play Squad leader in game, I find my Squad tends to be more on defence. This is mainly because other squads seem highly intent on attacking, even when there is no point and they have two beautiful shiny compounds to defend. Even as I get on Squad leader radio and yell, "No point attacking, get your ass back, and help defend the 2 compounds" they usually ignore me as they run head long into the wilderness leaving my squad on their own to defend. My main question here is to other squad leaders. I set my squad up, and sometimes fob up, getting defences in place, build barricades on roofs for the mlaw and saw gunners, ammo boxes ect, but then the crutch happens. I always feel my squad are itching to leave and get into the pointless clusterf... of a firefight further out. I feel I need to keep them occupied as they have been here for 5 mins, with no enemy contacts, they are too busy fighting over a non attainable area. Giving my squad updates from Squad leaders is something I do a lot of. But it always comes back to feeling I need to give them something to do. Personally when not being squad leader, and playing as rpk or saw gunner, I enjoy just laying there, waiting, listening to the gun fights in the distance, it's the clam before the storm. Do any other squad leaders feel this pressure to keep their squads busy, an aching thorn in your side knowing they are getting board, or it just me being over aware of my squads eagerness to join the other fools who just don't get 'defence' is key? Para. ^_^